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Author Topic: Sarah is a bad mother fucker (rape, snuff, pedo just everything you can Imagine)  (Read 1622 times)

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« Reply #15 on: June 30, 2020, 03:26:48 AM »

Sarah knew that Dana probably would have some police protection in case
she'd ever make it back again to exact her revenge but by now she figured
most of the cops in the city would have their hands full with the
devastating path of destruction she'd left behind her.  Sarah figured
there'd be no more than two cops protecting Dana at the most.

   She needed to create a distraction and she knew exactly how.  She parked
the car a few blocks away from where Dana lived, far enough to avoid
suspicion but at a still walking distance to her house.  Sarah grabbed her
purse with her gun and large butchers knife.  It was time to set the final
part of her plan in motion.

   It was fairly late by now and apart from the distant sound of a few cars
the neighbourhood was completely quiet.  This was a peaceful family
neighbourhood with nice little terrace houses.  They all look the same and
so does the people living in them Sarah thought.  It made her think of the
little boxes song.

   "Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky, little
boxes on the hillside, Little boxes all the same.  There's a green one and
a pink one and a blue one and a yellow one and they're all made out of
ticky tacky and they all look just the same".

   Sarah sang quietly to herself while she inserted a hand down her panties
and began to finger herself.  Smiling as she walked down the street towards
the first house.  She rang the doorbell but there was no answer, she waited
and waited but nothing.  The next door she rang the door bell again, this
time a man could be heard shouting from upstairs for whom ever it was
ringing the damn door bell to shut up and go to sleep.  Sarah wasn't about
to give up though 3rd time's the charm she figured.

   Sarah once again rang another doorbell and this time she was in luck,
she could see a light go on inside the house.  Bingo she thought to
herself, this is it, she took a deep breath and got ready.

   "Yes who is it" A voice asked, it sounded like it belonged to an older
woman, perfect Sarah thought.

   "Please miss can I use your phone", Sarah said quietly.  The woman asked
Sarah to speak up but Sarah's answer once again was just barely audible.
The woman got frustrated with Sarah and opened the door slightly to see
Sarah with a butchers knife in one hand and her other inside her panties
rubbing her pussy, standing in the dead of the night with her hoodie up and
pants sagging all the way below her butt and crotch.  Her white Panties now
completely soaked from the excitement and rush of the massacre from earlier
in the evening.

   The woman was a frail, skinny older lady dressed in a pink bathrobe and
matching pyjamas.  Seeing Sarah rubbing herself to a quickly impending
orgasm, grinning like a maniac with a knife in her other hand, the older
woman quickly tried to close the door again but she was too slow, Sarah got
her foot in the door and that was that.  Removing her hand from her pussy
and taking a step forward she grabbed the door and opened it enough to push
herself inside the house.  The woman was screaming now, so Sarah quickly
grabbed her throat and squeezed.  At the same time she proceeded to quickly
stab the woman 3 times in her stomach, not deep enough to kill her, she
just needed to seriously injure the woman.  She was worth more to Sarah
alive, of course she might bleed out before she could get to a hospital but
Sarah didn't care.

   "please, please don't kill me" The woman begged as lied bleeding on the
floor, Sarah very compassionately lay the woman's head to rest in her lap
as she attempted to comfort the woman, whispering to her.

   "It's okay, I'm not going to kill you, help is on it's way, save your
strength you're going to be okay"

   Sarah flashed the woman the most kind smile she could muster up yet in
her mind she wanted nothing else than to finish the woman off but that was
not the plan.  Instead she helped the woman try to stop the bleeding and
then left.  Once safely back in the car again Sarah dialed Polly's mom.
She was the final piece of the puzzle.  Her name was Judith and right now
she was standing a few doors away from Dana's house.  The plan was simple,
Judith had been given the address to the woman who had just been stabbed
and clear instructions to wake the whole neighbourhood up in an attempt to
get the policemen inside Dana's apartments attention.

   Judith began ringing doorbells like crazy, banging on the doors and cars
and yelling loudly for help.  Dogs began to bark, people were shouting
angrily at her and car alarms were going off as Judith tried to makes as
much noise as was humanly possible.  The plan worked almost perfectly, one
of the cops came rushing out of the house and Judith told him with tears in
her eyes about what had just happened.  They got into his car and began to
drive off.  As soon as Sarah could hear the sirens in the distance she
started her own car and began driving towards Dana.

