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Warning!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt.

A young girl's experiences at a reclusive orphanage run by perverts and sadists.

Story Codes
gi, non-con, pedo, violent, tort, no-sex

Note from the Author
I would ask that if you like this type of material, please post in this thread about other places where this material would be welcome.

The Orphanage
by Carnal

Chapter 1

“Anna, do you know why you’re down here?”

“I don’t care. Let me go. I hate you!”

“Now Anna, that’s exactly why you are here. You are very disobedient. And we can’t have this at the orphanage any longer. We’ve tried spanking, and tickle torture, public flogging, and forced public nudity, but still you refuse to obey the Lord Headmaster.”

“I’ll never let him use me. He’s old and fat and smelly and I’ll never do those nasty things that he asks for!”

“My dear, Anna, after our time together down here, you will beg to spend every night in the headmaster’s bedchamber.”

Kettleman rolled over a tray to the chair that held the nude and tightly bound Anna. The tray contained a box full of thumbtacks. Next to them was a stiff riding crop with a flared head.

“Anna, I want to teach you the benefits of obedience. Obedience can make your life so much easier. Disobedience can make your life very, very unpleasant. You see, if you say ‘please, sir’ and ‘thank you, sir’ for each thumbtack that I push into your tiny, lithe body, I won’t have to whip you with this crop.”

“I won’t. I won’t say anything of the sort!”

“Oh but I think you should try it Anna. I only have 50 tacks. I’m sure you can muster up the courage to ask for them. You see, if you fail to say ‘please and thank you’ for any tack that I push into you, I’ll have to whip your tack-filled body very, very hard. I can assure you that the pain will be excruciating. Let me show you.”

Kettleman deftly pushed three thumbtacks into Anna’ upper arm, one right after the other. Anna whimpered and squirmed, but did not cry out. She wanted to prove that this old pervert could not get a strong reaction from her.

Kettleman held the crop and placed the head against the tacks, letting Anna contemplate what was about to happen.

“Now Anna, what do you say so that I won’t whip these tacks?”

“Get away I hate you!”

Kettleman pulled back the crop and whipped her square on her tack-filled upper arm.


Anna thrashed in her bonds and shook her head violently, trying to either break her bonds or her chair, but to no avail. It felt as if several knives had stabbed her. Her whole arm radiated immense pain.

Kettleman waited until Anna began to calm down a bit, and then continued, “I don’t have to hit you like that ever again, Anna. All you have to do is say ‘please,’ when I am about to give you a tack, and ‘thank you’ after I push it into your pubescent body. Do you understand?”

Although Anna had nothing but contempt for the decrepit freaks who controlled this orphanage, she was cowed by the intense pain. She could pretend to be obedient, just to survive this game, couldn’t she? Right now she needed to swallow her pride, and survive.

“Yes…. sir,” she whispered.

“This will be good practice for you Anna,” Kettleman said as he picked up a tack. Now those first three were just a demonstration, so this will be tack #1. What do you say, Anna?”

Anna was inwardly outraged that those painful tacks counted for nothing, but she held her tongue.

“Please sir,” she said.

Kettleman slowly pushed the tack into her tummy. He waited for her response, but she seemed too distracted by the pain to remember the game. Kettleman pulled out the crop and hovered it over the tack. Anna got the hint.

“Thank you, sir!”

She was incensed at having to thank this sicko for hurting her, but she couldn’t take any more hits from that crop than she had to. With so many more to go, she had to play his sick little game.

“I won’t always be so generous, little one. Next time, thank me right away.”

He then picked up tack #2 and waited for her response.

“Please, sir.”

Kettleman obliged her by pushing the tack into her inner thigh.

“OOooo owwwww thank you, sir,” she said, with tears forming in her eyes.

“Third one,” he said.

“Please, sir.”

Into her calf.

“Thank you sir,” she whimpered.

“Fourth one.”

“Please, sir.”

Into her belly again.

“Ahhhh owww thank you sir.”

“Fifth one.”

“Please….. sir.”

Into the top of her foot.


The pain of the tack going into the bone of the top of her foot was far greater than what he had felt from the other tacks, and she was caught unawares.

“You didn’t thank me, Anna.” Kettleman then pulled back the crop and whipped her soft belly.


Kettleman let her shake and cry for a bit, but soon moved on callously to the next tack.

“Sixth one.”

Anna swallowed hard, trying to keep her composure and avoid any more pain than was necessary.

“Please, sir,” she said through her tears.

Into her other upper arm.

“Thank you, sir.”

“Seventh one.”

“Please, sir.”

Into the underside of her soft breast.

“Ooooooo ow ow ow uhh, thank you, thank you… sir….”

Anna bit on her lower lip and tried to bear the pain as best she could. She continued to do this and follow along with this sadistic game for 30 more tacks as Kettleman filled her arms, legs, belly, breasts, thighs, and calves with tacks. She thought she might get used to the pain, but Kettleman continued to find tender places for these little needles, and she was forcing herself with all her might to keep her composure.

“Now, Anna,” Kettleman said, “You’ve been doing quite well so far. Just a few more now. Be a big girl and keep saying your ‘please’ and ‘thank yous.’ It might be a little harder to do so now though, because the tacks in the bottom of the box are about twice as big, and I’m going to have to move on to some of your more tender places.”

Anna’s eyes went wide with fear.

“Please, please! I’ve been good, I’ll be good, I promise. I’ll be obedient, please!”

Kettleman allowed this outburst for the moment, but had no intention of letting up.

“Now Anna, we have to get to 50. Headmaster’s orders. If you’re a good girl it will be over before you know it.”

Anna cried a little more. She was afraid of what was to come, but she had to find the courage to bear it.

Kettleman grabbed a long, cruel looking tack.


“Please… sir.”

He pushed it into the underside of her right foot.

“Owwwwwww owwww owwwww oh please ow ow wo,” Anna was shocked at how much more painful this intrusion into her soft, petite foot was.

Kettleman paused briefly, but when Anna had clearly forgotten to thank him, he remorselessly brought out the crop.

He pulled back and whipped her right breast, which was filled with 4 tacks.


Then Kettleman hit he left breast, with 3 tacks.


Kettleman paused for a bit while Anna continued to hyperventilate. Tears and snot were pouring down her face.

“Why,” she stammered, “why did you him me twice?”

”I should have mentioned it. Each time you forget to be obedient, I increase the whip count. That was the second time you forgot, so you got whipped twice. Doesn’t that make sense?”

Anna shook her head in disbelief. “It hurts me so much. I can’t take it anymore, please!”

“Oh, but you must take more, Anna. We have so many, many more to go. But if you’re a good girl, I won’t hurt you any more than I have to.”

Anna dejectedly looked on as her tormentor pulled out yet another monstrous tack.


“……. Please ……. sir.”

He pushed it into the bottom of her other foot, very slowly, and very deliberately.

“Uuuuhhhhhh owwww…. thank… you…. sir,” she said through heavy tears.


“Please….. sir.”

He placed this one into her left armpit.

