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Uncanny Valley - Ch. 4 - The Cost
« on: May 03, 2019, 09:54:42 AM »

Barry only bothered putting his shorts back on as he sits down to his computer.  He wipes his mouth glancing up from the glowing screen, Rori was still lying motionless on the bed cum slowly drying on her face, a thick white cord ran from a USB-X slot just behind her ear to Barry’s computer. On his screen in the bottom right hand corner a flashing notification read:


Barry redirects his attention back to the screen frantically typing, he’d already been on four message boards, nervously reading through error codes.  None matched the one he’d received when he plugged Rori into his desktop. He’d turned the light off, not wanting Elise to make another surprise visit with Rori in the state she’s in.  This was the fifth message board, all the others were in some way related to Cyberdyne, but this one seemed a bit sketchier, but it did have a section for error codes that had a variety of the T.A.P. error codes.  However, each time Barry clicked on one hoping to find a solution somewhere in the thread, he was disheartened only to find a phone number. 1.888.717.4316.  He didn’t really have a choice, if Elise saw Rori like this there would be no explaining it away.

Barry rifles through the mess on his desk eventually finding his cell phone and dialing.  As the line trills he again glances shamefully at Rori, putting his face in his hand and shaking his head as the line rings. “Yeallow?” a gravelly voice responds.

“Um hello, yes, hi, is this ummm,” Barry frantically scrolls through the various pages he has open looking for an identifier or name of the company he just called. Finally, he sees it at the very bottom of the third page, but there’s no name, or logo; but next to the number it just reads, ask for Hank. “Is…this…..Hank?” Barry says tentatively.

“Yep, this Hank,” he replies, Barry was pretty sure he’d woken him up as he looks at the clock on the opposite wall reading 3:16 a.m.

Barry sighs feeling more and more like an ass as the conversation continues, “Listen um, Hank, I’m sorry about the hour its just-”

“What’s the error code?” Hank interjects as he coughs, clears his throat and hawks up what Barry thinks is the most disgusting amount of phlegm he’s ever heard over the phone.

“Error c…..oh…yea, it’s um…. Error.T.A.P./no.values_assigned_5950” Barry says into the receiver, wondering if Hank heard his answer through all of his hacking and wheezing.

“Aw hell boy, a tap4316,” Hank exclaims, “the hell you gone and done to that thang?” He asks his southern drawl getting thicker as the conversation wears on.  Hank doesn’t wait for an answer to his rhetorical question, “how soon ya need-er fixed?” Hank asks.

“Well, before tomorrow when my wife gets home would be-” Hank again cuts Barry’s thought short.

“Tomorra? Ah shit boy,” Hank exclaims, “where ya at?”

“Bakersfield California,” Barry says nervously, wondering how he would explain Rori’s mysterious absence if Hank couldn’t be here by tomorrow.

“Y’all in luck, I ain’t nothing but a short jump from Palmdale.” Hank spits again as Barry holds the receiver a little further from his ear, “Now this is short notice so y’all gon have ta pay the convenience fee, and that’ll cost ya” he says.

Barry was really in no place to negotiate, “fine, that whatever, when can you be here?”

“Aw shoot, 7 a.m. I reckon.” Hank replies.

Barry thinks for a moment, that was no good, Elise didn’t leave the house till 8 a.m.  “Can you make it 8:30?” Barry asks.

“Don’t see why not, text me y’all address and I’ll be there.” Hank says hanging up without any further dialogue.

It was by far the strangest conversation Barry had ever been a part of.  But Hank was a gift and Barry had gotten himself into a pretty dicey situation for which there didn’t seem to be any other solutions.  After texting Hank their address, Barry went to the bathroom. He turned the water on and stared at himself in the mirror.  “Never again.” He says softly, ashamed of his behavior.  He soaks a washcloth under the warm water and wrings it out in the sink.  He was committed to never doing that to Rori ever again, mostly because of the now unknown cost associated with such behavior but also the stress of having to figure out how to keep something like this from Elise, at least until the divorce went final, although he still hadn’t brought himself to signing the divorce papers she’d left.

Barry makes his way to Rori, kneeling down wiping the now mostly dried cum from her face and hair, repositioning her in the bed and pulling the covers up.  Not long after that he finds himself laying in his bed, staring up at the ceiling, too nervous to sleep.  

