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Uncanny Valley - Ch. 10 - The Ex Best Thing
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“This is a shit idea.”
“This is a great idea.” June retorts.

“He’s not going to let me in,” Elise protests.

“Never know unless you try,” June quips back anxious to get the day on with.

Elise was all but under duress to be here, but here they were.  Outside of her former home, Elise sighs heavily, nearly everything felt foreign, it had only been two months, but still it felt like this house, this life was from a different era or belonged to someone else. Elise gripped the headrest of the passenger seat and hoisted herself up.  Reaching forward, she pulled down the passenger side visor and opened the mirror.  Her skirt that was barely appropriate for dimly lit clubs in East L.A. where they spent the night prior; it was downright scandalous in the burbs of Bakersfield.  Though that didn’t stop June from leaning just enough to peak under and notice a profound lack of panties.  That makes three pairs this week.  The ever-ready combination of designer drugs, expensive alcohol and persistent night life was clearly having noticeable effects on Elise’s debauch behavior.   

“Ughhh,” was her tepid response, none to happy with the pair of bloodshot eyes and matted hair seen in the mirror.  She quickly closed the mirror and crawled to the back seat. “Don’t make me go in there!” She whined incessantly, June had noticed a marked uptick in the amount of bitching and moaning that Elise was producing recently and given that she had zero responsibility June couldn’t quite figure out what she had to be so upset about.

They’d spent all Saturday night partying in L.A. as was their M.O., however Elise was eventually escorted from the bar (as recently was her M.O.) and instead of driving back to June’s high-rise loft, June thought it was time for something more sobering.  She had her driver make the three-hour drive to Bakersfield.  Elise, of course was none the wiser having spent the three-hour drive and the following 6 hours passed out in the back of the SUV.  June decided it was safe enough to leave her friend passed out in the back of an SUV, after all this was the burbs.  She’d taken the liberties of checking herself into what passed for a luxury hotel in this town.  She’d slept comfortably in Egyptian cotton sheets, had a hot shower and warm breakfast and still had time to Uber back to the SUV parked outside Barry’s house before Elise ever woke up.  “Let’s just go home,” Elise suggests.

June fought the urge to cringe, Elise had been progressively making herself more and more at home over the last few weeks which included referring to June’s loft as home.  This wasn’t necessarily an issue for June, but with no income, and an ever-increasing party drug habit she was becoming quite the expensive house guest. Something had to change. June smiled warmly at her possibly still inebriated friend before slapping her with enough force to get her attention.  “NO!”

Startled by the sudden aggression Elise wasn’t sure if her argument would be left at a single comment, she waited in stunned silence for a moment before June unceremoniously popped open the passenger side rear door and quickly pushed Elise onto her former neighbors’ lawn.

“What the hell?” Elise struggles to make it to her feet, her senses overwhelmed by the sun, which she hadn’t seen in four days. June watched as Elise, staggered quickly reaches for her sunglasses that were caught in her unkempt hair. She pulled them down and was finally able to get her bearings.  As she reached for the door the handle locked, the perturbed look on her face quickly transitioned to fear,

“June? C’mon this isn’t funny.”

The heavily tented window lowered just enough to make eye contact, “Elise, sweetie I love you but you’re spiraling and I don’t want this breakup and your regrets to send to you to rock bottom, you need closure.  Go in there, get your things, have that conversation you’ve been avoiding for two months, say your goodbyes and call me when you’re done.”  Elise struggles to get all the instructions, as she is half distracted by patting herself down, looking for her mobile.  “It’s in here, it wouldn’t have done you any good anyway, you forgot to charge it, oh and your wallet and ID are in here too.  You can have them all back once you’ve handled your business. Call me from the phone Barry’s phone, it’s the only one I’ll answer!”

Like a deer in headlights Elise stands somewhat dumbfounded, as the SUV starts to pull forward her hands intuitively reach for the handle, frantically pulling at it as her gate quickly becomes a run trying to keep up with the rolling vehicle.   June rolls up her window and motions for her driver to speed up sending Elise crashing to the freshly cut lawn.   Her heart races, this is her nightmare. 
Her black later skirt rolls up as she hits the ground, having not been made to handle barrel rolls and already being a size to small it’s doing well to still be in one piece. The cool damp grass quickly greets her; alerting her that she has, in fact, lost another pair of panties in a night club with no recollection of how. Compounding the sheer shame even more, Howard Rosenblatt, her 72-year-old ex-neighbor clears his throat behind her.  “I think some of your bits are hanging out their sweetheart.” He says in the kindest way possible to tell someone their ass and vagina are on your grass.

Correction: THIS was her nightmare.

She quickly hustled up trying to regain whatever dignity she had left which was hard to do as she tugged at the thin hem of her skin tight skirt that was barely doing a sufficient job of covering her bare ass cheeks.  Her legs were wobbly as 5” pointed heels and sod were a bad combination. She bushed herself off, and pulls the fabric back around her tits which were threatening to go rogue from her tube top.  Her face began to match the color of the freckles that dotted it as what seemed like a god-awful idea seconds ago seemed like the only safe haven lest one of her former neighbors see her dressed like this.  Kicking off her heels she scoops them up and patters her bare feet across the concrete and up the brick walkway.   

