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The Ides Of March
« on: March 04, 2020, 09:22:57 AM »
This is my entry for the March story contest.  Shout out to Jessica_33 for some great ideas as I was planning this story.  As always, this is a work of fiction. Rape is a crime and the author does not condone it.

Ides of March.  In ancient Rome, Ides represented the 15th day of the month; The day of the first full moon, and the deadline for all debts to be paid.  It became infamous with the association of Julius Caesar on March 15, 44 B.C, and Shakespeare’s warning from a soothsayer, “Beware the Ides of March.”   In this story, the date lives up to its sinister past.

March 11th

Buddy Grimes was your typical nerdish teen aged boy. Tall, lanky, bottle rim glasses, freckled face, and the object of perpetual teasing and bullying by three senior basketball players.   Buddy shunned any sports and was never lucky with girls.

Buddy made up for these faults by excelling in all things tech. He hung out online with some tech wizards and had picked up skills that enabled him to become quite the little hacker.  Little did he know he would soon be able to put this acquired knowledge to his advantage.

One evening Buddy was walking along the train tracks by the river.  The area was a notorious lover’s lane. Guys would bring their girls here for a blow job, or to give them a good ride in the back seat.  Buddy’s lack of sexual experience prompted him to sneak up the car to see if he could peep in on the action.   He slithered up undetected to a bush close to the car.

What he saw made his jaw drop as if it had come unhinged.  Inside the front seat with her hand locked around a man’s cock, jacking him off, was his own sister, Greta.  Buddy’s surprise turned to downright shock when he realized who the man was.  She was giving a hand job to preacher Eckland, the pastor of the church downtown!

He was seconds from storming the car and putting a halt to the perverse show when the lights went off inside his head.
Pastor Eckland had a daughter naked Ginger. Ginger was the all-American girl. Quiet, studious, church going. Never in trouble.

He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his cell phone and snapped a picture of preacher Eckland leaning back in the seat, and an unknown hand jerking him off.  He intentionally cut his sister out of the view.  Just her hand was showing.   

When his sister came home, he knocked on her bedroom door.  Entering he locked it behind him and showed her the pictures.

“You are the worst form of slut I know, he scolded.  Jacking off a preacher man.  He is old enough to be your father.  I don’t care what the story is, but if you ever get near him again, I will show those to mom and dad,” He fumed and burst out the door.

Buddy had successfully put out that fire, but now he had to start another one.  It was time to visit Ginger Eckland and play a little blackmail game.

He caught up with Ginger walking home from school.  After some small talk the two sat down on a park bench together.  Ginger was shy and nervous, not knowing what to talk about.  That is when Buddy moved in for the kill.  He showed the picture of her father getting a hand job in the car and Ginger nearly fainted. Tears came into her eyes. She couldn’t believe her father would do something so horrible.  Buddy continued to press home what would happen if he reported this.  Her family would be ruined, her father might go to jail.  They would lose everything.

“Maybe we can help each other out,” Buddy grinned. “I have never been lucky with girls, so here is what I will do. If you let me take a picture of you naked, I promise no one will ever know about your father.”

“What!” Ginger snapped. “N…naked. I can’t do that.  It would be a sin,” Ginger stammered.

“You will be saving your family. Making a sacrifice for their honor, and your own future,” Buddy replied, driving the wedge in deeper. “One picture, but you have to be completely naked, and you have to show me everything.”

Ginger was in turmoil as she weighed the options in her tortured mind.  She paced back and forth in front of him, sobbing and agonizing over the entire situation.

“One picture?  You promise you will never say anything to anyone?”

“You have my word,” Buddy replied.

“You can’t touch me. You must promise. You will look and that is all.”

“I will not touch you. I promise.  If you keep your end of the bargain, I will keep mine.”

“Wh…when do I have to do it?” Ginger replied shyly, still sniffing and rubbing the tears from her eyes.

“Tomorrow evening after school,” Buddy replied as he tried to contain his excitement. “There is an old shed that some of us guys hand around in. No one will be there.  You can do it there, and then be on your way home.”

Ginger walked home in a state of mental anguish.  She had never been naked in front a boy before. The very thought was horrifying to her.  She also knew it would be a sinful thing, and wrestled with guilt, but she knew she had no choice.

March 12th

Ginger met Buddy after school and the two began the walk to the shed.  As the two entered the door, Buddy locked it and turned on a battery powered lamp.

Buddy got his cell phone out and sat on a stool, motioning Ginger to begin.

