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A Walk In The Park
« on: August 30, 2017, 12:16:17 PM »
WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. This story is all fiction. Any resemblance to real people, place, or events, is purely coincidental. If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

A walk in the park

The old Honda Civic was driving on South Tamiami Trail in Fort Myers. The driver was 18 year old college freshman Conor Jenkins. Conor was a tall, blond muscular guy, member of the college´s swimming team. He studied economics, but hoped for a career as a professional swimmer. He was hoping to qualify for the 2020 olympic games.

Next to Conor on the passenger seat was Conor´s girlfriend, 16 year old April Maguire. April was still going to Highschool. She was a petite redhead with green eyes and a lovely freckled face. April and Conor had been a couple for 5 weeks now. April knew that many girls, also girls older than herself, had an eye on Conor. She was very proud it was her he had picked.

Conor was her first boyfriend, and she really loved him a lot.

He was a nice guy, a real gentleman. She had introduced him to her parents four weeks ago and was very happy they liked him too instantly.

This Friday night they had been to the cinema, watching the latest Bridget Jones movie. Conor didn´t really like it, but with April´s head on his shoulders, her arm on his chest and smelling her sweet perfume, he had enjoyed the evening anyway.

He was happy April liked the movie and had a good time. He was happy seeing her laughing. Now they were driving to her house. Conor had promised her parents to bring her home till midnight. Now it was 10:15.

Conor did not want to end the evening too early, so when he saw the exit to Lakes Regional Park he took the exit and headed into the direction of the park.

“Hey where are we going?” April asked. “Well baby, we got some time left and so I thought we could go to the park and umm “talk” a little bit” Conor said smiling.

April wrinkled her nose. “Honey, it´s dark and being all alone in a deserted park… please let´s go home”

“Baby, being alone with you is exactly what I want to.. I want to hold you and kiss you… Come on, we got time and no one will be around. And I am here to protect you” Conor said smiling.

April was still a virgin, and so far she and Conor had only kissed and done some petting. She loved to kiss him, loved to feel his body and his hands touching her everywhere, but she felt not ready to sleep with him. Conor didn´t urge her, he waited until she was ready. He too loved April and knew she was worth waiting.

But he also felt horny and longed to have her in his arms and feel her firm young body. “So baby, what do you say?”

“OK” April replied smiling, “let´s go,”

They got to the parking lot, it was deserted. They left the car and went about 200 yards into the park, until they got to a bench. April still felt a little scared, but there seemed to be nobody around anywhere. Conor took her in his arms and smiled at her. She felt safe with him and she relaxed.

She bid her lower lip and looked deep into his blue eyes. Conor pulled her towards him and started to kiss her. Her lips parted and their tongues met for a deep, passionate kiss.

April loved kissing him, loved the way their tongues were playing together, loved to explore his mouth with her tongue. She instantly forgot everything around her. A war feeling spread inside her body. It got even better when Conor place his hand on her breast. April had firm a-cup sized breasts. She always feared they were to small to attract a man, but Conor had insured her he loved them the way they were, and indeed he loved to touch them. April too started to touch his breast, let her hands explore his muscular body.

They were still united in a deep kiss when Conor let his hands glide deeper, over her stomach and under the blue dress April was wearing. He caressed her naked thighs, than put his hands on her panties. April instantly opened her legs, allowing him to touch her pussy through the panties. She moaned in his mouth when she felt his fingers follow the outlines of her pussy. Her body shivered, she knew her pussy was very wet now.

Conors fingers now wandered under her panties, playing with her pubic hair for a while. April had asked him if he liked her to be shaved down there, but he said he wanted her like it was. She was a redhead down there too, and he loved her little bush.

Then his finger softly rubbed her clit. April moaned, still kissing him deeply. Conor loved her pussy, loved to see her get wet and react to his touches.

April´s hand cupped his crotch. She was happy to feel his hard dick. She too loved the way he reacted to her touching him, loved his hard, 6 inch cock.

She broke the kiss, got on her knees on the bench and used both hands to open his pants and pull out his hard on. She gently rubbed it up and down with her hand. Conor moaned and closed his eyes, obviously enjoying what he did.

She looked at him and bit her lower lip again. She had been thinking about making the next step, now in this warm night she decided it was the right moment.

Her head slid down and she gently kissed Conor´s prick bulb with her closed lips. Then she started to lick it gently, careful at first. Conor was always caring a lot about his looks and took care of his body. April found the taste of his prick bulb not too bad and sucked it a bit harder.

“Oh baby…, that´s great….” Conor moaned with closed eyes. Happy he liked what he was doing April sucked Conor´s cock deeper, taking it halfway. She found a rhythm and slowly sucked his cock. Conor´s hand slid into her panties again, rubbing her wet pussy.