Her finger hovered over the door bell for a moment, the last time she stood at this very spot her life began on the nose die trajectory that has led her back here.  She sent a silent prayer that this time would be different.


As the chime sounds through the house Ling cuts short the cleaning that she was in the middle of.  It occurred to her that she’d never actually been in charge of taking care of a home before and while she figured it couldn’t be that hard, it was surprisingly more difficult than she’d previously expected.  However, she’d recently found a rhythm, and considering that she was getting her school paid for, was recently given possession of a new Mercedes, and was living in a house that was about 11 times the size of her dorm room, keeping the place clean was the least she could do. 

Ling took the long way around to the front door peering into the backyard just to put eyes on Rori for a moment, she still sat playing on her phone while pretending to reading one of the books that was assigned to the 4th grade reading class over the summer.  Ling tapped her finger on the glass of the patio door getting Rori’s attention placing her hands together and opening them as if they were a book.  Rori simply smiles mischievously and places the phone slowly on the table picking up the book in exchange. She buries her nose in the book for a good 30 seconds before checking behind her to make sure Ling was gone before closing it and getting back to her phone. 

Ling still had a hard time getting over how much Rori looked like her now. She checked herself in the mirror, somewhat proud of the “well put together” suburban soccer-mom look she was pulling off.  Though she couldn’t help but have the occasional reservation mostly because she still hadn’t told her parents, or friends where she was living or what she was doing but it was summer break so most people were pretty wrapped up in their own things.  Each time she asked Barry if she could start telling others about their arrangement he sternly replied ‘No.’  Insisting over and over that we were waiting but refusing to specify what we were waiting for.  Its not like the answer was just going to magically…show…up.

Ling is speechless as she stares at what used to be a professor she respected.   Elise is equally dumbfounded, though her bemusement quickly transitions from confusion to shock, and then surprise, confusion again and then it finally hits her.  The only reason Ling would be answering the door to the home she helped design would be because she’s living here now. 
The sobering effect of this revelations is better than any chemical or drug known to man, it quickly snaps Elise from her haze.  Their eyes scan each other neither making the first move, rage quietly building at the living embodiment of their respective worst moments stand before them. 

“BARRRRRRYYYYYYY!!!” they shout in unison.

Barry, who had been happily napping up until the point happily sat straight up in bed being very familiar with that tone and condition to immediately fear it.  It didn’t take long to recognize Elise’s shrill tone as she harangued Ling from room to room in search of him. 

“NOT ANOTHER FUCKING STEP, I SWEAR TO GOD I’LL CALL THE POLICE!” Ling shouts from the middle of the stairs in such a tone that Elise actually thinks twice about moving and somehow finds herself stuck on the ground level of the house she’d lived in for years, like a child confined to timeout for misbehaving.    Barry hurriedly throws on a pair of shorts and a tank top before rushing out of his bedroom.

“Don’t fucking speak to me like that you fucking little-”

“HEY!” Barry’s booming voice cuts through the ruckus. “What the hell is going on down here?” he asks trying to defuse the situation but clearly wanting answers quickly.  Only to find both women speaking simultaneously, far too fast and in way too high a pitch to be understood by normal humans.  “Enough!” He again booms quieting them both, “You, quiet,” he commands pointing to Ling who’s eyes narrow at the thought of being commanded but then remembered the terms of their agreement and begrudgingly bit her tongue.  “And why are you here?”

Taken aback by the question Elise chortles at both Barry and Ling, “I used to live here, I’m here to see my husband” she says indignantly.

“Ex-husband,” Ling mumbles drawing further ire from Elise.

Elise, remembering that she doesn’t have to treat Ling’s commands as law marches up the stairs toward Barry, her finger pointed at his chest, “you fucking move her into our house, that’s fucking clinical Barry, it really is.” Elise stops half way up the stairs turning her finger of indignation toward Ling, “she’s a child Barry; an angry and petulant child, and you think what you’re what? Saving her somehow?  She doesn’t need rescued Barry,” Elise says condescendingly, “she needs disciplined, like all children.” Ling recoils at the strong smell of tequila wafting between her and Elise as her blood continues to boil.  “I cannot begin to tell you the number of ways this is inappropriate.” She winced as soon as the word left her mouth, she knew she’d left him an opening.

“Inappropriate!?”  He says now beginning his march down, making his way between Ling and Elise, “Inappropriate like getting fucked in the ass by one of your students on camera? You mean like that kinda inappropriate!?”

“Yea!” Ling chimes in not quite being able to get a word in edgewise.

Elise takes a small step back knowing she’s overplayed her hand as Barry continues toward her. “So back the fuck off of Ling right now, you have no idea what she-”

“Why is everyone shouting?” The soft voice from the hall just around the corner chimes in between the verbal barbs.  Rori walking in with her hands over her ears, clearly made anxious by the shouting and the tension in the room. 

“Oh Rori,” Ling says rushing downstairs, “we’re sorry, we just…” Ling trails off unsure of what to say, as her underdeveloped parenting skills fail to explain their behavior in that moment.  She turns back to look to Barry for help but freezes when she sees Elise’s face.