   When Sarah arrived at Dana's house she rang the doorbell and then
quickly hid in the bushes, no answer but she wanted to make sure there were
no cops left inside so she rang the doorbell again.  This time she could
hear somebody walking around inside.  She figured there was at least one
more cop left in the house.  But Sarah had a plan, she quickly went back to
her car to fetch little Polly and then bringing her gun out and holding it
against the back of Polly's head went back to ring the doorbell again.
Once again she could hear movements from inside but nobody opening the
door. She rang the doorbell again quickly 10 times and began to knock on
the door with her gun.  That seemed to do the trick.  Sarah could hear the
locks unlocking and quickly stepped to the side so she could hide behind
the door as it was opened.

   The cop had his gun drawn as he slowly closed the door and seeing Sarah
quickly pointed it at her.

   "ah, ah, ah I wouldn't do that if I were you" Sarah said as she held the
cold barrel of her .22 caliber pressed firmly against Polly's right temple.

   The cop was young, he couldn't have been on the force for more than a
few years at the most.  He was clearly nervous.

   "Now maybe you can shoot me first, I don't know it's quite possible, but
then again maybe not.  Is it really worth risking this poor innocent little
girls life over though?, I guess the question you need to ask yourself
officer is, do you feel lucky?"

   Sarah began to laugh, it was such a cheesy line.  The officer was
shaking as held his gun on Sarah.

   "Put the gun down lady, put it down now, nobody needs to get hurt, just
put the gun down before you do something you will regret, do it now!"

   Polly had remained strangely quiet throughout the whole ordeal, it was
as if she no longer had any tears left to cry.  Hearing the police man try
to take charge of the situation made Sarah laugh even harder.

   "Oh officer that ship sailed a long, long time ago.  We're way passed
the point of nobody getting hurt, the question is only which one of us it
will be.  I've already killed five people tonight, possibly six.  One more
won't make the least bit of difference to me, but you look a little
nervous. Have you ever killed anyone before?  I I'll tell you what just
cause I'm such a good sport, I'll make it real easy for you.  I'm going to
count to three and if you haven't put your gun down by then I'll blow this
little girls brains out all over your suit and then I guess whatever
happens will happen.  I have nothing left to live for, nothing to lose.  My
life is already over.  But poor little Polly here she's got her whole life
ahead of her, one.....two!"

   The police officer was shaking, even though there were only a few inches
between him and Sarah and he could practically put his gun against her
forehead if he only took a step forward he was scared to death.  He was
just a rookie cop fresh out of the academy and he'd never actually met any
criminals until now.  Looking down at Polly's frightened eyes he knew he'd
never be able to live with himself if he failed to save her, it was not
worth the risk even if he was fairly sure he could kill Sarah before she
had a chance to kill Polly, there was that tiny bit of self doubt that kept
him from squeezing his trigger.  It just wasn't worth the risk.  Instead
the policeman slowly put his gun down on the ground and held his hands up
to show he was now unarmed.  Sarah was astounded how easy it had been to
get inside the cops head.

   "Ooh my god I can't believe that worked, you could have easily killed
me, why the hell would you just give up like that".

   "Just let the girl go now okay"

   "Well I suppose I should, that's how these things work isn't it, then I
just back away slowly, get in my car and drive away and we'll forget this
whole thing ever happened.  That's how this is supposed to play out right,
but you see that never made sense to me because well now that I'm the only
one holding a gun there's nothing stopping me from doing this..."

   Sarah quickly withdrew the gun from Polly's temple and fired two shots
into the policeman's chest.  He let out a loud groan as he fell backwards
and landed on the ground.  The cop was trying to say something but his
mouth was quickly filling up with blood.  Sarah simply pointed the gun
towards his head and fired another shot killing the officer.  Sarah moved
quickly now, after stashing Polly in the trunk again she grabbed the dead
cop and dragged him over to the car pushed him in to the trunk too, to let
him rest on top of Polly.  Polly gave out a loud scream and began to bang
on the door to the trunk but Sarah just ignored her and began walking back
to Dana's house to find her, grabbing the cops gun in the process as she
stepped inside.

