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Klub Rape - Vol. 5 - Harm's Universe ©
« on: March 15, 2019, 05:28:27 PM »
(**DISCLAIMER**  - This is fiction. Don't do anything like this in real life; reality has laws against this type of behavior for a good reason. If this story fuels a disconnect with reality in you so deep that you can't stop yourself from acting it out on unwilling participants, then that shit's in you, it's straight up Gatorade!  And I'd appreciate it if you got some help and didn't continue to read my stories!)

The Fraternal Order of Kappa Rho

The boys of KR were part of a longstanding tradition at Langston Prep. Kappa Rho was a tradition that had been passed down for generations, no one quite knows how it began as its founding members have held that secret close to the chest; but the tradition lives on. Each year two new inductees are added to the existing 6 members. These 8 boys carry on the proud tradition of formally introducing young girls to their worst fears.  Kappa Rho, when discussed amongst mixed company, but to the boys it was, is and always will be Klub Rape!

Victor Banks-
African American, Senior, President, The Planner, Son of African Prince
Eli Rothenberg- Jewish, Senior, VP, Mother owns 12% of all diamonds sold domestically
KGB- Junior, Real Name Unknown, Russian, Master at Arms, Muscle, Father ex-KGB
Rafi Hershey- Sophomore, American, Kappa Rho dynasty, father was KR Class of 75, founding member.
Oliver “Bear” Johns – Sophomore , Caucasian, Son of wealthy entrepreneur and engineer, star athlete, junior national power lifting
Roy “Hammer” Hamm – British Exchange student, connections to a less than savory overseas drug lord, Mother was a former spy for MI-6, tech savant
Jason McAvoy – Father was a founding member, Old Oil Money from Texas, Reckless & boisterous, usually known to be a hothead, invited out of tradition.
Omar Abdul – Old Money from the Middle East, parents unknown. Brilliant, chemical engineering prodigy, Quiet and contemplative.

_________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ ______________________________

Chapter 5: Monster

Months passed and while the services of Kappa Rho weren’t needed in any instance, the boys still made good on the legacy of their fraternal order.  Taking weekend trips to colleges, posing as innocent high school seniors looking to tour the campuses of UVA, Michigan, LSU, the list goes on.  As expected, each trip ended the same way.  Some beautiful co-ed, in tears, begging for mercy that simply wasn’t on the menu. However, these excursions provided a number of opportunities, Victor saw this as training for his troops to keep their game sharp and prevent them from getting sloppy.  He termed these little excursions “away-games,” it was a handy way of discussing the previous weekend’s events without having to actually detail gang-raping a 19-yr-old blonde after homecoming in the back of her Honda Fit. 

KGB and Eli saw this as networking opportunities.  Eli, who never saw a backroom poker game he didn’t like or miss a chance to lord his family’s insane wealth to garner favor from a dean or class president began making more inroads each weekend.  Finding new and exotic ways to ensure Kappa always had the means to continue the legacy is what he was best at.  As for KGB, he would disappear for a few hours to do whatever it is sons of ex-KGB members do on college campuses, then magically reappear as though nothing had happened.  The other guys never bother to ask what he’d done because they knew he couldn’t talk about it.

Omar and Hamm had taken a liking to each other.  Hamm’s drug connections allowed him to smuggle in nearly any compounds Omar could ever want. They would spend nearly all their free time cooking up new ways to help any potential lady friends relax, or forget, or simply beg for mercy.  Not that roofies needed to be improved upon, but Omar, never one to shy away from a challenge found a way to make them quicker acting, with stronger sedation, and increased memory effects.  They really were a gold standard.  It also didn’t hurt that Senator Watson could help move anything through customs, anything to make sure his little angels never had another bad night.
Speaking of those lovely twins, Bear and Rafi kept a watchful eye on the movements of all our new and old targets.  One can never be too sure that some dumb bitch will start believing she has value and worth and does something crazy like go to Headmistress Rose or worse try to call the cops.  Bear was in charge of security, home and away, and Rafi handled tracking, and they both took their jobs seriously.  Constantly updating firewalls, locks, bugging and hacking phones, whatever it took.  Rafi had been closely following the twins since their last run in with them, he’d bugged both their phones and Senator Watson’s, this gave us a heads up if daddy got any crazy ideas like pulling his sweet girls from school. 

While the daily ins and outs of security were Rafi and Bear’s responsibility, all the boys did their part in ensuring the extensive Kappa library was always secure…and that’s where the problems began.

