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More Than Laundry
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What follows is a fantasy of rape and blackmail, The characters are all above  the age of consent  before the beginning of chapter two. In no way do i advocate the abuse or rape of anyone. Rape is a crime and blackmail is also a crime against society as well as morally wrong. Learn the difference before the law learns about you!

Enjoy the following

I hate doing the laundry, but I can’t afford to buy new clothes everyday so I have no option. The worst part was taking the elevator from the fifth floor to the rec level in the apartment building. Four washers and four dryers to serve all thirty apartments in the building,but I’ve learnt the secret comes down after midnight and I can have the whole room to myself, most nights.

Especially on Sundays of a long weekend, normally I just sit and read while waiting for the machines to run their cycles. But not this particular Sunday , labour day weekend, the first time I’ve ever came down and got more than my laundry done. Little did I know for fifteen dollars I would get clean clothes and come into possession of the cutest seventeen year old in the entire building.

Picture this I’m waiting for one of the three elevators to make it’s way to the fifth floor, two were for everyday use, one strictly for moving in or out with. One finally shows and i wheel my Rubbermaid Trash Barrel that I use for laundry into it and descend the six floor to the laundry room. Just as i get off the elevator,I see a young guy i never seen in the building before trying the laundry room door.

“Gimme me a second and I’ll let you in?” Turning at the sound of my voice, he spots me and immediately bolt to the exit leading to the underground parking level and the side exit. Wondering what that was all about I unlock the door and enter to a slim blond draped over the folding table on her stomach with her pants and thong down by her ankle, a blindfold around her eyes

“About time Tim, it’s a bit cold in here and i’m worried that mom or dad will realize that I’m not in bed!” Wigging a fantastic looking ass in my face. About to say I’m not Tim when she clips in “Now get over here and take me, I don’t want to celebrate my eighteenth birthday as a virgin!”

Fuck as if the sight of that ass facing me wasn’t enough to get me hard, her words got me there instantly. Moving back to the cabinet above the sink a foot away from the door i get the ‘out of order’ sign and tack it to the hallway side of the door. Closing it and making sure it’s locked, I get out of my shorts and underwear  and make my way silently towards her. Without saying a word I go to my knees and begin to lick that gorgeous pink pussy.

“Oh Tim where did you learn to do that!” she tries to push her pussy harder to my lips. “Oh Tim that feels so good!” her breath coming a little faster as she withers on the tabletop. “Damn I knew you would be the right one to do me!”  She strains her legs then cries out “Ohh yesssssss!” As she lets me have the first taste of her juices.

Her breathing coming a bit harder “Please Tim! Take me now, I don’t want to be a virgin come one am!” Getting up checking my watch, twelve forty-four, well she willing and ready to have it, so why not? Moving between her spreaded legs and rubbing the head of my cock up and down from her pussy to her little brown starfish that was winking at me

“No! Don’t tease me, I’m ready, take me!”

Obeying her command, Taking some of her moisture  to coat my cock with I line up and slowly enter her wet passage. She cries out as I press against her hymen, trying to be as gentle as possible forging my cock ahead until I tear it apart. I'll admit I’m not the most endowed guy but my five inches is the first cock to claim this tight passage

“Oh god I feel fuller than I ever been before!” As I wait for her to adjust from having nothing to suddenly what feels like a log in there. As the mirror on the wall between the dryers give me a side view of her aquiline facial features as they soften from a grimace of pain to partial delight.  Slowly I begin to take her for the first time  moving no more than a couple of inches at a time until she starts to mewl.

For a bit long I continue that until I think she ready for faster  longer strokes into her.  “Damn mom was lying to me, sex feel good, really, really good!” hearing that brings a smile to my lips so i start to increase how hard i was fucking her virginal passage. To increase her pleasure i use my left thumb to work her clit as i fuck her. Her moans of pleasure, turns me on so much that i lift her off the tabletop and my right arm around her chest holding her erect to me.
Moving backwards so she steps out of her pants and thong I fuck her standing up for a few strokes.

Kissing her neck, then down her shoulders, groping her clothed breast, she moan more as I grind my pelvis into her rear. Feeling my balls begin to twitch, I lower her back to the tabletop  and pull out, before spraying ropes of hot cum across her back and ass.

“Tim you remembered!”  The sound of the pleasure in her voice made me so elated inside that i continued to play with her clit until she cried out “Gooooodd Yessssss!”  She goes limp on the tabletop and I use that time to collect her thong, planning to use it as a souvenir of our tryst

“Oh my god that was so great!” reaching around to untie the blindfold , lifting it up before turning to see her lover for the first time since their coupling “And you were a perfect gentlemen…” Spotting me naked “Mr. Mullens you’re not Tim!” Covering her freshly fucked pussy with her hands

“Really Christy, modest after letting me take your virginity?”

“But I thought!’...” then the horror of the situation strikes her “Please Mr. Mullens don’t say anything to my mom and dad!”

"And say what?, how their horny little girl gave me the greatest experience doing laundry ever!” Moving closer to her leaning in and kissing her on the lips “No Christy this is just between you and me!” Ashamed of what she done she hurriedly grabs her pants and dresses then rushes to the door fighting to get it open

“I locked it!” She fumbles with the lock before getting it open and rushes out leaving me with one hell of a memory to get me through the task at hand. Two hours later i’m back in my place folding the clean laundry, when it done i put it away and go to bed.

A little after eleven I’m awoken by the doorbell ringing. Stumbling out of bed, trying to find my robe, the ding dong of the bell pissing me off more “Fucking  hold your horses I’m trying to get decent!” Finally finding the robe securing it around the waist, I go to the door as the bell finally stops. Looking out the peephole before undoing the chain lock I see Christy standing there her anxiously moving from foot to foot. Opening the door “What do you want now?”