“Oh god oh god oh god…. please….. I… I mean…… thank you…. sir…. owwwww….”

“Very good. Almost there. Forty-one.”

Anna shuddered, having a good idea where this one was going.

“Please……… sir.”

Into her right armpit.

“Eeeeeeuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhhh owwwwwww….. owwww. Thank you…. sir.”


“Oh god, please…. sir…”

Kettleman wanted to truly hurt her now. He reached down to fondle her smooth vagina, feeling around it with his thumb, and pulling at the lips of her vagina. Anna was terrified of what was about to happen, and looked on in a daze and Kettleman brought the tack to her labia majora. Squeezing the labia with his left hand, he slowly, agonizingly pressed the tack into the outer lip of her bald pussy.

Using all her might, Anna found the strength to keep her composure.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, sir,” she gasped out through a torrent of sobs.

Kettleman loved to hear her speak those words, but was somewhat disappointed that he could not whip her again. But he knew she would surely lose her composure again soon.


Anna was trying to gauge just how long she could hold out saying the words. She needed every precious second in order to recover from that piercing, and to brace herself for what she knew was coming next.

“Please…….. sir…….”

Kettleman continued molesting her vagina, this time moving to the opposing labia. It was not very pronounced – he skin was very young and tight, but he found a good place to puncture her lovely outer lips. As before, he did it as slowly and deliberately as he could, getting as many sobs and cries from her as he could.

But as before, she held her composure, and said what she needed to say.

“Thank you…. sir…..”

Kettleman reached for yet another tack.


For a brief moment, Anna was taken aback by the cruelty of this game. Had her tiny body really been injected with over forty pins and needles? How could one girl accept so much torment? How long had they been down here? One hour? Two? It was all a blur of pain and cruelty. But she had to push on, and show this lecherous man that she wasn’t afraid of him.

“Please, sir.”

Kettleman moved his hand up to her left breast, and began fondling it as he had her vagina. But this was far more painful, as the breast was already filled with several tacks. Anna cried out as she felt the tiny needles move around just under the surface of her flesh.

Kettleman moved on from the breast, and instead paid lavish attention to her nipple, running his thumb in circles around the nub. The creamy pink nipple stiffened ever so slightly. He squeezed the base of it between his thumb and forefinger, to hold it in place even if she squirmed around. He then brought the inch-long tack in line with his target.


Anna completely lost control as hellish torture was unleashed on her tender nipple. The pain radiated from her nipped and throughout her chest and body. She felt like she was going to be sick.

Kettleman relished each second he spent forcing the tack into the center of her tiny mound. Anna just screamed through it all, and for a full minute after he let go.

It was almost a forgone conclusion that she would not say ‘thank you,’ so he got ready with the crop.

The first landed on her stomach. The next landed on her less-tortured breast.

The last one landed directly on her vagina.


Anna was literally seeing stars as her vision went out of focus from such intense pain. She had given up all pretense of trying to stay strong now. She just wanted to escape. She thrashed in her bonds as much as she could, and shook her head from side to side.

“STOP! STOP! Please stop I can’t take this! Let me go, please, please, please!”

Kettleman had no interest in letting her escape the most excruciating part of the night. He had been waiting for this part all night, and now that it was here, he was elated.

“There is no escape from this, young lady. You have brought this on your self with your disobedience. And you are making it worse by even more disobedience. And because you are not willing to stay still and take your punishment, I will have to restrain you further.”

Anna was already tied rather tightly to the punishment chair, but there was enough give for her to thrash around. Kettleman wanted her completely restrained for this next part, so he strapped her head to the back of the chair. He also added a strap that went across the top of her breasts and pressed her back against the chair. As an added torment, he pulled the legs of the adjustable punishment chair apart, so that she started making an obscene seated split. He then made sure to fasten her legs to the chair as tight as possible. Anna’s tender body was now completely exposed to Kettleman. He then grabbed another tack and showed it to Anna.


“No! Please, please no more, please!”

“For refusing, you've earned yourself 4 more swats.”

“No, wait, please –”

The first came down on her left, tack-filled thigh, then her right.


He whipped the bottom of her left foot. And her right one.


After waiting a brief moment for Anna to catch her breath, he began to play with her right nipple, preparing to insert to brutal tack. Despite Anna’s cries for mercy, Kettleman relentlessly inserted the tack into her nipple, all the while listening to her desperate screams. He then proceeded to whip her body 5 times in places that he wanted to give more attention to.

Anna was out of her mind with pain. She body was drenched in sweat. She pissed herself a little, and her face was a mess of tears and snot. Her soft hair was a disheveled mess, and her chest heaved up and down frantically.

Kettleman waited a few minutes to allow Anna to recover somewhat. It was not out of any semblance of mercy, though. And he wanted her fully awake for the final phase of his torture game.

“Anna, do you want to stop playing this game now?”

“Yes, sir, please…”

“How many more tacks do you have left?”

Anna looked heart broken. She had lost count. Would he punish her further for that?

“I don’t know, sir.”

“You have five more to go. You should have kept count. I should punish you for that, shouldn’t I?”

Anna knew better now than to argue, but she was terrified.

“Please, sir, please….”

“I may punish you for it later, but for now, I will make a deal with you. We can continue to play the game as we’ve been playing it, and you can try to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ and I will continue to use the tacks one by one, or….”

Kettleback paused, enjoying the hope he was seeing grow in her innocent, tear-filled eyes.

“Or I can give you all the tacks all at once.”

Anna looked dejected, but she was not expected much more than this.

“Okay, sir.”

“But I can’t be so generous to you for nothing, can I? I will have to whip you 10 times also.”

Anna was again worried, but she was able to reason that this was still better than risking forgetting to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’

“Okay, I agree, sir.”

“You seem so much more obedient, Anna. I believe you have learned a lot tonight. But I want to make sure this lesson truly sticks with you. And all you have to do, from here until the end, is stay awake, so that I know you have gotten the full extent of the lesson.”

Anna looked at him a little confused.

“So, whatever you do, don’t pass out. It’s harder than it sounds, because this next part will be very, very painful. You see, all of these 5 pins will have to go into the soft, pink inner folds of your tender pussy. As will all 10 of my harsh, vicious swats with the crop.”

Anna’s eyes went wide with horror.

“To help you out, Anna, I’m going to go very, very slowly, so that you have time to recover, and to fully feel everything that’s happening to you. You really don’t want to pass out here. Because if you do, we’ll have to spend another night together, and I’ll have to teach you a whole new lesson.”

Kettleman reached for another vicious pin. After fondling her vagina and finding a tender spot, he began inserting the cruel instrument into the most sensitive area of her lithe body. Anna screamed and cried, but Kettleman continued to methodically push one pin after another into her labia minora.

For the last one, he considered going for her clit, but worried about damaging it, and ruining it as a source of possible future torture.

He opted instead for the taint, and was pleasantly surprised at the reaction he got from it. It caused her so much shock and pain, she actually peed a little.