   Sarah found Dana and Heather just the way she had left them.  Seeing
Sarah returning with the strap on brought both of them to hysteric tears.
It was as if all hope had left them.  "I'm back did you miss me?  Now I've
got some good news and some bad news for you, the good news is I've got my
strap on, the bad news is I will only have time to rape one of you with it.
You see I've got another little girl waiting for me in the trunk of my car
who's dying for my attention.  Now then who should I pick".

   "Please take me!!"

   The mother begged Sarah with tear filled eyes.  Sarah smiled and walked
over to Heather who was tied spread eagle to the bed.  She began to stroke
her hair lovingly and gave the girl a little peck on the cheek, taking the
girls head in her arms as she tried to comfort the crying child.  She
stared into Heathers eyes unable to comprehend the motherly kindness Sarah
was showing towards her.

   "there, there it's okay honey, everything's going to be alright, it'll
all be over very soon I promise".  Sarah whispered to Heather as she began
to slowly insert a finger inside Heathers tight little cunny, it felt so
warm and inviting, Sarah wasn't really trying to bring the little girl to
an orgasm, she just wanted to feel what the tight little virgin child pussy
felt like.  Sarah looked over at Dana who was trying desperately to free
herself clearly in an enormous amount of anguish.  She watched Dana for a
few moments twisting and turning before she began to speak again.

   "Now Dana you must understand that when you volunteer to be raped, it
sort of takes all the fun out of it, I don't expect you to understand but
there's nothing sexier and more exciting than raping a cunt that doesn't
want to be raped.  Now I know you're probably thinking at this exact
moment, why didn't I just keep quiet instead.  But let me assure you I was
never going to use the strap-on on you, we've had our fun already and even
though I never got a chance to fuck you in the ass I'm afraid that's just
something we're going to have live with.  You can't have it all.  Besides I
want this to be as painful for you as possible and being forced to watch as
I take your lovely little whore daughters virginity must be more painful
than a billion butt rapes"

   With that Sarah got up stripped out of her clothes and put her strap-on
on.  She was going to use special two sided dildo, one side would be going
into Sarah's horny cunt and the other into Heathers dry virgin pussy.  She
climbed on to the bed stroking the dildo as if it was a dick.  Sarah would
not be using any lube, she was way too horny to need any and she wanted
Heather's first and last time to really be as painful as possible, she
would eliminate any risks there might have been how ever tiny that Heather
might get some enjoyment from the fucking.  Heather began to rub the dildo
up and down Heathers little stomach, gently slapping it a little with the

   "Are you ready to lose your virginity darling, I know it's a little bit
sooner than you probably thought it would be, but well considering our
current situation there's no time like the present honey.  I promise you
it'll very special".

   Sarah inserted a finger inside Heathers pussy again and then another and
another till she had fitted three fingers inside the tight cunny, trying to
make some room for the fat dildo she was about to rape the child with.

   "Mmmm so tight" Sarah murmured to herself but loud enough for Dana to
hear it.  Heather had not really said anything she was just crying but Dana
decided to make one last attempt to appeal to Sarah's long lost sense of

   "Please don't do this, please I beg of you, it's me you want not
Heather, please it's your daughters best friend, you've baby sat for her,
you've helped her with her home work and taking her camping.  You can't do

   Sarah just laughed as she withdrew her fingers from Heathers pussy once
more and placed the dildo at the entrance to her sweet little sex.

   "Hearing you beg me not to rape you sweet little darling daughter is
like music to my ears, honestly it just makes it so much better, the more
you beg the hornier I get so please continue I love it".

   "You fucking monster"

   "Oh honey you have no idea"

   With that Sarah pushed forward and the dildo sank an inch into Heathers
pussy, the girl screamed her poor little lungs out as she felt the tip of
the dildo enter her.  "scream for me darling" Sarah encouraged her as she
withdrew a little only to push the dildo in with more force this time.  The
dildo sank in another few inches.  Sarah continued the push, it was hard
work as the girl was so tight and she was taking her dry, but the more
Sarah pushed against the dry walls of Heathers sex the harder the dildo
pushed inside her own dripping wet cunt.  Sarah grabbed Heather's
underdeveloped little breasts, they were like tiny little mosquito bites
but there were enough for Sarah to roughly play with while she pushed
against Heathers tight opening forcing more and more of the dildo inside of
the girl, inch by inch.  She kept molesting Heather as she pushed,
eventually reaching a barrier, it must have been the girls precious hymen.
Sarah released Heathers breasts and gave her a long deep kiss, forcing her
tongue as deep down the girls throat as she could.  She looked over at Dana
sobbing and smiled a demonically evil smile.

