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by Dante & Regis

The pretty young prostitute sat on the floor, wearing only her nylons and heels.  She was a frail looking girl with light blonde hair, pulled back into a pony tail, with a puff of arched bangs that hung over her eyes.  Her pale skin was velvety smooth, which was not unusual for a girl who worked all night, and seldom saw daylight.  The girl in her mid-teens sat between the judge's legs in his private chambers, servicing his exposed penis with her educated mouth.  She soon had the long slender organ of the elderly justice at full erection.
The attractive girl, not yet fifteen, had been arrested during a drug raid at a nightclub.  She had not been found to be using drugs, nor was she in possession.  The girl had simply been plying her trade as a prostitute, flaunting her delightful figure in an open blouse that gave a view of her fresh bulging breasts and a micro-miniskirt that showed her slender thighs, capable of hugging a man as he plowed the 14-year-old’s delightful little cunt, and 5” spikes that made the most of her amazing legs.  

The kid was looking for a John who would be unlikely to hurt her, who she could fuck, drug and then rob to make her pimp's quota.  Now she was providing the judge with good reason not to sentence her to a long jail term.  The clean ones were easy to manipulate, as they were truly frightened of doing time, and the judge had easily convinced her to cooperate with him in the privacy of his chambers.

The judge had produced a couple of pair of handcuffs from his desk drawer, and had used them to cuff the girl's right wrist to her right ankle, and her left wrist to her left ankle, to prevent her from using her hands.  This arrangement also left her unable to cover her body, or to defend herself should that become necessary.

"Do you know what a garrote is, my dear?" the judge asked her.  She knew better than to interrupt her aggressive oral work on his penis to answer.  Instead she shook her head from side to side, giving him a pleasant sensation with his slender erection thrusting deep into her rapidly pumping throat.  This pretty girl was clearly well experienced in the craft of providing pleasure to the sex organs of men with that sensuous young mouth and throat of hers.

The judge picked up the interesting killing tool, which was a piece of evidence from the trial he had just conducted, for which he was now awaiting the jury's decision.  "This is a garrote," he said, holding it up.  She was unable to see it, with her face buried against his lower belly.  "It is a precision killing instrument, elegant in its simplicity.  

“It consists of just this fine strand of strong steel wire, with a wooden handle attached to either end.  It is an ideal tool to use when the killing must be conducted at close range and in silence.  It is the favorite implement of many paid assassins, who are able to get close to their victims in private.  You may remember one being used in one of The Godfather films, where the victim knew and trusted his killers, so was easily taken by surprise.

"By pressing the round handles together, the wire between them forms a loop.  The loop is set over the victim's head, which can be accomplished very quickly, and then the handles are pulled rapidly apart.  The loop tightens, and the thin wire effectively and silently strangles the victim.  Let go of my penis with your mouth now, my dear. I would like to show you how it works."

The girl was startled, suddenly fearful, and as she jerked her mouth off the long slender penis to protest, the garrote was over her head in a flash, and the handles pulled wide apart.  The young woman opened her mouth to scream, but the device was tight enough to constrict her air passage, and only a very quiet gurgle was emitted.

"Now now, my dear girl, you don't want to attract undue attention, do you?  This is a demonstration for your education and for mine.  Although the use of this simple instrument of strangulation can be fast and effective, I have heard that it can also be used to inflict a slow and agonizing death, more like a torture than a killing instrument.  It all depends upon the pressure used.  You just sit there and strangle for me like a good girl, and I will do all of the work."

The naked teen prostitute's face was turning beet red, and her eyes were extra wide with the pupils dilated under the extraordinary stress.  The young girl's large firm breasts seemed to swell as she tried desperately and unsuccessfully to draw air into her lungs.  It was clear that she was not having a good time.

"As the body fights for air and the brain for a fresh supply of blood, the victim's face flushes, just as yours is doing," the judge explained to her.  "It is amazing how long the human body, particularly a lovely young female one such as yours, can survive without a supply of air.  It has been more than a minute now, has it not?"  He increased the pressure on the wire wrapping her neck to ensure she was unable to draw in a fresh supply of air.

The young whore was not counting the seconds.  She was attempting to survive the tortuous treatment from the famous juror, but was restricted from doing so by the cuffs.  She sat with her flared cunt pressed firmly against the smooth cool floor, kissing the polished hardwood with her pretty sex organ, which was far too experienced for the cunt of a girl her age.  Her knees were spread and bent, with her ankles out to each side, cuffed to her wrists.
The attractive hooker did not lose her good looks under this unusual torture, even though her full lips were turning purple, and her gums were beginning to bleed.   She drooled her bloody saliva over her lips, and it trickled down over her pretty melon breasts and her tight tummy.  Her eyes bulged, and the whites were becoming bloodshot.  She was not doing well in this demonstration.

"This must be quite an experience for you, young lady," the judge told her, not sure if she were still able to hear him.  "You’ve never been in a judge’s chamber, before, have you.  It is said that what you are feeling at this moment is not unlike being hanged.  If you wish to compare them, I can release the garrote and hang you with some rope from the stout ceiling-hook where that potted plant is hanging."

The judge tightened the garrote slightly once more, and as the girl slumped.  He smelled the offal soil she released from her relaxing anus.  A glance confirmed it.   A fat stool protruded between her full round buttocks, its firm dark meat contrasting beautifully with her pale skin.  He loved forcing a female to poop.

As he released the garrote, her head slumped, and he was satisfied he had properly choked her into unconsciousness.  He used a Kleenex from his desk to remove the stool, and two more to wipe the limp teenager's buttocks and rectum clean.  Then he kneeled between her spread legs and thrust his penis into her relaxed vagina.  He was now ready for his own sexual satisfaction.

He had brought the lovely young whore to the point of death, and now he engaged in his favorite sport, fucking with wild bucking hips into the limp body of a pretty unconscious female.  He particularly enjoyed depositing his semen into the depth of such a young one.  He usually selected girls for this sport that were both young and small, girls obtained from juvenile court, so that their tight fuck slots would be a nice tight fit, even when the young ladies were unconscious.

She at last awakened, groggy and disoriented, as the judge ejaculated into her with moans of passion.  Although she was once more conscious, the girl was groggy from the near brush with death, and she lay as limp as she had been when unconscious.  The judge drew his organ quickly out of her, and pulled up his pants.  He was disgusted when they awakened before he had completed his sexual release.  He tossed her thin dress at her.

"Get the fuck out of here, you pretty little slut, before I throw you into jail.  The men on murders' row would love to get their hands on a lively piece of ass like you.  I will make you their personal pet if I ever see you again.  Don't let me ever hear of you again, or there will be hell to pay.  Do you understand me?"  

The girl was shaking uncontrollably as she pulled her dress over her nakedness.  “I know you’re only 14, but I’ll try you as an adult, and put your pretty ass into the federal prison.  I have the power to do that,” he lied.  She stood on wobbly knees, and made her way toward the door in her five-inch heels.

"Not that one, bitch!" the judge shouted, and he pushed her out through a private exit that led to the back lane.  That was that for the cheap cunt.  It had been a rewarding experience to try the garrote on such a deserving young lady.  He was confident she would be no trouble to him in the future, and that he would never see her again.  With luck she would leave the county for good.  They usually did.

He had used a garrote once on a mature woman, and she had died of a heart attack from the experience, which was most unsettling.  It had cost the judge two thousand dollars to safely get rid of the body, and that was an inconvenience he did not appreciate.  He liked the diversion of a little sex sport during the interval that the jury was out, and then make the cunt get rid of herself.

