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The Teaming of the Two
« on: August 30, 2017, 08:00:47 PM »
Another mock Dungeons and Dragons styled world, because I'm on that kick.

WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person. That’s the legal part. Here’s the important part to me. This is fantasy, by the author, to be shared with readers who share in such fantasies. That is the story’s sole purpose for being here. In the real world, this sort of behavior is simply not acceptable, period, by any of the laws or morals of any humane people. That means you too. If you actually hurt someone without their informed consent, just stop. Take a deep breath and stop right now. That’s not your right. A surprising number of subs exist out there, so take the time to meet one and make your corner of the world a better place. Don’t trash two lives letting your frustrations get the better of you.

The Teaming of the Two

The lanterns burned high enough to give the room plenty of heat and light, so that the two figures engaged in their sexual hanky-panky could do so without restraint. Lorna giggled as the young man practically did all the work for her, trying to impress her with feats of strength and agility. And in truth, he was a vast sight comelier than the usual dregs that washed into her room off the waterfront. Madam Kalonia enforced a strict no-refusals policy. If a man wanted to fuck Lorna, the man got to fuck Lorna, and Lorna could take his cock or leave her employ. It was the same for all the girls. So she was pleased that this handsome young boy had come into her room by chance that night, picking her out of the humiliating line-up.

“How about the inverkated, reverse upper-body penile sideways sloppy seclusion?” he said.

“The what?” she asked, genuinely laughing at his terminology. “Say that again!”

“The inverkated, reverse upper-body penile sideways sloppy seclusion technique? Surely you’ve mastered it many times over in your profession!”

“I’ve never heard of it. You made it up!”

“I didn’t! As it happens, I invented it. I’m just surprised thousands of men haven’t stolen it from me by now. Thieves are everywhere, you know.”

“Yes, they are,” Lorna said. “But I’ve never seen anyone steal that!”

“You don’t even know what it is,” he said.

“Tell me then.”

“Alright. You stand there, right there. Okay, now spread your legs a bit. A bit more. Wide enough for me to tickle your clit with my toe.”

She giggled. “Okay, what now?”

“Now I’m going to stand on my hands, low enough to fit my dingly dong into your hoosiwhatsit, and I’m going to fuck you just moving my whole body with my arms.”

“Ha!” she laughed. “There’s no way that will work. Your arms will tire and you’ll fall over.”

“Not for the true master practitioner of the inverkated, reverse upper-body penile sideways sloppy seclusion technique.”

“I still say you made that up!”

“Of course I made it up. I just told you I invented it, didn’t I?”

“Show me. Do it now. I want your cum in me by the inverseness, reversed penile, sloppy seconds, master of, something…”

“The inverkated, reverse upper-body penile sideways sloppy seclusion technique!”

“That one. Fuck me with that one or not at all!”

“But I paid for you. I get you however I want.”

“Yeah, but I say you want only this, inverkated, just do it!”

She stood there, naked, while the wiry young man jumped forward, landing on his hands, and hand-walking over to her. His cock, raging hard for some time, was far too high off the ground to touch her pussy. But he lowered himself nearly the ground, bending his neck to keep his head off the ground. He was still too high, so he arched his back, lowering his pelvis until he could actually line his pecker up with her waiting, very wet cunt. He hand-walked closer to her until he was directly under her, and she felt his cock head at her pussy. She realized that she was actually going to be fucked by a position probably no one in the world but this man could perform. He flexed his arms, and suddenly his cock was pushing into her cunt.

Lorna gasped as his big member penetrated her fully, and then began slamming into her. It was just as hard and fast and powerful as any guy leaning down onto her, and several times he nearly knocked her up and off her feet. But he fucked her that way, hard, and lasting a good fifteen minutes before he flooded her cunt with his copious jizz. Lorna stood there, on the verge of her own orgasm, a welcome event when she could get one. Her clients certainly rarely aroused her.

“And now the special orgasmic dismount,” he said.

“The wha, huh?” she asked. Suddenly, without his cock leaving her pussy, he reached one leg down, hefted his body up while grabbing her by her legs with his newly free arms, then spinning her back upright with her legs wrapped around his waist as he held her. It was too fast for her to figure out how he’d done it. But he held her and pounded her again with his cock, rubbing her clit hard, until she cried out, loud and hard. Her body shook. She’d had orgasms, but this one scared her with how much of her self-control she lost. At that moment he could have killed her with a blow to the neck. She had a rule about being that vulnerable to clients. But it was out the window now. He set her down, but she fell over, her legs no longer working as she gasped for breath.

“Oh, my, wow! Sir, you should come to me any time, day or night. The mistress can wake me up if you come by while I sleep if need be.”

