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Uncanny Valley - Ch. 8 - The Sins of the Mother
« on: October 25, 2019, 10:07:36 AM »

Rori had eventually fallen asleep under the weight of her own despair in the corner near the door.  As the sunlight slowly crawls across the room it finally forces Barry from his post-orgasm hibernation; he made no attempt to open his eyes for fear letting in any light would make the pounding headache measures worse. What had he done last night, he tried to piece together his actions through a haze.  Finally opening his eyes, Barry’s palms press into the foam mattress lifting his body from the bed, what the fuck was going-

The memories flood back as he lays eyes on a trembling Rori.  She shakes in the corner, wrapped in a “blood” stained sheet, her clothes were in tatters, the sundress that clung to her yesterday hung loosely from her body. Her right eye shows slight signs of bruising from the slap Barry delivered last night. Her eyes were filled with fear and bloodshot from incessant crying and sleep deprivation.

She looked at Barry as though he were her worst fears made manifest, but as he looked back at her he didn’t see his daughter.  He saw all his collective failings: failing to keep Rori safe and alive, failing as a husband, and now, with everyone on the west coast having seen Elise being thoroughly fucked in the ass, his failings were a matter of public record.  

His eyes narrow, honing in on a petrified Rori, struggling to find the right word to categorize his emotions, this wasn’t hate, or anger; no, it was something else.  Loathing, he loathed her, and everything she represented, a sixty-thousand-dollar miscalculation that led to the discovery that Elise’s discontentment stretched far beyond Rori’s death.

Barry’s head felt like it might come apart at the seams at any moment, this was possibly the worst hangover of his entire life caused his vision to blur and the room to spin. It was very possible he was still a little drunk. As he rose from the bed, he looked down at the deep red stain left on the cream-colored blanket that he kept on the bed. His head was swimming, had he committed a crime here? What were the rules? Barry stood, literally stuck in the definition of a morally gray area.  As he stands, nude, confused, frustrated, embarrassed by his behavior, yet still feeling justified in his actions; he pulls the blanket from the bed rolling it into a ball to hide the results of his actions as he turns toward the door.   He looks down as he positions the balled-up blanket in front of his flaccid and stained manhood.

As Barry turns toward Rori she quickly scuffles to her bare feet and scampers away from the door. They lock eyes as she moves placing the kitchen table between the two of them.  The same table they played many rousing games of Padderwild over the last two months now the only measure of safety against a repeat of the previous night’s horrific events. Barry takes small steps his gaze averted from Rori who is unable to hide her disgust and fear. She repeatedly did her best to keep her torn dress from falling from her shoulders and further exposing herself to Barry.

Barry gathers his clothes along with the stained sheets as he finally makes it to the door. “Why?” Rori asks, that one word shatters the illusion that he might make it out this situation without having to actually address it. His hand freezes on the doorknob as he stands, with what little dignity he may have retained in her eyes he dismisses coldly replying, “shower, clean yourself up.” His eyes averted from her gaze. “I’ll come get you when-” he didn’t actually know when he’d be back.  Nor did he ever imagine he could be so cold or heartless to Rori. The door opens, luckily their back yard had high fences so no one could see his naked exit from the garage.

“Dad?” Rori says through tears as she watches the door close, “Dad please!” she call again shuffling to the door after both her tormentor and the only one with the power to release her from her newly confined quarter. “DADDYYYYYY!” She screams as the mechanical lock whirls.

Barry somberly walked into the house dropping the sheets and his clothes in the laundry room as he as he made his way up the stairs and into the master bathroom. The heated bathroom floors warmed his feet as he turned on the shower and approached the mirror. Finally, he looks up, what had he done. How broken is he?

He is lost in thought for a moment, the tapping of the washing machine rhythmically humming downstairs brought him back from wherever his mind went to as he gazed off into space. It took him another moment to realize, as the tapping grew louder, that he had never started the washing machine.  He stuck his head out of the bathroom, seeking to identify the source of the sound.

Making his way out of the bathroom and into their bedroom, pulling from a dresser a pair of gym shorts and his old Wharton University t-shirt. Making his way downstairs the tapping grows louder and louder. He approaches the source, the front door, swinging it open the pounding on the door finally ceases as Barry, frustrated by their persistence to get an answer, shouts, “WHAT!?”