Jason couldn’t believe it.  All of it. He continued to take part, even if somewhat reluctantly. He really wasn’t made for this kind of life, his father was Oil money, he’d never worked a day in his life, never been in a fight, life had been grooved to ensure he would want for nothing. Which is why he had a problem with this:

“PLEEEEASSSEEEEEEEE STOOOOOOPPPPPPP!” Quinn screamed. Hamm was entering the second hour of the tattoo session.  He was the only one with any modicum of artistic talent, which is why he was chosen to brand Quinn Morgan with the word whore spelled in intricate cursive just above her pussy. The drugs Hamm had administered a few hours ago aided in keeping her both perfectly still and wide awake, as Hamm didn’t want her to miss any of his handiwork.  Quinn attended Sister Mary Jane Kelly’s School for Girls, it was a quick trip down the I-93 and Vic hoped it would be the perfect away-game to get Jason’s head straight.

Tears left matching trails down Jason’s ex-girlfriend’s face as she looks up at him. “Please make them stop Jason, PLEASE! I- OWWWW” her attention was drawn down between her legs where Hamm was getting a little heavy handed.

He flashes her an evil smile. “It is a little distracting, what with the screaming and all that,” he derides as she lay, naked legs sprawled wide as a boy she’s never met brands her. “If you could keep it down a bit,” the other boys in the room snicker and laugh at the request.  “Jason you wanna shut her up?”

The attention quickly shifts to Jason who had been watching in horror.  When he said he wanted to get back at her, he meant maybe steal her car or crash her laptop on finals week, he had no idea it meant this. 

“Ey!” Vic chimes in reaching into his pocket and pulling out an O-ring.  He tosses the metal piece with the leather straps attached in Jason’s direction.  “Don’t be rude, give her something to do while she waits.” His head was spinning, and his eyes scan the room for Eli, as he remembers the conversation, they had months ago concerning Jason’s little sister.  He was as much a prisoner here as Quinn was.

Jason looks down at the O-ring and knows he doesn’t have a choice. He kneels down toward Quinn. “Jason don’t do this please, I…I’m sorry, I…AHHHHHGGGHHH” Hamm again digs into her skin forcing the cry.  Jason ceased on the opportunity and placed the wide ring between her teeth and quickly bucking the leather straps behind her head before she can expel it.  He could feel his cock getting hard, although this wasn’t how he had envisioned hooking up with his ex would go, he knew Emmie would suffer a far worse fate if he didn’t do what was expected. 

As he begins to unbutton his pants Eli chimes in.  “Wait,” he says abruptly. “We really should let Jason put the finishing touches on.” Hamm who was closed to finished with his masterpiece groans in disapproval, and hands the tattoo gun over to Jason.  As Jason takes in the sights of his revenge porn fantasies come to life Vic gently elbows Eli who pulls his phone from his pocket and quietly begins recording.

He stares at it for a moment, not wanting any part in this but knows better than to show any outward signs of disapproval, Jason manages to crack a small smile, taking the tattoo gun and exchanging places with Hamm.  He looks down, he’d seen Quinn naked a dozen times before, but as he examined the motionless girl before him, he couldn’t help but feel sick that his words had caused this.  Jason’s trembling hand reaches down bringing the tattoo gun into contact with her skin.

Quinn moans in pain as he adds the ‘e’ to her new tattoo. She sobs, mouth still forced open by the O-ring, “Finish the job,” KGB says ominously. “you’ll feel better when done.” Jason hates them all for making him do this. His attention drifts back to Quinn as he rises from the chair. He was already hard, his body wanting what his mind knows is wrong. He wasn’t the most impressive specimen but Quinn had never complained about his size or prowess, well until now. She shouted through the gag as Jason’s cock approached her mouth. His hands gripped her chin holding her head in place. He slides past her lips over her tongue to that unfamiliar place at the back of her throat.  That place she would never let him go.

She’d only given Jason oral sex twice and each time was like pulling teeth as she demanded that his hands stay off her head and if he were to ever thrust his hips that would be the end of the night.  So he would lay there hands folded like a choir boy as Quinn delivered the world’s most lackluster blowjob.  Today was different. Not only was he expected to find a measure of retribution for her cheating, but there was nothing she could do to stop him.  His guilt began to melt away as he let himself enjoy the warmth of the mouth that embarrassed him in front of his friends.  As his hips pulled back he looked down to see the fear in her eyes.