This shapely young whore had been perfect for the job.  He had made his own version of a sex-kill game, and needed the cunts to be able to remove themselves from the scene.  From now on it would always be young girls he choked to unconsciousness as he ejaculated into them in whichever portal was to his taste at the time.  


The courtroom was packed as the jury returned to deliver their decision.  A hush filled the large oak-paneled room when the foreman stood to read the verdict.  The six women in the dock were told to stand to hear the verdict for their crimes.  They did, and there was a gasp of appreciation as these attractive young women got to their feet, on full view to those fortunate enough to be seated in front.  

Elizabeth Goldblum was the tallest, a statuesque Jewish woman with an Amazon figure, sizable breasts, and a fresh breezy way of dressing that did nothing to disguise the attributes of her remarkable figure.  She had shiny black hair that was combed smooth and gleamed, ending in an inward curl just below her shoulders.  Her skirt was short, revealing her exceptional legs.  She wore dark nylons, and light flesh colored high heeled shoes that gave her the appearance of having smallish dainty feet.

Beside her stood Fran Hingle, a blonde with short curly hair, who's shortness was accentuated by Elizabeth's height.  Fran had fair skin, with full breasts supported by an uplifting bra.  Her cleavage was displayed by the deep V cut of her sweater.  She had a beautiful face, that belied her cleverness.  She had learned to play the dumb blonde role to the hilt, and it had earned her the sympathy of the people in the gallery.  Fran had yet to see if she had also been able to influence the members of the jury.

Grace Icewell was also a blonde, with long bouncy hair.  She was the youngest of the prisoners, and the only one to show tears.  In fact, she had cried most of the way through the three week trial, and had gone through nearly a box of Kleenex each day.  She was a delicate looking thing, fairly tall and slender, with large breasts that bounced as she whimpered and blew her nose.  Grace was the kind of young lady that caused erections to grow in men's pants whenever they saw her, and her performance at the trial had caused more than one unintentional ejaculation.

Hellita Juanez was a flaming redhead, but her hair was skillfully dyed, because she was a classically beautiful Mexican of high breeding.  She was tall and slender, displaying the Spanish genes in her bloodline.  She sported a pair of boobs that defied description.  She had custom-made bras to keep them under control, but was somehow able to bounce her magnificent mammaries at the all-male jury at will.  

From what came out at the trial, Hellita was the second in command in this all-female gang of criminals.  Her quick fiery temper had flared at several points throughout the trial, particularly when the other accused were testifying.  If she did not like what they were saying, she would bounce out of her seat, and have to be restrained by her lawyer as she appeared to be popping right out of her tight dress.

Inesia Khandahara was a dark skinned beauty from India, a delicate doe from the upper caste, with a refined accent that was so provocative it alone made her appear to be innocent.  She had incredibly long black eye lashes that she batted at the jurors with great effect.  Her velvety skin was flawless, and she actually looked good enough to eat.

She had a slender figure with large breasts, and each day wore a different tube dress.  These skillfully fitted garments were two sizes too small for her, and barely hitched up over her nipples.  At the lower end was hardly enough material to reach the fold at the base of her buttocks.  Her nylons were self-supporting, and stopped half way up her slender thighs.  Inesia wore her black hair in a neat French braid, and in every respect, this high class cunt from India was a knockout.

Juanita Lingus was a Puerto Rican who had attained the seemingly impossible.  With two strikes against her, being her race and her sex,  she had parlayed her third attribute, her sly sexuality, into a position of power.  She was brilliant, and had become a business executive, Vice-President of a major nation-wide corporation, and an influential political lobbyist.  

Juanita had brought together this group of inteligent and capable women to perpetrate a series of heinous political crimes.  They had as clients some of the most powerful industrialists in the world, and in three years the all-girl band of criminals had attained some remarkable victories, landing for their clients billion dollar contracts.  To do this, they had stopped at nothing.  

These female criminals had burned down the factories of competing companies, they had used extortion, and had even kidnaped the daughter of the French Ambassador to the United Nations.  That crime had been over a contract for the manufacture of fighter jets that had gone sour.  The girl had been snatched from her dormatory at the up-state New York college she attended, and the safehouse they used to hold her had been hit by lightning soon after their arrival.  

They had lost contact with the industrialist who had hired them, and within a few days the fighter jet deal had been signed.  After twenty days, the naked body of the beautiful girl was found at sunrise hanging by the neck from the flagpole of France outside the United Nations, while from the US flagpole hung the nude body of the industrialist who had not paid the women for their efforts.  

Those were not their only murders.  The president of a munitions firm was found dead in his hotel room.  Details of the heinous crime were leaked to the press, so that the whole nation knew the man's penis had been slit open like a cooked frank, and that one of his testicles had been cut off.  He had strangled to death, and the dried vagina excretions over his face as well as those in his mouth were matched through DNA testing to fluids from the cunts of both the weeping Grace Icewell and the lovely brown skinned Inesia Khandahara.  

The six killer cunts, who were called by the press the Mamma Gang, not only because they were all female, but also because they all had such impressive mammaries, had also perpetrated break-ins and robberies that made Watergate look like kindergarten.  They were daring, efficient, and totally merciless in their methods.  They had used stiletto knives and garrotes on guards during the break-ins, killing three or four men and women on each job.  

Both the FBI and the CIA were involved in the setup that at last brought them to trial.  The six were all involved in a break-in that was designed to entrap them.  During the trial the jury and gallery watched videos of the six women, wearing form-fitting black body suits, climbing the walls of an tall office tower and entering a thirty-fifth story window.  There was no question that this was the infamous Mamma Gang.

Surveillance cameras inside the building got close shots of each of their faces, positively identifying them.  These cameras also documented them luring a lovely young female security guard into a hallway to investigate a sound.  The high quality surveillance cameras, their numbers and positions augmented for this important sting, were able to capture the full event in colorful detail.  

The several probing surveillance cameras had clearly recorded highly incriminating shots of Juanita Lingus slipping a garrote wire over the young woman's head.  She jerked on the wooden handles, strangling the kicking guard-bitch to death.  The look of satisfaction on the hyspanic woman's gorgeous face was unmistakable.  She was getting sexual satisfaction from the act of killing another woman.  Her face reavealed the intensity of her orgasm.

A second female security guard took a blade thrust into her lower belly from Elizabeth Goldblum, and then a second knife in the hands of Fran Hingle effectively slit her throat.  The two young female guards had been unfortunate sacrifices, but the pretty college girls had been hired part time by the FBI to contribute this damning evidence.  

The deaths of the innocent eighteen year olds were necessary pieces of evidence to convict the infamous female gang.  The jury had noted with interest that the strangled girl's thin white panties, revealed by her raised skirt as she fell struggling with her lovely legs spread, were both stained and soiled, bulging with discharged offal just before her body went limp.
This was conclusive evidence that the killing on tape was not faked.  In addition, the belly ripping and throat slashing were so severe that the girl's guts were revealed, and her head nearly decapitated.  The tapes from three cameras that had captured the killings were replayed several times at the request of the jury, so that they were positive the killers were Juanita, Elizabeth and Fran, and that the two guard girls had really given up their young lives.  

No actresses could have endured that tight jerking garroting or faked the quivering of the legs during her death throes, or produce a full complement of excrement on cue.  Nor could an actress fake the spilling of her guts or the near loss of her head with that level of reality.  The setup killings had been real, and now the accused bitches were facing their judges, the all-male jury.