Ginger was wearing a short sleeve pull over top and a pair of jeans and sneakers.  She bit her lip nervously and sat down to untie her shoes.  Removing them and her socks, she stood back up.  Her face blushed crimson as she pulled the shirt slowly upwards and over her head.  The action caused her long, reddish hair to become stringy and unkempt.

Buddy stared lustfully at the white bra that hid her modest C-cup tits.  Her fingers were trembling, and tears of shame formed in her eyes as she unhooked the snap of the jeans and began slowly slithering them down her long, shapely legs.
Buddy could feel his cock stiffening in his pants as he gazed at Ginger standing in front of him in just her bra and panties.

She could not look him in the eye as she reached back and unhooked the clasp of her bra.  Her soft, pale tits; milky white with soft, pink nipples jutted out proudly from her chest.

Sobbing softly, she lowered her head and reached for the elastic bands of her white panties.  She slipped them down and as they passed her crotch, a patch of red pubic hair could be seen.   As Ginger stood there buck naked, she noticed the stiff bulge in Buddy’s pants and turned her head in shame.

“Alright. I want you to sit on that brown chair.  Spread your legs and look right into the lens,” Buddy spoke excitedly as he readied the camera.

Ginger walked slowly towards the chair, her apple shaped ass moving sensually as she did.  She took the position, but it took all her courage to spread her legs for him.

“Please hurry,” she whispered shamefully. “I want to put my clothes on and go home.”

Buddy aimed the camera and got the perfect picture that wanted, then saved it to his photos.

Ginger did not speak a word as she quickly dressed and practically ran home, crying all the way.   Buddy, however, could not stop staring at the prize picture of a real naked girl.

March 13th

Buddy strolled from the shower at school and groped for his towel as he dabbed the water from his eyes.  The school had a mandatory policy that all must shower after gym class.   He didn’t like it, because the three basketball players that tormented him were always in there, and today was no exception.

“SMACK!   A burning hot pain was felt on Buddy’s bare ass as he shot his hand to rub it, while dancing around in pain. That was followed by another blow.

Buddy could see now. It was his three tormentors, and they had rolled up his towel to swat him with.

“Give me my towel,” He growled as she stood there naked, dripping water onto the floor.

“What do you think guys. Should we let him have it?” One of the teased.

“Yea, but make him crawl over and beg for it, “Another replied as they all laughed.

“Well get to it loser. Get on your hands and knees and crawl over here and beg me for your towel.”

Buddy was contemplating just drip drying and ignoring them when he saw one of the three holding his clothes.

“If you don’t, we leave with these.  Be a long day staying naked in here,” One growled.

Buddy bit his lip in anger as he sunk to his knees and crawled over to them while one of them filmed it as they laughed him to scorn.Ml

“Now, beg me for it.”

“Please. Give me my towel,” Buddy remarked as she looked up at the three males.

The male then turned and dropped his pants, shoving his bare ass in front of Buddy’s face.

“Kiss it, and it is yours.”

Riotous laugher erupted as Buddy shame faced puckered up and kissed the bare ass in front of him.  The guys tossed him his towel and left laughing him to shame.

Walking up the hallway, Buddy spied Ginger getting into her locker.  He quickly forgot the degrading scene in the shower and approached her.

She was too embarrassed to look at him as he stood beside her while she rummaged through her locker.

“I’ve been thinking,” Buddy whispered to her. “There is one more thing I need you to do before I delete this picture.”

“You promised!  One picture you said,” Ginger barked back.

“I did, but I kind a changed my mind.  Just me at the shack Friday evening after school. It won’t take long. Tell your mom you will be a little late.  Make up something.  If you don’t show, I show the pictures and your dad is toast,” Buddy instructed before walking away, leaving Ginger on the verge of tears in the hallway.

March 15th.  The Ides of March

Ginger reluctantly walked up to the shed and began looking around to ensure no one could see her there.  She knocked and heard Buddy telling her to come inside.  She opened the door and sheepishly strolled in.

“What do you want?” She asked impatiently.

“Seeing you naked has made me really horny.  I have never been with a girl, so if you want me to delete the pic of your dad, then I want you to suck my cock and make me cum,” Buddy remarked in a lust filled voice.

“You…what?” Ginger replied, revolted at the very idea. “I’m not putting your thing in my mouth. No way.  That is nasty, and we will both go to hell for such a thing,” Ginger shot back.

“Suit yourself,’ Buddy snapped back undeterred. “I thought I would give you another chance to save your old dad, but I guess that is not as important as your own concerns is it?” Buddy said in order to shame her.

Ginger stood frozen as Buddy began taking his clothes off. She had never seen a boy naked before, aside  from a few pictures.  His cock stood straight out, semi-hard and throbbing.  His thick and bloated balls hung beneath them.