“Where is she?!” Ling hisses her eyes wrapped in tears.  The tiny Asian in front of Barry was shaking, her little hands balled into, her neck and body snaking around looking into the back of the house.  Her cheeks were bright red and mouth puckered as she peer into Barry’s home.  “DEAN TURING!?” She shouts into the empty house, finally the desire to confront Elise overtakes her, two manicured hands press at Barry’s chest.  He more steps aside than is moved by her advance.  Ling enters quickly, her oversized CU Maricopa hoodie hanging loosely off her body as though it was made for someone else.  Ling makes her way from the foyer, through the dining room and into the kitchen as her search continues.

Barry shuts the door behind him, “hey,” he interjects between her calls for Elise. “HEY!” he again asserts trying to get Ling’s attention his frustration increasing with the stranger roaming through his house. “Who the fuck are you?” Barry asks quickening his pace and finally catching up to Ling in the kitchen as she neared the laundry room.

“WHERE. IS. SHE?” Slamming her hand into the glass door leading out to the backyard.  The glass cracks and splinters, somewhat shocked Barry holds up his hands in surrender. He was impressed by her vigor and vitriol, he had nearly a foot on her in stature and could easily pick her up and set her back on the other side of the door but she seemed fearless on her quest for Elise.

“I don’t know” Barry shrugs, as he looks down at the cute hellion before him. “More importantly, who are you?”

“Ling!” she says as though that name should mean something only to be met with a dispassionate stare. Barry shrugs, shaking his head, which draws an exasperated sigh from Ling. “Ling Chau, spring break, file 04012019! Ring any bells?” She says in tersely, before resuming her anger laden march through the first floor.

Barry recalls the email that set the previous day’s events into motion. “YOU!” he says following after her as she again continues her hunt for Elise.  Ling makes her way into their den ensuring that Elise is no where on the first floor before heading toward the staircase. Barry grips her lean arms just about the elbow; her entire body was svelte and ceded upon such gruff handling.  His frustration overtaking him as he shakes her fiercely “Why the hell did you send me that, you ruined my life.”

Barry’s grip intensifies. Her face twists reacting to the sudden pain, which snaps her from her warpath long enough for Barry to finally get her attention. “Your life!?” she says turning back towards Barry, “My boyfriend fucks some old slut,” Barry couldn’t really argue with her assessment and decides to let that insult pass, after all Elise earned it, “and somehow that story gets back to my parents.  So now I cutoff! No car. No tuition. My apartment! They give me till end of month!” She exclaims wriggling her way free of Barry.  “I change my major for him, and your wife,” the tears in her already bloodshot eyes begin to well up, “she said I had no potential, she said that I had no business in theatre.”  Her hair covers her face as she hangs her head, but her sadness quickly turns to rage.  “Now I know it cause she fucking my boyfriend!” she screeches in that way only women overcome by emotion and anger can.  Despite her poor English and heavy accent, she made her point quite clear through the rage.

The two rest in an awkward moment of silence, Barry sizing Ling up, half impressed by her brash nature, half put off by her invasion of his home. “What exactly was your plan here?” Barry finally asks.  Ling thinks for a moment and opens her mouth but Barry cuts her off, “I’m just asking because well,” Barry walks around Ling, as if stalking prey, slowly taking her in, in a way that left her feeling somewhat exposed.  “It looks like she’s got about 20 pounds on you easy, and she’s been kickboxing since she was 12,” Barry eyes every inch of the petite thing in front of him.   The black leggings hug her pert little ass, the oversized hoodie covered what Barry was sure were the bee stings she probably called breasts; she left a lot to be desired optically but she had a fire, Barry could use that.

As Barry continues his march around her, what was once steeled resolve begins to wither, as the reality of the situation sets in. Her eyes suddenly dart around, as her arms fold across her body. She takes in the modern art deco style home, as Barry steps closer to her she takes a small step back, her emotions had gotten the best of her again and led her here. “I-I just thought-” she stammers as Barry again steps toward her, “she,” Ling begins again, “she ruined everything, I hate her,” she bemoans wiping her eyes trying to regain her resolve, “everything!” She reiterates.

