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The clone executions
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The Clone Executions
by Impaler49152

Lisa was a bit nervous, but mostly excited when she entered the headquarter of the “Cybernetic Universal Machines coorporation” (or just “CUM”, as they called it). CUM was formerly known as the world’s biggest manufacturer of robots and androids.

When Lisa heard the news, that CUM replicated a human body by creating a 100% biological clone she didn’t really think of the possibilities that would open up… And to be fair: Lisa never really cared much about technology… The closest she got to science was when she occasionally spread her legs for a couple of science nerds in college.

But the clever people at CUM had big plans for their clone programme. Being able to replicate any human body within 24 hours, just by putting the “donor” under a scanner and by reading his/her DNA opened up a whole world of possibilities. Rumour has it, that one of the first test persons was the 22 year old step daughter of one of the lead scientists in the project. If the rumours are right, then he made 30 identical clones of the beautiful girl. It doesn’t take much imagination what a couple of underfucked science nerds would do with 30 hot female bodies at their disposal… after all they had to run some “medical tests” on them, to see whether the cloned bodies had any flaws. Maybe it’s an urban legend but apparently the “tests” turned into a 3-day sex, torture and snuff orgy… The scientists abused the pretty bodies in all ways imaginable… After hours of rape, perverted sex games, genital torture and lethal injuries they had figured out the perfect application for this technology: an execution theme park

In the eyes of the law, the clones were simply “things”…. objects with no human rights. The fact that those cloned girls were perfect copies with real feelings and a complete memory of their donor’s previous memories didn’t change that.

Lisa always had a hard time imagining what it must be like, living in a cloned body… being treated as an object without any human rights… simply existing for the purpose of bringing pleasure to others with your body. She spent hours imagining being a clone… getting abused, raped, tortured and killed by anyone who could afford to buy a clone girl.

After the execution theme park opened, Lisa couldn’t stop visiting… At first she was too shy to actively participate in the erotic execution shows. She went there at least once a week with some random guys from Tinder or with a couple of her female friends from work. She loved to watch the erotic execution stage shows, where clones of pretty girls were killed during perverted sex- and torture games. When “only” watching wasn’t good enough any more she volunteered as a guest executioner to execute a couple of girls for the entertainment of the audience. Hearing the audience chanting and cheering as she slowly impaled the perfect pussy of an 18-year-old on a spiked dildo was one of the most erotic experiences of her life so far… it was such a turn-on, having the power to destroy another girl’s sex organ while being cheered on by hundreds of horny men and women.

Executing pretty clone girls live on stage became like an addiction for her… She loved the attention of the cheering crowd… loved to tease the audience during the execution show…! Lisa didn’t mind showing her own arousal… at her 7th show she shamelessly stripped and touched herself while hanging 3 beautiful clone girls. Watching the pretty girls gasping for air she furiously rubbed her clit shamelessly to the applause of hundreds of men and women in the audience…

In later shows, Lisa took full advantage of the condemned clone girls by forcing them to go down on her or even giving her a rough strapon dildo fuck on stage. The audience loved Lisa’s perverted pre-execution sex shows… they were the perfect build-up to the most erotic executions.

It’s been 6 months now, that Lisa started her career as a volunteer executioner at CUM’s execution theme park. She always wondered how it must be like for the clone girls to get sexually abused and violently killed on stage… So she was extremely excited to hear, that scientists at CUM found a way to upload the consciousness of a human into the body of a clone. Finally Lisa would be able to experience the other side of the execution stage. Since she was the star of the daily execution shows, the management at CUM offered her the honour to be the first test person to have her consciousness uploaded to a pretty 19 year old clone girl.

As she entered the hybernation chamber in which her own body would rest during the experiment her heart was beating like crazy… The thought of being able to experience a brutal and sadistic sex- and death-torture from the victim’s point of view made her juices flow… lying completely naked in the hybernation chamber she couldn’t help but touching her wet pussy… it didn’t take long for her to climax to an remarkable orgasm… and even before her climax subsided the scientists activated the anesthesia and her body fell into a deep sleep immediately.

As Lisa woke up she way lying on a table… completely naked and with her sexy legs slightly opened.  But in fact they weren’t not really HER legs… they were the legs of a extremely hot and cute 19 year old college girl named Jennifer. Or at least that was the name of the girl who got paid a small fortune to have her DNA cloned. The clone had the internal name “Jenny_c19_5x”.

Lisa never heard any complaints about her own body, but this body was simply perfect… “Jenny_c19_5x” had large and firm breasts, a perfect figure, long sexy legs, a shaved pussy and the most cute and innocent looking face… Lisa couldn’t help but touching every inch of her “new” body… it felt weird and erotic at the same time… like touching a stranger’s body and feeling like getting touched simultaneously.  She couldn’t stop groping her “new” breasts and even though she knew that the scientist were probably watching her through the camera in the wake-up room she couldn’t resist fingering Jenny_c19_5x’s tight teenager pussy. Pushing her pussy lips aside and sliding in her fingers felt amazing… Lisa shivered as she pushed her fingers deep inside her “new” pussy. As she closed her eyes she immediately had pictures of all the hot girls in her head, that she had slowly and erotically abused to death in the past months… It was only then that she realised that in less than 2 hours it would be HER who would be sexually abused, fucked, beaten, tortured and ultimatively killed. It would be THIS vagina that would get violently penetrated by dozenz of hard cocks, vibrators, hydraulic fucking machines, and torturous devices like glowing hot steel bars… And those perfectly firm and large breasts that she squeezed in her hand right now would most like get violated with knives, needles and she would eventually feel how it’s like to be debreasted in front of a cheering and masturbating crowd.

Without even trying hard, she climaxed three times in a row… She was amazed how easy her “borrowed body” could be stimulated into the most intense orgasms she had felt for a long time. Lisa never believed girls who claimed to be “constantly horny”, but apparently little Jenny was that kind of girl. Lisa could only imagine the kind of fun this little cute fucktoy would have on a daily basis in her college’s dorm rooms. Lisa hat no doubts that the REAL Jenny would celebrate the snuffing of her clone body by watching the live-streamed snuff show during a gang bang party with a couple of good looking guys from college. Lisa wondered how it would feel to watch your “own” body getting slowly fucked and tortured to death on stage… Maybe she should have herself cloned in order to watch her own (s)execution?

Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted when someone grabbed her left arm… Three large men stood next to the table.

“Lie down and hold still. We have to start with the execution preparation”, one of the men harshly yelled at her. Lisa didn’t resist… she knew that she would get no VIP treatment. She would get the same treatment all clone girls did before and during the execution.

As the men tightened the shackles around her wrists and feet, her pulse accelerated… She always love bondage games… unable to move and being exposed to whatever a man wanted to do to her was always a huge turn on for her. Lying there, completely exposed and naked with her legs spread she could feel her blood pulsating in her body… She had to watch helplessly as they shove a long metallic bar inside her vagina… since she was completely wet the metal bar slid inside without any resistance… deeper and deeper until it started to get a little uncomfortable. Apparently they were measuring the maximum depth of her fuck hole… that’s important for the several impalement games on stage, since the executioner wants to “play” with his victim before actually causing severe damage. Of course sooner or later one of the torture devices would intentionally surpass the limits of her vagina and poke inside her cervix. But until then the executioner usually tries to force his victim into involuntary orgasms… It’s always extremely sexy to watch a shy petite clone girl loosing her self control and reaching an involuntary climax in front of a cheering crowd. Lisa loved to make a game out of it by having two execution candidates compete against each other in a self control contest. She would stimulate the sex organs of the two contestants to the point where one of them could not hold back any longer… unfortunately for that girl this was also her death sentence while the other girl would get pardoned so she could live another day in her clone life…

Lisa didn’t even try holding back her upcoming orgasm as one of the men was poking the large metal dildo inside her. The men just noticed by smiling at each other and continued with their medical evaluation and preparation of Jenny_c19_5x’s body. After a couple of more or less painful and erotic “tests”, they finished up by taking turns forcing their hard cocks inside her serveral orifices and ejaculating large amounts of cum into her and onto her pretty teen face. Jenny was then led to a shower and ordered to clean herself.

In the shower she met 3 other clone girls that were also ordered to prepare themselves for their upcoming execution. It was interesting to see how the girls dealt with their fate… while one woman with dark hair was completely excited and obviously aroused, another girls was very quiet and sad. The 3th girl, a young blonde teen, was completely in a state of shock… Yes, technically the girls were just “clones”, but each of them felt about herself like “the real thing”…. their self-preservation instinct was working just like any other human being. But that’s what made the cruel execution shows so interesting in the first place: It wasn’t about the execution of lifeless objects. It was about the execution of living and feeling beings… yes they had been created artificially but once the cloning process was over the clones were indistinguishable from any real human girl. Needless to say there was a great amount of ethical discussion about the cloning programme. But in the end the majority of the people wanted to see the programme to continue… for obvious reasons. Some people even argued that sexually motivated crimes would go down if clone girls would become available to everyone. Why would you risk spending jail time for raping the neighbours daughter if you could just rape-fuck and snuff an inexpensive clone girl without breaking the law? There were even people suggesting that there’s no need for any age limits… cloning a 14 year old would not harm her in any way… she could continue living a decent and protected life - even staying a virgin, while her clones would get violently deflowered during a brutal gang rape and snuff orgy. No real underage girl would have to suffer in the future since all the perverts can have their ways with the clones… But for now at least at CUM’s execution shows the age limit for the snuff clone girls was 18.

Lisa never really thought about the way the clones must feel before their execution. But being a clone herself now she realised the horror those girls must go through right before and during the shows. But  since she was just one of the girls who were turned on by execution fantasies from a very young age she couldn’t really feel sorry for them. In fact seeing the girl’s horror up close just got her more excited and horny than ever. She loved destroying those pretty bodies and especially their exposed sex organs. As she watched the blonde 18-year-old trying to wash the cum out of her shaved pussy that she had received during her preparation fuck only minutes earlier, she had to fight the urge to grab that girl by her perfect hair, throwing her to the ground and to fist her tight pussy with her entire hand. Lisa/Jenny felt the blood rushing once again to her sex organ… giving it a nice red skin color. The dark haired woman must have noticed her pathetic attempts to cover the obvious signs of her arousal. She looked over to Jenny and slowly opened her legs while letting her hand slide into her aroused crotch.

“Come on girls… don’t be shy… that might be your last chance to have some fun. In less than 2 hours we’re gonna be dead fuck meat anyway…. butchered on stage for those perverts in the audience. They will tear our pussies open and torture-fuck us until our bodies give up… I don’t know about you girls, but I wanna spent the last pain free minutes of my life by having a couple of last orgasms. So, if you don’t mind I will rub myself until I pass out… feel free to join me!”

Lisa was surprised by the blunt words of the dark haired girl… she was in her mid twenties, really good looking, very athletic body. Her pussy lips were long and a little chewed up… They looked like they spent the last 10 years getting violently fucked on a daily basis. Lisa was amazed how shamelessly she worked on her sex organ… pulling her elastic pussy lips far apart, shoving 3 fingers at once deep inside her, while her thumb would violently press and rub against her large clit.

Lisa was instantly aroused by this shameless presentation… but when she looked at the other two terrified girls, she realised they were shocked… Lisa felt the urge to force those two shy bitches to join the action. She hesitated for a second but then she grabbed the young blonde girl by the hair and violently jerked her on the slippery shower floor.

“Come on… you heard the girl! Join the party! I want you to give her a nice tongue job!”

As the blonde girl hesitated, Lisa used her feet to push the girl’s legs apart only to give her strong and unexpected kick directly onto her exposed pussy… The blonde girl was too shocked to even screeam… as she tried to push her legs together Lisa just swung her right leg backwards to give her another, even stronger kick in the crotch!

“Want another one?”, Lisa yelled at the frightened teenage girl.

The blonde slowly approached the older girl’s crotch… the dark haired girl eagerly opened her legs for her, grabbed the blond girls hair and pushed her head violently against her pussy…

Lisa couldn’t help but smiling… She looked over to the third girl… and without having to say anything she just opened her legs and leaned back against the wall. The third girl understood… Like a pet she sat kneeled down between Lisa’s spread legs and started pushing her tongue in Lisa’s wet fuck slit.

Lisa and her new dark haired friend used the two living sex toys for a short but intense rape session… they violated the two teenage bodies by fingering and fisting them, they sat with their crotches onto their faces, pinched and pulled on the girls’ breasts and nipples  and even violently squeezed their clits. At some point Lisa stopped counting her orgasms.

The orgy was rudely interrupted by a couple of guards that entered the large shower room. Of course the guards didn’t miss their chance to grope and manhandle the four girl’s genitalia while leading them out of the shower room towards the backstage area of the execution theatre. Lisa’s legs where shivering… in part from the dozens of orgasm she just had, but also in part of excitement as she realised that she (or at least the clone body she “borrowed”) was about to get violently tortured to death.

Of course being an executioner for the last couple of months she knew exactly what to expect. But seeing the various torture devices on the stage from the perspective of the executee was very different than seeing them from the perspective of the executioner. She always loved the excitement during the anticipation of the upcoming show… and while she was the executioner she was always excited and horny… but that was no comparison to what she felt right now… She couldn’t tell if it was due to the different body, or due to the different situation… but she had never been that excited in her entire life. The adrenaline was shooting trough her body and her heart was racing as the two guards strapped her down to the torture table… Both of them noticed her dark red pussy lips, that were covered in pussy juice and her swollen clit…

It wasn’t hard to tell that the other 3 girls were extremly nervous and aroused as well. Even the two young and shy girls that had been violated in the shower showed signs of involuntary arousal.

When the 4 girls had been tightly strapped down on the table, completely naked with spread legs, the mandatory pre-show rape by the male guards and probably by some VIP guests was about to start. Since the guards were working there without pay, the 30 minutes prior to the execution show were in fact their reward… Lisa always loved to watch the guards having their fun with the condemned clone girls. There must be something special about thrusting your hard cock inside a helpless girl that is about to get killed in less than an hour. Lisa noticed how even the nicest guys turn into brutal animals when they are allowed to savage an 18-year-old pussy without any limits and consequences.

This time was no different… in addition to the 7 guards, 4 VIP guests were allowed to take advantaged of the bound girls. While Lisa knew exactly what to expect the other 3 girls were shocked and exhilarated at the same time while the guys climbed on the table to thrust their hard cocks inside their wet fuck holes. Even the two shy teens didn’t spend a whole lot time pretending not to like it and eagerly spread their bound legs to the extend the shackles would allow. The dark haired woman even tried to provoke the guy between her legs by insulting him: “Come on, is that the best you can do with your little cock? I don’t feel nothing! Push it deeper you loser!”… Needless to say the guy really got pissed off and dropped any hesitation he had before… In addition to violently thrusting his not so small cock inside her, he brutally slapped her tits and face in order to shut her up.

Lisa also enjoyed the hard pounding of her vagina… she could have easily achieved multiple orgasms but she decided to edge a little bit to build up for a big one.

The two teen girls next to her could not stop moaning and panting, having several degrading orgasms in a row, despite the brutal violation of their petite bodies.

One guy after the other shot his cum in or on his living fuck toy… Lisa loved that fact that she had 3 huge loads of sperm in the pretty face of her clone body. Having to face the audience and your own death torture is even more degrading and exciting when your face is covered in cum.

When the opening music set in and the stage curtain opened up, Lisa’s heart started racing once again… She felt extremely exposed… lying on the table, with large amounts of cum on her face, her breasts, all over her pussy and between her legs. The crowd cheered and clapped when the 4 naked and exposed girls were revealed. Lisa always love the reaction of the audience when they saw the death candidates for the first time. Seeing those helpless girls, strapped to the table seemed to trigger some kind of animal instinct in the viewers… Lisa had worked long enough here to know that in this moments hundreds of cocks grew hard and pussies became wet among the members of the audience. There is something very erotic about seeing a bunch of completely helpless and exposed girls like this. Knowing that they were about to see how those girls were going to be killed triggered some kind of adrenaline rush in most of the viewers. No one saw them as “artificial clone bodies” in that moment. What the people saw were 4 young girls that would give anything to survive this evening. As usual some people could not help themselves but opening their trousers in order to work on their aroused genitalia… or have some of the escort girls doing it for them.