“Can I come in mr. Mullens”

Standing back  motioning her to enter. Closing the door behind her then walking past her into the living room, flopping down on the couch. Looking up at her

“So birthday girl what can I do for you?”

“Mr Mullens, sir did you take my thong earlier?” a  fearful tone in her voice

"Might have!" I know I did but let her sweat it out and see what i could get from it!

“Could I have it back please before my parents find it missing and i get into trouble!”

As she speaks it all comes back to me. Looking her in the eyes “Well Christy want are you willing to do to get them back?”

                                                                                       To be Continued
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Re: More The Laundry
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thumbs up, hope to see more soon

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Re: More Than Laundry
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Oh if only laundry was half this exciting.  Good work.

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Re: More Than Laundry
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Very well done, gsc!
I could rape your pussy, but I'd be in and out in a few minutes. So I choose to rape your mind, and I'll be inside you forever!

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Re: More Than Laundry
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Thank you Groucho,darklord and vile8r hopefully what follows show just how his laundry time turned even more beautiful for him


“Please Mr. Mullens, If mom or dad found out I returned back home with then they will go mental!”

“Well clearly we can’t have that now can we Christy?” patting the pillow beside me “But you haven’t answered my question What are you willing to do to get them back?”

She sits down as far away from me as possible on the couch “Please Mr. Mullens you’ve always been nice to me before, Can’t I just get them back please!”.

Getting up I go to the bedroom, retrieving them before I return to the living room. Handing them back to her  “Here you got to me with that I’ve always been nice line!”

Jumping to her feet Thank you mr. Mullens, you’re a life saviour!” Hugging me  then starting towards the door.

“No problem Christy wonder though what they would do if I accidentally let it slip to your dad tomorrow on the golf course  of our hook up in the laundry room Sunday morning?”

That freezes her in her tracks, slowly turning back towards me  her face as white as if she seen a ghost “You wouldn’t do that would you?”

“Well you know in the heat of competition guys will say anything to get an edge on the opponent!” Sitting back down on the couch spreading my arms over the top of the back. Smiling as she stand there stunned at the implications of my words Lowering my left arm, patting the empty pillow again “Why don’t you come over here and let’s talk how you can prevent that from happening Christy?”

She doesn’t move, so I get up and help her back to the couch. Taking her by the elbow and walking her to it, waiting until she resumes sitting  before I sit close beside her. Putting my left arm around her shoulder, turning her head towards me. “Now Christy, Let me tell you why I’m doing this to you. Since I had you earlier this morning I been in bed dreaming of teaching you even more!” Letting that sink in before continuing.

“I was the one who opened you to new experiences  and I want to continue showing  you even more experiences before I let you go!”  She just sit there not saying anything, only looking at me because of my hold on her head. “So what do you say, experience more or have the pleasure of telling mommy and daddy why their little slut was in the laundry room trying to get fucked by some dweeb?”

“He not a dweeb, Tim was more gentlemanly than you were!”

“Really that’s why he left you draped over the table top nude and blindfolded!” She starts to tear up as I let go of her head and drop my hand down to the side of her left breast.  “And hey to prove I’m not going to do you dirty, you can act as my caddy tomorrow to be there when your dad and I play our round!”

She swats my hand away  “How could you do me any dirtier than you already have?”

“Do your parents know you’re here right now?” Standing up in front of her, staring into her eyes, seeing my answer as she starts to tremble a barely whispered ‘no’ reaches my ears. “Maybe I should see how well you learnt to use that pussy of your?” Her eyes open wide in fear.

“P-p-p-p-please this morning was wrong, I thought you were Tim or else I would never have let to fuck me!” Moving further on the couch, trying to get away from me. “You rape me this morning and stole my thong!”

“Right and the reason you came here to get a piece of fabric back instead of just going to a store and buying one is?” before she can answer “The reason why you didn’t tell mom and dad that you were coming to see me is?” Grasping her chin making her look at me “Oh I know why, because inside you like it didn’t you, you hoping I would take you again aren’t you Christy!” letting go of her chin, stepping back.

“No I don’t want that, I don’t even want to say I know you!” Tears coming to her eyes

“Really so how are you going to rectify the memory of me being your first, they say you always remember your first!” Digging into the pocket of my robe for a kleenex, passing it to her to wipe her eyes. “So do we have a deal or are you going  to pray that I keep quiet tomorrow?” Full out crying now “Tell you what!, I’ll give you until tee off time of ten tomorrow for your answer!” Moving away from the couch, turning towards the kitchen door “Oh where are my manners “Would you like something to drink? Coffee, tea, soft drink?”

The door closing on it’s own greets my ears when I turn to get her reply. A smile on my face, thinking that she is going to show up tomorrow! What her parents thinks means more to her than her actions today. Going back to bed, I jerk off to the memory of my fucking that sweet pussy.


9:57AM, I’m standing on the first tee, trying to keep the evil grin off my face as Christy and her father Bob approaching. “Sorry for the delay Rob, over breakfast I commented that I was going to play a round with you today and mentioned that you rarely have a caddy so Christy offered to caddy for you if you’re willing to have her?

‘Oh I was more than willing to have her’ ran through my thoughts but to Bob all I say was “Oh I’m sure she would rather caddy for you rather than me?
“No Mr. Mullens, daddy doesn’t need help he got a new robo- caddy!” coming over to me picking up my Bag containing one wood, an iron, a putter and a wedge plus a dozen balls and some tees. “Wow are you just beginning to learn to play?” Hi robo caddy was a skedway with a built in club holder

Both her father and I laugh as we start to play. Two hours later were in the clubhouse, where he father excuses himself to go to the washroom. While he gone I count the money I took off him from side bets. 150 dollars which I hand 75 to Christy, looking at me weird “You deserve it, that choice of an iron on the eighth hole, I would never have thought to use a wedge for a par three! That was my first hole-in-one!”

Looking to see if her father is returning. “I want to thank you for not saying anything about Sunday morning to dad!”

“I did what I said I would, now how about you?”

The look of defeat in her eyes tells me what her voice isn’t. Just then her dad makes his reappearance, a cell phone to his ear. “Yes I’ll be there first thing tomorrow, me and Sarah Jean!” A pause then “Goodbye June!”  Sitting down  looking to Christy “The property in Willowdale your mom and I are trying to buy, well it’s our all we have to do is be there by ten tomorrow and sign on the dotted line, so mom and me are going to leave tonight, Will you alright alone for a couple of days Christy

“Sure dad!”

“I”d feel better if i knew someone was going to be there if you needed help!” Snapping his fingers, turning to me “Rob I know it would be an inconvenience but could Christy come to you if she needs help while her mom and me are gone?”

"Really dad I turned eighteen yesterday, I think I can handle myself alone!, no offense to you mr. Mullens!"

"None taken Christy, oh and Happy belated Birthday!" For what I have planned with Christy , talk about convenient  “Why sure!, glad to help her anytime with anything!” Hearing that her dad gets up to call his wife , leaving Christy and me once more alone “Oh yes I be very glad to have you all to myself for two days!” Giving her an evil grin. She shivers as she gets my meaning.

                                                                                               More to follow

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Re: More Than Laundry
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nice one gscmar. Builds up the tension what will happen to her next

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Re: More Than Laundry
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Perfect set-up!
I could rape your pussy, but I'd be in and out in a few minutes. So I choose to rape your mind, and I'll be inside you forever!

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Re: More Than Laundry
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Nicely done :)

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Re: More Than Laundry
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Well gentlemen, now i get a little evil with Christy!


By three Bob and Sarah Jean are off for Willowdale  and by three thirty i’m knocking on the door to apartment 204 , waiting for Christy to open the door. Imagine my surprise when i came face to face with Tim. “Christy doesn’t need no old guy to look after her, so why don’t you take off back to where you came from?”

“Okay can you pass a message from me to her?” Tim nods his head “525-555-4695!”

“What’s that?

“She’ll know, tell her she knows where to find me and that you better not be with her when she comes!” Turning walking away, knowing before I’m back to my door, she’ll be  at my back. True to my though I’m grabbed by the shoulder and spun around

“Sorry Mr. Mullens! Tim got confused when I told him you were going to check in on me!” Oh she’s smooth, I’ll give her that! “ Well as you can see I’m alright, so thank you for checking on me.”

“Oh Christy! I plan on doing more than just check in every now or then!” There that looks of worry in her eyes again “ Until your parents get back, I’m moving in with you?”

“What!” a little louder than she planned!

Mrs. Pine in apartment 202 opens her door! “Please I just got little Brian down for a nap, so keep it down out here!”

“Sorry Mrs Pine!”  Taking me by the hand walking me back to her apartment door. Opening it and taking me inside, closing the door, Quietly asking me, “You’re kidding about moving in here right?”

Looking around a well decorated living room, seeing Tim still sitting there. “And he’s here for what reason?”

“He’s my friend and I want his company!”

“Okay why don’t I just give Bob a call and see what his opinion about Tim is?” Pulling out my phone and showing her his number is already on the screen turning it back and making that i was going to press it. Her hand shoots out, gripping my wrist. Sighing softly then turning to Tim.

“Tim, I need you to leave, Mr. Mullens reminded me that I’m not to have anyone over while my parents are gone!” Tim hems and haws but he leaves after giving me a dirty look. Once he’s gone “So saying you’re moving in was just a ploy to get rid of Tim right?”

Letting my action reply for me I start pulling my t-shirt out of my jeans , then taking it off and leaving it on the arm of the couch. “Now Christy! why don’t you show me what I want to see?

“B-b-b-b-ut our apartment is laid out just like yours is?” Not Comprehending what I wanted to see

“Oh I’ll see the apartment in time!” Moving to her “What I want to see is what I didn’t get to see Sunday  morning in the laundry room!”

“But you saw my pussy and ass!” Trying to hold her eyes on mine “You even used me sexually what else do you want to see?”  Then I swear  I saw the moment when she figured it out in her eyes. Crossing her arms across her chest “Please I”m not that type of girl!”

“No Christy! you’re the type who sneaks out to get screwed by a gutless dweeb in a Laundry room!” Moving closer reaching for the sides of her top, pulling them out of her shorts “Now it’s time for me to see the upper half I didn’t see Sunday.  She pushes my hands back down until I give her a quick slap to her hands “Now Christy this can be gentle or violent, choice is yours!”

Trembling she lowers her hands to her side, grasping the fabric of the top and slowly lifting it up. A tone stomach and just a slight hint of under boob greets me as I take a step back, Another step and half nipple and breast comes into view. Backing up to the side of the couch, she had her top equal with her armpits. Shakily “Please let me keep my top on!”

“Christy obviously you planned to show Tim you tits so why not the guy who popped your cherry?” Taking a step back towards her “Now if you want I’ll take it off, you and use it to tie your hands together then…!”

The top wipes up and off, landing in front of her on the floor, her hand covering her breasts. Glaring at her, she drops her hands and I get my first view of the most darling 34a cup breasts I ever seen in person! “Oh Christy those are perfect, just begging me to taste them!” Moving fast to grasp her before she could get into a room and shut the door

“No, leave me alone!” As I pull her with me to the couch, tears beginning to form in her eyes. Sitting down on the edge of the couch, pulling her down to sit on my lap. Lowering my head to her pert breasts, flicking my tongue over each nipple, licking them until the gentle rise like a inflamed bug bite. “Oh that is so perfect I just have to get a picture of them!” Taking me hand off her left arm and reaching for my phone in my back pocket. She starts to squirm, trying to break free. Gripping her right wrist hand enough that I could feel her bones actually begin to bend a bit, she takes the hint and stops
Phone in hand, the telltale click of the camera function, a quick check that i got a good shot before pocketing it again. Lowering my head to her left breast opening my mouth wide enough to suck as much as I could of her breast inside. Keeping it there for a few seconds before allowing it to escape “Just as sweet as your pussy tasted Sunday!”

Whimpering to me, “Please I feel dirty when you do that!”

“Oh Christy then let me lick them clean!” Starting with long licks of her right breast before sucking as much of it into my mouth. Tears freely flowing down her face drips off her chim making her breast seem slight salty and sweet tasting to me. Letting my left hand wander to the cleft between her legs, surprised to find she’s slightly wet. Spitting her breast out “Are you getting turned on Christy?”

Vehemently denying it “No I have to go to the washroom!” Grasping her by the waist lifting her up onto her feet, I walk her to the bathroom, the only door on the left hand wall of the hallway. Releasing her, she goes in and tries to close the door.Taking her shorts and thong down she sits down

“No Christy the door stays open, while I’m here. Resigned she moves to the bowl and sits down, within seconds she turning a beet red aas she starts to pee. Of course it didn’t help when i called in “Even your peeing sounds like a melody to me!” As she finishes, I go in, taking toilet paper “Here let me get some practice wiping your pretty pussy clean!”

Adding to her humiliation, reaching between her legs wiping “As long as your shorts and thong are down you might as well take them off and leave them in your room Christy!” Without, a word she bends down and picks up her clothes getting up going across the hall, four steps past the bathroom into a room with a twin bed, dresser, student desk and a two shelf bookcase. On the bed a teddy bear, above the head of the bed on the wall a poster ‘Today the day I’m going to be Me!’

“Oh this just screams a virgin lives here!” walking in behind her “Christy I just have to take one of your virginities her before your parents comes home!”

“But already took my virginity!”

“Not all of them!” Looking at her tremble as I continue “or are you telling me that dweeb boy been in your mouth, cause for some reason I can’t envision him taking you in the ass!”

“Tim been a perfect gentleman towards me, he never even tried to kiss me without permission!!” why doesn’t that surprise me about the dweeb, he’s probably the type who asks his own permission to wipe his ass after taking a dump!

"Well Christy I’ll let you decide what I’m going to take from you in here tonight!” Moving aside “But until then it’s time I made you something to eat, so come you’re going to be my sous chef and my tastebuds cleanser!”. Think I maybe taking a chance,I lead her into the kitchen. Finding ingredients, I set about to make a chicken breast stir fry for our dinner. Letting Christy cut the chicken into cubes I prep the veggies, every once in a while snacking on one then moving close to her to lick her breast or to kiss them.

While it cooking, I have her stand beside me so i could kiss or lick her breasts whenever the desire hit me.  Just before saying it’s done I surprise her and kiss her on the lips, hard and sensual. Breaking it off, looking at her confused face “Why don’t you set the table while I serve!” She turns to get the plate, every once in awhile sneaking a look at me, when she doesn’t think i’m looking. I wonder if she realizes after supper I plan to either teach her something new of let her get more experience in her pussy!

                                                                                     More Coming!

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Re: More Than Laundry
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After the table is set, before I serve the meal, I go find a pair of candles to light our meal. Pulling out her chair, I sit Christy before return with the stir fry. Dishing her a decent portion, I do the same for myself, then sit down to enjoy it. Digging in I see that Christy is picking at her food “What’s wrong Christy, still wondering what you’re going to give me tonight in your bedroom?”

Dropping her fork onto the tabletop she looks up “Why are you doing this to me Mr. Mullens?”

“Oh please call me Rob, Christy!” taking another bite before continuing “After all what are you going to call me when you tell people who your first was?”

“Who says I’m going to tell anyone anything?  Pushing her chair away from the table “All I going to say is that I was robbed of my virginity!” Getting up to leave

“Cute Christy, now sit back down and eat before I decide I’m done and go for my dessert!” placing two fingers, one on each side of my mouth then making like I’m tonguing her pussy. She sits back down and pulls in as tight as he can, a look of disgust and fer on her face. “Eat up, you’ll be thanking me for the energy the meal will give you later tonight!”

Picking up the fork once more, dipping it into the mound on her plate  “You never answered my question, Rob-b-b-b!”

"I’ve told you Sunday in my apartment, I dream of opening your mind and body to the world of sex!” Getting up coming around to her chair , taking her chin in my right hand, turning her head towards me.
“Since Sunday morning when I tasted and fucked your pussy all I though about was having every inch of that body experience cock from me!”  My left hand groping her left breast “I want to be the one that makes you excited about sex!”

“But I don’t want that at all!” tears coming back to her eyes

“Really, Is that why your nipple is indenting my palm?”  Hooking my leg around her chair, using my right hand to grasp the top of her chair as I pull her away from the table “Bet if i fell down below I’d find that you’re beginning to get wet!” She covers her cleft with both hands, leaving me perfect access to her right breast. Soon her right nipple is just as erect. With a bit of constant attention to them I see her squirm in her chair , bit her lower lip then give a low moan of pleasure

“Did Christy just have an orgasm from me playing with her nipples?”Letting go of her right breast and reaching down, sliding my hand onto the wet surface under the skin of her upper thigh. “My god you did!” Returning my hand back to her breast, manipulating both more

“Please stop! You make me feel dirty when I do that!”

“Nothing to feel dirty about Christy!”  leaning in to lick the side of her neck before continuing “All your doing is proving that your body is highly tuned to sexual stimulation!” Once more licking her neck then nibbling on her earlobe And trust me I plan to stimulate you as long as I can tonight!”

