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A list of JackBlack stories
« on: March 12, 2021, 11:03:41 AM »
Stories for Perverts:

Father Daughter Incest Stories

Turning Out Tammy

A thirteen year old girl with a bad attitude towards her father gets turned into a whore for him using drugs and rape.

F/D incest Drug Rape

Fucking Brittany 

A perverted Daddy schemes to use a powerful black market sex drug to fuck his horny teenaged daughter.

F/d Incest Drug

Amber's Defilement

Fourteen year old Amber gets raped by her Dad and ends up cumming all over his huge cock.

F/d incest, Rape, HARD fucking

Gina goes Wild with her Dad

Her hormones raging and badly wanting to have sex with someone, it doesn't matter who, fourteen year old Gina Mathews comes up with a nasty plan to get fucked by her own Dad when he's heavily drunk.

F/d Incest, Fucking, Anal Sex

Daddy's Drunk, Daughter's Passion

Thirteen year old Traci has fantasies about being forcibly raped by a mystery man. Unknown to her, Traci's big strong Daddy has been having violent rape fantasies about her for months.  A chance encounter in the hallway leads to plans of turning fantasy into reality for both father and daughter.

Father/Daughter Incest, Rape, a whole lot of fucking

The Good Girl

An innocent twelve year old Mormon girl is led down the path of incest and sexual depravity with her own father with the help of a Satanic Priest posing as a Mormon Elder.

F/D Incest, Drug, Transformation

Monica's First Creampie

Thirteen year old Monica gets an unexpected creampie when she teases her drunk, horny Dad once too often

F/d Incest, rape, very hard fucking

Beating off Bob Gets Laid

A father and daughter fuck for the first time on a hot summer Saturday night.

F/D incest, fucking

Interracial Stories

Owning the Fisher Family

The Illuminati is paying violent California Black gangs to kidnap and rape white families to corrupt and pervert the hated White race.

IR, Kidnapping, Rape, Sodomy, Fucking, Hard Pedo

Wrong Turn in Compton 

A White family ends up in an all Black area of Compton after almost running out of gas, where their pretty ten year old son gets noticed in the wrong way.

Interracial, Kidnapping, Drug, Rape, Sodomy, Fucking, Incest

Raped White Family

In a dark future, vicious sexually violent Black gangs capture entire white families and brutally rape every member.

Gang Rape, interracial, Domination, Humiliation

Turning Shawn Black

A White crack whore sells her seven year old son to her Black drug dealer who is intent on turning the boy into a whore for Big Black Cock.

M+/b, Interracial, hard rape, gang, oral, MC, foot fetish, NC, Caution

Little Asian, Big Prison

A young Vietnamese man gets sent to an all Black American prison in the South where his small size and Asian good looks makes him the object of some very unwanted attention that leads to big trouble.

M+/M, Interracial, Black on Asian, Rape, oral, anal, gang rape, forced homosexuality, foot fetish, NC, violence, Caution

Reggie gets Paid

A Black drug dealer to a white crack whore accepts the woman's offer of the hard use of her eight year old daughter for two ounces of crack.

MMM/g Interracial, Rape, Sodomy, Violence, Drugs

Young Child Rape Stories

A Deal with the Devil

A coward makes a deal with the Devil by trading his soul for what he wants more than anything else in the world, only to discover that the devil is in the details.

M/g5, Kidnapping, Forcible Rape, anal, oral, NC, Caution

Late Night Filming

In a basement studio, a super cute naked seven year old girl kidnapped from her Elementary school is the star of a violent hardcore rape production for the very wealthy called KP.

MMMMM/g, Kidnap, Drug, Rape, Anal, Oral, Violence, NC, snuff, CAUTION!

Showing Off His Daughter

A perverted Daddy gets off on showing off his beautiful seven year old daughter dressed in very skimpy clothing to men, which leads to kidnapping and violent gang rape.

M+/g, Pedo, Alcohol, Kidnap, Gang Rape, NC, Caution.

Child Fuck

A cute bratty seven year old girl who isn't nearly as innocent as she appears gets kidnapped, raped and sodomized on her birthday.

M/g, Abduction, Forcible rape, fucking, Anal Sodomy, Hard Pedo

Carl's Last Pussy

An aging sex offender on the run from California risks everything to rape a six year old girl living in a small Florida trailer park.

M/g, Hard Pedo, Alcohol, Abduction, Rape, Anal, Violence, NC, snuff

Incident at Coral Gables Trailer Park

Two unregistered sex offenders rape a young brother and sister at a small Florida trailer park.

MM/gb, Kidnap, Rape, Anal, Violence, NC, Snuff CAUTION!!

Jack Discovers the Joys of Satanism - Part 1

Jack and his wife are converts to a growing Satanic Cult in Northern California, unaware that the only reason they've been invited is because they have a very pretty underaged daughter. Only later does Jack find out that the Church they have joined is all about father-daughter incest and that he is expected to brutally rape his own daughter as part of an initiation ceremony.

F/D, Incest, Satanism

Jack Discovers the Joys of Satanism - Part 2

Jack agrees to the Initiation of his seven year old daughter and brings his daughter dressed only in a pink nightgown to an isolated Freemason lodge at midnight where little Traci is about to be fucked out of her mind.

F/D Incest, Satanism

The Ceremony

A father who has joined a Satanist church is deceived into bringing his six year old daughter dressed like a whore to a midnight intiation ceremony where the real ceremony is hard child rape.

MMMMMMMMMM/g, Drug, Rape, Violence, NC

Satan Provides, Part 1

A pedophilic Satanist with a fetish for hard rape prays to Satan to give him a victim to rape and Satan provides with a child created just for him in exchange for his Soul.

M/g, Satanism, Kidnapping, Rape, Anal, Violence, NC, Snuff, CAUTION!!

Satan Provides, Part 2

A pedophilic Satanist with a fetish for hard rape prays to Satan to give him a victim to rape and Satan provides with a child created just for him in exchange for his Soul.

M/g, Satanism, Kidnapping, Rape, Anal, Violence, NC, Snuff, CAUTION!!

The Making of a Little Fuck Toy Part 1

The accountant of a powerful mob boss discovers the price for screwing his employer when his wife is murdered and his six year old daughter is gang raped right in front of him.

M+/g gang rape, anal, oral, NC, violence, Caution!

The Making of a Little Fuck Toy - Part 2

After being fucked nearly to the point of death, Megan is sent to a special school in Saudi Arabia  for slut training.

MMMM/g6, rape, oral

The Making of a Little Fuck Toy, Part 3

The training of the six year old fuck toy continues as little Megan starts to enjoy being raped.

M/g6 rape semi-nc

Making a Little Fuck Toy, Part 4

Six year old Megan gets seduced so she begins to turn nasty with Mr. Sam.

M/g6, Oral, Vaginal
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Re: A list of JackBlack stories
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Thank you for helping a lazy person like myself to find your works. So much easier to click twice than search page by page! Merit awarded fir this

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Re: A list of JackBlack stories
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