Author Topic: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 5 - The Four Hours in Maricopa Valley  (Read 1108 times)

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Uncanny Valley - Ch. 5 - The Four Hours in Maricopa Valley
« on: October 15, 2019, 01:06:59 AM »

“Daddy!” Rori says breaking through the haze of moral dilemma that has Barry’s mind a thousand miles away. “It’s your turn.” She says pointing at the table full of cards.  It was a game she’d made up some time ago that she named Padderwild.  The game itself had no discernable rules, all actions were entirely arbitrary and based solely on Rori’s mood at any given time.  Some days playing a 3 would be illegal, some days it won you the game. Barry smiled at her as he laid down two more cards.  “Hmmmmm,” she says placing her hand on her chin, contemplating her next move intently.

Barry replayed the day’s events in his mind’s eye.  He’d taken some time after Hank ‘fixed’ Rori before he restarted her.  He was sure to carefully clean the residual cum from her hair, wash her bow, and change her clothes.  But none of that was on his mind, as his thoughts of many terrible and shameful possibilities.  Hank had done a lot more than just repair Barry’s mess; he’d totally changed everything Barry thought he knew about androids.  Turns out Hank wasn’t some dumb hick from Mississippi, far from it.  Apparently, he was the original designer and engineer on most of the earliest android models at Cyberdyne. He was so influential in fact that they still used a lot of his code in the current models.  This meant there was no one better at manipulating the code than Hank, and he was paid mightily for it.  Apparently, his house in Palmdale was just one of 8 that he owned on both coasts; and that beat-up old truck, just something he kept in his collection.  He apparently had an affinity for fixing up old pickups and this was just next on the list.

Finally, Rori decided on what card she’d play next, laying down a 4 of clubs and jack of hearts while triumphantly shouting “PADDERWILD!” She sat back perfectly content with her inexplicable victory, her floral sundress swaying as she performed an obligatory victory dance from the kitchen chair. “I win again, yea, I win again,” she taunted.  Barry just watched in amazement, eventually, she’d gloated enough and fell back in her chair sitting cross-legged, Barry had half a mind to tell her young ladies don’t sit like that in dresses but his mind and body were at stark odds with each other.  

Smiling she takes one of the chocolate chip cookies from the plate in the center of the table and dunks it in the tall glass of milk, popping the whole thing in her mouth, forcing her little cheeks to puff out.  “Is de-wish-ous.” She says having to cover her mouth just to keep crumbs from falling out.  Hank made sure that her new parts were graded for food, drink, and anything else she might imbibe or swallow.  Hank had really outdone himself, as he put it, he even got the plumbing working.  The viscous forest green fluid that each android had inside to keep their parts lubricated and simulate a pulse was filtered through a tungsten mesh that Hank had developed, the chemical reaction changed the color to a perfect blood red.  Along with the upgrades Barry had already compiled online, Hank also replaced the genitalia veneers each android was given that served no real purpose with whatever was inside of Babydoll.  Now each of Rori’s little holes was capable of delivering world-class, mind-numbing orgasms on command.  Hank even took the time to help calibrate specific words to responses in Rori’s tuning making sure she could always deliver what Barry wanted on command.  

He tried not to think about the fact that the facsimile of his daughter sitting next to him could be facefucked savagely and then swallow every last drop Barry blessed her with at his whim, but that was becoming more and more difficult.  Hank had also set up protocols that would allow Barry to reset Rori’s memory for the last hour, 12 hours, 24 hours, or week.  However, all this paled in comparison to the fact that Hank also took away the security protocols regarding her awareness and what Cyberdyne called the uncanny valley protocol.  At some point, androids’ behavior and mannerisms got so realistic it began to “freak out” some of the population.  To combat this Cyberdyne limited certain protocols that allowed them to mimic the full range of behaviors and movements of people. This way they would always be readily identifiable as synthetic despite being able to replicate the human form perfectly.  Hank always thought that was a dumb idea, and removed it in every android the worked on.

At this point, for all intents and purposes, the little girl sitting in front of him had no idea she was an android and now neither would anyone else.  Cyberdyne intentionally kept these safeguards in place to ensure the android never became so sure of its humanity that they would have some sort of robot rebellion on their hands.  Given their name, one can appreciate the irony.  Hank, however, had unshackled that programming, giving Rori less robotic and far more lifelike movements and responses.  Now just like Babydoll, she would cry when sad, sweat when hot or startle at a loud noise.

Barry’s mind wanted to test this, to see what he could do, how far he could push her, and then simply reset her to the innocent cheery eyed angel before him.  He’d promised himself that he wouldn’t do anything like that again, but things had changed. Besides if he took her virginity then reset her so she had it again, was it ever really gone?   He wrestled quietly with the ethical and moral implications of these thoughts.

He rose from his chair, lustfully looking at Rori, she looks up smiling sweetly. As he takes a step toward her, the lock on the front door clicks, his heart races, feeling guilt and shame for his weakness, he quickly sits back down. Hank had cleared Rori’s memory of the T.A.P. incident and left nearly everything else untouched, this was noticeable in Rori’s reaction as Elise enters the house. Rori’s joyful disposition quickly sours as she sits back in her chair being sure to avert her gaze as Elise walks into the room.

“Hey, sorry I’m late I got held up at work,” Elise says as she sets down a stack of papers and her briefcase on the counter adjusting her skirt and blouse as she does.  “A-are you playing padderwild?” She asks, having inferred the game from the fact that cards were scattered everywhere throughout the room.  

“Yea,” Rori sighs, “I’ll clean up.” Her tone one of aggravation and looking for any reason to extricate herself to the garage.

“No, that’s not what I-” Elise looks to Barry for assistance, knowing her words from previous nights have not ingratiated herself to Rori she hopes Barry will step in and assist.  

Barry sighs softly, “sweetie,” Barry says softly, getting Rori’s attention as she picks up the cards off the floor, counter, kitchen table, and chairs – it had been a rather intense game of padderwild. “Can you give mommy and daddy a moment to talk?” he asks drawing a cold stare from Rori in Elise’s direction. “Please, little lobster.”

“Yes daddy,” she says plopping the cards down and planting a kiss on his cheek as she makes her way past Barry. She opens the sliding door leading from the kitchen/dining room to the backyard.

“Hey, no lobster pinches?” Barry asks knowing Rori is still put off by the whole situation.

She steps outside and closing it behind her, but before walking away flashes a small smirk, her hands forming into tiny lobster claws that she clicks twice before disappearing toward the garage.

Barry smiles watching her, the duality of innocence juxtaposed with his mind’s utter debauchery kept his thought tenuously ping-ponging between his most protective and destructive impulses.  His attentions shift back to Elise whose eyes have yet to leave the floor.  She sits across from him, folding her hands unsure of what she could say that was going to get her back within the good graces of Rori and Barry.

“I spoke to your lawyer today,” Barry says breaking the uncomfortable silence.

Elise hangs her head, “Barry look I’m sorry I-”

“Didn’t mean to,” he says cutting her off, “I know, I heard.” Barry looks up at her, eyes watering fighting back tears.  She was clearly feeling guilty, her behavior had been less than stellar, her full lips pouted as she continued to stare down unsure of what to do or say.  She’d skipped makeup today, which was fine with Barry, it covered her natural beauty.  She and Barry met on St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, it was like a ginger-fest in that bar, but of all the lookers, Barry spotted her.  

He took a moment, taking in all of her features.  As his sex-focused mind processed the beauty in front of him, he couldn’t help but remember how much of Elise’s likeness Rori had.  Adorable round faces, high cheekbones, saying Elise had aged well was an understatement.  She had the kind of face that got carded for liquor well into her late 20’s, people used to always comment on how she still looked like a teenager; and of course, the freckles.  Both their glorious faces were peppered with freckles, and that seemed to be to connect the dots in Barry’s brain that ignite the sex drive that he’d been working so hard to repress.  

“Barry listen I just think that-” he never gives her the chance to finish that thought as he rises from his chair moving around the table quickly gripping the back of Elise’s head and pressing his lips onto hers.

He slides his tongue between her lips curling his fingers into a ball entrapping her hair and pulling her head back and moving his mouth down to her neck.  She was beyond confused by his sudden and erratic behavior but he was so passionate, in a way he hadn’t been in some time, that she took a moment before objecting. Her hands fly between them halting Barry’s advance.

“No,” she says abruptly, her instincts taking over.  It wasn’t that she didn’t find Barry sexy or that she lacked the desire to be with him because she longed to feel the passion that had left their marriage after Rori’s death.  The real problem was:


Elise’s bum was forced into the cheap mattress, the posters of half-naked women that lined the walls stared at her judging her behavior.  The sounds of ESPN drowned out their hushed moans as Wade slid 10 inches of thick black cock into Elise. Her back arched as his hand slid under her lifting her ecstasy riddled body from the lofted twin bed.  Elise marveled in his strength, he was unlike any guy she’d ever been with.  His former glory came as a high school and college football star until he blew out his knee.  He was just about to drop out of school when he was coerced into auditioning for the spring’s rendition of Neil Simon’s Rumors. He was stunning, captivating his size gave him a presence that could only work to his advantage, also, being in peak physical shape didn’t hurt either.

His performance talent was undeniable, though she hadn’t much cared for him as a student. He was talented but lazy, constantly challenged her in front of the class and his constant arguing of grades was beyond the pale.  However, nearly twice a week for two months, she’d excuse herself early from the deans’ meetings, citing an important session that she couldn’t miss.  Most assumed she meant therapy, and in a way, they weren’t wrong, she’d been given a fair amount of leeway since Rori’s death. Her superiors never imagined she was using the time to let a student have his way with her.  

They were fortunate, most of the theatre students ate their lunch at the theater, and because dorms were grouped by major that meant both of them could, for the most part, travel to and from their rendezvous without fear of discovery.  However, being a dean of theatre at one of California’s premier liberal arts schools afforded Elise certain perks.  Like the keys to the tunnels that run under the entire campus, built during WW2 the school rarely ever used them or checked them.  

Wade lifts his hips high, his large hands spreading the Dean’s creamy thighs, sliding himself inside of her, he was known to be a tease, allowing his head to slide inside he could feel her hips buck in anticipation of her little hole being filled. Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed his girth, however, he watched intently, pulling himself out and running his head around her clit, watching the near 40-year-old MILF writhe at his touch.  Her hips squirmed, causing the ratty old bed to squeak as she wiggles her hips trying to find the throbbing cock that had caused her a great many orgasms. “I think we should talk about the grade I got on the Othello criticism.” He said cock in hand teasing her swollen clit so much that her legs begin to shake.

“That….ohhh.” she says as her juices leak down to the scratchy plaid sheets, “that grade was more than fair Wade,” she moans as her hands press into the bed, trying to lift her ass up higher practically demanding to be filled.  

His head begins to part her pussy lips as he pushes forward. “B+?” He says letting his first two inches open her wide.  His thick veiny cock teasing her with only a modicum of its ability. “I think that paper was an A,” he says driving into her letting 6 inches fill her.  Her full lips stretching to accommodate his girth, her juices coating his thick cock, she looks down watching herself coat the young stud who continues to tease her.

“That, was not an A,” Elise says, “Your syntax was sloppy and you didn’t support-” Wade had heard enough, he drives the remaining 4 inches into Elise’s dripping pussy, soft sloshing sounds fill the room, as he pulls back out and again delivers all 10 inches at once sending Elise into a chorus of moans.

“I said,” he begins grinding into her, “that paper,” he continues his hand finding her throat.  “Was an A,” he emphasizes by again pulling out only to fill her again. Elise’s eyes roll back in her head as she nods in agreement only caring about the orgasm that is on the horizon. He sets a steady pace feeling her muscles clench around him, knowing that she is nearing orgasm.  Without warning he releases her throat, throwing her legs aside and completely removing his cock from her.  She looked down, stunned with wanton eyes her lips quiver as she feels the potential orgasm start to slip away.

