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Author Topic: I LEFT MY....WELL EVERYTHING IN SAN FRANSISCO  (Read 9397 times)

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« Reply #105 on: April 24, 2020, 04:02:28 PM »

lol good point.  Do please continue good Sir.

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GRENDEL - AS YOU WISH emot_rotf.gif


The Stranger had her sit back down Jessica Brown in on one of the chairs in her kitchen, legs spread wide apart, exposing her pussy and embarrassing her, when the Stranger ordered

“Call Rhea and ask her to down come here.”

Looking at him with horror in her eyes, she called “Rhea, could you come here for a moment?”

They heard “OK Mom” and the sound of footsteps on the stairs. Rhea came into the room, then froze in shock as she saw her mother sitting there naked, her legs spread widely apart.

She looked at the Stranger, clearly confused. She was dressed for work in a navy jacket and skirt.

“Don’t say anything, just listen” he ordered. “You have been given a drug which makes you do everything I tell you to. You will obey any orders I give you and you must not make any loud noises, and you have to do everything I tell you, and that you are not to move except to obey me.”

She KNEW he was telling the truth, and she asked in a nervous whisper, “What do you want?”

“I want to know all about you Rhea” and the dark haired teen watched perplexed as the older man stepped up and kissed her on the lips. Her lips were soft but unresponsive. It was like kissing a mannequin.

She looked in a panic at her naked mother as he broke the intimate kiss and said “Yeah, I want to learn all about all of you. I want to know all about your hot little bodies. How big your tits are, and see your naked pussies, and your asses, and see what color of hair you have between your legs. Oh, yeah, I like those sexy legs of yours. Yes, Rhea, it’s time you and I got to be better acquainted with each other.”

While he was talking to her, he gently stroked her cheek with a single finger. He was looking right into her innocent blue eyes, fascinated by the way they widened as he drew his finger over her lips, down her chin and neck and on down her front to trace the outline of her left breast through several layers of clothing.

The Stranger said “I want to see you naked like mom” as he felt the innocent girl quiver when he touched her breast and he couldn’t help but grin as he reached up and pushed her jacket off her shoulders and began tugging it down her limp, passive arms. Under the navy jacket she wore a sleeveless white blouse tucked into her navy blue skirt.

Her legs were shaking as he reached for the top button of her blouse. Never taking his eyes off of hers, he undid the first button, and was thrilled to see her growing fear suddenly flare into wild panic.

Rhea knew she was going to be undressed, that a guy, a much older guy, was taking off her clothes, and there was not a thing she could do about it! She blushed at the idea of being naked before a man for the first time. And Mr. Smith would NEVER be her choice.

“I am going to ask you some questions, Rhea” he said to the blushing teen, and you HAVE to tell me the truth. Nod if you understand.”

Rhea found, strangely, that she couldn’t move except to nod her head. She wanted to scream for him to leave her alone, but she seemed incapable of that either.

“OK, Rhea, I am your friend and you can talk to me, you can be honest with me about everything. Have you ever kissed a boy?”

She looked confused and embarrassed as she answered “ Yes, my boyfriend Rod and I have made out a few times.”

“And has he ever felt you up?”  She blushed bright pink, looking at her mother nervously and then lowered her head, avoiding eye contact.

“Rod likes to touch my breasts when we make out, but I haven’t let him take off my blouse or anything like that but the last time, he… he put his hand under my blouse, and he squeezed my breast through my bra.” Her face was as red as her sister’s hair.

The Stranger was pleased. “So, he’s never really touched your bare breasts, just touched you through your shirt and through your bra?”

Rhea squirmed nervously, “Yeah … through my shirt ... and my bra … but this is embarrassing, can we talk about something else?”

“No, Rhea, remember I’m your friend and you don’t get embarrassed talking to me. You can talk to me about anything. So has ANYONE seen your naked tits?”

She frowned at the word “tits” but she shook her head and  whispered, “No”, but you’re right” remembering that he was her friend, and she could talk to him about anything.

The Stranger continued, “That’s right, Rhea, so tell me, have you done anything more than make out with Rod? Have you ever let him touch your butt? Or have you ever let him touch you between your legs?”

Her head came up. “No way! Maybe I’ve let him touch my leg a couple times, but NEVER between my legs” she said primly. At least, not yet. Her head went back down, “But I think he’s going to be the one, maybe on Grad Night”

The Stranger doubted that she’d still be a virgin by Grad Night. In fact, he’d bet on it.

Rhea watched, frozen and unbelieving, silent as he patiently continued working open the buttons down the front of her blouse, opening each button until he pulled it out and free of her skirt.

Mrs. Brown watched wide-eyed but not protest as she watched Mr. Brown undressing her daughter.

“Mr. Smith!” Rhea squealed softly as he pushed the loose blouse back off her shoulders and dragged it down her loose, dangling arms, exposing her bra.

Rhea Brown in just her brassiere was an inspirational sight, and his cock responded with a surge of lust stiffening his already achingly hard erection.

The bra was made of some thin clinging fabric, the silky cups snugly cupping her slim chest. The Stranger could see the girl’s stiffening nipples through the thin white cups.The thought flashed through his mind that her underwear was surprisingly sexy for a virgin.

“Oh” she gasped as he stepped behind her to grasp the tiny catch, work it open, and let the tight bra spring free to dangle loosely from her shoulders. He slipped down the straps off her shoulders, then pulled the bra free and dropped it, letting it fall to join the growing pile of clothes on the kitchen floor, and uncovering a very pretty pair of pert breasts, sloping gently, with tautly rounded undercurves. Rhea Brown’s nipples were small hard nubbins, protruding like tiny pebbles from well-defined disks of pink areola.

She stared ahead silent as Mr. Smith stood in front of her grinning at her exposed breasts rise and fall in rapid undulations as her breathing quickened.

Why was she calmly letting this guy undress her? But she seemed unable to do anything but stand there, watching helplessly as he plucked a nipple between his fingers and tugged gently, rolling the fleshy nub between his thumb and forefinger.

He heard a tiny hiss as her lips fell open and she took a deep shivering gasp of air. Her body was responding instinctively, reacting to forces more primal, and even stronger, than those induced by the powerful drug.

“Nice tits, Rhea!” he couldn’t help but compliment her as he tugged on her perky nipple. He eased the fingertips of his cupped hand under her right breast and bounced her soft mound up and down a few times enjoying its springy, taut wobble. He rubbed his thumb over the nipple that was already stiffening with the first blush of arousal, hardening into a stiff bud.

With his hand cupping her breast, he ordered her to kiss him again, giving her tit a gentle squeeze. And because her lips were moist and parted, the kiss was more responsive.

He put his arm around her bare shoulders and pulled her into an embrace. And when they broke apart, her breathing was fast and deep. A shiver ran through her shoulders.

Looking her right in the eye, and giving her a naughty grin, he placed both hands on her tits and enjoyed himself by feeling her up, fondling the nervous, inexperienced girl as she stood, now topless.

Rhea was flushed and a light sheen of sweat had broken out on her forehead. Her breasts were warm and moist, and delightfully springy and the Stranger sampled the soft silky texture of Rhea’s tits, palming them up and down, then cupped those soft, pliant mounds, all the while watching her face closely.

Her eyes remained embarrassed as she stared ahead, but she was breathing through her opened mouth and he saw that her eyes were half–closed as he felt her up, seeing that she was definitely getting aroused, no doubt a new sensation for the young virgin, but her healthy female body was instinctively responding to her first real male attention.

“Are you having a good time, Rhea?” he asked as he rolled the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He wondered if she understood exactly what he intended to do.

Chuckling, he moved to her hips to find the zipper at the side of her skirt and he tugged it open and pushed her skirt down her pantyhose-clad hips.

 Rhea stood, painfully aware that she was almost naked, still wearing her pantyhose. Under the sheer nylon he could see she wore a pair of white, low rise panties banding her hips.

Her fallen skirt was ringing her ankles, half-hiding the white socks and sneakers that peeked out below.

“Ohhhh… Mr. Smith, please” she moaned as he placed his hands on her hips and hooked his fingers in the thin elastic waistband of the pantyhose and began peeling the clingy nylon down, tugging it down her thighs baring those long slender legs to leave the tangled pantyhose with the crumpled skirt around her ankles.