“What do you say want to skip the rest of dinner and go be stimulated?”

Her voice is a little strained when she says “No!’ but the little drops of scented moisture, falling off the edge of her chair tells me otherwise.

“Christy why do you deny that you want me to take you, That you’re excited by the thought of me and you spending the next two days together

Looking up to me “I’m not excited by how you touch me, or with what you want to do to me!”  Grabbing my hand, moving them from her breasts “In fact I promise to never cum for you ever!”

“Is that a challenge Christy?”  Twisting my wrists over so I can grab her hands. Lifting her up off the chair “Let Us put that to the test shall we. Forcing her over to the couch, making her get up on her knees, her breasts pressed into the back of the couch as I climb on behind her.

“No please I misspoke, I’ll cum for you every time you play with my breasts, I promise just please don’t fuck me!” She getting hysterical as I press the tip of my cock into her pussy. “Please don’t do it like this to me!” Thanks to her already being soaked i sink in easily, spreading her inner walls as i continue to move into her.

She gasps out loud as I stop deep into her. Holding still I whisper in her ear “Tell you what Christy If You make me cum before you I’ll leave you all alone while your parents are gone, but if i make you cum first then you will do anything i want you to do!” Pulling back before thrusting in again “Well! deal or not!”

My left hand reaches down to play with her clit, my right drawing circles on her right nipple once more as I begin to fuck her with long slow strokes.  She bits her lower lips and a low moan escapes her followed by a long “Yessssssssss!” Even though I know she is saying that in pleasure I plan to hold her to our deal!

Moving faster, using short rapid strokes to make her climax build faster. Whispering into her ear “Oh I going to make you mine before the taking you in your room Christy!” moving my lips to the other side “If you thought you were feeling dirty before just wait until I cum deep in you pussy!” Her panting breath greets me as she tries to speak

“No!, No!, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” I feel her hot liquid rain over my cock inside her pussy. Her head lowers onto the top of the couch’s back, openly crying that she didn’t have enough experience to make me cum first.

“You cum over my cock so it’s only fair that I anoint your pussy with it’s first dose of man cum! Thrusting back in deep holding it there as I unload my balls into her for the first time. Pulling out, letting her collapse onto the couch, pulling her knees up to her chest, crying both tears of shame and pleasure.

Getting up “So it official Christy, for the next two days You’re going to be my personal sex toy!” She doesn’t look to me, just lies there sobbing at her fate. Giving her an idea of what’s to come “Oh I can’t wait until I introduce you to anal!” running my left hand over her round ass cheek facing me. I didn’t wait, getting down on my knees, putting my middle finger into her sopping pussy lubing it up with our combine juices before rubbing them over her hidden sphincter.

Going back for more, I bring my finger to her asshole gentle applying pressure until I pass through to the first knuckle. “Owwwwwwwww! Oh god that hurts, take it out!” Pushing it further in as she grabs a pillow and covers her face to muffle her screams of pain. Undaunted I continued to finger fuck her asshole

“If this hurts just wait until I push my cock through there!”  Taking mercy on her I pull out letting her turn her ass to the couch back, blocking my access to it. “Rest up Christy, while I clean up then it’s onto your bed room!”

                                                                     More To Come

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Re: More Than Laundry
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Great story looking forward to more!

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Re: More Than Laundry
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And Cambel74 more you shall get!

Part Five

Being unfamiliar where things go it took me over forty minutes to do the dishes, wash the table top then take the garbage out. All the while Christy remained on the couch, like I left her. When I came back in, she’s no long sobbing, hell she not making any noise that I can hear, seems she cried herself to a semblance of sleep. Now that gave me an idea

Gentle rolling her onto her back, leaving her in peace while I go get my phone. Coming back  snapping  two pictures of the body that has captured me desires. Gently spreading her legs open, there more than a trace of my cum still coming from her pussy, snapping more pictures. Returning her to her original position gently opening spreading her right ass cheek taking more pictures of her little brown hole.

Going down the hallway past her room to a slim door, hoping like me they use the small closet behind it as a linen closet. They do so I get a blanket to cover Christy with and leave her to recover from what I made her do so far. Checking my watch, a little after six o’clock, I decide to learn more about my latest conquest. Going to her desk, finding a notebook splayed open, a planner that she’s using as a type of diary. Picking it up scanning random entries, until i notice “This mo d um!”

Remembering what my sister’s were like I move to her bed and lift the mattress and bingo! Taking out a hardcover book with the usual hasp lock keeping it closed. Not believing I would find the key, I take a chance and go to the bathroom looking for a hair clip. Finding an entire jar of them I take one and pop the lock in seconds with it. Returning to her bedroom, so I”m not caught reading her most personal thoughts. Scanning random entries again i learn that she into pop music, baby animals and lately  having lots of what she would call ‘dirty thought’

Reading more intently her second last entry “Tim agreed to be my first. I’m so excited but he wants to roleplay our encounter. Something that he calls a kinky encounter that just perfect for a girl like me. I can hardly wait.” Continuing onto her last entry “This morning I lost my virginity but not to Tim!” Mr. Mullens took me like I imagined Tim would have!” Then I read words that shocked me “He was so gentle and respectful that I would love to have him  back between my legs again!”

“Oh Christy, such a virginal reactional! Well little girl I’ll be more than willing fill you up anytime you want!” Closing the diary and returning it under the mattress , I return to the living room finding Christy sitting up the blanket wrapped around her like a snuggie , only her arms were covered also.She looks to me as I take a seat beside her.

“So you would have me back between your legs again would you?” The expression on her face made me want to take her once more right there. Moving as far away as possible from me she opens her mouth to speak, but nothing comes out.