“Yea, she does that,” Barry acknowledges, “so honestly, where did you think this was going to go, you were going to storm in here and beat the shit out of my wife, good plan but then what?” He back away giving her some space, “You’d still feel like shit and still have to deal with a ruined life right?”
Ling shrugs having no better explanation, she sits on the steps, placing her face in her hands as she continues to cry, unable to regain the control she desperately seeks. “I just want to hurt her like she hurt me!” She shouts into the sleeve of her hoodie while wiping her face.  Barry sits down next to her.  She was clearly hurt by all this, she’d trusted Elise to guide her academic career, and to not fuck her boyfriend (even if that second part goes without saying), and Elise had failed.

That thought encapsulated Barry’s mind for a second as he watched the broken teen next to him, Elise had failed. Not him, he’d done everything he could, to pull her back from the oblivion of losing a daughter, and she managed her way there anyway, Barry places his arm around the distraught teen pulling her closer to him, instinctively she curls into a ball leaning her body weight against him.  “She failed you,” he says softly his fingers running through her long jet-black hair, “she failed me too,” he says as he can feel her begin to calm down.  “You know Ying-”
“Ling,” she corrects him, lifting her head, giving Barry her full attention.

“Ling, she failed us both, and I think I want her to hurt too, but not physical pain, that’s not good enough.”  The wheels in Barry’s mind turned as he began to concoct a new idea, much better than the initial idea that got him to his current state.  “Come on sweetie,” Barry says assisting Ling to her feet, “let’s talk.”


June practically had to drag Elise from her condo but in the light of day…Elise still wasn’t much better.  She sulked as the made their way from June’s condo and onto Wilshire Blvd.  Their first stop was a salon, and not just any salon but the hottest the town had to offer: Nouveau Riche.  CeCe owned it and catered nearly exclusively to B-List celebs.  June had to pull some strings but today was a day she’d been waiting on awhile, it was worth it.
June again tugged Elise’s arm urging her to keep up as they walked hand in hand down the street. June had been here before, she’d picked Elise up off the mat after breakups, so she knew the protocol.  It was only 10 am but the day was already muggy and hot, like most L.A. autumns tend to be.  “We’re here!” June chimes as they stand in front of a rustic looking salon.  “Now I want you to open yourself up to some new possibilities today.” June says running her fingers through the curly blonde locks.  “We’re going blonde!”  Despite always being a redhead, June managed to talk Elise into going with something a little different. And two hours later…

“Beautiful,” June says as Elise reveals her new platinum blonde pixie cut. June runs her hand through Elise’s new look and bites her lip, June had never been shy about her sexuality or her attraction to Elise, multiple times during college she made a few advances, each of which were tersely shut down by Elise.  “All right, we gotta go finish getting you ready for tonight,” she says tipping the stylist her standard $100 on their way out.

“Where else are we going?” Elise inquires as she struggles to keep up with June as she power walks down Wilshire Blvd. “June!” Elise exclaims, “I really just want to relax, I don’t even feel like-”

June wastes no time grabbing her hand and pulling her in the direction she’d been walking. “C’mon, you’ll feel much better when we’re done, besides we’re almost…” June abruptly stops after turning the corner, “here.”

“You can’t be serious” Elise says looking up at Rodeo drive. “I just got fired, and I’m fairly certain I won’t be getting a job in education anytime soon, my husband-”

“Ex-husband,” June interjects.

“…Ex-husband, won’t let me into the house, and you think I have the cash to go shopping on Rodeo?”  

June moves behind Elise, sliding her arms around her best friend, her perfume is intoxicating, and June would know, she buys her a bottle every year for Christmas.  “Listen you are in my capable hands,” June gives Elise a little squeeze, in her pumps June stands just under 6’ tall and towered over Elise by more than half a foot.  Elise closes her eyes for a moment, almost remembering when Barry would hold her like this. “I’m gonna take care of you, and I say we start with Prada,” June says with a smile.  

Elise sighs but yields, “Okay,” she says softly as June releases her and she takes a step toward the store. June can’t restrain herself and grabs a palmful of the ass that’s been begging for it all morning.

“Atta girl,” June remarks as Elise squeals in surprise, as her actions draw judgmental stares from a few an elderly couple awaiting their driver outside of the store.  Never missing an opportunity June makes a ‘V’ with her fingers and sticks her tongue through it, causing them both to gasp and shoot back disapproving looks.  **Bzzztt**Bzzztt** June reaches into her clutch for her phone and smiles as she sees the message.  “Head on in, I’ll be there in just a bit,” she says placing the phone to her ear as Elise heads into the store.  The street is busy with the standard run of Hollywood types as the phone trills.  
“This is Zo.” A man this a deep raspy answers answer as he takes a drag of his cigarette..