“I…I have to go to w…work” she pleaded softly as she stood before him naked, but for a pair of sheer white panties made of the same slick fabric as her bra. He could vaguely see her bush through the thin fabric.

The Stranger ignored her impatient now to see the young girl’s virgin pussy unveiled!

“Ugghhh” she groaned as his hands went to the waistband of her panties and he saw a silent scream well up in her eyes as she felt her thin underpants being peeled down her hips.

Her teenage, virgin pussy came into view, a softly sloping mound, lightly furred with thin dark pubic hair, wispy curls of the same color as the hair on her head.

The Stranger drew the panties down her legs and stepped back to study the naked teenager who stood at attention in front of him and her equally naked mother with her panties circling her ankles.

The young virgin gasped and jerked as he brought his hand up, pressing into the soft folds of flesh between her slightly-parted legs, finding her pussy surprisingly slick and wet.

He began palming the gentle mound of her dark furred vulva, while his fingers explored her wetness and the heat between her legs.

The Stranger looked deep into her dazed, embarrassed  eyes as he fingered the helpless girl’s crease, watching intently, curious to see her reactions as he worked her up, slowly raising her arousal level to the fever pitch of climax.

Her jaw dropped open and her eyes were half-lidded as she quivered, then swayed unsteadily on her feet.

He checked her wetness by rubbing his fingers together and then he brought them up to press them to her nose forcing her to inhale the smell of her own aroused sex. He pressed his wet fingers over her pursed lips, making her gasp in shame.

Then he went back to work masturbating the innocent girl and her eyes fluttered closed, humiliated as he worked his teasing fingers over her moist warm flesh, palming the soft folds, rubbing the slick lips with probing fingers.

And when his stiff middle finger slipped it up inside her well-lubricated pussy and met an obstruction. Her hymen was intact. He couldn’t believe she was a virgin, but she confirmed it.

She told him that she had promised herself not to have sex until she was married.

He told the blushing Rhea that as a wife, she might get to decide when she had sex with her husband, but as his slave, HE would decide where, when, and how she would have sex and with whom.” She went pale hearing that and her knees buckled, and her body trembled.

She was leaning onto his hand as he jiggled his wrist to rub her emerging clit, the first person other than herself, to touch her there, arousing her, forcing her to accept the pleasure her body would not let her mind deny.

He had her sit at the kitchen table next to her mother, both of them sitting with their legs wide apart.

“I want you both to continue to finger your pussies while I go check on Britney” and was amused by their shocked expressions as both, nonetheless, began stroking and rubbing their pussies.

He went to the foot of the stairs and called out “Britney, could you come here a second, and moments later she came down the stairs, an annoyed look on her face.

“Yeah? What do you want” she asked, impatient. He’d always thought her a mean and stuck-up little cunt, but today, she’d get her attitude adjusted.

“Britney” he instructed her firmly, “you need to understand that from now on, you’ll obey any orders I give you and you won’t make any loud noises, and you will feel compelled to willingly do exactly as I tell you to do, Britney, do you understand?”

She gasped out, “Yeah … yeah …what the fuck  … but you can’t fucking be serious …”

The Stranger interrupted her with, “Come over here to stand in front of me, Britney.”

She sputtered, “How the fuck are you … Fuck you …” as she unthinkingly moved to stand in front of him. How the Hell was this happening?

He held my hands out, as if playing with a girl’s breasts, and said, “Britney, I want play with your tits. Do you think you could help me and put your breasts in my hands?” As her breasts moved forward, she sputtered, “Fuck … ah ... fuck … ah ... ah ...” and then her breasts were in his hands.

The stranger stood there, staring at Britney’s face, and she stood there, staring back, mad as hell, but passively letting him play with her small breasts. suddenly frowned and turned away, but he said, “I didn’t tell you to do that, did I? You WILL cooperate with me?”

She moaned as she turned back and he studied her face. Britney was really beautiful, if only she wasn’t such a bitch-slut. Well, from now on, Britney was going to be much nicer, especially to him.

He had decided to fuck Britney first because she was such a bitch, and probably not a virgin like her sister Rhea, and he told her that she was free to express herself, but that she HAD to obey his orders and would not be able resist doing what he told her.

He ordered her to lead him back to her bedroom, and she nervously obeyed, and the stranger enjoyed her swaying ass as she led him up to her private space, unhappy with the unwanted intimacy. Her obvious reluctance only made it better for him.

My God, she thought dismayed. “Mr. Smith” was old enough to be her father, and she sensed what he wanted, and she was right. The stranger wanted to fuck her on her own bed, and he was already picturing the thin redhead naked

The stranger looked at the nervous and confused teenager and said, “I want you to kiss me, Britney, a really nice, mouth to mouth kiss. And I’m ordering you to do it, so you have no choice but to obey me.”

She sputtered, “n ... no ...” but her lips moved to his and she kissed him deeply for few seconds, then she pulled away, muttering “you…asshole.”

The Stranger grinned, amused by her annoyance, then he said, “I think I’d like a French kiss ... with a little tongue action. Let’s make that an order. French kiss me Britney.”

She groaned, “Ah ... ah ... fuck,” but her lips moved up to his, and she unhappily opened her mouth wide. He played with her tongue for a minute, then heard, “Fuck you, … you... you ... fucking asshole!”

The Stranger grinned at her helpless outrage and he laughed, “I think I’ll take off all your clothes, Britney. I want to see you naked and I want you to help me. Once you’re naked, I think it will be me that  fucks YOU, Britney.”

He held her out at arm’s length and took a better look at what she was wearing. She was wearing a plain, white, sleeveless, V-neck tee shirt and some faded denim Jeans shorts. She was already barefoot.

Britney just stared at him in disbelief. There was no way he could make her undress, was there? She was astonished as he said “Arms up over your head, and bend forward, so I can take off your top.”

Astonished, Britney obeyed and lifted her arms up and leaned forward. The stranger could see down the front of the shirt and saw medium sized tits in a thin white bra. He grabbed her shirt by the bottom and turned it inside-out as he pulled it over her head.

Britney’s tits were encased in a thin, white nylon bra, edged in lace and as she lowered her arms and straightened up, he told her, “That’s a cute bra, Britney, but I think I’ll like it better once I take it off you.”

She blushed beet red, her defiance evaporating as she realized how helpless she was, totally under his control.

“So Britney” the Stranger chuckled, “what do you think YOU can do to assist me, to help me take it off?” She started whimpering as she unwillingly stepped forward, “Wait ... uh ...

Please Mr. Smith…you can’t ... uh ... Pleeeeasse”

She took a step closer and, suppressing a sob turned around so that her back, and the hooks of her bra, faced him. She shuddered, and moaned “Ohhhhh” as he unhooked her bra, slid the straps off her shoulders, turned her limply around to face him, pulled the straps down her arms, the cups falling away to bare her breasts, then dropped her bra on the floor, and looked at Britney’s pert, now naked breasts.

They weren’t nearly as big as Rhea’s, but he was pleasantly surprised to see that her nipples were bigger than Rhea’s. Her breasts were fairly small mounds, with raspberry size nipples. He put his hands out again, playing with imaginary breasts.

Britney looked at his hands, blushed bright pink and groaned, “Fuck this,” but moved her breasts back into his hands. Her breasts felt great, or maybe it was knowing that this bitch-slut had to help him play with her tits that felt so great.

The Stranger stood there playing with her breasts, looking into her bright green eyes, and heard her hate and frustration as she moaned “Mr. Smith ... you …you’re such a fucking ass”

Grinning, he unbuttoned and unzipped her Jeans shorts, turned her around, and kept his fingers on her stomach, playing with her bellybutton, and then started sliding one hand further down inside her loose shorts while the other hand slid up her torso, her skin soft and smooth as he cupped her left breast.

His hand closed around, and her breast felt soft on the outside, but it was firm inside. As he moved over her breast, he felt her nipple and started to gently rub and squeeze it.

She gasped, “Oh ... yeah ... uh ... I’ll obey you... I have to ...  I am going to obey you ... I’ll obey you… for the rest of my life?”

As his other hand slid down inside her panties, he could see the sparse triangle below her stomach, and he could feel that it was soft and curly. He moved lower between her legs and didn’t feel anything more than a damp crease, but when he had her open her legs wider apart, he could feel two soft lips inside that crease, and folds of soft skin where they met.