All of the color is drained, she looks down as Rori enters.  Elise seems genuinely perplexed, her glance darting back between Barry and Rori.  “I- I don’t under-” she gasps, trying to catch her breath, and process the quickly compounding new information at an accelerated pace. “T-that’s not, her, that’s not our daugh-.. what.  Why does she look like-oh god.” Elise gasps in disgust as the similarities in Ling and

Rori’s face is striking enough to chill her to the core.  “What did you do?” She says through gritted teeth.  Her question intensifying as

Barry stands stoic letting the moment resonate, “WHAT DID YOU DO!” Elise growls.

Rori shoots back a quizzical look at Elise, “Mommy who is that?” She asks stepping behind Ling who wraps her arm reassuringly around Rori.

“Mo-” Elise’s weight shifts as the railing of the stairs are all that is holding her up, her throat is suddenly dry making it hard to get her words out “did, she…did she just call her mom?” The look on her face shifts, her brow furrows, intensely her hands ball into fists storming the stairs towards Barry nearly knocking him over with the sheer force of her arrival. “BARRY! WHAT! DID! YOU! DOOOOO!” she wails fists landing across Barry’s face and neck, he covers enough to avert most of the blows, her freshly manicures nail catches his cheek drawing a bit of blood.

“STOOOPPPPP!” Rori screams from behind Ling, “Don’t hit him!” she demands making her way towards Barry as if she could rescue him, but she is swiftly pulled back by Ling.

“Rori, come on, we are going outside,” Ling says her as she glances back towards Elise bearing the slightest smirk from the corner of her mouth.  Rori was on the verge of tears not quite understanding why this stranger was in their house fighting and screaming.  Ling consoled her but was also quite busy enjoying the moment, she was familiar with that rage, that fury, she’d felt it too.  Rori wraps her arm around Ling as they turn from the room.

By now Barry has Elise wrapped in a bear hug, having lifted her from the ground to prevent her assault and to stop her from terrifying Rori.  She sobs openly in his arms. “P-put me down, put me down please I want to see herrrrrrrrr.” Elise sobs her legs kicking as she frantically demands to be placed back on the floor.  Elise watches from Barry’s arms as Ling takes Rori from the room.

“Mommy,” Rori says as they make their way out, “I don’t like that lady, she’s mean.”

Ling places Rori’s head against her side as she escorts her out, still trying to calm her down, “Yea sweetie, she is, but some people just can’t help but be bad, its who they are.” No one could see it, but the ear-to-ear smile across Ling’s face was worth more than her tuition three times over.  As they made their way outside Ling slowly began to realize it wasn’t just the revenge or seeing Elise at her lowest.  There was something else there, something that had been building for a few weeks.  It helped that Barry had stood up for her, she didn’t quite expect that.  But it was even more than that, something almost carnal that happened as he interjected himself between her and Elise, she felt protected, seen, valued even.   

“Barry?” Elise asks as she fights back tears, “Barry, why?” she sobs as Barry unceremoniously releases her, she crumples to the ground, her heart aching as she cries uncontrollably, “Barry please don’t to this,” she says looking up at him, praying there is still a small piece of the man she married in there.  “Please take me back Barry,” the words come out of her mouth so fast they nearly surprise her, however, in for a penny, in for a pound. “I’ll do anything Barry please, just **sniffle** just tell me what you want, tell me what I can do. GAWD! BARRY! PLEASE!” Her screams are so guttural she struggles to catch her breath, gripping onto the railing of the stairs as if she’d fall through them if she didn’t.  Elise heaves for air trying desperately to make sense of all this.

He’d never seen her like this, it’s as if all the weight and consequences of her actions all arrived here at this moment, he didn’t suspect that he’d wake up from his nap to this,  but he suspected this day was coming. Kneeling down beside her, he wraps her in his arms, feeling her breathing stabilize slowly, helping her catch her breath, she could hardly speak, so he was fairly certain anything he said while she was hysterical would have just been lost in translation. As she begins to take normal breaths, and the tears slowly subside Barry sits next to her, he was truly jarred to see her like this.  His large hand brushes her cheek and cups her chin.  Gently…at first and then harder applying ever greater pressure as he speaks to her.  “You. You did this, you did all of it.  You have destroyed everything we worked to build, but luckily, I’ve found someone who wants what you seemed to not value. Rori has a mother that loves her now, we no longer need you.”   

Tears fill her eyes as his words land coldly.

“I want nothing from you, there is nothing to do, nothing to say, you don’t even inspire rage anymore, you are a null set.  You are valueless from today on.  You have twelve hours to get your shit out of my home, anything left after that I burn.” By this point he is squeezing her cheeks so violently that she is squirming in an attempt to get away. “And if you ever scare my daughter like that again, I’ll fucking bury you.”  His grip bruises her round cheeks as the pushes her face away before making his way down the stairs and into the backyard.

Hours passed; Elise spent two of them sitting where she’d been left commiserating all she’d lost before realizing the clock was still ticking. She wanted desperately to debate and fight for her right to say but she quickly decided that if she lost that argument and had nothing packed, she’d lose everything.  She moved from room to room, surprised by how little her personal effects meant to her by this point. 

Meanwhile in the backyard, Rori and Ling toiled away setting up her camping tent.  Rori had spent the last week lobbying to spend the night in the backyard, she’d read about Lewis and Clark in school was certain the backyard needed to be both camped in and mapped extensively.  Ling encouraged her creativity, and loved her ingenuous spirit.  After the tent and her “maps” were all setup Ling brought out her sleeping bag, snacks, a lantern, and a few other essentials necessary to survive the rugged fenced-in backyards of Bakersfield.

“It looks like you have everything you need,” Ling says glancing around a tent that was far too overstocked for a one-night camped excursion. “Got your cell phone?” Ling asks so that if anything came up, they would be quickly and easily accessible.   Rori holds up the cell phone with a smile. “Well you’re all good to go, remember the back door is unlocked.” She says turning to leave.

“Mom,” Rori interjects as Ling is half way out of the tent, “I know last week I said I was too big for good night kisses, but can I have a goodnight hug?”

“Of course,” Ling says with a smile turning around and embracing Rori who squeezed with all her might.
Ling made her way into the house and upstairs, as she reached the top of the stairs she peers into Barry’s room, like any other night she sticks her head in the doorway, “hey, I’m headed to bed,” she says motioning toward the guest room at the end of the hall.  “Is she ummmm?”

“Yea, she’s still here, she’s staying in Rori’s room for the night,” Barry says hardly looking up from his laptop.   “She’ll be gone first thing in the morning.” 

“Good,” Ling retorts, scoffing as she enters the room, “I just ummm, I wanted to say thanks, you know for earlier.” She leans against the door frame, her eyes scanning the room.

“Yea, no problem,” he says his fingers moving across the keyboard. “She was way out of line just showing up here like that.”

“Totally,” Ling adds as her eyes work their way to the bed.  Barry had been intently studying something from work for the better part of two hours. “I mean who does that, just shows up, smelling like booze, I mean did you see how she was dressed?” Ling ventures into the room further making her way to the window that overlooks the backyard.  The lantern light in Rori’s tent had been off for some time now but she just wanted to check.

“Tact has never been her strong suit.” Barry adds, Ling couldn’t help but agree.

“Yea, it was kinda classless, although,” she says with shrug. “Sometimes it’s better to be more direct about what you want.” She says standing at the window.

Barry replies with an inattentive “hmmm.”

A prolonged silence falls between the two.  Barry hardly notices she’s in the room, its not until he feels her legs slide across the bed that he even looks up.  His eyes widen as they are greeted with the stark naked, tight and tanned body of an 18-year-old undergrad. “Like I said more direct.”

Ling leans down planting a deep and passionate kiss on Barry’s lips, he was a mess with confused feelings.  He never intended for this to actually be a relationship; it was solely for the purposes of revenge. Ling’s hands run through his dark brown hair, as her kisses begin to find his neck, she was being rather insistent, and quite persuasive in the argument her body was making.  In no time she’d worked her way down, her tiny little ass in the air, she was slender and wiry and up until this exact moment Barry had never really considered her as a sexual creature.  She was not at all his type, her preferred more full-figured women, for which Elise was the archetype, but that didn’t exactly go his way.  Maybe it was time to change things up a bit.  She pushed aside his laptop as she lifted his shirt planting kisses as she made her way further down. 

Barry had done a fairly good job as of late keeping himself from Rori, and with Elise gone, and increased responsibilities at work he’d found ways to suppress his libido.  Until this exact moment he hadn’t considered Ling a real option, but she was doing a very convincing job of showing him the error of his ways.

What he didn’t suspect or realize was that Ling was very much in the same sexually frustrated boat, feeling rather out of sorts in her new home she’d not quite taken the liberties of masturbation and with no other options this decision was as much being driven by Barry’s action as they were by the fact that if she didn’t get something inside of her and soon she thought she might explode.

Barry’s watched intently as she shimmied further down, her freshly manicured nails lightly digging into his skin as she worked her way to his hips planting kisses every few inches.  Barry’s heels dug into the bed lifting his ass just a bit as she tugged. As his shorts and boxers rolled around his thighs his cock sprang free.  He’d been hard for some time and Ling was quite surprised to find a rather thick 9” staring back at her.  It wasn’t as long as Wade’s but it certainly had more girth.  For a moment she stopped to reconsider her decision.  She’d heard jokes about white guys having little dicks, but he must have been the absolute exception.  Ling steeled herself, as she looked up at it, to Barry she looked cross-eyed for a moment before taking it in her hand.

Barry throbbed in her grip as she looked up for a moment nervously smiling.  She planted a soft kiss on his balls and then another on the base of his shaft working her way up, her hand lightly squeezed the head of his cock.  A soft moan escapes his lips, watching her thin lips purse and plant warm kisses all along his shaft leaving faint pink marks from her lipstick at each spot. 

As she reached the tip her lips part and her jaw drops to accommodate Barry, she slides her mouth around the first three inches feeling him tense as she brings him in.  Her lips purse around him as she presses her tongue to the underside of his cock as she pulls herself up, finishing by running her tongue in a circle around his bulging head.

