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Carrie's Holiday Hell
« on: August 23, 2017, 10:12:14 AM »

by deCazy

Carrie lay on the golden sand, soaking up the sun. Her body, clad only in the tiniest thong bikini, glistened with sun cream.
It was so nice to be on holiday in the States! Everyone had been so friendly. Some of them a little TOO friendly.
It had been difficult at the airport, true. A strip search, AND a cavity search? And was it really true that there were no female staff available to handle it? Those men had such big knuckles! And they all wanted to probe Carrie deeply, just to be sure. And was it really true that there wasn't a private room available? Having her pussy and asshole penetrated right there at the baggage check, in front of lines of laughing, staring people, had not been the ideal start to a vacation.
But once at her hotel, things had gone better. True, the bell hop had gotten carried away while showing her her room: demonstrating the merits of the king-sized bed was one thing, but did he have to be so rough about it? But Carrie, being a voluptuous blonde, was used to unwanted attention from men, and knew how to handle it. No tip for that young man, that would teach him a lesson!
Now there was nothing to do but relax, forget the tender feeling between her thighs, and soak up the sun...
Bobby Gophers watched from behind a sandcastle. That blonde bitch, showing almost everything. Bobby would teach her a lesson. Bobby loved teaching pretty girls lessons. Like that Emma Stevens at school. He'd taught her a good one, behind the gym, and when she went crying to the teachers, nobody believed her because Bobby was smart and used a condom. That was pretty sweet. Watching her sobbing and pointing her finger and the incredulous looks on the teachers' faces as Bobby sat there, looking innocent and angelic. Emma was due for a return visit, come to think of it.
Bobby snuck forward when he was sure Carrie was either asleep or in such a sun-soaked daze that she wouldn't be alert. He had his little scissors at the ready. Snip, snip. He sliced away at the little strings connecting the tiny triangles barely covering Carrie's titties. Snip snip, he did the same for her lower triangle. Carefully, he flipped the loose bits of fabric away and gauped at Carrie's large, firm breasts, sat like minarets on her chest, nipples at last exposed. Her pink slit, nestling between her parted thighs: Bobby lay on the sand just to peer right up her.
Then he watched and waited. He had noted that Carrie had set her little travel alarm clock to prevent any risk of sunburn. He reset it for an hour later. The sun beat down... Carrie was well protected from its rays... except for those vital areas previously covered by her bikini. Bobby gloated as slowly, the slumbering bimbo's tits and cunt turned pinker and pinker.
When Carrie's sensitive parts turned a nice red, he called the cops on her, reporting a case of indecent exposure, making sure to mention the culprit was a sexy blonde to ensure a rapid response.
The next thing Carrie knew she was being rudely dragged to her feet, breasts jiggling. The police? And she was naked! Carrie instinctively put her hands to cover her naughty bits, and gasped at the burning sensation! Her skin was red-hot and tender to the touch! All around her, fellow holday-makers were laughing and pointing at the embarrassed naked girl, trying to explain to the big cop that she had been decently covered when she lay down for an innocent sun-bathe, honest she had!
"I've heard enough," said Officer Kupkake, handcuffing Carrie's wrists behind her back. "You foreign sluts think that because you're away from home, no standards apply. Well, this is a decent community, and Justice Kornhole doesn't take kindly to whores who parade their tits and pussies in public. Oh, and next time, maybe put some sunblock on them, you dumb bimbo!" At that, he flicked Carrie's nipple with his thumbnail, causing her to squeal in pain. Everyone laughed.
The cops marched Carrie away naked, leaving her possessions on the beach. Bobby watched her nice round ass sway, and aimed a shot at it with his catapult. "Yow!" went Carrie, stopping in her tracks, causing the cop to scowl, reach between Carrie's legs, and give her tender red clit a good pinch. General laughter as Carrie sobbed, and was marched back to the squad car.
Bobby was pleased with his efforts. Carrie would continue to pay the consequences of his little joke while he had long forgotten it and was enjoying other diversions. That Emma Stevens... she had almost lost the defeated, shamed look he had enjoyed putting on her face. Time he put her in her place again...
Carrie yelped when she sat in the back seat of Officer Kupkake's patrol car: he had parked in the sun and the upholstery was scorching hot on her bare bottom.
She yelped again when he hauled her out of there at the courthouse: her skin had stuck to the seating and she nearly left it behind as she was dragged into the open air. There were a lot of people around to laugh and point at the cute naked girl with the crimson tits and ass...
Then Carrie at least had a chance to cool off. The holding cells were underground and unheated and the cold earth all around drained all the warmth from them. You could see your breath in the air. Carrie spent two hours shivering in a cement cell, sitting on a steel fold-down bed. Nobody offered her a blanket, or food, or anything. Just occasionally a guard would peep in at her through the spyhole and she could hear laughter, usually but not always male.
Finally, Carrie was led from her cell. Her wrists, which had been unshackled, were chained up again, behind her back. Every now and then someone pinched her tender parts as she was frogmarched through dark corridors. A trip in a crowded elevator left her feeling black and blue, and some of those fingers did more than pinch!
Finally some double doors swung open and Carrie was horrified to find herself in court, still naked and unable to cover herself! There was general hubbub and laughter as she was marched up to the dock, but before entering it, the judge, a decrepit and disreputable looking fellow, intervened.
"Given that the accused's, ahem, physical appearance is relevant to the case, perhaps you should position her in front of the dock rather than inside, so we can all continue to appraise her disgraceful appearance?" He was smiling lasciviously as he said it.
So the guards, with a good deal of unnceessary prodding and manhandling, placed Carrie before the dock, her bare feet balancing precariously on a little step, so she was raised up for all to see.
"Now, Deke," said the judge, and Sheriff Kupkake stood up, "Am I to understand you found this slut parading herself in a nude condition, as we see her here before us, her dugs an' cootie exposed to the eyes of all an' sundry?"
"Well, yer honor," said Kupkake, "She wasn't exactly parading, more in the way of jes' layin' there, on display."
"Did you perceive in her comportment an invitation to lewd behavior?" asked the judge, narrowing his eyes.
"I sure did!" chortled the sheriff. "Layin' there splayed out with her cunt open for all to see! The little bitch was askin' for a dick up her, an' no mistake!"
"I was not!" cried Carrie, horrified. "I was just sunbathing, and somebody -"
"Silence that slut!" yelled the judge, and the guards were immediately on Carrie, fastening a horse's bit between her teeth, and again fondling and pinching her much more than the occasion demanded. Carrie was left gagged, unable to keep from drooling, feeling altogether humiliated as her saliva dripped onto her firm, pert, tender tits.
"Contempt of court, added to public nudity, disturbing the peace, lewd conduct and, ah..."
"Resisting arrest!" volunteered Officer Kupkake. "I had to subdue the slut by force!"
"You did? Would you show the court how?" said Justice Kornhole, livening up considerably.
"Well, I had no choice but to knock the wind out of her a little," grinned the Sheriff, sauntering up to where Carrie stood trembling on her step. "Like SO-"
And the Sherriff slugged Carrie in the lower stomach, between navel and pussy, causing her to double up and fall forward. The Sheriff ducked and caught her over his shoulder, grabbing her ass to keep her in position, as Carrie gasped, her eyes watering and face going purple, the only sound she was capable of being a low "Urrrrggghhh..."
The Sheriff tipped Carrie back onto her feet and steadied her with a leathery hand on her right boob. Chuckles from the crowd.
"And she came quietly after that, I take it?"
"No, as a matter of fact, i had to slap her pretty face a couple of times... like THIS... and THIS!"
The Sheriff gave Carrie two beautiful backhanders, each knocking her head to the side, first left, then right. Carrie's ears were ringing. A drop of spit turned pink with blood splashed onto her right nipple.
The judge leaned forward. "OK, little Miss Honeycunt. I've heard about enough. Now, I can either send you to the pen for, oh, six months, or you can join me in chambers and beg for a little, ah, plea bargain. I love to see a pretty slut plead... Just nod your head if you want to take that option."
Carrie hesitated, while Justic Kornhole shimmered through her tears. Then she nodded...
...and not long after, she was nodding some more, bobbing her head in the judge's lap as she sucked off a big dick that had just finished pounding her poor pussy and her tight little asshole. The cum was dripping from that poor abused opening, rendered soft and slasck by the vigorous pounding it had suffered, and Carrie was gagging on the taste of the filthy great cock in her mouth, which tasted rank and sticky from her poor asshole.
Twenty minutes later she was back in the court as the judge settled behind his desk, adjusting his flies. Carrie had cum all over her face but at least her ordeal was at an end, she thought. If satisfying this repulsive old pervert kept her out of prison, she thought...
But it didn't.
"Six months!" delared Justice Kornhole. How he loved to see the expressions on the cunt's faces when they found out they'd been tricked. Carrie couldn't even muster a cry of outrage of a coherent complaint as the guards bundled her off towards the van which would take her to the Whiphard Correctional Institute for Women (a facility which had failed numerous reviews and been frequently condemned for the harshness of its treatment and its unpleasant conditions).
"Who's next?" grinned Kornhole.
"Bobby Gophers," said Kupkake. He was caught molesting young Emma Stevens in the park. He had raped her mouth and pussy and was just starting in on her virgin asshole when we caught him. Well, since he had the head of his cock up her already, we figured the damage was done and let him finish, then we nabbed him."
"Very reasonable. Well, that Bobby's a good kid at heart, I feel disinclined to punish him unduly. Wasn't there some trouble with that Stevens slut last year?"
"She made a complaint about Bobby but we 'accidentally' lost the semen sample," smirked Kupkake.
"Troublemaker, huh? Bring her in. I fancy a piece of that sweet ass myself. Afterwards she can provide company for that other cunt in the county slammer."
"Shouldn't she go to the juvenile centre?" asked Kupkake, raising an eyebrow.
"Misfile the paperwork," laughed the judge. "The idea of that teen tramp at the mercy of three hundred bull dykes gets me hard... Oh, and Kupkake?"
"Yes, judge?"
"Give young Bobby this twenty bucks and tell him keep up the good work."

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Re: Carrie's Holiday Hell
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Hold on! Are we to understand poor Carrie was FISTED both fore and aft during her cavity search? That's thorough work from those officials. Or was it just the finger joints that were big? Just trying to get the details straight. I sure hope she's filed for a mistrial? Great work, as always.  :police:
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Re: Carrie's Holiday Hell
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The airport officials had to do a thorough job, so I imagine they'd go elbows-deep in the sobbing slut.

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Re: Carrie's Holiday Hell
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Ooo it would be so cruel not to follow this up with Carrie's stay in prison!  :police:

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Re: Carrie's Holiday Hell
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I definitely intend to spend some time describing how Carrie gets on repaying society. I also have another follow-up to write, which will explain how she recovers from her colossal beating/gang rape in Carrie's Televized Torment. Hint: the doctors aren't terribly sympathetic to the little cunt. :emot_rotf.gif: