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Chapter 1  author unknown


Rachel penciled in another answer to her crossword puzzle. Right now she should have been enjoying the company of her husband, sharing breakfast and fighting over who would read the morning comics first. This was to be their first morning of a full week off for them just to enjoy themselves for once. A week of just selfishness between her and Bill. However, some emergency came up at Bill's law firm and he had to take a flight to Pittsburgh, leaving her alone with a week of nothing planed and nothing to do.

Just then, the phone rang.

"Rachel?" asked the female voice at the other end.


"This is Cindy Cotrell."

"Hi Cindy," Cindy didn't sound at all well, as if she had just been crying, "What's up?"

"Can you come over?"

"You bet. What's wrong Cindy?"

"I don't want to be bother if you can't," Cindy sniffled, emphasizing the word 'can't'.

"Don't be silly, Cindy," Rachel was now getting concerned. Cindy was usually a very over-gifted conversationalist, ready to talk your ear off at a moments notice. All Rachel could deduce was that something concerning her divorce had gotten to poor Cindy.

"Really, Rachel, please don't bother. . ."

"It's not a problem. I have the whole day off; the whole WEEK off for that matter. I will be over there as soon as possible, okay?"

Cindy didn't say a thing.

"I'll be right over," and with that Rachel hung up the phone and started to gather up her breakfast plates and putting them in the sink. All Rachel had left to do is take a quick shower, throw on some clothes and head over to Cindy's town house.

"Is your friend coming over?" asked a gravely male voice as he hung up the receiver.

Cindy nodded. It was all that she could do. The masked stranger had replaced her ball gag and made sure it was strapped tightly and locked in place. Her blonde curls were all in disarray as she looked up at him with her reddened blue eyes.

To the intruder, Cindy was a vision of loveliness. He had bound her and cut off her silk teddy, baring her nearly perfect body. Except for the phone call he had made her do, she had been gagged the entire time; whimpering and mewling. Now, she was tied tightly to the living room couch. The handcuffs had used earlier to subdue her while she slept had been replaced by rope, knotting her wrists and elbows together behind her back. Her breasts seemed to jut out; her pale pink nipples begging for attention as she squirmed under his gaze. He had tied her legs wide apart, each ankle cinched to the foot of the couch, leaving her sex fully exposed and ready to play. The intruder leaned over the couch back and began to stroke her golden tresses.

"See, that wasn't so bad now was it?" he laughingly asked.

Cindy began to sob again, bowing her head down and wishing she were dead. She knew what was in store for her friend when she arrived, but the man's threats, coupled with the huge knife that he constantly caressed her with, forced Cindy into making that call. She knew that Bill, Rachel's husband, was called away on business and that her friend had decided to take the week off anyway. Now, Cindy feared, she and Rachel would be sexual prisoners of this man for longer than she cared to think.

"I think we will have alot of fun, yes I do," the man continued, reaching down to lightly caress Cindy's nipple.

"nnnnnnnmmmmph," the bound woman cried.

The man's fingers began to trace small circles around Cindy's erect nipple, sending little sparks of pleasure through her, despite her predicament.

"You like that, huh?" he whispered.

"Uh-uhhhhh," she said, shaking her head.

"Oh, I think you do. Your nipples are saying 'yes','yes'."

The intruder began to roll her nipples between his fingers, lightly pinching them, tugging at them a bit, send more little waves of pleasures rippling through Cindy. Cindy was confused, afraid and horny. She shouldn't feel this way. This man was repeatedly abusing her and soon he would be doing the same to her friend, Rachel. However, her body was betraying her, thirsting for the attention of the man's fingers and hands. He had yet to 'rape' her. He was still dressed in the dark blue jeans and dark green sweeter he had assaulted her in. And he had yet to take off his ski mask in front of her. Several times he left the bedroom for awhile, to explore her town home, leaving her bound. Struggling against the ropes was useless, but Cindy continued to because to stop would mean that she had accepted her fate.

"Now, when your friend shows, should we tell her about you and her husband Bill?"

The man's words were like ice water running through Cindy's veins.

"Oh, yes Cindy, I know it is just an innocent lunch or two with your boss. You ARE his legal assistant, after all. Spend all those LONG hours together. It COULD have happened and how is Rachel to know it didn't, especially in your present state."


The man pinched Cindy's nipples a little harder while lightly kissing her neck, " And with your pending divorce. . .well, I can just imagine what Rachel will be imagining when I tell her about you and Bill."

No. This couldn't be happening. She could never hurt Rachel that way. Never. She may have been Rachels' husbands assistant, but that is where it ended. Rachel and her had been good friends for several years now, since they met at one of the firm's parties, even before she had worked with Bill. No. No. No. This couldn't be happening.

His captive began struggling anew, trying to wrench free of her bonds. There was nothing more lovelier than the sight of a struggling, bound woman. Except for maybe two bound and struggling women, he mused. And that was going to become a reality soon enough.

"I think we have time to play a bit before Rachel arrives, now don't we, Cindy?"

"Uh-uh!" she moaned into her ball gag, shaking her head.

"Now let's see. . .I need to get you prepared for the next few days," the stranger smiled.

He reached down into his black leather pack and started to rummage around. Cindy wondered what other horrible things could he pull from that bag. The rubber ball gag forced into her between her lips was bad enough. Her jaws ached and she continually drooled on herself and anywhere she was set. Her mind raced at what things the rapist might have hidden in the bulk of that pack.

"Ah, here we go, Cindy. I think you will love these."

He held in his hands two rings, split rings like the ones you find on key rings. Both of the rings had a single bell-like metal cup no more than an inch in diameter.

"I have a pair of these lovely rings for you and for Rachel when she arrives, Cindy. I think they will look lovely on you."

Cindy looked at them questioningly.

He placed each silver cup over each of her nipples, the cold metal like an electric shock. He then let them go and they fell between her legs.

"Opps. I guess I will need to glue them in place, Cindy."

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Cindy wailed into her gag as she fought her bindings with renewed vigor.

He reach down between her spread legs and retrieved the fallen rings, gently caressing the swollen lips of her sex for a minute, lightly tracing her pussy curves with the rings before setting them back up onto the couch back. There was a slight rustle again and then he displayed a small plastic bottle of glue before her.

"Super glue, Soon-To-Be Miss Cotrell. A wonder of science. Did you know it was originally developed for surgery? This stuff is truly marvelous and nearly permanent, as we shall soon see."

He opened the top and began to put several large drops into the cups hollow. Cindy struggled and fought but it was easy to pin her back into the back of the couch and place the silver cup and ring onto her nipple. Within a few moments, he let it go and it stayed in place, teasing her nipple with it's weight. It was just as easy for the intruder to do the same with Cindy's other nipple. It did not cover the whole areola, only most of it.

"See that did not hurt now did it? No need for those tears, Cindy."

Cindy looked down at her own breasts and hated those things.

"No, Cindy, I think you will really like them. . ." and with that, he began to play with the rings, pulling on them gently, twisting them slightly, sending ripple after ripple of pleasure through her and seemingly directly into her womb.

". . .and fear them also."

The man yanked on them hard, the pain stabbing through Cindy like two icy daggers. She screamed through her gag.

He then let them both go.

The girl sobbed in pain, a sound that delighted the intruder.

"Now, let me see what else in this wonderful bag."

Cindy moaned and mewled into her gag, shaking her head wildly.

There was no fanfare this time. Cindy felt something wrap around her neck and she felt sure that she was about to be strangled. But it didn't happen. The stranger just took the wide leather collar and fastened it about her slender neck, taking a heavy padlock and locking the collar shut.

"You look sooooo lovely in that black leather collar, Cindy. A perfect little slave," the intruder smiled, "But wait. . ., there's more!"

The next item the stranger produced was a vibrator, one simular to the one he had used on her in the wee hours of the morning, however, this one had a nub-covered 'branch' that would push against her clitoris. This vibrator also had a ring on the back end of it.

The intruder turned it on and began to caress Cindy's swollen sex with it. Her pussy was nearly bare of hair, only a small patch of brown to announce that she was not a true blonde. The tip of the device hummed around her outer lips, making Cindy squirm more. It was starting to make her horny again, despite knowing she was being 'raped'. Her pleas for him to stop were nothing but little moans.

"You do like this, Cindy, don't you?" the man laughed.

"Uh-uhhhhhh!" his beautiful captive wailed.

"You're lying, dear Cindy, I hate liars," he said as he shoved the dildo deep into her pussy, causing his captive to gasp.

"I really hate liars. . . "

The man then began to slowly twist Cindy's nipple rings, the pain ripping through her, causing her to scream with agony.