“It’s an A, it’s an A,” she coos willing to say anything to have the full feeling that was only seconds ago driving her wild back between her lips.  

“That’s better,” Wade says, his large arms flipping the dean onto her stomach, and mounting her.  His legs bracket hers, making sure her little hole is nice and tight for him, he slides his cock back between her soaking lips. “Tell me you love it,” he growls into her ear.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” Elise moans as her mouth is open, tongue out, unable to control herself as Wade begins pounding into her “I f-f-fucking love it,” she whines.  Every inch of his 205 lb. frame forcing her into the tawdry mattress that only a day earlier supported a girl from his history class in the same way.  “Oh god Wade, oh goooooooooood,” her hand reaches behind his body, wanting to pull him further into her, his hips hammered into Elise, her legs splayed wide, gladly accepting the carnal punishment. “OHHHH SHIIIIITTTT,” She howls. Her little walls convulsing around the monster that invades them. He feels her body twitch in response knowing she was thoroughly satiated.  She pushes her hands into the bed giving her just enough purchase to thrust her little hole as Wade pounded her.  

“Yes….FUCK!” she moans gritting her teeth her body demanding more, she leans forward interlocking her hands around Wade’s head looking him in the eye as she demands. “HARDER!” Wade wastes no time as he puts all those years in the gym to good use. “UGH! UGH UGHHHHHH!” Elise moans as Wade’s blunt force sends her over the edge. “YASSSS!” she howls as her cream coats his dark cock.  Slowly she begins to come down from another mind-blowing orgasm However, Wade wasn’t done.  “Ohhhh, ahhhhh” she moans as he quickly pulls himself from her throbbing hole and raises his hips just enough to position his throbbing head at her sphincter.

“Wade, no! Wai-” the massive paw that he called a hand covers her mouth before she can object.

“I’m pretty sure the Hamlet reading I did this week was an A too?” he says as if it was a question.  Elise adamantly nods as her little cheeks squeeze together instinctively but its too late, Wade’s body lowers, sinking inch after inch into Elise’s bowels.  Her scream is muffled by his hand.  She’d tried anal with him once before and while he loved every second of it, she spent a majority of the time in agonizing pain.  This was no different as his cock felt like a searing rod being jammed somewhere very tender.  She writhed and wiggled but his weight was more than enough to pin her to the bed as his hips met her ass.  With ten inches deep he grunted as he explored her asshole with the same intensity, he ravaged her pussy with.

He reaches his top speed in no time intent on emptying his balls inside her ass. The lofted bed repeatedly slams into the cinderblock wall each time Wade hits Elise’s full depth of Elise’s tight hole, sending waves pain through her brain.  Tears swelled in her eyes as her thick legs kick under the massive student, he wraps his other arm around her upper body ensuring she stays right where she is, vulnerable and helpless. “Fuck yea, FUCK YES, Dean Turing, FUCKING DEAN TURRRRIINNNNNGGGGGG!”

She hated that he called her dean when he came but she was too wrapped up in her own discomfort to do anything about it. Her little asshole was on fire and he was slowly smothering her as his orgasm overrode his sensibilities.  She felt his cock twitch multiple times as he grunted pumping her ass full as he repeatedly rammed as much of himself as he could into her.  She wasn’t big on letting him cum inside her, but it was just one of the many arguments she lost at the tip of his cock. He collapsed onto her, spent, she could feel his cum leaking from her ass, down her pussy lips, and onto her thighs. Neither of them speaks as they both lay in the orgasmic, and for Elise somewhat painful afterglow of their scandalous behavior.

It wasn’t until she heard the voices of other students that her heart dropped, grunting as she struggled to get out from under the oaf whose cock was still buried deep in her.  She spun the Walmart brand alarm clock on his nightstand around. “OH SHIT!” she says softly elbowing Wade as she was otherwise trapped under him. “Oh my god, oh my god,” as Wade partially rolls over Elise is freed and hops from the bed. She looks into the mirror aghast, her mascara ran during her thorough buggering, she grabbed a towel from the bed, and a bottle of water from the mini-fridge and proceeded to remove what was left of her makeup. She quickly pulled her pencil skirt and panties on the lace fabric doing nothing to soak up Wade’s remaining juices. She clinches her ass cheeks to prevent the embarrassment of cum running from her ravaged hole and down her leg as she left.  

