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Review: Tiffany 3000
« on: August 10, 2017, 09:24:05 PM »
After three years, Clones & Robots Enterprises (C&R) finally introduced their latest clone model at the Las Vegas Clone Fair. The long anticipated model is called "Tiffany 3000". C&R provided us with 20 test units, so we are excited to present our review in this issue of "Clone Lovers".

Before we go into the details let's just say: Tiffany is gorgeous. She is based on a 19 year old girl from Eastern Europe.

As always the identity of the donor girl is kept secret. C&R spent more than 6 months casting the right girl for the clone model. There have been rumors and some controversy about the casting process. Insiders claim that the casting involved extremely brutal and rough tests. According to those reports the candidates had to endure various torture and pain threshold tests as well as the most bizarre and humiliating sexual performance evaluation tests. It is also rumored that a couple of applicants suffered fatal "accidents" during those tests.

In the end the 19 year old "Tiffany" became the DNA donor for the new model. Even without knowing the other candidates we can say: She was a great choice: Perfectly healthy genes, well trained body, athletic, strong, flawless body. She speaks English, Russian, Czech and German. Unlike the previous models she is no virgin. Instead C&W opted for a sexually experienced girl. But while her sexual features are the most important ones to potential customers, she is not advertised as a pure sex doll/slave. C&R claims that Tiffany can be used for all kinds of purposes. According to C&R they succeeded in not only cloning her DNA 100% but they also managed to implant all of Tiffany's memories up to the point where she was cloned. It is absolutely impossible to tell the clones from the original girl apart.

When we woke up our first test unit from the coma by injecting the wake serum she was a little disoriented in the first 10 minutes. According to the manual that is completely normal. Tiffany needs about 30 minutes to wake up from the coma. It's important to give her the initial set of medication. After about 24 hours she will have recovered completely from the coma. While it's not recommended you can "use" her already during the first 24 hours but don't expect her to "perform" at a 100%. Needless to say some of our testers could not wait 24 hours to take her for a first "test". While she did not complain, you could tell that she wasn't really up for it. She did everything the testers asked her, and we had good results with blowjobs and standard sex positions. But when we asked her to masturbate she struggled to climax in the first hours.

On the first day we activated 15 of our test unites. Most of them were allowed to rest and get a good night sleep. Two test unites were forced to stay awake and we kept them busy with sex, forced masturbation and some medium to heavy torture. We put one test unit under extrem stress by threatening to kill her. Tiffany has an remarkable self-preservation drive. At the threat of possibly lethal torture our test unit came to life almost a hundred percent even though she was physically at her limits. Even though she is young and fit our doctors noticed dangerously high pulse rates.

On the next morning we started with our standard clone test programme: sexual performance tests, behavior during BDSM and severe torture, pain tests, sexual stimulation tests, mental and psychological test series etc. Most of our test unites performed very well. The units that were allowed to get a good night sleep were easily to arouse. Usually ordering her to strip and lie down with her legs spread get's her wet already. Her pussy is nicely tight but easy to penetrate and can be stretched without problems. After her first climax she is usually so wet that it's possible to fist her without the need for additional lubricant. We had no problems during our anal tests either. During our arousal tests we noticed that Tiffany likes to watch extreme porn, such as heavy torture, rape and even execution and snuff videos. When we left one test unit alone for 3 days in a room that only had a bed, a laptop with porn movies and a vibrator she masturbated 16 times during that 72 hours and came to almost 30 orgasms. It's fair to say she has a really strong sex drive. Maybe one of the reasons they chose her for this "product".

As for the pain and torture tests we found that her body is extremely tough. Medium pain was an extreme turn on for her. And she climaxed even under heavy pain. In order to keep her from cumming we had to crush one unit's knee caps with a hammer and twist her ankle 90 degrees. Even though she can take a lot of pain it is easy to threaten her with permanent injuries and death. Under the thread of execution we even managed to force one test unit into genital self mutilation. At gun point she actually removed her own clitoris with a knife. But we also managed to force another unit into suicide during a very heavy fire torture. Only after we burned her labia, removed large parts of her breasts and impaled her on a steel rod she finally pushed the button that would detonate an explosive charge around her head.

It was interesting to see how she would react to her fellow clone units. She doesn't seem to "like" the other units very much. Even though the units performed well when we ordered them to stimulate each other, it was easy to tell that they would rather have sex with someone else. It was different story when we ordered one unit to inflict pain on the other one. Tiffany can be a real sadist. She went directly for the other unit's private parts and tortured her pussy with pliers and a steel brush. She would have tortured the other unit to death if we had not stopped her.

Conclusion: Tiffany 3000 is the best C&R model yet. While she is the perfect sex toy, she is so much more. C&R advertise her as the perfect clone for the torture- and snuff-movie industry, stunt doubles, medical tests and even military applications such as suicide missions, rape bait etc.. C&R claims that the US military is using Tiffany 3000 models to infiltrate enemy rape camps. They place explosive charges inside her rectum that explode when she gets raped by enemy officers. The army also ordered 750 models for their soldier recreation programme.

We had a lot of fun testing our 20 units. Even though we ran some potentially lethal tests on each of them 12 of the units are still alive and usable. For legal reasons each unit must be terminated 8 months after initial usage in order to avoid a succesful pregnancy. As you know clone children are not legal in th US and most parts of the world due to ethical reasons. But if you don't mind the steep price of $15,000 for your personal clone slave, we can recommend the purchase of a Tiffany 3000.

Make sure you take part in our readers survey for the chance to win tickets to our two-day rape- and death-torture event where you get a chance to try one of our remaining test units and take part in their death torture!

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Re: Review: Tiffany 3000
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lol and I enjoyed this one too  :angel:  thank you Impaler  ;D
It's what they're FOR! 
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Re: Review: Tiffany 3000
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As much as I prefer completely non/con scenarios this was still such a fun to read together with the lovely images :)