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Stocking up for Winter (tribute, slow, torture, rape, snuff)
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This is a tribute and continuation of the story Stocking up for winter by A Canibal. I always wondered what happened to the remaining meats. I will gladly share the link to the original story if I`m asked for it.

Author: E-Sarah

WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.  In addition, although persons of distinct nationalities, ethnicities, cultures or religions may be portrayed, no offense is meant to anyone.

Chapter One

On Christmas eve Alan and Beth were sitting together with the the 16 remaining meats at the big table. It was set with Alan's best china. Big bowls sat on the table they were filled with potato salad, pasta salad, steaming vegetables and so on. In the center of the table sat a large serving plate. On a bed of lettuce are two gooses. A girl and a boy. The boy had been 10 years old and the girl 9 years old while they still were alive. Their names had been Mark and Sandra. And the two cannibals were tearing them apart. While the kids continued on their vegetarian diet.

Beth let her eyes wander over the remaining meat packs while she was enjoying the right buttock of the boy. There were now mostly girls left now. Only two boys were left. Both were to old for her to play with since they had started to produce cum and so she would run the risk of getting pregnant if she would have them service her . The boys were both 12. The blond Johnny who just turned twelve and brown haired Don. Her eyes continued her way over the 14 girls. Most were at the nice age between 9 and 12. But there still sat the 15 year old Ana two 14 year old twins Ina and Mia and the 13 year old Melodie. Her eyes lingered on Ana. Looking her up and down she realized that the girls pretty boobs had grown even more. A thought crossed her mind and she looked at Melodie. Melodie was the only girl that had asked for tampons till now! The twins and Ana surely were old enough to have their periods already too!

“Maybe”, she mused, “we could have veal in a few month!”

Smiling evilly at the girls she felt a giggle come up when they shrank in their seats. Turning to Alan then,

“I´d like to have a nice fondue for New Years night. What do you think Alan. That is a tradition in my family.”

“Mhm not sure but it sounds nice. What do you think meats any volunteers?”

Now all the meats shrank in their seats. Trying to disappear. No one volunteered and Alan chuckled at that.

“Okay we will just select then!”

Fear ran across the faces of the meats and several did hard gulps.

“Don´t forget to eat Meats! Who looses weight has a sure one way ticket into the oven!”

Beth reminded them and the kids continued to eat with slow mechanical motions.

They continued their feast and when they were sated the left overs were placed into the fridge. After they had cleaned up with the help of the meats. The girls and two boys were locked up again. And they looked for their bedwarmers for tonight. Alan picked Ana after prepping today's feast he wanted some tit meat to play with. Beth had a harder time choosing. She really preferred boys but hated to use a condom. So she had to settle for a girl and play with her. Walking along the cages she looked them over. Finally she made up her mind and she pulled out Sarah. Sarah was a 10 year old blonde with blue green eyes. Her long hair fell down to the top of her thighs. She was a few times fucked by Alan and the boys but mostly tried to stay out of it.

They took their toys into their rooms. Ana got on her knees the moment Alan closed the door.

“May I please suck your wonderful cook?”

She asked a smiling Alan, and she brought her hands up to his zip. Opening it his cock sprang into her face and she eagerly sucked it into her mouth. Alan pushed his jeans down then pulled of his shirt. Moaning he stood there for a minute. While Ana bobbed her head along his shaft. Bringing her hands up she started to massage his balls and ass. Alan couldn't stand this expert blowjob very long, soon he grabbed Ana's head and buried his cock down her throat filling her tummy with his cum. After his last spurt went in he pulled back. Ana sucked and licked him clean like a good fuck toy. Pulling out completely he smiled down at her.

“Get on the bed and let me taste you! I want to see if you are a good fondue meat!”

Ana gulped but obeyed. She still hoped that by being a good toy she could avoid ending on the dinner table! Getting on the bed she spread her legs as wide as she could. Alan got between them and started to lick her soft folds. Ana quickly got wet when Alan licked and sucked her clitoris. Long years of playing with meat payed of as he was quickly rewarded with her creaming up and then cumming. She had a sweet but at the same time musky taste. Moving up he licked along her body until he tasted her full boobs. Sucking on her nipples he softly bit into them. Aligning himself he plunged into her wet cunt. Compared to the other girls she was a loose piece of meat. But still a lot tighter than her late teacher. While he fucked her Ana made the appropriate sounds. She enjoyed him fucking her but her tits were tender and kinda sore.

Alan quickened his thrusts and soon he was filling her cunt. Spent for the moment he got up.

“Stay here I´ll be back in a bit for some more fun and games! Use my bathroom to clean yourself.”

While Alan was having fun Beth was enjoying Sarah. She had the young girls head gripped tightly between her thighs. Sarah's tongue was working hard in Beth's cunt. She was licking and slurping between the female canibals folds. Beth was moaning and twisting below her. Feeling how she grew wetter and wetter, gripping the hair of young Sarah and then sharply pulling her head back! Looking with glazed over eyes at the young girl.

“Get up meat and get the strap-on from the night stand it´s time for you to fuck me!”

Beth opened her legs and Sarah quickly got up. She took the strap on and after fidgeting with the straps she had it on. Climbing back on the bed and between Beth wide open legs. Beth lifted her ass and pushed her cunt toward the thin long plastic cock. Sarah pushed it in and remembering how Alan had fucked her she started to quickly thrust in and out. She was leaning over Beth on her left hand she brought her right hand between them and started to play with Beth engorged clit.