Ginger stared at Buddy’s boyhood, uncertain what to do.

“Suck it.  Suck it and make me cum and you can watch me delete the pictures. I swear,” Buddy replied.

Ginger slowly inched her way to Buddy, and with a trembling hand reached out to touch it. She immediately drew back, but Buddy caught her hand and forced it back to his hardening cock.

“Get on your knees and suck it!” Buddy growled demandingly.

With hot tears flowing down the sides of her face, Ginger slowly dropped to her knees and guided the cock to her trembling mouth.  She closed her eyes and parted her lips, inching it over the head of his cock.  She could smell his arousal, and masculine scent as she felt it getting hard inside her.

Buddy had both hands on her head, guiding it back and forth on his dick when the door burst opened and the three senior members of the basketball team, and Buddy’s tormentors came strolling in.

“Well look here will you. “Ole Buddy is getting a blow job.  Don’t mind if we join the fun, do you?” One growled.

Ginger shrieked and rose to her feet. She tried to bolt for the door, but one of the three named Scott, caught her and pulled her to him.

“Don’t run darling.  There would be no party without you,” he hissed as he began rubbing her tits through her shirt.

As Scott held Ginger, Bryan and Luke jumped Buddy. They tied him to a chair and joined Scott.

All three then circled Ginger, who was shivering in fright.

“We are going to have some fun,” Bryan sneered as he gazed at Ginger. “Let’s get her clothes off!” He growled.

“Let me go, please let me go,” Ginger pleaded, as the three picked her up off the floor, her body writhing and squirming to get free.

While  Scott pinned her arms,  Bryan ripped her sneakers and socks off and tossed them aside.  He then reached for the snap of her jeans as she tried to wriggle free.

“Leave her alone you bastards!” Buddy screamed as he strained against the ropes binding him. 

Bryan peeled the jeans down her long legs and tossed them aside. He then teased at elastic bands of her white panties, giving Ginger a painful wedgie with them.

The boys dropped her feet to the floor and roughly pulled the shirt over her head, leaving the weeping girl in only her bra and panties.  Holding her hands up in the air, one pulled her bra off, while another pulled her panties down and made her step out of them.  She was totally naked and exposed to them as she wept in shame and fear.

The three quickly laid her on the cold floor and while one pinned her arms down, another spread her legs wide.  Scott went first, shoving his pants and underwear down to his knees he lowered himself to his knees.

In an act of teasing cruelty, he picked up her legs and bent them back by her head where Luke was waiting to hold them in place.  While Ginger wept and pleaded, Scott began rubbing her pussy,  which was now completely exposed to his view,  along with her anus.  She winced and moaned tearfully as Scott inserted three fingers inside her and began probing her insides.

After playing around with her,  he pressed his cock against her virgin opening and with a painful lunge, forced his way into her.

Ripping thru the hymen, he began humping her steadily, ignoring her painful wail. “Damn this bitch is tight,” Scott groaned as he carried out his rape.

Pinned down and helpless, Ginger could only weep and moan as Scott had his way with her.  Soon, his body tensed up and he spewed a mother load of hot cum into his victim. Pulling out slowly, the shaft of his cock coated with her blood and fluids, he stood over her, his cock dripping the last of his spent cum onto the floor.

Buddy agaIn cursed at them, demanding they stop as Scott pulled up his pants and walked back to relieve Bryan who stood between her legs and dropped his pants. Lowering himself to the bawling girl, he thrust his hard dick inside her and began humping away, ignoring her anguished screams.

Driving his cock deep into her with every thrust, he ravaged her mercilessly until he too filled her abused hole with his cum.

As Luke came to have his turn at Ginger, he put her on her knees with her ass sticking up high in the air. Scott and Bryan held her head down while Luke shiver his cock into her from behind. As the sadistic teen pounded her pussy, he slapped her shapely bare ass with his hands.  After a sound fucking, he emptied his balls into her and slowly pulled out.

Ginger lay on her side, curled in a fetal position, weeping in pain and humiliation as the three dressed. They threatened Ginger and Buddy with bodily harm if they told anyone. They then left.

It took some time before she was able to move.  Her reddish pubic hair was now a dark red, from the dried blood and other fluids. She crawled over and released Buddy who hurriedly dressed and helped Ginger to find her clothes.

The two sat outside in silence pondering their options.  Despite the threats, they banded together and went to the police department where a charge of rape was filed against the three star basketball players. 

Semen samples were collected and after a gut wrenching trial, the three were found guilty and sentenced.  The coach had to scramble to replace them, and the team lost their last two games.

