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Cum in the goggles - a real account
« on: January 12, 2019, 06:12:46 PM »
I was told to wait here, by the door. Naked except for the blindfold with music playing in the ear buds. Thinking back to the instructions, and my reaction to them. I recall how my pussy clenched when I heard them.And, that little voice inside my head wanted to scream out questions. "Why"? "Naked"? And "Where will you be"?

But, I'd swallowed the words. And as I slipped out of my clothing, and as the tiny white hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and I could feel the cool air in the room brush across my open sex, I'd padded silently from my bedroom. I resisted the urge to duck when passing each window as I walked silently to the front door. I recall how my fingers were shaking as I placed the ear buds in. And the sound of the music as it flooded into my brain. It should have soothed me. Relaxed me. Drowned out unwanted thoughts. But it did none of those things. The cold wooden floor felt even colder as I dropped into my kneel and reached out to pick up the blindfold. I recall staring at it, like maybe it would suddenly explain to me at least some of the questions in my mind. And, once again felt my body shiver and clench.

The logic game started then. He wasn't here. I would know if he entered. There was no camera on me. How could he possibly know, if I had the damn blindfold on? Was it really needed? What if someone knocked on the door? What if a spider crawled across my skin? I'm allergic to them. Would I want the medical people to find me there like that?

The logic game continued even as I tied the blindfold in place. And too, the fear grew substantially stronger. I could hear nothing but the music and my heart. And had tiny chill bumps covering my exposed skin. Nipples seemingly growing harder with each passing second. The moisture between my wide spread thighs evident as it seemed to attract cool breezes. And with each brush of air, I'd swear someone was there. My hands, once laying on my thighs, were now clenched. Fingers digging painfully into the palm of either hand as I battled my fears and doubts. He told me, he'd protect me. He told me he'd never let anything bad happen.He told me, to trust him. But when he'd said those things, I'd been dressed. And not blind.

I took a deep breath and told myself I was safe.And, I was trusting him.Slowly letting the air escape my lungs, I could feel my body slowing. The thoughts more manageable. The fear, slowly ebbing. I smiled as I told myself.."you got this dawn".

Wait! Was that the doorbell? The doorbell rang? Or did it? With the ear buds in, how could I possibly hear it? Well, to be fair, it is loud. But would I hear it? Maybe I should stand up and peek out the door...

I shook my head and took another deep breath...silly girl playing tricks on myself. I slowly let it out. And smiled. Or started to..until the door bumped my knee and the blast of cool air flooded across my skin..
I almost peed myself instead. And it took everything in me, to not come out of my kneel. Probably wouldn't be able to stand anyway, but I didn't try. I waited for his familiar touch. It didn't come

The cold breeze stopped and I felt the door move. He closed it. It's like my mind is doing play by play commentary so my body can relax. As if...I waited for his touch then and felt nothing. Heard nothing except the stupid music. I started getting angry. Anger from fear. And from humiliation as I felt foolish kneeling there like that. My mouth popped open to say something, then closed when nothing legible came out. And still, no touch.

The logic game started anew. Maybe he passed out. Maybe he needs a doctor. Maybe he's waiting for me to fail. That's it! If I move, come out of my kneel, he'll stop this game and correct me ! My thighs shifted slightly and stopped on their own. I hate that. When half my brain decides to act and my body thinks better of it and doesn't respond. The frustration grew.

The music stopped and I heard his voice through the buds. "stop moving except your mouth. Open it and stick out that pouty tongue". I froze. I mean where was my relaxing music? You can't just snatch it away like that! I'd grown used to it. It completed me.Then slowly, my body once again responded in spite of my mind. Mouth wide, tongue flipping out.

I felt the spreader as it was placed between my lips. My tongue extended out in the center. I felt his fingers tugging at my tongue and placing a clip on the end of it. And felt his hands pick up my right hand and pull it behind me, and my left immediately after. Another clip went on my tongue as I felt the cuffs hooking my hands together, and the spreader started widening. And that's when my brain finally realized...he has 6 hands!
Now, I'd like to say that I wasn't dripping wet when the fact registered with me. But hate lying. But I did move. I squirmed. Suddenly the hard wood floor felt horrible. Blind, drooling by then and hands cuffed behind me, without hearing ability and naked , I felt as if I were on stage. Unsure who was there, mind racing. Hands touching my left breast. Teasing the nipple ring. And then the left. Then I felt the tug as they pulled on the chain connecting them. A hand in my hair encouraged me to stand and I did. On rubber legs I felt myself being turned. Then the tug on my nipples and I was stumbling forward, blind.

A slap on my ass and I squeaked. Well, technically it was supposed to be a squeak. With my mouth wide open, it came out more like a gurgle. Still being pulled forward then stopping as my body came in contact with a table. My head canted to one side. A table? Here? In my living room? Maybe I missed a turn and am in the dining room? I felt the ear buds being removed. And missed them immediately. I could hear 4 voices from various spots around me....there was talk of lighting...of cameras... of pc connections....I wanted to tell them to stop. To go away. To leave me be. And my body did as it wanted and gyrated my pelvis slightly.

Trying to picture each guy by their voice. Guessing their age. Ethnicity. And whether I knew them. And not one of them was my Masters' voice.....that was when the fear overtook me. And that confounded logic.Obviously what happened was not supposed to happen. Obviously these guys stumbled upon my house and found me kneeling there. They were probably escaped prisoners. They had somehow followed my Master, over powered him thinking to rob him, entered the house and found me...tears have begun and my blindfold is soon soaked.

Movement to my right. Many movements. I can feel his hand moving and can almost hear it too. His hot cock brushed against my body as he stroked it. Again and again. I can feel the wetness now too.Both his and mine. Then he pulled away. Nothing...Dammit I miss my ear buds!

Hands on my head now. Toying with the blindfold. It's being lifted. And pulled away only to be replaced at the exact same time with blackened goggles. The strap in back is tangling in my hair. My eyes blink rapidly and burn horribly. I clamp them closed and can almost smell the cum that was in the goggles. That was when I decided enough was enough. And started telling gibberish as my saliva drooled out and dripped from my chin to my heaving tits. I felt hands on either leg tugging them apart even as I talked gibberish... then the door opened behind me and I heard more voices as I felt the cold air rush inside...
The Director from the hospital! I'd know his voice anywhere. And wait...that's my neighbor to my right! More voices, loud cheering followed. Blush flooded my face and neck. The director then again. I felt his hand on my shoulder. Chill bumps covering my exposed skin. I could feel my sex clench tight...
And then, I lifted my head and blinked..."oh sorry Sir....guess I fell asleep on break"...watching him walk the football game on the television filled the room with cheers again....that logic started all over..." I wonder if it was his cum in the goggles"...

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Re: Cum in the goggles - a real account
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2019, 09:49:55 PM »
Love it!!!
Drew us in with your writing skill and exposed us to your world of logic.
Comments inspire more frequent story posts... just sayin'...

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Re: Cum in the goggles - a real account
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2019, 09:51:34 PM »
That was such a hot story, loved the trick ending too.

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Re: Cum in the goggles - a real account
« Reply #3 on: January 12, 2019, 10:01:58 PM »
Well Miss Dawn why did I picture you there kneeling awaiting my touch. To say this was dmn hot would be an understatement, only way this would be hotter would be if pictures were presented staring yourself! Nice touch with the ending, didn't see that coming!

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Re: Cum in the goggles - a real account
« Reply #4 on: January 13, 2019, 05:51:13 PM »
Very good story, you brought us into your world and kept us for as long as you wanted. I enjoy your mind and how it works.

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Re: Cum in the goggles - a real account
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Just ventured into this section and glad I did, this was so hot and well done!!

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Re: Cum in the goggles - a real account
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I like that ...
It's what they're FOR! 
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