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Hi at all, here is my second story, based on a fantasy involving one of my favourite porn starlets from a few years ago. Hope you enjoy it. I am glad about all comments, posttive or negative. It shows that there is life in here  ;D

But before we start:
You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. This story is all fiction. Any resemblance to real people, place, or events, is purely coincidental. If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

Part 1: The Photo Shooting


Let me introduce myself: My name is… well let´s say it is Keith. My real is name is not important here. You may not know me, but if you fancy erotic and even pornographic photography, you might know my work.

I work for some of the most famous erotic websites, work with many famous pornstars and unknown Wannabe pornstars. There´s a lot of beautiful, young girls coming to this industry, trying to become famous or just doing it to make a living.

All of them are beautiful, many of them real stunners. I see them naked, get to see all the details of their bodies, get to see their breasts, pussies and buttholes. But when I work I don´t see them as sexy, seductive women. I see them from a professional view, concentrate on making them look good on the photos, to make them look even more beautiful for the guys watching their pics and jerking up when they see them.

I´ve done shootings all over the world. In the carribean, in the European metropoles and the Spanish islands. Many people are jealous because of my job, I get around a lot and work with gorgeous girls. But I often tell them it´s just a job like any other to me.

Yes, I am a professional. I never screwed any of my models, didn´t even think about it because it would prevent me doing a good job for all you wankers outside there.

This is a matter of principle for me and has always been. Always, with one single exception…

Now I want to make a confession and tell you about this exception. I never told anyone up to now and it had always been a kind of ballast on my shoulder. I always felt guilty about that incident. Believe me, I mean what I say. I still feel guilty, but when I think back I also…, yeah I also feel exited and aroused. Even my cock gets hard remembering it.

I am not looking for your absolution, I just want to talk about it and relieve my soul…

It all started in summer of 2001 in New York. I was 23, had just moved to Big Apple, after quitting my Studies of Economics at Florida State University. I was a good student, and everybody thought my prospects of a career at a bank or insurance company were great.

But I was not happy, felt that maybe I could make a lot of money after my exam, but it never would be my passion to do that. Photography had been my hobby since I was 12 years old. My father, a passionate hobby photographer, gave me one of his old cameras and showed me into the basics.

I soon found I had an eye for it, it became my real passion. I did photos of landscapes, got first experiences with portrait shoots and realized really fancied sessions with women. I seemed to have some talents. Many of my models claimed I made them look better on Photos than in nature.

I always loved working with models, working with light emphasizing the most beautiful parts of their bodies and with shadows hiding the less beautiful parts.

But I never thought myself to be good enough to make a living as a professional photographer. But in spring of 2001 I took all my courage and sent some samples of my best photos to some well known photographers and applied for a job.

To my own surprise Daniel Steward, a photographer from New York, liked my work and invited me for a job interview. Afterward he said I had talent, but also had a lot to learn. But he realized the passion in my photos, that´s why he gave me the chance to work for him. It was an internship and paid lousily, but I did it with enthusiasm and learned a lot.

To be able to pay my rent I also worked at a Hamburger restaurant. I was happy and knew I had made the right choice.

Then one day, she came into my life. Daniel was a specialist for erotic shootings, he worked with some well known labels in porn industry. He told me we had a job for, who were only shooting very young, petite girls with natural tits and completely shaved pussies.

We had done such jobs for a couple of times, it was nothing special for me. But the model appearing in Daniel´s studio immediately blew away my mind.

She called herself Trista and was going to turn 19 the following month. She was about 5 ft 4, had a 34 confection. She had long, brunette hair and was wearing a short skirt and a tank top. She was a bright, open minded girl, seemed to have no problem to make friends with anybody right away. Daniel greeted her with a peck on her cheeks and introduced me.

“This is Keith, he will assist me today.” She gave me a big smile with white, flawless teeth. “Hi, I am Trista, nice to meet you”

Daniel was very good in making his models feel comfortable. He started a conversation about this and that, so I learned that Trist was born in Japan where her father served for the army and was living in New York for only a few weeks since she had finished school in Atlanta. She planned to make a career as a model doing solo and girl-on girl shoots. She said she was curious about the industry and liked sex. She wanted to do it for a few years before thinking about marriage and founding a family.

