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Testimony From Beyond
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The author of this story does not condone any sort of violence against women. Rape is the Worst crime anyone can commit against another person. If you're considering  it please seek medical help before the legal system seek you!


I’m laying in something dark on my back on a hard surface. No idea where I am but at least I’m no longer hanging nor am being gangraped anymore. Hearing a zipping noise, I open my eyes, a white light hanging directly over me almost blind me.Thinking I’m somewhere safe I raise up on my elbows drawing a “What the!” then a metallic clang  from something hitting the floor. Quickly I lower back onto that surface only to find myself staring up at the underside of a table on wheels

“Well Claire! Are you sure you want to assist me on this one?” Turning my head, seeing two the feet of two people, one definately female the other probably a man from the sound of the voice I heard.In front of the female’s foot a shiny thin piece of medal, reflecting the light.

“I’m sorry I drop the scalpel, but I swore I saw the corpse rise off the table just now!”  Wrapping her arms around her waist, to get a hold of herself to stop her shaking “Can I have a few minutes to compose myself before we begin?” Bending down to pick it up  with trembling hands “Mom always said i was psi sensitive, maybe trying to be a pathologist isn’t for me!”

Doctor Green laughs at that “Sure Claire, I’ll go back to my hidey hole and finish the write up of the last autopsy!” As she watches him go she finally understand just how lucky she had it. Most other pathologists would have sent her packing after her first mistake.

Looking around as what I just heard  come to me, ‘Scalpel, corpse!”, Seeing a  row of steel doors on one wall, it comes to me ‘This is the morgue!” Standing up ,looking down onto the body on the table naked and  very white in colour  ‘That’s me oh fuck they killed me anyway!’ I can’t feel tears in my eyes I cried so long that I must be dry now!

“Doctor Green I think I’m ready to begin!” the one called Claire hollers out. Quickly moving behind her as she says, “If i’m hoping to pass my course I have to overcome my fear of the dead!”

Looking at the approaching old white haired man, bespectacled face that reminds me of a TV grandpa character “Remember Claire there’s nothing to fear from the corpse, after all it’s not like you’re going to kill it, it’s already dead that’s why it’s here to begin with!”  Starting the video recorder and the audio recorder “Dr. Wilfred Green assisted by Claire Stoddard conducting the autopsy of one Sharon Brubeck, time is 12:14 am on Friday October 18th 2016!”

Coming to the left side of the table “So Claire! you know how to begin, start with a horizontal incisions from the top of the shoulders, then down the middle of the torso down to the pelvic bone”  Watching Claire move over my body inserting the scalpel and making the cut Dr. Green called out, I gulp!

Crying out “Why are you doing that to me I choked to death on Jimmy Sampson’s cock!” Neither Clair nor Dr. Green could hear me. As he passes me I reach out grabbing his sleeve only to have it float through my hand. Shit I must have missed it somehow walking towards him I try to get his attention only for my hand to pass right through his sleeve and his arm. Oh my god then it hits me “I must be a ghost!” oh christ the last thing I remember was thinking ‘But I’m not ready to die yet!”

As they fold back the flap of skin I watch as Doctor Green take a power saw and cut apart my rib cage, seeing for the first time the broken rib I received when Ricky Morton hoofed me in the left side when I wouldn’t suck his friend’s Chet Grayson’s cock. “Well we can verify a broken rib that punctured her left lung, but that not the cause of death!”  turning to Claire “Make a note that a fluid, not blood was found on the outside lung casing!”

“Noted Dr. Green!” Lifting her right arm and leg “Should I photograph the ligature marks on her wrist and ankles Dr. Green?”

“I believe that the forensic team already did but just to be safe go ahead and take some!” She gets out the digital camera and snaps five shots of each mark before moving onto the next one.

“I can’t believe that they found her under the bleachers of St. Ignatius hanging naked by her arms, legs and breasts!” a shudder runs through Claire “What’s going to happen to the homecoming game?”

“What do you expect, it’s already been cancelled!” Lifting the heart out of the body “Well she didn’t die of cardiac arrest!” Gently placing the organ in a specimen tray

“No old man I choked on cock!” screaming it as loud as I could Waving my hands in front of him  Oh how can I tell you what happened!” Getting more agitated by the moment.