"Now, Cindy, dear, darling, you ARE enjoying this, aren't you?"

Cindy sobbed in pain and nodded her head yes, yes.

He released her nipple rings, "See, I knew it. I knew it all along. You are just a little slave slut now aren't you?"

Cindy nodded her head again, crying, drool coming out from around her gag.

"Now we have to get you ready for your friend. Now let us see what else I have in my bag of tricks, shall we.?"

Cindy's nipples ached with a dull pain as she heard him rummaging through his pack. And even in her pain, the hum of the vibrator was working it's magic within her. She could feel the waves of an orgasm building within her like a tidal wave; building and building, slowly, very slowly.

The intruder watched Cindy as she closed her eyes and began to rock upon the vibrator, her hips moving to the carnal beat. The rings on her breasts began to jingle. Her long golden curls were in such disarray around her as to almost hide her face. Her moans were more passion than pain as she continued to thrust her hips.

Cindy felt the stranger reach down and begin to flick and her nipple rings, sending more of the ripples of pleasure into the building cascade. Cindy couldn't believe her body was betraying her like this. This man was torturing her and yet, perhaps as an escape from the reality of what was happening, she was about to be swallowed in the throes of pure bliss. . .

And then it happened. A crushing tidal wave of joy, embracing her and tossing her in it's powerful currents. Cleansing her of the pain. . .

Then Cindy slowly swam back to reality. The guilt and horror of what just happened consumed her and she began to sob deeply.

"There, there, Cindy," the man said, caressing her hair out of her face, "You need not be ashamed. You just showed me what a slut you really are. Now then enough of that. I do need to get you ready."


Taking a length of twine, the stranger began to thread the end through one of the nipple rings, and then the other, looping it back and tying it off. Reaching up, he pulled Cindy forward.

"Stay" he commanded.

He then took the other end and threaded it through the ring in the vibrator, drawing it taught before bringing it back up and tying it to Cindy's collar.

"Now we are going to play a game Cindy and you are going to have to listen carefully. Are you listening carefully, Cindy?"

Cindy nodded her head slightly.

"Good. Now the object of the game is to not pull this wonderful vibrator out of yourself. You can do this by keeping leaned over like this. Easy. Simple, is it not Cindy?"

Cindy nodded again.

"Now the bad part of this game is that IF you should pull this vibrator out of yourself by straightening yourself up, I would HAVE to glue that vibrator within you with that glue I used on your tits. Imagine the pain when I would, after awhile, having to remove that vibrator from you. Eeeeeeee. Causes me to shiver. You wouldn't want me to have to glue that vibrator inside you now, would you?"

Cindy shook her head, crying.

"Good. Now enjoy yourself while I prepare for your friend."

He stepped back and looked at his handiwork. Her arms were still bound in back of her, rope around her elbows and wrists, both cinched tight. Her bent over form covered most of her wonderful features, but also hid her from being seen from the front door. Rachel would see the couch but not it's occupant until she was tightly trussed up and ready to be toyed with as he was toying with Cindy right now. It gave him a warm feeling just knowing what that vibrator was doing within her. . .

He smiled and set to work.

Rachel lived about an hour away, but to Cindy, it seemed like as if she lived on another continent. She could here the intruder fussing about. The clink of chains here, the rustle of something there. Every once in awhile he would poke at Cindy's ribs, startling her and almost causing her to arc up and pull the buzzing vibrator out of herself. As it was, it was hard to concentrate on keeping herself bent over as she was. The humming caress of the vibrator inside her and against her clitoris was almost to much as she fought off her orgasms again and again. To orgasm would surly mean that she would accidentally pull out that devilish dildo out of herself in the throes of passion. The vibrations also traveled up the twine and to her nipples, causing more and more little rips of pleasure. When an orgasm loomed close, all Cindy had to remember is the man's threat and the horrid pain it would cause. However, it was getting harder and harder to fight off the evil pleasure that would, inevitably, engulf her.

"Ah, I see you friend driving up now in that red Beemer of hers. Now, you be quiet, dear Cindy, or there will be alot of pain for you. . . understand?"

Cindy nodded her head, even though she couldn't see the man.

Then she heard the door swing open.

Rachel pulled up behind the white van that proudly proclaiming "Pete's Plumbing: Never Sleep With A Drip Again". Rachel thought it was a little odd that Cindy hadn't mentioned the plumber over the phone, but she sounded really upset. Upset enough to not mention the plumber. As Rachel climbed out of her car, she saw a tallish, dark haired man in gray overalls, making his way over to the van.

"Howdy," he smiled as he opened the side of the van up.

"Hello," Rachel smiled back.

"A gummed-up disposal. Be out of your ladies' hair in a bit. Just finishing up," The man said, grabbing an open tool box, "Just a few things to tie up."

"Okay," Rachel said as the man followed her to the door.

The man really had to admire Rachel. Her long, dark auburn hair fell like a waterfall down her back to her slender waist. Her hips flared nicely, her ass was would be the envy of any centerfold, and her legs were long and lithe. Even though she was wearing a sweatshirt and a tight pair of jeans, he could already picture her luscious curves of her body underneath.

"Cindy," Rachel called out, as she went through the open door.

"I think she is upstairs, miss," the plumber said, shutting the door.

"Thanks," she replied starting up the stairs.

Then Rachel found herself falling on the stairs, her arms being forced in back of her as the man fell on top of her. Hitting the stairs, she had the wind knocked out of her as the man quickly handcuffed Rachel's hands behind her back.

"What the fuc . . . guhhhh!" Rachel started say as the man forced a wad of cloth into her mouth and held it there.

The brunette began to struggle underneath the man as he reached over to his spilled toolbox for the duct tape. Even though Rachel was in fantastic shape, the man pinning her was much larger and stronger. With her arms and hands useless behind her back, it was a one sided fight, bucking and throwing herself around like a fish out of water. It made it difficult to tape her mouth shut, but he managed to do it. Then, grabbing her kicking feet, he wrapped them together with the roll of tape. Now she was his.

The intruder got off of Rachel and watched her struggle in her bindings. She bucked and kicked and lashed around but her bindings held. Her gag all but silenced Rachel to grunts and moans. There was one other thing to do. He reached out and grabbed the leather blindfold and locked it in place over Rachel's furious blue eyes.

"I told you, Rachel, I had a few more things to tie up, didn't I" the man said.

"Uuhhhhhhhh!" Rachel said into her gag angrily.

"Now let's get you to a more comfortable part of the house. We really can't do alot here on the stairs now can we?"

After re-donning his ski mask, the man picked up the still struggling Rachel and dumped her unto the floor in front of Cindy, close enough so that Cindy could raise her eyes to to see her friend, as helpless as she was.

"Cindy, you know Rachel. After I get done, you will really know Rachel alot better. But first, I think we should make her alot more comfortable."

The first thing the man did was to sit on Rachel's ass and begin to tape Rachel's fingers and hands together with the silvery tape, completely enclosing them. Then, taking out that wicked bowie knife of his, he began to cut the seams of Rachel's sweatshirt, being careful not to cut her, though that was made difficult by the brunette's squirmings beneath him. Soon, however, he ripped away the tatters of the shirt.

"A bit more comfortable I think, don't you think so, Rachel?" the man asked, smiling behind his ski mask.

A series of mmmmphs and uuuuughh from Rachel's gagged lips answered his question as he rolled the woman onto her back, exposing her large, dark-nippled breasts to the man.

"I don't know if Bill ever told you this, Rachel, but you have wonderful tits."

Rachel felt him begin to play with her nipples, rolling them and gently pulling at them, beginning them to life. She couldn't believe this was happening to her. Where was Cindy? Who was this plumber? Struggling was useless against him.

Then she felt something cold and hard being pressed onto her nipple, cupping it, adhering to it. Then the same was repeated to the other one. Rachel then felt her nipple being gently pulled by whatever was glued onto them. He twisted them a bit and flicked at them, making sure they were firmly attached.

"Now, let's see about getting you outta those jeans, Rachel," he smiled.

"Uhhh-uhhh," Rachel grunted angrily into her gag, shaking her head.

"Now don't go anywhere, darling. I will be right back."

Rachel continued to struggle in her bonds. Her hands were useless, encased in tape. All she could really do was flop around. No, better to save her energy and wait for the perfect time to escape. Rachel just imagined what was happening to Cindy right now. Most likely, she was tied similarly to how Rachel was now.

She then felt something being set by her.

"Okay, up you go, Mrs. Newark."

