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Uncanny Valley - Ch. 9 - The Therapist
« on: March 28, 2020, 08:29:32 AM »

“Yea, black,” Barry says his head cocked to the side hold his phone in place while pouring himself a cup of coffee, “and I dunno, get rid of the curls too.” He peers from the kitchen window into the backyard at what has gone from Rori’s home to her cell. “Right, yes, keep it straight, and you can do something with the eyes too?” He asks turning to Ling who sits at the kitchen table quietly. “That could work.” He replies thumbing through today's mail as he carries on the conversation.  Barry allows his thoughts to wander for a bit as he takes Ling svelte frame in.  Her face was quite captivating, and it was a good thing as she had all the feminine endowment a 12-year-old.  Maybe if this all went well Barry could talk her into a nice pair of implants.  Sure her pert little AA cups were adorable and all but they were hardly a handful.  “What?! Yea,” he stammers his mind trying to catch up the conversation that had left him without him. 
Barry pulls a pizza box from the countertop, holding it open, offering Ling a slice of the pizza they’d ordered last night after he talked her down.  She nods her head as she folds her legs into the kitchen chair, reaching up taking a piece.  She’d told Barry that it was the best pizza in California, he wasn’t convinced.  As they lock eyes for a moment, he again loses the conversation he was having on the phone as he takes in all of the small details about Ling that he had missed when she was storming through his home in a rage the day prior.  A wide nose was dotted lightly with soft brown freckles, surprising full lips but a pouty mouth. For a split second, he imagines what those lips might look like stretched around his cock.

“..a…and whats the turnaround time on something like that?” Barry says his mind refocusing on the task at hand. He pours the second cup of coffee into a mug Elise had gotten for him while on a business trip in the Key West.  Barry glanced at it like a foreign object from a different time, pausing for just a moment before responding again.  “No, don’t worry about the cost,” Barry says walking around the kitchen island, placing the cup of coffee in front of Ling.

She grabs the cup as Barry walks away continuing the conversation he’s having. She couldn’t help but wonder what she’d gotten herself into as her eyes drifted to his ass.  As far as old guys go, he wasn’t too bad her fingers run around the ring of the mug for a moment. Barry was right with what he’d said the day prior, she didn’t have much in the way of a plan.  Her life had been inverted in the last few days, but then again so had Elise’s life now so maybe it was a fair trade.   Maybe this could work, it was crazy, but maybe it could work.

“Thanks, Hank, and uh, bring…” Barry’s words were cut off, “yea, thanks.” Barry disconnects the call and sets his phone on the counter before looking up at Ling.  “So here’s what I need from you,” he begins as he makes his way to the table.  “Class schedule, all the contacts in your phone, and you have absolutely got to do something about…this.” He says motioning in her general direction as he sits across from her at the table. 

“About what?” she asks as his instructions were condescendingly vague.

Barry takes a sip from his mug, and recoils, too hot still. “About this, this whole, laissez-faire, collegiate, callow Americana, schoolgirl look you have going on. Ling was fairly sure she’d been insulted but she also only understood about half of the words he used to describe her. “So, like what, you’re saying I need to change?”

“Yes,” Barry says promptly, “Look, I don’t want to upset you, but, if you’re going to sell this then you’re really going to have to, look the part, act the part, you know, really sell it.”

Ling lets the words land for a moment, her eyes swirling around her cup of coffee, her hands tapping on the table. “Y-your wife…”

“Ex-wife,” Barry quickly corrects her.”

“Ex-wife,” she states correcting herself, “she, um, she’d always said in class, if you’re going to play a role, you should um, commit to it. You know, like you said…sell it. So, if I’m going to commit, I’m gonna need, wardrobe, blocking…direction!” She says as if her inner Diva were just now kicking in.

“Right, that I can handle,” Barry states reaching into his pocket, pulling out his wallet.  “This,” he says pulling out his AmEx “is for the wardrobe,” he says sliding the plastic across the table.  He leans back reaching on the countertop behind him grabbing the keys to Elise’s cobalt blue Mercedes-Benz SL convertible. He tosses Ling the keys, “how’s that for blocking?” He asks. “The direction, we’ll handle later.”

A huge smile comes across her face, “I think that will work,” she says holding up the keys to her first car.  She wastes no time in pounding down the rest of her coffee and hopping up from the table, “I’m gonna go get changed.” She says scampering toward the guest room on the main floor. “I have shopping to do.”