6 a.m. felt like it took forever, Barry had spent the last 3 hours staring at the ceiling processing the night’s events, occasionally he’d peer out the bay window at the house, looking for signs of life.  To keep the ruse alive, he had to make everything look normal, like it was just another day.  He showered, dressed in his regular suit and tie, and headed into the house for a bite of breakfast.  As Elise rushes downstairs, running behind as usual she pauses when she sees Barry, “hi.” She says unsure of what tone to strike with him.  Her eyes look around for Rori, “where is-”

“She’s asleep,” Barry chimes in before she can get the question out.

“Oh,” Elise responds seeming almost dejected that she wouldn’t get to see Rori before heading off to work.  “Ok well, I might be home late, there’s a board meeting tonight.”

“Mm-hmmm,” Barry responds trying to strike the same dismissive tone and not tip his hand.

“Ok, well, have a good day,” Elise says, eyes peering into the backyard toward the garage, hoping to catch a glimpse of the new Rori.

“Yah,” Barry says hardly paying attention to her.  As she leaves, he lets out a sigh of relief, rushing back to the garage and changing into sweats and a t-shirt. He puts away his lube and any other incriminating evidence that may be lying around before rushing back into the house and peering out the front window awaiting Hank’s arrival.

Barry wasn’t sure what to expect, Hank had a strong southern accent and from what he could pick up on the phone call the mannerisms to go with it. Yet he lived in Palmdale. The conversation left Barry entirely unsure of what to expect, but Hank didn’t disappoint.  At 8:30 in the morning a 1991 white Chevy truck pulled onto his street. It backfired twice just accelerating the half mile from the turn to Barry’s house. As Hank got closer, Barry could see the rust lining the back half of the truck, the front bumper appeared to be tied on. “Fucking hell,” Barry mumbles under his breath as Hank pulls into the driveway behind Barry’s BMW.  

Barry sighs and quickly makes his way outside.  It was a warm summer day, and the California sun shone down brightly, Barry held his hand over his eyes watching as Hank climbed from the truck. He had a pot-belly and looked like he hadn’t shaved in a week. His hair and full beard were both black with specks of gray, he sported dingy blue overalls with a button-down flannel underneath, he was everything his voice indicated he might be.  Barry tried not to judge this book by its cover but that wasn’t easy.  However, Barry’s attention was quickly drawn from Hank and to the girl that was with him.  A blonde who Barry assumed couldn’t be older than 19 climbed out of the passenger seat.
As Barry approached, he pulled the sunglasses from his pocket, he’d been fine just blocking the sun with his hand until now, the midnight black frames allowed him to eye fuck every inch of the 5’8” blonde as she walked from around the dilapidated truck. “Hank, thanks for coming on such short notice,” Barry says with a smile.
“Hell, wan’t nothin’,” Hank retorts spitting into Barry’s front lawn. Hank grabs Barry’s hand firmly giving him a proper handshake before retreating to the bed of his truck and grabbing a tool box and luggage. “Naw where it at?” He asks, Barry directs both of them toward the front door, quietly wanting to quickly get both of them insider before the peering eyes of neighbors could see.  It’s not that Barry was ashamed of his new country bumpkin friend, it had more to do with the way his companion was dressed. As she made it around the truck Barry had to fight to keep his jaw off the Yuma Bermuda lawn.  

She didn’t leave much to the imagination, her long slender legs were entirely revealed and her surprisingly round ass hung from the back of her white denim shorts.  Her navel was pierced, and from what Barry could make out from under the thin, skin-tight tube white top that was barely covering her D-cups, so were her nipples.  Her hair was so blonde it was nearly white, it draped down on either side of her face.  Her large piercing blue eyes and cute button nose made her look like every California suferboy’s ingenue wet dream. To complete the ensemble were a pair of completely unnecessary platform heels that made every muscle in her legs pop as she walked.  Like most teenagers, her face was glued to the phone in her hands, which was fine by Barry he opened the front door letting his gaze linger on the voluptuous cheeks as they passed.  

“She’s in the back,” Barry said as they entered and walked through the house and toward the garage. He kept his glasses on as he watched the girl’s bouncing ass in front of him.  He couldn’t help but imagine how easy it would be to slide the thin bit of material aside, bend her over and-

“Back there?” Hank asks pointing at the garage as they make their way through the kitchen and out the back.

How the fuck did Hank keep her from being the target of ever man in Palmdale?  Barry ran through every option he could think of.  Maybe Hank was packing 12”, maybe he was just insanely rich, maybe she just really liked fat guys?! Nothing made sense.