The young couple had no clue that they had been watched since they had sat down on the park bench…

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Re: A Walk In The Park
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Re: A Walk In The Park
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The three black men were lying about 50 yards away from Conor and April at the edge of the lake. They had no jobs, no money to go the a bar or club so they often gathered in the park to spent their evenings. They had shared a joint and a few bottles of beer, now they were feeling good and just hanging around.

Jamal and Jerome were both 20, Maurice 18 and Jerome´s younger brother. They were all tall, muscular guys spending most of their time in the local gym, boxing and working on their body. On day they hoped to make a better live as professional boxers.

They had realized a young, white couple arriving and sit on the bench. They had watched them starting kissing and touching each other. They grinned at each other.

“I bet he will the fucking the chick in less than 5 minutes!” Jamal whispered. “No, I think she is just a teaser. He will touch her tits and that´s it” Jerome answered.

When April started to suck Conor´s dick Jamal triumphed: “See, I was right. She is horny as shit!”

“She is so hot… I wouldn´t mind getting a piece of her myself” young Maurice whispered. “Well, so why don´t we do it?” Jamal asked looking at his friends.

“Do what, dickhead? Walk over and ask her if she wants to be fucked by the three of us” Sure, she will be more than happy to do so. Dream on!” Jerome answered.

“Who said anything about asking? We just sneak over, grab her and fuck the shit out of her. There´s nobody around here, nobody will notice…” Jerome thought about the idea, he seemed to like it. “What about the boy?” Maurice asked. “Come on, we are three on one and he is nothing but a white faggot. We beat him down, tie him up and let him enjoy watching us fuck the chick!”

“Ok, let´s do it” Jerome whispered. “We can´t do that. It´s rape, for fuck sake. We´ll go to prison” Maurice whispered.

“Come on brother, really want to miss the opportunity to fuck such a cute white pussy? This kind of girls spits on guys like us. So let´s go and make her pay!” Maurice thought about it for a minute. Seeing the young couple fooling around made him horny. “Ok. Let´s go”

The three black men used the shadow of some bushes to sneak up to the young couple. They got closer and closer…

April was still blowing Conor´s cock. He now had a finger in her wet pussy. Conor felt his orgasm was close. He started to move lis lower body a bit, starting to fuck her face gently. Suddenly he realized a movement next to him

“Now isn´t that sweet. Two young lovers. How about letting us join in” a big black man hissed.

Conor got up. “What do you want? Leave us alone, or….” Jamal punched him hard in his stomach. Conor hadn´t see it coming. He  doubled over and fell to the ground. The vicious punch had taken the air from his lungs. Now he was desperately gasping for air. “Or what, white boy?” Jamal asked and kicked into Conor´s balls. Conor howled, his body bent in pain.

“Leave us alone…. Help, somebody help…” April had jumped up and tried to run away. Jerome grabbed her from behind, his right hand shutting her mouth and his other hand on her tits. April tried to kick him, but he easily lifted her from the ground. Her legs were thrashing around without any effect.

Maurice unbuckled Conors belt and tied his hands behind his back. The boy still felt a lot of pain.

Jamal stepped in front of April, grinning at her. Maurice took his hand from her mouth, still holding her tight and gropingher beautiful body.

“What do you want from us? Leave us alone. Please leave us alone. Don´t hurt us… We got no money….please” April begged.

“We don´t want your money baby, we want a piece of your pussy!” Jamal answered. “We gonna fuck you, fuck you hard!”

Jerome released his grip on April. Jamal instantly grabbed her and forced her to lay down on the ground. He kicked her legs apart and knelt down between her spread thighs. Her took her skirt and ribbed it open with his strong hands. It tore easily, removing her pretty small breasts. She did not wear a bra.

“Look at that, isn´t it nice? Almost looks like a boy” Jamal mocked. Jerome grabbed her shoulders and they tore off the dress. Jamal rolled the panties over her knees and tore them off. April was naked except of her socks and shoes.

“Leave her alone you bastard! Don´t hurt her! Conor yelled. Jamal threw April´s panties to Maurice. “Gag this white faggot, can´t stand his whimpering. And make him watch me fuck his girl!”

Maurice took a sniff from April´s wet panties. “Wow boy, you really made her wet and horny. Smells good, you´ll love it!” He rolled the panties into a ball and stuffed them into Conor´s mouth.

Jerome had grabbed April´s arms and pinned them down behind her head. Jamal got off and started taking off his clothes. When he took off his pants April saw his rock hard cock. It mus a lot larger and much bigger than Conor´s. It was 8.6 inch at least.

April started to panic. She realized he was going to rape her. She had wanted her first time to be special,now she was going to be raped by a strange black man in a park. She was also sure he would tear her apart with his giant cock.

She started to kick wildly, tried everything to prevent him from lying down on top of her. Jamal just laughed, grabbed her kicking legs easily and forced them apart. He lay down on her, his big cock on her belly.

“Get away from me, oh god please get away from me. Leave me alone” April´s body was still twitching in all directions. Jamal smacked her face hard. Stunning the poor girl. He hit her again, this time backhanding her.