By now Anna was hyperventilating and also hoarse from screaming. Kettleman was impressed in a way. He had seen many a grown woman reduced to hysteria from such torment, but Anna was still fighting, in her own small way. She desperately wanted to stay conscious and be done with her lessons once and for all.

“Are you ready, Anna?” Kettleman said, as he held the crop over her pussy. He wanted her to fully anticipate the pain that she was about to endure. With the way she was tied and spread, there was nothing she could do to stop it.

“I’m scared.”

Kettleman brought down the whip.


And again.


And again.


And again.


Anna pissed herself.

And again.


Anna was dry heaving from the nausea the inhuman pain was inducing.

And again.


Anna pissed herself again.

And again.


And again.

But this time, there was no scream. Anna had passed out.

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Re: The Orphanage by Carnal (gi, non-con, pedo, violent, tort, no-sex)
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That was fucking intense and awesome. Good job leaving her age vague, too. She can be whatever I want her to be.
The rumors about me are scurrilous, depraved rantings of a sick mind, and I categorically deny any sense of falsehood attributed to them.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Rather than post the next chapter, I sketched out some quick illustrations and added them to the story.
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I wish I had that level of drawing talent.
The rumors about me are scurrilous, depraved rantings of a sick mind, and I categorically deny any sense of falsehood attributed to them.

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Thanks! Years of art classes. My art teacher would be mortified.

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Mortified at the quality? Or at the content!
The rumors about me are scurrilous, depraved rantings of a sick mind, and I categorically deny any sense of falsehood attributed to them.

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Chapter 2

“Nurse Beth says that you’ve recovered nicely. How are you feeling, Anna?” asked Kettleman.

“Please don’t hurt me again. I want to go home.”

“But this is your home, Anna. Your parents didn’t want you, remember? So now generous men like myself have taken it upon themselves to take care of you.”

“That’s not true! My parents are out there somewhere looking for me. I know it!”

“My, my, how disappointing. I can see that you have not fully learned obedience. I hope that you try harder to learn your lesson this time. If you do, I promise that I will let you return to your normal routine with the rest of the girls.”

“Please, please don’t hurt me again. I’ll be good, I’ll be good.”

“Now, now Anna, you must continue the lesson. But I promise, if you do well tonight, I will leave you alone for a good long while. But you must really prove that you have learned your lesson. Do you want to know what you have to do tonight?”

“What, sir?”

“You will have to prove to me that you are more obedient than another problem child. You may have seen her around the orphanage. She can be just as disobedient as you.”

Kettleman turned and opened a door on the far side of the room. He called for his assistant.

Nurse Beth soon entered with a nude child in toe. Anna recognized her. She was a girl who also kept to herself, and did her best not to cooperate with the staff and the meaner older girls. Anna could see that the girl had similar marks on her body that she had, and that she also looked afraid to be here.

“This,” Kettleman said, “is Karen. You may know each other, even if you aren’t friends. I doubt you will be good friends after tonight, though. You see, you two are going to be in a little competition.”

Kettleman continued. “I don’t have time to discipline you both separately, so I will discipline you together. The girl who proves that she is the most obedient by the end of the night, will be allowed to go back to her dorm, and will be safe from me for quite some time. But the loser, I’m afraid, will stay down here with me for many, many more lessons.”

Both of the girls stared at each other, trying desperately to read each other’s feelings. They both feared what was to come.

“Nurse Beth,” Kettleman said, “Please help me get the girls ready for their first lesson.”

The girls were brought to two square frames, facing each other.  Their hands and feet were tied to the four corners. They were tiny things, so their bodies were pulled very taught. Their legs were spread wide and they were forced onto the balls of their feet. Their arms were stretched to their limit, allowing no freedom of movement.

A strange pulley system hung above and in between the two girls, and they wondered what it was.

“We are going to have up to five lessons tonight. The girl who does the best in 3 out of 5 lessons will be free to go. The loser will stay for many more lessons. Do you girls understand?”

“Yes,” they both hesitantly said.

“The first lesson will be a pain endurance contest for your lovely breasts. Nurse, Beth, please help me get set up.”

The nurse presented a set of serrated clamps and chains. She began to feed the chains through the pulley system. The nurse and Kettleman then began to attach the clamps to the girls’ nipples. Their nipples were so tiny, however, that the clamps bit into a good part of their breasts as well.

“OOOwwwww OWWW OWEEEEEE,” both girls cried out as the clamps bit into their tender flesh.

“Now girls, this is the easy part. We haven’t even begun the lesson yet.”

Nurse Beth brought out several fishing weights. She held one of them between the two girls, near the chain of the pulley system.

“Anna,” Kettleman said, “If you want to pass this lesson, you will have to say ‘yes’ to each weight. If you stubbornly refuse your punishment, you will lose this round. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir. But it hurts so much already...”

“It’s supposed to. Now Anna, will you bear this weight?”

“Ohhh…. yes, sir.”

Nurse Beth added the fishing weight to the chain connecting the girls, adding tension and pulling ever so slightly more at their breasts.

“Aaaaahhhhhhh oooooo,” they both whimpered.

Nurse Beth retrieved another weight and held it between the girls.

“Karen,” Kettleman said, “The same goes for you. You need to hold out for as long as possible. Now, do you accept this weight?”

Karen stared at the weight fearfully. It already hurt so much. She was arching her back as much as her fiendish restraints would allow, but her nipples would not stop screaming in pain. But she also knew this man was capable of inflicting so much more pain, and she was determined to outlast Anna.

“Yes, sir.”

The nurse added the second weight.

Both girls grunted in pain. They were doing their best to try to control their breathing, as the simple act of taking a breath was adding to the torture. But it was difficult when their immature bodies were under so much stress.

The nurse callously produced yet another weight.

“Anna, do you accept this weight?” asked Kettleman.

“Yes, sir.”

The nurse added a third weight. She allowed the girls time to adjust to this new level of pain, then produced another.

And so it went, back and forth, for 14 painful rounds. Now it was Karen’s turn to go again.

“Karen, do you accept this weight?”

“Please, please, it’s so painful…” Karen did not want to lose the round, especially after having suffered so much already. But her nipples felt like they were being ripped from her body. She looked down at her tiny, extended nubs, at how purple they had started to look, and at the little droplets of blood that started to form around the clamps. Every little movement, even the tiniest breath, sent lacing pain through her breasts. Could she really take anymore?

“Karen, are you giving up?”

“I…. no…. please… I accept….”

Nurse Beth placed yet another weight on the chain.  Both girls howled and cried. Their entire bodies were tense as they did all they could to prevent even the slightest movement. Kettleman enjoyed seeing the contracting muscles of their thin young bodies.

The nurse produced yet another weight.

“Anna, do you accept this weight?”

Anna too was at her breaking point, and was torn between winning the game and fighting her body’s impulse for self-protection. She stared at the weight with tear-filled eyes.

“Please, please I can’t. It hurts so much. I can’t…”

“Very well, Anna, for this disobedience, you have lost this round. But I want you to keep trying. There are still several rounds to go.”

Anna suddenly remembered that this was only a small taste of what was in store for the evening, and she groaned in despair.