Letting her off the hook. “Your diary is interesting reading Christy!” Moving so she kind of trapped between the side of the couch and me “And you can definitely believe that I’m more than willing to fuck you whenever you want!’ Pursing my lips and blowing her an air kiss.

She turns red “You’ve read my diary!” Embarrassed knowing what she wrote about me! “Well that was before you forced yourself into my life!” Covering her head with the blanket so she didn’t have to look at me. “Why don’t you just leave me alone!”

“Because I promised your dad to look out for you!” Gripping the blanket and lowering it “But mostly After Sunday morning I want to fuck you every way I can!” Takin the front of the blanket out of Christy’s hand, opening it out so I could see those darling tits, the  toned stomach and the her lap. “So have you decided what I’m going to get from you in your bedroom Christy!”

Taking her hand “Coming or do you want me to carry you to your room ?”

“Neither just do what you’re going to do to me here and get it over with!”

"But Christy your little girl’s room just begs to see you taken in it so it can become a big girl’s room! Gently pulling her up off the couch to her feet “And since I do like make overs, your’s have already started now it’s your rooms time!” before she can struggle i scoop her up, carrying her down the hall, stopping outside of her room “If I may make a suggestion, you’re already aware that anal is going to hurt so you may want something soft to thrash on while I fuck your ass open!”

She tries to get way, kicking her legs  wide to throw me off balance. Succeeding when her left knee comes in contact with the side of my ribs. Once out of me arms she bolts towards her parent’s room swinging the door closed as I swiftly recover. Just as he door’s about to latch, I ram into it, making it fly open, knocking her backwards to the floor. Grabbing her by her arms I drag her back towards her room.

Once there, “Last chance ass or mouth, choice is your’s Christy!” Standing between her and the door, letting go of her arms, She crawls to the end of her bed, getting up on her knees using her bed to lean on.

“Please don’t fuck my ass, your finger felt like it was tearing my apart!” tears flowing down her cheeks “Please just fuck my pussy again!”

“Your pussy wasn’t a choice, ass or mouth?”

Just above a whisper then,” I’ll suck your cock!”

As the last syllable of mouth comes out I move in front of her, Lifting her chin up “Well then open wide!” Grasping my cock with my free hand rubbing the tip along her bottom lip then the upper one!”  Now make an ‘o’ shape Christy and slide your tongue along my shaft.  As i push forwards i grimace as her upper teeth scrapes the middle of my shaft. Knowing she lacks experience, I grip her hair pulling her off my cock.

Keep this in mind when  sucking a cock “Curl your upper lip under your top teeth.!” Moving it with my fingers “Guys won’t be so pleased with scraping skin off his cock. Sliding my cock back into her mouth, this time there’s no unpleasant sensation as it slides over her lips into the back of her throat.  To encourage her “Oh yeah Christy that’s a fast learner!” taking the sides of her head, my thumbs  just under her earlobes I help her take more of my cock into her mouth.

Looking down I amazed to see her brown eyes looking up at me then close as if trying to wipe tears out of them. Setting the rhythm for her, pulling here up and down my shaft, letting go and letting her do it herself. “Jesus Christ Christy you’re a natural cocksucker!”. She has about three in a half inches of my cock in her mouth and i’m happy with that considering this is her first cock!’ For more than five minute she works me, as I feel my balls churn i let the first shot go off into her mouth before pulling out and aiming my cock down to her tits.

Without being told she swallow what i shot into her mouth. Feeling the hot sticky liquid splash onto her skin of her tits and shoulders She looks up confused at my actions. “I don’t think you’re ready to swallow a full load of cum Christy” When i’m done cumming, I help her up, “With more practice I’ll make you swallow more until you’re drinking it all down like a milkshake!” Taking her hand leading her to the bathroom

“Bet you like to shower wouldn’t you?

                                                              More To Come

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Re: More Than Laundry
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Part Six

She doesn’t give me any reactions to my question. Leaving her, going across the hallway into the bathroom turning on the shower so it will be ready when I fetch her. Return to her she still on her knees against the end of her bed, the confused look still on her face. “Christy! The shower is running let’s go clean you up!”

She still doesn’t move as i come to stand in front of her, my cock right in her face dangling flaccidly. She stares right at it and finally speaks “Didn’t i do it right?”  saying it like she expected to be hit  by me.

Christy you weren’t the best blow job I got!”  putting my hands into her armpits, lifting her up to her feet “But with more experience you’ll be one of the best ever to blow me!”  turning her towards the door. “Now are you ready to go clean up?”

She moves back from me “Clean, I’ll never feel clean again!” Tears return to her eyes.

“We will work on the mental aspects later but for now how about you clean the physical form or I’ll take you in there and do it for you!”  Moving her towards the bathroom “And trust me! If I do it I’ll spend lots of time cleaning between your legs and soaping your tits!”

Hearing that and comprehending my meaning she moves fast into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. Waiting to hear the telltale click of the lock, I’m surprised when a few minutes later I still don’t hear it. Opening the door, looking in , the curtain closed to the two thirds point of the tub, there she is, under the water scrubbing her chest with a loofa sponge. She not aware that I’m watching her nor that before i came in i went and got my phone. Snapping a few pictures before I call out “Damn nice ass can hardly wait to tap it!”

She spins, grabbing the curtain and pushing it fully closed, “Can’t I take a shower without you ogling me?” Laughing I go out, leaving the door open, making my way to her parents room to snoop around. Looking under the bed, spotlessness reets my eyes. One dresser is full of men clothes, Bob’s. In the right hand corner of the middle drawer a bottle of Hugo Boss and a box of condoms. The other dresser right outside of the only closet is Sarah Jean’s. In the top drawer I find a little purple satin bag bearing the words“” embossed on it. Pulling the drawstrings and dumping it onto the bed I see a seven inch dildo, complete with balls on the base.