He pushed her loose shorts and down to her ankles and had her step out of her shorts. She now wore only white cotton bikini underpants. He looked down at her ass. It was a bit small, but he was glad to see it was round, instead of flat. He thought it amusing that a slut like Britney wore such modest underthings while her virgin sister wore much sexier undies.

Britney groaned as he hooked his thumbs into the waist of her panties, pulled them down, and had her step free of them. Her pubic hair was copper-colored, and he ran his fingers through her thin nest of red hairs. It felt even softer and smoother than Rhea’s. Britney’s pubic hair felt as soft as a cat’s fur. He guessed that was why it was called a pussy.

He pulled his hand back and looked over the back side of her body, from her hair to her toes. Her shoulders were slightly round, but they were fine. Her backside was nice and firm, and he grabbed her ass with both hands, just to check it out.

She squealed, “Oh,” and squirmed a few times, then stopped. He could see her hands kept opening and closing, and her head kept moving nervously from side to side.

It was obvious Britney was looking around worried, nervous at being seen naked, but he didn’t know what she expected to see. She wasn’t going to see anyone. The only other people in the house were her sister and mother, waiting for him in the kitchen, both already naked. He checked out her ass. It was small and round, and like Rhea’s ass, and like hers, it felt very soft on the outside, but hard on the inside.

Britney looked good from the back, but he wanted to check out her front, so he had her turn around, and checked out the front of her body. Her breasts looked good and felt great.

Her areolas and nipples were a very light pink. Her nipples were pointed slightly upwards, a bit thicker than his finger, with a little dimple in the middle of each nipple’s tip, and they were now fully erect.

He lowered his gaze. Britney had what you might call slim hips, but they went with her small, tight ass. She had a smooth, flat stomach, and light, rust-colored pubic hair.

As he took a closer look at her sparse bush of pubic hair, it was obvious she had less than Rhea or her mother, and he could sort of see through it. It was easy to see the start of her cunt, right through her pubic hair.

He asked Britney if she trimmed it. She whined, “You want to know if I trim my fucking pussy hair?” He told her to answer him honestly and asked her again. This time, face red she whined, “I…I just use a pair of scissors, to trim my bush a little, and I …sh… shave around the edges.”

He heard her embarrassed sobs, but he noticed that there weren’t any tears. He had her remove her shoes and socks and stand up, now totally naked, and taking her hand, guided her down the stairs.

The Stranger led a reluctant and embarrassed Britney into the main hall, when there was a knock on the front door, and to Britney’s panicked distress, the Stranger opened the door wide. A slim, dark man stood in the doorway. He wore a red t shirt and a pair of black jeans and held a rake. Oh good, it was Jose, the gardener the Stranger thought smiling.

Britney’s eyes leapt to Mr. Smith, the rest of her body still frozen in shock, and she saw a slow grin spreading across his face. He’d known! He’d known the gardener would be at the door, and he’d opened the door anyway!

For a long, frozen moment they all stood perfectly still. The Stranger stood casual and smiling at the surprised Jose. Britney was so shocked and mortified that she hadn’t even lifted her hands to cover herself. The small, dark gardener, Jose, stood staring open-mouthed at the naked, blushing Britney.

Blushing almost as red as Britney, he began apologizing in softly accented English. Jose backed toward the door, still apologizing and carefully not looking at Britney, who was trying to cover her breasts with her hands, her head hanging forward so that her hair covered her face, hiding her blush of shame.

“It’s all right, Jose,” The Stranger said his voice betraying amusement. “You can look at her if you like.”

Britney gasped, but a sharp look from The Stranger silenced her. The small, slim gardener stood in the doorway looking from one to the other. “I beg your pardon?” The soft Hispanic voice was full of confusion.

“Don’t you think little Britney here is pretty?”

Jose glanced at Britney as if for confirmation. She stood with her hands covering her breasts, head bowed. “Yes, Senor, she is very beautiful.”

“Britney. Come here.” She timidly walked over to stand next to him, head down and hands still at her breasts.

“Now Britney, stand up straight so that Jose here can see you clearly.”

She whimpered, then took a deep breath and dropped her hands to her sides. Slowly she lifted her chin and straightened her shoulders. Her cheeks were pink, but she shook her hair out of her face and met Jose’s appreciative gaze.

“What do you think? Do you like her body?”

“She is a very sexy young woman, Senor.” The small man’s voice was still respectful, but a slightly predatory gleam had crept into his eyes.

“You like her tits? Small but nice don’t you think? And firm.” Britney bit her bottom lip to keep another whimper from escaping. Why was she enduring this. Why had she allowed him to undress her?

Jose’s smile was openly lascivious now as he let his gaze roam slowly over the small redhead’s naked body. “Very nice, Senor” he agreed.

“Would you like to feel her tits?” he asked, and it was a contest over who, Jose or Britney, was more shocked and surprised.

“Senor!?” The man sounded genuinely shocked. Britney noticed with shame that a large bulge had developed at the crotch of his jeans.

“Well, would you? Britney wouldn’t mind, would you?” Britney swallowed hard before answering.

“No, I...I wouldn’t mind.” WHY had she said that?

Jose took a few hesitant steps toward Britney, glanced once at The Stranger, then walked more confidently forward until he faced the trembling girl, only inches separating them.

One hand lifted to cup her left breast in a hot palm. She flinched instinctively, but her nipples immediately tightened and darkened at his touch. Jose glanced over at The Stranger, and at the taller man’s nod lifted the other hand and squeezed gently at both her firm breasts.

“She likes having her nipples pinched” the Stranger suggested wickedly and Britney gasped, but at The Stranger’ warning look and Jose’s inquiring one, she swallowed and nodded miserably. The callused fingers moved down to lightly brush her nipples, then tweaked viciously.

She moaned in pain and humiliation, her clit throbbing rhythmically. A quick, feral grin crossed Jose’s face at her moans, and he pinched even harder, twisting the small tight nipples in opposite directions.

Surely, she would die from humiliation, Britney thought, the pain and pleasure and utter shame was just too much as his fingers twisted and tugged her nipples, then he squeezed her small breasts hard enough to leave marks on her pale skin, and she groaned in both shame and arousal.

Jose was breathing harder now, hot breaths against her reddening cheek, and suddenly he grabbed both her nipples and tugged them hard enough that she lost her balance and stumbled against him with a little cry of dismay.

His cock was rock hard inside his jeans, she felt it pressed against her lower stomach for a moment until she regained her balance. She stepped away quickly, her eyes lowered in confusion.

“All right, Britney. We’ve got other things to do, but I think you should thank Jose before we go.” The Stranger smiled encouragingly at her.

Keeping her eyes lowered, Britney obediently murmured, “Thank you, Jose.” Anything to get out of here, she thought desperately. If only she could just gather up her clothes, flee to her bedroom and make this all not real. It was real, though. Her nipples still burned and tingled, and her clit had swollen into a hard, stiff nub.

Jose nodded, beginning to turn away, but then The Stranger spoke up again. “Oh, I’m disappointed in you, Britney. Surely a little slut like you can think of a better way to thank Jose than that.”

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lol I wondered how far he was going to go with that :)

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Grendel's Tales

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Grendel...There are tips, and then there are TIPS, when you tip the gardener.


As Jose nodded and began turn away, the Stranger spoke up again. “Oh, I’m disappointed in you, Britney. Surely a little slut like you can think of a better way to thank Jose than that.”

Shocked at his cruel words, Britney blushed beet red as she stared at Mr. Smith, her eyes wide and blank. What did he mean? She had no idea. Did he want her to bow to Jose or something?

She shook her head slowly, not in disagreement but in confusion. The Stranger looked at her for a moment, then he grinned and he stood up.

“That’s right. You forget what a little slut you are. You LIKE being a slut and are aroused by it. I’m sure I don’t have to teach you the proper way to thank a man.” He walked over to stand behind her, his hands resting on the smooth flesh of her shoulders.

The shock of his warm hands on her bare skin made Britney weak. For a split second, she was aware only of his touch, of the faint waves of heat his body put off against her back.

In that moment she realized how much she wanted Mr. Smith and knew that however much she might blush or weep or refuse, she loved what he was being done to her, LIKED being treated like a slut and wanted it to go on forever. It made NO sense, but it was how she felt.