April lay still now. Moaning in pain.

Jamal´s hand roamed along the sides of her body, while he cupped her tits with his mouth. He let his tongue run over her tiny nipples, sucked on them, then bid a bit into them und pulled at them with his teeth.

“Ouwwwww” April squaled in pain. Jamals hand now squeezed her other tit, kneading it hard. He was enjoying himself with the beautiful naked redhead.

He then guided his prickbulb to the entrance of her pussy.

Conor was forced to watch everything. Being tied up and still in a lot of pain from the beating he received he could only moan into his gag, which now was wet from his spit as well as April´s pussy juice.

When April felt Jamals prick touching her virgin pussy she started to beg Jamal to stop. “Please, no… don´t do this… no, I´ve,.. I´ve never…. Please I am a virgin….no… please don´t…”

Jamal showed no mercy. “Great baby, I love to break cherries of cute white chicks. So just lay down and enjoy!”

He started to push his cock into her pussy. It went in by a few inches. April was still well lubricated from Conor fingering her before, but his cock was too big for her pussy. “Owwwwww. Oh god, it hurts…. It hurts so much…. Take it out, please take it out!” Jmal pushed into her again. This time he managed to bury his cock halfway inside her pussy. April´s body arched in pain. She felt like a hot spear was driven inside her.

Jamal grabbed her by the hips and pushed into her with all force he could muster. This time he buried his cock to the hilt in April´s tight pussy. April felt something tear inside her. She knew she was no virgin anymore, knew she was having her first time with a brutal, strange black men. Tears were welling in her eyes.

Jamal held his cock deep inside her pussy for a while, enjoying the tightness and warmth of her hole. Then he started fucking her with slow, long strokes. He wanted this to last, wanted to enjoy fucking the beautiful redhead.

His thrusts caused April a lot of pain, she whimpered each time he thrust his cock imto her belly. She still tried to get away from him, but with Jerome pinning her hands down and Jamals hips pushing her body to the ground there was no escape.

She also kept pleading him to stop, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Jamal was loving to fuck the helpless girl, no way would he stop now. He was determined to fuck her good, to shoot his sperm deep into her womb.

His thrusts got faster now, his cock retreated until only the head was  left insode Apri´s pussy, than he pushed it back in completely. His cock touched her womb each time it entered, causing her a lot of pain.

“nuuuuuuu, nuuuuuuuu, please stop, nuuuuu, pleasssseee” April begged.

Jamal felt his orgasm nearing. He started fucking her with deep, har, punishing thrusts. His cock was pistoning in and out of her pussy, causing her even more pain. “Nooooo, oh god no, please stop it. Please….nuuuuuu, please….”

April´s tight pussy and her begging him to stop pushed Jamal over the edge. He closed his eyes and started to grunt loud with every thrust.

April suddenly realized she might get pregnant. Get pregnant from a rapist! “Please, don´t come in me.. Please take it out….. take it out! Oh god, please take it out. Don´t come inside me!!!”

Jamal gave her a few more hard thrusts, than he pushed back into her completely. He let out a roar and came deep inside April´s pussy. Her cock spurted for five times, feeding her a lot of come. He gave her a few more hard thrusts to ensure there was no cum left, then he finally collapsed on her body.

April was sweating from the abuse, now her sweat was mixing with the sweat of her rapist.

“Wow baby, that was great. You are a hot fuck” Jamal muttered and pulled his half limp cock out of her pussy. It was smeared with his cum, her juices a a bit blood.

Jamal took Jerome´s place and pinned her arms down while Jerome started to strip. April saw in horror that his hard cock was just as big as Jamal´s, but it was even thicker.

“No, not again, please not again….I can´t stand anymore….please”. Jerome lay on top of her, lined up his cock with her pussy and rammed it deep inside of her brutally.

“Owwwww, god, oh god….please take it out… hurts so much….”

Jerome didn´t care about her pain. He wanted to ride her hard. He thrust his cock in deep, pulled it out almost completely and thrust it back again. April´s pussy walls were being stretched in an incredible manner.

She screamed in pain with every thrust, begging him to stop. Again her pleas fell on deaf ears. “Oh god baby, your pussy is so fucking tight…can´t remember having fucked a pussy like that…”

April hoped he would finish Soon. With him gone, there would only be one more to torture her. Then it would be over. He humped away on her body. When his thrusts grew faster and his groaning louder she again felt he was going to come. “Please….not  inside me….not inside me…..please….nooooo”

Anne was frustrated when she felt the intruding cock erupt deep in her pussy, filling it with more cum. “Jerome put his lips on hers and forced her to kiss him, his cock still buried deep inside her pussy.

His tongue explored her mouth, his smell of beer and cigarettes made her want to vomit.

Finally he rose from her body. Jamal realized all fighting had gone from her. They had broken the bitch. There was no need to hold her arms anymore.

Maurice meanwhile had undressed, he went to April and lay down on top of her. He guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy and pudhed it all the way in in a single stroke. His cock was smaller and thinner than the cocks that had been in her before, so the pain it inflicted to April wasn´t that intense anymore.

April just lay on her back, her legs spread wide, enduring this latest attack. She didn´t plead anymore, she just looked into the sky without seeing anything.

Maurice didn´t care too much, he was happy fucking the beautiful redhead. He fucked her with long hard thrusts. Seeing his mates fuck her before had made him extremely horny, he also was much less experienced. So he didn´t last long inside her and filled her pussy with more cum soon.

“Wow guys, that was great, what a hot fuck” he said happily and pulled out of her.

April still lay there, legs spred wide. Cum, pussy juice and blood started oozing out of her gaping pussy.

Jamal had an idea. He took Conor´s arms, dragged him to April till his head was between her thighs. He took the panties out of his mouth. “Look at this mess, clean that up with your tongue or I break her fucking neck before I do the same to you!”

Conor knew he had no choice. He put his tongue into his beloved girlfriends pussy and started to lap all the juices. It tasted horrible to him. April just started to moan when she felt his tongue licking her sore pussy.

“Yeah boy she loves it. She loves when you lick our cum out of her pussy. Do your best mate, you won´t get any closer to her pussy today!” Jerome said.

The men laughed.

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Re: A Walk In The Park
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Oh this just screams for a continuation Groucho. She still has a cherry hole that needs attention if not now then definitely later. hell make her entertain the guys one more time in her bedroom when they find out where he lives!

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Re: A Walk In The Park
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it´s far from being over...

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Re: A Walk In The Park
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Great that just earned you a merit then!

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Re: A Walk In The Park
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Oh this just screams for a continuation Groucho. She still has a cherry hole that needs attention if not now then definitely later. hell make her entertain the guys one more time in her bedroom when they find out where he lives!

Maybe you like them to meet April´s mom?  >:D

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Re: A Walk In The Park
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The black thugs finally dragged Conor away from April and tied his feet with the remainders of April´s torn dress. He had also been gagged again with April´s panties. They  sat down on the bench, still naked. Jamal made April sit on his lap. He played with her tits while they shared another joint.

“Please let us go. You… you´ve all…´ve all had me so why don´t you let us go now?” April said barely audible.

“Baby, our party has only just begun. We would be crazy if we let you go now. We havn´t even fucked your sweet mouth. Now kiss me!” Jamal answered.

He pulled her towards him and forced her to kiss him, his tongue playing with hers and exploring her mouth. His hands were roughly kneading her asscheeks. It was a wet and sloppy kiss, and April felt like she had to vomit. Jamal´s cock had grown rock hard again. He took her hand and placed it on his cock. April knew what he wanted and started to rub his cock up and down.

She hoped he would be happy to get a handjob, but deep inside she knew better. Jamal force his hands between her thighs and started to rub her pussy. Then he forced his index finger into her pussy. April made a sharp shriek into his mouth.

He started to finger fuck the pretty redhead while his thumb was rubbing her clit. After a while he added a second finger into her pussy. “Nnnnnghh” April protested. Jamal didn´t care. He was enjoying kissing her hot wet mouth and playing with her pussy.

He also very much enjoyed her small hand rubbing his dick. He started finger fucking her hard, causing April a lot of discomfort. She didn´t want his fingers in her pussy, didn´t want him stretching her pussy walls further apart.

She really didn´t want any of this, but she also felt that his thumb rubbing her clit was causing her body to react. She felt a warm feeling going through her body, felt that her pussy was starting to get wet, making it easier for Jamal´s fingers to spear her pussy.

Jamal also realized she was aroused by his fingers inside her, and gave a satisfied grunt.

April felt so ashamed. How could it be that she had been brutally raped by three strangers, and now she was getting horny while her pussy was fingered against her will? She felt like a slut , like she deserved to be treated this way.

Instictively she opened her legs even wider to make it easier for Jamal to finger fuck her. She began to moan softly into his mouth, her body began to rock back and forth. The rapid movement of his fingers caused pussy juice fo low out of her. Soon her pussy lips and her thighs were glistening wet.

April was filled with a mixture of guilt and lust. She didn´t want any of this, but her body kept betraying her. She was carried away by a wave of lust, for a moment she forgot she was being raped. She just let go. She broke the kiss. Her body arched.

“ohhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhh yeah….. oh……… now……..”

Her pussy muscles squeezed Jamal´s intruding fingers hard. She jerked his cock fast while she came. Finally her body collapsed. Jamal had to hold her with his arms to prevent her from falling.

Finally April returned to reality. “Oh god, what have I done? How could I possibly enjoy that?” she thought and hung her head. Jamal pulled his fingers out of her pussy. They were dripping wet.

He grinned at her. “Look at that, bitch! You really are a horny slut… Now get on all fours and suck my cock!”