“Then how do you think she did die Dr. Green?” carrying the specimen tray past me towards a counter

Jumping up and down, crying out “Cock you idiot!” my hand coming in contact with Claire’s. Suddenly she stiffens,her mouth forms an ‘o’,  ‘Gawk’ gasping for air then a few more ‘gawks’  Dr. Green rushes to her, crying out her name. I break contact and within a few milliseconds Claire is back breathing

“Claire what happened?”

“I don’t know one minute I was carrying the ray to the counter the next it felt like my breathing was stopped by something in my mouth.” Looking up to Dr. Green “Didn’t the detective say she was made to perform fellatio?

Hurrying back to the corpse, Dr. Green dissects the lungs. “Bingo Claire some type of viscous liquid is in her lungs”  Turning to look at his assistance “How did you know?”

“I don’t know, one moment everything was warm then it felt like something big was blocking my breathing and images of someone giving fellatio came into my head from somewhere!” Massaging her throat before continuing  “It’s like I was experiencing what happened to her in my head!”

Hearing that I wonder if I touch her again and try speaking if I could make them understand what went on. Getting closer to Claire I once more reach out taking her left hand . In my voice “A cook was shoved so far down my throat that I choked to death on it when he cummed!”

Out of Claire mouth staggered words “Cock, choked, death and cum” trying once more i slow down then  in her voice “A cock,  down my throat, choked to death, he cummed”

“Claire what’s wrong with you?”

Concentrating my hardest “Not Clair my name is Shar Bbeck!”

Confused Dr. Green tries to figure it out logically “Are you trying to say your Sharon Burbeck?”

“Yes!” Getting Claire to nod her head

Dr. Green confused  grasps Claire by the shoulders “Snap out of it Claire! This isn’t funny!”
Shaking her hard enough that it breaks Sharon’s contact, Claire returns to her senses “My left hand ,so cold!” Grasping her hand Dr. Green flinches from the lack of human warmth. Sharon reaches out  brushing Dr. Green’s neck raising the hackles that’s still there. Backing away running his right hand down the back of his neck

“That impossible!”  Looking all around “I don’t believe in specters!”

As Claire turns to look at Dr. Green, she spies a shimmering vision of a girl identical to the one on the table and faints.As she comes to in the arms of Dr. Green  “Dr. Green tell me you see a shimmering image just behind you?”

“Turning his head “Sorry Claire I see nothing?”

“I see her standing there naked, the ligature marks a scarlet red on her wrists and legs, the marks on her breasts a bright circle of purple!” pausing before continuing her description of what she is seeing “Mascara is  running down her face, her lips are moving as if she trying to tell us something!” Clair holds out her hand once more

Sharon touches it and once more words of her’s come from Claire’s vocal chords “Tell police Jimmy Sampson!” Letting go of Claire’s hand

“Claire do you believe that this specter is telling us who killed her?”

“Yes Dr. Green I think she is!” 

“Christ this is unprecedented, I have know idea how to proceed!”

“Why don’t we call Detective Sharpe and let him decide?”

That what they do, being told that the detective is busy at the moment but should be able to attend the autopsy within the hour. Settling in Dr. Green tries everything to see the shimmering image that cause this dilemma.

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Re: Testimony From Beyond
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Oh, this is really good. Kind of like a gruesome kinky take on i-Zombie but without the brain-eating.
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Re: Testimony From Beyond
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No sex, the final setup of the persona dramatists !

Within the hour, Detective Ewan Sharpe comes into the morgue, in a pissed off state. “Well Dr. Green I’ve been up since 3Am so this better be good!” Grabbing a chair with wheels, plopping down into it then rolling across the floor to where they were sitting

“Well Detective In all my time here at the morgue I’ve never had a thing like this happen to me before!” Pausing looking him in the eyes “Claire here as been taken over by the spirit of the deceased girl on the table!”

“Wow doc! I know you work all hours but isn’t it way too early to be hitting the scotch?” Suddenly something ice cold touches the back of his neck “Fuck! you keep it cold in here Doc!”

“It’s not him Detective Sharpe, it your victim Sharon Burbeck, she just touched your neck!” Claire informs him.

“Yeah right, look quit playing games and tell me why you had me come here!”

"Detive Shre I am here!” A strange voice issues from Claire’s lips “To prove it I will touch you where I was made to touch!”

Sharpe stares at Claire “Okay enough with the games I don’t buy this bullshiiiiiiii! A icy cold grips his cock making him swat at his crotch. Pushing the roller chair so hard it tumbles out from under him “Jesus H Christ! What the fuck just happened?”

“I told you the spirit of the deceased is here with us and is using Claire as a method to speak with us!’ Going straight to the point “She already named one of her assailants, one Jimmy Sampson!”

“Great do you have any collaborating evidence to back up her statement?” Looking Dr. Green right in the face “Without it I can’t get any judge in the world to give me an arrest warrant based on a ghost’s statement!” Turning his head back towards Claire “No offense meant Miss!”

But what if the D.A. heard her story surely he could do something?” Claire  back to temporary to her own persons. Neither guy could see the spectre standing to her left.

“Well why should I be the only one to have to listen to the outrageous testimony from beyond?” Digging his cell phone out dialing “Alan Westimerier please! Detective Ewan Sharpe calling!” A pause  then Alan you’re not going to believe what I’m about  to say but that rape,death at St. Ignatius last night, well I’ve a witness but you’re not going to believe who!” Another long pause “Look come down to the morgue and you’ll learn everything first hand!” A shorter pause this time “Yeah in forty minutes I’ll still be here!, See you then bye!”

Dr. Green return to Shannon’s autopsy, collecting samples from her vagina, anus and stomach, giving a running commentary on his actions and findings. Claire hands Dr. Green all the instruments he calls for while Detective Sharpe makes a fresh pot of coffee. Sharon’s ghost hovers just behind Claire intently watching Dr. Green Work As Dr. Green calls the time of finishing, District Attorney Westimerier comes through the door.

“Well I’m here where is my witness!” Sharon’s ghost floats in front of him.  Touching his left hand

“I’m here!” Westimerier’s mouth forms the words but the voice coming out is that of a  female. “You are Psi- sensitive!” Releasing his hand she floats back to Claire one more establishing contact with her.

Westimerier is stunned “A ghost!” looking to each face “An actual ghost and she talked to us through me!”  Looking right at Sharpe  Oh my god she’s the witness you’re talking about isn’t she?”

“Yeah!, talk about the ultimate hearsay!” Sharpe gets right to the “If she tells us all involved can we use that to go to a judge and get arrest warrants?”

“Oh my god this is so unprecedented!” Moving to the autopsy table looking down at the face on the table “She deserves justice so I say let her tell us her story and we take it from there!” An idea comes to Westimerier “Doctor Green you video record these autopsies don’t you? Green nods his head pointing to the camera up by the light and the one ateach end of the table on tripods “Well if we get it all on tape we can let the judge decide the legality issue of the warrants!”

Moving the autopsy table out of the way, setting four chairs so every camera had them in focus. As the three men take their seats, the spirit of sharon enters contact with a sitting Claire facing them. All three men look to the others, hoping one of them would begin the most awkward interview of their careers.
Finally “District Attorney Alan Westimerier Conducting and interview of One Miss Sharon Burbeck concerning her death  on Thursday, October 17TH, 2016. In attendance is Detective Ewan Sharpe and Doctor Elijah Green.” He pauses before  continuing after taking a big breath “Miss Burbeck is in attendance via Miss Claire Mammon.” Turning to Claire “Miss Mammon can you assure the camera that there is two distinct personalities present!”

Claire speaks her full name in her singsong lilt then with the same lips moving a huskier deep voice emerges introducing herself as Sharon Burbck. It freaks Sharpe out and makes Westimerier shiver in anticipation of what’s to come!

                                                                                                 Finally On To The Sex Action

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Re: Testimony From Beyond
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Part Three

“Jesus this is weird to say the least!” Detective Sharpe blurts out as D.A. Westimerier begins his line of questioning.

“So Miss Burbeck can you start with why you were at St. Ignatius On October 17, 2016?”

“Well I ws there for homecomg!”  Dr, Green flinches hearing the voice coming out of Claire’s mouth.  It ws the night of the big dance”

“Were you escorted to the dance?” Detective Sharpe’s instincts taking over.

Becoming more comfortable using Claire’s vocal chords  “No I was sellin dinks to the others

“Sellin dinks?” Sharpe’s mind trying to figure out her meaning. “You were selling drinks at the dance!”

“Yes drinks until Jimmy Sampson came in with the guys he hangs out with!”

Westimerier turning to Sharpe  “Know of him?”

Sharpe nods his head “OH yeah every cop in the state knows of Sampson and his gang of thugs he hangs out with.Going on to detail a long list of suspected offenses that he police were looking into.

“So rape wouldn’t be above him would it?”


Returning to their questioning “Can you identify any other members who raped you Miss Brubeck?”

Getting more control of Claire’s speaking ability “Chet Grayson, Ricky Morton there were three others but I don’t know who they were or if they even attend St. Ignatius!”

Sharpe asks the big one right the bat after that “Any of them rape you that you remember?”

“Couldn’t really tell you!, it was all a blur of tears, pain and shame!”

“Miss Burbeck could you tell us how you came to be in their company?” Sharpe writing down names, turning a page to start shorthand notes of what being said,

“Well around 8:30, the school gym was really rocking, everyone dancing  having a good time!. I was in the hallway at the refreshment table when Jimmy Sampson came rushing in a panic that there was a body under the bleachers and that I needed to tell Principal Jeweler.”

Stepping away from Claire, who instantly starts to shiver “It’s like I’m inside her, I can feel sense of duty working at the dance, the dislike for Jimmy, her sense of first aid training. Turning to Sharon “I know you were the type of person who didn’t deserve what those bastards did to you!”

Sharon return touching Claire “Thank You Claire!”

“Miss Burbeck can you continue?” D.A. Westimerier asks.

“Yes!” A pause then “I went in to the gym to try and find Principal Jeweler, couldn’t so I return to the table and grab my phone and ran to the bleachers, Jimmy right behind me. My thinking was I would call nine one one while seeing if I could offer first aid of some kind to the person. Getting there I saw a body of a male on the ground, lying there on his back, not moving.”

Claire’s body shudders as Sharon continues “I went under the bleachers, kneeling down, my hand going to the male’s neck to try to find a pulse when suddenly the male grabs me and pulls me down onto his body. Then Jimmy comes in behind me saying good job Ricky looks like we’re going to enjoy a dance tonight without going inside after all. I hear what sounds like three others drop onto the concrete and I try to breakaway from Ricky.  One of the new arrivals plants his foot onto the small of my back forcing me to stay where I was.

Claire is shaking like a leaf as Sharon pauses “Then a hand goes under my skirt, grabbing the bottom of my panties, dragging them down my legs. Someone says ‘Alright she commando let’s start tonight’s maneuvers!’ While Ricky is holding me to him, the foot still on the small of my back I feel hands pry my legs open and feel someone lips touching my privates.”

As if it was happening all over Claire screams out “No leave me alone. Let me go!” in Sharon’s voice

“Miss Burbeck would you like to stop for a bit?” D.A. Westimerier asks. As if she didn’t hear

“The person is licking my privates, something thin starts to push in and out of me. All around I hear laughter and comments like ‘Is she tight?’. ‘She ready to be fucked yet?’ and the worst to me ‘What she taste like?’ I try to head butt Ricky to make him let go only to have someone grab my hair and yank it back. ‘She’s a fighter, good I love when they fight!’ then I feel the thin thing leave and hear the sound of a zipper, I cry out please I’m a virgin only to be told ‘Not for long girly!’ “

“The foot disappears from my back only to be replaced by a body my skirt is pulled up and I feel something soft press into my private area. Then ‘and she opened boys!’ as the thing enters me fast and deep, making me scream into Ricky’s chest i feel my legs being lifted, then my arms and Ricky sliding out before I’m deposited onto the cold concrete the person on top of me still there.”

“In and out what I came to know as a cock moved through me, trying to go deeper each time ‘is this as good for you as it is for me?’ then laughter from whoever it was. A few more times then something warm and liquidy flowing into me. Then the weight leaves me showing everyone my bare ass and something running down my privates. Hands rolls me over grip my blouse and tears it open, something cold and metallic slides under my bra straps cutting them then the material between the cups of my bra. Someone grabs my skirt and unzips it then tears it down my legs”

“Alright who wants to mattress mumba with the little bitch next?”

                                                                 More to follow