“Zo, don’t mess this up, I’ve been waiting a long time and I want it to be perfect, understand?” June says stepping to one side of the sidewalk eyeing a few Co-Ed’s in UCLA shirts as they pass their asses just peeking from under cotton shorts. “Zo!?”

 “Yea, I got you, when do I ever let you down?” he asks sharply.

“Rarely, but it happens, just don’t ‘forget’ to leave this time. Last thing I want is your creepy ass lurking around.” June retorts shamelessly watching as the twin pairs of ass bounce as they saunter away.  June really did love this town.

“I’ll leave, just make sure the cash isn’t late.” He replies before hanging up.  June chuckles, Zo was always pretty dependable but above all else he was a businessman.  June had relied on him before for similar situations, but this time she needed him to be perfect.


Ling sits on the couch in Barry’s living room, dumbfounded as Barry concludes explaining his plan. “It’s not the perfect plan but it’s better than what you showed up here with. It gets your parents off your back, solves nearly your problems…and sure, you won’t love every minute but…you got any better options?” Barry stands behind the bar mixing himself a drink letting his words hang in the air.  Ling’s mind was reeling, honestly, she had no better options than what Barry was presenting.  However, parts of his plan were far beyond the pale of anything she’d ever considered.

“..a…and you’re sure its going to work,” she asks softly. Barry had broken through the tough façade she’d shown up with and gotten through to the hurt little girl on the inside.

“I’m sure that if you really want to hurt her as bad as I do,” Barry says as he makes his way around the bar with two glasses in hand.  “This will certainly do it.” He hands Ling a glass, she secures it with both hands.

“I…I’m not old enough to drink,” she says softly, Barry chuckles at her naiveté, this would be fun.  He carefully analyzes the pensive expression that sits on her face as she considers his proposition.

“O…ok,” she says, as she watches the ice swirl around whiskey glass, “but, I’d need a few things,” she says without looking up from her drink.

“Obviously,” Barry says with a smile, she thinks she’s going to get the best of this deal.  “Anything in particular come to mind?”

“Well,” she says quietly thinking of the most outrageous thing she could ask for, taking a small sip of the liquid given to her, her face contorts as she reacts to intense burn in her throat.  “How about a car?” She nearly whispers.

“That can be arranged,” Barry says with no hesitation.


The music was deafening, even from the VIP section above the crowd conversation had to take place at a shout.  Elise had loosened up considerably, due in no small part to the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th drinks June provided.  For good measure, June tipped the bartender handsomely to ensure the drinks were appropriately strong.

“WHAT IS THIS!?” Elise shouts leaning in from the white leather couch, being careful not to lean too far, as the skin-tight cherry red bandage dress that covered just enough to be legal tended to ride up, she’d already accidentally exposed herself to the world once, she could do without a repeat.

“RED HEADED SLUT!” June shouts pausing for effect, “BUT IM NOT SURE WHAT THE DRINK IS!” shooting back a devilish grin.

Elise’s scowls back disapprovingly before reminding June of her newly blonde look.  She brings drink number 7 to her lips.  The room had begun to spin but Elise didn’t mind, her and June had been downing drinks all night and while she hadn’t forgotten about her troubles she certainly wasn’t as focused on them anymore. “LET’S GO DANCE!” Elise shouts, pointing downstairs, she throws back half of her drink and sets the glass down on the table next to her purse. She extends her hand for assistance up, to which June, who had only had two drinks, gladly obliged.

“KEEP AN EYE ON OUR STUFF MARCO,” June shouts as they exit the VIP suite and head downstairs.  The music is trance-inducing, and shakes Elise to her core as June pulls them to the center of the dance floor.  

June keeps Elise close as her hands slide over Elise’s hips and around to her ample ass. Elise, who normally would rebuff this kind of advance, steps forward pressing her body against Junes. The combination of hard liquor and not giving a fuck make her a bit more pliable as she rocks her hips against June.