Elise runs her fingers through her ‘I just let a student fuck me in the ass’ hair as she quietly opened the door to the hall. There were students everywhere as they had overslept their window to make a shameless escape.  She was mortified at the thought of students seeing her slinking from the room of one of their peers. She grabs the now empty bottle of water throwing it at Wade who was quickly on his way back asleep she hisses at him to get up and create a distraction.  Begrudgingly he obliged throwing on a pair of old sweat pants and a T-shirt he makes his way to the door planting a hard slap on Elise’s ass. Her little cheeks jiggle then clinch holding onto Wade’s earlier deposit as she does her level best to keep her dignity.  

“Anybody else fucking hungry?” Wade exclaims loudly as he enters the hall.  A refrain of affirmation fills the hall as the few remaining students who didn’t follow Wade’s lead to the hall vacated to their rooms allowing Elise a way out that permitted her to keep both her poise and her job.


“Can we not?!” Elise interjects, her ass cheeks still squeezing tightly in a dire attempt to keep Wade’s cum from spilling through her pencil skirt and onto the chair.  “It has just been a really long day and,” she pauses knowing she can’t tell him the truth, “I’m just really sore,” she says, which wasn’t entirely false.  

Barry backs away from his wife, his throbbing cock pressing against the tight denim, he was amazed she could still remain so distant.  It had been weeks since they’d had sex.  As he returns to his chair, he is somewhat embarrassed by his behavior, “Yea, I’m gonna head to the garage, I’ve um, I’ve got a weeks’ worth of reports just sitting on my desk.” He presses away from the table abruptly, Elise kicking herself for having missed an opportunity to reconnect with Barry.  Watching her husband quietly slink away from the table and out the sliding doors leading to the backyard and toward the garage.  She places her face in her hands lamenting many of today’s decisions.   Unfortunately, she also loses the last bit of focus, suddenly feeling a wet spot from Wade’s cum that she couldn’t hold in any longer.  Standing and looking behind her, she sees a dark stain on her baby blue pencil skirt, “BLOODY HELL!” she exclaims storming from the table.
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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 5 - The Four Hours in Maricopa Valley
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2019, 06:02:12 AM »
So god forbid Barry tries to ease the pain of their daughter's death for them but it's totally acceptable you let a black student to violate the sanctity of their marriage to get an easy "A" or should that Laid? Merit given!

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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 5 - The Four Hours in Maricopa Valley
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2019, 01:00:39 AM »
So god forbid Barry tries to ease the pain of their daughter's death for them but it's totally acceptable you let a black student to violate the sanctity of their marriage to get an easy "A" or should that Laid? Merit given!

You seem kinda worked up about this Wade situation...I'm sure chapter 6 wont bother you at all :) :) :)
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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 5 - The Four Hours in Maricopa Valley
« Reply #3 on: October 20, 2019, 02:17:49 AM »
This story continues to deliver. I love the way you're mixing it up and creating moral ambiguity, as well as the marital tension. I can only assume Barry still needs release and has just the right instrument. Great work
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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 5 - The Four Hours in Maricopa Valley
« Reply #4 on: April 25, 2020, 09:00:24 AM »
And now I need to try and figure out why I like Elise better than I did before, now that I know that she is the kind of teacher who trades sex for grades, the kind of wife that cheats on her husband, and  the kind of woman who will let a young stud rape her up  the ass and do nothing about it ... NOT that the situation she has gotten herself into gives her a whole lot of options in that  regard ... so I should probably give her a pass on that one. 

Writer wise I love this plot twist.  To top it off, that was one of the best written sex scenes I can remember reading, and I thought the stain on the dress at the end was a lovely touch. 
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