“OHHH FUCK!” He moans, his mind trying to piece together the right thing to do, should he take advantage even further of the very seductive Asian spinner that has his cock in her mouth or should he remind her that she’s emotionally vulnerable and today was a high-stress situation that-

She presses down sending the head of his cock to the back of her throat stopping whatever thoughts he was having momentarily.  Elise had been delivering lackluster blowjobs for the 10 years they were married.  He’d never felt the back of her throat, it was a revelation in his life, watching a woman eagerly gag herself for his pleasure made him twitch just a bit.  He watched Ling’s head bob, as her hands were at his hips he marveled in how much she enjoyed pleasuring him as each time he moaned she seemed to redouble her efforts.

Ling was in heaven, as her saliva rolled down Barry’s shaft and balls and onto the pillowy blankets.  She kept her lips tightly around him, wanting to show her gratitude in the best way possible.  She’d been watching him for weeks, and occasionally dreaming about him, she could feel herself getting wet as she heard him moan over and over again.

“Wait!” he suddenly says throwing her off of her rhythm. Her eyes shift up meeting his with the head of his cock still in her mouth.

“W-what?” She asks pulling this now glistening cock from her lips.  Her libido finally having kicked in she waits nervously for his reasoning, knowing that if he stops her she will not know what to do with herself.

“The door,” Barry says looking almost dazed, “its open, Elise can hear.”  Privacy had always been a paramount value to him so the idea of his ex-wife listening in as his new 19 year old friend? (girlfriend?) (revenge-buddy?) (suck-buddy!)  sucked him dry seemed at best a faux pax.

Ling smiled, “I want her to hear.” She replies as she grips his hips and loosens her throat taking Barry entire into her mouth.  Her thin little lips resting on his balls and hips momentarily as she feels him buck.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh” he moans as his body convulses momentarily. And with that she resumes bobbing her head occasionally stopping to swallow and reset her gag reflex.  She’d become something more than a novice at deep throating having dated Wade for some time and acquiescing to his desire to be more hands-on, it was rare that she got out of giving him head without having her gag reflex triggered so much that she lost her lunch, but Barry, being one inch shorter seemed to make all the difference.  Even with his girth she managed to take him into her throat without ever feeling in danger of tossing her cookies. 

This gave her the idea that would make this night special. Her hands left his hips, and moved to his wrists.  He’d been clutching the blanket on the bed for dear life as he tried to decide if he should stop Ling from deep throating him.  With force, Ling pulled his hands from the bed and placed them at the back of her head. Barry’s eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas. 

He needed no further instruction. His hips began bucking into her face as his hands pressed down. Ling braced herself against the bed but relaxed her neck allowing Barry to have full reign of her body.  Smiling all the while on the inside, Ling gladly gave of herself knowing that just the next room over Elise was sitting among the ruins of her marriage in her daughter’s room listening to her husband moaning and grunting as he gave himself over to her.

The sounds of a cock ramming the back of a young girl’s throat echoed through the hall and even when she closed the door to Rori’s room Elise could hear them through the walls. Barry’s moaning and the sound of him pumping himself into that whore. Storming from her daughter’s room she left to simply escape the torment as she passed their room, she couldn’t help but stop and lament all the decisions she’s made that had her listening to a former student fuck her husband.  She slumped outside the door silently crying as she listened.

Ling’s eyes closed tightly as her tongue struggled to keep up with the pace Barry was setting. He thrust with so much power and force that her throat was quickly becoming raw. Luckily, her strain was short-lived, as Barry drove his feet into the bed thrusting his cock into her, his hands pulling her head down, pressing her face against his pelvis as he pumped 6 thick loads of cum into her throat.  “FUUUUUUUCCKKKKKKKINGGGGGG LLLLLIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG!” He bellows as his ass left the bed, and Ling quickly remembered to breathe through her nose, not having to swallow until Barry started to pull back, his last load landing on her tongue instead of down her throat.

Barry had lost himself, and Ling helped. As his body collapsed on the bed she gently continued sucking at him, drawing from him soft moans as his cock was so now insanely sensitive.  She lapped at his shrinking cock pulling every last drop before looking up with a smile.

After a minute or two he caught his breath.  Looking down at Ling who continued running her tongue around his head.  “Fuck, I’m sorry you probably wanted to have sex.”  He says somewhat ashamed he shot his load so quickly.  “I mean there’s always tomorrow right?”

Ling looks up smiling, “Oh we aren’t done tonight.” She says, her hands moving to his inner thighs pressing them apart.  She buries her beautiful face between his legs her tongue extending to running laps around his balls and up and down his taint.  Barry’s head pressed firmly into the pillow, in all his years on this earth he’d never felt what he was feeling now.  Barry looked down watching this ravenous girl who was too young to drink alcohol, lap at his most sensitive spots, his balls resting comfortably on her sweet nubile features.  In 5 minutes, Barry was again hard as a rock and all the more surprised for it, he never imagined he could have that kind of turn around but Ling was showing surprising amounts of determination.

Her little hands worked at his shaft as her tongue continued to tease that delicate spot just under his balls.  She pulled her face back taking a breath, her cheeks and nose were dripping with her own saliva, she hungrily looked up wiping her face and then running her hand down between her dripping lips.  Leaning her weight forward she continued to jerk Barry off as she moved up, placing her face in front of his looking him in the eyes before softly saying.  “Fuck me please.” 