In the aftermath if it all, Buddy and Ginger began dating. They never hold of his initial involvement. All the pictures on his phone were deleted. Somehow, Ginger evaded pregnancy from the rapes, and slowly mended both bodily and mentally.

Shakespeare was right. Beware the Ides of March. 

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Re: The Ides Of March
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2020, 10:27:33 AM »
Another award winning story from darklord!  8)

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Re: The Ides Of March
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Excellent story Darklord. Love the title. The premise is dark and it really is very plausible
Buddy was as much of a victim as she was even though he was blackmailing her.
The sex was nitty gritty and you really take us hard and that’s it
Great work and love the ending too really wasn’t expecting that.
Well done and this is why you are an elite author merit earned xx

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Re: The Ides Of March
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Thanks Sliceblue and Jessica.  Much appreciated

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Re: The Ides Of March
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And Can we say Front runner for the title! You caught me off guard when the basketballers showed up I thought Buddy was going to claim her virginity. What a beautiful evil twist making him watch all his blackmail go for naught! Merit awarded from me!

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Re: The Ides Of March
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Thanks carhamgrater.  Appreciate you much

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Re: The Ides Of March
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Wow, darklord!  fantastic!!
Your story takes me back. A few years back, I hired a personal assistant.  I was managing a zone office for the bank I worked for.  The assistant was a 22 year old strawberry blond named Ginger.  She looked not at all unlike the girl in the picture you attached to your story.... at least the parts of her I saw in her professional capacity at the bank.  One spring (I believe it was April and not March), she was in a serious funk.  She was on edge and would flinch any time more than one man would approach her desk or join us in our conference room.  I took her to lunch and inquired.  It turns out that she'd worked as a teller at one of our suburban branches, where she had a habit of walking the mile or so to and from work.  She'd cut across one of the neighborhood parks to shave a block or two from her walk.  Two years prior, in April, a group of a dozen high school boys, all members of the football team, followed her into the park and forced her into a dugout in the park's baseball field. She'd been twenty then.  She has a younger sister who was then fourteen.  The boys knew the sister's name and blackmailed Ginger into stripping for them to prevent them from stalking and raping her sister.  iPhones were new then.  The boys used their phones to take pictures of her undressing, and then shot videos of each other as they gang raped her in the dugout.  Under threat of attacking her sister, and posting the pictures of her to FaceBook and MySpace,  they blackmailed her into meeting them in the same dugout and "performing" for them, at the same time every afternoon.

These boys' bravado was their own undoing.  They'd started bragging around school and showed the iPhone pics and videos to their teammates, at which point her younger brother got wind of it, gathered up his auto shop buddies, beat the crap out of the rapists  and stole the iPhone with the videos.  Before long, the phone was in the hands of the police and, since the video was very compelling evidence of multiple felonies, the rapists entered into plea bargains to avoid trial.

My Ginger had also avoided pregnancy and venereal disease, but was still dealing with the trauma two years later.  She can't go anywhere near that park.   It's a shame since she's a very, very sweet girl and very bright.  Her boyfriend at the time had broken up with her, accusing her of encouraging her rapists, since she'd previously confessed to him that she had gang bang fantasies (careful ladies, guys can have fragile egos and can be selfish pricks.) I think she still has trouble dating, since she's generally afraid of men and intimacy and is afraid to be seen naked.  Guys, if your girl is raped, for Godssake, be supportive and don't traumatize her again by being a jerk.  Rape fantasies or not, none of us actually WANT to be raped.  My Ginger will probably forever have traumatic Aprils, reliving being savagely used by a dozen rapists, then dumped by the boyfriend she was sure she'd marry.  This idiot evidently took her gang rape as a signal to start badgering her into letting him share her with his friends.  A fun and kinky idea but, dude!  Your timing sucks!
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Re: The Ides Of March
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Wow Limerick, that is an incredible story.   Hope she does alright now.

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Re: The Ides Of March
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Wow Limerick, that is an incredible story.   Hope she does alright now.
Thanka darklord!  Me too.  I put a call in to her sfte r I read your story yesterday.  We'll see what she says when she returns my call.
Limerick's tip for men: Always check behind yourself to see if you just crossed over the line to being creepy.  If the "creepzilla" line is behind you, step the fuck back!
"She was as wet as a spastic's chin!"
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Re: The Ides Of March
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How have I missed this for so long??? What an intensely hot story! And why shouldn't it be? Darklord wrote it!
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Re: The Ides Of March
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Thanks much vile8r.  Always appreciate you.