Beth couldn't control herself any longer. She fucked the preteen back and when she felt the small fingers on her clit her back arched and she screamed out in pleasure. Her cunt was contracting and she pumped her body even harder on the dildo. Finally she collapsed on the bed, grabbing her toy by the hair again she pulled her up and next to her.

“Well meat I guess I can keep you alive a bit longer if you continue to be this good as a bed warmer! Maybe I should keep you as my personal pet until we catch some more boy toys/meats.”

Sarah smiled at that and gave Beth a soft kiss on her cheek rubbing the canibals soft boobs with her hand.

“I'll be very good I will do whatever you want Ma'am!”

She said. Hoping to reinforce the idea of keeping her.

Beth untangled herself from Sarah and got up. Like Alan she felt thirsty and had an idea on how to test her new pets determination to stay with her.

“Stay put little pet! I´ll be back soon!”

Beth went out of the door and into the mainroom naked where she met an equally naked Alan who was looking at the sleeping meats in their cages. His engorged cock lead his way. Stepping up to him after she got herself a glass of wine she looked into the cages too. Taking his cock in her free hand and giving it a soft squeeze. He looked over to her smiling.

“Is your toy any good for you Beth?”

He asked her while looking her over. It had been a long time since he saw her naked. And an idea was forming in his head.

“Oh yes Sarah is a nice bedwarmer. I might be tempted to keep her around for my use until we get some new boy/toys that can´t be used as bulls.”

She replied with a smile and giving Alan's cock another soft squeeze.

“As bulls Beth? What do you mean?”

He asked her when her words had sunk in. Beth tugged on his hard cook and let him over to the sitting room portion. Placing him on the couch before she answered.

“Yes as bulls Alan, I know you are a wheat farmer but maybe we could enter together in the dairy farming too? We have a few meats that we can use as cows to get started. And just imagine this Alan, we could have veal during the next long winter!”

Alan had a thoughtful expression on his face, while Beth continued to softly stroke his cock. She was thinking that by relaxing him he would be more open to her idea for their future. His mind raced and he had to clear his throat before he could say anything.

“Veal sounds nice! But how and who?”

Beth stopped stroking him and smiled.

“Well the how is easily done just continue to tenderize the older meats and soon they will be carrying! Or if you don´t like the idea to eat veal that was made by you, have our two bulls do them daily! The who is even more easy your current toy for example! She is old enough to be bred! And once she is bred she will start to give milk! We have three more girls who are old enough to be used this way. With four cows we can start a small production and I can take care of the cows and bulls. I learned enough with Doc Brown to be able to keep them healthy.”

Beth took a deep breath of relief as she saw a smile spread over Alan's face.

“That sounds interesting Beth, I think we should give it a try! But we will need some additional help for this. Could you go and get our toys? I want to know what our first future cow has to say to it.”

“Of course I´ll go and get them.”

Beth quickly went back and got their toys. Bringing them to the couch within a minute. Alan winked at her when he pulled Ana towards him and pushed her mouth on his cock. Looking at Sarah who was still wearing the strap on he motioned for her to start to fuck his toy. Sarah didn't hesitate a moment she stepped up and thrust into Ana.

“Well Beth what do you think? I tasted this meat and she is very good! I´d love to make fondue out of her!”

Beth winked back and got on her knees next to Ana. She started to feel the girls upper thighs and wings. Pinching the meat and muttering ohs and ahs.

“Yes she will make a fine fondue meat!”

Beth replied and continued to lick her lips while staring into Ana's scared eyes. Alan was moaning happily because Ana was expertly sucking his cock!

“I´m looking forward to cut the meat out of her legs and wings and dip it into the hot oil. We will do it like my mother always did and keep her alive through it wont we Alan?”

“OOOOOHHHHHHH She is way good with her tongue! Do that again toy! Yes of course we are going to keep her alive! That way she will know how good her meat is! MMMMMMMMMMM oh yes!”

Alan was moaning while talking and then filled Ana's mouth with his cream again! Pulling her up and of the strap on he placed her on his lap. His hands started to pinch and feel her legs and wings and he could see the terror rising in her eyes when he ohhed at the feel too.

“Sarah stuff that dildo in my toys ass and fuck her hard! Take my cock between your legs while you do it!”

Sarah again complied immediately pushing the slime toy up Ana's ass and rubbing Alan´s cock between her legs. Beth stepped behind her and wrapped a dog collar around her throat. Then started to rub her little bee stings that were her boobs.

When Alan´s cock was hard again he took it in his hand. Then aiming it at Ana's cunt he pushed it in. Bottoming out in her tight cunt he leaned back and let Sarah's dildo massage his cock. Looking up into the scared eyes of Ana.

“What would you do to not be our fondue meat?”

A glimmer of hope entered Ana's eyes.

“I would do anything Mr. Alan! Anything and everything that you want! Please don't cook me!”

Alan chuckled at this hope filled statement. He brought his hands to Ana's sore tits and started to massage them.

“Well Beth and I are thinking about starting a new business together. And I guess those two make you a prime candidate for it. We will start a small dairy and veal production. Would you like to become a cow and breeder for us? The alternative is to be our new years feast!”

Beth was still rubbing her pet's tiny nipples. Ana didn't need to think long about this she would much rather be a mere cow than becoming food for them. So she nodded her head yes saying,

“Yes Mr. Alan I will be your first cow!”

“Good choice Cow! Now get the fuck of me! I don´t want to eat my own veal!”

That said Alan pushed the shocked girl of his lap. While Beth pulled Sarah away at the same moment. Alan got up and grabbing Ana by her hair he dragged her to an empty cage. Throwing her in and closing the door.