He thought he might blow his load again right there. 

But he had no intention of letting her down. His arm snaked under her shoulders pulling her upward toward him.  His hand reaching down, cupping her ass, spreading her little cheeks. He runs his middle finger up and down her dripping little hole, teasing her just enough to get it wet before sliding it into her little asshole.

A surprised gasp lasts for only a moment as Barry’s free hand wastes no time guiding himself to between her lips.  She quickly got all she asked for and more as he slid into her.  Her body weight nearly collapses onto him as she practically melts as he gently presses his full 9” into her.   She’d never felt so full in all her life. He bucked his hips a bit grinding himself into her, her body innately responding squeezing him back.  She could feel him throbbing inside of her as they laid still in a perfect moment.  Slowly Barry shifts his hips back, watching the expression on Ling’s young face.  Her legs quivered as she felt him leave only to feel a jolt as he pushed back into her. Methodically he repeated himself allowing her to feel each inch of him. 

Ling had never been fucked like this before.  Wade was a brute. Aggressive, violent, and heavy-handed she rarely had a chance to cum when he fucked her, not for lack of duration but he applied so much force so soon, she was left raw and sore long before she could ever begin to enjoy it. Barry was different, he took his time lifting her weight from the bed gently as he fucked her, responding to her body as her back arched, he somehow knew exactly when to slow down or speed up. 

He gently pressed at her chest, pushing her backward a bit, forcing her to shift her weight from her knees where she was straddled to her feet.  She was in no position to object as she was quickly nearing climax.   Her moans grow louder with each passing moment as she rolls her hips away trying to delay her ever building orgasm but Barry continually presses the issue not yielding in his advances into her.

Barry could already sense it, watching her little body move, he knew she was fighting it and he wanted to take that option away. He could feel her retreating as he was continually finding that sweet spot with each thrust.  When her weight had shifted one of Barry’s hands reached back palming her ass as the other reached up around her neck. From these two points he was able to control her movements perfectly.  Her hands pressed firmly against the headboard that rocked into the wall each time her body shuddered with ecstasy.

He pulled down on her tiny ass as he thrust up and watched her eyes roll back in her head as now, she couldn’t escape. He repeated drove inside of her, each time hitting the only area inside her body that make her toes curl. “Ohhhh! FUCK! FUCK! OH Gah----FUCCCKKKKKK!”  Barry watched as the young nymph riding him could no longer resist slamming her tight little pussy down filling herself as much as she could.  He could feel her little muscles twitching as she clamped onto him, her legs spasms, splaying wide and sending her full weight down onto him. She mumbles pure gibberish in mind broken incoherency for a moment as her face contorts and she screams. “IMMMM CUMMMMMIIIIIINNGGGGGGGG!”
Barry seeking to prolong her pleasure lifted her little ass up enough to continue his unrelenting pounding into her.  “Bahhhh…you….fuuuuuucc…..aghhh….” her eyes roll back as her pussy continues to spasm under continued assault, Barry’s grip on her throat holds her in place, the hand under her ass keeps her pussy right where Barry wants it. Ling was nearly limp being held up almost exclusively by Barry’s ferocious thrusts and the hand around her neck.

The bed creeks as their combined body weight acts as a prolonged stress test. Ling’s hands press against Barry’s flexed arms as she feels something she’s never experienced building.  She’d never had multiple orgasms but Barry’s increased pace and refusal to miss that spot deep inside sends her mind careening toward frenzy.


Barry is unrelenting as he watches her body buck on top of him, feeling her again tighten up around him as he buried himself inside of her. She gasps for air, sweat beading up on her forehead, Barry refuses to stop until he feels that same spasm that he felt from her the first time. “Oh god, ohhhhhh god…..” her body weight shifts to her heels as Barry sends her over the edge again.  “BARRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYY!” she howls as her pussy again spams as Barry pulls hard making sure he can feel every little twitch from her insides.  Again she is lifeless in his arms as he sits up.  Her little body shakes as each small motion from Barry draws a new tremor inside.   Barry kisses her cheek as he pulls himself from her.  She melts off the side of his body lying motionless on the bed.  Eyes wide she stares up at the ceiling murmuring softly, “Holy shit, that was…. ***GASP*** AMAZING!”

Barry smiles planting a soft kiss on her forehead as he leans over looking at her lovingly and replies “You’re not done.”

Her smile disappears as she can only timidly reply, “huh?”  Barry is up in a flash and moves down to the foot of the bed,  “wa-wait, just give me a-”

Barry flips her onto her stomach, hardly listening to her as she begins to protests. He bends his knees and gives no warning as he bottoms himself out in her again. The king-sized bed was custom designed by Elise and to provide extra storage room it stands a little higher than an average bed, which was no issue for Elise, but the few extra inches prevents Ling from being able to touch the floor Barry’s knees press against her inner thighs keeping her spread wide as he removes all barriers and doubles the speed he previously had and triples the amount of force he is creating as he rams into her.
“OWWWW!” She moans looking back at Barry who is overtaken with lust and can hardly hear her soft protest to slow down as he savagely stuffs her little pussy over and over. He can feel himself losing control, his balls the first indicator as they begin to tighten wanting to fill his little fuck toy.  “FFFFFFUCCCK OUCH!” She whimpers as she feels herself beginning to get that aching raw feeling she got with Wade.  Then suddenly she could feel his free hand teasing her clit, it was like a jolt of lightning, his other hand pulling at her hips her backwards as he pounds forward.  Her body cannot help but to respond.