Rachel felt herself being picked up and the leaned over what she took to be a chair, the back of it cutting into her stomach. She then felt the man flick at those things glued to her nipples and a slight tug forward. He continued to pull until it started to cause some pain. To relieve the pain, Rachel leaned even further until she was full bent over the kitchen chair. She then felt her bound feet being attached the chair's bottom rungs.

"Now, I really don't want to cut you, Rachel, but if you squirm to much, my knife might slip. So hold still. Understand."

The brunette did not move a muscle.


The man slapped her ass hard, send a sharp pain through her. Rachel jumped and pulled on her tits painfully. Painfully enough to start to cause Rachel to start to cry.

"Answer me, Rachel. Do you understand?"

Rachel nodded her head, crying.

'Good. Now don't move."

Rachel felt the cool, steel blade slip under her waistband and begin to cut through it. Slowly, carefully, the man denuded her. slicing first her jeans away, and then her cotton panties. And then, he started to cut off the tape around her ankles. But her respite from her bondage was brief, for he replaced the tape with some leather cuffs of some kind, locked together with a short chain. Then, to the relief of her pained nipples, he untied them from the front of the chair.

"Now, Mrs. Newark, let's take a better look at you."

Rachel hesitated.

"Now don't be shy, dear Rachel. . ."


A burning pain shot through Rachel as she swatted her ass again.

She slowly eased herself from the back of the chair, straighten up.

"That is a good girl, Rachel. Now turn around so both Cindy and I can take a good look at you."

Rachel flushed with embarrassment as she slowly turned around, her leg cuffs hampering any quick movement. Standing just under 5'7", Rachel was a very attractive woman and could grace any men's magazine. Her skin was the color of bronze, the very likeness of a Greek goddess. Her ample breasts seemed to jut out, begging for attention and were now graced with the same nipple rings that Cindy wore. Rachel's stomach was flat and she had a thick nest of dark curls. Her legs were indeed long, a dancer's legs, the intruder thought to himself.

"Is she not a beautiful sight, Cindy?"

Cindy nodded. All the time the man was cutting off Rachel's clothes, Cindy had been fighting off an orgasm. The feelings of pleasure threatened to engulf her as she rocked her hips upon the phallus. Her looming orgasm seemed to be building and building in strength like a tsunami threatening to crush her at any moment. She began to moan desperately through her gag.

"Is my Cindy ready to get off?"

"Uhhhh-hhuhhhh," the blonde nodded her head.

"I give you my permission to have an orgasm, dear Cindy, right here in front of your friend," he said, then whispered, "And I will not glue that vibrator into you if happen to pull it out."

The stranger then reached down between Cindy's legs and thrust the dildo deeper in side her.

That pushed Cindy over the brink and soon she was in the throes of passion, pleasure washing over in wave after wave and she bucked upon the vibrator and thus tugging upon her sore nipples. . . then she yanked the humming vibrator out as the crest of the orgasm swallowed her.

Rachel could hear her friend's Cindy's moans and realized that Cindy was gagged the same as she was. Cindy's moans were not those of pain, however, they were of a passion that was building and building until they were screams. Rachel could not believe this was happening. . .here she was tied bound and naked and helpless, standing in front of her friend that was in the throes of an orgasm.

Then her moans calmed down.

Cindy drifted back down from her orgasm. The vibrator, slick with her arousal, still buzzed against her stomach.

Rachel could then hear the low sobs of her friend behind her gag.

"Now, now, there Cindy. You shouldn't cry. That was a wonderful orgasm. And your friend here will be having hers in a bit, after I get you rearranged."

The intruder patted Cindy in her vulva, before dipping his finger into her slit and caressing her pleasure swollen lips before leaning forward and whispering into Cindy's ear, "Just enjoy."

The blonde felt his finger caress her swollen clit, his fingertip lightly touching around her, sending new ripples of pleasure running through her body. Cindy both craved and and dreaded the next orgasm. Then his fingers left her as the intruder got up to pay attention to his new captive.

Rachel felt the man beside her, walking around her. She could almost feel his eyes drinking in her curvaceous form, eyeing her with an almost vampire-like lust. It seemed like an eternity, the all of her senses focused on her ears as he circled around her, again and again. Slowly, very slowly, like a jaguar in the depths of a jungle, hunting it's prey. All Rachel could do is stand there and listen to his footsteps and hear his breathing and the quiet moans of her friend.

And then he touched her.

His fingers stroked her auburn hair away from her face and over her shoulder. The intruder then brushed a single fingertip just under Rachel's nose. Immediately Rachels smelled a strong, musky scent. . .

"That is the smell of your captive friend, dear Rachel," he whispered into Rachel's ear.

Despite her groans of displeasure, the intruder began the trace his fingertips all over Rachels' bared skin. They glided over her shoulders, arms, sides, and hips. They stroked her belly and cupped her breasts, through they did not play with her silver rings glues to her nipples. His hand roamed down closer and closer to the soft curls of her nest and Rachel was powerless to do anything to stop them.

Then his fingers began to tickle through curls, very gently. Rachel found herself leaning back into the stranger as he used his fingers as a comb through her dark patch, slowly working his way lower until he came to the slit.

A single finger began to ease itself into her. Despite everything, Rachel was beginning to get aroused by the man's attentions and she knew she was already starting to get wet. His finger slowly caressed her moist slit, running up and down, send little licks of fiery pleasure burning into her womb. She began to rock her hips, trying to get the man's finger to go deeper into her. Her ass ground against the man and she felt his hardness through his overalls.

Then his finger stopped and her let go of her.

Rachel wailed through her gag.

He returned his finger to her, lightly tracing her swollen lips. She tried to move forward, to impale herself onto his digit, but he pulled back. She took a step forward, as much as her ankle cuffs would allow and he eased his finger into her, but only for a moment before withdrawing again.

He teased Rachel forward, guiding her through her lust toward the couch that held his other captive. After what seemed like an eternity, Rachel now stood directly in front of Cindy.

"Kneel," he told Rachel.

Rachel felt him press down on her shoulders, pushing her to kneel. It was difficult, being bound as she was, but she did it. She sensed that Cindy was right in front of her, though she couldn't tell how her friend was tied-up.

Cindy looked into the blindfolded and gagged face of her friend Rachel as she knelt before her. She wished she could say that she was sorry and explain why she had let Rachel into this trap. The man's threats and the knife were to much for her. She then looked up at the stranger as he grabbed a length of fine chain.

"Now you two are going to get to know each other much better now," he grinned.

Cindy recognized the long canine choker as he displayed it before her. He then wrapped it around her waist, then metal cold against her belly, and threaded the one end through the large ring in the other end and drew it tight. The man the took the loose end and tucked it in back of Cindy's ass. The intruder then reached between the blondes' legs and pulled the loose chain through. He then threaded the loose end into her slit and drew the chain the chain circling her waist, making a crupper out of the arrangement. The links rubbed against Cindy's clit, again send little waves of bliss through her.

The intruder began to rummage through his bag again, producing a wide, leather collar with several chrome rings on it.

Rachel felt the collar being fastened around her neck and heard the click of the padlock locking the collar in place. He then gently pushed Rachel forward until she felt her breasts against the rough material of the couch. Rachel could now smell Cindy's arousal. It seemed to fill the air as she heard the rattle of a chain and the click of another padlock as it was fastened to Rachel's collar.

Rachel was now chained to Cindy's crupper. If the brunette pulled back her head, the chain would rub through Cindy's tender slit and over her clit. Both women were finding this out as they adjusted to their new predicament.

Rachel then felt the intruder unlocking her ankle cuffs, at least the chain that was binding them together. He pulled at her ankle, trying to force her to open her legs while she was kneeling. She fought as much as she could, but positioned as she was, the brunette couldn't stop the man from spreading her legs out and attaching a pole between her ankles. This forced her legs open, her sex displayed to the intruder's lascivious eyes.

Gently, the man began to caress Rachel's pussy. First, brushing at her outer lips. Then, sliding up and down her slit and tickling at her now-swollen button. Soon, she was rocking her hips and moaning loudly through her gag, trying to impale herself upon his digits.

"That's it, Mrs. Newark, just enjoy. Don't fight it. This is going to be a very looooong indenture if you continue to fight me."

Rachel shook her head.

"I know it is hard to accept, but your hungry little pussy is telling me how much you want this. . ." he said, tickling her clit and send a flame of pleasure burning through her.

Then his fingers left her.

Rachel heard some fumbling around in front of her as the intruder took the vibrator off of the string tied to Cindy's nipple rings and began to rub it against Rachel's now puffy lips. The hum of the phallus sent her passion roaring. As he eased it within her, she rocked her hips back to receive it. Like Cindy, Rachel's body was betraying her. Once the vibrator was fully inside her, the intruder playfully slapped Rachel's ass.

"Time to get things ready upstairs, ladies. Don't go away. I am sure you two have a lot to talk about while I'm gone."

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Re: Wrathe
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Great start.I think there will be so many nice ways to play with sweet daw.... ahm Cindy and Rachel  >:D ;D

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Re: Wrathe
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Why do I get the feeling old hubby or his boss is playing with both of them? Great beginning Dawn, i don't see you as Rachel so I'll take it your Cindy in this one! ;)

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The vibrator hummed within Rachel as she leaned forward, her hands taped behind her back. She could smell her friend Cindy's arousal; Rachel's nose was mere inches from her friends' pussy. Rachel could feel Cindy grind her hips against the chain that held Rachel down. Even blindfolded, Rachel knew that the chain that ran from her collared neck was somehow lasciviously connected to her blonde friend's slit.

"Now, Mrs. Newark," her captor whispered into her ear, "don't let that little toy fall out while you are enjoying yourself. If you do, there will be alot of pain for both you and Cindy here. Understand?"

Rachel nodded her head.

"Now as for you, dear Cindy. . ." the masked man continued as he walked behind the couch and rustled in his bag, ". . .I can't keep this mask on all day, so you are just going to have to be blindfolded again, my lovely."

Cindy shook her head but she knew that the blindfold would go on anyway. She was helpless to stop him, with her hands bound behind her back and her ankles tied wide apart to the couch's front legs. With little effort, the intruder strapped a leather blindfold over Cindy's blue eyes and buckled it tightly into place.

"There now. . .much better. Now I will get on with this weekend's activities, ladies. Don't go away."

The man took off the ski mask. He was glad to be rid of it. The mask tended to be itchy and hot. Besides, people would wonder why the plumber was wearing a ski mask when he went out to the van for things.

Outside, the morning chill still lingered in the shadows. The day was young and the stranger had so many things he wanted to do. A weekend was not enough time for those two in there. They deserved more quality time together to learn about their sexuality . . .even if it was forced.

From inside the van, the stranger took out a large chest. It was nearly empty save for a few items that he could not fit into his black nylon bag or his toolbox. It would be filled, however, and soon, as well as the other large chest he had still in the van. In the meantime, he had more than enough 'tools' to keep the girls tied up and entertained for a while in a wide variety of ways.

The stranger whistled as he came back and shut the door. The chest wasn't heavy, per se, but it was bulky and he had a bit of trouble carting it upstairs. Once at the top of the stairs, he went directly into the blonde's bedroom.

Cindy's bedroom was perfect for what he wanted. In the center was a huge old Victorian brass bed complete with canopy. The sheets were still in disarray from last night's struggles and he had yet to use all of the bed's assets. He dropped the chest down and decided he had better check on his girls to make sure they were behaving before getting stuff ready for their next adventure.

He paused half way down the stairs to enjoy the view. He could see the brunette kneeling, her head in the blonde's lap. Both were struggling but their struggles were not as violent as before. The intruder could imagine that Cindy was exhausted from her efforts and he knew Rachel was trying her damnedest to not have that vibrator slip from her grip.

All of Rachel's concentration was upon her pussy and keeping the vibrator within her. She could feel it slowly slipping out because of its incessant humming and the juices of her shameful arousal. If she gripped it too hard, she would squeeze it out of herself. If she let lose too much, the vibrator would just slip right out of her. She never had to keep control over her intimate muscles like this before and it was one of the most difficult things she had ever been asked to do. What was worse was she felt an orgasm slowly building within her, lurking like a demon amongst the little licks of pleasure the vibrator was sending deep into her soul. If she were to give into it and let it engulf her, she would indeed lose the vibrator and gain whatever punishments and pains the rapist had in mind.

The intruder came down the rest of the stairs.

"How are you doing, Mrs. Newark?" he smiled, "I can see your little friend is slipping out of you a bit, huh?"

Rachel's tears were all the answer the intruder got.

"I will ask you one more time, Mrs. Newark and I expect an answer. If I do no get one, I will make you feel such pain that you will wish that you were dead. Do you understand, Mrs. Newark?"

"Uuuhhh-hhhuhhh," Rachel nodded her head.

"Okay, is your vibrator slipping out of you?" he asked.

Rachel moaned into her gag and nodded her head, her long, auburn curls covering her reddened, tear-streaked face.

Rachel felt the intruder gently ease the vibrator back up inside her all the way, it's vibrating nub solidly against her now-swollen clit. She fought down the pyretic bliss that was raging and threatening to engulf her, letting out a low, deep moan like that of a wounded animal.

"Are you about to cum, Mrs. Newark?" the intruder asked

Rachel paused for a second. To answer yes would humiliate the very center of her being. However, to lie would mean that she would suffer physical pain.

A searing pain ripped through Rachel as the intruder reached beneath her and twisted both nipple rings hard. She screamed through her gag and nearly lost the vibrator she so desperately keeping within her.

"Answer me!" he yelled at her.

The brunette wailed into gag and nodded her head violently.

"Now, my dear Rachel, darling, that wasn't so bad, now was it?" he whispered, pulling back her tresses and kissing her on the cheek, "And since you told me the truth, I am going to give you a treat."

Rachel felt the vibrator being thrust in and out of her and she felt her body respond in kind, rocking her hips back onto the buzzing dildo. The pain caused by his twisting her nipples became a dull, almost erotic throb.

"You want to come, Rachel, both of us know it," he whispered.

No. She did not want to come in front of this man even though her body desired it's passionate release.

"Come," the intruder said softly, wiping off a tear below her eye.

Rachel could not hold off her demon any longer and his white-hot flames of ecstasy engulfed her entire soul in a whirlwind of pure pleasure. She thrashed in her bonds, impaling herself upon the vibrator over and over and over again until it felt as if every last fiber of her being was spent and she collapsed forward onto the couch between Cindy's splayed legs.

"I knew you were a slut, Rachel," he said, still holding the buzzing vibrator within her, "and in a few moments, you can prove it again to me. However, I must get a few things done upstairs."

Rachel felt him let go of the humming dildo.

"I must warn you, dear Rachel, that the game is still on. If you let the vibrator drop, you lose."

Rachel then heard him laugh as he went back outside. She felt her face turn red with shame and her sobs were dry and tearless. She was only vaguely aware of Cindy and her writhing movements.

The chain that ran through Cindy's sex was as bad as the vibrator, if not worse. The fine, smooth links rubbed up and down her already moist slit and worked it's magic upon her clit. It was already sensitive from her earlier orgasm and the links that rubbed and pressed against it with every move that Rachel made enflamed it even more, sending little sparks like lightening directly into her womb.

However, the tugs from Rachel's chain were sporadic and had no rhythm; nothing constant for her to relieve her building sexual escape. The blonde could rock her hips a bit and the canine choker chain would tighten a bit, but that would change as Rachel shifted and bucked with her own orgasm. In a way, Cindy was glad the intruder was focusing on Rachel. She did not want her own pending orgasm to be the focus of his attention.

Rachel's head was now resting between Cindy's legs and the brunette's hair was tickling the inside of Cindy's thighs. Cindy shifted a bit and her fingers brushed against the chain running around her waist and down between her buttocks. She hooked it with a couple of her fingers and managed to grab a hold of it. The chain crupper tightened, sending more lightning bolts of pleasure flashing through her.

God, she needed to come, Cindy thought to herself as she moaned through her gag.

When Cindy pulled on the chain, it pulled Rachel closer between her friend's legs. I took the brunette by surprise and she almost lost her humming vibrator. Her head now rested on her friend's belly and she could feel Cindy's hips moving rhythmically and hear her whines of need. Rachel tried to pull back, but this only caused Cindy to arch her back and moan deeply.

Rachel fought to keep the vibrator inside her. She did not want to think of what the man would do to her if she lost it. It was harder now after her orgasm. With Cindy fighting with her chain and the sweetish incense of Cindy's arousal completely filling Rachel's nose, it was getting harder to concentrate on the task at hand.

Rachel pulled back again and again Cindy moaned with pleasure. Then Cindy pulled the brunette forward a bit. It had become a lascivious tug-of-war between the two women.

Somehow, Rachel had sensed her need, Cindy thought. The tugging upon the chain fell into a rhythm that caused waves of pleasure to rush through Cindy, churning higher and higher. She could feel another orgasm looming just ahead, threatening to drown her in pure ecstasy.