   "You're little girl is about to become a woman and you'll get the rare
treat of witnessing it as it happens"

   Sarah pushed the dildo feeling it push through the hymen and breaking
it. Both daughter and mother screamed their lungs out as it happened and
that was it, what pushed Sarah over the edge she began to violently force
fuck Heathers pussy into a frenzy.  the virgin blood serving to lube the
dildo up making it easier to fuck Heather as Sarah pounded her pussy
wildly. Sarah was filled with lustful aggression as she slammed into
Heather, so close to cumming now.  She just needed to hurt Heather more.
She began to hit Heather, slapping her face and chest every time she
penetrated her abused pussy.

   "Ooooh I'm cumming, god so good" Sarah announced to Dana who simply
could not understand how anyone could get off from such a sickening act.

   "You dirty fucking little whore, it feels so good"

   Sarah screamed at Heather as she pumped into her while her cunt was
oozing pussy juice.  Sarah wasn't done though there was still the little
matter of the ass rape.  She pulled out of Heather for the last time, the
dildo was now covered in blood.  Sarah got off the bed and went to her hand
bag, picking up a plastic bag.  She then untied Heathers feet, she wasn't
struggling anyways, she was in too much of a shock to do anything but just
lie on the bed staring out into nowhere.

   "Any last words to your darling daughter?"

   "No please, please, god no, please"

   Was all Dana could think of saying knowing full well that there was
nothing she could do to save her daughters life.  Sarah moaned loudly as
she stroked her wet cunt.  She flipped Heather over to her stomach and
began to push the now blood soaked dildo into Heathers ass.  It went easier
than expected.  Sarah couldn't see Heathers eyes but that was okay, she
wasn't interested in the girl anymore.  As she felt herself entering
Heathers butt she pulled the plastic bag over Heathers unwilling head and
wrapped a stocking around the bag sealing Heathers head in her plastic
prison.  It was time to fuck again, Sarah began to violently ram the dildo
in and out of Heathers tight ass, but this time she kept watching Dana
never for a second losing eye contact with her.

   "I just need you to know I have never been more turned on in my entire
life than I am now" Sarah stated matter of factly as the girl began to
struggle more for air.

   "Such a sexy way to kill a little innocent baby cunt, you know I must
admit I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to go through with this
tonight but now I can't wait to do it again".

   Heather was shaking and fighting desperately for air while Sarah raped
her ass but it was a losing fight, eventually she stopped moving and just
lied still.  Sarah continued to fuck her a few minutes more just to have
another orgasm before checking the girls pulse.  She was dead.

   "Well that's it I'm afraid, but don't worry you'll be joining her very,
very soon"

   Sarah dragged Heathers body on to the floor and then untied Dana before
motioning for her to get on the bed.  Sarah didn't even need to use a gun
anymore to make Dana do what she wanted, it was as if Dana had lost all
will to live.  She lied down on the bed, not trying to fight Sarah in the
least.  Sarah removed the strap on and climbed on top of Sarah.  Pinning
the woman's arm down with her legs she planted her dripping wet pussy on
Danas mouth.

   "Can you taste that honey, killing little Heather made me so incredibly
wet" Sarah began pulled her pussy lips apart and began to finger herself on
top of Dana as she stared into her defeated eyes.  She released a tiny
trickle of pee into Dana's mouth just for the heck of it.

   "I'm sorry but I need to leave soon so I'm afraid we're going to have to
wrap things up"

   Sarah wrapped her fingers around Dana's nose as she sat down hard on her
mouth, sinking her entire weight onto the terrified woman's head.  She
began to slowly grind herself against the mouth and instructed Dana to use
her tongue to bring her off.  Dana didn't react at first so Sarah inserted
her thumbs into Dana's eye sockets and began to push until she felt Dana's
tongue begin to lick her.  Eye contact had always been important to Sarah
but the idea of using her hands to blind a woman or young girl seemed like
a lot of fun, she stored the idea for the future.