“Beth? Who else do you think will make good cows? Lets throw them together in the temporary barn and lock the bulls in there too. They can work on getting them laden.”

Beth stepped over pulling her new pet along on a leash and pointed the other girls out to him. Alan opened their cages and pulled the surprised and screaming girls out to transfer them into the barn. Then he got the bulls and threw them into the crowded cell too. Locking the door he and Beth stood in front of it.

“Okay meats this is your lucky night! You boys are from now on our bulls and you girls are cows! So better get laden quickly and start to produce milk for us! If you are not laden by Easter you all will go to a BBQ. As the meat of course!”

Beth smiled at them and licked her lips. Then she turned around and pulling Sarah along went to the fridge. Tearing a wing of Sandra she went down to her room. She placed the arm on a table and let go of the leash. Sarah looked up and waited for orders, she wanted to talk with Beth but decided to wait for the morning. Beth pulled two blankets out and dropped them on the wooden floor next to her bed. Then placing the wing in front of the blankets.

“Pets sleep on the floor next to their owners bed and good pets get a nice juicy piece of meat as a treat. You want to be a good pet don't you? So eat your treat and then sleep!”

Beth slipped into her bed while Sarah got to the blankets. She arranged them a bit on the floor and lay down. Looking at the arm of her best friend. She took it and started to nibble. If staying of the menu meant to eat her best friend than she would do that! After the first few nibbles she started to take larger bites and then started to rip the meat of the bones. It had been a long time since she ate meat and this was the best tasting meat she ever ate! After sucking Sandra's fingers clean she curled up and closed her eyes. For the first time in month she slept peacefully and not scared that she would end up in the oven the next morning.

Chapter Two

The meat girls were jealous at the older girls, Sarah and the boys but all they could do was to scowl at them. The Bulls were trying to do their new job after talking with the cows and the alternative that was laid out to them they had decided that they had no other choice. So after a short rest they had started to fuck the cows keeping the others awake.

When Beth and Alan woke up they first did their usual morning chores. Washing the meat and flushing out the cells. Beth had Sarah with her the whole time, she really liked the feeling to have the girl as her pet. Once the meats were clean Alan and Beth had them lineup in front of the kitchen counter. They went along the line of girls pinching and probing them. And then putting their heads together and discussing their choices. After both agreed on two of the meats Alan raised his voice.

“Okay meats back into your cells! We will let you know of our decision in a bit!”

The meat girls were whispering scared between each other. Afraid and anxious to find out who would be served up at New Year.

Beth went to get the meats breakfast. Each got a bowl of oatmeal with lots of sugar, since fresh fruits were running low by now. Once the meats were safely back in their cells she had Sarah shove the bowls in. While she was doing this Alan made breakfast for them, people steak and eggs. While Beth prepared the table. They sat down to eat while Sarah got her plate on the floor.

“We are running out of fruits and I´ll need to get us some other supplies too now that we have four cows and two bulls. Like antibiotics, hormones, pregnancy tests and so on for them. Next I´ll drive to my storage room where I stored all the stuff from my Dad´s farm. He had a small milking machine for our two cows. The tourniquets for our fondue meat and so on.”

Beth told Alan who replied,

“Okay I´ll plow you the way to the main road with my tractor from there on you shouldn't have any more troubles.”

Beth looked down at Sarah and said,

“Pet you´ll be good and stay in my room while I´m gone!”

“Yes Miss Beth I´ll be good, but uhm I could help you with the cows too! My Dad had a farm and during summer vacation he always rented out some apartments to tourists. And I helped with the kids of the tourists, like showing them how to milk and care for cows. I can be your pet and also your milk maid. Taking care that the cows are fed and milk them, make cheese and butter from the milk and so on Miss Beth! You can check that on my Dad's farms internet site! There were pictures of me with some tourist kids in the barn and while milking and the other stuff!”

All that blurted out in one long go. Sarah was scared that if she stopped before she finished she wouldn´t get a chance to finish it anymore. Beth smiled down at her,

“Okay we will give you a chance to show us that you know what to do but tomorrow. Today you´ll be good and stay in my room ready to fuck me when I come back!”

That said and since they had finished their breakfast they got up. Beth brought Sarah into her room and got her coat then leaving her.

While Beth was gone and Sarah bored in the bedroom, Alan decided to dirty some of the girls up again. He picked two sisters. Nine year old Tara and her sister 11 year old Francy. Pulling them out of their cages he brought them into his bedroom. Not wasting any time he stripped while he looked the meats over.

“Francy start to prepare Tara for me! I want her nice and slippery when I tenderice her!”

Francy pushed her sister onto the bed and dived between her legs. Alan watched her eating her sister out while rubbing his cock to full attention. Looking at them he decided to be mean today. Spitting in his hand he used it to make his cock-head slippery. Silently he stepped behind Francy and ramming his manhood up her backdoor without a warning. Francy screamed into her sisters filet. And she bucked hard. Alan grabbed her head by the hair and when he pushed in again, he pushed her head into her sisters filet again.

“Don't stop making your little sister happy meat!”

Alan continued to enjoy the tight ass for the next 15 minutes then filling her up with his man juice. When he pulled out of the crying 11 year old he ordered Tara to clean up and out her sister. Watching the little meat pack eating the slimy ass quickly got him hot again and so he this time used little sisters backdoor.

This way he continued to play with the meats until late afternoon when Beth returned. Once Beth knocked on his door he finished up by spraying his last load into the two meats faces. Covering their faces in his hot seed and then watching them clean each other once more.