The dance floor was packed, and any other time two beautiful women dancing like this would have been the center of attention, and June knew it her heels clicked on the floor in time with the beat. June opted to go with something equally as conservative as Elise’s choice. Her cocoa-colored skin juxtaposed nicely with the white spandex micro shorts that barely concealed her ass and accentuated her long lean legs. A deep V top with no bra also left little to the imagination.  June closes the distance between them again, their face inches apart, June’s eyes focus on Elise’s lips, seeing the slightest quiver as her face disappears and reappears under the strobe lights.  June takes that moment to spin Elise around.  

The hands that were once at her hips have ventured down past the hem of her skin-tight bandage dress and her body shivers as June’s nails drag across her inner thigh.  Elise can feel her heart rate quicken as the nails continue to move upward. Slowly lifting her skirt inch by inch.

The club is hot, as most overpacked rooms tend to be, but there was an unmistakable breeze between Elise’s legs as her dress is pulled up higher. Elise’s hands quickly brush her dress down preventing it from being pulled any higher.  The shade of red Elise turns matches her dress. “WHOOOOOOAAAAAA!” she exclaims as she spins around, June had talked her into going pantiless tonight because ‘you never know what could happen, but Elise was in no way drunk enough to just expose herself to an entire club.

“RELAX” June exclaims over the blaring music, “look around no one even knows we’re here.” Elise’s eyes scan the crowd, June was right there were close to 500 people and none of were paying the slightest attention. June leans in with her lips next to Elise’s ear, “just imagine, you could be anyone here, you don’t have to be some perfect housewife,” June’s nails again work their way up Elise’s thigh, “or Dean,” Elise’s weight shifts forward to the balls of her feet and allowing herself to lean into June’s grasp.   “You can be anyone,” June whispers pulling away, and allowing her hand to slide between Elise’s legs, June’s free hand snakes its way behind Elise’s head pulling her closer, as their lips touch June’s middle finger presses in on Elise’s clit.

Elise’s eyes close as her legs nearly give out, partially from the stiff drinks and partially from the seduction. June’s tongue slides over Elise’s as she presses all her weight into the balls of her feet trying to escape the wonderful feeling between her legs but June’s finger gives chase, sliding past her clit, parting her wet lips and sliding smoothly inside as Elise gasps.

From the balcony overlooking the dance floor June looks up to see Zo who gazes down, June winks, that was his sign. He rolled his eyes at her unnecessarily clandestine behavior, but it was officially time to get to work. He leaves the balcony and makes his way down toward the dance floor and through the crowd. “I’m gonna go grab another round,” June says before planting a kiss on Elise’s neck, “will you be okay without me?” June asks as she tilts her head and plants her lips on Elise’s neck again, this time digging her teeth in while she continues to pump her middle finger in and out of Elise’s increasingly wet little hole.  

June suddenly pulls away, forcing Elise to open her eyes, she hadn’t heard a word of what June had said, as June removes her finger from inside of Elise she brings it to her mouth looking into Elise’s eyes as she sucks every drop Elise left behind, tasting that sweet flavor she’s wanted in her mouth for years. June mouths the words, ‘I’ll be back’ before disappearing into the crowd leaving Elise a flustered mess.

Zo sees the pale ass of his target briefly as she tries to regather herself, pulling her dress back down and looking around to make sure no one saw her being fingered on the dance floor.  She takes a few deep breaths to trying to stop her heart from racing before feeling a strong hand slide around her body and resting at her hips. “Back already?” Elise asks spinning around and is immediately surprised by a mountainous black man standing in front of her. He had nearly a foot on Elise and wore an all-black suit, she gawked for a moment, unsure of what to say.

Even in the 4” Prada heel’s this man dwarfed her, in his free hand he held two glasses of champagne, as he stepped back with a smile handing Elise one of the glasses. Her mind went blank, he bore a striking resemblance to Wade, a little taller and his physical form was not lost on her. His short sleeve dark blue and white button-down was almost stretched beyond its capacity due to his chest and arms, however, despite his impressive physique, she still had no idea who this man was. Elise extends her arm to create space between them only to be pleasantly surprised, his body was like steel, her mouth hung open momentarily as she searched for words but her mind was preoccupied with the idea of this strange man on top of her. He steps back and inserts a drink into Elise’s hand with a smile, “you look like you could use another.” He says his voice overflowing with bass.

Elise watches as he finishes his drink; and though she didn’t need another, she too quickly finished hers, handing them off to one of the many workers passing through the crowds. June watches from the balcony over Elise’s shoulder keeping a close eye on the action down below.  She checked her watch, usually when Zo dosed someone with ‘E’ it only takes about 20 minutes to be effective.