Then his hands began slowly pressing her down. “Down on your knees, Britney.” Still astonished at the revelation that she rather loved being a toy for this man, Britney sank to her knees without really even noticing.

The Stranger laid both hands gently on her shoulders. “Good girl. Now reach up and unsnap Jose’s jeans.” Jose grinned widely and took a half step closer to the kneeling girl, but she gasped and shrank away, finally realizing what The Stranger wanted her to do.

She wouldn’t… She couldn’t… couldn’t take someone’s cock in her mouth. Despite her reputation at school, she’d never done it before, didn’t know how, and anyway it was horrible, something only sluts did. But then her subconscious reminded her…You ARE a slut. No, I’m not another part protested.

She tilted her head back and looked pleadingly at The Stranger, her eyes full of tears. “Please, I...” she swallowed hard. “I can’t.” She wasn’t a virgin, but she wasn’t a slut either. Yes, she was, her mind reminded her.

He smiled and stroked her red hair gently. “Yes, you can. You just never have before. I’ll be right here. Now go ahead and unsnap his jeans. Unless you’d rather do it the other way.”

Britney shook her head and slowly reached up to unfasten Jose’s jeans, two tears slipping down her cheeks. She couldn’t bring herself to look up at that dark grinning face, so she kept her eyes lowered.

“Now unzip them, carefully. You wouldn’t want to accidently get anything caught in the zipper.” Britney’s hands shook as they pulled the tab of the zipper down with a muted ripping sound and peeled the front of the jeans apart. Beneath was a pair of black cotton boxer shorts, the hard length of the cock belying the gardener’s small build.

“Reach in and lift his cock free.” She heard Jose catch his breath as her soft fingers wrapped around his cock. She gently worked the hard shaft out of the fly of his boxer shorts, then gasped when she finally saw it.

His cock was a dark, angry pink, as smooth and hard as marble and topped with a dark purple head the size of a plum. Springing from a nest of black curls, it looked huge to her, thick and hard and far too wide to fit in her small mouth. It was so engorged that it was hot under her fingertips, and she could almost waves of heat radiating from it.

She shrank away and would have flinched back further if it weren’t for Mr. Smith’s legs behind her back, blocking her escape. She tilted her head back to look at him again, face pale.

Her lips shaped the word ‘please’ but no sound came out.

The Stranger’ hands moved gently in her hair, stroking and soothing, but his voice held no hint of softness. “Now open your mouth wide and take the head of his cock between your lips.”

Britney just shook her head. She couldn’t. She wanted to do what The Stranger told her to, but not this. She just couldn’t, no matter how hard she tried.

The Stranger sighed and ordered “Britney, open your mouth and take his cock between your lips.” Despite knowing there was no way she would do such a gross thing, Britney felt her lips part and her upper body leaned forward, small breasts dangling, as she slipped the tight circle of her lips around Jose’s cock.

“You know it feels good in your mouth” she heard Mr. Smith say. ”You KNOW you want to suck him off.”

Britney was amazed at how good it DID feel in her mouth. Jose’s knob of flesh was hot and throbbing against her tongue, but the shape was interesting, and she let her tongue lick in a circle around the head, exploring the slightly asymmetrical shape.

Britney heard a smothered moan above her, and a sudden fierce joy filled her knowing that she had caused that! She had made Jose feel so good that he moaned.

Her mind cleared momentarily, and she wondered why she was naked on her knees sucking off the fucking gardener, but then the fog returned.

Her tongue grew bolder, circling rapidly around the head. Using the tip of her tongue, she traced the tiny slit at the end, and was alarmed and delighted to taste something salty and a little sweet seeping from the slit. She flickered her tongue back and forth over it, tasting that tiny drop.

She could hear Jose’s ragged breathing above her, feel Jose’s long fingers tangling in her hair. Dimly recalling some porn movie that she and some girlfriends had rented and giggled over, she began moving back and forth, letting his cock fill her mouth then slowly slip back out.

She was rewarded by another moan, louder this time, and she felt The Jose’s hand tighten encouragingly in her hair. Setting up a smooth, slow rhythm, she took his cock in and out of her mouth, sliding her tongue all along the hot shaft.

The Stranger leaned down and whispered, ‘Good girl. Now try sucking on it. Just gently, as you take it in.’ She did so immediately, applying a little gentle suction as she drew his cock into her mouth. She couldn’t get the whole cock into her mouth at once, so she reached up one hand and curled her fingers around the base of his cock, stroking with her fingers what her mouth could not reach.

Jose’s cock was beginning to throb against her tongue, and when she felt Jose beginning to move her head back and forth with his hands, she let him set up a faster pace, so that she was taking the cock in and out very rapidly, barely having time to move her tongue over it before it was slipping out from her lips.

She could hear Jose gasping and moaning, and all of a sudden, his hips were moving in short, quick thrusts. She wanted to pull away, but his hands held her head still as the cock thrust against the back of her throat, fucking her mouth with those urgent thrusts.

The feel of the head pushing against the back of her throat made her want to gag, but she forced herself not to, tears of strain running down her cheeks. Her whole body was tense and trembling with the effort of remaining still, but somehow, she managed not to pull away.

Then, with a moan, Jose began to cum. Thick, hot liquid spilled into her mouth, trickling from the corners. The taste was rather salty, but not unpleasant, and when her mouth was full, she swallowed easily, licking the head of the rapidly-softening cock clean.

Jose’s hands released her hair and she pulled back, letting his softening cock slip from between her lips. She ran the tip of her pink tongue over her lips, cleaning them, then tilted her head back to look up at The Stranger.

He was smiling down at her. “Now that’s the way to tell a man ‘thank you” and her face turned scarlet with mortification as she saw the grinning gardener tucking away his penis and she realized what she’d done feeling dirty and degraded.

A bit embarrassed, Jose nodded at the Stranger than quickly departed leaving the two of them alone again.


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Looking a bit embarrassed after having his employer’s daughter give him the best blowjob of his life, Jose nodded at the Stranger than quickly departed leaving the two of them alone again.

Taking her arm, the Stranger tugged Britney into the kitchen where the thin redhead stopped, frozen with shock. Her mother and sister were sitting naked in chairs, legs spread wide, eyes closed as they fingered themselves. Their eyes popped open as they heard Mr. Smith and Britney enter the room. They were as shocked to see her naked as she was to see them naked.

“Well” the Stranger said jovially as he looked over the three naked females, “Now that we’re all together, I can explain some of the changes that are going occur.”

Three pairs of eyes looked at him apprehensively.

“First off, I’m moving into the front house. I’ll share a bed with Jess to begin with, but I plan on fucking all three of you on a regular basis.”

All three pairs of eyes went wide in red faces, distress, shame and embarrassment evident. It had a special meaning to Rhea who was still a virgin.

“Next, since none of you are overendowed in the tit department, I see no reason why I should be hindered in my access to your tits, so I want you all to go and bring me all your bras.”

Numbly, almost mechanically, the mother and daughters went to their rooms and returned holding a pile of bras which he had them dump onto the kitchen table.

They stood, naked and red faced as he sorted through their bras. Mostly 34B but several 32Cs which, looking them over, he assumed were Rhea’s. Most were simple white cotton with rear closures, but there were several sheer and lacy bras, and surprisingly one sheer black one with cut-outs for the nipples.

Holding it up, he asked “Whose is this?”

Blushing furiously, Mrs. Brown stammered “Mi…Mine.” She was mortified. Her husband had bought that for her as a gag gift shortly after they’d been married, but she’d never worn it.

She hoped he wouldn’t find the matching crotchless panties.

“I guess still waters do run deep, huh Mrs. Brown” he laughed at her red face. “But that brings up another matter. I can’t keep calling you “Mrs. Brown” now that I own you. It doesn’t seem right. So, Mrs. Brown, what do I call you?”

She frowned, confused “My name is Jessica, but friends call me Jess. I guess you can call me Jess” she said looking down in shame with the realization that she was standing there naked in front of her renter.

“Well we are certain to become much friendlier” he laughed eyeing her nudity and embarrassed, she modestly covered herself with her hands.

“NO” he said sharply, “You will never hide yourself from me.” Looking at Rhea and Britney, he added “None of you. Ever!” Suddenly, all three knew they never would.