A searing pain ripped through Cindy's tits as the stranger twisted them hard.

"WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO CUM!" he spat in her face, holding the twisted nipple rings hard.

Cindy wailed into her gag as the pain tore through her, tears gushing down her cheeks.

The stranger let go of the rings.

"I did not give you permission to cum, did I, bitch?"

Cindy continued to cry into her gag, bending over the kneeling Rachel.

The intruder grabbed a handful of the blonde's hair and pulled back so he was looking into her blindfolded eyes.


The stranger then let go of her hair.

"Did I give you permission to cum, bitch?" he asked again.

Cindy shook her head no, her sobs racking her entire body. Then she felt the stranger pet her long, blonde curls.

"There, there, my sweet Cindy. You see, answering a question doesn't NEED to be full of pain, does it?"

Cindy almost missed the question. She nodded her head quickly in agreement, not wanting to feel the twist of the rings again. However, she was still sobbing from the cruel torment that the stranger had just inflicted upon her and the pain still throbbed in her nipples.

"Now I want you both to know that you cannot do anything without my permission. I own you now and for the rest of the weekend and maybe even longer. That depends on if you please me or not. Do you girls understand?"

Both girls nodded.

"Good. Now I am going to change your bindings a bit. If you struggle against me, you will be punished. If you scream when I take out your gag, I will force it back in and you will be punished. I do not mind your whines and moans, however. They please me greatly. Do you understand?"

Again, both of the bound girls nodded.

"Good. That is the way I like my women," he said, patting Cindy on her head.

The first thing that the stranger did was to unlock the chain from Rachel's collar. However, her relief was brief. The intruder pulled her from kneeling in front of the couch to laying face first at the sofa's foot. The plumber then pulled Rachel's spreader bar up and lashed it to her wrist, forcing Rachel into a hogtie. The brunette tried to roll over on her side to relieve the cutting pressure the rings had on her breasts as she lay on them, but she found it was harder than she thought because of the bar spreading her ankles apart.

The intruder gave Rachel's ass a playful slap, "Remember, Mrs. Newark, keep you humming little friend in or there may be trouble with a big capital T."

Rachel moaned in response as she continued to try to get some sort of comfort for her breasts from the rings. No matter how she tried to position herself, the rings glued to her nipples continued to dig into her.

The intruder then turned to his blonde captive, "Now, Miss Cotrell, it is time for us to change you around a bit. You understand, of course, it will be very painful for you and Mrs. Newark here if you resist."

Cindy almost missed the question. She nodded.

"Okay then, let's get you ready for a little ride upstairs to that wonderful bed of yours."

The blonde felt her left ankle being unbound from the sofa leg. There was a slight spasm in her inner thigh as she moved her leg a bit. Even though it was free of its bond, her leg felt very weak and she doubted if she were to kick her captor that it would cause him any hurt at all.

Cindy's right ankle became free and she moved her legs together, more for comfort than as an action of denial. The insides of her thighs were sore from the hours of being stretched wide upon the couch. She felt something wrap around her one ankle and buckled tight. Her other ankle received the same treatment. She imagined that they were leather cuffs like those worn by her friend Rachel. She moved her feet a bit and heard the jingle of chain as she shifted around a bit to find out how far apart she could bring her feet. The blonde figured the chain was about a foot in length.

"Okay, Soon-to-be-Miss Cotrell," the stranger spoke, "Let's get you down beside your friend here."

The blonde was too tired to protest as the stranger hooked something around her collar and gave her a tug. Blindfolded and bound, it was very hard for Cindy to maintain her balance as he led her a short way around her bound and struggling friend. With a not-to-gentle shove, the intruder pushed Cindy to the floor and then unto her stomach.

The cups of the nipple rings bit into Cindy's already sore breast and she cried out in pain. The stranger smiled. He enjoyed the sound of Cindy's whimpers. She had a light, airy voice, and her moans through her gag made his cock very stiff. It took all of his will power not to fuck her last night as she lay squirming next to him. But he had a plan and he needed to stick with it. He would have plenty of time to fuck them both.

The last thing the stranger did was to lock the short chain between Cindy's ankles to her roped wrists, putting her into an uncomfortable hogtie, just as her brunette friend was.

The stranger stood back and watched the two ladies struggle in their restraints. They were both delicious to listen to and watch as they moaned and tried to get some relief to their bondage. The vibrator in Rachel was also doing its job as he could see her fighting to keep the buzzing intruder within her.

Rachel never really came down from her orgasm. After it crested, it broiled down to a slow simmer feed by the vibrator she had to keep within her. The discomfort to her breasts and fear kept her feelings below in check, but she didn't know how long she could keep it that way.

Then she felt him doing something to her right ankle. The bar holding her legs apart came loose. The man also took the bar off of her other ankle. It was a brief respite, however, for he looped a length of chain around her wrists and fastened each end to her ankle cuffs, putting her into a hogtie again. At least it was a bit more comfortable for Rachel and she could move a bit more freely.

There was one last thing to do with Cindy before the games could begin. The stranger pulled another vibrator from his bag. It was similar to the one humming inside of the brunette, but this one pulsed irregularly. It would buzz on high for a while, then shut off, and then buzz again on low for a few seconds. He smiled at what he thought it would do to Cindy.

"Okay, Cindy, I want you to listen carefully," he said, "You do not want to be a bad girl now, do you?"

"Uuhhhh-uhhhhhhhh," Cindy moaned, shaking her head.

"That is good. I want you to spread your legs as wide as you can so I can see that lovely little pussy of yours."

The blonde hesitated for a moment, but remembered the pain that the stranger promised and had actually inflicted upon her. She slowly open up her legs as wide as her bindings would allow her to.

"Good girl," he grinned, "Now lift your ass up. Show me how cute it is."

Cindy began to sob a bit into her gag as she raised herself to him. Her ass was a wonderful sight. Nicely rounded and he could see her puffed lips of her pussy peeking out underneath. She jerked a bit to his touch as he lightly caressed her butt and let a finger or two play a bit with her slit.

He eased the vibrator into her. Currently it was buzzing on a low pulse. It slid into her easily, though he could tell she was fighting it a bit. When it was finally as deep as it could go, he let go of it.

"Cindy," he said softly, "You do not want to lose your buzzing friend here. If you do, you will be punished severely as well as having the vibrator glued inside of you. Do you understand, my little captive?"

Cindy nodded her head.

"Good Girl," he said a he patted the blonde on her head.

The stranger stood up and looked at both women. Both were struggling, however, it was more to get comfortable than anything else. They were getting used to their bonds and that was a good thing.

"I am getting hungry, ladies, how about you?"

Cindy nodded; she hadn't had anything to eat since her salad last night for dinner. Rachel shook her head no. The stranger suspected that she had eaten just before coming over here.

"Well, Rachel, since both Cindy and I ARE hungry and it would be impolite to not invite you, you will be joining us for lunch. I hope Cindy was thoughtful enough to stock the refrigerator."

The Stranger walked around the two captives as best he could, enjoying the small mewls they were making through their gags.

"So, my dear ladies, since I am in no shape to carry you into the kitchen, you are going to have to crawl there yourselves bound just the way you are. Our little game with the vibrators still applies and as an added incentive, the first one into the kitchen will NOT be whipped."

"And if you think that you will just stay here and not do a thing, I have in my magical bag of tricks a wonderful cattle prod whose sting will be very painful. I will use it if I sense you are not making any progress. Do you understand?"

Both girls nodded.

"Then, my dears, let the games begin!"


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Oh yes.... oh yes oh yes oh yesssssss....

Game on indeed!

Also, Superglue? What a delightful idea. : :sign_muahahaha:

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Oh I can't wait to read the next chapter to see how the girls will be made to play!

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Chapter 3

The stranger's words kept echoing in Cindy's ears. Word's such as 'cattle-prod' and 'whip'. Already her nipples were sore from this stranger's torment and she could more than imagine the amount of pain this man could inflict. Cindy did not want to find out any more than she already had. With some effort, the bound blonde slowly began to inch her way across the living room carpet hogtied and whimpering in tears.

Cindy could feel her friend Rachel beside her, struggling toward the kitchen as well. She loved her friend Rachel, but not enough to endure the stranger's promised whipping if she, Cindy, would arrive in the kitchen last. It took all of her concentration to do this. Cindy was tired and hungry and the evil vibrator that the stranger had inserted into her hummed at various speeds and not at set intervals. The young blonde fought to hold it within her while she humped forward.

In her mind, she could picture Rachel and herself, both nude and bound, struggling on the living room floor at the feet of this vicious stranger. She could see the twisted smile on the strangers' face and his hungry eyes raping her bound body again and again. . .

The vibrator clicked on again, this time at full tilt. Cindy still had an orgasm lingering within her, the one the stranger had stopped so cruelly. The buzzing dildo prodded at it, forcing Cindy's pleasure to rise again. She moaned into her gag and stopped her forward struggles so that she could focus all of her soul on not cumming.

The vibrator continued to hum, sending a rush of pleasure churning through her like a wild river. Her hips bucked as much as they could within her bindings and the orgasm she did not want to have started to roil within her. Her whimpers became moans as the bliss began to crest and crash through her.

Then the vibrator stopped.

Cindy wailed into her gag. She was so close to her mental escape yet this evil thing within her seemed to know just when to stop its ministrations. The blonde knew her moans of frustration were loud but she was felt like she was a woman possessed, lacking control of her overtly taxed libido. The moans of her friend, Rachel, were much more subdued.


The blonde screamed into her gag as she felt the sting of a crop upon her ass.

"Now Miss Cotrell, I still haven't given you permission to cum now, have I?"

Cindy shook her head. Drool was running down over her lips and onto the carpet below her.

"I know how both of you would love to cum right now so I am giving both of you permission to cum anytime during this race, if this is okay with you two?"

Cindy nodded but Rachel did not catch the question. She was still concentrating on not losing the vibrator that was humming between her legs.


Rachel wailed into her gag at the snap of the crop on her behind.

"When I ask you a question, Mrs. Newark, I expect an answer," the stranger said evenly, "Do you understand or am I going to have to teach you a much larger lesson?"

Rachel shook her head, tears of pain running down her cheeks.

"You don't understand?" her tormentor asked, smiling.

The brunette shook her head again.

"So you are going to need a refresher course in how to respond, Mrs. Newark?"

Rachel was shook her head for the third time, her mind wheeling from the strangers questions and trying to answer him correctly. She did not want to be whipped with that cruel thing again. Her ass was still throbbing from the sting. There was so many things that Rachel had to focus on that she broke into sobs as she fought to keep the humming vibrator within her.

"You don't need to cry, my beautiful Rachel," the stranger said softly, "You just have to answer when I ask you question. If you answer, than I won't have to use this. . ."

Rachel felt the tip of the crop run along her side lightly.

"Do you understand, Mrs. Newark?"

Rachel nodded.

"Now, back to the original question, my sweet, sweet, Rachel. DO you want to cum? Be honest."

Slowly, the bound brunette nodded her head yes. It tore out her soul to admit it and it caused another round of tears.

"Well, Rachel, I give you permission to cum anytime during our little game. Of course, you may lose your little friend that is humming your song, my sweet, but that is a risk you will have to take. Now. Your friend Cindy has been wriggling away during our little chat, so if you don't want feel this riding crop anytime soon, you better get cracking and beat her to the kitchen."

Rachel renewed her struggles toward the kitchen, mostly out of fear of the white-hot bite of the crop. If there was anything good about the pain was it diminished her desire to orgasm. There was still the pleasure boiling within her but it was now in the background. She concentrated on humping forward and keeping the vibrator within her sex.

The thick pile of Cindy's carpet abraded Rachel's skin as she scooted forward. She was sure that this man loved the sight of her, bound and helpless, writhing around at his feet. She imagined him staring at her nicely rounded ass, one of her best features, she thought. The way she was humping towards the kitchen, she could just feel his heated stares. She was sure it was just a matter of time before this man raped her. She tried not to dwell on that too much, however. She forced herself to focus on the present and to the task at hand: to avoid getting whipped.

The dark-haired captive could also hear her companion moaning as well, but it was not from pain. Cindy's moans were getting shorter in length and much more rapid. Cindy could feel another orgasm looming inside of her like a huge tidal wave about to crash and engulf her. The vibrator had leapt into high gear as the stranger was lecturing Rachel. She didn't have the fear of being painfully punished for her orgasmic release now; she just wished it would come.

The hogtied blonde struggled and writhed on the floor, humping her hips and chuffing into her gag. She could feel the bliss building and building as the vibrator buzzed inside of her. . .

Then it stopped.

Cindy floundered in her bonds in frustration and wailed into her gag. The blonde was sure that the stranger thought she looked like she was having a seizure. Her passions were boiling up and controlling her and there was little that Cindy could do now but blissfully ride them out.

A low, animalistic moan came out of Cindy's throat when the vibrator buzzed to life again. She humped the best she could on the carpeted floor, feeling nothing but the pure pleasure rushing through her and building faster and faster into a frothing whirlpool of ecstasy.

"You came, Cindy," the stranger said, "And what a show it was, too."

The man's words ran like ice water through Cindy, making her realize just how much she had just shown about herself to this monster.

"No need to cry, Miss Cotrell," he said, kneeling down and brushing his fingers through her hair, "It was a wonderful thing that you did. Did you not enjoy your orgasm?"

Crying, Cindy nodded yes. She had never had such a strong orgasm as the one that just gripped her. The very power of it weakened her to the point that she could no longer move. She had managed to keep the humming dildo within her, but barely. The dildo's vibrations were a comfort to her even during this horrifying humiliation.

The stranger continued to stroke her hair, "Now, Cindy, you really do need to get moving along. I think that your friend is going to win."

The fact was, Rachel had worked her way to the kitchen entrance. She had found that rolling onto her back a scooting herself along was much faster. It also provided the man a wonderful view of her tanned body. Unlike Cindy, Rachel had large breasts the jiggled with every little movement. Later, the man thought, he would take the metal cups off of her breasts and have fun with the dark nipples that lay beneath. Rachel had a nice, flat stomach; A product of her weekly gym workouts. She also had a nice dark patch of curls that she kept neatly trimmed. Again he thought about the coming week and the fun he would have breaking these two. His client would be a very happy man indeed.

Rachel finally felt the cool of the kitchen tile and a wave of relief swept over her. Still, she wanted to make sure that she was all the way into the kitchen. Wriggling and bucking, she finally squirmed her way over the floor until she felt the wooden leg of the kitchen table graze her shoulder. She had made it. That brief wave of relief began to swirl within her, mixing with the ministrations of her vibrator, causing a whorl of pleasure to course through her.

"You can cum too, my Mrs. Newark," the stranger said as she heard his footsteps coming toward her, "It is allowed."

As much as she thirsted for the release an orgasm would bring, she knew how much it would tear open her soul.

The brunette felt the strangers' fingertips starting to brush over her skin with a tenderness that surprised her. It was a lovers touch, not one of a rapist. They caressed over her hips and across the flat of her stomach and gently tugged and the metal cups that were sealed to her nipples. It was if his fingers were lightening rods sending little jolts of pleasure bolting through her.

The stranger's touch was a skilled touch as he continued to brush here and stroke there until the furnaces of pleasure were white hot and ready to explode within Rachel. The more she tried not to cum the more her orgasm seemed to build inside her until everything erupted into a huge white ball of ecstasy.

"There, there, my dear Rachel," the stranger said, "That wasn't so bad now, was it?"

Rachel barely nodded her head as she cried from both the sheer magnitude of her orgasm and the magnitude of her shame.

"Now I have to pay attention to the loser of this game," the man smiled, "but I will be back with you shortly, Mrs. Newark. I want to spend a lot more quality time with you."

Cindy Cotrell had not stopped sobbing since he last left her lying bound and helpless near the kitchen's entrance. The orgasm spent what last dregs of energy she had left so all that was left to do is to lay on the carpet and wait for the sting of the strangers whip.

"My dear Cindy," the man said, "Everything has a price and the price of that wonderful orgasm you had was that you lost to your lovely friend. Do you understand what that means Cindy?"

Cindy nodded her head, crying.

"You know this is going to hurt me more than it is going to hurt you," the stranger quipped, "My money was on you. If I were a betting man I would have lost big time."

The young blonde felt the stranger's arms under her as he picked her up and carried her the short distance to the kitchen and placed her beside Rachel. It was Cindy's fault that her friend was here like this. Cindy knew deep inside that she deserved whatever pains this man was going to inflict on her.

To Cindy's surprise, she felt the cuff around her ankle loosen and the stranger disconnected the tie between her wrists and ankles before locking the cuff back onto her ankle. Then she felt his warm hand gently trace a line along the back of her leg before giving her a quick slap one her ass.

"Okay, my Cindy, lift your ass up."

The girl was unsure what he meant, but she began to arch he butt up in the air.

"Good. Spread your knees apart as far as you can, Cindy."

Again, the blonde did as she was told. Most of her tears had dried and were replaced by the fear of the pain to come. She knew her swollen sex was exposed to the man right now as the vibrator weakly buzzed, it's batteries as spent as she was.

His hands caressed Cindy's buttocks, enjoying the wonderful firmness of them. His thumbs brushed up and down her swollen lips lightly before pressing the vibrator deeper within her. He felt her shudder.

The stranger had selected a soft leather flogger made of deerskin. It was soft to the touch and it really would not hurt much. The pain would be mainly in the mind of his slave in training.


Cindy wailed into her gag at the first bite of the flogger, it's leather tendrils splaying across her ass. She nearly fell over but she steadied herself for the next strike.


The second one wasn't nearly as bad as the first, but it still stung a bit. Cindy lost count after the tenth hit and the pain now became more of a dull erotic throb. The vibrator was no longer cutting in and out. Its buzz was constant though a mere whisper of its former strength. A slight shudder of pleasure ran through her, unbidden and unexpected.


The blonde yelped as the flogger stung her sex, the pain dulling any carnal delights she was having.

"There now, Miss Cotrell," the stranger spoke, "It is all over now. Time for some lunch."

Chapter 4

The intruder looked down at his two bound lovelies and grinned. This weekend was going to be better than he had anticipated, but it was going to take a few more days to get the women ready for his client. After the girls had their lunch, he was going to have to call his client and let him know what was going on and what few changes might have to be made to their plans.

The women bound in front of him were indeed a sight to behold. The blonde, Cindy, had her wrists and elbows tied behind her back and her slender ankles cuffed. A wide, black leather collar encircled her throat and the rings glued onto her nipples were still in place. She continued to whimper into her gag as the weakening vibrator still hummed within her sex. She rocked her hips a bit, but the intruder knew that the woman was exhausted and spent from her orgasm.

Rachel, the tall and tanned brunette, was still struggling against her bonds. She too had had a wonderful orgasm while hogtied, but it had not weakened her as much as it had her friend. However, the struggles were meager and he guessed that another cum was just around the corner.

"Okay girls, it's time for me to play chef, so I am going to have to make sure you two are safe and sound while I get things ready."

Cindy felt the stranger helped her up into a kneeling position. The combination of the pain and pleasure that whirled through her just moments ago had zapped any energy she had. She felt like a soggy puppet. The stranger reattached the binding between her wrists and ankles as she knelt.

"Okay, my lovely Cindy, I need you to open your knees again," the stranger whispered into her ear.

Weakly, the captive blonde did so almost robotically. She felt the strangers fingers caress around her sex slicked lips, sending more ripples of pleasure through her before not-so-gently pulling the humming vibrator out.

"Smell that," the man said to Cindy as he waved the vibrator under her nose, "That's you, Miss Cottrell! That tells me you are enjoying this. Are you enjoying this, Miss Cottrell?"

The blindfolded blonde nodded her head weakly.

Cindy screamed into her gag as the stranger twisted the ring glued to her nipple hard.

"I didn't hear you Miss Cottrell. Are you enjoying this?"

"Uhhh-huuuh," Cindy shouted into her gag, nodding her head violently.

"I thought you would say that," the man smiled, releasing her nipple, "Your pussy doesn't tell lies, my dear Cindy, so I am glad you didn't either. Now stay put just the way you are while I take care of your guest Rachel."

Rachel felt the stranger over her and she could feel his eyes almost dissecting her as she laid there.

"Now, my beautiful Mrs. Newark, you should know by now your bindings are too strong for you to escape from, come here you. . ."

The intruder lifted the brunette up to her knees and placed in front of her friend, Cindy. Rachel felt his warm hand reach between her legs and caress her pleasure-swollen lips slick with her arousal.

"You are about to cum again, I think, Mrs. Newark," the stranger growled in her ear, "I can feel it in your warm skin as I touch you. . ."

The bound brunette felt his hand lightly caressing her bare skin; over her bare shoulders, down her sides and over the flat of her stomach. Her body responded by arching back towards him, mewling through her gag.

"Do you want to cum, Rachel?"

Rachel moaned and nodded her head. She indeed wanted to cum, to let her passion cocoon her away from what was happening to her. The fire had never really subsided much within her and now she felt it beginning to flare inside her furnace again.

The man grasped the vibrator and began to thrust it into her, slowly but forcibly. It was still humming and Rachel thrust herself back upon it. Faster and faster he fucked her with it as she felt the erotic fires starting to explode inside of her.

The he pulled it out of her.

"You cum when I command you to cum, Mrs. Newark, and you are not allowed to right now. Later, maybe, if you are a good little girl. But for now, that will have to wait on other things."

Rachel moaned her frustration as she felt herself being manhandled to just in front of Cindy. She could feel the heat of her skin as he forced the two bound women together, the metal rings glued to their nipples clinking together. Rachel could feel Cindy's breathing and quiet tears and for a moment felt sorry for her.

"Stay there while I get a few things, ladies. Don't move or I will be forced to do things I don't really want to do."

The brunette didn't move. Her strength had been zapped from the race to the kitchen and her other struggles. What Rachel really feared is what was going to become of them after the plumber had his way with them. With both her and Cindy bound like they were, he could rape them all he wanted to and there wasn't a thing that they could do about it.

"Good girl," the stranger patted Rachel on the head.

The man had gotten four lengths of fine chain, the type used for leashes and such. Each had clips and rings on both ends. He carefully clipped one of the ends of each chain to each of the bound women's nipple rings, tugging on it to make sure it would hold. Taking a hold of Cindy's two chains, he eased the ends between Rachel's legs and between the cheeks of her ass, pulling it tightly so the two lengths rested between Rachel's swollen pussy lips. Keeping them taut, the man then pulled the chains up Rachel's back and attached clipped them to her leather collar, forcing the brunette against her friend. The man repeated the process with Cindy. If one moved, the chain would rub within their sex as well as pull on each of their nipples.

"There. I think I can leave you two alone while I fix us some grub."

Just looking at the two, he wished he could fuck them both, but that was not in the contract. He could try to get away with it, but the people he was doing this for were intolerant at best and he could find himself in a whole world of hurt. No, better to carry the contract out and get paid; cherish the memories of what could have been.

Rachel pulled at her bonds a bit, quickly figuring out what was done to them as Cindy moaned into her gag. Rachel's orgasm still lurked inside of her, undiminished by the removal of the vibe. He sex was still sensitive and every link seemed to roughly stoke her embers. Rocking her hips a bit, she could feel the passion flaring again and she could tell by Cindy's movements and sighs, that the same was happening to her as well.

'Cum when I command you to cum.' The man's words continued to echo through Rachel even as she struggled to do just that. She was so close yet fear of what might happen to her kept her forcing it down inside her.

Cindy's movements, however, were getting stronger, pulling on Rachel's pleasure-ached nipples. Her hips pressed against Rachel's as Cindy's moans became more staccato.


Cindy screamed in pain into her gag as the stranger whipped a leather flogger across her ass.

"Bad Girl, Miss Cottrell!"

Cindy cried as Rachel heard the flogger lash out again.

"No cumming until I tell you to, Miss Cottrell. How much more plainly can I tell you. Your friend Mrs. Newark knows how to pay attention why can't you?"

Cindy only whimpered.

"Did you not understand me, Miss Cottrell?"

Cindy nodded her head.

"Yet you disobeyed me. I am VERY disappointed in you, young lady. I am going to have to punish you somehow, later. If you made me burn your lunch, it will be VERY painful for you. Now, DO NOT CUM! I need to get back to cooking. Do you understand, Miss Cottrell?"

Cindy whined and nodded her head again.

Rachel tried not to move much. She could feel Cindy's sobs and well as the warm tears dripping onto Rachel's breast. She did not want to be on the receiving end of whatever Cindy had whip her. But with each panting sob, the chain links rubbed between Rachel's legs, teasing her orgasm to come out and play. It took all her will to fight it down.

'Lunch is served, ladies," the man declared.

The bound brunette felt the chains being unfastened and pulled away from her, piled to the side for now. She felt something clip to her collar and then tugged at. Rachel tried to shuffle behind as best she could on her knees until he stopped her. A moment passed and she could hear the stranger do the same with Cindy.

"I am going to un-gag you one at a time, ladies, so you can eat. One noise out of each of you, the gag goes back in and you will not have an opportunity to eat for the day. Do you understand?"

Both Rachel and Cindy nodded.

"Good. Since Mrs. Newark has been such a good girl, she will eat first."

The stranger pulled the tape from her lips in a quick, ripping pain.

"Lean forward, Mrs. Newark."