As they reached the garage, Barry worked his way around Hank to the twin bed, pulling back the covers revealing Rori who was still frozen. “Mmm-hmm,” Hank says clearing his throat again.  Barry prayed he didn’t spit on the floor. The blonde leans on the mini fridge chewing a wad of bubblegum, as she leaned back onto the small fridge it was everything Barry could do to keep his eyes from between her legs, as the tiny shorts did little in the way of modesty.  Her fingers kept tapping away at the screen having no idea the effect she was having on Barry.

Hank sets his tools down next to the bed sitting Rori upright.  As he opens the luggage Barry is surprised a number of high tech scanners, laptops and other devices are neatly packed in.  “Let’s see what the ole girl’s got to say,” Hank says plugging in two of his devices. He fiddles with them for a moment, Barry recognizes the error code that flashes on the screen.  “Ya see that T.A.P. error there, that’s a traumatic and adverse protocol error.” He states pointing at the screen.

“Yup, that’s what I thought,” Hank says unplugging everything and flipping Rori face down.  He quickly pulls up her nighty.

“Hey, the fuck are you doing that’s my daughter!” Barry interjects, Hank simply holds up his hand and pressing a small node behind her left ear and a panel on her back.  The panel makes a mechanical whirl and then opens.  Hank pokes around for a second then reaches into his toolbox.  He pulls out a small wrench and inserts it, giving it four hard turns before releasing it and pressing the button behind her ear again. Rori’s eyes fly open as all the cum Barry had deposited in her the night before flies onto the bed.
Hank looks at the viscous liquid on the bed before looking back at Barry, “Your daughter huh?” Barry stammers, unable to come up with an explanation on the spot. “Now listen, I don’t care if you done this to her every night, but I ain’t driving up here anytime y’all wantin ta nut.” Barry closes his eyes momentarily humiliated.  “So if this is what ya wantin,” he says standing up adjusting his overalls, “I can put the right parts in-er, then ya put anything you want to inside this sweet lil thing.”

“What?” Barry says shocked. “Y-you can do that?” He asks nearly forgetting about his pledge to never do last night again.
“Well, I’m pretty sure I got all the parts in mah truck,” he says, “Babydoll, gone get me the other pack out the truck.”

“Yes-suh daddy,” she says in a sweet southern belle accent.  Daddy.  Did she say daddy? Barry thought, that can’t possibly be Hank’s daughter. Barry hid the confusion from his face by looking away and pretending to be busy at his desk as he waited for the girl to come back. A few minutes later she returned hauling another piece of luggage twice the size of the first. The wheels creaked as she brought it into the garage.  Her little body had began to work up a sweat making the white tube top partially see through and confirming Barry’s suspicion about the nipple piercings. “Ya’ll got anything ta drank?” She asked as she got back to her resting place on the mini fridge.

“Yeah, in there,” Barry says pointing under her to the mini fridge she was leaning on as Hank opens the case.  

“I think this is what ya want,” Hank says, but Barry is lost in thought as the bombshell Hank refers to as Babydoll bends over exposing a near flawless and apparently pantyless ass as she pulls a bottle of water from the mini fridge.  She closes the fridge back, and returns to leaning against it as she open and drinks the water.  “Ya’ll coming back ta’ round here anytime soon?” Hank asks bringing Barry’s attention back to the luggage he’d opened.
“The hell is all this?” Barry says as he finally sees what Hank has in the case.

“Well, this is a little pussy, ya gon want one lessin you wanna pay for me to come out ever time you have yaself a little fun. Cuz lemme tell ya there Barry, that’ll cost ya” The case was lined with orifices of every kind and a number of pumps and linings.  

“Listen, I don’t know what you think I did, but I just want her fixed.” Barry says feigning offense at the offer.

“Uhh-huh,” Hank says glancing over at Babydoll.  “Alright don’t get ya panties in a ruffle I’m just tryin ta help.” Hank retorts. “Now, I still gotta replace whatever ya gone and gummed up insider er, it’ll take about an hour or so.”  

“That’s fine,” Barry says, “I’m gonna run inside and grab some cash, you can get to work.”  Barry quickly extricates himself from the increasingly humiliating conversation as he heads inside. He tries to push the image of Babydoll’s perfect ass from his head but he had little luck, eventually finding himself standing in the kitchen partially hard and having forgotten what he’d come back inside for.  