Zo put the designer in designer drugs and this wasn’t the first time he prepped the field for one of June’s targets, so he’d taken the liberty of bringing the stronger doses, as the carbonation of champagne aids in dissolving the tablets completely.  Elise has seen enough of this to know exactly when the drugs were hitting her.  She could see how heavily Elise was leaning on Zo, he was practically holding her up, she was good and ready.

“How do you feel about a hotel,” Zo asks as his hand picks up where June’s left off, as two of his fingers massage back and forth between her folds. Elise tenuously balances on her toes, spreading her legs wider as she nods yes. Her head rests on his chest as her mouth opens wide gasping for air as Zo brings her closer to climax while surrounded by strangers.  Abruptly Zo removes himself from Elise the sudden stop nearly brings her to her knees. “Hotel?” Zo asks again. She wastes no time rolling her dress back down grabbing Zo’s hand and marching him toward the exit.

Zo glances up giving June the all-clear. She smiles as Elise struggles to maintain her balance but manages to stumble past the crowds and out of the door. Elise’s ears are ringing and the lights of the city are disorienting but the marble archways of the Peninsula Hotel across the street are unmistakable.  Despite oncoming traffic, Elise giggles as she runs across Santa Monica Blvd veering drunkenly to her right as she defies headlights and car horns eagerly wanting to finish what was started on the dance floor.  After stopping off to grab their things from VIP, June leisurely trails behind the two lovebirds, well out of sight. Although, given the state Elise is in and her newfound tunnel vision, she likely lacked the ability to notice much more than Zo.

June makes her way to the lobby of the hotel, earlier that day she’d had a room reserved under Zo’s name, placed a few of her things in the room and had a key left for herself at the front desk.  She watched from the bar in the lobby as Elise effectively threw herself at Zo as the stepped onto the elevator.  She’d tried this plan with Elise before, with minimal success as rarely was her friend so out of control that she would behave this way. However, her current conditions at home gave her very little to lose, and her behavior was concurrent with her status.

June finishes her drink and takes her time making her way to the front desk grabbing her key card to the junior suite on the 19th floor.  She hums as she steps onto the elevator, pressing the 19th floor button, her external demeanor is calm and relaxed but, on the inside, she’s bouncing off the walls. She’s wanted Elise for nearly two decades, and Elise was one of the few women in California she both wanted and couldn’t have. The Venn Diagram where those two circles met held very few names. **DING** As the doors slide open June steps off still humming her jovial tone, she inserts the card in the door, the junior suites were luxurious, as June enters, she kicked off her heels in the marble entryway.  

“OHHHHHHhhhhh,” Elise moans from the balcony. June smiles as her ears are greeted with such a wonderful welcome. She makes her way through the lounge area grabbing the duffle she’d had the bellman bring up earlier. The room is tiered with cream and gold accents, the floor is cool as her bare feet slide silently through the room. As she nears the balcony, she can’t help but smile.  June is sure it didn’t take much convincing for Elise to let Zo blindfold her and tie her to the one of the chairs from the kitchenette, she couldn’t have asked for more. Zo looks up as he finishes his restraints.

Elise is blindfolded and spread eagle with her ankles bound to her wrists and her thighs to the chair.  Her red dress has been pulled down exposing her Elise’s tits to the cool night air.  Her nipples perk up in response to the gentle breeze radiating around the 19th floor balcony.  Zo walks around behind Elise running his hands over her shoulders and down grabbing her breasts, the response is perfect her back arches, as a soft, “ahhhhh” falls from her lips.  The special blend of ‘E’ that Zo dosed her with was also laced with a chemical compound that dilates the capillary beds making the slightest provocation in sensitive areas –

“OHHHH GOD!” Elise moans as Zo twists her nipples –

-Quite stimulating.

Quietly June sets her duffle in front of Elise and in a her and Zo move in unison with a move they’ve practiced many times on other unsuspecting women. Zo slowly slides away as June replaces him, the drugs keep her inhibition low enough and her stimulation high enough that even if she did notice a change, at this point she wouldn’t care. June continues massaging Elise’s breasts taking time to tease and torment her nipples as she motions toward the door with her head, Zo takes the hint and moves on to stage two of June’s plan.  