“This next round is more straightforward, girls.” Kettleman and Nurse Beth both produced a set of rattan canes. They swished them through the air. Both girls had been hit by them in the past, and they were both terrified of them.

Kettleman continued, “This game is a little more straightforward. Nurse Beth and I will alternate hitting both of you all over your bodies, and the first one to surrender loses the round. Understand”

“What about the weights, sir?” asked Karen. Even though she had not surrendered in the previous round, her breasts were still in agony.

“Oh, we must keep them on for a little longer,” said Kettleman. “They will help prove your obedience. Just remember, the more that you stay still and accept your punishment, the more you will be able to bear it.

“Okay, Nurse Beth, you may do the honors. Start with Anna first, as punishment for giving up so easily in the first round.”

(Truth be told, when Kettleman played this game with girls in the past, few tolerated so many weights, even the older girls. He was delighted to see these girls fight so hard.)

Nurse Beth brought the cane down on Anna’s ass with harsh force.


Anna screamed from both pain and surprise. The cane hurt worse than she remembered (she was very skinny, and there was very little body fat to soften the blow). But then there was the double pain of the clamps on her breasts. When she was hit she arched her back instinctively, pulling on the nipple chains. Not only did this injure her own breasts, but Karen’s as well.

 “Ow, ow! Don’t move so much!” screamed Karen.

“I can’t help it, it hurts so badly.”

“Okay, Karen, are you ready?” said Kettleman.

“Yes… sir.”

Nurse Beth’s cane came down on her small butt.

“OOHHHHH Owwwwwwwwww!!” yelled Karen. She too lost her composure, arched her back and pulled on the chain, causing both girls further agony.

“Don’t, don’t pull, please!” pleaded Anna.

Karen had no response but to cry and whimper. Kettleman moved on to the next round.

“Anna, are you ready?” said Kettleman.

“Oh… okay, sir,” she said, with understandably low enthusiasm.

Nurse Beth brought the cane down on the back of her thighs.

“Owwwwwwwwwww,” yelled Anna.

Her thighs felt like they had been sliced open, and her nipples hurt worse than ever. Even after the pain of the blow, the weights on the chain continued to oscillate from the sudden movement, and perpetually torment both girls.

“Karen, are you ready?”

“Oh…… okay, sir.”

This hit too came down on her thighs.

The game continued in this way for many more blows, much to Kettleman’s surprise and delight. The girls submitted to multiple strokes on their butts, on their thighs, their hamstrings, and on their bellies. Both girls were sobbing profusely, and in obvious tremendous agony. Their tiny fists were balled up so tight that they were almost completely white. And even though every movement caused them severe pain from the clamps, they could not stop shaking and shuddering.

Kettleman was impressed, but knew that they would not resist this next part for much longer.

Nurse Beth held the cane against the bottom of Anna’s breasts, to demonstrate where the next blow would land. Anna’s jaw dropped in horror. How could her tiny nubs withstand any more torture?

“Anna, are you ready?”

Anna looking pleadingly at Kettleman, hoping to see some small pity or mercy. But she saw none.

“Yes…. sir.”

Nurse Beth gave Anna’s soft breasts a swift and cruel whack with the rattan cane.


Anna felt as it her nipples must have been ripped from her chest. She saw stars as her whole body convulsed in pain. Karen’s nipples too were stretched and hurt, and she screamed along with Anna.

Kettleman gave the girls a small window to recover, but soon moved along to Karen. Nurse Beth held her cane in the same spot on the underside of her breasts.

“Are you ready, Karen?”

“Please… please, oh god, I….. yes, sir, oh god…..”

The nurse unleashed a bruising blow to her tender tit meat.


Karen screamed and screamed, more than she had ever screamed in her life. The pain was indescribable. She hyperventilated so much that she struggled to breathe.

After some time, both girls got over the initial hysteria, and the brutal game continued. This time, the nurse held the cane over the top of Anna’s breasts.

“Anna, are you ready?”

“Oh please, not again, anywhere but there, sir.”

“Are you giving up again? You know what will happen if you lose this game. This pain will pale in comparison to the torment that will await you.”

Anna cried and whimpered as she contemplated her decision. She reached deep inside of herself for the courage to withstand another blow. She bit her lip, took a deep breath, and girded herself.

“No… I can do it.  I’m ready…. sir.”

Nurse Beth unceremoniously brought the cane down on her tits once again. And once again, Anna’s world exploded in a litany of agony.


Tears from both tiny girls were pouring out. Their young bodies were being pushed beyond the limit of what any human being could be asked to endure. But still, Kettleman demanded more. He waited until Nurse Beth placed the cane atop Karen’s breasts.

“Are you ready, Karen?”

“Oh god, I can’t I can’t. You’re killing me, I just can’t!”

“So you are going to lose this round, you understand?”

“I give up, I give up! Just don’t cane me anymore!”

“Very well. You girls are tied now. You are both equally disobedient I see. The lesson must continue.”

How much more painful could this get, the girls both wondered?

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very nice ...  8)  I am looking forward to more  ;D
It's what they're FOR! 
Grendel's Tales

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Make it hurt more.
The rumors about me are scurrilous, depraved rantings of a sick mind, and I categorically deny any sense of falsehood attributed to them.

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I've been too busy to add to the illustrations. I've been too busy even to post, and the story is already finished on my computer...

Chapter 3

Kettleman gave the girls a short while to recover, but not nearly as long as they would have liked. He also continued to leave on the nipple chain and the weights. Both girls’ breasts looked like they hurt terribly, but Nurse Beth verified that no lasting damage was done yet, and certified that they could continue to stay on.

The girls found it hard to believer her. It felt as if their nipples would rip off from their chests at any moment, and it took all their willpower to keep their bodies perfectly still, in spite of the pain and cramps of their bondage.

“This next game is a little different,” Kettleman began. “Nurse Beth and I won’t hit you anymore, we promise. In fact, we are going to spend some time cleaning and healing your little bodies. Would you like that?”

The girls looked at one another, knowing full well not to expect any generosity from this sick man. But they nodded.

“Nurse Beth, please bring the cotton and vinegar.”

The nurse wheeled out two large bottles and several cotton swabs. Kettleman and her each took one, and began soaking the cotton.

“Now girls, your bodies are a bit of a mess. You have little cuts all over you, and your breasts are still bleeding a bit.  We’re going to make sure you don’t get any infections, so we’re going to rub this vinegar into your cuts. I imagine it will hurt quite terribly, and feel like you are being set on fire. But I want you to keep the vinegar on you as long as you can, and to keep asking for more.

“As soon as you give up, we will wash it off you, but not a moment before. This is an important round, girls. Whoever wins this round will only have one more round to win. Do you girls understand?”

The girls looked at one another again, groaning in fear. They had each received vinegar treatment by the nurse in the past for cuts and scrapes (often caused by discipline sessions), and she took particular joy in rubbing as much as possible into their wounds, and for keeping it there as long as possible.  But neither girl had ever experienced it on their whole bodies, and never for as long as Kettleman surely intended them to.

