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Reality Movie - 2035
In the Disturbingly Near Future
by Regis

This story is a work of fiction.  Those described are not real people, places or situations, with everything, including the television shows, live shows and motion pictures described being the product of the author’s imagination.  The author in no way supports or suggest the reader support the kinds of behaviors described.  No people should ever be treated in this manner.

No real children or situations involving children such as are described exist, and never should.  The author does not encourage or condone the sexual events described herein, and in no way proposes any of these things be tried by readers.  They are evil, and presented solely for entertainment of readers.

Readers are forewarned they may find some or even many elements of this story disturbing.

The Premise

45 years ago, in the early '90s, Reality Television had started a movement that had gradually but irreversibly grown its own legs.  The "reality television" entertainment shows that began in the last decade of the 20th Century and grown through the first two decades of the next millennium had by 2018 begun a natural transformation, and by 2021 the phenomenon had, apparently irreversibly, begun to spread into the film industry.  By 2032 the genre was well established as an accepted part of motion picture production, following a spurt of activity and then some very important test cases that established the viability of what were quite naturally referred to as Reality Movies.  

This growth was the natural evolution of the format based upon the premise more of everything is better, and that boundaries are present just to be tested pushed and, by various means, moved.  Playboy Magazine had progressed from their first few years of publication, with the private parts of its uncommonly buxom models totally hidden, and all of them over the age of 21 and excluding even a suggestion of pubic hair, to the gradual introduction of bits of hair showing, and by the more open approach of their competitors to show the vagina, to the contemporary editions in stores today where centrefolds have no hair because they are never older than eleven, a few of them with just the slightest suggestion of breast development, and all of them posed in full active intercourse with steroid-enhanced studs, stuffing either their tight vaginas or stretched rectums with enormous erections, and always smiling enticingly and invitingly at the camera.  

In the past year they have pushed the envelope even further, and run a six-page spread of an 8-year-old beauty recruited in Atlanta being introduced to the joys of sex with an eager monkey sporting a ten-inch erection.  The magazine included a Blue Ray so that people could enjoy the startling event as it unfolded.  The beast penetrated her little virgin cunny, ripping her cherry and thrusting in most of its length, then the horny beast found her little rectum, clearly getting more enjoyment from its full length penetration of her tight little anus to thrust deep into her colon.

The men's magazine was simply, as a follower rather than a leader, providing its audience with the kind of action now commonly available on television and in movies.  The only additional value was the exceptional beauty of the little blonde girl, following the ages old Playboy tradition of featuring only the best.  What was depicted was no longer outside the range of normal behavior, at least in the field of entertainment.  Children were no longer exploited; the very best little girls and their developing sexuality were now, with full cooperation of their anxious, eager and proud mothers, openly celebrated.

People generally believe a trained monkey, which had become used to sharing the sexual affections of human females, has as much right as a man to pluck the flowers of a little bouquet if its handler wishes it to do so.  What television has done was to take a leadership role in setting public norms on such topics, modernizing public morals, and setting bold new standards of acceptability by systematically extending the range of "acceptable" community standards.  They do so by finding the ever-shifting edge of acceptability, crossing it repeatedly, and then sprinkling some fairy dust on it with constant repetition and praise until what was once forbidden territory becomes an accepted norm.

Following the same process as the men's magazine, but from the front of the pack rather than from behind, reality shows on TV shifted from tame staged adventures in the early 1990s, with fake danger to buxom young ladies in short shorts and lots of cleavage, to the high risk and almost guaranteed loss of life for extremely daring young buxom females wearing nothing but internal vagina expanders, and, in a single episode, losing everything.  

Contestants were at first amateurs carefully screened as performers taking very unrealistic risks or doing unconventional things not only for a big cash payoff, but also for the flash of notoriety that often followed.  As the television genre matured the shows started to feature specially recruited beautiful people with full-frontal nudity taking outrageous risks for big money, in stunts that sometimes, to the delight of television audiences, went terribly wrong, sometimes with tragically fatal consequences for the ladies, but inversely providing handsome profits for the program producers.  

With the transformation of the television shows from scripts to planned raw and unpredictable violence, the expectations of audiences also became greater.  Things that were at first considered risqué became, from common usage and familiarity, normal.  That was also the process by which, by 2020 nudity of children on television became acceptable, followed by progressively younger girls being used in bizarre sexual acts, until in 2028 girls as young as seven could publicly fornicate in theatres, show-bars, in "adult" television and in motion pictures, with men or animals.  All they required was a note from their mothers or guardians, and the promotion of the event had to include a 'some sexual activities depicted may offend some viewers' warning, which drew in fans like a magnet.  

As increasingly violent television programs became more and more accepted, those programs that failed to produce shocking injuries and/or fatalities on a fairly regular basis fell quickly in the ratings and were just as quickly dropped from the schedule.  Television shows were into extreme and ultimate violence as an entertainment value, moving rapidly down a one-way road as various forms of violent, brutal sex were simultaneously incorporated into prime-time programming, as long as the segment held a warning that some content of the program might offend some viewers.  That warning proved to be the switch that guaranteed viewership in ever-increasing numbers.

The most outrageous of these pioneer TV shows was a program called "What a Girl Will Do For Fame!" which premiered back in 2026.  Each week a voluptuous woman or highly charged erotic teen girl would commit herself to unbelievable risk on a dare.  Things regularly went very badly for her, and most female participants failed to remain alive until the end of the program.  It's most definitive episode, entitled You Won’t Believe Your Eyes, was one that featured a magic act in which a gorgeous 15-year-old girl danced, slowly and erotically stripped entirely nude, displaying her impressive breasts, her very slender waist as well as her most valuable assets between her shapely legs, then she lay on a magician's table, her clean-shaved vagina visibly quivering with anticipation of what was to follow.  The pretty young cuntlet was stoked on uppers.

A short wooden box was placed over her torso covering her mid section, with her marvelous breasts exposed at one end and her gorgeous legs spread to display her cleanly-shaved genitalia at the other.  The box was only 18 inches long, and covered only her midriff.  The magician chained her wrists and ankles to the legs of his table, providing banter to the audience as he worked.  ”I’m going to show you the wonders of magic, and how it can totally fool the mind!”

Once tne naked teen was immobilized he fondled her breasts, squeezing them and admiring their youthful firmness as he spoke, then exploring her vagina, and thrusting fingers into her womb and rectum at the same time, reported on how delightfully moist and tender he found her interior.  “This is an amazing young woman,” he said, “and is definitely an amazing risk-taker if I ever got my fingers into one!”

The magician withdrew his fingers from her sex organ, then produced a long logger's saw, the type with a handle on either end.  A pair of lumber jacks wearing only tiny vests, logging boots and raging erections, each took an end, and before a live studio audience as well as the television cameras, the men began to work the saw, with its large-toothed blade placed in a special slot in the box covering the girl's tiny waist.  She smiled nervously, and without being aware of it, involuntarily spurted out a spray of her warm urine for the cameras.  A sharp squeal abruptly turned into a studio-filling scream.

Her rapid short screams appeared to be real as suddenly blood began to appear on the saw blade, and within moments her crimson essence and bits of her flesh were drawn out of the box with each forceful stroke of the ferocious saw.  This was amazingly realistic.  The outrageous performance had the total attention of the breathless studio audience who were enthralled, as well as that of an estimated 40 million people watching the program on television and live streaming around the world.  When at last her screams faded and ceased, the table was parted, and so too was the young woman.  It was an amazing sight.  She was now a completely split personality!

The two portions of the box, also divided by the saw, were removed, and the audience was shocked to see a clear view of where the men had cut the young girl in half, slicing right through her slender waist!  The studio audience took a moment of stunned silence to grasp what they had just witnessed, then they burst into sustained applause as her purple and white viscera tumbled from inside the girl’s halves to the stage floor.  

They couldn't believe the audacity of the production company to actually commit a murder of the terrified young girl right there in front of them.  The magician had completely fooled them and his beautiful and innocently naive young subject.  They had believed they were watching a very sophisticated trick, and instead they were watching the entirely intentional bitch-killing of pretty teen girl.  

The network had done its homework, and nipped any possibility of criminal charges in the bud, producing overwhelming evidence that the program was created and broadcast entirely in the interests of public education, revealing the extremes a young woman would go to for her moment of notoriety.  The gorgeous young subject had signed, with video recording it, more than two-dozen documents she was far too excited to read, as well as the mandatory release forms.

Included was a statement that she read aloud before signing, that declared she was entering into an act she fully understood would divide her in two at the waist, and she further understood and fully agreed with the stipulation that, because of insurance concerns, no surgeon would attempt to restore the integrity of her torso.  That part was so outrageous she thought it was a joke.  An amazing step had just been created for network television, and audiences around the world loved it.

The program had gone to air live, "as is", and although they had a powerful political lobby, the Religious Right was powerless to stop it or the succession of equally brutal violence shows that followed, with helpless young women and girls as the eager victims.  Television had at last come of age, had found a huge and broad new audience, and became overnight an entirely different communications medium.

The cost of this TV phenomenon to box office sales in the motion picture industry was staggering.  Young people no longer flocked to horror shock movies when they could bring up, at their convenience, what appeared to be real terror, horror blood and gore programs in their own homes, or watch them on big screens in bars.  

Teenage parties were arranged to replay recordings of their favorites, or to view a new advertised Reality TV event.  Girls flocked to Hollywood and to the studios, hoping for the chance to take part in these very realistic looking programs, and to experience their own 15 minutes of fame.  Most of them had no idea they were putting their young lives at extreme risk.  

The Reality TV shows were considered very cool to teenage kids as well as the college set, and were building an enduring following.  The girls from their early teens onward did not fully believe what they were seeing on TV was real, but because what they were seeing was new, was totally radical, and it was cool to watch, many of them wanted to take part, just to prove they had the guts to do it.  If somehow they really were real and actually spilled their guts, that would be amazing.  

When the subject was a girl in her early teens, youngsters watching the program were known to scream with orgasmic pleasure, and would commonly lose bladder control because of excitement with what they were watching.  Once loss of control had become a known response, girls would start screaming early in the program and urinate in their panties just to be cool.  

Girls as young as 10 were allowed to drink beer in most states, and to enter bars and pubs, but could not be served hard liquor until the age of 14.  But they could be served soft drinks, and there was no way the owner of the establishment could prevent them, during their excitement, from pulling down their panties and peeing on the floor, enhancing for the hip young audience the excitement they were experiencing from watching the outrageous gore on the screen.

All girls under 20 were required to put on free little diapers provided in most bars before these reality shows were put up on the big flat-screen TVs, in order to reduce the clean-up required after every showing.  The bar owners could handle the excessive screams of excited girls watching the startling shows on TV, but the frequent pissing and dumping of their poop on the floor was too much, and had to be contained.  Some bars recorded the shows, and played them 24 hours a day.  As long as people kept ordering drinks, they could watch as much as they could handle.

The smart bartenders offered the girls a free beer if they would sit up on the bar to removed their soiled diapers, and the diapers with a little lump of poop and with moist yellow stain in front, the undisputed property of the establishment, became a surprise source of revenue when men offered to buy them.  When men favored the diapers that had been messed as well as moistened, girls caught on fast, and soiled their thin adult diapers, sometimes while taking them off, and that practice became known as "logging".  

Girls who practiced logging always carried a roll of Tums with them, and they were also available beside the peanuts at bars that showed the horror videos.  The carminative antacid greatly reduced the production of methane gas in the intestine, the primary source of the foul smell of offal.  With relatively odorless stools, girls were much less reluctant to change their diapers in public, or to allow the bartender to sell their little panties soaked in front and with a small turd in the back.

Logging became a sport, quite separate from the horror programs, and girls would go to nightclubs or to weddings and take several pair of inexpensive thin and usually transparent little panties specially made and sold by the dozen for the purpose.  They would "log" on the dance floor, filling their panties, to the delight of their dance partner.  

As the quirky sport evolved girls became quite good at dropping just a little turd, like a deer pellet, and those young ladies became known as logging deer.  This meant nothing to those not in the know, but everything to those who knew of the naughty sport.  In this and many other ways Reality TV changed permanently both American and European culture.  The sale of Tums and Rollaids both skyrocketed as a direct result.

A group of renegade independent filmmakers who specialized in slice & dice gore films made a rapid switch to the real thing in their films, creating what they called the True-to-Life Shock genre, which were particularly sparse in story line and huge on shock and gore value.  True-to-Life events were easily defined; they were filmed with real rather than faked horror scenes.  

In these films lovely young amateur actresses performed scenes nude in which they were maimed, mutilated, dismembered, disemboweled, and finally slaughtered for the cameras without prior knowledge of the serious consequences of signing off on what proved to be their lives.  Audiences were sure it was all faked, but loved how real it all looked.