The six women stood before the jury with defiance on their faces.  They were convinced their charms and raw sensuality had prevailed, and that the male jurors would turn them loose.  Their team of lawyers had been brilliant in delivering a superb defence.  They now faced the jury with confidence.

"Guilty, on all counts!" the foreman said as he read the unanimous decision.  "We recommend the death sentence for each of the accused."  The six women were stunned.

"Are those your full findings?" the judge asked.

"Your honor, we the jury believe that the crimes of these women were so heinous that an extraordinary example must be made of them.  It is clear to us that they must not only be executed for their crimes, but that they also be publicly humiliated to ensure that others do not follow in their footsteps."

The accused stood in shock, but Grace, more in control of her reaction, managed to burst into tears.

"And what are your recommendations on execution?" the judge asked the foreman.  He was not likely to be surprised, as he had instructed them privately on the need for severe punishment and humiliation, and had told them exactly what he expected them to recommend.  He was, after all, a bit of a showman.

"We have given this a great deal of sober thought, my Lord, and we recommend that the six women be hanged together in public.  Further, we believe it is important that their execution be covered on national television, and that they be hanged in the nude, without hoods, to ensure they experience full debasing and humiliation before the country.  Those are our considered recommendations, my Lord."

The awed silence in the courtroom was broken by the trickle and then splash of water.  Elizabeth and Inesia lost bladder control, and their full streams of urine were spraying through their panties and onto the hardwood floor of the courtroom.  Fran and Hellita joined them, and in a few minutes the floor around the prisoners' dock was awash in fresh lady-piss.  Appeal of a death sentence was not an option in this State.  They were all going to die for their crimes.

"And one more item upon which we reached full agreement.  We believe it would benefit justice if we jurors be placed in the front row, to ensure the sanctity of the hangings."

Because the trial was being carried on national television, the judge proceeded directly to sentencing.  The six woman of the Mammaries Gang stood quivering as he followed the recommendations of the jury to the letter.  In his sentencing, he wanted the world to know that the kind of crimes these ladies had done would not be tolerated in America.  

There had only been one other nude hanging, and that had been performed in private, with only video coverage, and that not broadcast live.  Coverage of the hanging was released only on adult cable television, on Pay for View, to avoid exposing children to what could be reasonably construed as a form of State-sponsored sexual violence.  That event had featured the execution of a woman who had sold military secrets to the Chinese and to three competing Arab countries over a period of several years.  

The woman had held a trusted senior secretarial post, and had violated the trust of her country.  She had sold design plans for nuclear weapons to Sadam Hussein, bringing him near the capability of wiping out hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of American lives.  Her execution had been a fiasco, and the videos were now readily available through any of the many pornography outlets in each city throughout the country, as well as on hundreds of pay websites.

Everything about that hanging had been poorly planned and executed.  The knots had been wrong, her weight had been poorly calculated, and the gallows trap door had failed to work the fist three times the release had been pulled.  In addition, her guards just before the execution had raped the woman, so that her vagina was flared and dripping semen, in full heat.  

Worst of all, she had not had her bladder and bowels properly flushed prior to the hanging, and because the noose was so badly fitted, she had taken nearly fifteen minutes to die swinging at the end of the rope.  At the end, as her kicking faded, she had evacuated her colon and her bladder as she finally gave up her futile struggle for life.

The porno people loved it, but it was a shameful example of a nude public execution.  It made the professionals look bad.  This time it would be done properly, right down to the last detail.  The multiple hangings would take place at 4 AM Eastern, 1 AM Pacific time, to greatly reduce the number of children watching if their parents wanted them not to see the event.  

The multiple bitch hanging would be broadcast by all the major networks.  That would eliminate the pornography market, because anyone who wanted to could record the event for detailed replay later.  The judge realized with satisfaction that the air in most homes would reel of the starchy stench of spilled semen for days afterwards.  That was the least the American public could expect of their justice system.  

The judge had the court clerk take a note to the producer of the television coverage, and waited for the response before setting the execution date for six weeks later.  He wanted to be sure there was ample time for the preparation of such an extraordinary broadcast.  He also made the unprecedented move of granting full access to the female prisoners by the film crew that had been documenting this important trial.  The guilty ladies were to be granted absolutely no privacy between the sentencing and their naked public execution.


It was surprisingly cool in the prison receiving area.  This was not the state prison where the six had been held up to and during their trial.  This was the federal penitentiary, where the warden and the guards played hardball.  These six notorious prisoners were treated like all prisoners being admitted, with the exception of the video crew that was permitted by the judge to follow them everywhere.  

The two cameras were rolling as the ladies were required to remove all of their clothing to be given up to the state.  Their voluptuous figures were even more extraordinary as they became fully revealed with the total stripping of their garments.  They were forced to stand with their legs apart and their arms raised as delousing spray was applied to their entire bodies.  

The film crews missed nothing, including their red flushed faces at the humiliation of their treatment.  The six prisoners were only permitted to lower their arms when they were instructed to spread their buttocks with their hands.  This precaution was to ensure that the stinging disinfectant spray did not miss the deep crease of their crotches.  

Next they were moved into open showers, and they were at least permitted to soap themselves.  The women criminals did what they could to ignore the cameras and the leering film crews, but the brief pleasure they got from the warm shower vanished as they were made to put down the soap, and the rinse water turned bitterly cold.  This session was not designed to provide any luxury whatsoever, and the warm water had been provided only to present a harsh contrast when the cold water hit them.

When the soap was fully rinsed from the six gorgeous nudes, they were told to step out of the shower area and to submit to a full internal search by the tough looking female guards assigned to them.  The six nudes were lined up and forced to bend over, grabbing their ankles.  They were still dripping wet from the cold shower, but were shivering for quite a different reason.  

At this prison, the female guards were all reputed to be lesbian, and to have a strong disposition for sadistic treatment of their female prisoners.  In this totally compromising position, the prisoners presented their most private parts for a degrading internal search.  The women who were examining them waited for the documentary cameras to get the most favorable angles, then one by one, they began conducting the deep internal probing.

Elizabeth was first in line, and she tensed her muscles as she felt the guard's finger move between her buttocks and press against the starfish of her fundament with a surprising pressure.  She could not believe the humiliation she felt as the camera crew chuckled watching the woman’s probing finger thrust into her rectum, without lubrication.  

This was an extremely humiliating moment for the gorgeous young woman.  She and the others, with their heads skimming the concrete floor, had their large breasts hanging past each cheek, and with her big dangling tits she could feel her face flush with the embarrassment she experienced as her rectum was violated before the documentary film cameras.

The guard probed Elizabeth's colon as deeply as she could with her long finger, and was careful to dig her sharp nail into the disadvantaged woman's shit-tube, causing as much discomfort as she could.  She hated these rich-bitch criminals, and was excited that not only had the judge ordered the camera crew full access to video all of their naked humiliation from the time of sentencing.

When the guard extracted her finger, it was muddied.  She made a show of wiping it lightly with a napkin, then she thrust it and two other fingers into the woman's pouting fuck slot.  With a show of purposeful expertise, she worked the other finger and her thumb in by twisting her wrist, until that wrist was in the firm grip of the bitch's cunt.  Now her whole hand was deeply buried in the painfully stretched sex organ.

