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Wrong place Wrong time
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Wrong place ,Wrong time.

I'd been driving around for weeks , looking for my next victim , to sell to a client who wanted a sex slave, but I couldn't understand why he didn't just go out and get one himself , he had money ,plenty of money .

But his instructions were clear and to the point .

Blonde or Brunette, long hair preferably.
No less than 5'8" in height., slim with a shapely body.
No tattoos.
 And most important a very sexy ass, and her cunt as smooth as a babies ass.

He wanted  her trained to do anything he asked without question .
He didn't want a virgin , but he didn't want a whore picked up off the streets .

He wanted photos of the girl sent first to confirm that she'd be ok ,

He wanted her not only for himself ,but to entertain his friends and business colleagues.

I was about to tell him he was asking for a lot, but then came his offer I couldn't refuse .

£450,000 ,and I could use her for 3 weeks to train her , he'd also pay me for travelling expenses and 1st class overnight accommodation .
If I needed help he'd pay his expenses only .

He'd transfer half the cash immediately , and the rest when I'd delivered the girl

He didn't want the girl to be local , when I was ready to hand her over she was to be naked ,bound , blindfolded and gagged , then he'd give me the drop off point .

I had adapted my van , soundproofed, dark  tinted windows, you could see outside but no-one could see in.
The front and back were closed off with a blackout roller blind .
A mattress, shackles attached to the floor and roof.
Cable ties, gags and blindfold's ,and a box  of sex toys, and lubricants , some for pain and some for pleasure.

At home my  training room all set up and ready for her arrival before I left .

I'd been driving four hours already , I was tired and hungry after a long night on the beers in a Romanian  strip club ,there was a girl who looked what I was looking for , but the manager wouldn't sell her to me.

I pulled off the road and onto a dirt track , I needed to piss and needs a drink , but only water .

And then I saw exactly what I was looking for about 500 yards up the track headed into a wooded area .
I couldn't believe my luck .

I got in the van and started up , she must have heard the van , she he on her bike and started pedalling away as fast as she could.

I picked up speed ,then hit her back wheel , she went flying over the handle bars and landed heavily on the ground,

I was out of the van in seconds , I ran up and grabbed her , she was about to scream as I clamped my hand over her mouth ,and wrapped my other arm around her slim waist .

 "You keep your mouth fucking shut ,unless you want to be found at the bottom of that lake."

I could see a lake through an opening in the trees, about 50 yards away.

 "Nod your head if you understand what I said"
She could have been foreign for all I knew.

She nodded which would make things easier.

 "Now you and me are going to my van, you'll get in and lay face down with you hands behind your back , try to run and I'll fucking rape you , then dump you tied up in the lake." .

I could feel her body shaking , my cock was pressed against her ass , it was getting hard as she struggled against me , and I know she could feel it.

She started to push back as I opened the back door of the van , she could see the mattress and the chains hanging from the roof .

 "Get fucking inside now , it's your last warning" .

She climbed in lay face down and put her hands behind her back .
I had her secured face down and ass up in a matter of minutes

 "Please mister ,please let me go"

I slapped her across the face .

 "Shut the fuck up, you don't say a word until I tell you ".

I got out the van ,got on her bike and dumped it in the lake .

She was still sobbing as I got in the front of the van .

 "I told you to shut your fucking mouth ".

I started back home, as we drove through towns I saw her trying to attract attention , she must have been confused as people just carried on as normal , especially when we had to stop at traffic lights .

Half way home I thought I'd  stop and have some fun with my new toy,
I parked on a supermarket parking space , people were rushing about    with their trolleys full of shopping ,I got out then made sure no one was looking and got in the back, closing the doors behind me and locking them in  position .

She was frantically looking about , still confused .

I put her out of her misery.

I untied her then lifted her to her feet and forced her to look out of the tinted windows.

" You can see those people  but they can't see you, you can hear them but they can't hear you ".

She shook her head as if she didn't believe me.

"Let me prove it to you"
I took a knife out of my toy box and stood in front of her .

, "Now let me have a nice good look at you"

I cut her top from top to bottom , then pulled the sides apart, she wore no bra, but she didn't need one ,her breasts were round and firm , her nipples were a bit small for my liking, but they'd do.

I can remember him saying he didn't like huge nipples so he'd be ok with hers.