“Later, I might change you, so that you love me, but for now taking you against your will excites me, so your obedience is enough…for now.” He let his words sink into their drugged consciousness.

As he stuffed their bras into the garbage, he said “Another thing, I like my cunts clean shaven,

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Mrs. Brown and her daughters stood numbly as “Mr. Smith” explained “Later, I might change you, so that you love me, but for now taking you against your will excites me, so your obedience is enough…for now.” He let his words sink into their drugged consciousness.

As he stuffed their bras into the garbage, he said “Another thing, I like my cunts clean shaven, so that will need to be taken care of soon. For now, I think it would be nice if you cooked us something to eat, Jess, while Britney moved my things over from the back house.”

Jess moved to the refrigerator, while Britney stood unmoving. “Well” the Stranger said impatiently, “Get to it.”

“But…But… I’m naked” she whined.

“Then you’d better be quick” he laughed, opening the door and watching her scamper quickly to the back house, totally nude.

Taking Rhea by her hand, he pulled her up and out of the chair as he said, “Show me to your bedroom” and she apprehensively led him upstairs. Like her sister, Rhea had a sexy ass which he watched appreciatively.

Her room, like Britney’s was a large room with an adjoining bathroom and he asked her “Do you shave your legs” and perplexed, she nodded, confused.

“Bring me your razor, shaving cream or whatever you use, and a few towels. Also scissors if you have them.”

As Rhea moved to obey, she thought scissors? Besides, she’d JUST shaved her legs last night. She returned with a pink disposable razor, a towel, some small scissors and a tube of scented shaving gel. Coconut.

He instructed Rhea to lie on her back in the middle of the bed

Although beautiful and sexy, Rhea was still a virgin, and believed in saving herself for marriage. More serious than her older sister and already working, she was naïve in many ways. Despite her outward appearance Rhea was a novice when it came to sex as she’d been too busy for boys growing up.

The Stranger could not contain his smile as he thought of the effect his drug would have on the innocent virgin. She looked even more alarmed as he ordered her to put her hands up over her head and spread her legs widely apart.

Rhea blushed as she lay in an “X” on the bed, naked before a man for the first time in her life. She was even more embarrassed as she watched Mr. Smith undress in front of her but couldn’t turn away as she looked at her first ever penis, although she had infrequently touched her boyfriend Denny through his jeans. Secretly, lying this exposed was kind of exciting her.

She lay silent, her face burning red in the cool air of her room as she felt the mattress shift and he was settled beside her. She gasped as the man put his hand on her right breast and began to fondle it lewdly.

She gasped more loudly as he squeezed and molded the soft flesh with his fingers. After several long minutes, his hand switched to her left breast and gave it the same treatment.

She was starting to breath quicker, almost panting.

Rhea gave up all thoughts of struggling against him, letting him fondle her breasts. Rhea had resigned herself to the fact that she could not resist him, and she lay frozen unresisting.

With one hand the man tweaked and pulled on her sensitive nipples, each in turn, making her groan as he teased and rolled them between his fingers.

It embarrassed the inexperienced girl that his touch actually starting to feel good, and she desperately tried to ignore it as she lay motionless beside him. Her mind was in another place, keeping her safe from what he was doing to her, that was until she felt the man's warm mouth against her right breast kissing and sucking at her erect nipple.

Rhea had NEVER before let a man suck on her nipples and her face reddened as she realized this man, this stranger, would be her first.

The Stranger kissed and her breasts in a manner that could almost be called tender and her nipples responded, much to her shame. His kisses were light, and his mouth was hot as he used his tongue against her left nipple, feeling it throb as he surrounded it with his lips and saliva.

The whole time the man kissed and mouthed her breasts Kira's eyes were wide open, staring at the ceiling. He looked down at her thinking how much she looked like her mother.
Both had the same well shaped face, they were both quite pretty with the same jet black hair, and pale alabaster skin, like porcelain. Both  had the same pale blue eyes, and both had perky 34B tits.

He watched Rhea’s inner struggle play out in her eyes, but he knew the power of the drugs he’d given her and knew that the innocent virgin had little chance. Her distress was evident, but she did not understand what was happening to her, and why her body was burning up with intense sexual arousal.

He lay beside her his lips still kissing her tits  as his hands found their way down her stomach to her pussy. He parted her legs with his hand again as his finger rubbed up and down along her wet slit.

She gasped as his finger found its way through her dark bush and between her swollen pussy lips and onto her aching clit. He gently circled it with his finger, mimicking the motion of his tongue around her nipple. Her body bucked and she unconsciously lifted her hips to feel more of him, sinfully wanting his finger inside her.

His lips moved from her tits, kissing his way down to her flat belly and lower still until they mingled with the thin dark hairs cresting her mound, and Rhea moaned “Oh God, no. Not there.”

“I see that you don't shave your pubic hair” he mused as he ran his fingers teasingly through her dark bush and lingered when he found her soft but tight cunt lips. The young virgin was trembling with fear and wanted to run away, but she couldn't get her legs to move.

She gasped, blushing scarlet as she heard him murmur softly, "But I still must check for myself."

The Stranger carefully eased his index finger into Rhea's tight virgin pussy. He met instant resistance as she gasped and went rigid. "Ah your hymen is still intact. You HAVE been a good girl." He didn't pull his finger out right away. He gently moved it in a circular motion. His other hand caressed her left leg and ended up squeezing her left butt cheek.

Rhea tried not to squirm under his touch, feeling defiled as he withdrew his finger. It was the first time a hand other than her own had touched her there and she felt her pussy starting to tingle and moisten, another feeling she had never experienced at the hands of another. A tear of humiliation started to run down her cheek. It was going to get worse.

He tugged on her sparse nest of curls between her open legs. He stroked the neatly trimmed dark hairs. "This all has to go. I want your virgin cunt perfectly smooth and defenseless for me."

Now the clueless girl understood why he’d wanted the razor, and her face turned beet red with the knowledge. She squirmed, red faced and moaning, but not resisting as “snick…snick…snick”  he used the scissors to reduce her thatch of dark curls to stubble, her surprisingly plump folds now fully exposed.

He sprayed shaving cream into the palm of his hand and began to rub it onto the top of her denuded mound and Rhea lost all control and she squirmed and started to softly cry at the loss of her feminine hair, begging “No…please….”

Rhea had never shaved herself “down there” before, nor had she ever wanted to, thinking it dirty, or how she’d feel like a hairless pre-pubescent little girl.

With all her squirming, the Stranger knew that even shaving slowly he might cut her. He ordered "Don't move or you will get hurt".

He spread her legs wide apart again and smeared more cream onto her pussy. She’d stopped moving  but continued to plead and, whimper and her breathing was coming more rapidly.

Kristi felt like she couldn't breathe as he slowly shaved away the remains of her pubic hair, each swipe of the razor revealing more naked flesh. His finger teased her clitoris as he shaved around her plump labia, soon as bald as a baby’s.

Rhea couldn't move. She felt like a helpless kitten as her pussy was shaved bare against her will, humiliation making her face flush with embarrassment as her private parts were exposed and fondled for the first time.

“Pleeeeease, Mr. Smith…. Ohhhhh” she moaned.

Bit by bit, the last few hairs were shaved away until she was hairless between her legs, her bush only a memory, her slick cleft fully exposed.

Once she was shaved, a moist cloth to wipe off the excess shaving cream and hair. She was clean now and the Stranger was getting more excited than ever. She had her head turned away from him and he set the razor aside, and held her legs apart to examine his work, and Rhea moaned, blushing again as she saw where he was looking

Rhea felt strangely cold and even more naked than she had before as she lay exposed and shaved bare.


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Nice ... I particularly liked the 'family reunion' scene in the middle there.  "You cook, you move my stuff, you come with me so I can hammer fuck your virgin cunt."   emot_rotf.gif

Additionally, I am glad to see that he is finally starting to take care of his worldly needs.

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Rhea Brown felt strangely cold and even more naked than she had before as, after having her virgin pussy shaved, she lay exposed and shaved bare. The Stranger lay next to and placed his hand atop her newly shorn mound. Her pussy was tingling with the new sensations and she started moaning as he manipulated the rapidly moistening flesh.