She watches with a smile as he exits the suite. June doesn’t waste much more time, for a decade she’s dreamy of this moment, she releases Elise’s breasts and quietly makes her way around to the chair till she is standing looking down at her prize.  June kneels down grabbing the base of the chair and tilting it back against the wall lifting Elise’s soaked pussy into the luminous L.A. night sky. June smiles as she kneels down, extending her tongue and starting at that tender spot between Elise’s asshole and pussy she begins to lick. Running a zig-zag pattern with her tongue slowly upwards as her hands rest on Elise’s trembling thighs. As her tongue meets Elise’s clit the reaction is profound, a deep moan of pleasure followed by a quick gasp as June takes Elise’s clit between her teeth.

June had never felt like this before, like a raw nerve exposed to the world.  Her mind not being bogged down with the traditional anxiety associated with some random hookup, or even the strange apathy she’d felt in the past with Barry.  It honestly felt like her first time all over again. As the drugs coursed through Elise’s system June continued to work her magic, opening her mouth to envelope Elise tender little cunt.

June knowing the efficacy of the drugs knew it wouldn’t take much longer, she adjusts her tactics from pointed darting movements to broad pressure as she lapped in long sweeping motions across Elise’s pussy, she watches as her best friend’s breathing intensifies.  Taking the cue, June slowly slides two fingers into her as she licks which was all it took, Elise is pushed over the edge as the pressure inside of her mounts June can feel Elise’s little hole squeezing her fingers as she focuses her efforts just on Elise’s clit she howls into the night. “OHHHHHGGOOODDDDD YYYYEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS.” Her body strained against the restraints as her muscles flex causing her to convulse in the chair she’s tied to. “OH FUCK OH FUCK,” Elise screams as June looks down at her fingers seeing the thick gooey mess Elise has made in her hand before returning her face between Elise’s thighs. June teases Elise more and more refusing to let her come down from the orgasmic high. June’s tongue driving deep into Elise, and curling its way out, running heavier and heavier circles around her clit; only to start the pattern over again when she began to get close to cumming.   Elise’s toes spread as the pressure began to build again, but this wasn’t like the slow burn before.  This took her like a tidal wave.

“I’m gonna c-…I….OHHHHH…cum again, I’m gonna cum againnnn, I’M GONNA CUM AHHHHHHH-GAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” Elise pants trying to catch her breath as her little hole quivers under June’s unrelenting tongue.  She’d never felt anything like this in her life. She gaps June removes her fingers and brings the chair back down to all four legs. Elise’s head is hung back as she tries to regain herself but every thought, she has is simply an extension of the multiple orgasms that have left her little box quivering.  

June steps away for a moment unzipping her duffle and rifling around for a moment before finding what she is looking for.  It’s the strap-on June bought when her and Elise were seniors in high school, each time the slightest chance to use this on Elise arose June was ready only to have her hopes dashed. But not tonight.  She quickly tightened the harness not wanting to lose the moment.  The 9” of thick black rubber hung down just in front of Elise, June quickly applied the lube that was in the duffle and was sure to coat the entire length with her left hand.  Her right hand began to explore Elise’s body once again, letting her fingers walk across Elise’s midsection, around her hardened nipples, gently caressing her neck and chin and finally into her mouth, allowing her to taste herself.

Of course, this quickly set off alarms as the manicured nails were way too long for the man she thought she was with. However, before she had a chance to process this, the first 4 inches of the strap-on had slid inside her. Elise’s lips split beautifully to accommodate June’s little friend as Elise sucks in through gritted teeth.  

As far as June was concerned, she was home now, slowly she peeled back the blindfold and locked eyes with Elise as she rocked forward driving the remainder of the dildo into her friend. She took a moment to savor her victory, leaning in closer, and planting a kiss on Elise’s lips.  Where normally she was rebuffed, this time, Elise couldn’t help but respond in kind. Opening her mouth wide to allow June’s tongue to explore, tasting herself in the process.
June’s hips slowly began pulling back and pushing in, letting Elise feel the full length vacate her pussy before filling her up again. Moaning into June’s mouth Elise never had time to process all that was happening before she was again building toward another orgasm. Unlike most of the men Elise had been with that would always pick up the pace just when she was about to cum ruining what would have been a good thing, June stays consistent.  Allowing crescendo after crescendo or pre-orgasm convulsions as her little hole is stretched and penetrated deeply with each steady unrelenting movement of June’s hips.