He smiled. “Oh, the mistress won’t care to do that. Not when she learns I paid in fake coinage.”

“She learns, wait, what? What did you do!”

“Paid in fake coinage. I don’t have the money for the good brothels, but I know a guy who can paint a coin for cheap. In fact I’d wager those angry steps I hear on the stairwell are her goons coming for me.” He dressed as he spoke.

“But, that’s insane!” Lorna cried. “They’ll kill you. And now I won’t get paid! You bastard!”

“I paid you in pleasure,” he said with a grin, just as the door burst open. Two of madam’s bouncers, the half orcish Lurkas and Nirdin, came rushing in.

“That’s him!” Lurkas said, rushing at the young man. But he leapt up, almost flying out of his spot on the floor, sailing over Lurkas’s head, and landing with a flying kick to Nirdin’s head that made his face explode in blood and his body falter backwards into the hallway. Then the man turned and, fists moving faster than should have been possible, landed four hard punches to Lurkas’s chest. The grimy creature grunted but smiled. Only briefly, though, as he color drained and he fell clutching his chest, making no noises.

“Hit him on the breastbone a few times. It will re-start his heart. If it’s worth it to you,” he said to Lorna. Then he leapt to the window sill, turned and smiled, and then leapt out and up. She heard him land on the rooftop across the alley and was gone.

Up on the roof, Breelin ran and jumped across several more alleys before scrambling down and making his way back towards home, such as it was. He moved silently, honing the skills he’d been learning at the foot of the old master across the way. He doubted master Krimm would approve his outward dalliances into the world of carnal flesh, but Breelin knew no other way to ponder the ways of flesh, lust, and greed other than by experience.

He paused, hearing the easily-spotted shout of the city guard. They couldn’t be after him. Not so soon, or so far from the brothel. But he hid in the shadows anyway, trying to stay out of sight. The march of footsteps nearby grew louder, and he saw a small patrol at the entrance to the alley.

“Alright, mister, we see you. You’ll answer for that girl’s suffering!”

Almost at once, to Breelin’s shock, a figure practically under his own feet burst up and took off running the other direction. “Hey, there’s a second one! Arrest them both!”

Shit, Breelin thought. How had that guy been so invisible? The black clothing certainly had to help. He had no time to ponder. The watchmen were running at him, and he wanted no trouble with the city. He ran off, following the fellow in black. Who was nearly impossible to follow. Breelin considered himself pretty good at stealthy movement in the dark, but if he hadn’t started out practically on top of him he would have lost him in seconds.

“Not that way!” Breelin found himself almost shouting at the guy. “It dead ends!”

The figure turned back. “Then where?” he asked. Breelin barely pointed, and the man in black was off. They ran through several more dark alleys and up the side of a building to the rooftops before the guardsmen were finally lost.

“Well, I think they’re gone,” Breelin said. He turned back and found his face inches from the business end of a short sword.

“You nearly got me caught!” the man hissed.

“You ran,” Breelin said. “Now point that thing elsewhere or you might get hurt! Besides, you almost went down a dead end. Think you can fight off three armored watchmen?”

“Alright, fair enough,” the man said. “What are you doing skulking around in shadows?”

“Oh, I passed some fake coins at a brothel and had to make a speedy exit.”

“Huh. I guess that’s one way,” he said.

“What do you mean?”

“Look, why’d you cheat the girl? Because you wanted to fuck her but didn’t want to convince her, right?”

“I really just didn’t want to pay her. She enjoyed it.”

“Ah, well if you want her to enjoy it. Takes all sorts to make a world, I guess. Me, just like to fuck them. I don’t care if they like it or not. It’s actually more fun if they don’t.”

“Rape! You’re talking about rape,” Breelin said. “Yes, I’ve seen it of course. Many times. Why a man takes such risks for something that costs so little. But then the passions are a bit of a mystery to me. A mystery I like to study by practice.”

“So, go rape a girl. You want to learn the ways of passion. Try that one.”

“Hmm. That’s a valid point,” Breelin said. “What makes one act so pleasurable for two, and virtually the same act so pleasurable only for one, and horrific for one? How can the spirit be so subtle?”

“Why do you talk that way?”

“Just my training is all. I seek spiritual and physical enlightenment in all things.”

“Alright, Mr. Monk. What do you say? The night’s young. I’m still fresh. Want to try a rape on? See how it feels?”

“Why not?” Breelin said. “I’ll try anything once.”

“Name’s Mondo, by the way.”


“Alright, Breelin, the first thing we need is to find a girl. It’s getting pretty late, so most of them will be at their homes. That means breaking in. Or we can find one out and about.”