He kept a fair amount of cash on hand for just such occasions…well maybe not occasions just like this but times when he couldn’t have Elise asking questions.  Unsure of exactly how much this might cost Barry pulls two grand from the safe in the basement before making his way back upstairs toward the garage.  He sighs before opening the door, this day couldn’t get over with quick enough.

“Ya know it never occurred to me to ask how much di---” Barry freezes midsentence, his eyes watching in shock, and somewhat horror as Hank sits on his daughter’s bed, hands busy at work, meanwhile Babydoll was on her knees in front of him.  She enthusiastically swallowed Hank’s fat and swollen cock. He didn’t have much length but the girth was nothing to scoff at as the thin blonde nearly had to dislocate her jaw just to get him all in.  The pool of saliva on the floor beneath her was the tell-tale sign of her level of commitment.  “WHAT THE FUCK HANK!”

“Whut?” He says dumbfounded by Barry’s sudden anger.

“What do you mean whut?” Barry says mocking his accent.  “Why the fuck are you getting head on my daughter’s bed.”

“Aw shoot man, some fellas work best listening to music, I work best with a clear head, that’s where Babydoll here comes in, she keeps me focused.” He runs his hands through her hair before returning that same hand to work on Barry’s daughter. “Truth is ughhh,” he grunts once, “ahhh shit…” he moans again, “That’s right girl!” he moans as Barry sees Hank thrust into her mouth, his hand pressing down on the back of her head. “I’s bout done anyway.” As Hank releases her head she pulls away, wiping her mouth to make sure none of Hank’s seed was missed. She smiles over at Barry and plants a kiss on Hanks shrinking cock before standing up and returning to her resting post near the fridge.

Barry is shocked, aghast at what he just saw, meanwhile Hank has returned to his work, not fully grasping the context or breadth of Barry’s anger.  “Get the fuck out,” Barry demands.

“Now?” Hank inquires, his hands over Rori’s exposed mechanical and electrical parts.  A mini shop vac softly hums in the silence between the two as Hank pauses cleaning out the remnants of Barry’s mind blowing orgasm that were left around Rori’s parts.

“Agggh,” Barry grunts frustrated with everything that’s happening, and how quickly the situation has gone from bad to worse.  

“Listen,” Hank says, “Ya sound a lil stressed to me,” his attention shifting back to cleaning and rewiring the parts in Rori’s throat and chest.  “I got just the thing, Babydoll, why don’t cha go ahead and give our friend here the vertigo treatment.”

Barry’s hands go up as he takes a step back, “N-no thanks B-baby, Babydoll,” the name feels odd calling a strange woman such a demeaning name. But Babydoll isn’t to be dissuaded as she approaches Barry quickly backing him up to the door.
“No really, that’s sweet, but I’m gonna pass.”  Barry says looking past Babydoll at Hank who continues to pay him no mind.

Babydoll smiles one of the more infectious smiles Barry has ever seen, kissing Barry’s cheek before she drops to her knees without another word.  She gives his old sweatpants a firm tug, quickly alleviating him of his pants and boxers.  Though his words objected, his cock quickly became an active participant.  

“S-stop really you’ve got to-” His knees get weak as she takes him into her mouth. It was unlike anything Barry had ever felt. Her tongue began undulating so fast it nearly felt like vibrations.  His silence was purchased through the back of her throat.  She opened wide taking Barry all the way into her eager mouth. Her platinum blonde mop pressed up against Barry’s hips occluding his vision of her face. She tightened her lips and then the strangest sensation happened.  While her tongue seemed to vibrate her lips felt like they were sliding in circles around his cock, the back of her throat massaged in pulsing waves encouraging his head to grow inside of her throat. “GAH-DAMNIT!” Barry howled. His body convulsed he was trying his level best not to cum in the mouth of the strange girl he’d only knows for about 30 minutes but as her head began to bob back and forth that was becoming increasingly unlikely.  He was transported somewhere else by this blowjob, as she opened wide he nearly lost his mind as her jaw distended allowing her to take his balls into her mouth while the back of her throat continued to pump around Barry’s cock. He moans as her tongue seems to extend long enough to reach Barry’s perineum running circles between his asshole and balls.  That did it.

FUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKINNNNGGGGG BIIIIITTTTCCCHHHHHHHH!” Barry screamed as he grabbed her bright blonde strands and came twice as hard than he had the night before.  Humping her face like he was trying to put a hole through the back of her head.  She gripped his hips keeping his balance as his legs quivered, as her throat took his length, girth and cum; all while her tounge continued teasing his taint. Nothing made sense. The room was going fuzzy. Barry’s cock wouldn’t stop convulsing even as it shrank inside of her mouth it still spasmed.
As she concluded Barry, stunned, looked down, saliva running down her chin and chest, but not a drop of his cum was missed.  It was undeniably the best blowjob Barry had ever received.  Given half a chance he’d have written a poem about it right then and there. It wasn’t just good enough to go into the hall of fame, it was good enough to kick all other blowjobs out of the hall of fame and live in that place all by itself.  This blowjob's dad beats up other blowjobs' dads just for the fun of it.

Barry collapsed against the door, crashing to the floor soon after. “Wh-wha-how?” he pointed at Babydoll as she returned back to leaning on the fridge like this was just another Monday morning.  “I don’t-she, when,” he’d yet to put together a full sentence. He looked down at his cock, poking it for a moment to make sure this wasn’t some kind of fever dream.

“Babydoll you better clear out before we get on the road, I’m almost done here.” Hank says letting Barry stew in his confusion.
Barry watches as Babydoll strolls to the tiny kitchen at the other end of the garage. She leaned over the vanity sink as her index finger presses the side of her throat a small LED light illuminates as she opens her mouth.  As if someone turned on a faucet a stream of translucent white liquid pours from her mouth. Suddenly it all made sense.  Hank wasn’t dating or married to this girl, he bought her; and even more importantly, built and modified her to do that.

“She’s an android.” Barry says finally catching his breath and putting a sentence together.  

Babydoll rolls her eyes, as the stream of cum continues to pour out.
“Nah,” Hank says, “this is an android,” he motions pointing down at Rori. “That,” he says pointing a tiny screwdriver in Babydoll’s direction.  “that’s somethin’ else.”

As the liquid concludes pouring from Babydoll’s face she releases the spot on her neck that was illuminated and wipes her mouth and chin with a towel near her. Before smiling at an awestruck Barry.

“I don’t understand, she’s got….” He searched for the right words.  “Everything,” she chews gum, drinks water, she fucking sweats for fuck’s sake.”
“Well bub,” Hank says snickering, “I don’t think it was her gum chewing that’s got you on the floor.”

“Can, can they all do that?” Barry asks as beads of sweat drip from his brow.

“Shoot naw,” Hank says closing the last panels in Rori’s chest and neck. “Just the ones I tinker with can do that.” He slowly begins placing his tools back in his toolbox.

“Hank,” Barry says.

“Yea bub?” He responds.

“I want somethin’ else” Barry says unable to take his eyes off of Babydoll as she resumes chewing her gum.

“Yep, I kinda figured that. Hank says reopening his toolbox and getting his tools back out, “and that’ll cost ya.”
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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 4 - The Cost
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2019, 02:41:24 PM »
This story is just brilliant! Absolutely brilliant, Bubbles! Please continue! I want to see what "upgrades" Rori is going to get.
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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 4 - The Cost
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This story is just brilliant! Absolutely brilliant, Bubbles! Please continue! I want to see what "upgrades" Rori is going to get.

Well youre in writing again :)
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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 4 - The Cost
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I agree with vile8r. Brilliant writing, creative and so hot. You've nailed the dialogues and the concept. Awesome and I'm glad to see you continuing it. So many interesting scifi themes to explore. Well done
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Re: Uncanny Valley - Ch. 4 - The Cost
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To answer your question yes I had started this story, and I am sure I read the first three parts ... I remember that last argument at the garage, the one where she tries to apologize, quite clearly.  I am not sure why I didn't comment as I usually do.  Perhaps because I was new to the board ... or perhaps because all three of them left me feeling more or less sad ... the last one really got to me, and sadness is really not what I am looking for when I read any story, either on one of the boards or a mainstream book. 

I am not sure if I  even started part four here ... though I may have ... still if I had I would have thought for sure that I would have remembered the vertigo treatment  ;D

I agree with you and others that the writing in this story is particularly good and I really love the SF/culture intersection that you are starting to explore.  And I enjoyed this installment ... frankly because of Hank and Babydoll (the bit where Babydoll rolls her eyes at Barry really piqued my interest) ... and I looked ahead and scanned the start of Ling Chau's story which also looks interesting ... I am STILL quite put out with both Barry and Elise though ... anyway,  I will be starting part 5 probably sometime today, hopefully after I get some of my own writing done. 
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