She had no idea she could be this aroused for this long, but his hands sliding around her body, teasing her clit and pussy lips as his steeled cock throbs inside, jabbing at her most tender parts.  “Nooooo,” she moans as she gasps for air verbalizing her disbelief that her she is quickly being worked toward a third orgasm in 10 minutes.

Barry leans over feeling her little hole squeezing at him again whispering something in her ear that “Not until I tell you to.”
Those six little words nearly send her over the edge but create in themselves a new issue of now fighting off an orgasm that is suddenly bearing down on her.  Barry has her undivided attention as she looks back over her shoulder.  The bed bangs loudly into the wall leaving a dent in the drywall as Barry grunts with each thrust.

“Barry?” Ling moans her little pussy clenches around him.

“No!” He grunts his hands transitioning to her hips pressing her down into the bed as he shifts back and pulling her back as he punches forward.  Her toes curl as her body tries to make sense of the simultaneous pain and pleasure messages she’s receiving.


“OH SHIT! BARRY!?” she moans her voice growing raspy from gasping for air.  She glances back as her little legs bend as she tries to fight off what her body is now demanding.

“NOT YET!” He shouts his grip now lifting her slender little body from the bed as he pulls her into the air her legs kicking as she’s never been fucked like this before.

“PLEASSEEEEEEE!” she screams her hands balling into fists pulling the cover from the bed.

“YES!” He moans allowing her to succumb.

"AAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” she howls as her abs cramp as do the muscles in her pelvic floor as she climaxes a third time nearly every muscle in her body tenses up as she’s lifted further up feeling Barry ramming every inch of himself into her with all the force he could muster as Ling floats in orgasmic bliss. Her legs cross and then kick and cross again as a stream of her squirt drips onto the floor. The tremors work their way from between her soft lips and deep inside her eventually running down her legs as they remain crossed with toes curled. Her mouth hangs open, as she gasps and shudders unable to stop bucking.

Barry buries himself deep, filling her little hole, his balls tense emptying himself into her, an eruption, pumping his seed into her with waning thrusts. Her little hole milks him as he lets the rest of her dangle beneath him. They both pant wildly, neither of them has had an experience like this.  Barry lowers her to the floor where she lays still, her little hole aching but never having felt so sexually satisfied. Cum rolls from her gaped little hole onto the cream-colored carpet.  She looks up with a half-attentive smile. As she brings herself to the seated position, she feels more of Barry’s cum run down her leg, her mind searches for words but none are available, she simply giggles uncontrollably. 

Barry too stands stunned, unsure where to go or what to do, he glances over and mumbles “bed?”  His cock still twitching a bit as it dangles in front of Ling who nods back.

“Water?” She says smacking her lips just now realizing how dry all the panting had made her.  “Kitchen.” She says pointing, crawling at first and then finding her way to her feet.

“Water!” Barry comments hoping she knew that was an indicator to also bring him a bottle as well as he collapses onto the bed.  “Alexa, fan on,” the blue indicator on the speaker next to him flashes as the blades of the fan begin to twirl.

As Ling exits the room she struggles to stay upright, her legs feel like jelly and her pussy has never been sorer. She makes it to the top of the stairs before feeling the piercing gaze of Elise who sits just outside her old bedroom on the floor.  Her eyes were bloodshot and what little mascara she had left dark streaks down her cheeks.  She’d found a bottle of wine in their basement that they had been saving for a special occasion, along with a pack of cigarettes she’d made herself quite at home on the floor.

“Sounds like you had fun,” Elise says startling Ling who lets out a little squeak. 

“Fuck!” she says covering her body, not realizing she wasn’t alone.

“Oh don’t cover up now,” she says taking a drag off a cigarette looking up from the floor. “You were just in there like some five-dollar chink whore fucking my husband-”

“Ex” Ling says proudly correcting Elise.

“Yea,” she says taking a drag from her cigarette, “you made sure of that.” Elise says looking up shooting daggers at Ling, “you know I got some other friends I could call up for you.” She says sipping her wine.  “Sucky, sucky five-dollar?”

“Are you fucking serious?  YOU FUCKED MY BOYFRIEND YOU DUMB COW!” Ling takes a commanding step toward Elise who is so drunk she’s hardly phased by her aggression, “so you can blame yourself.” Her hands clench, considering throwing a punch before an orgasmic aftershock and loss focus sending a small glob of cum to the hardwood floor.

“Careful slut, you’re leaking.”  Elise says blowing smoke in her general direction.

Ling looks down, and scoffs, “You know what, I am,” she says walking closer to Elise before she has a chance to react Ling squeezes sending the remainder of what Barry deposited in her to spattering to the floor and across Elise’s leg.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!” she screams in disgust but from her inebriated position can hardly sit up to retaliate.