As the cheering slowly subsided, today’s master executioner introduced himself to the audience and explained the “rules” of the execution show. Then he introduced the 4 girls, by showing a couple of short video clips… giving the audience a chance to “bond” with the girls… apparently watching the execution of someone you know a little bit is far more exciting than watching a complete stranger getting killed. To top it off, the 4 girls were asked to introduce themselves… giving them the chance to gain some popularity points, which was helpful since the audience would get to vote on some of the torture games. Being popular with the viewers could actually increase a girl’s chance to get a slightly less painful death torture. But in the end the people were not here to “help” the girls but so see them suffer for their entertainment. So, the best the candidates could do, was promising the audience to give them the most exciting and erotic show possible…

While the other girls were obviously scared and shy during their “introduction”, Lisa had no reason to hold back… it wasn’t her own body after all… she had no reason to be embarrassed. No one would ever know who she actually was. She might embarrass the “original” donor of this clone body, Jenny. But Lisa didn’t care.  Jenny had received an incredible amount of money for allowing her body to be cloned. She bragged about being an absolutely shameless and always horny slut who would get off on the most perverted and kinky stuff… She told the audience about her fetish for snuff shows and executions. To provoke the audience she talked about “hypocritical” age limits in the adult entertainment industry and that she would love to see underage clone girls getting executed… And the provocation worked… some people were outraged, yelling at her, demanding her to be punished for this outrageous statements… Lisa loved the way the audience reacted to her statements… she enjoyed the feeling of being absolutely hated by some viewers. If it came to a vote she would definitely not get away with an easy punishment. And to top it off she furiously masturbated her cum covered pussy while encouraging underage teen daughters to strip naked in front of their dads and to offer themselves for a hard incest fuck while watching this live-streamed execution show…

At this point the obviously shocked master executioner had to cut her off and tried to prevent further legal issues by stating a legal disclaimer that would distance the CUM corporation from anything Lisa/Jenny_c19_5x just said… He then joked that Jenny_c19_5x would deserve to be executed for this outrageous statements alone…

After a short break, the first torture event was about to start: The whipping contest. Four volunteers from the audience were asked to come to the stage. Each of them were handed a large bull whip. The executioner explained the rules of this contest: The first contestant who managed to cause his victim to say the “safeword” would win a prize money of $10,000. Lisa started to get a little nervous.. she knew this perverted game pretty well. Up until this point it was all fun and games for her… but now she was about to feel some real pain. Even though this wasn’t her real body, the pain would be fucking real. And even though she had a safeword to finish this torture session it would not prevent the next sessions… The only way to really stop the pain was to simply die!

The four guys were obviously very excited… all of them had a huge bulge int heir pants… When the command was given the first guy started to strike 3 strong whip lashes on the dark haired women…  he missed her breasts at the first stroke, but the other two hit her nipples right in the center. The two blonde teen girls got severe hits across their bellies and inner thighs. Lisa’s guy skipped the foreplay and the first stroke landed directly between her spread legs on her pussy. While Lisa was able to supress a loud scream at the first hit, she burst out on the 3rd stroke that would be a direct hit to her swollen clitoris. Especially the two teen blond teen girls were shocked to see this cruel act of violence against a female sex organ and they immediately paniced in fear that their guy could do the same to their petite love slits. And they were right… both men didn’t hold back and lashed out on their shaved fuck holes… The four men obviously enjoyed the cruel torture and each of them tried to hit harder and more violent than the one before. After only 4 rounds one of the two teenies blared out the safeword… effectively disqualifying her from a last minute pardon. As an additional punishment she was raped by the 4 men live on stage until each of them had ejaculated their load onto her petite body. Judging from her own pain Lisa could only imagine how it must have felt when those 4 large cocks were violently rammed inside her tight and savaged fuck hole. The audience cheered the four men on, as they brutally penetrated the poor girl in all of her orifices. One of the guys went into some kind of blood rush while he sat on her tiny tits, grabbing her by the hair and violently pushing his large cock inside her throat… with each stroke he banged her head against the surface of the torture table. Her skull could not withstand the repeated impact with the hard metal… Only as he finally came and shot his semen all over her face it became apparent that the girl had not only lost conciousness but also had stopped breathing…

“Alright, one down, three to go!”, the executioner shouted towards the audience! While the lifeless body of the young blonde girl was brought to the necro lovers lounge, the next game was about to start. Three huge hydraulic fucking machines were brought onto the stage and were placed between the remaining girl’s spread legs. Lisa knew those machines very well. She executed more than 20 girls herself on those brutal death-fuck-machines. She always wondered what it must feel like when the large impalement pole was pushed deep inside a girl’s vagina… in a couple of minutes she was about to find out…!

The rules of this game were “simple”. It was all about self control. The death candidates had to compete against each other in simply two games: They either had to refrain from getting an involuntary orgasm, or they had to produce a genuine orgasm in order to stay alive.

The machines were really a girl’s dream and a girl’s nightmare at the same time. At the tip of the hydraulic bar was a perfectly shaped penis-like dildo attached. The bar itself could move at various speeds and various lengths, pushing the dildo in and out of the victims vagina (or ass). The bar was driven by a 600 horse power hydraulic engine… a female body was absolutely no match against this kind of power. The tip of the bar could impale a women’s body all the way through to her throat in less than a second. Or it could slowly push it’s way through her body over several minutes or even hours. On the other hand: configured correctly the latex dildo could be used to achieve the absolutely perfect sexual stimulation… penetrating the “victim” endlessly just in the right depth, speed, angle to cause countless orgasms and sexual joy.

Even though her pussy lips and her clit still hurt from the brutal canning, Lisa could not help but getting excited and aroused by looking at the impressive mechanical phallus. The other two girls seemed to feel the same.

As the tip of the dildo approached Lisa’s pussy lips her heart beat increased… she realised that this mechanical cock would probably be the last item that would ever penetrate her in her life… or at least in Jenny_c19_5x’s life… She eagerly pushed her slightly swollen pussy lips apart to make room for the tip of the dildo, that was now slowly inserted into her wet love slit. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of getting this massive cock pushed deeper and deeper inside of her. As the movement stopped she was actually a little bit disappointed… she wished they would have pushed it in a little deeper. But then again she knew that she would have it deep inside of her soon enough…

It was interesting to see the other girls reacting to their initial penetration… while the blonde petite teen girl shook her head in fear, obviously trying to resist the forced penetration, the dark haired twenty-something women eagerly spread her legs, smiling as the tip of the dildo slowly vanished between her inner pussy lips.

At the sound of the signal the perverted game started… the hydraulic motors started moving the shiny metal bar slowly back and forth… very careful and slowly… a little too slow for Lisa’s taste… feeling the large dildo moving inside of her she wished there would be a little more friction… her pussy was so wet that the latex slid in and out of her without any resistance.

The blonde girl could only wish for a little less friction… her tight little cunt simply couldn’t relax enough to give room for the large latex phallus. Her tiny cunt lips were squeezed extremely hard with each push. But she was clever enough to furiously rub her little clitoris with her fingers in order to get her into the “mood” and to produce some pussy juice that would make the penetration way more enjoyable.

The dark haired woman also didn’t hesitate to rub her swollen clit.. She seemed to enjoy herself a lot. Maybe a little too much at this point since the red light that indicated that a climax was absolutely forbidden was still lit. The three girls would have to wait until the red light would turn to yellow and green until they were allowed (and also required) to climax before the green light would be turned off and the red light would come on again.

Lisa was eagerly watching the lights… even though this body was “new” to her, she already got to know it well enough that she knew how far she was from being able to climax. She desperately wanted to play this perverted game for a while and not be the first to lose.

The more the speed of the penetratioin increased the more she wished for the yellow light to come on… Lisa was ready! Maybe too ready… The huge dildo kept pushing faster and faster… she felt like a helpless exposed fuck toy… the cameras were zooming in on her wet and red pussy and the crowd enjoyed watching the perverted show… “Oh my god… if this fucking light doesn’t come on, I will just climax anyway and loose this game in the first round”, Lisa thought to herself.

And suddenly her wish came true… the red light went off and the yellow light came on… Lisa was so relieved that she almost came immediately… but that would have been her death sentence since she had to wait for the green light to come on… the 7 seconds for the yellow light seemed like 7 minutes to Lisa… Finally the yellow light went off and the green light went on… Lisa climaxed immediately! It was a really great orgasm… the pain from the previous beating made it feel even more intense! She moaned without any shame extremely loud and enjoyed her climax!

The dark haired women needed a couple more seconds but then she also climaxed to a shameless orgasm!

But then the cameras focused on the blonde teen girl… the large video walls showed her fingers furiously rubbing her clit… Shy obviously tried desperately to squeeze an orgasm out of her sexy little teenager pussy. It was almost painful to see how hard she tried… stroking her little clit in panic…. The audience got more and more excited because they knew the green light would only stay on for less than a minute. If the cute blonde girl would miss her “orgasm window”, she would lose the game and therefore her life… The green light could turn off any second now… if she wanted to survive this round she had to cum right now! The camera showed a close up of her face as she closed her eyes in an effort to relax her herself enough to be able to climax… and slowly it seemed to work… suddenly you could see a smile appearing on her cute face… she opened her mouth and moaned loudly as the orgasm tore through her entire body! With a huge smile of relief on her face she opened her eyes… Her smiling face immediately turned into a grimace when she saw the red light on the large monitor. Unfortunately her climax came about 5 seconds too late… not only she missed her orgasm window during the green light, she also had an forbidden orgasm during the red light.

The executioner announced her immediate execution and made some cruel jokes about those young girls never having enough self control when it came to sex… He invited a couple of male volunteers from the audience to give the girl a farewell jerk off during her painful hydraulic death fuck. The six man positioned themselves around the table, with their hard cocks in their hands… as the speed of the fucking machine increased, they pushed their dicks against the poor girl’s body… poking her tits, her arms, her neck, her face with their penises, smearing their pre-cum all over her skin. It might have been just a reflex, but as one guy pushed the tip of his penis against her lips, she immediately opened her mouth, so that he could stick it all the way in… She seemed to be in some kind of state of denial where she thought she would get pardoned if only she gave a good blow job. But that wasn’t the case… the plastic dildo pushed deeper and faster inside of her with every push… Instinctively she tried to pull her lower body from the merciless phallus, but to no avail. While the men enjoyed stroking their dicks over her perfect teen body the hydraulic bar pushed the dildo deeper and deeper inside of her young vagina. When the tip of the dildo finally knocked against her cervix the clone girl froze in pain and agony… In panic she tried to free herself from the shackles… As the men realised that the painful part of her death fuck had just begun the first of them shot his huge load all over her flat and sexy belly. The petite girl cramped and jerked in panic as the dildo broke through her cervix and started the painful and brutal impalement-fuck. With tears in her eyes she begged for her life… screaming in agony and pain… but the men only reacted by shooting their load one after the other over her gorgeous looking teen body. At this point many men in the audience couldn’t resist but violently raping their escort girls that they brought to this event. And even the dark haired women could not hide the fact that she obviously enjoyed the brutal execution show… her dildo had also increased in speed and depth (as they all do after each round of this perverted game) and she loved it… she couldn’t keep her eyes off the blonde girl, that was now covered in cum and with blood spurting from her violated teenage vagina. Judging from the length of the bar disappearing in the girls crotch the dildo must already be hammering through her stomach…

The dark haired women didn’t even realise how close she was to having another orgasm… she kept staring at the violated teen girl and her fingers rubbed her own clit like crazy… When the lungs of the girl finally collapsed and her body jerked one last time in a desperate effort to free herself from the shackles, the women couldn’t prevent her climax any longer… As the orgasm rushed trough her body she suddenly realised that she wasn’t allowed to climax during a red phase…. A look on the monitor confirmed what she didn’t want to accept: The light was still red.

Lisa had her own trouble avoiding an orgasm… especially when she realised she was the last girl left in this perverted game. She enjoyed the brutal impalement of the dark haired woman… Especially that fact that this woman managed to reach two further orgasms during her deep and brutal impalement fuck excited Lisa. Luckily for her she could relieve herself during a green phase and therefore enjoy the brutal death fuck a little longer.

After the twenty-something-woman had her lungs perforated by the dildo and her entire body covered in cum from various “volunteers”, it was finally time for Lisa’s execution.

Lisa was excited to see that the executioner had chosen the fish tank execution for her. The large glass fish tank was slowly moved onto the stage. The tank was about 5 meters in length an 1 meter in height. Above the tank there was a large metal grid hanging from the ceiling with two holes to the very left and the very right. A couple of volunteers, male and female, were chosen from the audience… As the first man and woman undressed on stage everyone could easily spot their arousal and excitement… the man’s cock was standing upright like a tower and the beautiful thirty-something woman had pussy juice all over her dark red pussy lips. The two volunteers used a ladder to climb into the fish tank, with the man sitting down, leaning towards the left wall of the tank and the woman sitting on the opposite site. The water level was just high enough so their heads would stick out of the water.  Then Lisa was led to the fish tank… she didn’t hesitate stepping into the tank. The metal grid was dangling just half a meter over her head as she sat down in the nicely temperated water. When the executioner gave the sign Lisa took a large breath and dove into the water towards the male volunteer. As soon as she was under water, the large and heavy metal grid was lowered from the ceiling so that it would submerge only centimeters into the water. The hole to the left and right allowed the two volunteers to stick their head trough the grid. But the rest of the tank was completely covered by the grid. Making it completely impossible for Lisa to surface in order to catch some air.

Lisa knew this game very well… The goal was to sexually satisfy the two volunteers… if she succeeded the grid would be raised, allowing her to catch some much needed oxygen. If she couldn’t make the volunteers cum before her oxygen ran out… well that would be the entire point since this was an execution after all. It wasn’t really a question if she would lose the game, but when.

Lisas’s heart was pounding… which was a bad thing, since she would use a lot more oxygen this way. She swam underwater between the guys legs and without hesitation she grabbed his erect cock with her hands, gently jerking his cock skin back and forth. The guy obviously had a hard time avoiding cumming too quickly… he really hoped he would be the one killing this girl with his stamina… But the opposite was the case… the situation made him so horny that it took Lisa only 10 hard strokes to make him shoot his cum into the water! Just to tease the audience, Lisa could not resist but catching the floating sperm with her mouth and swallowing it…

The grid was lifted within seconds and Lisa could surface in order to catch a breath… The obviously embarrassed guy stood up while the audience was booing him… He was really pissed off, so when he stood there all naked with his not so hard cock any more he decided to seek revenge on Lisa… without any warning he swung his right leg and kicked Lisa between her slightly opened legs into her crotch. The security guards prevented him from further attacks and led him from the stage. Due to his frustration on his way home, he broke into a student’s dorm in order to rape and kill a couple of innocent college girls before getting shot by the police… but that is a story for another time.

When the next round started, Lisa had a much harder time, satisfying the gorgeous woman to the right of the fish tank… Lisa tried everything from fingering the woman’s vagina, to licking her swollen clit… only as she almost violently finger fucked her with 4 fingers, the woman finally climaxed to a loud orgasm moan… not a moment too early since Lisa was really running out of breath.

When the guy who replaced our loser-volunteer entered the tank, Lisa was shocked to see that he was not even hard yet… his huge penis was hanging limp between his legs. He turned to the audience and said: “Just so you know… I spent the last 90 minutes fucking 7 different escort girls multiple times… I’m really done for today… No way she can make me cum! Are you guys ready to see this bitch die now?”

Lisa was furious… that wasn’t fair at all. But there was nothing she could do about it…

As the game started she tried everything to get this guys cock up… she even shoved her finger in his ass to trigger is prostate reflex… but to no avail… this piece of cock would not even get hard… Unlike the hundreds of cocks Lisa could see through the glass wall of the fish tank… Knowing that she was about to die, several dozens of men and woman started pleasuring themselves… enjoying the perverted and unfair game… Lisa felt cheated and desperate… So this was it… she was about to die now… The thought of experiencing death and being able to do it all over again, once her consciousness was transferred back to her real body really turned her on… She spent her last seconds thinking about all the fun she had during this evening and while her oxygen ran out she got more and more horny. Instead of wasting her time on that asshole’s limp cock she started working on her own sex organ. She turned to the audience, spread her legs as far as she could and started to rub herself furiously…  The audience cheered and applauded as they watched Jenny’s sexy body, obscenely spreading her open legs pushing against the wall of the fish tank. The cameras zoomed shamelessly between her spread legs… Watching a gorgeous young girl masturbating shamelessly during the last seconds of her young life really turned the men and women on. The lack of oxygen increased Lisa’s arousal while her body twitched and jerked erotically in the transparent fish tank, she climaxed to an incredibly strong orgasm that seemed to last forever… in fact everything faded to black around her and the last thing she felt was this incredible never ending explosion running through her body…

As Lisa woke up, it took her a while to remember what happened. She was back in her own familiar body, lying in the hybernation chamber.

“Wow, I really have to do that again!” were her last thoughts before pleasuring her own familiar pussy while thinking about everything she just experienced in her short but eventful time in the body of a clone girl…


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Impaler thank you  ;D  I liked this one a lot!!
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