“Kid!” Barry interjects, forgetting her name for a moment. What was it, Bing? Ming? “Ling!” Barry nearly shouts, “keep it classy, will you, I don’t want people thinking…”

“Thinking what,” she asks poking her head back out from the door.  “Thinking that you’re some dirty old man, taking advantage of me?” she deadpans in Barry’s direction hanging onto door frame of the guest room, her face solemn and almost distant. She lets her words sink in for a moment forcing Barry to confront his methods before bursting into laughter and an infectious smile.  “Too late.” She cackles blowing Barry a kiss before she disappears.

“Fucking brat,” Barry whispers under his breath as he returns to his coffee.

Hours pass as Barry catches up on a number of projects at work from the comforts of his couch.  His alma mater’s march madness game plays in the background as his attention shifts from work to leisure.  He’d since gotten out of his PJ’s and was proudly donning his favorite sweatshirt with a bold gold and white ‘BERKLEY’ scrolled across the chest. Time had seemingly gotten away from him as he got lost in the game.  The loud banging of Hank’s fist on the front door quickly reminded him of what was on his plate for the day. 

“Sure, perfectly good doorbell, but why not bang on the door like a” Barry opened the door with a smile “Hank! Good to see ya,” he says stepping aside allowing Hank to enter.  There were a few benefits to keeping Hank around but currently none as beneficial as Hank’s ability to provide Barry the means to his revenge. He’d spent a nearly every waking minute thinking about it since that day, but his plan was dynamic, still evolving and more importantly long term.  However, in the immediate future-

“Babydoll, pleasure to see you…both,” Barry says opening the door wider. He was pleased to see Babydoll hadn’t lost her simple nature, as somehow, she seemed to be wearing fewer clothes than the last time Barry saw her. Her micro skirt was nearly stretched to its limits as it clung to her ass immodestly. Covering only the top ¾’s of her ample posterior, the very bottom of her rear hung lewdly from under the taught fabric. Her tits hung out of her deep V silk slouch top, threatening at any minute to free themselves from their rather liberal confines.

Hank was dressed in his typical plaid flannel button-down despite the warmer than average day in SoCal, his ensemble was tied together with his ever-present dirty blue jeans. His rough hands are full with two large duffle bags, as well as a tool belt and a tablet under his arm. “Don’t mind me,” Hank says rolling his eyes as he lumbers in past Barry with all his equipment, knowing that while Barry may have been happy to see him, Hank did not have his full attention.

“And how y’all doin?” she says poking Barry on the nose as she follows Hank into the house.  He smiles bashfully, as Barry watches her taught body sway past him. As his eyes take in every exposed inch of Babydoll, Barry quickly closing the door. 

“How was the drive up?” Barry asks his eyes devouring her ass. He honestly wants to hear the answer but Baby’s ass demands so much of his attention he can’t say for sure that his question was ever answered.  Barry was vexed, unable to pull his attention from her for more than a few seconds at a time.

“Now where is that little angel?” Hank asks looking around as he sets his equipment down in the living room.

“The…she’s in the umm,” Barry’s finger snaps pointing outside, as Babydoll bends over to inspect a crystal vase on the end table. “FUCK!” Barry exclaims as her cheeks hang from under the shorts, her plump pussy lips straining the fabric in a rather defined manner.  “She…yea, she is in the,” Barry again snaps repeatedly unable to get his thoughts to align. “That! The, thing, with the door.”

“The garage?” Babydoll chimes in. Assisting Barry in his clear breakdown.

“YES!” He shouts excitedly startling Babydoll

“Hey, is this real crystal?” She asks still bent at the waist having no idea the effect she’s having on Barry’s IQ at that exact moment.

Hank gets Barry’s full attention just for a moment as he points at Baby, “Listen, the key for the garage is on the counter, in the kitchen, she is in the garage, take as long as you need, the pictures are in the email I sent you. Can I uhh-“Barry prattles off the information so fast that Hank hardly has time to process but as Barry points at Baby’s ass, Hank gets the message.

Hank scoffs, shrugs and chuckles, “knock yourself out champ.”

Barry doesn’t waste another second as he makes his way across the room, grabbing Baby’s wrist he runs toward the master bedroom, she struggles to keep up in her stilettos nearly losing her balance twice but she manages to make her way up the stairs unscathed. “If it’s not real crystal you can just say so.” She stammers as they disappear into Barry’s bedroom.