Finished he grabbed both meats by the hair and pulled them back to the cages. Throwing them in and locking up. Beth was waiting for him at the table having Sarah between her legs eating her pussy. Alan slumped down on a chair. He was a bit exhausted but the meal revived him. While they ate Beth told him that the supplies were upstairs and she would need his help to get them down. Once they finished both went up and got the fruits and other supplies down. The hardest was the milking machine and a big box that looked a bit like a refrigerator. Not because of the weight but because they were so cumbersome. But they managed to set the milking machine up in front of the barn cage and the box next to the preparation table below the pulley systems used to handle very heavy meats.

When they finished it was time for them to let the meats know of their decision as to who would be cooked at New Year. They stood in front of the cages looking the meats over who cowered scared in the corners and at the back of their cages.

Chapter 3

Alan cleared his throat,

“I´m sure you all wonder who will be the main course at our New Year feast. It was a hard decision but we finally made our minds up.”

Here he nudged Beth who took over,

“As Alan said it was a hard decision, you are all just delicious and I'm looking forward to sink my teeth into your tender sweet meat. Now we will go from cage to cage and tell you if one of the occupants is an entree or not.”

Alan and Beth went to opposite corners and looked in the cage. By planning they had the entrees together with two other girls in the center cage. Slowly they walked along the cages shaking their head no in front of them and leaving relieved girls behind while the ones in front of them got more and more scared.

Arriving at the last cage they grinned wolfish into it.

“Yes here we have our entrees!”

Alan opened the cage and pulled the first girl out! Beth locked the cage up behind him again.

“We will be back for the second entree after preparing this one! You all should pay attention since it could be anyone of you!”

Beth told the three frightened girls. Alan pulled the fighting girl to the cleaning table and slammed her onto it. The impact drove the air out of her lungs and stopped her fighting long enough for him to tie her spread eagle onto it.

The meats name had been Trixie and she was a 10 year old brunette. She had gained some weight due to the sugary diet and small activity. That had given her muscles a nice marbling. Once she regained her breath she was crying and shouting at the top of her lungs. Begging not to be cooked and arguing that it was not the 31st yet. Beth hearing that smiled evilly at her.

“No it´s not yet the 31st but your meat has to be hung a bit before we will eat it! That adds some special flavor to it! And you want to taste as good as you can don't you my little meat pack? Sarah get me the red leather bag!”

Sarah went and picked the bag up with her mouth. Marveling at the very soft texture of the leather. She carried it over and Beth placed it on the table. She opened it and pulled out four tourniquets, a small axe, scalpel and four meat hooks. A long thick hose was the last thing she placed on the table. She started to wash the screaming meat. The first step was to clean out her guts and stomach.

Beth took the hose and shoved it down Trixie's throat. Trixie's eyes widened in shock and pain. The hose was long enough to reach the sink. She connected the normal cleaning hose to the one leading into Trixie's stomach. Filling her stomach with hot soapy water. She waited for a long time until Trixie's stomach was almost exploding. Beth used the time to put on rubber gloves and then shoved two of her fingers into Trixie's ass, opening it and her waste started to pour out. Beth waited patiently, holding the crying coughing girl open, until only clean soapy water came out indicating that her system was completely empty. She stopped the water and then  used compressed air to push all the water out.

Trixie was close to faint right now. And Beth pulled the hose out of her throat. She then used a smaller hose to flush out the meats filet and a catheter to drain her bladder. She left the catheter in place to keep draining the meat. Next she scrubbed the girls front and back with steel wire brushes and antiseptic soap. Alan watched her interested. He had never prepared meat for wet aging!

“Okay Alan up to this point you knew I´m sure. Maybe except the top to bottom flush of the intestines! I find this is a way more effective way to clean the meats. Since it leaves nothing in their system and the chemicals prevent the stomach and guts to produce any digestive fluids anymore. The meats body doesn´t know it yet but it´s already dead since it´s forever unable to digest any food.”

Beth explained to Alan and the meat who was only able to whimper by now. The gruesome cleaning had hurt her like nothing else in her young life.

“Yes I can see the advantages of this! Now we can also stuff her tummy! And make a nice long sausage directly inside of her!”

“Right Alan! In order to do so anyhow we need to prevent the meat from swallowing her own spit. That is easily achieved by blocking her throat after stuffing her. For now we will leave it like it is.”

Beth now took the first of the two smaller tourniquets and opened it. Showing it to Alan. It was made out of fine leather like the bag it had been in.

“My Mom made those and the bag out of the hides of older meats. Since it´s always best to skin and marinate those! The meat is more tender after marinating. Not that we need to with our hairless goats! They are naturally tender!”

Beth smiled over to the cages where the meats were silently watching everything. Then she continued,

“For the next part we need to stop the blood flow in the meats arms and legs. This is done by wrapping the tourniquet around it and closing them as tight as you can! You can check if the blood flow stopped by feeling the meats pulse or by opening the arteries at the wrists.”

Beth closed the tourniquet as tight as possible. Checking the pulse she nodded to Alan who did the same. Beth continued with the other arm and legs. Leaving about 1 and a half inches between the armpits, hips and the tourniquet. When that was done She took the first of the meat hooks.

“This is a crucial part now Alan since we need to be able to lift the meat and suspend it in the air the hooks have to go below it´s collar bone and if possible puncturing the upper part of the shoulder blades.”

Beth demonstrated this by forcing the meat hook in Trixie's right shoulder. Then when the hook stopped she held the hook in her left hand and taking the axe. She hammered the hook through the shoulder blade and then adjusted it.
Trixie couldn't help it the excruciating torturous pain pushed her into a merciful faint. When Beth saw this she looked at Alan.