I looked at her straight in her eye's.

 "See nobody can see you , now scream , please scream ,see if they can hear you."

 She shook her head ,

I slapped her across the face.

 "I told you to scream," .

I pinched one of her nipples as hard as I could between my thumb and index finger .

She screamed ,I did it again and she screamed.

"Do you believe me now ".

She nodded her head , tears rolled down her pretty face .

I cut the shorts off her and tossed them in the corner of the van, her skimpy panties followed them, her training shoes were next .

She was now as naked as the day she was born , I looked at her pussy, I'd never seen one so smooth and right before now , it was truly a magnificent sight .

I gave her pussy a good licking for a few minutes .
" Has anyone licked you here before"?.

I knew she'd never been touched anywhere, but I wanted to humiliate her.

She shook her head.

I gave her ass cheek a gentle slap, just enough for her to feel it .

 "Don't nod or shake your head,when I ask you a question understand, I slapped her ass cheek again .

" No mister nobody's licked me there before".
I slapped her ass cheek again,
 "Licked you where before ".

" My vagina mister "

Another slap.

 "Its your cunt, has anybody licked your cunt" .

She was now shaking uncontrollably .

 "Nobody has licked my cunt mister".

" Good girl, now answer all my questions like that and I won't have to slap you again. ".

I moved round behind her and spread her ass cheek wide apart and licked her tiny asshole.

" What about here bitch "

 "No,Oh God no , please ,please,don't ".

" Don't what bitch "

 "Lick my bumhole, it's not right, please please stop ,I want to go home ".

" Your never going home again, get that into your head right now"

I stuck my middle finger into her asshole.

She screamed ,and cried and begged me to stop.

I moved back in front of her ,spread her pussy lips, and started licking her  again , I pushed my little finger inside her and began finger fucking her, I lapped at her pussy ,then moved to her clit, I could feel her starting to get wet, and began working harder on her, she was going to cum, I stopped, then started on her again, I repeated doing it a few more time before I let her climax.

I moved  away and watched her shaking, her juices running down the insides of her legs .

Her eye's opened wide in fear as I stripped off my clothes , my cock was rock hard , she began shaking .

I moved towards her ,slapped her across the face ,

I lay on  my back and spread my legs apart.

 " Now  get between my legs, she got on her knees, she didn't hesitate for a second.

 "Good Girl now  open your mouth wide and  suck my cock , don't fucking mess me about , get it in your fucking mouth and start sucking it like a popsicle ."

 She looked up with pleading eye's., then took my cock in her tiny hand.

 "No hands just your mouth, now start again".

She took me in her mouth and began moving her head up and down .

" Tighten your lips around it, and you can play with my ball's as well, by the time I've finished training you, you'll be the best cock sucker around. ".

She licked and sucked, and played with my ball's, I needed to start off for home again before it dark.

 "Look at me bitch , do you want to stop"?

 She looks up at me and nodded , then remembered .

 "Yes Mister I want to stop "

I pulled out of her mouth and stood up.

 "Ok bitch let's finish this, open wide ".

" No mister pleasese, don?????

I didn't let her  finish the sentence, I thrust down and pulled her head up , I felt my shaft breach her throat , I had her face pressed tight against my pubes, she pushed my legs , tried to move backwards but I had her tight, then I started fucking her throat like a pussy

 "Oh yeah bitch not long now, my pre cum was already dripping out of her mouth.

 "Yes,yes yes, I gave one last thrust , plugged her throat  and filled her with cum"

 I held her making sure she had swallowed it all down , pulled out my cock and cleaned it off in her hair," drink this ". I put a bottle of water to her cum covered lips ,I smiled as she emptied the bottle ,I knew she'd be out cold in a couple of minutes

 "Get back on the fucking mattress and stay there , don't you dare move "

I got dressed them headed for home again  with my new toy coughing and gagging in the back , then everything went silent,as the drugged water took effect .

 "Do I carry  on with this story  or not ?

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Re: Wrong place Wrong time
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Nice Story only one problem you have posted the same photo twice! Correct that and the story will be a current must read! Merit given by me!
Real rape is wrong fictional rape can be fun!

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Re: Wrong place Wrong time
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Sorted it mate .

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Re: Wrong place Wrong time
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Yes continue with this very hot and well paced romp!
Brutal and merit winning.