The rest of Kappa Rho watched quietly but Jason didn’t notice, the room faded away along with his inhibitions to protect his ex.  His hands pulled her head toward him as he threw his forward.  The sound was new.  “HUCKKKEEE!” Whatever lunch she’d had quicly found its way to the floor and across Jason’s hips and pants.

“FUUUUUUUUCKKKKK” Jason bemoans as he looks down at the mess.  For the first time Kappa Rho watched as an anger they didn’t know was inside of him took over. He fingers wrap through her sandy blonde locks and without another word he begins his onslaught. He repeatedly pulled himself all the way from her mouth just to ensure he could achieve top speed as he rammed himself back in.  Each time he drove his cock past her tonsils the room was serenaded with a chorus of guttural sounds and whatever was remaining in Quinn’s stomach.

However, that didn’t dissuade Jason. His resolve never stronger, he watched as her midsection convulsed each time he forced himself down her throat. But not being satisfied with the status quo he takes the opportunity to step over Quinn’s face, straddling her head he lets allows gravity to assist him as he slams himself with as much force as he can down her throat.  Soft whimpers fill the room as Quinn struggles to breathe, yet can’t move to stop it or fight off her attacker.  Jason’s body has never been privy to such depravity and his balls respond without warning. Sinking himself into her throat the camera zooms in and records as his balls convulse pumping load after hot load down the throat of an already suffocating Quinn. 

“RRAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH,” he howls as he feels himself totally empty a relationship's worth of sexual frustration into his ex’s face. It takes another moment for him to realize Quinn’s struggling has ceased. Panicked he rolls himself off of her and looks down.  The room is quiet Jason shakes.  He wasn't violent, what came over him.  One of Quinn's frequent requests was to not treat her so delicately.  As he looked over her motionless body a haunting thought creeps into his mind. Did he just-

“HUGHHH!” thick white semen erupts from Quinn’s mouth as her body recoils, gasping for air.  The pool of cum that was stuck at the back of her throat coats her face as she recovers, her soft whimper a sign of relief for Jason

“There she blows!” Rafi chimes in laughing as he watches a suddenly guilt-stricken Jason react to a nearly suffocated Quinn. 

“That should about do it?” Eli says as he concludes his recording and quietly places the phone back in his pocket. Vic quietly nods.
“Well done.” He says slow clapping the performance, “there might be hope for you yet. 

Jason looks back down a Quinn who is still recovering from her near death experience.  He’d seen that look in the eyes of girls who suffered life alerting experiences at the hands of Kappa Rho, and now he’d done that to her.

“Time’s a wasting boys, we got plans tonight,” Vic says as they each start to move around him on command, packing up everything they’d had out, Omar moves next to Quinn, pulling a syringe from his pack loading it with a clear liquid.

Omar smiles up at Jason, “guess there is a monster in you too huh?” He says injecting Quinn with the substance, “looks like you can finally stop looking at us like we’re the bad guys, yea?”

“What is that?” Jason asks still catching his breath.

“That,” Omar says placing the syringe back in his pack, “was so she doesn’t wake up and remember that you nearly choked her to death with your little pecker there,” Omar says with a laugh. “How about putting that thing away, we gotta go,” he says.

Jason finally kicks into gear, “we’re not just going to leave her like this?” he asks as he tucks himself in, exiting the room they were all just in.

“We most certainly are, I’m sure someone will find her,” Rafi says as they all make their way downstairs and out of the abandoned.

“She’s 20 miles from her campus and we didn’t leave her any clothes!” Jason objects having suddenly grown a conscious.

“You’re awfully worried about a girl you nearly killed 10 minutes ago,” Bear chimes in as they make their way out the front door of the dilapidated building and into their respective vehicles. 

“Get the fuck in the car,” Eli says exasperated by the return of the old Jason. 

He takes a long look at the house before getting into the car. “Why are we in such a rush?”
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Re: Klub Rape - Vol. 5 - Harm's Universe ©
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Very good read. And merit worthy. And now I feel I should go back and read of the fraternity from the beginning

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Re: Klub Rape - Vol. 5 - Harm's Universe ©
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Im glad it was something you could still enjoy without having read the previous chapters :)
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Re: Klub Rape - Vol. 5 - Harm's Universe ©
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I'm probably not supposed to reveal this, but I was editing this part, and I'll admit, it was very hard keeping my mind on task with something this good.
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