“Crazy kids,” Hank says shaking his head as he picks back up all of his supplies and tools and moving through the house, toward the kitchen, and grabbing the key Barry had left for him before exiting.  As he entered the garage Hank found Rori in the same corner that Barry left her in a day and a half ago. She was not in the best of shape and her body language told the story.

Slumped in a corner, wrapped in a dirty sheet, her arms wrapped tightly around her body as she tries to self soothe. Her eyes were swollen from a day uncontrollable crying. Her red curls are a bit of a rats nest atop her head, as she looks up to see Hank he notices the slight bruising around her cheek and left eye revealing how violent her recent nights had been.

She nervously watched him from the corner of the converted garage, pulling her hair back from her face as she stands. “w-who are you?” she asks pulling the tattered dress up to her shoulder. Her arms cross her body, trying to maintain her composure but clearly feeling vulnerable.  As the LED light on her neck quickly shifts its hue from a soft blue, to bright yellow and then to a flashing red, it was clear her processors were overloading, and threatening to crash her whole system.  Her movements were erratic as her hands fiddled with the hem of her tattered dress.

Hank placed all of his equipment on the floor and held up his hands as he took a step toward Rori.  The “blood” running down her legs was a tell-tale sign of just how far Barry went, bruises shown up and down her arms and her nearly neurotic tremors kept her body shaking as her eyes never left Hank.

“Naw, y’all can just relax, I aint hear ta hurt ya, I’m heres to help ya,”  Hank stands very still, trying to be as approachable as possible while closing the distance between the two. Hank had seen a few of these models enter catastrophic system shutdown which was pretty hard to come back from.  Their CPU’s basically became useless and good luck unlocking their memories or making use of their processors every again, they basically became the worlds most expensive paperweights. “Now I know this all seems kinda crazy to ya, but I promise, I can make it go away, and it aint gonna hurt one bit.”

The LED on the side of her neck begins spinning red, as, despite Hank’s reassuring words, her mind was quickly working itself into a panic, “Active protocol: Shutdown, authorization IFB48D!” Hank didn’t want to have to shut her down.  He breathed a sigh of relief as her hands dropped to her sides and her eyes closed.  These models maybe only shut down two or three times in their recommended 70-year lifespans, and even that is when the repairs are going well beyond standard maintenance.  Not to mention it was easier to run diagnostics for these kinds of changes on an active machine but Hank simply couldn’t risk any damage she may have done to herself or her processors in her current state. 

Grabbing his equipment he pulled his phone from his pocket and put on his favorite work tunes. As he began stripping Rori’s torn dress he could only shake his head, “Lawd Barry,” he exclaims seeing the number of bruises left along Rori small frame, “are ya ever just nice to em?”


Barry wasted little time relieving Babydoll of what little clothing she started with. Pressing her onto the bed and pulling her slender little body to the position he’d been imaging her all day.  Her hair hung down as Barry pulled her, face up, to the edge of the bed. Just enough so that he could watch her little neck distend as he gave her a proper throat fucking. Hank had given him free reign of her while he worked and with Ling gone for a bit, he felt he shouldn’t waste the opportunity.  Knowing exactly what Barry was after, Babydoll opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue with no protest. Barry lunged himself deep into her throat, and that’s where he stayed.  His eyes closed for a moment as he enjoyed her soft tongue around him, but before long Barry couldn’t resist the urge. As she lay there, with Barry’s cock repeatedly jabbing the back of her throat her mind began to wander.  Baby’s eyes scanned the inverted room from the edge of the bed, and though her view was occluded by Barry’s legs she could see a few things that sparked a little curiosity.  The family picture on the dresser behind him, a number of beer cans scattered around the room, a half-empty closet lined with black trash bags. She completed a scan of her surroundings, putting each of the items through a quick analysis.  The background in the picture came back as Disneyland, it must have been the family vacation they took with the real Rori.  Baby analyzed each of the 9 beer cans, all were empty.  As he fucked her mouth, she could taste his sweat which gave her all the information she needed to get his blood alcohol content which was fairly high for noon on a weekday.  As she scanned the trash bags, she identified all women’s clothing, named brands, high fashion, looks like Elise really wasn’t coming back.  Barry had no idea all of the information that was being gathered on him as he grunted and pressed repeatedly into Baby’s mouth.

Barry began taking liberties with powerful deep strokes, he watched her throat bulge to accommodate him. His hands left the bed, his fingers were interweaving through her thick blond strands interlocking at the back of her neck, giving him full control.   His eyes were focused, but filled with frustration as he took his issues out on the back of Baby’s throat which was quickly becoming raw due to the excessive abuse.

His eyes were wide as he watched her tits bounce after each thrust, and loved the feeling of her warm breath on his balls.   Each time he removed himself from her throat it was accompanied by a small ‘pop’ the sounds of Baby trying to catch her breath before Barry again buried himself in her.

Barry was in no rush. He took his time in a way that he never could with Elise and never should have with Rori enjoying the torment of watching Baby’s body contort as he blocked her airway.   He long, strong, legs would kick on the bed, hands patting on the bed, her body would spasm and jerk as he held himself there not only for his pleasure but her suffering.  For once he felt free. He lost track of how long he’d spent throatfucking Baby but it didn’t matter, there was no real fight, no actual protest, just acceptance. She was getting what she deserved. 

Suddenly he realized exactly what he was doing, like a shock of lightning he nearly jumped back from the bed, his dick making that ever-present ‘pop’ as he dismounted her face.  Her ‘saliva’ dripped from every inch of his cock and balls and by now had left a thin coating over her face.

He backs away, needing a moment to catch his breath. Baby smiled sweetly and sat up, facing Barry on the edge of the bed, “y’all okay?” she asked, seeming genuinely concerned. Barry couldn’t help but smile as he looked up, the sweet and downright caring words coming from the nude and raished blonde with spit dripping from her chin would always be a chuckle-worthy juxtaposition.

“Yea, I’m fine, I guess,” He says, as his eyes drift over to the picture on the dresser he leans against.  His eyes linger for a moment as he hardly recognizes the image, as if it were someone else’s life.  Rori, Elise and himself at Disneyworld.  It was a special moment, that had since lost its significance and meaning.

“Well I’s know ya said ya okay, but y’all ain’t okay.” Baby says her shoulders slumped mimicking Barry’s body language.  “Ya know, it ain’t no secret what happened. I’m sure dang near half-a California done seen the video I’d reckon.”

“Thank you, thank you for that,” Barry looking up at the ceiling, letting out a heavy sigh.

“Y’all know I could help right?” Baby says running her forearm across her chin removing a thick pooling of fluids from her face.  “I mean if y’all want me to, I know what ya need.”

“Oh! do you?” Barry growls back, his eyes narrowing in her direction.  The last thing he wanted was some android trying to psychoanalyze him.

“Yea,” Baby says hopping from the bed, her bare feet traversing the space between them.  “Y’all close your eyes, and I’ll show you what you need.”

Barry’s mind races, she has no idea what she’s talking about, and why would he indulge some bot with delusions of grandeur. 

“C’mon now, ain’t gonna hurt ya none to give it a try.” She says taking his hands in hers. She watches as Barry closes his eyes reluctantly. The last thing he sees is her warm smile. Her body weight shifts to the balls of her feet, peering just over Barry’s shoulder at the picture he was looking at.  The same one she could see for 15 minutes as she lay upside down with a cock in her throat.  The facial recognition software pulled every image of Elise available on the internet as Baby shifted back to her heels.  She stepped back from Barry, releasing his hands and closing her eyes. 

Hank had gone to great lengths to make sure Baby wasn’t just his perfect girl at any moment, he made sure she was the perfect girl at every moment, to do this he upgraded her last year with a polymorphic faceplate.  The entire process took about 60 second, as Baby’s chin, cheekbones, nose, eye shape forehead, skin tone, hairline and color, all change.

The results were terrifyingly precise. “Open open,” Baby says.

Barry scoffs, but obliges.

Panic Confusion.

Anger. No, Rage.

What little shred of control hat he had been hanging onto for the better part of the last few days crumbled.  The scream he let out was visceral, primal, nearly otherworldly. His hands had a mind of their own. They wrapped around Babydoll’s Elise’s throat. Blood rushes to his legs, they power him forward before his brain has time to react. Barry drives them both to the bed with force.  He straddles her, as his hands squeeze tighter around her neck.  A far cry from the positioning he thought he’d find himself in, but here they were.

Babydoll’s hands tapped at Barry’s wrists, her mouth was moving but nothing came out.  Their eyes lock for a moment.