Getting ideas, I hear the telltale sound of the shower stopping.  The curtain being slid along the rod as I return the dildo to the bag and then back into the drawer. Making my way back to the bathroom in time to see Christy towelling her leg off. So fucking hot as she wraps the towel around her chest, god I can’t wait to grab it and whip it off her body. Turning she spot me looking at her “Jesus can’t i get a minute away from you watching me!”

“Well maybe after I fuck that ass but until then NO!” Moving into the bathroom blocking her exit. “Kiss to get by!” Pursing my lips , closing my eyes, showing her that I trust her not to hit me. When I feel her lips on mine I can’t believe that she is kiss me back. Turning my torso enough to block her a chance to knee my nuts, breaking the kiss off “Well does that mean you’re accepting me as your lover?”

Realizing what she done she pushes me away and rushes to her room. Joining her  “Well Christy I’m going to shower, trying anything stupid and daddy going to get a special surprise when he opens his email tomorrow!”

“What  A story of how you found me Sunday morning! That threat will not hold out much longer Rob!” Standing straight staring me right in the eyes as she says it.

“Oh I have something else you wouldn’t want mommy and daddy seeing!”

Taking my phone with me I go take my shower. Like her I only close the curtain two thirds of the way, Unlike her I deliberately stand with my back to the shower head. Soaping up my crotch first  making my cock hard, looking up and out towards Christy’s room for some reason I imagine her coming over to check me out.

Dropping the soap, I bend over to retrieve it, coming up in time to spot her hand grasping the middle of the door frame. So she is interested in seeing me naked, well then. Making like I don’t care, I soap my armpits turning to my left to let the water rinse the soap out, when i see one eye just peeking in. Smiling I call out “You can come in and look i don’t mind, showing everything to you!”

The eye disappears fast and I giggle at her. When I’m done I push the curtain fully open getting out standing with my legs wide apart letting my cock dangle as I towel off. Picking my phone up from behind the toilet where I placed while i shower I walk out,  in search of Christy finding her in the living room with a tube top and a pair of short shorts on.I can’t tell if there is anything underneath her shorts, but after looking through her dresser, my guess is she’s wearing a thong

“You pig go put some clothes on!”

Grabbing her arm twisting it up behind her, dropping my phone on the couch behind her “Did I say you could wear clothing Christy?” There’s a  look of fear in her eyes as I put my face in hers. I can’t tell is she crying from fear or pain. Letting go of her arms “TAKE THEM OFF NOW!” Immediately she tries to stand to take her shorts off, then the tube top. As she’s about to take the thong off I stop her. Taking her by the arm leading her to the kitchen, opening the drawer and getting a steak knife, I slice through the thin part. “I”m going to do this to every thong you put on before your parents get home, understand me!”

Now I know it tears of fears as she stutters out “Y-y-y-ye-e-s-s !”  Trembling as she slides the ruined thong off with one hand. Trying to cover up “Sorr-y-y-y Rob-b-b-b! I won’t wear any more!”

“Words Christy, that all they are just words!”  letting go of her arm “Prove to me you understand you did wrong!” stunned she just stares at me before lowering herself to her knees in front of me, Opening her mouth as she reaches out for my cock.

“Please Rob I’m sorry I disobeyed you and covered up my body!”  Her touch making my cock begin to harden, “May I suck you cock in punishment?”

“And for what else Christy?” The look on her face tell me she knows I caught her spying on me in the shower. “Admit it Christy this isn’t your idea of punishment but instead you desperately want to gobble my cock!”

She looks to the floor, then up at me ashamed that i spoke the truth “I’ do want to do it since last time you didn’t make me take all your cum in my mouth!”
Moving to a dining room chair, sitting down close to the edge, spreading my legs “Then Christy, suck away to your heart’s content!”  As she takes it, sliding her hand along the shaft bring it to full attention before starting to tongue it before taking it into her mouth. Remembering what I told her last time she slides up and down my shaft without any teeth incidents.  Before long she got me moaning low in pleasure. As I’m close I take her by the back of her head and  hold her on my cock while I empty into her mouth.

When I pull out she bolts over to the garbage can and spits out most of my cum.  Shakily she makes her way to the couch, when she can speak again “That wasn’t like the novels I read described it!”

Novels she read, seems like she’s been holding out on me and her parents!

                                                                                           More To come

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Re: More Than Laundry
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Part Seven

Letting her recover on the couch I turn on the TV to the sports station, settling in to watch the Beaners take on the Rebs. Glancing over every few seconds to see to check that Christy is still on the couch. Getting up going into the bathroom getting her a bottle of mouthwash to rinse her mouth out with. Returning

“Here this will get the taste out of your mouth!” Handing her the bottle of Scope. Returning to my game only to have my attention taken away when she gets up and walk past me into the kitchen. Her dynamite ass swaying as she walk then settles into a perfect picture of roundness when she stands at the sink spitting the mouthwash down the drain. Turning in profile “Sweet Jesus that’s nice!” as she moves deeper into the kitchen the curves of her shoulder turning into the swell of a breast before a flat line to her hips.

Getting a drink of milk from the fridge  before making her way back to the couch. As she about to pass me I leg lock her “Please aren’t you missing your game?” Trying to break free of my legs.  Patting the couch beside me

“Sit with me!” Opening my legs, letting her move to do as I say. As she sits down i pull her tight to me, letting my arm drape over her, so I could grope his right breast.  “I’m sorry I forced you to drink my cum like that!” Catching her by surprise, before she could speak “I want you to know the next time I cum it’s going to be in your virgin ass!”