Then Trista was prepared by our make up artists, who didn´t have much work because her skin was already perfect. But you know, in these kind of shooting models always have to wear a lot of make up.

Then Daniel started with some test shootings with Trista still fully dressed. We do this to get the model used to the location, to the lights and the cameras. Many models are a little shy at first and need this kind of warm up.

Trista did not. As young as she was, she was born to be a model. As soon as she looked into a lens, she acted like she had never done anything else. She immediately adopted the pose the photographer told her, her body always had the right tension and she never lost that great smile.

I was hooked on her and found it hard to concentrate on my work. Things didn´t get better when Daniel ask her to put on some lingerie. Trista went to the dressing room. After a few minutes she returned wearing a white lace bra, matching panties and stockings. She was petite, I admired her perky little breasts, well shaped legs  and firm, beautiful ass.

She had no problems posing like that and we made some great photos. My job was to grant for optimal lighting with some reflectors. It was easy to do so I had enough time to admire that heavenly body.

When Daniel had shot enough photos he said: “Ok Trista, ready for the real stuff? I want you naked now.” Sure” she replied and without hesitation took of her bra and panties. She still wore the stockings.

She was gorgeous naked, her small but firm breasts perfectly symmetrical with also small nipples. Her pussy looked inviting, her slit slightly opened, revealing her inner lips and clit to us.

Daniel took a lot of photos, I knew the result would be brilliant. Then we started with the more explicit photos. Alsscans is famous for the girls masturbating with huge dildos, also some self fisting or peeing.

He asked Trista to masturbate. She rubbed her pussy, and I sawa she loked it a lot. She seemed to forget the camera, her eyes closed. She took special care of her clit, and I could see her pussy to start getting wet. “Great Trista, go on like that. Now look right into the camera!” Trista opened her eyes and gave us a look so seductive I almost creamed my pants. Daniel asked me to light up her right side a little more. I did not react. I dreamed my head was between her thighs, my toungue licking her pussy lips, diving into her wet hole, gulping up her juices before circling around her ercect clipt until she came, moaning loud, her body bucking up and down, spraying her juices into my waiting mouth… “Hey Keith, are you sleeping or what” I got out of my day dreams. 

“Sorry Dan, I was a little unconcentrated…Won´t happen again” My voice sounded strange to me but somehow I managed to do my job.

In the end we had a masturbation scene with a banana. “Do you need some jelly to take it?” Dan asked.

“No thanks, I am really loving to touch my pussy, and I think I am wet enough already” Trista replied and blushed a little bit.

I could see that she was right. Her pussy and inner thighs were covered with her pussy juice.

She put the banana into her pussy and masturbated with it. Though I found the thought of using a banana to get of a bit kinky she was making this look so sexy too. Her pussy sure was tight, but she seemed to really enjoy having the big thing slide in and out of her pussy. The photos would be great, and I was sure every man seing them would want to fuck her. I certainly did.

Finally the shooting came to an end and Trista said goodbye. I couldn´t say a word when she left.

Daniel and I developed the photos and took a lot of time to pick the best of the best. The photos were gorgeous and I had a hard on all the time.

That was the day when I started stalking Trista. It was easy to find her address. She had signed a model release with all her personal data. She was living in the fourth floor of an old ten storey building in Queen´s.

Her apartment was small, had only one room for living and sleeping plus a tiny kitchen and bathroom. She was living alone, just like me she had a job at a fast food restaurant besides her modeling career to earn enough money. Sometimes she met with friends to have a drink or dance.

One day when she was not at home I climbed up the fire stairs. I found out that the windows of her kitchen were accessible from the fire stairs without great problems. The window was old, and it looked like it would be no big problem to open it with a screwdriver. I had once locked myself out of my apartment and my older brother showed me how to open the window without causing a lot of damage. It was pretty easy.
I guess that was when I made my decision: I knew I had to have her before I lost my mind completely. But though I only was a few years older and considered myself to be quite handsome I knew she was out of reach. I would never find the courage to ask her for a date, couldn´t think how to even create the situation to ask her. So I would go to her house at night, wait until she was asleep, then open her kitchen window, get into the apartment and rape her…

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Damn she hot! Great introduction now relate her home 'invasion'

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Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it. Glad you like the story and the girl  :D

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Re: Trista
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Chapter two Starting up

I spend the next two days with some preparations. In different shops I bought things I would need to realize my plan: A duffle bag, two handcuffs, rope, duct tape, a balaclava in a motor cycle shop and last but not least a hunting knife with a very sharp 4.4 inch blade.