June, seeing Elise’s anxious hips, knew it was time to finish her off, reaching into the bag one last time pulling out her Hitachi vibrator she turn it to its highest setting, looking deeply into Elise’s eyes as she places it directly on her clit while continuing the unyielding pleasuring of her pussy. “Oh G-…. OHHH GAH….OOOOOO” June had seen this show a thousand times before but was in no way ready for what happened next. “OHHHHHHH GAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDD.” Elise screams as her hip buck up from the chair, wildly as the chair tilts backward against the wall, the dildo escaping her as her eyes open wide  she howls and sends a stream of her squirt careening over the balcony. June tried ducking out of the way however the bulk of it hits her face and chest, running down across her top. Elise gasps for air as few aftershock squirts fly down into the night sky and toward the unsuspecting public below.  

June kept the vibrator tight to Elise’s clit refusing to remove it.   As she watched her friend's eyes roll back in her head and her juices pool under the chair.  For the next 20 minutes, she tormented Elise with wave after wave of delicious, pussy shattering, squirt inducing orgasms.  6 in total, left Elise covered in sweat and June covered in Elise.  As the Hitachi finally went silent Elise could only mumble sincere gratitude as she wasn’t sure how much more she could withstand. June stepped back to marvel in her handiwork.  

As she unlatches her strap-on and lets it slide to the ground with a wet sloshing sound she takes a second to gather herself.  Looking out over L.A. with a smile as she listened to Elise continue to murmur nearly incoherent epithets of gratitude. June decides to leave Elise an orgasm riddled mess tied to the chair as she gets dressed. After sliding into her silk nightie, she quietly grabs the key card she left near the door and a small manila envelope from the duffle before heading toward the door and exiting the room. She was quite proud of how the entire plan came together, mentally patting herself on the back as she strolled around the 19th floor to the east hallway.  She made her way to the end of the hall stopping at the last suite on the left and knocking twice on the door.  

As the door opens Zo stands with a smile. “Have fun?” He asks as if he didn’t already know the answer, he steps aside ushering June into a nearly identical suite as the one she just left.  In similar fashion they make their way across the room, June quietly hands Zo the manila envelope before responding.

“I did rather enjoy myself,” June says with a satisfied smile before opening the door to the balcony to see one the 4k cameras from her studio pointed across the hotel right at the balcony she’d just left.  She leans over and peers into the viewfinder to see a Elise; exhausted and basking in the glow of her drug induced orgasms. “Make sure you get this uploaded by the morning, would you?”

“No problem,” Zo says as he opens the envelope to see his standard $5,000.  “How easy do you want me to make it for her husband to find it when it goes live?”

“Well,” June starts zooming in on Elise’s face, “He’s already had a pretty rough week, let’s not make him work too hard.”
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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 8 - The Sins of the Mother
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2019, 03:52:56 PM »
Another great chapter of after effects!. Really thought that Barry would go all sniveling over what he did to Rori! Love how Elise let herself go all slutty. Can't wait for the next installment!

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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 8 - The Sins of the Mother
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Just outstanding. Sizzling hot and breathtaking drama. I also can't wait for the next installment and Elise's continued descent. Interested about how the Barry - Rori dynamic will now unfold.
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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 8 - The Sins of the Mother
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Such a brilliant storyteller you are, Bubbles!  Love how this story has progressed!
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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 8 - The Sins of the Mother
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Such a brilliant storyteller you are, Bubbles!  Love how this story has progressed!

Well thanks, and since Im stuck inside all day I figured I'd start writing again, it took me a second to refamiliarize myself with this motley crew of disfunction but I did and hopefully the new chapter will be up by Saturday night! :)  #EditingIsTheWorst!
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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 8 - The Sins of the Mother
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Added :)
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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 8 - The Sins of the Mother
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Woah ... I mean ... I am not really fond of Elise ... and I get that she had rejected June sexually ... but ... that seems a little disproportionate ... oh ... unless it is aimed at Barry who thoroughly fucking deserves it.   In which case as Elise's life is already trashed ... a little collateral damage is not an issue as far as I am concerned.  

Gotta wonder about June tho ... seriously ... that is Iago level betrayal there.

And that was another amazingly well written absolutely super hot sex scene.  Well done.
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