“Let’s look around,” Breelin suggested. “From the rooftops.”

“Yeah, I guess they’re packed pretty close,” Mondo said. “Let’s try it.”

Soon Mondo was gawking at Breelin’s jumping prowess, but the two men were making their way across the rooftops of the dark city, seeking a lonely female out and about. It took some time.

“There!” Breelin said. “I saw her head for the outhouse of her row flat.”

They crouched at the edge of the building, watching and waiting in the moonlight for her to emerge, which she did shortly. “She’s a child,” Mondo said.

“No, she’s a halfling,” Breelin whispered. “We must be in the short quarter.”

“Good enough,” Mondo said. He jumped down, landing on and tackling the little woman. Breelin jumped down behind them, and together they dragged the frantically struggling woman away, hand over her mouth, her limbs held tight, her tiny strength no match for their combined. They carted her off to some isolated spot far from any actual homes and tore her clothing off. She only wore a little robe and some slippers, but they went, exposing her small body, though she was shaped like a curvy woman.

“Please, please, sirs, don’t!” she begged.

“Just hold still,” Breelin said, whipping out his cock and pressing it to the little woman’s soft pussy. The way she struggled made her cunt slide and spasm all around his cock. Her pitched cries of pain and distress were oddly enervating. He began slamming her harder, easily lifting her entire body up and slamming her down around his cock at will. She was incredibly tight, which was no surprise for her size. Mondo stepped in and went for her butt, pressing his own cock into her backdoor hole. It wasn’t the first time Breelin had double-teamed a girl with a friend, but her cries and struggles, the way she made it sound like each thrust blasted away some of her life force and will to live, that was new. And interesting.

Breelin came first, but continued to hold her up and slide her until Mondo came into her ass. They pulled her off both of their cocks and dropped her to the ground. She lay there in the dirt and slime of the back city alleyway, sobbing and curling up. Mondo grabbed her robe and slippers as the two of them walked off into the quiet night.

“So, what do you think?” Mondo asked.

“Most interesting. I think I enjoyed that. At least it should remain an option in the future.”

“Heh heh, glad I could help you out, friend,” Mondo said. “We should do it again.”

“Yeah, I agree. How about tomorrow night? We’ll plan more. There is this place I know, a churchly sanctuary for women. I think they’ve taken chastity vows. I’ve tried to flirt my way in, but they seem uninterested.”

“Where is it?”

“In the Appian quarter, not far from the silk market.”

“I don’t know it,” Mondo said. “It could be a retreat for training priestesses. That would make it fairly fertile ground. It could also be a recovery house for freed or escaped slave girls. I got into one of those once, and let me tell you, most of those girls go to pieces at the first sign of male aggression. They do anything.”

“Those would work,” Breelin said.

“Or it could be a training center for female paladins, and we’d be fucked in the exact wrong way!”

“We’d want to be careful.”

“Let’s check it out,” Mondo said. “How about we meet at the silk market at the mid-day bell and go take a look.”

“That sounds good. I shall anticipate the experience.”

“Yeah, what you said. See ya, buddy.” The two men parted ways, eagerly planning for another night of attacks.
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Re: The Teaming of the Two
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The Team is Set

“Well I don’t know what that is,” Mondo said as the two young men staked out the vaguely holy-looking building. There were no windows facing the main street, but some on the alleys at either side. Only one person had gone in or out, a young woman entering and dressed in modestly plain garb, neither too baggy nor overly revealing. “I always assumed it was some church property.”

“It could have been sold,” Breelin replied.

“And you’re sure it’s all women in there?”

“Sure, no. Nothing in our world can be truly certain. But I’ve never seen a man enter or leave it when I’ve bothered to notice.”

“Huh. Well that’s something. A place locked away just for women. They don’t seem to want us poor men hanging around, ruining their day.” Mondo stood, musing over the mysterious structure. “I think that offends me!”

Breelin shrugged. “I’ve never thought about it. But if these ladies have truly removed themselves from the company of men, they’ve chosen to remove themselves from the satisfactions and joys of the flesh as well as its distractions and obsessions. To rape them would be to upset their balance.”

“No one gets their way all the time,” Mondo said.

“Indeed. Quite true,” Breelin agreed.

Mondo looked around and pointed out his observations. “This is a rich neighborhood. We should not be seen lingering too long,” he said. “The city guard takes a dim view of men like us hanging about. Let’s meet back here at the midnight bell.”

“Agreed,” Breelin said with a nod.