Believe me, I really didn´t plan to actually use the knife and would have never done it, but I used something to prevent Trista from screaming and do what I wanted. At least until I had her tied up and gagged.

Finally, the day had come. It was August 22, time 11 pm when I got to her house and hit in the entrance of a house on the opposite side of the road. Most windows I Trista´s house were already dark and as time went by more lights were turned off. Shortly after midnight she returned from work, wearing a pair of jeans and a matching blue T-Shirt.

She opened the door, got into the house. Maybe a minute went by and I saw the lights in her apartment go on. I waited. What would she do now? Taking a shower I guess, maybe have a drink? Watch TV? How long what I have to wait till she finally went to sleep and how long would it take till she probably was fast asleep?

After about 30 minutes her apartment windows turned dark. The whole house was dark by now. It was 35 minutes after midnight by now. I decided to strike at 2 am…

90 minutes later I took my duffle bag and went to the backside of her house. I got to the fire stairs, took off my shoes to avoid any sounds and climbed up to the first floor. When I reached her kitchen window I took the screwdriver out of the duffle bag, rolled the balaclava over my head.

I checked the window to find the best place to apply the screw driver, pushed it into the window frame as far as possible. Then I pulled the screw driver towards me. As expected the old window offered no real resistance.

I couldn´t avoid to make a little noise when I opened the window, so I paused and waited if Trista had heard me.

She had not. I took the bag and climbed into her apartment. It had been easy up to now, very easy.

On my toes I went into her bedroom. The moonlight lit the room dimly. Trista lay on her side, her face turned away from me. Since it was a warm night, her body was only covered in a thin sheet. I got closer and admired her shapely body, from her feet up to her smooth thighs, her hips, the slim waist to her upper body. Her hair was splayed over the bed. She was breathing softly, she was fast asleep and didn´t have a clue of what would happen to her soon.

I was tempted to just lay down next to her, hold her waist from behind, my hips touching her ass and sleep next to her till we woke up the next morning.

But I knew that was impossible. She would wake up, scream in terror and I might probably be caught and go to jail for a long time.

I also thought about leaving he apartment the way I had entered, it was still time to stay on the right path. But deep inside I knew that was not going to happen.

So finally I found the courage to strike.

I took the cuffs, the duct tape and the knife out of my bag and put them on her bed. I grabbed Trista´s shoulder, turned her on her back. With my right hand I shot her mouth. She woke up and realized something was wrong. Very wrong. Her eyes were opened wide in terror.

“Mhhhhhhh, mhhhhhhhh, mhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Her screams were muffled by my hand on  her mouth. With her hands she tried to fight me. In her panic she let the fly all around, hit my upper arms without doing me any harm.

I produced the knife and placed the blade on her throat. “Shhh, honey, you don´t want me to hurt you, don´t you” I whispered. “If you promise me not to scream everything will be fine and I will NOT hurt you. But if you scream I fear I will have to cut your throat from ear to ear. You got me?”

Her eyes were still opened wide in terror, but she had stopped screaming now. “I asked you if you got me?” She nodded her head yes.

I took my hands off her mouth, she remained quiet. The knife was still on her throat, just as a reminder. I took the cuffs, applied one on each of her wrists and closed the other side of the cuffs around the metal frame of Trista´s bed.

“Please don´t do this, don´t tie me up. Please, I will be good” she whispered. I put the flat side of the blade on her cheek. “You forgot what you promised me? I told be to be quit. She nodded in fear.

With the blade still on her cheek I gave her a kiss on her full lips. She looked away, but was smart enough not to turn her head away to avoid making me angry.

“Ok baby, that was a nice kiss. But now I want to kiss me like lovers do. And you better make it a long, passionate kiss!”

She shook her head no, but didn´t make a sound. My head went close to hers, only a few inches was separating my lips from hers. “Open your mouth and kiss me”. She did what she was told and our lips met. My tongue licked her lips, entered her mouth, found her hesitating tongue. A little more pressure of the knife on her cheek reminded her what she had to do. She repeated the kiss. Her tongue played with mine, allowed it to explore her mouth. I removed the sheet. My hand moved over her body, found her boobs. I let my finger run over her nipple. Her body jerked a little, but she calmed down and continued the kiss.

After a few minutes I finally broke the kiss. “That was wonderful baby, but I am afraid it maybe was the last time I was able to kiss you like that. We got a lot of more things to do. I hope you will understand that I have to prevent you from waking the neighborhood, so I will have to gag you now!”
“Oh no, please don´t! I will be good, I promise. I´ll do everything. But please don´t gag me!” she whispered.

“Sorry honey, that is no option. My hand moved from her tits down her stomach up to the rim of her panties. I put my fingers under the rim of the panties and ordered: “Lift you ass up a bit!” She shook her head no. “Do it bitch. Do it now!” With her hands tied to the bed and the knife on her cheeks she knew she had no choice. She raised her body, and I tore her panties off her body. She wore white, lace thongs. I sniffed on it. I guess she hadn´t changed them before going to bed because their was a slight smell of pussy.

“Hmm, very nice baby. Now open your mouth.” She did as she was tolled. I rolled the pantied into a ball and stuffed them into her mouth. She tried to fight it by moving her head from side to side, but to no avail. I then secured the gag with duct type.I lay the knife aside, I wouldn´t need it any more. I took some rope and used it to tie each of her ancles to the outside posts of her bed. Her body now was spread-eagled and almost immobilized.

I approached her face and said: “There is one for thing to do honey and I am terribly sorry I have to do it because I love your big brown eyes. Bit I have to do it. I kissed her forehead before I blindfolded her with duct-tape.

I took off the balaclava a looked at her. It was a great sight seeing her lie on the bed, her arms and legs tied to the bed, naked from the waist, gagged and blindfolded. She breathed heavily, her body shivering.

I was rock hard. I started to take off my clothes, my cock sprang out when I pulled down my pants. I knelt down on her side, my cock touching her hips.

“nhhhhh, nhhhhh…” she pleaded through the gag. I guess feeling my hard cock was the moment she realized this was not just a burglary, realized that she was going to be raped.

I took the knife again. “You look so beautiful honey, I love your body. But there ist one more thing to make it even prettier.”

Trista was still wearing her white T-Shirt. I grabbed the piece of cloth applied the knife and cut it through. The noise of the tearing cloth and realizing she was going to be naked made Trist panick again.

“Nhhhhhhhhh, nhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She jerked her body from side to side as far as possible. “Be careful honey, you don´t want to hurt yourself, don´t you? The knife had now ripped her shirt from the bottom to her neck. It was only held together by the pieces covering her upper arms. I cut those too and tore off the shirt.

Trista was naked, lying on the bed in her full beauty. I lay down on top of her, started to kiss and lick her neck, savoring the slight smell of her perfume. “Oh baby, you smell so good….” I whispered.

I let my tongue run from her neck to her tits, took one of her perky little nipples in my mouth. I licked it and sucked on it while my hand cupped her other breast. I took my time, taking care of her nipple for some time. Then I changed to the other tit and did the same.

Trista was silent, only moaned slightly from time to time. Finally I let my tongue slide down further down her body, diving into her navel. Then I kissed her hips, which made her buck up a little. I then licked her inner thighs down to almost her knees.

She had goose-bumps on her thighs. “Mhhhhh….” She moaned. “Ok baby, now just lie back and relax”

I licked her thighs again now from her knee upwards until my head was lying between her thighs. I let my tongue run along the outside of her pussy for two or three times before it let it dive into her opening. Trista´s pussy was wet, very wet. I smiled and continued to slurp her pussy, tasting her juices. To me it smelled like heaven. “Nuuuuu, ohhhhhh, nuuuuuuu” Trista startet to moan heavily.

I licked her clit now, let my tongue circle and around it, than licking it hard and sucking on it, then again circling it slowly. Her moans got even louder, her head started shaking from side to side. My face was wet from her juices.

I didn´t want her to come too soon. I lifted my head and admired her pussy. It was gaping and very, very wet. Her thighs were glistening from her pussy juice. I licked her thighs, gathering her juices.

“Uhhhhhh……” she moaned. My hands run up her sides, making her body shiver. She threw back her head and moaned in her gag. I knew it was pain or fear now, it was lust, pure lust. I wondered how she felt. Was she aware that it happened against her will, that it was not right but her body was betraying her or had she forgotten the situation and was just enjoying the sweet feelings my tongue caused?

I began to circle around her clit again. Her moans got a little louder and more rapid. “Uhhhhh, uhhhhh….” Her body started to shake. I licked over her pussy again, my tongue diving into her pussy again, gulping up more pussy juice. I started to fuck. “ohhhhhhh….” She sighed.

I retirned to her pussy, sucked on it, then again circled her clit hard and fast. After a minute she cucked against her ties. Her ass raised and I grabbed it with my hands, my tongue still licking her clit hard.

“Uhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Her body spasmed hard for a few times. I had to grab her body hard to keep my head between her thighs. Her pussy erupted, I did my best to swallow all the juices she gave me. Finally her body went limp and fell back to the bed. The sheets under her body were wet from her sweat and her pussy juice. I smiled at her, then dived back between her thighs and licked he pussy again. She bucked and shuddered each time I touched her pussy, tried to escape my tongue. But her bonds left her no chance then to bear the sweet torture I inflicted to her.

“ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh…..” she kept moaning, her eyes begging me to stop. Finally I redeemed her and lay down on top of her, my still rock hard cock poking at the entrance of her pussy. My face was wet from her cum.

“I knew I could make you cum baby. Glad you enjoyed it. Now its time for you to return the favour!”

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Re: Trista
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Love the slow build up Groucho! Hope it continues into the next chapter!

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Re: Trista
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Another short update:

Chapter 3 Returning the favor

I sat up and straddled her chest. Trista asl still panting heavily from her orgasm. I placed the tip of my hard cock on her chin and she twisted her nose and tried to turn her head away.

“Did I allow you to move? Stay where you are!” She obeyed. “Good girl. I will now remove the gag. But remember, I still got the knife. If you dare to scream, you will deeply regret it. Got me”?

She nodded her head yes. I ribbed the duct tape covering her mouth away in one swift move. “Owww” she moaned. “Sorry baby, I guess that hurt, didn´t it. But believe me, it hurts even more when you peel it off slowly”

I pulled the now spit soaked panties out of her mouth and tossed them to the ground. She swallowed some spit, breathing heavily. I gently caressed her soft cheeks.

“Ok honey, lift your head, open your mouth and suck my cock!” “No, please don´t make me. Please…” she whispered. “I told you not to talk” I said in a calm voice. “And if you don´t want to suck me that´s fine, but I will then fuck your throat hard and deep while my knife is at your neck all the time. You prefer that?”

She started to sob. “, no…. I will do it” “Ok, open your mouth then”. She deliberately opened her mouth and I placed the tip of my cock on her tongue. “Now, suck it!” She closed her lips around my shaft and started sucking gently. Her mouth was warm and wet and I was enjoying myself. I let her suck my cock like that for some minutes.

“Now lick the tip of my cock with your tongue!” She let her tongue swirl around my cock head. A little pre cum had oozed out of my prick bulb, and she lapped it up with her tongue, wrinkling her nose.

“You don´t like the taste? Better get used to it, you are going to taste a lot more soon.”

I ordered her to suck me again, faster this time. She did her best, but due to her position and limited ability to move her head back and forth she could only get my 6 inch cock about halfway in. I wanted to fuck her mouth deeper.

So after a while I grabbed her head, held it in place. “Brace yourself baby, I am now going to fuck your mouth.” I started to fuck her with slow strokes. I pushed my cock in till I felt it reached the entrance of her throat, then I pulled back until only the tip was between her lips and pushed back in deep.

“Oh yes, that´s more like it!” “Nhhhhh, nhhhhh, nhhhhh…” Trista moaned each time I pulled my cock back. I knew it was a difficult position for her, I had her head pulled upwards and held it in place with my hands, not allowing her to move, her tied hands were stretched as far as possible, her shoulder and neck muscles stretched. I felt pity for her, but I also was very horny and longed to spray my cum into her mouth. I kept fucking her mouth with long, slow strokes.

“Nhhhhhhh, nhhhhhh, nnnnnnnn” The warm wetness of her tight mouth and her moaning were such a big turn on for me. I was tempted to pull my cock out of her mouth, give her and myself some rest and then make her suck me again.

But I also knew there were more things to  do with her and I planned to be away when the sun rose again. So I started to increase the speed of my thrusts. “Nhhhhhhh, nhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” The faster I thrust the more fast got Trista´s moans. After a few minutes I felt I was going to come.

“I am coming honey. Brace yourself and swallow all of it.”

The first spray of cum hit the roof of her mouth. She retched a bit, and cum come poured out of the corners of her mouth, running down to her chin. “Swallow!” The next spray didn´t take her by surprise anymore and she worked her throat muscles hard to swallow it all. But I had stored up a large amount of cum in anticipation of finally taking her. It was simply too much for her to swallow everything.

So more cum ran out of her mouth. Finally my cock was completely drained. I pulled it out of her mouth and released the grip around her head.

Trista fell on her back, breathing heavily. I took her panties again. “You should have swallowed it all, but I´ll take care of that” I wiped up the cum from her face with the panties und pushed them back into her mouth. Then I duct taped her mouth again.

“That was a good start baby. I guess we both need a rest now before we continue to get to know us better. I lay down next to her, my hand cupped her tits. Trista sobbed silently

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Great continuation Groucho! Would love to have her mouth on my cock, along with other parts! :emot_thedrool.gif: :emot_thedrool.gif:

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Re: Trista
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Chapter 4 A dream come true

I opened my eyes. At the moment I was disoriented. I looked at my watch, it was 3:15 by now. I had slept for a few minutes, and it had been a short but good, deep sleep.

I was ready for more action. My right hand cupped Trista´s left tit, squeezed it for a minute. Then I let it slide down her perfectly flat belly to her pussy. My cock started to get hard again. I shoved my index finger into her pussy, my thumb rubbing her clit. “Nhhhhh, nhhhhhhhhH” Trista shook her head no and moaned into her gag. But once again her body betrayed her, her pussy was getting wet again.

“I love that pussy of yours baby. One single touch and your juices start to flow.” She turned her head away in shame. “You are so wet, I know you want to be fucked. Fucked deep and hard. Don´t you? You´re a slut!”

She shook her head. “Nnnnnnn”. “Oh yes, I know you are. And I love it”

I mounted her, guided my prick to the entrance of her pussy. I thrust it into her in a single stroke.

“Ihhhhhhh”. Trista let out a sharp shriek. She was well lubricated, but her pussy was tight. I stayed deep inside her for a while without moving and started to play with her tits.

They were small and firm, I could easily cup them with one hand. I let my fingers glide over her nipples, only just touching them. “Ohhhh” Trista moaned, her body shivered. Then I grabbed her nipple with two fingers and pinched hard.

“Owwwwww” she howled. I started fucking her with slow strokes, pulling out almost completely and pushing it back until my hips touched her inner thighs. Trista sighed, she tried to  spread her legs wider.

“I know you love to be fucked….you want me to fuck you deeper, don´t you?”

I increased the pace of my thrusts und fucked her with long, steady strokes. She started panting into her gag, obviously beginning to enjoy.

“You love to be raped, love to be tied up and fucked hard. I knew you would” I whispered into her ear.

I started to fuck her even harder, my cock pistoning out of her wet cunt. She started to thrust her hips against mine with every thrust, her head moving from side to side. She was moaning with pleasure.

I gave her some more thrusts, I knew she was about to come. But then I stopped, my cock buried deep inside her. I lay on top of her, her body was sweating, as was mine.

I kissed her neck and licked it. Then I took care of her breasts again. When I had cooled off a bit I started to fuck her again. I wanted this to last, to make it a fuck to remember. Soon Trista started to moan again and respond my thrusts with her hips. “Ohhh, ohhhhh, ooohhhhhh” She threw her had back, her hips rose from the bed, her body spasmed.

Seeing her come was bringing me over the edge too. I grabbed her asscheeks, squeezed them hard. I drove my cock hard into her pussy, panting heavily. “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah……. I am cumming!.....”

She suddenly started to move her head. “Nooooooo, noooooooo plse….” Obviously not wanting me to come inside her.

I gave her a few more thrusts, then I shot my jizz deep into her pussy. Finally I collapse on top of her, totally exhausted. I lay there for a few minutes, before pulling out my now limp cock. It is wet from my cum and the juices of her pussy. I use the sheets of her bed to dry my cock.

It sit down and look at Trista. She lies still now, her legs spread, her thighs glistening with pussy juice. On the sheets between her opened legs is a big wet spot, build by the juices she sprayed when she came. It is now mixing with my cum that is slowly flowing out of her still wide open cunt.

I watch her for a while, happy with me and the world.

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God Damn that was hot! not step aside and share with a friend!

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This might be a pain in the ass for little Trista:

Chapter 5 The final act

After a few minutes I finally pulled my now limp cock out of her pussy and stood up. I went to Trista´s refrigerator. She only had healthy food in it, only fruits and vegetables. I felt thirsty and longed for a beer, but there was only water and orange juice. So I took myself a bottle of water and had a sip.

I looked at Trista´s body in the dimly lit room. He stomach was still heaving, recovering from her orgasm. I wondered about her thoughts now. I was sure she thought I would finally leave now that I had fucked her and her ordeal was over.

She was wrong, there was one more thing I wanted to do. One more thing I HAD to do.

I continued to exam the things she kept in her small apartment. In the little nightstand next to her bed I found her panties. She seemed to prefer to wear silk thongs, usually black or white. I also found a little dildo. I smiled. I pushed the dildo into her still wet pussy. “Mhhhhh…” she protested.

“Shhh, baby, this is going to keep you warm for a while.” I continued to examine her appartment, the bathroom was small with just a shower, her perfume and make-up on a small shelf.

On another shelf in the kitchen I found a bottle of olive oil. I took it off and placed it on top of her nightstand.

Then I emptied the water bottle and went back to her bed.

“Ok honey, I will now untie you but I am afraid I have to tie you up again in a different way. You will understand why soon. And you will promise me not to try anything stupid, ok?”

Trista nodded her head. I opened the knots tying her ancles firstThe ropes had dug into her skin, but not too deep. Then I opend the cuffs tying her wrists to the bedpost. They had been closed enough so she could not escape but not too tight either. But due to the position she had to take during her mouth fuck they had dug into her flesh a bit anyway. I let her rub her hands for a while to vitalize the blood circulation. Then I tied her hands together, this time with rope. I wanted the to the cuffs with me when I left later.

“Ok baby, now turn around and lay on your stomach!” She did as she was told. The dildo slipped out of her pussy when she did.

I tied her hands to the bedpost, then I used a piece of rope to tie her right leg to the outer bedpost on the other end of her bed before tying the right leg to the opposite bedpost. Again her legs were spread as far as possible.

I took a pillowcase, lifted her body a bit and placed it under her hips. I guess it was then when she realized what was going to happen. Her body started to thrash around. “Nhhhh, nhhhhh, plse, noo…plse…” she pleaded into the gag. I lay down on top of her, pinning her body to the mattress.

My cock was rock hard again. I let my hands run along the sides of her body.

“Calm down baby. This is going to happen whatever you do. There is nothing you can do. So you better try to relax to make it easier. Who knows, maybe you like it”

“Nhhhh, plseeee….” she pleaded, “Have you ever been fucked in the ass before baby?” She frantically shook her head no, she was obviously still panicking. “Noooooo, nooooooooooooo”

“Good, so I am first to do it, it will be a special pleasure for me and I promise to be careful”

I got up, opened the bottle of olive oil and poured some of it on my hand and supplied on my cock. I also let a few drops trickle into her ass crack and supplied it with my fingers. “Nhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” her head rose and she screamed into the gag.

I lay back on top of her and placed the tip of my cock at the entrance of her anus.

“Brace yourself and relax, this might hurt a bit at first!”

I pushed my hips forward and thrust my cock into her. Despite the lubrication her sphincter refused to give way. I pushed a little harder and managed to get the bulb of my prick into her asshole.

“Nhhhhhhhhhhhhh, nhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, nhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she screamed into the gag, almost hysterically now.
“Calm down, that is nothing.” I pushed her face into the mattress to muffle her screams and pushed again hard. This time I managed to get my cock halfway in. Trista still screamed into the mattress. Was it pain or panic? I guess it was a mixture of both.

Her ass was warm and tight. For a minute I just rested in this position. I wanted to sample the heat of her tight anal passage but I also wanted to give her the opportunity to calm down and my intruding cock.

Then I pulled back until only the tip of my cock was left in her ass and thrust again with all my might. “Uuuughhhhhhhhh……” Trista screamed in pain. This time it had managed to get my cock into her ass balls deep. I paused again to let her adjust, then I pulled back almost completely and thrust my cock back again deep. It were deep but slow strokes. Trista moaned every time I pushed in, but with each thrust her moans got less loud. Her body relaxed a bit, and immediately it got a little easier fucking her. I encreaed the speed of my thrusts, the room was filled by the sounds of my hips slapping against Trista´s ass and her moans.

I felt like I was in heaven. I gave her another couple of hard, fast and deep thrusts, causing her to raise her head and scream into the gag again. “Nnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhh, Nhhhhhhhhhhhhh, nhhhhhhhhhhh”

I felt my orgasm build up, but I didn´t want to come yet. So I thrust my cock into her ass to the hilt and paused, I lay down on her back, panting heavy now. Trista´s back and her hair were covered in sweat. She too was breathing heavy.

After a minute or so I resumed my thrusts, slow at first. Then faster and hard and punishing in the end. Again I stopped shortly before my orgasm. This went on for some time. After about 10 minutes Trista had giving up screaming her body was limp and she simply tried to endure the rape.

After about 5 more minutes I finally couldn´t stand it anymore. I gave her some more deep and hard thrusts before I rammed my cock all the way in and flooded her ass with my cum. I shot five wads of sperm, each one making my body spasm hard. “Oh yeah baby, that’s it. Take it, take my cum.”

Finally I collapsed on her back.

My hands gently stroke her shoulders. I enjoyed the tightness and heat of her ass a little more till my cock was limp again. I pulled it out and went into the bathroom.

I took a look at my cock, there was a little shit on it but no blood. Obviously I hadn´t caused injuries to her asshole. I cleaned my cock and went into the room again. Trista still lay unmoving. I started pulling on my clothes, pack my things into the duffle bag. I was ready to leave. Outside, the sun was beginning to rise.

I sat on the bed and whispered into her ear. “Listen honey, I am leaving you now. I have to let you tied up because I don´t want you to call the police too soon before I am away far enough. But I promise I will call the police in one hour. They will come and free you.

I gave her another kiss on the neck and playfully slept her ass. Then I left her apartment, this time through the door.

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Re: Trista
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Great ending Groucho. Are you planning a return someday, say bringing friends and a recorder?

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Re: Trista
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Interesting idea  >:D

But I think this story is told, or almost told as there will be a little epilogue tomorrow. Got some ideas for new stories too

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Re: Trista
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Here´s a little epilogue (no sex):


This is the end of my story. Now you know my darkest secret, know everything about the day my dark side came through. I guess everybody has such a dark side hidden in him. Most manage to control it and only let it win in their phantasies.

I also had this strength, except at this single day. The day that changed the lifes of two people.

It changed my life because I felt guilty all my life because I was week, because I was to weak to control the beast in me. But it also affected my ability to bind to other women. I met a lot of women, many were beautiful, some were beautiful and interested. But I always failed in opening myself, to really build a relationship based on trust and love. I can´t tell you why, maybe because I feared I might be able to do to these women what I had done to Trista.

So I concentrated on having brief sexual encounters, but that didn´t satisfy me, didn´t satisfy me like I was that single night when I orally, vaginally and anally raped a woman.

My main focus was my job, I got really good and well named in the industry. Maybe that´s my way to pay at least a little of my debts: To do my job as best as I can and help girls who want to make it in the industry look absolutely gorgeous on my photos.

So although I never got caught and punish for my deed, I pay for it ever since.

Don´t get me wrong: I know that what I suffered is nothing against what Trista must have suffered o that day and ever since. I can only imagine what it makes to a person if someone breaks into your apartment at night  and does to you what I have done.

I kept my promise and called the police from a public phone. The next day the newspapers reported that a young woman was raped in her home and brought to hospital. I never saw her again. She continued to work in the porn industry before doing Solo- and girl on-girl shoots before she finally started to do boy-girl-hardcore scenes too. She even had another alsscan shooting with Daniel, but by then I had already started my own business.

I saw photos of her when she was about 25. She was still beautiful, but had lost that natural girl-next-door- appeal I fancied so much on her.

She quit her porn career at 28. I never heard of her again.