"Please" she sobbed. "Please don't do this to me. I'm a virgin. Please Mr. Smith, don't make me have sex with you. Please. I’m begging you, please don't make me do this….Ohhhhhhhh"

Rhea gasped as he slid a finger along her folds to press into her pussy and then he pulled it out. It was wet with her arousal. She gasped again as he rubbed it on her pink lips and smiled evilly.

Rhea felt both ashamed and humiliated as she was penetrated by a man’s finger for the first time.

"Well now, what do we have here? What a very naughty little girl you are. Here you are a proper virgin, but your nasty ol’ pussy is soaking wet. Now why is that, you nasty girl?"

Blushing bright red and dizzy with mortification, she stammered "I…I d…don’t know. OH….” She puffed as his finger teased her clit and she shuddered. He laughed again.

"Oh, come now. I think you do. Tell me Rhea." His voice stayed soft, the order clear underneath his teasing tone.

"Because…Oh…I don’t understand it, but I’m so…so turned on….so aroused…I don’t want this… why am I acting like this…. Why am I so…hot?”

“Maybe because you are lying naked with your legs spread while a stranger’s fingers your newly-shaved pussy?” he suggested grinning down at her.

The Stranger moved between her legs and said, “I want a taste of your virgin cunt before I fuck you.”

“OHHHH Mr. Smith” she whined as he placed his hands on her sensitive, pale white thighs and pressed them wider apart. She moved her hands down, covering her bare mound.

The Stranger roughly pushed her hands away, returning them above her head and then stared down at the wet, bare virgin pussy in front of him.

Reinforcing his order not to move, he lowered his face between her legs and sharply inhaled the scent of her excitement.

“Ohhhh Puhleeese” she moaned as he stuck out his tongue and laved her plump, bare crease, tasting her wetness. “UGHHH” the mortified teenager squealed as his tongue made contact with her clitoris and she gasped loudly, involuntarily bucking her hips.

He licked her quivering virgin pussy with long strokes of his tongue until her fluids began to wet her thighs. Through all this, she bucked wildly, her mind short-circuited as she lifted her hips up into his face, her body betraying her.

Oh my god, what was she feeling, she wondered. Was THIS what sex felt like?

Increasing the pace, he stuck his tongue inside the wet folds , lapping it wildly and Rhea gave another loud moan. He continued fucking her pussy with his tongue until suddenly, the overwhelmed teen gave a huge shudder and he felt his face splashed with her fluids.

Rhea squirmed helplessly through her first real orgasm, moaning “Oh…Oh …Oh Mr. Smith…OHHHH” as he continued sucking her wet flesh into his mouth. She came again, a very responsive lass, he thought lifting his mouth from her quaking hole

After she stopped moving, he shifted on the bed again until his hips were beside her head, her red hair spread out wildly on the mattress.

"It just occurred to me that you might not know how to give a blow job," he said, then looked into her embarrassed eyes and asked, “Rhea HAVE you sucked dick before?" Knowing she was a virgin the Stranger was fairly certain he knew the answer.

Rhea, humiliated, shook her head no, stuttering “Nh..No, never.”

“Well then, I suppose now’s your opportunity”


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A day of many firsts for young Rhea!  Evil

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Having just sucked Rhea Brown’s virgin pussy to an intense orgasm,he looked at the dazed teen and said "It just occurred to me that you might not know how to give a blow job”, then he looked into her embarrassed eyes and asked, “Rhea HAVE you sucked dick before?" Knowing she was a virgin the Stranger was fairly certain he knew the answer.

Rhea, humiliated, shook her head no, stuttering “Nh..No, never.”

“Well then, I suppose now’s your opportunity” he chuckled, grabbing her dark hair, so that Rhea was forced to lift her head to the Stranger’s stiff prick. He told her she was going to give him a blowjob to learn how it's done.

The Stranger took hold of his cock and rubbed it across her face then ordered her to start licking the head. Not understanding why, a disgusted Rhea felt her stomach lurch as she meekly complied with his order and began licking the tip of his hard cock, running her tongue around the head.

The Stranger pushed his cock into her innocent mouth and ordered her to suck on it, then ordered her to fuck his dick with her mouth. Rhea docilely started slowly moving her head back and forth sliding his cock in and out of her mouth.

The Stranger ordered Rhea to go faster and deeper, making her pick up speed and depth. He grabbed her by her hair and started pumping his groin into her face.

Rhea felt the tip of his cock pressing against the back of her mouth. Just as Rhea thought it couldn't get any worse, he shoved it down her throat, and the inexperienced teen started to gag.

He pulled his cock out of her throat and let her get some air then shoved it back down her throat again. He repeated this until her lips were buried in his pubic hair. He was getting too excited, so he finally pulled out of her throat leaving his cock resting stiff in her mouth for several long moments before pulling free. Again, he repositioned himself, kneeling between her open thighs.

The Stranger placed the head of his cock against the lips of her pussy and rubbed it along her weeping slit and Rhea's face showed surprise and alarm as he eased his groin forward and her pussy lips parted to accept his hard cock.

He moaned “Damn girl, you have one tight pussy. “Here we go" he murmured but Rhea bucked and twisted, and he slid out of her.

He repositioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy and stared into her eyes as they filled with tears. He pressed into her again, going where no cock had ever gone before.

This time he got it past her lips and into her an inch or so. He waited a moment before pushing deeper. Rhea desperately wanted him to take it out of her, but she didn’t resist anymore, wouldn't resist anymore.

The stretching feeling only got worse the deeper in he went, every muscle in her virgin pussy straining and stretching. As he pushed a little deeper, Rhea’s young eyes popped wide open as his cock pressed against her hymen. She continued to sob and cry as she felt his cock touch her hymen. "No, don't! I beg you, don't!"

The Stranger couldn't hold himself back any longer, so he pulled back out until only the tip of his cock was between her lips. Rhea thought hopefully that Mr. Smith was having second thoughts, maybe he’d allow her to keep her virginity and she was about to murmur "Thank You" when he grasped her hips firmly with his hands and thrust himself forward with all his strength.

Rhea screamed as he forcefully shoved his hips forward, tearing through her hymen and destroying her virginity forever.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” Rhea moaned totally devastated at the destruction of her dreams. She’d wanted her husband to be the first, and now she knew that it would never be. Would she ever even have a husband?

Her thoughts returned to the present as, gripping her slim hips, Mr. Smith pushed himself deeper into her. Her muscles were so tight all around him, it felt incredible. Finally, he felt himself fully buried inside her with his belly pressed to hers.

He pulled out to just his tip again, slowly enough that Rhea gasped loudly when thrust himself deep into her again. She lifted her head to see what was happening but was only able to see Mr. Smith between her legs, his cock slowly sliding in and out of her, his face grinning as he took her body.

Soon enough the steady friction on her engorged clit as the Stranger thrust in and out of her tight, clasping and no longer virgin channel was having an effect on the inexperienced teen.

Rhea couldn’t believe how good it felt, or how she could think of how being raped could feel good, but it DID! Her nipples were so hard they ached, and it was only because she was so wet that he was able to access her tightness.

Rhea blushed at the thought that she was getting wet from the lewd attention her pussy was receiving from Mr. Smith, and she felt ashamed of herself. "What the heck is wrong with me?" She thought to herself.

 Even as the Stranger continued to pump into Rhea, his hand moved up to cup her small left breast, massaging it, teasing it. His fingers traced an arousing line around her nipples, every so often giving a hard pinch that made her gasp and arch her back. He cupped her breast again and gave a firm squeeze as he lowered his head to her collar bone where he could suck the tender sensitive flesh.

Rhea was both astonished and ashamed to find that Mr. Smith’s touch, his lips on her neck, were sending indecent and undesired waves of erotic pleasure racing through her body, leaving the young, inexperienced girl confused at her own arousal.

Slowly his mouth worked its way lower, down to the quivering breasts that he cupped in his hands, and he began licking, biting, and teasing the soft mounds. Finally, his lips found her nipple, and she gasped with shock as his mouth became more demanding, and he took a nipple between his teeth, biting, gently before sucking on the tip more harshly as his hot desire for her started to take over.

All the time he continued pumping into her, his thrusts become harder and faster, and he moved his lips to her other breast, ravaging it as thoroughly as he had the first, stoking his desire and lust higher.