“We understand, sir,” they both said.

“Nurse Beth, you may proceed with Karen. I will tend to Anna.”

The sadists then carefully and deliberately rubbed the caustic vinegar all over the tiny bodies of the tightly bound preteens.  They screeched and howled at the sensations.  The rattan cane had split their skin in many places – their asses, their legs, their stomachs, and their breasts. The adults callously abused their victims with the burning vinegar, all the while taking the opportunity to molest the girls. They paid special attention to their vaginas and rectums, and made sure to clean out both orifices with plenty of vinegar.

The young girls had tears and mucus running down their faces. The burning sensations grew and grew and grew. The pain radiated from their cuts and moved deep into the core of their bodies. It felt as if their bodies were set on fire.

After 15 minutes of torment and molestation, Kettleman and Nurse Beth stood back to admire their work. Both girls shook and cried. They squinted their eyes and scrunched their faces, trying to block out the pain, trying to imagine that they were somewhere else, anywhere else, to escape the terrible, relentless burning.  But Kettleman could tell that they would break soon.

“Just say the word, and we will wash off all the vinegar with nice, cool water. The first girl to ask for relief will get cleaned first, while the other girl will just have to wait her turn.”

The girls gritted their teeth and stared at each other.  Anna could see that Karen was barely holding on. Her whole body shook, and she was moaning and crying non-stop.

“Alright, Nurse Beth, it looks like they need a little more,” said Kettleman

“No, please, please! Everything burns, don’t do it!” pleaded Karen.

“Are you giving up, Karen? That will be two losses in a row for you,” Kettleman replied.

“No, no I don’t give up, oh please it burns so much. Ohhhhhhhh….”

“Nurse Beth, I think she needs some more. Especially on those very sore breasts.”

Kettleman and Nurse Beth brought their caustic cotton swabs out once again, and began torturing the youngsters anew. Kettleman and Nurse Beth paid ample attention to their breasts, soaking them, squeezing them, and pulling on them. When he pulled on them, the cramps tore at the flesh anew, and Kettleman and Nurse Beth soaked more vinegar into the fresh wounds.

The girls were out of their minds in agony. After only a few minutes Karen could take no more.

“Please, please, stop! I give up! Take it off, take it off!!”

“Nurse Beth,” said Kettleman, “bring the ice bucket.”

Nurse Beth left and quickly returned with a bucket full of icy cold water. She slowly poured it all over Karen’s body as Anna and Kettleman looked on.


Karen was in shock at the brutal pain that the ice water inflicted. Naked and in this basement for so long, she was already quite cold and had goosebumps all over her. If not for the near constant torture she had been experiencing all night, the cold would have been a major concern. But this new level of cold left her breathless. He whole body shivered. She was cold to her bones. The vinegar at least washed away, but this cold would stay with her all night.

“Anna,” Kettleman addressed, “Are you ready to have the vinegar removed?”

Anna looked at the half-filled ice bucket in wide-eyed terror. Seeing Karen’s reaction, she had no desire to go through that herself, but she saw little choice.

“Yes, sir………”

Nurse Beth began to slowly and methodically cover the shivering naked girl in freezing cold water.


The pain took Anna’s breath away. She had never felt anything so cold. It was over relatively quickly, but she remained wet and cold. Her hair was soaked. She felt pins and needles in her hands and feet. Her whole body convulsed with shivers. And each time it did, she tugged more and more on her nipple chains. It took every ounce of willpower to fight her body’s desire to shiver, just to keep here breasts from ripping apart. But she was still so very, very cold.

Kettleman waited for them to get used to this new level of hell before continuing.

“Only another round or two to go, girls. Anna, you are so close to proving your obedience. Karen, you will have to start working harder now. You know what will happen if you give up during the next round, don’t you Karen? Do you think this is pain and suffering? This is only an exhibition. We can spend days and days together playing games like this, Karen. And it won’t be like this, where you can give up if you really want to. No, my games are very painful and very, very long. I know you think that your delicate body could not possibly take any more torment, but I assure you that it can take so much more.

“Nurse Beth, fetch the punishment box. With the girls chained and wet, it’s the perfect time to play a shocking new game.”

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I really want to illustrate this one.  Maybe this weekend...

Chapter 4

It took some time to get the next session set up, but the respite from pain was less than pleasant for the young preteens.  They were shivering constantly, and even though the water washed away most of the vinegar, much of it remained deep inside their cuts, so the burning sensations continued. Both girls were quite exhausted as well. They had been suspended for over two hours, and their arms and legs were cramping badly. The only reason they were still awake was because the nurse had given them pep pills. Kettleman knew they would need them to have the energy to make it through the brutal tortures ahead.

Nurse Beth decided that the nipples had received enough trauma for one night, so the painful apparatus connected the girls’ breasts was removed. The respite was short lived, however, as Kettleman connected another set of nipple clamps and chains to each breast, only now in new, fresh areas. Each breast now sported a pair of clamps, placed on either side of the nipples.  From these clamps, chains connected Anna’s left breast to Karen’s right, and Anna’s right breast to Karen’s left. Electrical wires lead from the middle of these chains to the electrical box.

Kettleman also brought out a pair of clamps for each girl’s prepubescent vagina. He had a little trouble affixing the clamps, as their labias were barely developed. But he was able to attach the vicious clamps by stretching the skin cruelly, and having the clamp sink in to some of the inner folds of the vagina. Chains connected the pair of clamps to each other, but he did not run a chain between the two girls, as he had with their breasts. He had a reason that he would explain soon. He then ran electrical wires from each girls’ vagina chains back to the electrical box. There were 3 wires in total, one between the breast chain connecting the two girls, and one to each vaginal chain, on 3 separate switches.

“This next test of obedience involves electricity. Now, I could simply shock both of you girls, over and over again, until one of you submits, but that seems rather banal. I want to keep you on your toes, and to really give you a fighting chance.

“Do either of you girls play blackjack?” Kettleman asked.

The girls nodded, hesitantly. Card games and gambling were rife in the orphanage, as there was little else to do, but it was technically forbidden by the staff.

“Well we are going to play a version of it, I suppose. See, when it is your turn to receive a shock, you will draw a card, and depending on the card, that is how long your shock will be. So, if you draw a 3, you will be shocked for 3 seconds.  If you draw a queen, 10 seconds. But still, even that would be a bit too simple.

“So sometimes, the shock with be for you, and sometimes, the shock will be for both of you. If the card is red, it is for you only. If the card is black, then it is for both of you. Reds will shock the separate cables connected to your cunnies, and blacks will shock the long chain connecting your lovely breasts. Doesn’t that sound like a fun game?”

Both girls squirmed and tried to hide their fear. They knew the importance of enduring this game until the end, but the thought of repeated and unknown random shocks to their private regions was terrifying. Anna also realized that a string of bad luck could mean brutal pain for one of them, and an easy ride for the other. It seemed unfair, but then again, none of this was a fair deal. Anything she did resulted in more and more pain. But still, she held out hope that this might finally be the end of it.