“! Please don´t make me. Please….”

“Look bitch, I made you come, now its your turn to make me cum, Get on all fours”

April climbed off the bench and did what she was told. Jamal´s rock hard cock was only inches away from her mouth.

“Do it bitch, do it now”. April opened her mouth and took in his cock. It smelled of sweat and a little stained pee. She retched a bit.

“Start sucking it bitch. Only mouth and lips. If I feel any teeth I will knock them out one by one and fuck your mouth anyway!”

She reluctantly started to suck in Jamal´s dick. Her mouth felt impossibly stretched, and she only managed to get in a few inches of the huge dick.

“You call that a blow job slut? Suck it faster. And suck it all the way in!” Jamal said.

April did his best to please the cruel man. It was terrible to have his cock in her mouth, but she hoped if she did it good it might prevent her sore pussy from being fucked again.

She did her best, but she found it impossible to inhale more than a few inches. Every time it hit the entrance of her throat her gag reflex set in and she had to get it out. So she did her best to suck him fast and as deep as she could. She also used a lot of spit to wash away the smell.

Her head bobbed up down back and forth fast.

Maurice took a deep blow of the joint. Seeing the head of the beautiful redhead bounce on his friends cock and the shape of her firm ass made him horny again. He stood up and knelt down behind April.

His hands marveled her ass. Then he grabbed her hips and guided his prick to her asshole.

Maurice´s cock touching her asshole made April panic. She tried to scream, but Jamal grabbed her head tight and forced her to keep his cock inside her mouth. So all that came out of her mouth was a muffled protest.

Maurice started to push hard, trying to get his cock into her asshole. But the tight muscle refused to give way. “Ngggghhhhh, nghhhhhhhhhhh” April screamed into Jamal´s cock.

Maurice pushed again hard, this time he managed to get the tip of his prick inside her asshole. April shook her head, her screams would have raised the roof if her mouth hadn´t been stuffed with cock. The pain she felt was incredible. Maurice gave her another hard push, causing his prick to enter ust a little deeper.

“Fuck, her ass is tight!” he exclaimed. He grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him while thrusting again at the same time. Her stretched sphincter gave way and his cock was buried up to the hilt in her tight anal passage.

“Ihhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ihhhhhhhhhhhhhh,nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.” April thought she was going to faint. The pain in her ass was unbearable. mAurice paused for a moment, enjoying the heat of her ass around his cock. Then he began to fuck her ass with slow, long strokes. Every inward thrust of his cock caused April to scream into Jamal´s cock in her mouth.

The pain of the assault on her ass caused April to lose concentration on sucking Jamal´s cock. So he began to fuck her mouth hard and fast.

He grabbed her head with both hands. His cock hit the back of her throat, making her retch. Jamal didn´t care. He was determined to get his cock all the way into her throat. Soon April was drooling a lot of spit, covering her pretty face. She was having trouble breathing and desperately tried to get her head away from the intruding cock. Her movements caused to further arouse the cruel man.

Maurice meanwhile still fucked her ass with long and steady strokes. His sadistic heart loved the sounds of her asscheeks slapping against his body in combination with the gurgling sounds she made due to Jamal fucking her mouth.

His intruding prick was still causing April tremendous pain. She tried to tighten her sphincter around his cock, but that made it even more painful. Then she tried to relax her asshole muscles completely. But nothing seemed to work. Maurice´s cock was simply too big for her asshole.

Jamal was determined to get his cock all the way into her throat. He grabbed her head and pushed forward with all his power. Her throat refused to give way at first. April immediately felt she couldn´t breathe anymore. She desperately tried to get away from his cock, but to no avail. Jamal was a lot stronger than she was.

Her struggling made April involuntarily thrust her ass back against Maurice´s cock, much to his delight. He met every thrust of her ass with an inward thrust, even increasing the pain and making her struggle even more.
Jamal pulled her face toward him while still doing his best to push his cock into her throat. Finally her throat muscles gave way and he sunk his cock in until April´s chin rested on his balls.

“I knew you could do it bitch” He held hos cock in her throat for a few seconds. April felt dizzy from the lack of air in her lungs. Just as she thought she was going to faint he pulled his cock out. April took a deep breath, her mouth was drooling a lot of spit. She still gasped for air when Jamal brutally shoved his cock back into her throat.

Maurice fucked her with hard and deep thrusts by now. He was panting heavily. He knew he was about to blast his load. “Ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh, yeah….., I am coming bitch….. take it, take my load….”

His cock began to spurt semen deep into her bowels. He paused deep in her ass for a moment before pilling back almost completely before jamming it back into her bowels in a single stroke. When he had emptied his balls completely inside her he pulled his semi erect cock out of her ass. It came out with a wet plop.

Jamal too was about to come. He fucked her throat with long strokes. “I am cumming to, swallow it bitch!” He jammed his cock deep into her throat His cock spurted wave after wave of his jism into her. April worked her throat muscles furiously to prevent from drowning. Finally Jamal pulled his cock out of her and ordered her to clean his cock.