Fear meets rage.  Baby’s mouth moves but no words come out.  Suddenly reality rushes back in. Barry releases her throat, backing away, bumping into the corner of his dresser, knocking the picture to the floor. “I..I…” He searches for the words. “What are? How did you…do….”

Elise, Babydoll, sits up on the edge of the bed, large brown eyes, the same eyes he’d been looking into lovingly for years looking back at him.  A reddened outline of Barry’s hands show on her pale neck.  She rubs her neck for the moment as Barry looks down at his hands.   “Why did you stop?” she asks in a raspy voice that sounds eerily like Barry’s ex.

“Wh-what?!” He nearly shouts taken aback by her response.

“I told you, I knew what you needed.” She states plainly still rubbing her neck. “You need this,” she says, her voice shifting back to the warm and inviting tone it was earlier.

“Shut up,” Barry says turning towards the door. 

His vision averts from Baby, confused and ashamed by his actions.  Baby, seeing what was about to happen reacts fast as she beats him to the door, she closes it quickly, her hand slapping his back. “No,” she says sternly, again adjusting her voice to sound like Elise.

“Baby, let me out,” Barry says, his voice in a low growl, still unable to look her in the eye.

“My name isn’t Baby.” She says shoving him back, scoffing as she does. “and, let you out?” She says, with a soft chuckle, “or what?” she inquires pushing Barry’s shoulder again, he hardly moves; but the strike wasn’t intended to harm as much as it was to provoke. 

Barry takes a step back, his blood rising, as he fights to stay in control.

“What are you gonna do Baaarrrrry?” she asks walking toward him as he tries to back away.  “You gonna run away and pout?” She says pushing him again.

Barry shakes his head, his hands fidget, balling into a fist only for his fingers to again extend as he calms himself.

“No? Well maybe you just need something to motivate you,” She says with a devious smile. With no warning Baby’s hand flies across Barry’s face, leaving a bright red mark across his face. His hands quickly find his pockets as his nostrils flair and his breathing intensifies. 

She chuckles a little, as her smile grows “Well now we’re getting somewhere,” she says backing Barry in into the corner farthest from the door.  “Oh, I know what you need Barry,” she says fighting back more laughter as he has officially run out of space to backpedal.  Baby opens her mouth but its not her voice that speaks or even Elise’s but instead the audio playback from the video that Barry had watched more than a few times. 

The sounds of Elise moaning in pleasure as her student fucked her on his desk.  The sounds of Barry’s collective failings fill the room, exuding from Babydoll’s Elise’s mouth. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! I f-f-fucking love it, Oh god Wade, oh goooooooooood,” Barry could see the images play in his mind as the sound played back. His wife, bent over a desk as a man half her age savagely fucked her from behind.

“AGHHHHHH!” He roars, and with no other warning Barry’s hands resume what they started lunging for Baby’s Elise’s neck. A second later they are on the floor, Barry’s violence isn’t surprising but it is absolute as his hand draws back and returns the favor of the slap that Elise had left him with. He takes the liberties of delivering a few extra, not wanting to admit how good it felt but watching Elise’s head bounce off the floor was some level of cathartic.

“You think it’s funny,” Barry growls.  “Huh?  Do you? Is this funny?” Barry shouts. Standing up over Elise.  He grabs her by the neck, lifting her from the floor. Her toes lifting just off the ground as Barry holds her up. “Yea, its funny, let’s have a good laugh!” He says as a sadistic smile expands across his face. For a moment, he’s someone else, and just for that moment, it’s okay. And in that moment though he’d never actually admit that this thought crosses his mind he thinks, to himself. Maybe she’s getting what she deserves.

Barry hand thrusts forward sending Elise flying backwards to the bed. He doesn’t give her a moment to recover, even as she tries to catch her breath, his hands grip her ankles pulling her to the edge of the bed.  “Let’s finish what we started.”

Her hands grip at the covers but they provide little solace as they give way to the force Barry exerts.  Elise’s first kick misses its target as her bare foot just grazes Barry’s face.  Barry lets out a savage grunt as he flips her face down to avoid anymore incoming fire. Leaning over the bed he pins her down firmly, his right hand grabbing her right wrist, while making sure her other arm is pinned under her body, immobilizing her. “Now, let me show you how funny it is to destroy someone.”