When darkness had fallen and the marketplace lay empty and quiet, the two resumed their observations. Along the sides of the mystery building were windows open only to the narrow alleys, some letting out light. They walked up the right side of the building and looked up. They saw a large, wide window with its sill fifteen feet above their heads. Mondo felt the wall and nodded to himself before climbing up the brickwork. Breelin took a mighty jump and latched his fingers to the sill before lifting himself up to view the inside.

Both sets of spying eyes opened wide at the sight before them. Though silken drapes covered the window, they were thin enough to reveal the circle of young women seated in a circle on luxuriant pillows surrounding a glowing orb of light that hovered over a dais in the middle of the room. Each of the women was completely nude, their hands clasped together in some sort of prayer, which was barely audible outside the closed window. At the inside doors were stationed more women as guards, clothed and lightly armed and armored.

“What are they doing?” Mondo whispered.

“I know not,” Breelin replied. “But I believe twenty of them will prove too much for us.”

“Definitely,” Mondo said. “There’s another window forty more feet above us. Can you make it that high?”

“I think I can get there,” Breelin said. As Mondo climbed, Breelin jumped across the alley to a dark windowsill there, and then up several more until he reached the next lighted window above. It was much smaller, but the two men were able to peer in. There were no drapes, but the window was layered with a film of soot that made viewing fuzzy.

It looked like a bedroom. A room for two, but they saw only one figure there. She was lying beneath the sheets on one of the beds, reading something from the single lantern. It was possible she was naked under the sheets, though she might also have worn skimpy items. The single visible door was closed.

“What do you think?” Mondo whispered. “Want to try to fuck her?”

“We need a way in without sound. This window is shut tight.”

“If I get the window unlatched, can you do your jumping thing to get in their quick and quiet her?”

“I think so. If not, we can make a retreat.”

Mondo peered in again. The woman looked to be mid-thirties and reasonably attractive, though not stunning like the nymphs praying to the orb downstairs. He pulled out a set of leather-bound tools as Breelin had never seen and went to work on the window. He slowly and quietly cut through the accumulated grime at the seams, sliding the amazingly thin blade into the gaps. He then used some protruding thick wires to work at the twist lock. Breelin tried to watch, but couldn’t really see how he slid the latch, leaving the window technically unlocked.

“There might still be a sound,” Mondo said. “I’ll open it, and you get in there.”

“Right,” Breelin said. Mondo pushed up, and the window slowly opened, making only the tiniest of sounds. The woman continued her reading. Once the window was cracked open they could tell that the chanting from elsewhere in the building was giving them some cover. He pushed it open more than a foot, and Breelin crawled in on his hands and feet. With a pounce he was on the woman, gripping her tight with his hand over her mouth. She tried to scream, dropping her book, twisting about. They fell to the floor, but made no other sound at all. Mondo hurried in and joined his friend in holding the terrified and very naked woman still.

“Is anyone coming?” Mondo asked her quietly. “Lie to us and I’ll slit your throat! Scream or yell and I’ll slit your throat!”

“Maybe later, my roommate,” she whimpered, seeing Mondo’s dagger and believing his threat. They got up and stood her up. She was of medium height and build, with pleasing curves and decent tits. Her hair was a medium brown that she kept plainly styled.

“The babes downstairs are all hot nymphos,” Mondo told her, waving the blade in her face. “What are you?”

“Tell us of this place,” Breelin said. “Maybe we’ll take pity on you.”

“We’re the order of the devout angel,” she said quickly.

“Virgins?” Mondo asked with a smile. She nodded, tears starting to run.

“Would our raping you cause you to lose your status here?” Breelin asked her. She nodded again.

“Please, oh please, do not! I beg you. I know I’m not special. Please don’t befoul me!”

“So how come all the nymphos are downstairs?” Mondo asked. He slid the dagger tip down her neck, between her breasts, and over her belly, making her cringe and whimper.

“I serve with tasks and labor,” she said. “It is important work. The truly gorgeous channel their beauty into prayer, and thus into power. I took a different path to service in my youth.”

“Sounds like bullshit to me,” Mondo said. He turned to Breelin. “So, want to rape this one?”

“I think so,” Breelin said. “She is different.”

“You want to keep your virginity, bitch?” Mondo hissed. She nodded frantically. “You’ll take it up the ass, right? No screaming. Just a nice little ass rape and you get to keep your purity and your position, right?”

“Yes, I agree,” she whimpered as Mondo flipped her onto her belly on the bed and pulled her hips up. Breelin kept her arms held behind her as Mondo got his cock out and ready. He spit on it for lube, such as it was, and pressed it to the woman’s puckered brown hole. She groaned and started to cry out in pain as he pushed it into her.