“Since the meat fainted you can do her other side Alan. It´s easier when the meat can´t struggle.”

She handed Alan the second meat hook, who took it and placed it where he thought it should enter. Beth adjusted the place a tiny bit and then nodded.

“You can feel the soft tissue with the tip. Move it until you feel the underside of the meat's collar bone then push in until you feel the resistance of the shoulder blade.”

Alan did and then he pushed the hook in stopping when he had reached her shoulder blade. Beth handed him the axe and Alan finished his task.

“Okay Alan now we can hoist the meat into the air but before we do this we need to get rid of the blood in it's extremities and bag them. We should wake the meat up for that.”

Alan agreed that it would be more fun that way and got them the smelling salt. Holding it below Trixie's nose she woke with a start. Hoping that it all was just a terrible nightmare. But the little brunettes hopes were crushed when she felt the throbbing pain in her shoulders. Big tears ran down her face and her throat was raw from her cries and the hose.

“Okay now that the meat is awake again we will take the axe and cut of it´s hands and feet. Then we massage the blood out. I´ll do her right side and you can do her left. Once the blood is out we seal the limbs in this plastic covers and use the vacuum cleaner to suck the air out. Sealing the covers and the meat is ready to be placed into the cold storage.”

Trixie's eyes grew even bigger on hearing what was planned! She started to beg in a hoarse whimper not to cut her hands and feet of! But when she looked into her tormentors eyes she saw no mercy, no remorse just hunger! Beth took the axe and placing a small flat piece of wood below Trixie's right wrist, she lifted the axe and brought it quickly down. With a sickening thud the axe cut of the wrist. Trixie was out of her mind by now. Crying like crazy but her body didn't grant her the  relief of another black out. She had to watch and feel how her limbs were hacked of. Then her painfully tingling limbs were rubbed from the tourniquet down to the wrists and ankles. The blood was slowly squeezed out of the dying limbs. When no more blood came the plastic sleeves were pushed over her arms and sealed of at the tourniquets. Sarah had by now brought the vacuum cleaner and after Beth sucked the air out of the sleeves she sealed the other ends too.

“Okay Alan now get the first pulley over the meat. He did and Beth connected the spreader bar to the two hooks that were driven through Trixie's shoulders. Lifting the sobbing meat up she was pulled to the strange refrigerator. In the side of it were holes covered by thick rubber that was cross cut to let them push the meats arms and legs into it. Alan moved the meat while Beth pushed the limbs in. She opened the front to fold the legs and arms. So that they would fit inside. Once all covered meat was in she closed the door. Hanging a bag of intravenous nutrients to a hook at the side she pushed the needle into one of Trixie's venes and opened the small valve.

“This will help keep her alive until her corpus goes into the oven Alan. I have enough with me to last until next year. Let´s get the second meat!”

“Yes sounds good! Could I do it all this time?”

Alan asked while they were approaching the cell that contained the meat. The three girls pressed themselves against the far wall. They were scared out of their minds. Beth and Alan stopped in front of the cage and opened the door.

“Okay Maria! Your turn! Come here or we will do that to all of you!”

The threat worked as the other two inhabitants of the cell pushed the 9 year old blonde Maria out and into their captors arms! They would do anything to avoid such a horrible end!

Alan took the girl by the arm and he looked at Beth.

“Would you mind if I give this meat a last tenderizing? The show the other one gave us made me horny.”

“No that is okay I'll have my pet show me if she can handle the milking machine to find out if she will be helpful or not. Just don´t take longer than lets say an hour and a half. The meat has to have enough time to age!”

Alan nodded his understanding and pulled Maria towards the couch. Maria was fighting him but it did no good! Alan opened his fly and pulled his member out. Pushing Maria face down on the couch he pulled her ass up and buried his face in between her legs. Lapping away at her cunt. It didn't take him long until he deemed her ready for tenderizing. Standing up he grabbed her hips and lifted her lower half into the air. His member slipped right between her puffy lips and with a large thrust he was in her. She was no virgin anymore but still extremely tight! Maria cried out loud when she felt him push in. Her little tight cunt was stretched to capacity by his flesh. Alan started to pound away on her forcing scream after erotic scream out of her. It didn't take him long to shoot his first load into her. Trixie's ordeal, begging, screaming and squirming had made him extremely horny. After shooting his load in her stuffed cunt he pulled out. Turning her over he was at her again. Laying on top of the fragile girl he started to taste her nipples. The flavoring in the morning gave them a sweet vanilla taste. In spite of Maria's discomfort, fear and pain, Alan was enjoying himself immensely. The fact that this sweet little girl would soon be turned into meat and then food in one of the most gruesome ways made his cock hard in no time again. Soon he was ready to fuck the preteen again. This time he lined his cock up with her asshole. Her scream when he pushed into the last virgin hole on the meat was deafening.

Alan enjoyed the side benefits of cooking hairless goat for the next hour. Alternating between her two lower fuck holes. He'd had loved to get a blow job but he didn't want to loose his joy stick.

Chapter 4

Meanwhile Beth had gotten her medical equipment out. She and Sarah approached the 'barn' the six occupants were once more fucking. It was all they could do and since their life depended on getting the girls pregnant they put all effort into that.

“Okay pet show me that you know what to do.”

Beth told Sarah who looked the machine over. With practiced ease she disassembled, checked and reassembled the machine within 20 minutes. Once she was sure that the machine was operable she connected it to the power socket. She switched it on to make sure that it worked.

“Miss Beth I will need some warm soapy water a rug and lotion for the cows teats. Otherwise they could get sore.”

Sarah said calmly to Beth who nodded and send the girl to get the water and some olive oil.