“Now, one more thing before we get started. I want each of you to wear this bit gag. I had a girl bite off her tongue once, and I don’t want to deal with a mess like that again.”

Kettleman and Nurse Beth both affixed bit gags for the girls to bite down on, and tied them in place. The gags were clearly uncomfortable, and forced them to drool on themselves. Kettleman liked how it made them look.

“Karen,” Kettleman continued, “since you were the loser last round, I will start with you. Do you want a card?”

Karen stared at the deck of cards. She knew she had to say yes, but she dreaded what awaited her.

Karen nodded her head up and down.

Kettleman slowly flipped a card from the top of the deck, then placed it face up on the table. 9 of clubs. Black.

“Nurse Beth, that will be 9 seconds for both of them.”

The nurse flipped a switch on the control box, and both girls instantly felt the burning hot electricity flow through their breasts and into the rest of their nubile bodies. Every muscle in their bodies clenched, and they screamed loudly through their bit gags.

Nurse Beth flipped the machine off, and the girls were given a few moments of respite. Even though it was only 9 seconds, Anna was visibly shaken by the sudden brutality of the torture. She looked at the machine and the cards in horror, now doubting how much of this she could truly take. No doubt Karen felt the same way, but Karen had the added fear that if she lost this round, she could expect countless nights of similar torture.

“Anna,” Kettleman said, “Do you want a card?”

Slowly and reluctantly, Anna nodded her head.

“Queen of diamonds.” A red card. “Nurse Beth, 10 seconds to Anna only.”

Anna braced herself for the pain, but nothing could have prepared her for the shock that came. Pure, unadulterated agony was injected into the most sensitive area of her body. She arched her back as much as humanly possible, looked up to the ceiling, and screamed and screamed and screamed.


Even after Nurse Beth shut off the machine, Anna continued to scream. Her tiny young body could barely grasp what had happened to it. It took a few minutes for her to finally she calmed down. Her body was sweating, and she panted heavily.

Kettleman turned his attention back to Karen, who was staring at Anna wide-eyed, barely able to imagine what terrible pain she must have experienced, and what now must be waiting for her, too.

“Karen, do you want a card?”

Karen looked at Kettleman pleadingly, with tear-filled eyes, but knew she could only answer in one way. She nodded her head.

Kettleman drew another card. “King of hearts.” A red card, fortunately for Anna. “Nurse Beth, 10 seconds to Karen only please.”

Now it was Karen’s turn to experience the horror of having pure electricity run through her defenseless young body. Over and over again, the pain burst through her. There was nothing she could do to stop it. All she could do was scream and scream.


When it was finally over, Karen was left a sobbing mess. How could she possibly withstand several rounds of this? she thought.

“Now Anna, do you want another card?”

How cruel of him to say ‘want,’ she thought. Of course she did not want it. It was the last thing on earth she wanted. But she had to try. She had to endure, for as long as her body would let her.

Anna nodded, almost imperceptibly.

Kettleman drew another card. “Ace of diamonds.” Another red card. “Hmmm, I know blackjack rules say that it can be 1 or 11. I’m not sure if I should be the one to decide, though. Karen, dear. Why don’t you decide. Should it be one?” He held out his left hand far to his left, with one finger up. “Or should it be 11?” He held his other hand far to his right, showing two fingers.

It was clear that he wanted Karen to nod her head in one direction or the other. Would she be merciful and spare her fellow orphan sister some pain? Or would she do everything she could in order to ensure that she won the round? She knew it was cruel, and every part of herself hated her for doing it, but she tearfully nodded towards the direction of the “11” hand. Anna stared daggers at her, and truly began to understand how cutthroat she would have to be to escape this game.

“A wise, if brutal choice, young lady. Nurse Beth, 11 seconds to Anna, please.”

Once again, Anna’s lithe body exploded in pain. Electric shocks radiated up and down her body. No part of her was safe. There was nothing she could do to protect herself. She could only endure.

And so she did, for 20 more painful rounds. Kettleman went through each round slowly and deliberately, making sure to give the girls just enough time to recover, to help put off that inevitable decision to surrender. He loved to see them squirm and dance. He loved seeing their young bodies covered in sweat from the intense torture. And it was intense. Almost every card was a face card. The girls constantly received 10 second shocks. Perhaps Kettleman should have told them that he was using a Pinochle deck, in which nearly every card is a face card, with the lowest value a 9.

Anna was a clever girl, and she would have noticed, if not for the near constant torture distracting her from making sensible thoughts. She seemed to be getting a very bad string of luck. Nearly every card she drew was a red card, and nearly every card that Karen drew was black card, so Anna was getting almost twice as many shocks as Karen.

But even so, Karen was not much better off. She was a sniveling mess, and each round of shocks made her feel like she was about to die. She had never been in such pain in her entire life. Her entire face was covered in tears and drool and sweat and snot. Her tiny young body was wracked in agony. No person should ever experience such pain, let alone a tiny, young, innocent girl like her. It was only through sheer terror that she willed herself to accept card after card.

At this point, Kettleman noticed that they had gotten through more than half the deck. He decided to up the ante.

“You girls are really learning obedience. You are doing such a good job, and I want to give you both a better chance at freedom.”

Both girls, through their haze of pain, perked up at hearing this.

“Here’s the deal. If you girls can get through this whole deck, then neither of you has to spend any more time with me. But I can’t give you this deal for free, oh no. If I let you girls off the hook, I have to make it worth my while. So, if I do this, then we have to make the game a little harder.

“From now on, for each round, I will draw 2 cards. You will have to take each card back to back with no respite. I know that sounds hard, but it’s the only way you can truly prove to me that you’ll be obedient for good. Do we have a deal?”

Anna took some time to think about the consequences. It sounded like their only way out. If they continued as they were going, they would be shocked over and over again, with the possibility that they would still be another round of brutal torture, plus endless nights of torment for the ultimate loser. But could she really take up to 20 straight seconds of shock to her most intimate place? Her past experience with Kettleman’s “deals” were anything but pleasant. But then again, nothing about Kettleman was pleasant.

“Well girls, do we have a deal?”

Anna looked at Karen for some kind of understanding or agreement. Karen seemed too terrified for reasoned thought, so it looked like the decision was up to Anna. Anna looked at Kettleman, looked at the cards, and then tacitly nodded in agreement. Karen closed her eyes and cried, and then nodded as well.

“Then it’s settled. Karen, you’re up next, let’s see what you have.”

Kettleman flipped over the top two cards. 9 of clubs, black. Ace of diamonds, red.

“Oh this is a fun one,” Kettleman exclaimed. “Since you picked a shock that goes to two different places, you will get them both at the same time. The pain will be quite extraordinary, I am sure. Nurse Beth, please shock their breasts for 9, and Karen’s pussy for the full 11 seconds, the way Karen agreed to.”

Karen looked on in disbelieving horror. She was not expecting this at all. But before she could contemplate any of it, electricity rushed into her ravaged body. The electricity seemed to comingle from her breasts and her pussy and amplify deep inside of her. If not for the bit gag, she surely would have bitten off her tongue and smashed her own teeth. Every cell in her body screamed out in pain and agony.


Karen continued to scream and moan and pant long after her torture had ended. Anna was still reeling from the shocks to her own breasts as well when Kettleman turned his attentions to her.

“Okay Anna, are you ready for your next cards?”

Anna gulped in fear. She wasn’t sure should could withstand what Karen just endured.  But she had to try, at least. The deck looked so small now. Only a few more rounds to go, she reasoned. Just hold out, just hold out, she told herself.

Anna nodded her consent.

Kettleman drew two more cards. Two Jack of diamonds. Red cards.

It was then that Anna suddenly realized what kind of deck this was. She looked daggers at Kettleman, but he did not care what she thought.

“Oh, I suppose I should have mentioned that we were using a Pinochle deck. There are quite a lot of face cards in this deck, aren’t there? Well, I never said what kind of deck we were using, right? You agreed to these rules. Now, Nurse Beth, 20 seconds to this defiant girl’s pussy. And don’t stop no matter how loud she screams.”

Kettleman must have known what was coming, because Anna’s screams were ear-splitting. Even the callous Nurse Beth was taken aback by their severity. Anna’s entire body was a tapestry pain. Her back was in an extreme arch, as if her soul was trying to escape from her body. Her hands and feet pulled at her bonds with inhuman strength, seemingly willing to tear into her own flesh if it meant that she would have a chance to snap her bonds. But no such escape was possible, or forthcoming. There was only intense, excruciating, unending pain.


When finally Nurse Beth turned off the switch, Anna was in a state of complete exhaustion. She hung limply at her bonds, unable to lift her head. It took all the strength that she had left just to breathe in and out. Nurse Beth checked her pulse. It was weak, but it was there, and Kettleman decided to continue the game. These girls could not win, but he loved to watch them try.

“Your turn, Karen. Are you ready for your next cards?”

Karen, after seeing (and hearing) what Anna just experienced, and after her own recent experience, wanted nothing more to do with this game. She just couldn’t bear it any longer. She tearfully shook her head back and forth.

“Now, Karen, you do know that if you say no, that this is the end of the game for you. I will let you off the frame, and you can get some sleep tonight, but tomorrow, tomorrow you will be back on this frame. Bright and early. And I have so many lovely tortures in store for you. The first torture will be a force-feeding session. I have the contents of my bed pan waiting for the tonight’s loser. I plan to add more to it in the morning. Then I’ll wheel it over here on this table, and force feed its contents to you. I’ll keep your mouth open with a dental gag, and use a spoon to smear each and every spoonful all over your pretty little tongue. It will be the most revolting time of your entire life. You will vomit, several times, I assure you. And I will catch your vomit in my bedpan, and we will start all over again. It may take all day, actually. And when you are overcome with nausea, and you are white as a sheet, and when you beg and beg and beg me for mercy, that is when the true torture will begin.

“So, I ask you again, Karen. Are you ready for your next two cards?”

Terrified and in shock, Karen closed her tear-filled eyes and silently nodded in defeat. What choice did she have?

Kettleman drew two more cards. 10 of clubs. Black. Queen of spades. Black.

“Nurse Beth, 20 seconds to their tits, if you please.”

No, Anna thought, no more, please. I need more time, I need –

But before she could recover, she found herself back in a place of unimaginable agony. Both girls’ vocal chords were hurt from so much screaming, but the pain paled in comparison to the anguish they experienced in their breasts and in their entire bodies. The pain was simply limitless, unending, unceasing. Anna no longer worried about winning, she now only worried about surviving.

At the end of the ordeal, Kettleman again asked Anna if she was ready for her next cards. Anna looked tearfully at the deck, now so low.  Perhaps only 15 cards left. They were so, so close. But she simply couldn’t bring herself to do it. She was shaking with pain, and had dry heaved and screamed so much that she could barely breath. She shook her head as much as she was able, and forfeited the round.

“Very well, I see our lessons in obedience are still not over.”

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I'm totally mesmerized, great story! Lovely images as well, good to have illustrations, but the cruelty of the story itself is great. I especially love the torture games what turn the victims against each other; it was always a favorite method of mine. I hope to read much more from you and I strongly hope that the sadists will make all their promises come true. And more. This is still just light but I assume the used methods and the inflicted injuries may come more severe by time. Great writing and great drawing, thank you!

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I'm totally mesmerized, great story! Lovely images as well, good to have illustrations, but the cruelty of the story itself is great. I especially love the torture games what turn the victims against each other; it was always a favorite method of mine. I hope to read much more from you and I strongly hope that the sadists will make all their promises come true. And more. This is still just light but I assume the used methods and the inflicted injuries may come more severe by time. Great writing and great drawing, thank you!

Great to see you here again SCMandy... ;D

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Thanks for the feedback. Yes it is on the light side, in the sense that there is no permanent injury or snuff. I may do a story that includes that in the future, but this one will not cross that limit.

I also enjoy the competition and prisoner dilemma aspect of bdsm, so the story will get more and more into that.

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Chapter 5

Anna let out a sigh of relief when Kettleman unbound her ankles from the rectangular frame that she had been bound to. She was allowed to stand on her flats of her feet, which provided some welcome relief for her cramping legs. Nurse Beth did the same for Karen. The clamps were removed from the girls as well.

Kettleman gave the girls some time to recover, not out of any real compassion for the girls, but because he wanted them to stay conscious and to truly struggle during the final game that he had planned. He instructed the nurse to give the girls some water and another set of pep pills, as the girls were already losing the fight against sheer exhaustion. They had been bound, suspended, and tortured for 2 and a half hours straight. They were tired, hungry, sore, and shaking both from fear and from the cold. Never had they suffered so much, nor had they seen so much suffering in their entire young lives, and they were terrified of what remained in store for them.

Kettleman did not explain what he and Nurse Beth were setting up, but both girls knew it would not be pleasant. Strange contraptions were wheeled behind both girls. They were tall boxes with a large gear affixed to the top. From the gear hung two arms. The arms were several feet long. Kettleman tied Anna’s left ankle to one of the arms, then her right to the other. Nurse Beth did the same for Karen. Anna assumed that the contraption was used to move her legs apart, but how much, in what way, she was not sure.

Next, the two sadists moved a magic wand massager in front of Anna. The wand was placed on something that looked like a mic stand, with the wand pushing right against her pussy. Then Kettleman brought out a little remote. He wired the wand into the remote, and also wired the other contraption into the remote. Anna assumed the remote must control them both.

Then Kettleman did something strange. He gave the remote to her. Or, more accurately, he forced it into her hand, and then strapped it in place so that she couldn’t drop it.

Then Kettleman and Nurse Beth arranged an identical setup with Karen. Now both girls had their legs tied to long metal arms, and both girls held a controller that lead both to a large vibrator and to the machine controlling the arms.

“Now,” Kettleman began, “I know both of you girls are very sore and in a lot of pain, so I thought that for our last and final test, I would allow you girls a little pleasure for once. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

Neither girl ventured a response.