“Quiet!” Breelin said, clutching her neck in his strong grip. So she whimpered and suffered in near silence as Mondo reamed her ass, pumping her hard and violently until he came in her. She wept silently knowing what he’d completed.

“Your turn,” he said.

“Yes, indeed,” Breelin said. “But it is wrong that you should refuse the flesh to become a second-class penitent in this strange order.” With that, he pulled her arms up higher, bending her further forward, and plunged his hard cock into her virginal pussy. He broke through her maidenhead swiftly and began ravaging her virginal gash. She cried out loudly until he reached around and grabbed her throat.

“You like this better!” he said to her. “Fucking is pleasure.”

“Ah! No! Oh no!” the woman wailed. He used hard, quick thrusts to brutalize her until cumming into her womb. Then he pulled out and shoved her down into the bloody mess of sheets.

“Why!” she cried. “Why did you do that!”

“Why is anything?” Breelin replied. “Shall we be going?”

“I think so,” Mondo said. But as they turned to the window, the door burst open. Two young women and three armed older women stood at the doorway, taking in the scene in front of them. One of the young ones cried out loudly in horror.

“Kill them!” the other shouted, and the three armed women lunged into the room, short swords gleaming in the lantern light.

Breelin did not wish to cause real harm, and he pulled his punches, but he did began dishing them out, landing flurries of strikes on the supposed guard women. One of them manage to cut his arm fairly deep. It was hard to dodge properly in the closed quarters. But he then laid her out with a vicious slam to her jaw. Another lay in a pool of blood, with Mondo’s dagger still dripping the same blood. Together they lunged at the third guard and she never stood a chance.

The two younger women were naked, possibly having come right from the downstairs ceremony. Now they turned in blind terror and fled back down the hallway. Breelin and Mondo gave chase, and the screams of confusion and fear soon brought the place into chaos. Mondo tackled one of the naked rescuers in the stairwell, slamming her to the floor.

“No time for my dick, bitch!” he hissed. Then he stabbed his dagger directly onto her unprotected cunt.

“Oh! Ahh! Arghhh!” she screamed as he pulled it out, clutching her bloodied crotch. She rolled on the floor, shrieking in agony and shock at the attack. Breelin wondered briefly if that was enough to remove her virginity for temple purposes.

Footsteps rampaged from all sides in mostly dark hallways. The two men ran down the stairs to the ground floor, and burst into the big glowing orb room where many nude women still sat unaware of the commotion elsewhere. Now they screamed at the sight of the two armed and clothed men in their midst. Some were going out the front door by the time Mondo and Breelin were fully inside the room.

“Time to leave this place,” Breelin said.

“Yeah.” They raced for the front door, which actually led to a hallway, but then to the outer door. They burst out into the market square, seeing at least three other women run screaming and naked into the night, crying for help.

“This is not good,” Mondo said. “This is the rich quarter. So…”

He didn’t even need to finish before they heard the whistles and clanking of armored boots and growling of city watch dogs. They turned and fled, taking a path away from the rescue sounds as well as possible. But they realized soon enough that in that quarter of the city, the guard was highly responsive. The guard seemed to be everywhere around them. They hurried up to the rooftops, but found the guards could still keep up with them just fine, albeit from further down.

“The outer wall!” Breelin said, pointing.

“You think we should flee the city?”

“I think that temple was far better connected with upper powers than we realized,” Breelin said. “We may not get away with it easily if she stay here.”

Mondo paused, listening to the attack dogs on three sides of them. The top of the outer wall itself was still dark. They hadn’t communicated to the army yet that a couple fugitives were loose. “Alright, I guess we’re out of options. Damn bitches!”

They each took a flying leap across the gap to the wall, which Mondo barely made, and then scurried over the parapets. Mondo climbed down the stonework while Breelin dropped in a controlled fall.

“The outer doors are closed. It will take them some minutes to talk the army squads into opening them,” Mondo said. “Those groups don’t get along well.”

“We’ll be long gone into the forest by then,” Breelin said. “Maybe we can get back inside in a day or so.”

“Maybe,” Mondo grunted. “Or maybe we just fucked with the wrong priestess.”

“We shall see. We shall have to wait and see,” Breelin said as the two fled for safety in the wild woods.
The rumors about me are scurrilous, depraved rantings of a sick mind, and I categorically deny any sense of falsehood attributed to them.

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Re: The Teaming of the Two
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Another great story. Loved trying to visualize that position in the first part

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Re: The Teaming of the Two
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I'm reasonably convinced I described something that could be done by some one who is very strong and flexible, but I could be wrong.
The rumors about me are scurrilous, depraved rantings of a sick mind, and I categorically deny any sense of falsehood attributed to them.