The brunette did as she was told until she could smell something good in front of her. The stranger had set a bowl down in front of her and now expected her to eat it as if she were a dog.

"Eat or go hungry, Rachel," the stranger said, "I could care less."

Tentatively, the bound woman took a bite. The man had prepared a warm chicken salad with chopped walnuts and apples and, to her amazement, quite good. Rachel nibbled at her plate, swallowing little bits at a time and gaining solace from respite from being dominated.

"Lick it clean," the man said simply.

Rachel did the best she could, the plate scooting across the floor a bit. Finally, she felt a tug at her collar and she bent back up.

"Open wide," the man said.

The brunette did not want to open wide, but she did so knowing that there was pain if she didn't. A wide ball was stuffed between her lips behind her teeth. She could hear the ripping of tape as the strapped several strips over her lips again, sealing them silently.

"Good girl. After I feed Cindy, you can go have your orgasm. Would you like that Rachel?"

And Rachel slowly nodded her head, turning red. She did want to have her orgasm.

Chapter 5

Cindy was out of tears but the echoes of the searing pain still branded her memory. The bound blonde knew that pain would come again and her imagination played out every possible thing he could do to her. There was no escaping it. Her hands and elbows were still tied tightly behind her back and her ankles were bound together with leather cuffs. Her jaws ached from the ballgag she was forced the wear. Her world was still black from her blindfold; she could only imagine what she and Rachel looked like bound before this stranger.

She felt a tug on the collar encircling her throat.

"Come Miss Cottrell, your lunch is ready," the stranger said.

Cindy shuffled on her knees the best she could.

"Now, dear Cindy, I am going to take your gag off. One word from you and it will go back in and you will be punished. You know how painful that will be, isn't that right?"

The blonde nodded. She did know how painful it could be and she wanted to avoid it if at all possible.

"Good girl," the man said, patting her on her head.

Cindy felt him unbuckle her gag and pull it from her mouth. A long string of saliva followed it, dripping down onto her chest. It was just one more humiliation she had to suffer through.

"Eat," the man said.

Cindy could smell the warm salad before her. She leaned forward until she felt the edge of the bowl. Slowly, she began to nibble at her lunch out of the bowl before her.

"I want you to clean that bowl, Miss Cottrell, or there will be hell to pay."

He enjoyed watching her as she squatted down over her bowl, her ass raised up and crisscrossed with red stripes from her flogging. Her swollen puss was still glistening from her arousal and he could picture himself taking her right then and there. He still could. His cock ached for relief. However, he wasn't sure what his client or clients would do. They knew a lot about him and hinted that it would be unwise to cross them. If the women talked, then it might be very bad for him. Still, he had the girls here and he could just do them. God knows he wanted to and had planned to regardless. Maybe after lunch. . .

The dinging of the bowl across the tile floor brought him out of his revelries. The blonde was trying her best to lick the bowl clean as she nudged it unintentionally across the floor.

The man picked up a different gag off the table, a ring-gag, and walked up beside her.

"That is good enough, Miss Cottrell," He said, "Now sit up."

Cindy straightened herself into a sitting position. She felt something pressed against her lips.


"Open wide."

Without a word, the blonde captive opened her mouth as wide as she could. She felt a hard, metal ring being pushed behind her lower teeth than forced behind her upper ones. Cindy nearly gagged as she felt him tighten the straps behind her head.

"You are being a very good girl," Cindy felt the man pat her on the head, "Do you deserve an orgasm?"

Cindy paused before nodding her head slowly. Her sex was a bit sore but she still had a warming desire simmering within her. A pool of saliva was forming under her tongue and she tried to swallow and found that she couldn't. The ring kept her mouth open and drool began to drip from her lips. She wished he would have gagged her with the other gag. The ring-gag was stretching her jaws to their limit.

"After your dessert, I will be sure to give you one."

The stranger grinned as he quietly unzipped his jeans, pulled his cock out and pointed it straight at the blonde's blindfolded face. Gently, he rubbed the head of his penis underneath Cindy's nose. Her reaction was almost immediate once she realized what it was, turning her head away and mewling with disgust.

He clasped her head with both his hands and turned her to face him as he eased himself through the center of the ring-gag. It was tight but he knew from past experience he would fit. She continued to fight him, screaming her garbled protests until she gagged on his fleshy head.

The stranger began rocking her head down over his cock. Cindy hated the musky taste of his flesh. He pushed himself to the back of her throat, causing her to choke.

"Suck on it, Miss Cottrell," he said in a stern voice, "Suck on it or I will keep it in until you suffocate."

Cindy closed her lips around his shaft the best she could and began to suck. She almost cried in relief as he pulled himself from the back of her throat.

"Make me cum, bitch!"

The blonde continued sucking him, matching his rhythm as he thrust himself towards her, his shaft wet with her saliva. He looked down at her and saw only a tangle of blonde curls obscuring her face. He leaned back against the table and let her do the work. Now her tongue was caressing him as well and he felt his cum begin to boil up inside him until he could no longer hold it back. He grunted loudly with pleasure as his seed sprayed down his captives' throat.

Cindy felt the salty jism coat the back of her mouth, causing her to cough. She pulled back and the stranger let her. The blonde girl doubled over and began to retch as semen and drool dripped out of her mouth and onto the tile floor.

"You know, Miss Cottrell, you're going to have to clean that up."

She continued to cough but not as much.

"Lick it up."

Cindy froze.

"Didn't you hear me? Lick it up!"

She leaned forward and put the tip of her tongue to the floor. It was an impossible task since she really couldn't lap up the wet pool before her. She could hear him laugh as he watched her try and cry in her frustration. Cindy didn't want to get punished again but there was no way she could do as he ordered.

"Let me help," the stranger said as she felt him unbuckle the ring-gag she was wearing.

He pulled it from behind her teeth and her jaws welcomed the relief.

"Now clean up the floor from your mess. I better not hear a single noise come out of you."

She hesitated for only a moment before leaning back over and licking her floor. The horror and revulsion of what she was doing tore through her psyche, rending what little hope she harbored about getting free. She sobbed but there were no tears as she lapped up the splatter.

Cindy felt a pat on her head.

"That's a good girl. You're doing really well." She felt him tug on her leash. "Now sit up and open your mouth."

The blonde did as she was told, dreading anything that came next.

"Since you were such a good little slave, Miss Cindy Cottrell, I am going to give you a choice of gags to wear. You can wear the gag I just took out of your mouth. You can have your ballgag back or you can have the mystery gag. I give you permission to tell me which one you want and that is all. Now Miss Cottrell, which one do you choose?"

There was no way she was going to put the ringed-gag in her mouth again, so she really had to choose between the ball-gag or the new one she hadn't experienced yet. Better the devil you know.

"Ballgag," she said quietly.

"Ballgag please, Miss Cottrell. Say it."

"Ballgag, please," Cindy repeated.

"Well done, Miss Cottrell, now open your mouth wide."

Again, she did as she was told. Cindy felt the rubber ball press between her teeth and the straps tighten behind her head. She could feel the heated flush of her embarrassment through her cheeks and down to her upper chest. Despair was all she could feel at that moment.

Another tug on her leash brought the blonde out of her dreary haze.

"Stand up."

The nude blonde struggled to stand. Besides watching a bound woman writhing to try to escape, watching one try to obey was one of the strangers' enjoyments. He could feel stirrings in his groin again as she teetered in her bindings. Unsteadily, she finally stood, head bowed down.

"Look at me!" he snapped.

Cindy raised her head. God she was beautiful. Even though a leather blindfold covered her blue eyes and the red ballgag distorted her face, she was still gorgeous. Her helplessness made her even more so. But now he needed to put them somewhere safe so he could make a call to his client.

"Follow me."

The stranger led her with her lead, shuffling as best she could with her cuffed ankles. Cindy dreaded where he was taking her, wherever that was. It didn't matter. It would be filled with humiliation, pain and animalistic sex. There was nothing she could do but endure it and hope that the man would let both her and Rachel go after he had his fill of them.

Cindy felt the cool of the foyer tile under her bare feet as he brought her to the foot of the stairs. She squealed in surprise as he grabbed her roughly and put her over his shoulder, carrying her up the stairs and into her bedroom.

The stranger set her down beside her canopy bed and tied her leash up to the top crossbar.


With that, Cindy heard him leave the room and feared that he was going after Rachel.

this is where it stops.. I'd be interested in the way others see it progressing now


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great story Dawn, the perfect foundation given for others imagination's to run wild with.

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 :o stops? Just as you chain her to the bed? What a tease you are....great story would love to read more at some point.