Then he released his grip on her head, completely satisfied.

April felt a welcome feeling of emptiness in her holes. Her throat felt very sore now, and her ravaged ass was causing her a lot of pain. She hoped it would be over now.

But she had not realized Jerome was already waiting for his chance. He knelt behind her and thrust his cock deep into her asshole.

“Nuuuuuuu, nuuuuuuuuuuuuu, please no more…..I can´t stand anymore……it hurts so much…..nuuuuu”

April moaned in pain with each thrust of Jerome´s intruding cock. Jerome didn´t care. Her still tight ass fit to his cock like a rubber glove, and he enjoyed her painful groans.

April couldn´t do anything than try to stand this latest attack.

Maurice stood in front of her. “Clean my cock bitch!” His cock was stained with her shit and blood. “No, please, I Can´t….please don´t make me do that”. She pleaded. Maurice just rammed his cock into her opened mouth and cut her pleading. The cock tasted horrible to her. She tried to get away, but he held her head so she couldn´t move. Jerome increased the pace of his thrusts, driving her face forward to Maurice´s cock in her mouth. She was forced to clean the filthy cock from all juices.

Finally Maurice was satisfied and pulled his cock out of her mouth.

Jerome was giving her a few more hard thrusts before he too came deep in her ass with a loud grunt.

He pulled his cock out of her and released the grip on her hips. April collapsed on the ground.

While the brothers had raped her again Jamal had rummaged through April´s personal belongings. He took her I.D. and walked up to the girl.

"Listen bitch, you´ll better not talk about this to anyone. Especially not to the police. If you do it anyway you´ll regret it. I swear, you´ll deeply regret it. Don´t forget, we know where you are living!"

He tossed the ID next to her naked body. Then the black men disappeared in the night. It finally was over.

To be continued?

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Re: A Walk In The Park
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Oh this just screams for a continuation Groucho. She still has a cherry hole that needs attention if not now then definitely later. hell make her entertain the guys one more time in her bedroom when they find out where he lives!

Maybe you like them to meet April´s mom?  >:D

Not until I meet her and cream her ! After that let them at her

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Re: A Walk In The Park
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Oh hell yes this should be continued! So much more you can do like a triple penetration!

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Re: A Walk In The Park
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Groucho, I love these kinds of stories!
I could rape your pussy, but I'd be in and out in a few minutes. So I choose to rape your mind, and I'll be inside you forever!

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Re: A Walk In The Park
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6 weeks later

When Conor brought April home after the assault her parents were horrified about the state she was. April was acrying mess, her anus was bleeding, her throat sore from the oral rape. Her vagina was torn from the brutal rapes. She pleaded them not to call the police, but Kelly and Dan Maguire insisted to bring her to a hospital. Of course the hospital called the police right away.

A lot of DNA was found in April´s body. The police immediately got a hit. Three years before Jerome had beaten a man almost to death during a quarrel in a bar. Because he had not started the quarrel and was defending himself he went to youth prison for only six months.

When the police raided his apartment he tried to get away. He managed to injure a police officer seriously before another officer shot him into his stomach. He was still lying in hospital in a critical condition.

Jamal and Maurice had been hiding at friends since then. They blamed April for what had happened, especially Maurice was outraged because his brother lay half dead in a hospital. He wanted to pay back the little bitch!

They had started to spy out the Maguire´s house. Today was the day they wanted to strike.

At 6pm Kelly Maguire returned to her home in North Fort Myers. She had just brought her husband Dan to the airport. Dann had to go on a business trip to Boston and would return in three days.

The Maguires had had a hard time after  April was raped. Her physical wounds had healed, but she still was traumatized by the attack. For the first four weeks she had not wanted to leace the house at all. Meanwhile, with the help of their loving parents and her friend Conor she slowly started to get back to a normal life.

Because they had to care for April so much, Kelly felt guilty for neglecting her younger daughter Lisa, who had just turned 15.

So Kelly was determined to spend a lot of time with Lisa until Dan returned.

Kelly was 37. Being of Irish origin she was a natural redhead, just like her daughter April. Lisa was a brunette, she looked more like her dad.

Just as April, Kelly was petite, had a cute freckled face and small, firm breasts. She did a lot of sports and was proud of her body. She liked when men turned their heads to look at her.

Kelly went to the shower. When she stepped out she admired herself in the mirror. “Not bad for a mother of two” she thought.

She put on a new pair of panties, an oversized shirt and her jogging pants. Today she wouls stay at home. She switched on the TV, zapped around for a while and finally decided for another episode of The big Bang Theory.

She got herself a glass of wine and relaxed.

Lisa came into the living room and gave her mother a hug. “Hi mom”. “Hi honey, what are you doing?” Kelly asked.

“Just doing my homework.” Lisa was doing  good at school. She was very ambitious, wanted to study medicine in the future. Kelly looked at Lisa. She realized how her little girl had changes. She was well developed for her age, her breasts already bigger than April´s or even her own.

“Great, want to join me later for some games?” “Sure mom” Lisa replied and went back upstairs to her room.

Kelly guessed that she had another hour to relax on her own till Lisa finished her homework and April and Conor would come home too.

She took a sip of the wine and concentrated on the TV-program.

Outside the house Jamal and Maurice approached the entrance of the Maguire house. Jamal was dressed like a UPS delivery boy. In his hand he had a parcel. Inside were duct tape, some rope and a few more things the needed to realize their plan.

Maurice ducked away next to the door. Both pulled their Walther P38 they had got from one of their friends.

Jamal rang the bell.

Kelly wondered who could be visiting her at that time of the day. April had her own keys, and she didn´t expect anybody. She went to the door. Before pnening it she shouted “Who is it?”

“UPS mam. I got a parcel for Mr. Dan Maguire.” Jamal answered.

Unsuspiciously Kelly opened the door. She saw a young black man in a UPS uniform smiling at her. He hands her the parcel. “Would you sign here please mam?” When Kelly took his pencil the man grabbed her, placed his hand over her mouth and dragged her into the house.

Another man quickly followed him inside and closed the door. It happened so fast nobody had noticed anything.

Kelly tried to scream, but onlymuffled sounds came from her mouth.

Jamal held his gun to her head. “Don´t make a single noise bitch, or your brains will paint the walls, got me?” Kelly nodded horrified.

The man took his hand away from her mouth. Kelly was silent, her body shaking with fear.

“Is anybody else in the house?” “M…My daughter Lisa is upstairs…” Kelly whispered. “Go and get her Jamal said to Maurice, who immediately snug up upstairs.

"Where´s hubby?" "He...He is on a business trip...won´t come back today.."

“Let´s go to the living room bitch. And remember: I want to hear no sound from you!” Jamal led Kelly into the living room, his gun pointing at her head all the time.

Maurice approached Lisa´s bedroom. The door was opened. The girl was sitting at the window, her back was turned towards him She never saw what was coming. Maurice grabbed her from behind, his hand on her mouth and the gun pointing at her head.

“Get up bitch, lets go downstairs.” “Mhhhhhhh, mmhhhhhhhhhh,mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Lisa screamed into the hand shutting her mouth. She tried to struggle, she she was no match for the muscular thug.

He just dragged her downstairs and pushed her into the living room.

Lisa saw terrified that her mom too had a gun a the side of her head. The man holding her had his other hand on her breasts and was kneading them roughly.

He looked at Lisa and smiled. “Look at that brother, seems we hit the Jackpot. Mom´s a real hottie, now look at that little stunner. Think we gonna have a good time until big sis comes home” Maurice grinned.

“Please don´t hurt her, she´s only 15. I… I can give you money, but please leave her alone.” Kelly begged.

“Listen mom, I busted the cherry of your older daughter and I´ll bust her cherry too. And we´ll take your money anyway.”

Kelly didn´t believe her ears. The man who had brutally raped April were going to do the same thing to Lisa too.

She opened her mouth to scream for help. Jamal immediately had his hands on her mouth. “Listen bitch. I told you not to make a single sound. If you do that again you´ll watch your sweet daughter die before we kill you too. You want that?” Kelly frantically shook her head. “Ok, don´t forget what I told you. I am very serious….” Jamal took his hand from her mouth and put it under the elastic band of Kelly´s jogging pants. It slipped under her panties and between her legs. Kelly´s body was stiff, she didn´t make any sound. “Good girl” he said and thrust a finger into her dry pussy.

Lisa watch in terror what the strange man was doing to her mother. She tried to get away from the man holding her, but he was too strong. He held her tight, she could feel his hips pressing against her ass.

Jamal was finger fucking Kelly for a while. “You got a tight pussy mom, can´t wait to fuck you deep and hard. But I am afraid you have to wait until big sis comes home. Then the fun will start. I suggest you get naked now!”

He released his grip on Kelly, the gun still pointed to her head. Kelly stood still, she wasn´t able to move. “I said strip bitch! Want my friend to put a nice bullet into the brain of the little hottie?”

Trembling with fear Kelly took off her shirt. She wore no bra. She took off the jogging pants, leaving her dressed only in her panties. She rolled them off her shapely legs too and stood in the middle of the room naked.

“Look at that, what a hottie.” Jamal walked around her and patted her ass. He took a chair and ordered Kelly to sit down. When she did he took a piece of rope and tied her hands together behind her back. He than took more rope to tie her feet to the legs of the chair.

He pointed to Lisa. “Now its your turn. Take off your clothes or I´ll blow away moms brain.”

“Please…please don´t make me” Lisa pleaded with tears in her eyes. “DO-IT-NOW!” he hissed sharply. Lisa started to cry. Slowly she took off her T-Shirt. She wore a blue bikini top under it. Then she took off her skirt, shoes and socks. She stood there in her bikini top and white cotton panties.

“Go on baby” Maurice ordered. Lisa didn´t move. She was trembling with fear and filled with shame. No man had seen her naked since she was a teenager. Not even her dad. Now she was ordered to undress in front of complete strangers!

“Maurice help her” Jamal ordered.

Maurice opened Lisa´s bikini top and tossed it away. Jamal whistled when he saw her tits for the first time. They were big compared to her mom an sister and real firm. Maurice took her panties in his hands and yanked hard. It tore and Lisa was naked.

She had a beautiful ass and a neatly trimmed bush around her pussy.

Jamal ordered her to sit down on a chair next to her mother. She was tied to the chair in the same way. Maurice gagged Lisa´s mouth with her mother´s panties. Jamal took one of Lisa´s socks and stuffed it into Kelly´s mouth. Then they put duct tape around the women´s mouth. Maurice grabbed Lisa´s tits from behing and kneaded them rougly, causing her tomoan into her gag.

"Can´t wait to fuck you, little girl. Make you a woman soon."

Then the men got a beer from the fridge, watched TV and waited.

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Re: A Walk In The Park
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Now this was a continuation that tingles the spine, mom and younger sister taken by then, now just have April come home to join in on the fun! :emot_thedrool.gif:

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Re: A Walk In The Park
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After about 30 minutes they heard a car approaching in the driveway of the Maguire´s house. Maurice headed to the window- “It´s the fucking bitch. Her boyfriend is with her.”

They ducked away on both sides of the door to the living room.

April and Conor got out of the car. They had spend the day in the mall, now they were loking forward to a quite evening in April´s room.

April opened the door. “Hi mom, its Conor and me. Diners ready?”

Both Kelly and Lisa startet to scream into their gags, telling April to run away as fast as she could. All that came out were incomprehensible moans.

April heard the strange sounds coming out of the living room. She made a few steps forward – and saw her mom and her younger sister tied naked to the chairs.

“Oh god mom, what´s…..” When she got into the living room, Maurice grabbed her and shut her mouth with his hand. He placed the gun next to her head.

Conor, who had been a few steps behind her was stopped by seeing Jamal approaching, his gun pointing at his chest. “Better not move boy, and make so sound. Come in, hands up”

Conor raised his hands and stepped into the living room. He stopprd one yard in front of Jamal.

Jamal grinned. “Remember the first time we met?” he asked. Suddenly his left hand hit Conor hard in the stomach, making him double uo an fall to the ground. He held hus stomach, gasping for air.

Jamal kicked him hard into his balls. “Some things just never change” he said ad chuckled. Then he quickly turned the boy on his stomach, tied his hands behind his back. He then tied his feet together, bend Conord knees and tied the ropes binding his hands and feet together, leaving Conor in a tight hogtie.

He picked up Lisa´s torn panties and stuffed them into Conor´s mouth. “Guess they smell real good, maybe let you have a piece of the young cunt later.” He patted Conor´s head and stood up.

He stepped up to April, motioned to Maurice to unlock her mouth. When Maurice took his hand away April wanted to scream for help.

When she opened her mouth Jamal put the barrel of his gun into her mouth. “Shut up bitch. If you want to do something useful with your mouth, suck that gun. Like you sucked my cock. Now!”

April began to suck the barrel like a lollipop. Maurice started to feel up her body all over, especially her tits, ass and pussy.

Jamal looked at her with cruel eyes. “Remember what I told you, about not telling anybody? You did not listen, now Jerome is lying in hospital half dead. It´s your fault, and you are gonna pay now.”

He pulled the gund out of her mouth. “Strip.If you are not naked till I count to 10 your little sister will die now. 1…” April started to strip. She took off her T-Shirt. “2”. She untied her shoes, which was not easy because she was shivering. “3…..4…..” She managed to kick the shoes away and pulled off her socks. “5….6” April heard that he pulled the trigger. She unbuttones her jeans. They were tight and it was not easy to pull them over her shapely legs.”7….8…..9…..” April felt panic rising in her. Finally her pants were away. She quickly rolled her panties over her knees and put off her bra. “10. Guess you were lucky. Just in time. Now sit on that chair.”

April quickly sat on the chair next to her sister. Maurice tied her in the same way Kelly and Lisa had been tied,

Jamal took Conor´s underpants, shoved them into her mouth as far as possible and secured them with duct tape.

He whipered into her ars: “Ok sweet girl, now the payment begins. I am looking forward to play with you again. I didn´t fuck your ass in the park, I will do it today. Fuck it a lot…. But we will start with another game. You will watch the two of us fuck your sexy mom!”

April frantically screamed into her gag.

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Re: A Walk In The Park
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Oh nice, great use of psychological terror on April! May have been a bit more sinister of they threaten to dp the younger sister! But that's just my opinion!