Mr. Smith gave a low groan as he sucked her tits and Rhea was shocked to feel Mr. Smith’s….thing…beginning to spasm inside her and even as she prayed her wouldn’t, he felt him…ejaculating into her, filling her with his seed. Even Worse, and more humiliating,

Rhea was horrified as she suddenly felt herself coming close to an unwanted orgasm, but wanted or not, she closed her eyes and unconsciously ground her pussy up against his pubic bone, feeling his cock fill her and groaning “Ohhhh” the young, red-faced, despoiled virgin surrendered and let the intense sensation of a mutual orgasm wash over her shaking body.

She shook for several moments, then fell back lifeless under him.

Lifting himself off her limp body, he kissed the now mortified teen’s dark hair and said, “That was wonderful. I’m so glad I could be your first. I can’t wait to do it again” he smiled into her red face.

She buried her head in her pillow after he left, trying to sort out what had happened, why it had happened, and how did he hold such power over them?

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« Reply #115 on: May 13, 2020, 12:36:48 PM »

I am happy that you took the time to thoroughly humiliate and degrade young Rhea  Evil it is best that such things be done well  Cool

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The stranger sat at the kitchen table across from Jess looking out at the central drive where the “girls” were working, washing his car. She was dressed as he’d instructed her. “You will not wear underwear or a bra. You may wear a dress, but I want you to be totally naked underneath, so that you are always available to me.”

Little chance of that, Jess had thought selecting a simple blue sundress that fell to her knees. He’d had her and the girls throw out all their bras but going without panties under a loose dress made her feel extremely vulnerable and, as he’d suggested, terribly horny.

He had administered a second liquid dose of Damitol to the three of them at breakfast, and he’d reinforced his directions of total obedience, their desire to please him, the prohibition from trying to harm him or reveal their secret to anyone else.

He had decided to delay getting their affection, preferring their shamed reluctant obedience to artificial fawning, at least for now. He decided that he needed to find a way to keep the girls busy while he spent “quality time” with their mother and he decided that a “bikini car wash” was just the thing to keep them occupied and entertain the neighbors.

Both girls as instructed had come to breakfast naked, but he surprised them by tossing each of them bikini bathing suits.

Both Britney and especially Rhea were scandalized by how sheer and skimpy the bikinis that Mr. Smith had ordered them to put on were. The tops were sheer to the point of being see-through and barely contained their breasts and the bottoms were thin and very brief, exposing a maximum of skin and pressed tightly against their pussies, the thin material clearly showing the outline of their lips and barely covering their asses.

Even Britney, certainly not a prude, blushed at her almost total exposure.

When they’d begged and protested that they’d be little better than naked, the Stranger had said "You WILL wear these suits. No one but maybe the neighbors will see you. Now put them on.” adding that one more word and “you’ll wash the car NAKED.”

Both teens sullenly pulled on the bikinis, trying to avoid his eyes. They wondered whether this would be even more humiliating than being completely naked.

Humiliated or not, they had submissively obeyed, and he watched now as they scrubbed his car, wondering how many other eyes were watching their nubile, almost naked bodies, stretching over the car.

“Looking at a worried Jess, he said, “Mrs. Brown you have some lovely daughters” and smiled. “But you are every bit as pretty naked. Why don’t you take off your dress," he suggested, but she knew it was an order.

Jess got shakily to her feet, and blushing she removed her dress, reaching behind her to lower the zipper and then shrugging it off her shoulders and letting it slide to the floor to pool round her ankles so that she stood before him naked.

His eyes traveled greedily over her naked form, from her firm 34B tits down to her dark moss between her legs. Time to correct that, he thought.

They had spent the night in her bed, but he had not molested her, being to worn out from deflowering her younger daughter. He’d decided to fuck the young mother next and save the redheaded daughter for last.

Moving his hands to between her legs, the Stranger took his thumb and spread apart her pussy lips, revealing her clit. He noted its stiffness. She gasped as he tugged on the dark hair between her legs.

“Time this was gone. I want you naked here too. Go to your bathroom and shave off all of the hair on your pussy. Do you understand?”

Nodding her head miserably, she moaned a low "yes."

"Good. Once your pussy is shaved clean, you will return here and show me, understand?”

And again, she nodded, face red as she tried to catch her breath and make sense of why this was happening to her.

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Jessica Brown gasped as the Stranger tugged on the dark hair between her legs. “Time this was gone. I want you naked here too. Go to your bathroom and shave off all of the hair on your pussy. Do you understand?”

Nodding her head miserably, she moaned a low "yes."

"Good. Once your pussy is shaved clean, you will return here and show me, understand?”

And again, she nodded, face red as she tried to catch her breath and make sense of why this was happening to her. Outwardly she knew what he was doing was wrong, but for the life of her, Jess couldn't understand why she, why all of them, were obeying him.

She knew they should be resisting. It felt like something inside of her was compelled to do as he said.

She walked unsteadily to her bathroom, took up her razor and cream, and, sitting on the toilet, opened her legs and prepared to shave her away all her pubic hair. Only sluts did that her mind screamed, but she ignored it.

It was with a sense of shame that the young mother noticed that her pussy was beginning to get wet. Her mere touch was enough to send electrical shocks shooting through her pussy. Why was that?

This only added to the confusing emotions running wild within her subconscious. Feeling dizzy and lightheaded, she applied the cream and began shaving her nether region, as delicately as she could.

She had never shaved her genitals before, and she felt like crying as, bit by bit, her tuft of silky hair was reduced to bare skin. As she made a final pass along the sides of her pussy lips, she noted, mortified, that her pussy was now soaking wet. She wiped away the remains with a towel and returned to the kitchen where Mr. Smith waited.

Jess fought the urge to cover her newly shaved pussy, but instead kept her hands firmly at her side. Sensing Mr. Smith's eyes upon her, she could not bear to look up and meet them. She could only bite her lip and hover in that emotional space somewhere between excitement and crying, as she nervously awaited his next order.

Grinning knowingly, the Stranger reached for her newly shaved pussy, and Jess, horrified, knew what he was going to find when he felt it.

She could smell her sex, and, just as it had been when she was shaving it, her pussy was intensely aroused and was dripping juices onto the floor beneath her.

Jess moaned, red-faced, as he touched her pussy and she KNEW he could feel how unbelievably wet she was He had her sit on the edge of the kitchen table, then lay on her back.

“OHHH GAAAWWD” Jess groaned as her pushed her legs open, lowered his head and began sucking and licking at her now smooth cleft. Jess couldn’t help herself from pushing back against his mouth and moaning as his tongue probed into her wet pussy.

Jess huffed as she felt his tongue go deep inside her, penetrating like a tiny penis. She felt his fingers holding open the lips of her sex, his face pushed hard against her throbbing pussy. She couldn’t help moaning loudly again from the intense feeling. His tongue licked and sucked at her swollen clit, and she could feel his warm wet tongue licking up and down the folds of her pussy lips.

She felt his lips close around her hard little clit and suck on it, his tongue playing over her clit again and again, teasing her, and making her arch her back. Her breathing was coming in shallow pants and she tried to push her pussy against her face, and she wanted desperately to cum.

Her pussy was so wet that her juices were gushing out of her. Jess felt humiliated at this degrading and humiliating situation, but the feelings he was inciting were driving her wild.

With the tip of his tongue, he probed deeper.

Her pussy lips were swollen, and he was surprised by how engorged her clitoris had become, and he flicked his tongue over it. It was enough as the heat exploding in her belly ignited in her crotch and she began to cum. She screamed and shook violently as he continued to lick her pussy and she came again.

"OH…MY… GOD" Jess groaned loudly as he reached up and rubbed her clit with his right hand. Jess began to tremble when, as soon as her first orgasms subsided, his fingers stimulated her clit into yet another one.

Jess moaned, as closed as the sensations faded, then opened her eyes to see her teenaged daughters standing frozen and awkward, not six feet away, watching them. The Stranger grinned at them.

“We…uh…we’re finished with the truck” Rhea said in a tight voice.

“Very well. Then I guess you two should get naked like mommy, here” he said and ordered Britney and Rhea to undress each other.

After glaring unbelievingly at Mr. Smith, Britney nervously moved behind her younger sister and began fiddling with the clasp of Rhea’s bikini top.

Her shaking hands reached behind her sister’s back as she undid her bikini bra. She removed it as Rhea’s hands came up to cover her bare breasts, covering her nipples. Britney held the bra up, then dropped the bra on the floor.