Beth opened the cage door and Sarah pushed the machine close to the bars. Stepping in Sarah took the two claws and pulled them into the cell. Looking at the four girls she gave them a reassuring smile.

“Okay cows I want you to stand two by two facing each other and lean fore. Arms around each others neck and cheeks touching.”

Sarah spoke in a soft calming voice to the four girls. The two boys stood back and watched interested. As the girls grouped up. Ana stood with Melodie and the twins Ina and Mia stood together. The bulls were still fucking the cows while they stood as ordered.

Sarah took the warm washcloth and carefully washed the cows udders. She cleaned them and then rubbed the oil into their skins. Making sure that the nipples stood out as much as possible. Switching on the milking machine she pulled the first claw through the bars. Stepping to Ana she again pinched the girls nipples. Then quickly placed the milking cup on the nipple. It was sucked deep in and Ana winced.

Sarah caressed the cows flank. Continuing to murmur calming words to her. Then she repeated the process. Placing the the second cup on her other tit. Ana was squeezing her eyes shut. And fighting against the pulsing pain. The pulsing vacuum pulled half her tits into the milking cups. Squeezing and mauling them.

Sarah turned around and quickly hooked Melodie to the same claw. Melodie was not as good at conceiling her pain. Sarah tried to calm them by whispering into their ears,

“I´ll reduce the vacuum level as soon as possible but first I have to hook the twins up too.”

Both cows bit their lips and nodded their head okay. Sarah continued with the twins. Who had the smallest boobs of the cows. Their boobs were completely and painfully pulled in. But they had the advantage that they got fucked by the bulls. And those two were doing their best to distract their cute cows. Their hands were between the spread legs and rubbed the tiny clits to keep them high and close to cumming.

Sarah went out of the “barn” and slowly adjusted the vacuum level to a bearable setting for the cows. Then she looked up at her owner.

“Did I prove myself Ma'am?”

“Yes my pet you did good! Now I´ll just shoot them some antibiotics to strengthen their immune system and then the hormonal mix that will aid them in starting milk production! Watch me good because that will be part of your job soon!”

Beth proceeded to inject all the animals with the special mix. With a sadistic smile she even injected the two bulls with the lactation hormones! Wondering if those would start to give milk in the future too. Showing Sarah how the automatic syringe worked.

“Okay Sarah you´ll give them their daily shots from now on. Then every 4 hours they have to be milked for twenty minutes until they start to give milk!”

“Yes Ma'am every 4 hours!”

“You are a good pet Sarah and I brought you a present! Come to the cleaning counter.”

Sarah frowned at that and started to shake. She had thought that she had made herself useful and safe of cooking. But she was pulled along by the leash Beth had connected to her collar.

A frightened Sarah had to climb on the counter. But as she prepared to lie down on it Beth stopped her.

“Calm down pet you are not being prepared for cooking yet! I just need to prepare you for your present.”

Sarah was made to squat over the drain. Beth took the cleaning hose into her left hand.

“Okay pet spread your ass cheeks with your hands!”

Sarah obeyed and pulled them open. Exposing her tight asshole. Beth didn't hesitate she pushed the tip in and filled up Sarah's bowls. She let the warm water flow until Sarah winced in pain. Then pulled out she let Sarah empty her guts into the drain.

“Okay pet on all fours bum up high in the air!”

Sarah obeyed. She got on all fours and then pressed her chest against the cold metal her ass up as high as possible! Then she felt something touch her tight sphincter. Beth gave a small moan when she pushed the big butt-plug into Sarah's extra tight ass. Spreading her sphincter to just below it´s tearing point. Sarah had to cry out at that. Her whole body went into hard shakes but she kept her ass up. The plug was a lot bigger than Alan's cock. Finally it tapered down a bit. And Sarah's ass held it tight in her.

“There Pet! Now you got a cute tail! And that one only comes out when you have to take a dump or when I´ll cook you! It will help to keep your ass nice and tender as Alan will not touch you anymore! You are my toy after all!”

Sarah stood up on the cleaning counter. Tears were streaming down her face from the burning her extremely spread ass gave her. Even the slightest move was now painful as it moved the big invader around in her. Looking over her shoulder she saw a long dog tail sticking out her rear end!

Beth grabbed it and tugged forcefully on it. Sarah had to cry out in pain at that and a sadistic smile was on Beth face. She let go of the tail being sure that it would stay there!

Beth turned around to where Alan was still roughly fucking little Maria. He was now ramming his big cock into her ass again while looking at Sarah. He gave Beth an approving look and moments later dumped his last load into the meat's ass.

Grabbing her by the neck he pulled her over to the cleaning counter. Sarah quickly climbed down and got on all fours on the floor. She cried silently but wagged her tail for Beth.

“Go and relieve the cows for now pet. But remember in four hours you need to milk them again!”

“Yes Ma'am!”

Sarah replied and got up. She stiffly walked over and relieved the cows of the milking cups. The cows winced and cried their nipples sore and burning in pain. Sarah massaged them and felt a tiny sadistic joy at the pain she was inflicting on the cows, as it distracted her from her own pain. She then stopped the machine and got back to Beth. At her side she got down again being the perfect tail wagging pet.

Maria was chained to the counter and the process of turning her arms and legs into aging meat was started.

Alan grabbed her head and bent it way back. Taking the new bigger cleaning hose he wanted to push it into Maria's mouth. But the mouth had clamped it shut. Beth looked at the meat and then pinched her nose shut and took hold of her tiny clit between her fingernails. While the meat struggled to hold her breath Beth increased the pressure on the clit. Digging her fingernails deep in it. Then twisting sharply. Maria had to cry out and her mouth opened wide. Alan shoved the hose down her throat the moment her mouth was open.

“Thank you for the help Beth.”

He said and Beth stood back with a nod. Looking down at the still tail wagging Sarah she grabbed her hair and pulled her face below her skirt. She was now extra horny too after her sadistic attack on the little meat girl. Beth twisted and pulled on Sarah's long hair. While at the same time rubbing her cunt on the girls face. Sarah did her best to lick the woman and to keep breathing.

Alan was by now flushing Maria out. He used three of his fingers to stretch her ass open. And he enjoyed her squirming and struggling immensely. His cock that had softened after his last cum up that ass that he was now cleaning was back to full attention.

Thinking for a moment he pulled a drawer out and picked up a speculum he used when stuffing a girl all alone. He removed his fingers and waited a moment for Maria's ass to close. Then with a smile he pushed it in! Opening her up to almost double his cocks size! Her throat vibrated around the hose by her pain filled scream.

Alan looked satisfied at his handiwork. Her shit was being pushed out and he had both hands free! Walking to the cells he looked and then choose Francy again. She had been an immensely fun fuck before and now he wanted to see if she would be as much fun with her mouth.

Pulling her along and back to the struggling Maria he pushed her on her knees in front of the counter.

“Keep me happy meat!”

He told Francy

Francy understood what he wanted and started to lick up and down his shaft like it was a Popsicle. Caressing and playing with it enough to keep Alan aroused but not enough to make him cum again.

Alan finally stopped the water and changed to the compressed air. Slowly blowing the water out of Maria.

“Beth do you have anything in your bag of medicals that will make sure this meat doesn't black out? It needs to be punished for making a fuss!”

Beth was moaning and she was feeling very good so the question needed a moment to register. Then she nodded her head yes. Pushing Sarah on the ground she went with a growled,


Over to her bag. Pulling a small glass bottle and a syringe out of it.

“Place the tourniquets Alan. Or this stuff will alter the meats taste to bitter instead of its natural sweet. The rest of its body will have metabolized it before it is placed in the pan or over coals.”

Alan hurried to comply and he quickly scrubbed Maria's skin clean and then placed and tightened the tourniquets. When that was done Beth injected Maria.

“In about 5 minutes we could grind her up alive and she would only loose her consciousness when her brain gets shredded!”

Beth went back to where Sarah lay on the floor. She squatted down over her pets face and resumed her cunt rubbing.

Alan watched the expression on Maria's face. The hose still sticking out of her mouth. He grabbed it and pulled it roughly out. The moment it came free Maria's sobs were heard. She ached all over and knew from watching that it would only get worse! Alan leaned in while Francy was licking and teasing his hairy balls now!

“Meat toy! Take my tip in I need to take a piss!”

Alan scowled and when he felt his cock tip encased by velvet soft lips he relaxed. It took him a few moments but then he felt relief as his bladder emptied into Francy's mouth and stomach. Francy worked hard to swallow. And she barely managed to keep up with the flow.

The moment Alan stopped pissing he thrust his hips forcefully forward. Driving his cock down the girls throat.

“Better train to take something down there for your cleaning Meat!”

He said and then concentrated on Maria and his task again. Running his fingers over her under developed chest. Smiling at her and then pinching her tiny nipples. Turning and twisting them. Stretching and pulling. Bathing in the screams that came out of her raw throat. His cock twitched at every single one he got out of the meat!

Letting go of the nipples he started to slap her chest.

“So you thought to make it hard on me meat? Well guess what all you did was to make this hard on yourself! You see Trixie? Her pain did mostly stop by now! Her arms and legs are dead and can't feel any pain anymore and the shoulders? Well as long as the hooks stay still she adjusted to it! But you little piece of trouble? You will get pain until you end in the oven! That is your punishment!”

Every single word was underlined by a hard slap. On her chest and cunt. When he finally stopped her chest, tummy and cunt were a nice glowing red. Satisfied for the moment he continued. Driving the hooks through the meats shoulders. Hacking of her small hands and feet. After he drained the meat he bagged it up and the meat would have been ready except for his promise to her.  

Chapter 5

Alan looked thoughtfully at her. Then an idea struck him. He couldn't cane or paddle her since that would bruise her roast meat. But he could do something else!

Walking over to Beth he silently told her his idea and on her nod he walked into his room and to his toy cabinet. Picking out two butt-plugs That were slightly bigger than his cock he came back. Placing them on the counter next to the crying little girl. Unknown to him the injection had made her also much more sensitive to pain! So she felt like her shoulders were to be ripped of even so she didn´t hang on them yet! Her brain tried to receive information from her dead extremities but got of course nothing. This absence was then been processed into pain too. A pain and an itch that couldn't be scratched! Alan went to the spices cabinet. He got out some tabasco hot sauce for starters, dried chili pepper, ground cayenne pepper and a teabag for loose tea.

Returning to the counter he put a good amount of the chili into a mortar and used a pestle to crush and ground them up nicely. Adding two table spoons of cayenne pepper and then making a nice paste by adding some tabasco sauce. He spooned the paste into the teabag.

Next he took a big ball gag and looked at Maria. She was crying so loudly that her mouth was wide open. With a mean smile he first shoved the tea bag in her mouth making sure to keep some of the paper outside and with his other hand he pushed the ball gag in! He had to almost dislocate her jaw to get it in. Fastening the straps he smiled at Maria.

Her screams cut down to whimpers now. Alan put on some latex gloves and then coated both butt-plugs in the hot sauce. With an evil smile he shoved them into her ass and cunt! Then smearing the sauce over her tiny clit too!

If her screams wouldn't be muzzled by the gag they would have been loud enough to break glass! Maria felt like her whole body was on fire!

Alan smiled sadistically and satisfied with himself. He would from time to time refresh the coating and when she ends up in the oven he´d make a nice hot sausage filling and stuffing for her!

Picking her thrashing and squirming body up they placed her limbs in the fridge too. With all her squirming they had to tie her corpus to the fridge.

When all was done Beth and Alan collected their sex-toys and pet. Going to bed after both thoroughly fucking and enjoying them.

Sarah and the cows didn't get that much sleep as Sarah made sure to get up and milk them! She didn't want to give Beth any reason to regret her decision. Also as before when she inflicted some pain to the cows she got a big tingle between her legs.

The next morning after finishing their chores and tending to the new years meat. Meaning changing the intravenous bags, the catheter bags and in Marie's case renewing the hot sauce stuffing in all her holes. Alan went upstairs. He had a small project that he came up with last night.

He spend the rest of the day upstairs in his workshop. While Beth relaxed with Sarah fucking her and observing her taking care of her new duties.

In the evening Alan came down again. He had a big smile in his face. He placed a big bag close to the counter. Looking over to the barn where the cows were just being milked and fucked at the same time again. He watched for a moment. Rubbing his cock through his pants. He called out to Sarah,

“Sarah once you finish milking the cows bring me Ana.”

“Yes Mister Alan!” She replied

And once she finished she took Ana by the hair and brought her over to Alan. Ana thought she would get fucked by Alan so she didn't fight. Alan took her and made her lean on the counter. In the background they heard the New Years meat girls groan and whimper. him when he cuffed her hands to the top of the counter and her ankles to the floorboards. Her sore boobs painfully mashed against the cold steel.

Once Ana was secured he opened the bag and got a branding iron, pliers and a set of exchangeable numbers and letters out from it. He turned the iron around and started to insert some letters first and then below them some numbers.

Beth who had been watching from the couch came over to get a better look when Alan placed the iron on the stove to heat up. And filling the sink with cold water. Alan than spoke to Beth,

“I worked all day at this Beth, since those are our cows they need a branding like any other farm animal! This is the old mark my Dad used on the wheat bags. I adjusted it to our needs and to show that we both own them.”

He picked up the now glowing iron. And without hesitation pressed it on Ana's left ass cheek. Her cry and the smell of sweet burning girl meat filled the air. He kept the iron on her burning flesh for a good ten seconds then ripped it off. Pulling burnt meat and skin parts along. He dropped the iron in the cold water with a hissing sound.

Beth got closer and inspected the burn. In dark angry red and black the ass showed now,


Surrounded by an ears wreath and as Beth sign a shamrock.

“What does ABC stand for Alan?”

“Alan and Beth Cannibal ranch! I tried it with BAC first but that just didn't look right! So I stayed with ABC instead.”

“I love it Alan! It´s a great idea and now we have a name for our new business too. ABC Dairy and ABC Meat! The finest in dairy and meat production in the states!”

Beth gave Ana's ass a sound spank on this!

“Don't you agree cow?”

Ana wailed out loudly thrashing in her bonds when she was hit but she nodded her head yes as she had no air to speak right now. Beth than continued,

“Well I planned to wait until next year but since the cow is already strapped down I think I will give it its ring now. Sarah! Get me the small shopping bag from my room!”

Sarah the obedient little pet runs and gets her the bag. She had seen it but not dared to look in before.

“Okay Sarah hold the cows head she won't like what comes now.”

Beth stated as she pulled a wrapped up wide steel ring out of the bag. It was as wide as Sarah's fist! And maybe half her pinkie finger thick. Beth unwrapped it and then with a tiny srewdriver opened a screw and the ring opened up. Sarah pressed Ana's head down on the counter.

One end of the ring was a sharp point and the other was hollow so the point could go in there. Beth placed the tip on Ana's left side of her nose. Just below the bone. Angling the tip a tiny bit upward she pushes it slowly in. Ana screams once more and a small trickle of blood appears. Beth pushes until the tip hits the inner wall. Waiting a moment for the thrashing cow to calm down she then pushes it through! And in one go out at the right side of Ana's nose!

Tears are streaming down Ana's face. She cries and whimpers. She can see the stainless steel ring that now goes through her nose! Beth closes the ring and screws the screw tightly in. There is a small crack to be heard and when she pulls the screwdriver out the head of the screw comes along. Twisting the ring until it's closing is as far from her nose as possible Beth takes a small blowlamp and heats it up until she can weld it close. Draining a glass of water on it at the end to cool it down.

“Okay Sarah! Now you can better lead the cow around! Just grab the nose ring and lead it where you need it!”

Sarah does just that! She grabs the nose ring while Ana is uncuffed. When it hangs the lower part reaches the cows chin. And it´s wide enough that Alan could easily mouth fuck the cow if he would want to.
Once Ana is in the barn she takes the next cow.

One by one the other three cows and the bulls were branded and ringed too! The meats watched from their cages afraid that they would also be tortured next. Only the little pet Sarah was openly enjoying the show and when she helped during the ringing! She was rubbing her tiny cunt during the branding and pressing it against the cows and bulls when she held their heads.

Once all the animals were back in their “barn” Alan went and got his two pets out of their cage. The weather report had shown that soon the weather would get better and they could easily go hunting when they ran out of meat. So he decided to keep this two toys and train them as his pets as Beth did with Sarah.

to be continued... If there is some interest in it!
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