The female guard made a fist inside Elizabeth's womb, then as the other guards one by one began the anal and vaginal probes of the bent-over women in front of them, she stuck out her middle finger, making it rigid, and began thrusting it in a hammering motion into the dimple of the bitch's cervix until she managed to thrust it into the screaming cunt’s uterus, giving her what she knew was a very painful fist fuck.
In moments all six guards were deeply fist fucking the women, demonstrating calmness for the cameras they did not feel.  All six guards displayed flushed faces, with sweat dripping from under their uniform hats, and they were all breathing deeply to ineffectively disguise the passion they were experiencing.  

Two of the guards were actually moaning with sadistic pleasure, but their sighs of pleasure were hardly noticeable over the mewing and whimpering and bursts of screaming from their prisoners, who were not getting any pleasure out of the hurtful and debasing public abuse of their sex organs and inner gonads.

Inesia was so distraught that she actually began to produce the nose of a thick turd from her pretty rectum, which was fully revealed between her spread buttocks in this compromising position, but the well-educated woman was able to control her colon, and to retract the solid offal before it fully emerged.  

Both Fran and Hellita were unable to stand the extra pressure the fist fucking made on their bladders, and they urinated in bursts with the rhythm of pumping fists, staining the uniforms of the guards who were servicing them with the sadistic sexual abuse, thinly disguised as an internal search.

As a final humiliation, the guards withdrew their fists from the offended organs, and forced the prisoners to kneel.  They once more wiped their hands lightly on napkins, only for show, not to clean them, and then they forced open the prisoners' mouths.  With their fingers still bearing the stains and juices from their prisoners' lower portals, the guards inserted their hands into the painfully gaping mouths, probing under the tongues and against the inside cheeks to ensure that there were no weapons or drugs being hidden by the beautiful bitches.

Only Grace and Juanita openly protested by resisting, clamping their teeth closed.  They were given a sharp slap with a stiff riding crop across the buttocks for their efforts.  With their knees spread, they presented the guards the irresistible view of their vaginas, which also received slaps from the whips with sufficient velocity to force the defiant cunts to open their mouths.  The two dominated bitches screamed and were quickly subdued.  They both quickly submitted to the disgusting probes of their oral cavities with the fingers they had stained themselves.  

The guards noted that both Hellita and Juanita had a pair of gold fillings on upper rear molars, and made a note to extract those teeth from the proud women before their hanging.  All of the guards had vowed to make the last few weeks of life for these cunning cunts hell, right up to the day they were publicly hanged.

There was surprise for the guards.  As soon as they had completed their probe, hired studs appeared, stark naked as they entered the examination room to anally fuck the women for the video.  The ladies rectums had been prepared by the ministrations of the lesbian guards, but not sufficiently for the girth of the men’s flared-headed cocks.  The men made the kneeling women shriek in pain as they thrust hard in unison to impale the rectums on their stout shafts.

Once their penises were fully inserted, they began the rhythmic pulse of thrust and withdrawal that gradually stimulated the anally fucked ladies to the point that they one by one experienced orgasm.  The men increased the tempo of the rectal intercourse and the kneeling nude women responded until they were all screeching in uncontained orgasm.  As they reached a peek, the men promptly withdrew, their cocks popping out of the still-pulsing assholes, and moved in front of the cunts to jet their semen onto the gorgeous bitch faces.


For the next six weeks these beautiful women with the large breasts were all physically, emotionally, and sexually abused by their guards and by other prisoners.  They were awaiting the outcome of an appeal, but everyone knew it would be useless.  There was far too much at stake now that the commitment for a nude public hanging had been made, and within the first week the deal had been struck for international live broadcast of the even, with a full two hours of coverage.

The unfortunate bitches were required to do all of the filth jobs around the prison, including being responsible for keeping the toilets spotless and the messes made by other prisoners cleaned up.  They all provided entertainment at the guards' sex orgies, where they were required to take an assortment of monstrous dildos into all three of their orifices at once.  It was all part of the cost the six beautiful bitches had to pay for the excesses they had enjoyed as criminals, and now they were paying a terrible price for their crimes while awaiting their public execution by hanging.  

Elizabeth and Fran were forced to squat with the shortened handles of brooms driven deep into their colons, and then to sweep up the guards' quarters nightly, without using their hands.  They became expert, with the help of vicious lashes to the breasts and buttocks by the captain of the guards with her riding crop.

Grace and Hellita developed skills in mopping the floors with a special mop attached to a large dildo planted in their vaginas, which also required them to squat.  They provided a great deal of humorous entertainment for the guards as they learned to dip their mops into pails of soapy water, then to squat so low they were able to scrub the floors clean with the mops planted deeply and firmly in their wombs.

Inesia and Juanita had the most difficult task.  They had larger mops, and their job was to rinse the floors and pick up all excess moisture.  These two gorgeous creatures had their big breasts bound tightly at the base, and from the twin binding cords was suspended a mop that swung freely between their bulging mammaries.  When they stood, the mops dangled over their tight bellies, but they had little opportunity to stand.

The beautiful bitches from India and Puerto Rico not only had to kneel with their breasts brushing the wet floor in order to lay down rinse water and then mop it up again, but they also had to assume a contorted position to grasp the swinging mop head between their thighs to squeeze out excess water with their legs, while positioning the mop over a bucket which would catch the dirty water.  The sight was phenomenal, and the two cunts, who had drawn the mop-up assignment because of their flexibility and athletic abilities, got six weeks of practice to improve their performance.

These two wore their nipples raw from rubbing them on the concrete floors as they mopped them.  They also got the most of the treatment from the rigid leather riding crop.  They soon wished the six weeks would pass more quickly, so that they could at last end their horrible ordeal of punishment.


The preparations had been thorough, and the six silent gallows stood where they had been built, in the middle of the university football stadium.  TV Cameras had been set up early in the morning, and the crews were busy preparing for the unprecedented live network television broadcast of the nude hanging of the six gorgeous female criminals.

It was eleven PM, just two hours away from the public execution.  The stands were filling, and marching bands, cheer leaders and acrobats were entertaining the crowd that was expected to reach seventy thousand.  There was a circus atmosphere, and hawkers were selling souvenirs to the eager buyers who crowded around the concession stands.  The most popular was an anatomically correct naked doll on rope.  The specially designed novelty doll actually pissed when the noose was tightened.  This was going to be a night to remember.

The visitors' dressing room under the stands had been taken over by the prison authorities, and now their six most famous inmates were brought in, surrounded by a swarm of FBI agents and special security guards.  Nothing could be permitted to interfere with this extraordinary execution.  Despite the extensive security, hundreds of screaming teenagers had burst through the line and surrounded the prison bus when it had arrived at the lower concourse of the stadium.  

On the fringe of the crowd, consisting mostly of hysterically excited females, a pack of thirty 14 to 15-year-old boys surrounded and gang-raped a pair of women, taking their turns thrusting their raging erections into the women’s rectums, vaginas and throats.  In the excitement of the event, nobody noticed.  Their horrified screams as they were viciously raped blended perfectly with the excited screaming of the throng of sexually excited women.  

Security men formed a flying wedge to get the women into the dressing room surrounded the infamous prisoners, and they used their night sticks to ward off the crush of hysterical females.  The movement and press of the crowd was so unruly that three of the boisterous mob of women were trampled to death in the melee, but a path was cleared and the six prime bitches at last arrived safely in the dressing room.

The famous female convicts had taken their last supper several hours earlier, and now, as last minute preparations, were stripped of their prison uniform dresses, and were required to evacuate before the guards.  Hanging victims always emptied their bladders and colons as they died, but it was considered bad taste for a woman to evacuate her waste during a public and televised event.  

Each of the women was given a white enameled pot, and told to squat on it.  Although the video producer wanted a show of shit and piss as the women expired, the executioner was in charge, and determined their production of excrement would be distasteful, and perhaps upsetting to some of the dignitaries in the audience.  

The cameras moved in on the squatting nudes for tight shots to ensure the video audience would see everything and not be disappointed.  After considerable effort, four of the women were successful in generating ample bowel movements, filling their little poop potties, but Grace and Inesia, who had eaten very little, were not able to produce anything but urine in their pots.  

The six soiled pots with their smelly contents were taken away, and the women were now given their final clearance, with a deep intestinal enema.  The prison had special equipment, in that it took care of most of the hangings for several surrounding states.  This hanging was to be a professional production, with no unwanted distractions.

Once the long black specially designed nozzle was inserted into the anus of a woman, a valve released a premeasured colon-cleaning fluid into the guts of the recipient from a pressure tank.  All that was required was to flush the colon, as any waste seated in the large intestine would never appear before the woman had expired.

The volume that would be released, the pressure delivered, and the temperature of the cleaning fluid could all preset according to the capacity of each prisoner, but tonight all settings were adjusted upward by the sadistic guards, to provide these six notorious female criminals as much discomfort as the evil cunts could tolerate.  Nobody in the converted visitors' dressing room was interested in the comfort of these female criminals.  

Juanita, Inesia, and Hellita lined up first, and were told to get onto their hands and knees.  Then they were told to spread their arms so that their nipples were pressed against the floor and they took the weight of their upper bodies on their bulging breasts.  This presented their anuses for the insertion of the huge perforated nozzle.  Heavily built male guards sat on their backs to hold them in place, further distorting their oversize mammaries.  

The brown-assed woman from India took the monstrous enema device first.  She screamed as the guard thrust the black hard rubber spigot into her unprepared anus.  The long artificial cock was forcefully thrust deep into her colon, and before she could brace herself, the valve was turned.  An excessive load of the heated cleaning fluid was released, and burst into her guts.  

Inesia was given such a large volume that her belly clearly showed swelling.  She leaped to her feet, throwing off the man sitting on her back, jerking herself off the monstrous black nozzle, and she bounded around the dressing room, spraying out the steaming green liquid filled with brown lumps and sludge of her offal.  The guards were delighted with the lively display of agony.

Juanita was next, and she squirmed unsuccessfully as the big black rubber cock was driven deep into her through her puckered rectum.  The beautiful Puerto Rican bitch screamed out a stream of obscenities in her mother tongue, which added to the enjoyment the guards were experiencing.  
When the steaming load of thick green cleaning fluid filled her guts, she sprang to her feet, ripping her ass off the huge nozzle.  Juanita leaped in the air, grabbed an overhead steam pipe, and swung up, catching her ankles on the next pipe.  Her tortured anus opened, and she delivered a phenomenal spray of the crap-filled fluid across the room.  Fortunately, the special preparation used to flush the guts of the women also included a powerful deodorant, and there was only perfume, not a disgusting smell associated with the offensive-looking discharge.

Hellita was unable to get out from under the weight of the guard sitting on her shoulders, but when the nozzle had deposited the enormous load of steaming fluid into her intestines, it was jerked out of her, and she straightened her legs so that she dropped onto her belly.  This clamped her buttocks together, but the effect was to cause a broad rooster-tail of spray that fanned out as she involuntarily evacuated.

Hellita, Inesia, and Juanita were taken to the showers as Elizabeth, Fran, and Grace were forced to kneel in a row before the cameras to receive their enemas.  They had seen what had happened to the others, and knew this was not going to be pretty.  They were ready for the worst, but had no idea of the change to the routine that was in store for them.  

The first clue was that the nozzle that had been used on the first three women was replaced with one of a different design.  The girls were, like the others, forced to lower their breasts to the rough concrete floor, then big male guards sat on them as well, and the men sat forward and grasped the back of the naked women's thighs, to ensure that they could not leap to their feet, as two of the others had done earlier.  

Grace took the new nozzle first, and when the huge load of cleaning liquid was delivered, the device was pulled out of her with a twisting motion, and the head of it remained in place, forming a seal.  A new head was attached each time, and Fran and Elizabeth were similarly loaded and plugged.  The horrible heated solution was filling them to the bursting point, and there was no way for the unfortunate women to relieve themselves.

Now several guards unzipped their flies and pulled out raging erections.  They were going to take this opportunity to experience these famous women in a way they could previously only dream about.  They lined up behind the three kneeling bitches and took turns brutally raping the unfortunate ladies.  In the shower area, the other three were receiving the same treatment.  

When the last of the guards had dumped his spunk into the bitches, the satisfied men tucked their penises back into their pants, and got the sobbing girls to lift up onto their hands and knees.  They were placed in a tight ring, each of them with her head at the ass of the kneeling woman in front.  Each was instructed to use her teeth to remove the plug from the bitch who's ass she faced.  With more than a little encouragement from the riding crop, they complied.

The guards laughed as each of the bitches struggled, curling lips and reaching with her teeth, aware of the terrible wash that would emerge as the plug came out of the anus in front of her.  There was a remarkable sensuousness as the teeth grasped the plug tightly gripped in next woman's rectum, held firmly by the tough sphincter muscle.  All three tugged tentatively, hoping to somehow avoid the jetting shower they knew would burst over them once the rubber plug popped free.

With surprising synchronization, the plugs blew out of the tight flesh holes.  Piercing shrieking screams announced the surprise release that flooded out, and the gaping screaming mouths took in a choking volume of the dirtied spewing fluid.  It was better than the captain of the guards had planned, and the results brought howls of laughter from the guards, and the film crew who faithfully documented the remarkable and novel bitch enemas


A sudden silence filled the huge stadium as the six naked female criminals emerged from beneath the stands, to be paraded around the track that framed the large football field.  The women prisoners had been scrubbed clean, and all of them had their hair professionally done into a French braid.  

This hair style looked particularly feminine, and would not interfere with the graceful line of the neck where the stout rope loop would close.  Only the short bitch Fran did not have a braid, because her hair was too short to braid, and was so short it would not interfere with the rope around her neck.  It was critical that the cameras and the view of the audience, who had all brought binoculars, not be obstructed from the prime neck-stretching purpose of this singular event.

The women had been given high heeled shoes and short smocks to partially cover their nudity for their entry into and parade around the stadium.  The hem of the smocks came to the fold at the base of their buttocks, revealing all of their long gorgeous legs.  They had each been fitted with tight leather collars, and they walked in line, one behind the other at six foot intervals, their collars joined by a slender but strong six foot long gold chain.  

Juanita walked in the lead, with Inesia behind her, followed by Hellita.  Next in line was Grace, followed by Fran, with Elizabeth bringing up the rear of the procession.  Their hands were behind their backs, with their thumbs tied tightly together so that they could not free them.  This caused their breasts to bulge out the front of their thin cotton smocks, showing clearly the bumps raised by their erect nipples.  

The excited crowd quickly came back to life as the six remarkable female prisoners circled the stadium, displaying their forced humility to the mob that had assembled to witness and celebrate their naked hanging.  All seats had been priced at two hundred dollars, and they had been snapped up in the first three days of sales.  

Scalpers outside the stadium were demanding and getting up to two thousand dollars per seat.  Everyone who attended had left their video recorders set to capture the televising of the spectacle, and people around the world were gathered by their television sets, no matter what the time, to witness this incredible broadcast.

A marching band and majorettes twirling batons, wearing skimpy costumes and posturing suggestively to the crowd, followed the line of prisoners.  At the lead was the State Governor, the Warden of the Federal Penitentiary, a priest, a rabbi, because Elizabeth was Jewish, and a ten year old girl in her prettiest dress, holding the gold chain attached to Juanita's collar.  The pageant had been spectacular, the crowd was pumped, and it was now time for the main event, the climax of the evening.

There were thirteen steps up to the gallows platform, and then another eight steps for each of the female convicts to climb onto the special stand beneath her noose.  To improve visiblity as much as possible, the engineers had come up with a replacement for the traditional trap door.  

Each of the nude convicts would stand on a five foot high stand, which would totally collapse when the release was pulled.  Each of the six spring-loaded stands would drop into the floor of the gallows, leaving an unobstructed view of each bitch swinging on the end of her rope.  The design was both simple and elegant.  

The ropes were tied at different lengths, so that each woman would fall only two feet, and that when they were all swinging, their heads would be at the same level, even though some were much taller than others.  It was planned that only one stand would be collapsed at a time, so that the crowd could experience the repeated thrills of the moment of the drop.  

With only a two foot drop, it was the intention of the engineers that the women die of strangulation rather than from a broken neck.  With crimes as heinous as they had perpetrated, it was important that they die slowly, with sufficient time to experience appropriate suffering and agony as they died.  

It was calculated that the women would take about fifteen minutes to die, and that for most of that time they would be conscious.  Of course, if the rope caught a certain angle against a major artery or totally blocked the air passage, death would come much quicker, so a special soft and thick rope was selected to minimize that possibility.

The engineers suggested a three minute interval between drops, so that the first woman to hang would just be about dead when the last fell.  The executioner over-rode that recommendation after consulting with the television executives.  He decided to drop the bitches at intervals of six minutes, so that the last would be dropped exactly half an hour after the first.  

He reasoned that there was an excellent chance that a strong women, as these all were, could last up to half an hour, and that the hangings should take at lest half an hour from first to last in a two hour program.  That meant that if they began to drop half way through the program, and the last to drop lived nearly half an hour, the television audience would have lots to keep them entertained.  

The engineers had no problems with his reasoning, but were unaware that he was paid a one hundred thousand dollar bonus, because the six minute intervals would permit full commercial breaks without the television audience missing too much of the swinging action.  The entire decision making process was highly political.

When all of the party in the procession had reached the gallows platform, the marching band and the baton majorettes marched off the field, playing a swinging rendition of "So Long, Its Been Good ta Know Ya".  The twirlers fanned out, and stood at the sidelines around the field as the quick and lively tune came to an end.  

On the last chord, they threw their batons high, then reached for the lanyard cord over their shoulders, and pulled.  As if by magic, their skimpy uniforms flipped off, and the girls ran buck naked off the field, squealing in delight at the surprise generated by their carefully orchestrated prank.

Now the attention of the crowd was fully focused on the long gallows platform, with the execution party waiting for the general hubbub to die down.  One by one the executioner unhooked the chain, removed the collar, and led each woman up the eight steps to her awaiting rope.  The crowd was getting tense as the moment they had paid so much to see approached.

As each woman was positioned beneath her rope, the executioner had her step out of her heels.    These were thrown to the stadium turf.  These erotic shoes would be real prizes for the souvenir hunters, once the guards allowed them onto the field.  Next he slit each woman's sleeves, so that he would not have to untie her thumbs.  

Then he slid off her short cotton smock, revealing her magnificent nude figure to the crowd.  Finally he lifted her braid, and settled the noose around her neck, snugging it with the lower knot beneath her left ear at the corner of her jawbone.  He moved from woman to woman, repeating their preparation, until they were all standing nude, with their necks secured in the nooses.

The executioner followed the regulations to the most minute detail, in order that these women be hung according to prison  standards.  Otherwise it would not be a legal hanging.  When all of the naked women stood ready, he took his position at the control panel the engineers had placed at the far end of the stand.  From here he could see the entire length of the exceptionally long gallows structure. The executioner and the six naked female convicts were ready.

The rabbi gave his blessing first, because Elizabeth, the Jewish criminal, was to be the first to swing.  The priest followed, and gave his condemnation to each of the others.  Then the Governor stepped forward, moving purposefully to a bank of microphones.  With the placement of the podium and the microphones favoring the television cameras, he had his back to the prisoners as he addressed them.

"Young ladies, you are in the position in which you now find yourselves because of your actions against the state, and against America.  Your criminal actions include the most atrocious crimes, and go against everything America stands for.  There is no rationale that can possibly explain or excuse the criminal actions for which you are now held accountable."

The six nudes attempted to stand proudly, their feet together, their heads held high, but all of them were shivering in the summer heat as their last moments alive on earth were being wasted on a political speech.  The next election was less than six months away, and the Governor, who had never been particularly strong on law and order, was attempting to make up lost ground on his critical opponents.

He droned on and on, and the crowd got restless.  At last he realized that he was starting to lose ground again, and he wrapped up his speech.  "Having reviewed all of the evidence upon which you were convicted, including the tape of the senseless murders of those innocent young female security officers, I have determined that the sentence handed down by the courts are just.

Your punishment is entirely appropriate for the unprecedented level of the crime committed, of which you were all the perpetrators.  It is critical that gangs of lawless women not be allowed to proliferate, and that every action possible be taken to discourage other sadly misguided females from taking up in your heinous footsteps."

Juanita almost wretched.  This was the son-of-a-bitch that had taken out a contract from them on his political opponent when they had been getting started.  Inesia had joined their team to do that one, and had proven her worth to them when she had bound the pervert to the bed in his hotel room, thrust a stick of dynamite up his ass, then had calmly dressed, lighted a cigarette and the long wick, and then calmly walked out on him.  

Her cab was just pulling away when the window had blown out of the  of the seventeenth floor room room from the force of the explosion.  At least sixteen people had died from the blast and the ensuing fire, the upper three floors of the hotel had collapsed, and the body of the late politician had never been clearly identified.  It was a perfect hit.

“Before you are sent to meet your maker, do you have any last words?" the Governor asked.  Special microphones had been strategically placed to pick up all that went on atop the gallows stand, to feed the sounds of the hanging to the entire stadium and to the television networks.  The six nudes looked at each other, then turned their heads toward the Governor.
"FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE!!" they screamed in unison.

The crowd roared in approval.  The ladies were cheeky, the way they liked them, and were already starting to put on a marvelous show.  The official party moved off the gallows, and assumed their seats at the front of the special seating that had been provided on the field for nearly five hundred invited VIP's.  The moment everyone had been waiting so patiently for had arrived.  The naked prisoners standing alone now on the gallows all saw the Governor make a secretive signal at them by lifting his middle finger at them.

"FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE!!" the naked women chanted again.  At that instant the executioner pulled the first lever, and the stand beneath Elizabeth gave way.  She surprisingly swung wide, her legs wide spread, and the crowd cheered.  Her violent reaction gave the audience and the cameras an excellent view of her gorgeous legs, tight torso and her clean shaved vulva.

"FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE!!" the mob in the stands chanted at the swinging nude.  Their words were now clearly directed at the hanging woman, not at the popular Governor.  Elizabeth kept kicking with her legs, as if she could somehow jerk her neck out of the tight noose.  It was also possible she was thinking that the severe kicking action would end her agony sooner.  Whatever motivated her, the aggressive kicking made her hanging much more interesting for the crowd.  They had come to see action, and that was exactly what Elizabeth was giving them.

The feisty Jewish bitch had developed a rhythm with her kicking heels, and even as she lost energy, the pattern remained the same.  She was watching the crowd through her bulging eyes, experiencing all of the horror the merciless judge had intended for her.  Her face was turning purple when the small platform supporting Fran suddenly collapsed.

"FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE!!" the exuberant crowd chanted at her, and she felt sickened as the rope cinched tight around her neck.  She was a strong and athletic young woman, and the squeeze of the rope on her neck seemed unexpectedly light.  Perhaps it was just that she was numbed by the incredible shock of what was happening to her.

Fran attempted to do the exact opposite to what Elizabeth was doing.  She tried to remain stock still, with her legs pressed tightly together, and despite the bouncing of the rope with her drop, she managed to do this.  The bouncing action of her body quickly and mercifully stopped, and then she slowly began to spin.  

The spinning increased, and she realized that her rope must be unraveling.  With a sudden and wholly unreasonable hope, she thought she might somehow survive all this if the rope actually broke.  Fran was feeling a rise of optimism, but also felt the growing sense of nausea from the increasing spinning.  The stadium swirled, and she saw the dangling and kicking body of Elizabeth on one side and the fearfully waiting Grace and the others on the other side, but they were rapidly becoming just blur.
Her legs, elbows, and breasts were being thrown outward as she spun, and suddenly she felt her stomach heave.  Unfortunately for her, the rope around her neck would not let her wretch.  Her eyes were burning from the strain of the greatly increased blood pressure in her head, and now she was afraid she would drown in her own vomit if she could not get it up.  As she tried desperately to puke, her whole body began to buck, and the audience got a show from her as well as from Elizabeth.

Grace was so shocked at the kicking, spinning, and bucking that was going on next to her that she was totally unprepared to be dropped, and had not braced herself for the collapse of the narrow stand she stood on.  Suddenly she was dropping through the air, and even more suddenly, she was not, as the rope around her neck cinched tight.  

"FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE!!" the crowd chanted as she swung.  Because she was not prepared, she had let her legs rise as she dropped, and when they also dropped as she hit the end of the rope, she got a double shot around the neck.  The result of the second blow, which hit as she opened her mouth to scream, was that Grace broke her jaw.  

That small calamity turned out to be the very least of her worries.  The bottom knot on the noose, in breaking and unhinging her jaw, had also moved in against her jugular vein, pressing it in against her gullet, and was severely restricting both blood to her brain and air to her lungs.  She was unlikely to last anywhere near the fifteen minutes forecast for the naked female convicts.

Through the big closeups that the cameras were able to capture, the television audience was able to see in slow motion closeup the action and reaction as her jaw broke, and they could also see that her face was changing color fast.  The desperate bitch panicked, and began violently bucking and kicking her legs, with astounding effect.  

Her lips swelled out, her eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets, and she bit her tongue off.  Her huge tits bounced beautifully.  She had enough reserve to spray a liberal and highly visible arch of urine from her recently raped cunt, and that was followe
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Elizabeth had weakened, and when she stopped the desperate kicking, she improved her chances of lasting longer as she swung from the gallows.  Fran had begun to slow down her spin, and then her spin ceased, and began in the other direction.  She was not unraveling the rope after all, it was just a glitch in the weave that had caused it to spin under the strain of her weight.  

Hellita's shrill scream filled the stadium, aided by the microphones, as she dropped.  The beautiful Mexican had been as ready as a cleaver convict could be, and as she dropped she leaned as far forward as she could, so that she would use up energy from the drop in the swinging action, reducing the jerk when she hit the end of the rope.  It worked.  The rope was tight, but not enough to prevent her from breathing.  

"FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE!!" the crowd chanted.  "Fuck you all!" she thought as she dangled from the rope by her neck.  The rope around her neck was tight, the noose drawn extra snug by her weight.  It was extremely uncomfortable, but she thought defiantly that she was not dead yet.  She lifted her long gorgeous legs to adjust the way she faced, and she saw Grace's beautiful body go limp as the blonde bitch strangled to death.  

There was, strangely, something enormously erotic in that sight, and in this whole bizarre experience.  Hellita found sexual stimulation in violence.  That was what turned her on.  Suddenly, without knowing why, Hellita found herself humping her Mexican pelvis as if she were receiving some enormous monster fuck.  She was being publicly hanged to death naked in a huge stadium, and suddenly the strikingly beautiful female criminal was taking an air fuck.

The television producers all demanded that their directors cut away from that blatantly erotic masturbation scene, but then realized that everyone watching would switch channels to see the obscenity on a competing network if they omitted any of the bizarre action.  This was the highest ratings night for all of television.  Cutting away from the more blatantly obscenities in the perforamnce was suicidal.  They would answer to the sensors and senior executives later.  

Television viewers across India, and their expatriates around the world, experienced a sudden kick in the stomach as their compatriot Inesia dropped.  The beautiful slender maiden from India threw her long legs out in hysterical desperation, providing the voyeurs in the audience with exceptional views of her remarkable cunt.  Her huge breasts bobbed wildly as she hit the end of her rope, and the acrobatic bitch tried desperately to reach up to the rope with her feet.  

The other women in the gang knew of Inesia's acrobatic abilities, but they were startled that the slender Indian beauty was able to get her feet above her head as she swung by her neck.  She did not seem have the leverage to accomplish this, but startled everyone when she actually hooked her heels behind the rope, and then hooked them behind her head, so that she swung as a naked human ball.

Elizabeth's eyes began to glaze, and at last her head sagged as her entire body went limp.  A trickle of urine ran down her legs and dripped from her toes to the deck of the gallows platform as she gave up the ghost.  The excessive struggling and kicking had done its job, slowly strangling her to death.  

Fran had reached that desperate stage where it was clear the end was coming, and she broke her resolve again and began kicking wildly.  The crowd cheered the remarkable guts of the girl on the end of her rope.  She was dying, but not without a struggle, no matter how desperate.  Witnessing her energetic dance at the end of the rope was much more rewarding than watching a static body slowly become a cadaver.
Hellita's rope was slowly turning her, but she was oblivious to her surroundings as she bucked her hips like a bitch in heat.  She had brought herself to the level of repeated orgasms, and was slowly strangling to death as the naked young Mexican hellcat violently fucked the air in an obscene dance for everyone to see.

Juanita, the only one of the nude female convicts who had not yet been dropped, had a moment of inspiration.  Before her platform collapsed, she lifted her legs, taking her full weight onto her neck without any jerk, and she attempted to do what Inesia had done.   That appeared to be the only way to share the weight her neck was taking.

Although she was athletic, she was not nearly as flexible as the Indian woman, and she was only able to get one foot as high as her face.  When she lowered her legs from the failed attempt, she was startled to find that the platform below her was gone, and unable to stand on it, she was now hanging by her neck.

"FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE!!" the mob chanted.  There were no more of the cunts standing.  All were swinging from the ropes, with two dead, a third on the verge, and three of them actively struggling.  Juanita pulled herself around by lifting a leg, and was startled that from such a simple movement she lost bladder control.  

She was enormously distressed to see that Elizabeth and Grace were clearly dead, and that Fran was not far behind them.  She also saw that the Mexican bitch had lost her mind, and was wildly fucking some invisible donkey that existed only in her deranged mind.  This was a totally bizarre situation, and she should have expected that kind of obscene behavior from that wild Hispanic bitch.

What startled her was that Inesia had worked one of her legs up the rope, and with the other had actually got the tight rope to partially wrap around her raised leg, so that now she was raising herself higher than the others.  It was an incredible display of acrobatics, self control, and sheer strength.  It was as if the Hindu bitch were performing a feat of levitation magic, while hanging by the neck!  

The rope on Juanita's neck was not as tight as it would be on the other girls, and she was certain she could last indefinitely.  Wouldn't it be funny if the networks had to switch away while she was still calmly swinging by the neck, biding her time.  She tried tensing the muscles in her neck, to see if she could force the knot further open.  She did not feel anything move as she tensed and strained, but she had a funny feeling it somehow tightened when she relaxed.  

She tried again, this time using more force, until she could feel the ligaments strain under her skin.  Still there was nothing, but it seemed as if it tightened further when she stopped straining.  She also noticed with real concern that it was getting harder to breathe.  She would have to be careful.

Juanita heard a curious sound to her left, and when she twisted to look, she saw Fran's final trembling as she became just another pretty corpse, and realized what she had heard had been her only friend's death rattle.  She turned away, and was shocked that the movement caused a distinct tightening of the rope around her neck.  

Her lips and eyes were starting to feel numb and ugly, and her ears felt so hot she was sure they would burst.  As well, there was a growing ringing in her ears, that grew to the point that it nearly shut out all other sound.  Only the tiniest bit of air was now leaking into her lungs as she struggled to breathe.  It was not nearly enough now to live on.  

Suddenly Juanita panicked.  She was desperate to live, and the chances suddenly seemed impossibly remote.  Juanita flailed out with her incredible legs.  The audience cheered the outburst of action, but the ringing in her ears blocked out most of the sound.  She bucked and kicked her nakedness with all her might, using up precious energy.  

Her full mammaries bounced and jiggled with her every move, and she had a lot of movement for a dying woman.  Even as she felt herself weakening, she tried desperately to swing loose of the tight noose around her neck.  The most beautiful and powerful woman of the entire group was now giving the audience as much as they had hoped for in her futile struggles.

Juanita was not too far gone to see the Mexican bitch's head sag to one side, her remarkable tits pointing out defiantly, and her cunt let loose a spray of her piss as she dangled limply from her stretched neck.  The bitch had done herself in with her motion, and Juanita suddenly realized that her brain was fogging.

She also realized that she was now doing the same thing as Hellita had just done, though for a different reason.  She would never let her passions kill her.  With a start she realized that was exactly what was happening.  It was her passions that had got her into this horrible situation in the first place.

Although her mind recognized the folly, her body continued its frantic and useless struggle for survival.  She was slowly strangling to death, and with her thumbs bound together behind her back, she could do nothing to stop it.  If only she had the remarkable physical control of that gorgeous Hindu bitch beside her.  

She saw out of the corner of her eye that the cunt had actually raised herself so that her straining buttocks were higher than her head.  The remarkable Inesia was virtually upside down, while still hanging by her neck.  She managed this by taking some of her weight on her shapely legs, which were wrapped securely on the stout rope.  She was a cock-jerking sight, hanging naked in that contorted position, displaying fully her shapely nude figure and the charms of her sex organs.

Suddenly Inesia kicked her lovely legs out from the rope, with all her might, momentarily lifting her head and releasing the pressure of the rope as her body dropped violently.  When the dark skinned bitch hit vertical once more, Juanita heard the enormous jerk on the rope snap that long lean beautiful neck.  

The gorgeous Hindu cunt had done all that remarkable acrobatic work just to commit suicide!  The gorgeous Indian bitch had fooled them all.  She had taken control of the situation and had killed herself, rather than giving the executioner the satisfaction.  It was an incredible act of defiance that proved her superiority even as she expired.
Juanita resolved in her final moments that she would do the same.  She was incapable of lifting herself as the Hindu bitch had done, but she would do what she could.  Suddenly her body bucking increased, and the audience went wild.  This was a special performance, and the audience had no concerns that they had to stay up all night to enjoy it.

They recognized that these spirited criminal bitches were providing for them a late night of entertainment far superior to anything ever before seen.  Even those people who had shelled out two thousand dollars for a seat agreed their money was well spent.  This was the best show they had ever seen, and these criminal cunts were giving everyone more than they could have dreamed possible.  

Juanita was the last living convict.  She spread her knees and lifted her remarkable legs slowly up like a frog about to leap after a bug, keeping her feet close together, her toes pointed straight downward.  Then with a sudden violent jerk she kicked down as hard as she could.  The results were as good as she could have hoped for.  The rope was momentarily slack, then suddenly jerked tight as it took her weight.

Her mind and her neck snapped at the same time, and the beautiful bitch at last gave up the ghost, pissing a golden arch of her final store of urine.  Her death, like that of the other five naked female convicts, was totally satisfactory to the huge stadium crowd, as it was to the huge television audience, who were still watching on the extended broadcast repeated spectacular replays.  

The row of six naked female convicts, all now motionless corpses, swayed gently by their necks on the large gallows in the center of the large stadium.  The invited guests filed back up onto the gallows platform to inspect the remains of the lovely ladies.  They were surprised to see blood dripping from their mouths.  It was not common to get a view of hanged people, as most hangings were done in the privacy of the prison before a select group of privileged wealthy witnesses.

The people in the stands were allowed onto the stadium field in order to view more closely the deceased ladies.  Then the fat-cat Governor announced that the nude corpses would remain hanging for the next two days, to allow school children to be brought to see them.  He felt it important that little girls be aware of the seriousness of crime, and the severe consequences of criminal activity by women who defied the laws of the nation.  

The public nude hanging of these gorgeous but sinister women had been an entirely appropriate sentence.  Their deaths were to be celebrated, and the people were in a mood to celebrate.  Their remarkable dances at the end of the ropes would be viewed and reviewed in close-ups and in slow motion for years to come, thanks to the permissive judge, and to the cooperative television networks.  As usual in America, usually crime did not pay, but sometimes the judgment did.

DEAD END OF SIX CRIMINAL CUNTS.  Something some readers don't know is that when you post a comment you move the story back up to the top, extending its life because more people will notice it.  Please comment if you think this story should live.

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Re: GROUP HANGING 6 female criminals hanged nude - COMPLETED
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Great piece Regis. That's what I call collaboration. Intense descriptions. Thanks very much.

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Re: GROUP HANGING 6 female criminals hanged nude - COMPLETED
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This was first released as Iraqi Neck Swingers when we were all much younger, and was first distributed on paper back in the BBS days.  Anybody old enough to remember that system?

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Re: GROUP HANGING 6 female criminals hanged nude - COMPLETED
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I'm old enough to remember ordering it by mail!

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Re: GROUP HANGING 6 female criminals hanged nude - COMPLETED
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Stamp licking days are over, and no more envelopes with payments in them!

Now new stories are posted just to keep those interested fed.

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Re: GROUP HANGING 6 female criminals hanged nude - COMPLETED
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Great Story!  Loved the detailed descriptions!  Do more!   :D

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Re: GROUP HANGING 6 female criminals hanged nude in a stadium full of fans.
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Thanks, Sgt.  The intensity lies in the details, and as I re-read, I want to add more, but the story is now out there, complete. 

More stories will have more details!