This finally revealing Rhea’s small perky breasts with hard pink nipples in all their glory.

Now it was Rhea’s turn. Her fingers shaking, she undid Britney’s bikini top, letting it fall to the floor, showing Mr. Smith her sister’s naked breasts, both girls now stood topless.

Jess wanted to look away from her daughters’ molestation but remembered Mr. Smith’s instruction to watch, and she unhappily obeyed.

“Britney” the Stranger grinned “Let me see your sister naked. Take down her bottoms.”

Glaring at him, Britney undid the strings on both sides of Rhea’s bikini bottoms, neatly undoing the bows. Before the embarrassed girl could react, Britney slid Rhea’s loose bottoms down her trembling thighs, exposing the embarrassed brunette’s newly clean shaven pussy. And the younger sister trembled slightly as Britney accidently brushed her fingers across Rhea’s smoothly shaved lips.

At his orders, Britney handed Mr. Smith the bikini bottoms.

“Now Rhea, take down Britney’s bottom” he instructed the now naked, shaking teen.

After a long hesitation, Rhea cried, "Please don't make me do this" but he just stared at her

Hesitatingly, Rhea eased her fingers under the waistband of Britney’s bikini bottoms and slowly began to pull them downward. The bikini bottoms slid lower to below her waist, and then down below her ass cheeks, and to her mid thighs.

“You’re surprisingly modest for such a slut”, the Stranger laughed as the redhead kept her legs tightly together the entire time and Rhea had to work to force the bottoms to her ankles while bending down to reach them. Britney’s thin bush of red hair sprang free.

"Step out of the bikini bottoms and spread your legs apart” he ordered the embarrassed redhead and she reluctantly obeyed. Now both girls stood nude and embarrassed.

“Have either of you ever sucked a pussy” he asked them in a toneless voice, his face expressionless. Britney shook her head, mumbling “nuh uh” and Rhea remained silent, looking at her feet, blushing.

“No?” he snickered “Then now’s your chance. Let’s all go up to mom’s room” and the Stranger followed the three naked females upstairs, comparing three naked asses. Both girls noticed that their mother had been shaved bare like Rhea.

They entered Jess’ bedroom and she looked nervously at Mr. Smith, waiting and not liking where this was going

Mr. Smith ordered Rhea to lie on her back on the bed, and for Britney to lay down on top of her in a sixty-nine. They looked at each other  with apprehension but there was a dawning acceptance to them now, that they would do whatever he ordered them to.

As the two sisters hesitantly got into position, Rhea whined that she wasn't that sort of girl, that she liked boys, not girls.

“Oh, please” Jess begged, “Don’t make my girls do THAT. Please, I’ll do anything you ask.”

"I know you will” he said grinning, “For now, I want you to go and fix our dinner," then he said to the two girls. "I want you two to lick each other's pussies while she does.

"I said 'lick each other" he said noting their reluctance, and Britney slowly straddled Rhea's face and lowered her own face to her younger sister's pussy.

Britney hesitated, then put her mouth onto Rhea's pussy and started to timidly lick her folds. She didn't have any experience with touching another female.

Rhea squealed and tried to struggle free, but Mr. Smith leaned in close to her and whispered in her ear "You're going to eat her pussy one way or the other, so do as I order.”

Feeling compelled and repelled, but she couldn’t stop herself from tentatively sticking out her tongue.

Britney shuddered as Rhea shyly licked at her pussy, trying not to gag, incredulous that she was being sexually intimate with her own sister. She tried to show any reaction as Britney spread her pussy open with her fingers.

"Oh my" Rhea moaned into Britney pussy as Britney forcefully tongued Rhea's pussy. Rhea whimpered as she felt her sister’s mouth on her hairless cleft, but strangely, her fear and disgust, couldn't keep her body from responding and Britney managed to bring her formerly chaste sister to the brink of an orgasm.

She felt so dirty and was surprised how HOT it made her feel. Both sisters knew what he wanted them to do, and despite the humiliating circumstances they were soon engaged in licking each other closer and closer to orgasm.

Finally, both the sister’s  bodies began to buck and spasm, and their moans and whimpers grew loader as they each came over the others face within seconds of the other, and they both burned with intense embarrassment as they lay panting, humiliated, their faces glistening and shiny with each other's wetness.

He left them and went downstairs to check on their mother.

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The Stranger found Jessica Brown in the kitchen at the stove cooking eggs and frowned when he saw she was wearing a robe.

“I don’t remember giving you permission to put on clothes” he said in a disapproving tone.

“I…I… Uh what if someone comes to the door?” she asked nervously.

“Hmmm” he pretended to consider. “That might be amusing” and he watched her face go pale at the thought. He could make her an exhibitionist if he chose, considering the efficacy of the liquid form of Damitol.

“I like you better naked. Take off your robe.” He ordered her.

Embarrassed at undressing in her own kitchen in the middle of the day, the young mother modestly turned away from him as she untied her belt and let her robe slip from her shoulders onto the floor. She was naked underneath, and he admired her tight ass.

"Turn around," he ordered, and Jessica blushed bright red as she slowly turned towards him. He gazed at her small firm breasts and her newly-shaved pussy. His hand shot out and grabbed her beautiful long dark hair.

“You are one sexy bitch for an old broad, Mrs. Brown. Now get down on your knees and suck my cock."

"What?" Shocked but not surprised. She could feel the heat filling her face.

"You heard me. Suck my cock. Don’t pretend you don’t know how. You already admitted giving your hubby blowjobs.” He twisted his hand in her dark hair and pulled on it forcing her to her knees in front of him.

She was numb with humiliation, still not understanding how he wielded such power over her and her daughters or why she didn’t just call the police of brain him with the skillet. She came out of her daze, as she realized that she was now on her knees and naked and she hurried to cover her breasts.

"Undo my belt," he ordered the bewildered brunette .

Unenthusiastically, Jess reached towards the man and unbuckled his belt.

"Now undo my slacks." Jess undid the top button of his trousers.

"Now unzip my fly." Jess pulled on the zipper and slid it all the way down. It was like she was a puppet, without a will of her own.  She gasped as she saw his penis, half-erect pressing against his boxers.

"Reach in and pull my cock out" he directedJess gasped again. "Please…. Don't make me do this" she pleaded as she felt herself inexplicably beginning to become aroused at her abuse. Sick, she thought as she felt herself getting wet between her legs.

"Take my cock out" he said again “Don’t make me repeat myself” he growled.

Jess reached inside his open pants with a trembling hand and held onto his cock through the cotton boxers, then she pulled out his cock. It was growing longer and harder as he put his hand over hers and moved it up and down along his stiffening shaft. And then he pushed her head down onto it.

Jess tried to shake her head free but he pushed harder and she opened her mouth instinctively and his cock pushed inside. He shoved it deep into her throat making her gag and cough and drool all over it. The Stranger could have “made” her like it, but he enjoyed her resistance.

Jess grasped his cock to stop him from pushing it into her throat so far.

"That’s it, Mrs. Smith. Suck my cock like the slut you are."

His hips began to rock back and forth, fucking her clasping mouth. As he continued to force himself on her, his cock grew longer and harder. He released his hand from on top of hers, but she did not take hers away, using it to prevent him from pushing all the way down her throat.

She didn’t think she could feel any more humiliated until he began tugging on her small breasts.

Jess had small breasts with bright pink nipples that sharply contrasted with her pale, perky breasts. He moved his hands up and cupped her small breasts.

He rubbed both thumbs over her nipples simultaneously and felt them both harden. The Stranger looked Jess in the eyes as he toyed with her breasts, and she closed her eyes, trying to block out her mortification and revulsion as his cock cycled in and out of her plump lips.

Jess tightened her lips around his cock and she felt him getting close to cumming. She knew he wanted to cum in her mouth, but she hoped and prayed that he wouldn’t. Her hopes were in vain as she felt him shudder as he ejaculated in her mouth and she worked to keep from gagging.

Rising, he saw that they’d forgotten to take the eggs off the burner, and they were burnt black. Turning off the stove, he said “Looks like we should order out for some pizza.”

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Well Baron that''s what you get for interrupting the cook in the middle of making  meal Tongue

Good stuff, very enjoyable Grin

It's what they're FOR! 
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