He kicks her legs apart, his hips tilting back as his free hand grabs his dick, she squirms under him but its too late. He feels her little lips part, “Now,” he says, pressing his way into her, “let’s see how funny this really is,” he says as Elise grunts in pain.  Her body bucks, trying to escape but she’s trapped between him and the bed. The mattress muffles her moans of agony as Barry releases her hand, pressing her face into the bed, he then pulls back for a moment only to drive home his point, literally.

“AHHHHHH,” Elise howls as Barry impales her from behind, sending the bed nearly 7” across the room.  Barry steps forward, making up the distance, again pressing his hand to the back of her head, forcing her face into the thick comforter. She bucks for a moment, trying to get free, “eeeeassseee oooppppp,” she cries out.  “EEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE!” She’s unable to get out full words or sentences, not that it matters, as Barry was no longer listening.

“Too late for that,” he growls again sending the bed sliding as his cock jabs deep into her. Over and over he batters her little hole. Her feet kick to create space, as her toes curl each time he bottoms out, his cock head forcibly ramming her cervix.  Each time his thrust forces the bed father he simply changes his stance and assails her again. The bed is nearly against the wall before Barry has finally had enough of her squirming and fighting back.

His arms reach under her, wrapping around her slender body, lifting her up and depositing her in the center of the bed.  “Barry wait, Barry I’m sor-“ He forces her face down, snaking his arm under her neck, squeezing tightly, cutting off her air. Her fingers try to pry between Barry’s arm and her neck but she’s unable to get any purchase. He hits at his elbow but nothing is doing as he continues to apply unrelenting pressure at her windpipe.

“How funny is it now?” He whispers in her ear as he positions himself at her little anus.  He feels her body recoil, her head shakes no as her mouth moves but no words escape. “Yes,” Barry say pressing forward between clinched cheeks. Her face twists as her little hole gives away to the constant pressure Barry places on it.  “That’s it,” he whispers to Elise as tears fill her eyes, “give in.” She again tries gasping for air but Barry’s arm flexes, thwarting her efforts. “This is what you wanted.” Barry says, his ass clinching as he keeps pressing into her tight little hole.

Barry’s mind is a ball of white-hot rage as he buries himself in Elise’s asshole. He refused to stop despite the nails that were digging into his arm, he couldn’t. He felt himself disappear inside of her continually as her resolve weakened, he felt her body start to go limp. “That’s it he whispers as his balls start to tighten, responding as her anus finally gives in. He can feel the muscles in her ass release as starts to pass out. 

The only sounds present are Barry ‘s he howls out, his pace quickening, taking the longest and most powerful strokes his body can produce.  He grunts and moans as he explodes inside of her. His eyes close savoring this divine moment of justice as his grip around Elise’s neck ceases, he feels her gasp for air.  He feels his pulse racing but can only hear the soft sobs of the woman beneath him.

He pulls back, climbing from the bed, the room spinning beneath him. Elise’s freshly raped ass gapes as cum bubbles from her.  She lays otherwise motionless on the bed in front of him.

He stands for a moment, just catching his breath, gazing off into the distance at nothing in particular, hardly even noticing as Elise’s Babydoll’s hair and skin tone change color in front of him. Returning to the tanned beach bunny he’d always known her as.

“I told y’all I knew what ya needed,” the warm southern drawl of Babydoll’s fills his ears as her voice pulls him back to reality. Barry can only stand, shocked that despite his initial reservations, it would appear she was right.  He did feel much better.


“That’s better” Hank states, his eyes darting back and forth from his laptop screen to Rori who stands still with multiple wires and cables coming from her body to various laptops and tablets. His fingers scroll up on the trackpad, his eyes shifting back to Rori whose eyes transition from a piercing green to a bright and lustrous brown. He fiddles with the trackpad for a moment until he hits a brightness that is truly captivating.  His hand then shifts to a small dial adjacent to his laptop.  As he turns it, the shape of eyes slowly changes, he compares them to the pictures Barry had given him the day prior.  Once satisfied, he scrolls down, rotating the dial again and watching as the height of her cheek bones change to his liking.  One feature at a time, Hank adjusts Rori’s most defining features.  Methodically adjusting their shape until he is satisfied.

Soft classical music plays in the background as his hands return to the laptop.

As Hank presses enter, he watches as her skin tone shift from a pale white to a almost sun-kissed tan complexion, he pulls a pair of glasses from his shirt pocket, holding them to his face.  He leans in to get an up-close look before pulling back and inputting another code.