“I said, ‘Doesn’t that sound nice!’” he repeated.

“Yes, sir,” they complied.

“Good. Now, have either of you girls used a vibrator before?”

Both girls shook their heads. They were both too young to have much experience with them, and besides, such luxuries were hard to come by in the orphanage.

“You’re in luck then. I think you girls are really going to like it. Maybe too much, in fact. These vibrators are very strong. And Nurse Beth and I have aimed them directly at your clits. It may be fun at first, but I must admit, it may get a little… intense.”

Kettleman walked over and held down the button on the remote in Anna’s hand. Nurse Beth did the same for Karen’s. A low humming sound emanated from the wands and filled the room. Anna was suddenly flush from the warm tingly sensations. After an entire night filled with nothing but pain and trauma, such a feeling was almost shocking. Both girls squirmed a bit and let out low moans.

Kettleman continued to explain the test to them as the vibrators hummed along. “The name of this game, girls, is ‘Hold the Button.’ All you have to do to win is to hold down the button in your hand for longer than the other girl. That’s all you have to do.”

Anna looked at the remote in her hand, and at the one in Karen’s hand with a worried look on her face.

“Don’t look so worried, Anna,” Kettleman continued. “All the button does is keep the vibrator running. The bad part only comes when you stop holding down the button.”

To demonstrate, Kettleman and Nurse Beth both let go of the buttons.

Suddenly, the contraption behind each girl started to come to life. Anna noticed that the metal arms holding her legs together started to move. Slowly, almost imperceptivity, her legs started to move apart. Inch by inch, centimeter by centimeter, her legs started to spread. The machine was strong, far stronger than her immature body, and she could do nothing to fight against its relentless pull. After about a minute, her feet had moved about a foot apart. Whereas before she stood flat on the floor, now she had to stand on the balls of her feet. Anna looked over, and noticed that the exact same thing was happenning to Karen.

Kettleman pressed down on the button in Anna’s hand again. Two things happened. The vibrator came back to life, and the machine that was spreading her legs apart had stopped moving. The tingly sensations came back, and she again was squirming and lightly moaning.

“Did you girls notice how the button controls both machines? Hold it down for the vibrator, let go for the leg spreader. One is pleasure, while the other, well, it will bring about the most exquisite pain. That machine will continue to spread you until you are in a full 180-degree split. Even for young, flexible girls such as yourselves, that would bring about nightmarish pain. But alas, at least one of you must experience it tonight. See, there can only be one winner from this game. And there is no more surrendering, no more begging for mercy. I have been too lenient on you girls. This game will continue until one of you lets go of the button long enough to allow the machine to split her legs entirely. It will take roughly about 10 minutes of not holding the button for that to happen.

“But you don’t have to wait the full 10 minutes to start to feel pain. Your muscles and tendons and ligaments will scream out in agony after only 5 minutes. The final 5 minutes will build on that pain exponentially. It will feel like your legs are being pulled from their sockets, like your body will be ripped in half. Fortunately for you, you are young and nimble enough that such an experience will not cause any meaningful lasting damage, but that will be small consolation to you while you are being split apart.

“Just remember, girls, all you have to do to avoid all that pain, and to avoid losing the game for good, is just hold down the button. Do you think you can do that, Anna?”

“Yes, yes sir… I can hold it… ohhhhhhh..”

During that entire speech, Anna’s vibrator was doing its work on her clit. And now the tiny girl was on the verge of her first climax of the night.

“OOoooooooohhhhhhhhhh OHHHHHHHHH AAAHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….” Anna sighed out.

As the muscles in her body relaxed, Anna forgot what she was doing, and let off pressure from the button. The wand stopped, and the machine behind her started to whine. Anna suddenly remembered what she was supposed to do, and, fearing the consequences of having her legs spread painfully apart, slammed down again on the remote, which was still safely strapped in her had. The machine behind her suspended its movement, and the vibrator came back to life. Only this time, it did not feel quite as pleasant as before. Her pussy was a little tender, and her nerves a little more sensitive. It was still pleasurable, but there was this underlying discomfort to the situation. Anna looked over at Kettleman in a way that told him that she was beginning to understand the implications of this game.

“Ah, my dear Anna,” said Kettleman. “You might be starting to realize that holding the button might get a bit difficult. You are a little on track. See, I’m afraid it will get a lot more difficult. A little pleasure is wonderful now and again. A lot of pleasure is also fine every once in awhile. But non-stop, uninterrupted pleasure? Why that would be pure agony. But that is what you will need to do to win the game. And I assure you, the pain from the wand, no matter how awful it gets, will pale in comparison to the pain from the spreader…”

Just then Karen let out her own audible moans, and it was clear that she had just had an orgasm. And, just like Anna, she forgot about the button, and allowed her legs to spread apart. She was a little slower than Anna, though, and allowed the machine to spread her for a good 30 seconds before she remembered what she needed to do. She was still about stand on the balls of her feet, but her feet did have to arch a bit more.

Anna and Karen both focused on trying to stay calm. Anna instinctively knew that the more orgasms she had, the more sensitive she would become and the harder the game would become. Karen came to this realization as well.

Both girls fought against the wands, but the large vibrators hummed relentlessly against their tiny pussies. But neither girl had felt anything give them this much pleasure before, and they were both succumbing its touch. Within minutes both girls experienced their second orgasm.

“Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” moaned Anna.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” followed Karen.

This time, both girls remembered to hold down on their buttons. But Anna was getting increasingly uncomfortable. Her pussy was becoming raw and sore. What was originally pleasure was now becoming overwhelming. Her tender young pussy needed some small relief; some escape from the soulless vibrating wand, if only for a moment. But she was terrified of letting go of the button. Not just out of immediate fear of experiencing terrible pain from torn muscles, but from losing the game, and having to spend countless nights in this basement playing game after game like this. Her one ticket, she thought, of escaping, was to simply grin and bear these uncomfortable sensations.

And she did grin and bear it, through to the 3rd orgasm, then into the 4th. But after her 5th orgasm, Anna was becoming overwhelmed. It was obvious that Karen was also in great distress.

“I can’t, I can’t take it! I need to shut it off…” Karen suddenly exclaimed.

Then she reluctantly, and with a great deal of trepidation, released the button in her hand. And for a brief moment, she was granted the merciful relief that she sought. But that relief was short lived, as the sound of the spreading machine kicked in, and she felt the relentless pull on her bound ankles. She cried at the powerlessness she felt as her legs were being irreversibly spread apart. But she dared not hit the button again. Her pussy radiated waves of pain just from the sensation of touching the still vibrator. She needed just a few moments, she thought. I can do, this, I can do this, she told herself.

Anna came to her own breaking point after her 6th orgasm. Every second became agony as the vibrator abused her raw, naked clit. She knew it was dangerous to do so, but she had to let go of the button. A minute or two would be okay, right? she reasoned.

And so, for a few minutes, the sound of humming vibrators was replaced by moaning, panting, and the strange gear grinding of the spreading machines. Kettleman and Nurse Beth looked on, delighted, as they knew what was coming next.