   Dana's tongue was licking Sarah's cunt, Sarah grabbed the head and
pushed it as hard against her pussy as she could, wanting Dana's tongue as
deep inside her cunt as was humanly possible.

   "Mmmmm it feels so good, god you're so sexy with your tongue buried in
my pussy, are you scared yet, I'm going to kill you like this you know,
you're going to die tasting my pussy juices as you suffocate in cunt,
doesn't that sounds sexy".  Dana actually began to struggle a little upon
hearing those words which pleased Sarah enormously.

   "That's right Dana fight, fight for your life, you should know I take no
pleasure in killing somebody who doesn't want to live"

   Dana's tongue was dancing all over Sarah's pussy as she desperately
began to fight for air.  Sarah had once again wrapped her fingers around
Dana's nose and this time she wasn't about to let go.

   "Mmm so close now darling, I'm going to cum in your mouth as you die,
isn't that just perfect, such a sexy way of killing a bitch like you".

   Dana's whole body began bucking as she fought desperately for air.
Sarah had to fight to stay on top of Dana's mouth, it felt almost like
riding a mechanical bull.

   "Sssh it's okay honey don't try to fight it, just give in, it'll be over
very soon".

   Sarah used her free hand to push a thumb into Dana's right eye socket,
pushing as hard as she could till she felt the eye squish against her
thumb. She began to cum violently, much like when you've been holding it in
for too long Dana's dying mouth was flooded with Sarah's cunt cream mixed
with pee if she wasn't already suffocating she'd surely die from drowning
in Sarah's juices.  Dana's tongue had gone limp now and she stared back up
at Sarah with dead empty eyes.  It was done, Sarah had finally gotten her
revenge.  She got off Sarah and smiled.

   This was it, she was done now.  She could move on with her life now, try
to build a new normal life again.  But somehow she knew that wasn't going
to last forever, there was still little Polly left and she'd grown rather
attached to the girl, perhaps she'd keep her as her own private sex slave,
the idea sent pleasant shivers down her spine.

   Sarah got dressed leaving mother and daughter in the bedroom, I wonder
what the house cleaner will think when they see the dead bodies she
thought. Walking out of the house, she got inside her car and began to
drive back to her hide out again.  Despite everything that had happened
this evening Sarah was still extremely horny and couldn't wait to get back
to the cottage so she could use and abuse Polly till the sun went up.
Pulling into the drive way again Sarah was in a splendid mood.

   "We're home again honey, did you miss mommy?"

   Sarah sing sang as she opened the trunk.  Polly didn't say a word, Sarah
hoped she hadn't accidentally suffocated under the cop, it would be a shame
if she had died before she'd had a chance to lose her virginity.  Sarah
pushed the police officer off of Dana only to see the girl was now holding
a gun.  "Fuck" Sarah thought, the cop must have had a back up gun, they
always do, how could she have been so stupid.  Polly was pointing the e gun
right at Sarah's chest with a face that suggested she wasn't afraid to
shoot.  Sarah tried to reach for the trunk to close it but before she could
she saw Heather cocking her gun, the fucker knew how to use a gun, what are
the odds, Sarah thought.  She briefly considered trying to reason with
Polly but she figured there would be no point after everything that had
happened and she didn't want to give the girl the satisfaction fo hearing
her beg for her life.  Instead Sarah just looked at the girl with cold dead
eyes and said angrily.

   "Go ahead then you little shit, shoot me, what are you waiting for"

   Polly squeezed the trigger sending a bullet into Sarah's chest.  "That
little bitch" was all Sarah had time to think before she crashed onto the
ground and her world went black and the darkness enveloped her.

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« Reply #16 on: June 30, 2020, 07:55:13 AM »

Sarah is so deliciously perfect, making Eva day that she’s about to be murdered was a very hot touch.

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« Reply #17 on: June 30, 2020, 07:58:51 AM »

Thanks it's nice I found this place so I could finally find an audience for my series

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Depraved Sadist

« Reply #18 on: June 30, 2020, 08:37:50 PM »

Indeed.  Most enjoyable  Grin

It's what they're FOR! 
Grendel's Tales

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« Reply #19 on: July 01, 2020, 04:48:20 AM »

Thanks everyone, this was sort of a passion project for me, trying to pack one story full of everything I like. Sort of something to show ppl, this is what I find hot lol.
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