“You’re EX-husband left that for you,” She says stepping out of the way of Elise’s feeble attempt to reach her. “Make yourself useful and clean it up will you.” She finishes as she makes her way downstairs.

Ling joined Barry in bed a few moments later, even though she’d remembered to bring him the water he was already passed out on the bed. 

Ling smiled, he had a pretty nice ass, for an old guy. She turned off the lights and shut the door making sure to lock it, lest Elise have any more horrible ideas while they were asleep.  Ling crawled into bed, snuggling up to Barry who half asleep instinctively put his arm around her.  She pressed her ass into him, he was warm and his body engulfed hers.  For the first night in a long time they both fell asleep with smiles on their faces.


The incessant ringing of the doorbell woke Ling up, she pulled her hair back and rolled over, Barry was still sleeping peacefully.  She gently crawled from the bed as she stretched for a second her slim little body lifting to the balls of her feet. Her first step reminded her of how sore her little pussy still was, but she quickly put that from her mind, smiling as she saw the silk kimono-style robe that Barry had bought for Elise on his last business trip. 

With no hesitation she pulled it from the back of the door and slid it on.  She tied it as she exited the room making her way down the stair.  Elise had left three bottles strewn about on the stairs like breadcrumbs leading to the nearest alcoholic.  Ling’s modesty having returned in the light of day causes her to keep one hand across her body as she steps over Elise who is passed out across the bottom step. 


“Fucking hell, I’m coming,” Ling laments making her way to the door. 

As she opens it June nearly pushes her way inside talking before she even enters, “took you fucking long enough I don’t like to wa-”
June’s mind finally catches up to her mouth as she realizes neither Barry or Elise had answered the door.  “Who are you?” She asks curtly.

“Seems to be the question of the day lately,” Ling mumbles.

“Huh!” June snaps not loving the mouthy little tart that’s greeting her.

“I LIVE HERE!" Ling adamantly declares. "Who are you?!”

June’s heels place her close to 6’ tall which puts her nearly a foot above Ling and she quickly makes that point known as she marches over to her.  She pulls her dark designer shades from her face.

“Holy shit, you’re June Murrow!” Ling’s disposition changes from defensive to fan girl promptly, “I-I saw you in Dark November! You were like so, like amazing and I’m sure you know that already, but like I totally wanted to get into acting after I saw your Broadway stuff.” Ling squeals as her feet patter up and down having never met anyone this famous before.

June extends her hand slowly, “always happy to meet a fan,” she says somewhat confused.  “Again, I don’t want to be rude but I still don’t know who you are.”

“She’s the whore fucking my husband.” Elise chimes in from the base of the stairs.

“EX-HUSBAND!” June and Ling say in unison. June shoots Ling an approving glance, she bashfully returns her smile then averting her glance. Her friends in college would never believe this!

“You never called,” June says, “I can assume since she’s here he’s not taking you back.”

“Correct,” Ling says beginning to understand the relationship, but not wanting to miss her opportunity to further fan-girl out.   “Miss Murrow, I’m Ling, I live here now, and I was just about to make myself some tea,” Ling says flashing a further infectious smile.  “Would you like to join me?”

June glances down at Elise who is struggling to both pull herself to her feet and protest.  “Get your things to the car,” she tells Elise who can’t get a word in edge wise.  “I’ll be having tea with Miss Ling, was it?”  Ling nods adamantly showing June the way to the kitchen.

“Ling I’m not a big fan of this décor, a little dated in my opinion, when I get back to LA I’ll have to send my designer up here.  Luis is just the best he can help you sort this out.” June says waving her hands in general disdain to Elise’s design choices.
Elise watches June place her arm around Ling’s shoulder as they disappear around the corner and enter the kitchen.  “I fucking hate my life.” She bemoans.
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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 10 - The Ex Best Thing
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Damn I was hoping for a bitch fight between Ling and Elise. Loved that Ling squirted on Elise like that as if marking her territory with Barry's scent! Damn Hot! Merit awarded from me!

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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 10 - The Ex Best Thing
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Tche ... nice ... very erotic and entertaining ... good work ... thank you for sharing it.
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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 10 - The Ex Best Thing
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I'm sorry to have only got here now. Great chapter and incredibly hot scenes. The psychology is riveting and the heartbreak palpable. Brilliant dialogue, full of emotion and innuendo that I love. Well done
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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 10 - The Ex Best Thing
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Just discovered this story by accidental Google search. I have paid (quite a lot, actually) of good money for erotic stories, and have never come (cum) close to the sheer eroticism of this one. As more and more idiots take control of social media, and post the most amazing drivel, this tale stands head and shoulders above the rest. Thank you so much for this, and I certainly hope you will continue to post.

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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 10 - The Ex Best Thing
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Just discovered this story by accidental Google search. I have paid (quite a lot, actually) of good money for erotic stories, and have never come (cum) close to the sheer eroticism of this one. As more and more idiots take control of social media, and post the most amazing drivel, this tale stands head and shoulders above the rest. Thank you so much for this, and I certainly hope you will continue to post.

Thank you very much! Hopefully I can get back to writing this, its one of my fave stories!
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