Hank again executes a command and sits back watching a her tanned skin adapt a lightened honey color and slowly begin to show soft traces of freckles across her face and shoulders.  “There it is,” Hank says, honestly quite pleased with himself.  Not only did he repair all of Barry’s damage, but he managed to get the polymorphic install completed all in under 3 hours, a new personal best.

Hank, being the perfectionist that he is spends the next hour tweaking every little detail until he is finally ready to show Barry.


Barry adjusts his pants, buttoning himself into his favorite pair of jeans as they enter the kitchen.  “So let me get this straight, you actually have psychoanalytic training!?” Barry says pulling his shirt over his bare chest.

“Programmin’” Babydoll corrects, following behind him.

“Huh?” Barry responds.  He makes his way to the fridge, another grabbing a beer.

“Y’all called it trainin’,” she says taking a seat on a barstool at the kitchen island.  She pulls her lipstick and compact from the tiny pocket on the side of her shorts. Opening it she takes a second to reapply her cherry red lipstick “and it aint even really programming, come ta think of it.” She gently presses her lips together in her compact, pursing them at Barry for maximum effect. “it’s more like a subroutine, I’s just browsing one night and thought, shoot that might come in handy. I mean the whole protocol only takes about 4 minutes to download”

Barry quizzically looks “So wait, if you’re some kind of psychologist savant and you can look like whoever you want-“

“Then why dress like this?” she says putting her lipstick in her pocket then running her hands down her body.  “And why sound like this?” she says crossing her legs and deepening her drawl.

“Yes,” Barry says frankly before bringing the beer to his lips, finishing nearly the entire can before stopping to take a breath.

Babydoll shimmies her shoulders and adjusts her posture, getting Barry’s undivided attention, “If I leave you with nothing more than what you believe you’ve known of me then you will be blessed. But blessed all the more, still, should I share that which I know of myself.” She says, having lost her drawl, replaced with a nearly academic tone.

“Fuck, that was beautiful,” He says standing awestruck. “Is that Satre? No wait that’s Hobbes right? Thomas Hobbes?”

“Naah,” she says her drawl quickly returning, “Mackenzie Merlot,” she states reaching over the counter grabbing an apple from the bowl in front of her. “She a stripper from Miami beach, sounds good though huh?” She says with a wink.

They laugh and share a somewhat stunned silence for a moment. “Helloooooo,” Ling’s return breaks up the genuine moment. Barry can hear the front door close and Ling making her way to the kitchen.  Draped in an number of designer retail bags from high price tag, high fashion stores she unceremoniously enters wearing  her brand new knee length Yves Saint Laurent silk black dress . 

Barry’s face belies the fear he has for his AmEx as she clearly spared no expense.  “That was so much fun,” she exclaims setting all of her spoils on the Barry’s kitchen table. “I could literally do that every d-”

Her thought is left dangling as she lays eyes on Babydoll. It may have been the leftover trauma of her ex leaving her for a different slutty white woman but the mood in the room visibly shifts. “Who is she?” Ling says curtly, pointing at Babydoll as she walks up to Barry demanding answers.

“Well first, hello. Haven’t seen you all day. Hope the shopping went well, that looks like a new dress. It fits you quite nicely.” Ling is clearly not in the mood for Barry’s playful banter, as she works her way around the island standing in front of Babydoll whose cheery smile has already began to irritate her.

“Listen skank,” Ling states as her index finger, with its newly manicured French tip stops inches from Babydoll’s nose. “I don’t care who the fuck you are, or what trailer park you crawled out of, but I suggest you return, now!”

Baby could certainly appreciate her territorial nature; however, it quickly became obvious as Babydoll climbed down from the barstool she was sitting on and suddenly towered more than 7” over the small angry Asian girl who seemed to be threatening her; that Ling had bitten off more than she could chew.

“Finished!” Hank says escorting Rori in behind him. As he takes stock of the room he quickly looks over to Barry, “What’s uh, going on?” However, he never receives an answer as Ling’s attention is no focused on the strange old man she’s never seen but the child standing next to him.

“Holy shit,” Ling says her eyes locking onto Rori, “is that?”

“Rori…” Barry says softly.