Feeling her tense up beside me,I continue. ‘It may not be here on the couch, nor in your bedroom!” Letting it sink in “I may do it with you standing up against the wall or on all fours begging me to fuck you harder!” She openly flinches as I say “But realise that little asshole is mine!”  Pulling her up onto my knees draping her so her asscheeks are right in line with my right hand.

Twirling my middle finger all around the brown skin barely visible between her asscheeks. Tracing it until I’m  against the ring of her sphincter, then putting the pad of my fingertip against it pressing into it. “Please it hurt last time so much!”

“That’s why for the next three complete innings I’m going to prepping that little hole by putting a finger into it each complete home inning until it’s stretched enough to handle my cock!” On screen commercials for athlete’s foot followed by a lottery spot before the second inning get underway. “I’ll leave it to you Christy do you want the first one now, or after the home team’s first out!

“I don’t want it at all!” Her eyes tearing up as she squirms on my knees “Please can’t I suck your cock again?”

“Sure while I finger fuck your ass open!” Looking down into her teary eyes “And are you aware that each time I cum it takes me longer before I do it again!” Smiling down at her “Just think it may take me over an hour before I shoot off into your ass!”

Not waiting for her to tell me I push hard until my finger parts her sphincter muscle “Nooooo!” she cries out as I spear my finger inside her ass. Blood rushing to her lowered head helps to make her seem embarrassed by my actions. On screen the third out for the Beaners occurs and they go to commercials once more. When they return the Rebs starts off with a single, followed by a double, getting excited for my team I transfer the energy from my excitement to the speed in which I pistoned into her asshole!

As she whimpers on my knees she turns her face away from me, with the next three players hitting pop flies for easy out I lose my excitement only to regain it when I add a second finger into her at the beginning of the nest inning, And much like the last inning the Beaners we’re all easy outs and the Rebs started off fast but this time they manage to score two across the plate, much to Christy’s unpleasure.

As the last of the three innings starts I make a perfect triangle with my three middle fingers, As the Beaners first batter strikes out I put the three fingers into her ass. Pushing them apart, stretching her opening wide enough so my cock would fit without too much pain. As the last Beaner strikes out  “Well Christy only a half an inning to go before you experience some real backdoor action from me!”

As she whimpers in pain and shame, my Rebs let her and pop flies out on three straight pitches.  Pulling my fingers out of her “Okay Christy it’s anal time!” as a Nike motto play out “Just Do it” Pulling her to her feet “See Christy even the sponsors wants you to let me fuck that sweet ass of yours!”

Scooping her into my arms I carry her past her bedroom into her parent’s room. Moving to the armchair in the left hand corner, lowering her onto it  before turning to our future love nest. Moving to the king-size bed, pulling the blankets back, in my peripheral vision catching Christy bolting into the closet and closing the door, then the sound of running water. Going to the door, trying it finding it lock, going to my knees I find the old fashioned lock hole. Going to Bob’s dresser, getting a belt I return to it inserting the belt prong into the hole and popping the lock open.

Swinging the door open I see Christy standing in a small lit room with a sink and a vanity cabinet. Moving closer to her i see the right side profile of a toilet bowl and tank, great an en suite half bath. “You shouldn’t have done that Christy!” Getting a hold of her left wrist, pulling her to me. “But I understand why you did it, so I won’t hold it against you.Wrapping both arms around her, walking backwards I walk us both back to the bedroom to the bed. When the back of my legs comes in contact with the edge of the bed, I spin us around and begin to move forwards.

Christy tried to fight her way out of my arms, which I let her do once I have her off balance over the edge of the bed. As she falls onto the mattress I join her fast, rolling her onto her stomach, climbing on top of her torso then pinning  her hands above her head “Now Christy you know I’m going to fuck your ass!” Moving one leg between her legs trying to force them apart. As they part I move into the space “Now if you accept it like you did in your pussy Sunday morning then it will be as gentle as i can make it, fight my and you’ll think it still in there this time next month!”

My threat has the desire effect as she stops trying to get away. Releasing her hands I take hold of her ass cheeks and spread then seeing her hole slight gapped still. Getting up off her, “Stay just there like that while I get lubricant to make it easier on you!” Obeying, i get the tube of KY jelly I found previously in her mother’s drawer, returning, applying a liberal does to her asshole both inside and out then to my cock. Settling back on her, feeling her shake and hearing her sobbing in shame “Shhh! It’s going to be alright Christy just like in the laundry room!”

Aligning my tip to her sphincter, pressing against it, feeling her tense up “Relax Christy and it will be easier on you!” She doesn’t .so i continue to apply pressure until my tip pops in making her cry out in pain.”God it hurt more than your fingers did!” burying her face into the sheet and mattress, continuing to cry out as I move further into her penetrated bowel.

Groaning myself as I keep myself under control, taking over five minutes before all five inch is inside her. Gently pulling back a couple of inches then moving forwards again, working up movement every few strokes until I’m all out fucking her ass. Each time her cheeks bounce against my crotch I moaned in pleasure. Before long she rolling her head side to side, her breath coming out in short pants. “I can feel my cum coming Christy, can i unload it in you?

“NOOOOO! I don’t want to get pregnant”

“No girl has ever gotten pregnant from anal sex Christy!’ tenning up and driving in a deep as I can then blowing it. Under me she squirms as my hot cum flows into her. When my cock is limp it escapes her assholei get up and go into the en suite to get a wet face cloth to clean her up with! Getting back into the bed beside her I roll her into the crevice of my arm and side, cuddling her  “Now that wasn’t so bad was it Christy?”
She quiet, except for the occasional sob. Holding her whispering soothing sentences to her while caressing her back. Eventually she drifts off to sleep so I cover us up and join her.

                                                                                       To be Continued

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Re: More Than Laundry
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Finally! I already feared she might keep her anal virginity forever  ;D :angel: