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Working Out His Frustrations
« on: June 15, 2020, 10:25:14 PM »
The following story is a work of fiction. Rape in real life is a crime and the author does not condone it.

Working Out His Frustrations

By Darklord.

He sat in the darkness of the room, coiling the rope in his hands.  The sounds of footsteps grew near, followed by the turning of the key in the lock. The door opened and she strolled in, locking the door behind her.   He watched her toss the keys on the counter and walk to the refrigerator for a bottle of juice.

He rose from the chair and quietly strolled towards the woman, wrapping a strand of rope around her neck and pulling it tightly. The bottle of juice fell from her hands and covered the kitchen floor with shards of glass.

It was not a random attack on an unknown female.  He knew the woman well. It was Anna Delong, the HR Admin at the place he worked.  Did work, that is, until Anna terminated him because of his increasing outbursts and anger issues. She deemed him unfit for the workplace, even suggested psychological counselling to help work out his frustrations.

Dan was going to do just that. He was going to work out his frustrations on every hole the bitch had, and then some.  Anna tried to grab the rope as Dan drug her backwards towards her bedroom; her heels scraping the tile of the kitchen.  He had broken in earlier and learned the layout of her charming little apartment.  He had even helped himself to some wine and cheese, even took a piss in her bathroom, making sure not to raise the toilet seat so she could sit in his pee.

In the bedroom, Dan flung Anna on the bed and straddled her body, pinning her arms with his legs while he took a knife from his back pocket and placed the sharp blade against her neck.

“Make one false move, and I will slice that vile throat of yours and watch you bleed out,” Dan hissed angrily. Anna looked up the hooded ski mask with the dark, emotionless eyes staring at her and nodded that she understood.  He slowly rose from Anna’s body, threatening her if she moved the slightest inch.

Dan began by peeling off Anna’s black heels and tossing them against the bedroom wall.  He then pulled the nylon stockings down her legs and tossed them aside.  Reaching for the buttons on her white shirt, he started at the bottom and worked his way up, popping every one of them, before ripping the shirt in half and tearing it from her body as she sobbed beneath him.

The knife was guided to the bottom of the white bra that Anna was wearing.  Her ample D-cup tits were pressed tight in the cups as Dan used the blade to slice the bra in half and set her buxom breasts free.

“Play with those big tits bitch!” Dan growled as he moved Anna’s arms to her breasts. “Do it!” Dan screamed angrily, which startled Anna and made her whimper as she began reluctantly fondling her ample melons.   Dan made her squeeze them, play with her nipples, then to humiliate her even more, he made her bring them to her mouth and suck on her own nipples.   When the nipples were hard and erect, he forced Anna’s hands by her side, then guided the blade of the knife to her swollen tits.

Anna groaned in fear as Dan ran the cold metal blade of the knife around each of her meaty nipples.  The coldness of the steel blade caused her to gasp aloud.  Dan them moved downward to the navy skirt Anna was wearing.   Using the knife, he slit it up the side and peeled it from her body, leaving Anna clad in only a pair of white lacy panties.

“Roll over on your stomach!” Dan growled as he reached for some rope he had brought along for the occasion.

Dan then tightly wrapped Anna’s wrists together.  Using the knife, he removed a pillowcase and sliced it, using a strand of it to use around her mouth, making her bite into it before tying it off on the back of her head.    Dan then cut another strand of rope and used it to tie her legs together.  Anna was now bound, face down on the bed wearing nothing but her panties.

Dan stepped back and undressed until he stood naked by the bed.  He grabbed a wooden chair and scooted over by the bed and sat in it.  Reaching for Anna’s bound hands, he guided them to the meaty shaft of his cock.

“Get it hard bitch. I can’t very well fuck you with a limp dick now can I,” Dan snarled.

Anna could open the palms of her hands just enough to slip them around his shaft.  She sobbed in shame as she began masturbating the cock that would soon rape her.

“Yea get that cock good and hard!” Dan groaned as he reached up and pulled the ski mask off.

Anna’s eyes widened in horror when she knew who her attacker was. She screamed his name into the cloth gag, but her voice was muffled.   Dan leaned in and again pressed the blade of the knife against her throat.

“That’s right, you know me. You ruined my life you fucking cunt!” Dan screamed.  “I lost my job, my pension, everything because of you.   You told me to work out my frustrations, well that is exactly what I am going to do. I am going to work them out on you bitch. Now get my dick hard.”

Anna wept harder as she feverishly jerked off the cock in her hands. When it was hard and throbbing, Dan moved her hands away, leaned over and pulled down the gag over her mouth.  Kneeling on his knees in front of her, he shoved the cock roughly against her mouth, grabbed a lock of hair in one hand and pulled it painfully, ramming his cock into her throat.

The gurgling and straining sounds that Anna made only pleased Dan more as he savagely used his cock to punish her.  This was not a usual blow job.  Dan was cramming his cock deep down into her throat, cutting off her air supply as her face turned red, and the desperate gagging for air was heard while he violently moved her head back and forth.  He was finally getting back at the object of his hate and frustration, but he wanted to extend her suffering, and his pleasure, for as long as possible.

He pulled out his throbbing shaft and forced Anna to begin sucking on his balls as his hands ran down her back and under her panties to caress her ass, squeezing the ivory mounds tightly in both hands.

“Nice, round, ass. I like humps in a woman.  Skinny ass bitches are a waste of time,” Dan hissed as he squeezed her butt cheeks firmly before running a finger up and down the crack of her ass.

“Enough!” Dan growled as he drew his engorged cock away from her grasp and rose from the chair.

In one quick move he pulled the panties down her legs until they stopped at the ropes binding them together.  He then took the knife and slicked the panties into, tossing them onto the bedroom floor. Staring at the beckoning globes of her bare ass, Dan reached over to her vanity and grabbed a hairbrush.

“Jesus Christ. Don’t you ever clean the hair from this thing?” Dan spat as he turned the brush over onto the flat side and began striking her bare ass with it.

Anna screamed, yelped, and wept into the gag as Dan sat her ass on fire with the brush.  When her fleshly mounds were glowing bright red, Dan tossed the brush back onto the vanity and rolled Anna over onto her back.  Cutting the ropes binding her legs, he spread them wide and then lowered himself between them shoved his face against Anna’s shaven pussy.  The aroma of her sex filled his senses as he ran his tongue over her sex while teasing the clit with his thumb and fingers.

Anna tearfully stared at the ceiling as she felt her body responding to his oral stimulation.  Her pussy was soon damp and leaking totally against her will.  She blushed in shame at the thought of getting aroused this way as Dan’s tongue feverishly lapped at her cunt.

Dan skilfully brought Anna to the brink of an orgasm, then suddenly stopped and rose from the bed, his face glistening in her wetness.  She watched as he walked to the vanity, opening every drawer and rummaging through them, tossing her underwear and things onto the floor.  He then stopped, turned around and held out the large pink dildo Anna had hidden in her drawer.

Another hot flash of shame burned across her face as she approached the bed, his cock fully erect and swollen. It was a battery operated one and he guided to the palms of her bound hands and helped her until she could grasp it.  He then turned it on.

“Now fuck yourself with it until I say stop,” Dan growled as he once again sat on the chair by the bed.

Anna shook her head, her tear dimmed eyes pleaded with him not to make her do it.  Dan leaned in, angrily grabbed one of her nipples and began twisting it before sticking the blade of the knife against it.
“Do it, or lose the nipple,” Dan threatened.

Anna was sobbing heavily as she guided the humming dildo to the damp folds of her pussy. She inched it inside, hating the feeling it was giving her as it buzzed away in her cunt.

“I bet you do this a lot, don’t you?” Dan teased as he watched Anna fuck herself. “You are too much of a bitch to get laid, so poor Anna has to pound her own pussy at night.”

Hot tears streamed down both sides of her face as she listened to his insults while masturbating in front of him.  To her sheer horror, she felt the first stirrings of an orgasm. She wanted to stop, but he would not let her.  Suddenly her body shook and convulsed.  Her sobs turned into screams muted by the gag on her mouth as the orgasm racked her body.

Dan then guided her hands away from her steamy sex and removed the still buzzing device. Turning it off, he slipped onto the bed, between her legs and guided his throbbing dick to her gaping hole and shoved it inside.

Each thrust Dan made into her drove his cock further inside and he began ramming and jack-hammering her feverishly as she screamed and moaned beneath him.  Savagely and relentlessly he pounded her pussy until she screamed like a panther.  A gushing stream of female ejaculate erupted with such force that it forced Dan’s cock from her pussy, and she squirted all over him and the bed.  The sound of Anna panting and sobbing deliriously filled the room as Dan angrily rolled her over and forced her onto her knees.

Using her cum as lubrication, Dan guided his still hard cock to the dark passage of her anus and shoved against it. Anna’s body rocked back and forth as Dan raped her ass with as much vigour as he did her pussy.   When he emptied his balls, he pulled out and shot his load over the mounds of her quivering ass.

Rolling her back over onto her back, Dan straddled her chest and guided his cock to her mouth. Ripping the gag from it, he shoved his dick, covered in her sex against it.

“Clean my cock, you nasty bitch,” Dan growled as he forced it inside.

The smell and taste on his cock made Anna want to reek as she began using her mouth to perform the degrading task.  When she had cleaned it to his satisfaction, Dan pulled it from her mouth with a plopping sound.

“Now, that is working out my frustration!” Dan growled.  One more thing though,” Dan remarked as he cupped his dick in his hand and aimed it over her body.

“I gotta take a piss!” he hissed before a steady stream erupted and covered Anna as she screamed and wept.

As Anna lay there weeping, covered in Dan’s piss and leaking cum from her holes, Dan grabbed her face and held it steady while he spoke to her.

“Now, here is what we are going to do. You are going in Monday and tell them that I am completely rehabilitated and recommend they give me my job back. I, of course, will accept, but at least once a week, you are going to help me control my frustrations.  You are going to suck my cock and let me fuck that pussy anytime I want it,” Dan quipped before rising from the bed.

“We got a deal?” Dan asked as he slowly begin to dress.

Anna sheepishly nodded her head in agreement and Dan left.  Two days later he was rehired.   True to his word, whenever he felt frustrated on the job, he would pull Anna into a closet or some vacant room and fuck the shit out of her.

He was never happier.

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Re: Working Out His Frustrations
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2020, 06:49:01 AM »
Sounds like he has major anger issues to me. Wonder just how long before he transfers his anger onto another! Merit well earned!

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Re: Working Out His Frustrations
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2020, 07:59:19 AM »
I hope you'll write another from her POV and explain why she didn't report it to the police.And hopefully another sequel as well.Your stories are really great and awesome.Enjoyed it a lot

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Re: Working Out His Frustrations
« Reply #3 on: June 16, 2020, 08:00:55 AM »
Thanks all. Appreciate the comments

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Re: Working Out His Frustrations
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Another excellent tale of suffering and degradation!!

Outstanding Story, dl!!!

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Re: Working Out His Frustrations
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Thanks much Tony

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Re: Working Out His Frustrations
« Reply #6 on: June 16, 2020, 01:39:23 PM »
Good job, and he talked with her about all his issues. I see a new exemplary employee here.

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Re: Working Out His Frustrations
« Reply #7 on: June 16, 2020, 11:47:16 PM »
Sheesh!  With a temper like that I'm not surprised Anna fired his ass!  :emot_rotf.gif:   But I like how he negotiated his re-employment without even having to got through an arbitrator.  Very smart! 

An excellent job Mr. Darklord! Great premise you used for this one.
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Re: Working Out His Frustrations
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Thanks vile8r.  Much appreciated.

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Re: Working Out His Frustrations
« Reply #9 on: June 30, 2020, 08:03:14 AM »
Oh a hard one to read but so real and I can appreciate a well written piece of excellence
Love your realistic angles on life events
Sorry for being late to the party!
Merit from me indeed and can I ask why isn’t this in the June contest?

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Re: Working Out His Frustrations
« Reply #10 on: June 30, 2020, 08:36:58 AM »
Ahhh thanks Jessica. So good to hear from you.  Might add it to the contest

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Re: Working Out His Frustrations
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cums all over this story......... my gosh I loved this  D darklord

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Re: Working Out His Frustrations
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Thanks Dawn.  Appreciate you

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Re: Working Out His Frustrations
« Reply #13 on: July 04, 2020, 12:13:07 PM »
If she had been better at her job she would have helped him reach this solution without all the pain, fear, and shame. Oh well, at least she showed a capacity for self-improvement.
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Re: Working Out His Frustrations
« Reply #14 on: July 10, 2020, 04:06:39 PM »
Pussy is proven to reduce stress in employees and should be availible in work places everywhere. Lol. Great story.
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