All of them were fairly stunned, Barry couldn’t take his eyes off of her, if it wasn’t for his recent encounter with the wonders of polymorphic technology mere hours ago, he’d never believe this was his Rori. He makes his way to her kneeling down; her soft previously Irish features were gone. That spark, that little bit of Elise that he saw each time he looked at her ceased to exist.  Ling’s heart races as she kneels beside Barry. Last night he went into great detail about this plan of his, and she wasn’t so sure it would work but now, staring a Rori, a little girl whose features now eerily mirrored her own she quickly came to realize the haunting power of their connection. 

“It’s like looking in a mirror, but like a younger one,” Ling says staring dumbfounded at Rori.

“Eloquent.” Baby snaps back rolling her eyes at the myopic observation from the peanut gallery.

“Who the fuck is she!?” Ling explodes whipping around, her fists clinch as she cocks back her right arm.  Barry can barely get his hands on her, stopping her advance toward Baby who was still nearly twice her size.

“I’m his therapist, duh,” Baby torts with a smile and sly wink to Barry.

“Don’t worry about her, let’s just see if this works, shall we?” Barry urges, trying to refocus the room on the task at hand.

Hank knew the drill, clean up Barry’s mess, the standard 36-hour memory wipe, fix any error code, general upgrades and maintenance.  And sure, this trip was a little bit special with the polymorphic upgrades and all but that wasn’t all Barry had Hank tinker with.  The original 365 traits, and 427 memory points that Rori came with had nearly all been altered, and if Hank was a good as he said he was…

“You ready?” Hank asks, Barry releases Ling who manages to still her rage long enough to direct her attention toward Rori. As Ling steps forward, Barry takes a step back, crosses his arms and nods. “Protocol: Full Active.” Hanks words hang in the air a moment as the LED on her neck illuminates for a moment then fades away. Rori bats her new, bright brown, almond shaped eyes as if she’s just waking up.

“Momma!” she exclaims lunging at Ling, nearly knocking her over as she hugs her tightly.  Barry’s jaw nearly hits the floor.  Ling is stunned but manages to return the embrace. 

“Like looking int a mirror,” Baby says softly walking up behind Barry. “So, um, did you want to take that old family picture out your bedroom or should I?”
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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 9 - The Therapist
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2020, 03:23:43 PM »
Forgot about this masterpiece! Went back and read all the parts to refresh myself. Absolutely adore the was Babydoll's method to bring Barry back to  his reality, possibly deadly but effective. Can't wait to read more of his plan to replace his ex wife with Ling! Merit from me!

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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 9 - The Therapist
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2020, 02:50:38 AM »
Just incredible. What a continuation. Suspense, drama, dialogue, detail all in abundance. I'm just loving where you are taking this story. Great work and a true Sci Fi epic masterpiece in the making. Never saw that last twist coming and the fun you had with Baby is infectious.
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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 9 - The Therapist
« Reply #3 on: March 30, 2020, 10:39:52 AM »
Glad this series is continuing. Very excited to see what the next chapters get into.

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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 9 - The Therapist
« Reply #4 on: April 27, 2020, 01:53:50 PM »
Babydoll for the WIN  ;D  !!!!  And OMG was that not fucking hot as SHIT!!!  That was just a fucking AWESOME scene!!!
I’s just browsing one night and thought, shoot that might come in handy. I mean the whole protocol only takes about 4 minutes to download.
  Is the best line I have read in a long time.  Well done [Bubbles]  Good work!!

She and Hank are still the only two characters I like even a little bit in this tale. 

I have some hopes that I will come to like Aurora too ... or whatever her name is now ... though given her 'parents' they are not high hopes.  One would think that, as he has decided to recreate his family in a different form, and as sex obsessed as he is, Barry will have had the sense to ensure that at least one of the two females involved will be willing and eager to get his rocks off.  But as he didn't even remember the memory wipe option that would have saved Rori hours of agony ... and massively reduced the possibility of CPU damage ... I would have to bet that he didn't.  Hopefully he will prove me wrong, or maybe Hank has just done it, 'cause it is the only thing that makes sense to do ... AND it would be pretty damn hot, at least for me, being a raging incest fan and all ... and Ling's reaction could be interesting ... especially if her 'daughter' is not just an incestuous slut but a bisexual incestuous slut.
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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 9 - The Therapist
« Reply #5 on: May 04, 2020, 02:30:21 AM »
This truly is a brilliant story. I am in awe!
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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 9 - The Therapist
« Reply #6 on: May 23, 2020, 11:40:39 PM »
This truly is a brilliant story. I am in awe!

Hopefully new chapter will be up tomorrow
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