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Death Fuck underwater
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Death Fuck underwater
by Impaler49152

Death Fuck underwater

written by Impaler49152

This was a very special show at the Hostage Execution Club. They had built a 3 x 5 x 2 meter transparent “fish tank”. The tank was filled to the very top with water. The show host announced that they were looking for three male volunteers from the audience. The three guys had to put on diver’s oxygen tanks and some weights around their legs. Then they were to climb up the stairway and drop themselves into the tank. Before that, each of them got to choose one female hostage. The 3 beautiful girls were stripped completely naked and were given no oxygen tanks and no weights. The terrified girls were forced to jump into the tank, swimming at the surface until the game started. The show host explained the rules to them: They were competing against each other in a perverted blowjob death match under water. Each girl had to dive down to her “volunteer” and make him cum. In the first part of the game they could simply swim up and get fresh air from the surface and then dive down again to continue “the job”. But once the first girl succeeded in making her guy cum, a large and heavy iron grid would be lowered from the ceiling onto the water’s surface, making it impossible to emerge from the water and get any more air. The girl who won the race would be supplied with an oxygen tank, while the remaining girls could only hope their guy would cum before they asphyxiated.

The show host gave the signal to start the game. The three girls immediately dove down to their guys and got to work. It was a delight for the 300 members of the audience to watch the 3 pretty girls as they were diving down and clumsily tried to blow their guys’ cocks. It could have been a really funny game for everybody involved, but the fact that the girls’ lives depended on it brought a certain tension to the game. Knowing that they were about to see one of those beautiful bodies asphyxiate, most audience members got hard or wet while watching the hostage’s clumsy attempts to satisfy their men.

hec 1After only 30 seconds and while only barely touching her guy’s cock the first girl had to emerge to the surface to get air. She was panting and breathing fast as she emerged. Apparently her heart rate was very high which meant that she was consuming a lot more oxygen than usual. As she dove down again the second girl came up.

After a couple of minutes the girls got much better at their job. Especially one girl, a 19-year old blonde, seemed to have learned the trick. She stayed down much longer than the other two girls and she seemed a lot calmer, which gave her a huge advantage.

Watching the other two girls, you could almost start feeling sorry for them. One of the guys seemed to have trouble to get it up in the first place, which was hardly the girl’s fault. She was a stunning brunette, an 18-year-old with a perfectly shaped body and a cute face. She tried everything to get him up, including sticking her finger up his ass and guiding his hands between her spread legs into her perfect teenage pussy.

The third girl, a 21-year-old with dark hair and large breasts, had more luck. Her guy had a great erection and he was apparently eager to cum. But the girl had to get air every 30-45 seconds. So whenever he was ready, she had to let go for a couple of seconds to go get air. At one point he even tried to push her down to make her finish the job. But she panicked and swam upwards to get air.

hec 210 minutes later the blonde’s guy finally came. The sperm could be seen very well in the water. Immediately an additional oxygen tank was dropped into the fish tank while the huge metal grid was lowered 10 cm under the water’s surface, making it impossible to emerge from the water any longer. The blonde girl quickly grabbed the oxygen and the mask and put it on. She was exhausted but safe….

The 18-year-old brunette desperately tried to make her guy cum. She jerked frantically on his cock. When she realized she was running out of oxygen she desperately clutched herself around his waist, pulling her pussy down on his hard cock. He did not waste any time and immediately started fucking her as hard as he could. 20 seconds later the girl threw her head back and released all the remaining air of her lungs in one loud underwater scream. She just came to the last orgasm of her life as her body started jerking violently for a couple of seconds. Then she didn’t move any longer at all. She was dead. The guy hesitated for a second, but then started pushing his hard cock into her dead teenage pussy again. After only 10 more strokes he stopped, and as he pulled it out everyone in the audience could see his sperm floating out of her pussy.

hec 3The blonde girl sat with her oxygen tank on the floor of the fish tank. While watching the brunette’s death fuck, she did something no one would have expected: She had her hands between her spread legs and violently rubbed her clit and fingered her fuck hole. She did not care that hundreds of people were watching her, cheering her on and shouting at her. She did not care what the people would think of her as she masturbated while watching her fellow hostages dying in front of her. Having survived this perverted game was the biggest turn-on she ever had in her life. And even though she would not admit it, watching beautiful girls dying in front of her was always one of her fantasies. She started masturbating to snuff stories when she was 14, and since then she’d been doing it on an almost daily basis.

Meanwhile the third girl dove all the way up and pressed herself against the metal grid in a desperate attempt to lift it out of the water. But it was to no avail. The grid must have a weighed a couple of hundred kilograms. She reached her arm through the grid and out of the surface. She could feel the air on her hands, but there was no way to get it to her lungs. A couple seconds later her body started jerking before she finally stopped moving.

The guy she was supposed to satisfy was furious. While the other two guys had a great orgasm during this game, all he got was constant edging. Whenever he was ready to cum, this cunt had to swim up to get air. He was frustrated. As he watched his girl dying beneath the grid, he was stroking his own cock. But then he realized he was just about to jerk off during a stage show in front of hundreds of viewers. So he stopped jerking his dick and turned toward the blond girl who was still pleasuring herself on the tank’s floor. He walked towards her as fast as he possible could under water. Then he was standing behind her. The sight of this pretty blond teenager masturbating shamelessly in front of him turned him on unbelievably. So he grabbed her hair and pulled her up. Before she even knew what was happening he pushed her towards the wall of the tank, pressing her face against the glass. He used his feet to push her legs apart. Then he grabbed her thighs and positioned himself behind her, and without any further hesitation he rammed his hard cock into her pussy.

What a sight for the audience. The transparent wall of the tank faced the audience, so they could watch up close how he raped the helpless teenager. But instead of fighting him, she seemed to enjoy the brutal under-water-fuck. Only seconds later she released a huge bubble of air as she was screaming out her orgasm. But instead of slowing down and giving her a rest to recover from her climax, he only pushed in deeper and faster than before. The blonde started to feel uncomfortable. She felt the tip of the huge dick bouncing against her cervix, causing her a great amount of discomfort and pain. So she tried to get out of his grip. As he noticed that she wanted “a break” he must have thought ,”No more breaks for you. All I had this evening were breaks right before I was cumming. This time I’ll decide when we take a break!” As he tightened his grip around her, she started to struggle. As a reaction he grabbed her by the hair and pushed her head violently against the wall of the tank repeatedly. Blood emerged from her nose and forehead. As she didn’t stop to struggle he ripped her regulator out of her mouth and threw it behind him. The girl panicked and apparently inhaled a large amount of water while she was trying to breath. She started coughing, and huge bubbles of air left her mouth. The audience could see the panic in her eyes as she realized she would die just like the other two girls. The guy kept raping her mercilessly, and right as he was finally cumming, the blonde’s body jerked one last time before coming to a rest. “Now we can take a break,” he thought to himself as he was swimming upwards with a smile on his face.