Their very first project to completely abandon the fake ripped limbs and bloody evisceration in favor of the real dismemberment, ripping and immolation of women started with a bizarre accident on set captured by their cameras.  A bit player was given a chain saw and was supposed to fake taking off a gorgeous limb of a chained up woman.  This was to be the master shot, later to be altered in post-production to add in fake gore, but as he raised the device he slipped with the noisy saw running, and the screaming lady was suddenly short a major limb.  

The actor ran from the set, screaming in horror of what he had just done, but an alert assistant director yelled at the cameramen to keep rolling, grabbed the chain saw and continued the job just started, working according to the sequence of damage required by the script.  The woman had signed a comprehensive waiver, not believing things could become this serious on a movie set.  

The gorgeous amateur, who was a fitness instructor hoping for a shot at the big time, was new to this producer and director, and was learning the ropes in the business the hard way.  Once the assistant director took over with the saw she had in short order been reduced to a torso with a screaming head and four short bleeding stumps that she rapidly wagged in abject horror until she bled to death.  Just for good measure the guy with the chainsaw sliced into her groin, joining her vagina and rectum before ripping her open up the middle.   It was pretty spectacular, the kind of thing they paid artists big money to draw for Slash & Gash magazine covers.

The digital video of the horrific sequence was immediately put onto the big screen for assessment, and the producers and director were so excited at the prospects of what they had on their hands, and the enormous savings in cost it represented, the very next day they wrote roles for a buxom teenage girl and her mother into the script.  

Their casting director procured a pair of appropriate beautiful actresses from their extensive gallery of enthusiastic applicants, auditioned them with a violent rectal rape scene conducted by the director, hired them both on the spot for their shrill natural screams, and promised the two shapely females instant stardom.  

Both were in and were very pleased to be, enthusiastic to begin, with no idea that their first starring roles would also be their last.  In four long days of shooting they then shot all the footage necessary to build the two new stars into the sketchy horror story line, with most of it consisting of inane conversations and sequences of them trapped naked in a dingy deserted hotel, alternately sneaking around and screaming in horror.  

On the fifth day of shooting the mature woman, cast as the teenager's mother, was confronted by an insane has-been actor who systematically hacked her to death with a machete, captured in gross detail by six cameras.  Then after lunch a pair of nude black burglars appeared, raped the teenager, and then finished the job with razor-sharp switchblades, both stabbing and slashing her until her meat was radically partitioned and entirely coated with her blood. To complete the sequence, one of the men gave her a power fuck up the butt while the other used his knife to slowly and painstakingly remove her head, with her beautiful face locked in an energetic scream.

The finished film ran only 72 minutes, but its release in small old repertoire houses proved to be exactly the right strategy.  No mention was ever made in the publicity that real killings were the sole backbone of the film, that it was nothing but an expensive snuff film, but the horror fans quickly caught on.  The hardcore slice & dice fans had seen too much action not to recognize the difference.  Word of mouth rapidly took this first of the True-to-Life Shock films to instant hit status, producing more than 500 times its modest production cost in gross revenues in the first month.  

The adventuresome fringe film producers got 7 such films into theaters before the brother of one of the girls butchered in the second in the new series was in the audience to see the fifteen-year-old beauty's violent demise as she was brutally fucked to death by a raging stallion on the big screen.  It was set as a racetrack film, and much worse happened to young starlets in it, but none with their brother watching.   Because production company names and addresses change for each feature produced, another 8 such films from this company were in release before authorities found and arrested the producers and the director.  

All 15 of the True-to-Life Shock films were immediately pulled while lawyers scrambled to see if those movie houses displaying them were at risk, and when they determined the exhibitors bore no responsibility for the content of films they screened, the highly popular films quickly found their way back into the underground theaters, and the True-to-Life Shock genre had established its place in film history.  

Every theater manager wanted them, because they played to packed houses, and they got to keep a portion of the extended ticket prices charged to the eager crowds of teenagers, whose ranks were gradually bolstered by college students and young professionals, the audience of the future.  Movies were back, big time, thanks to the amazing True-to-Life features being pumped out faster than the B-Movies of the 1940s, 50s and ‘60s.  Demand forced more supply.

During the highly publicized trial of the gang of True-to-Life filmmakers, held in Mississippi, several scenes were examined frame by bloody frame in the darkened and packed courtroom for weeks by the prosecution, who attempted to verify that the killings were real.  The judge had to admonish several young ladies from practicing logging as the shocking scenes were replayed.  

The same footage was then re-examined frame by bloody frame in the same detail by the defense, who argued strenuously that what was on the screen was simply movie magic.  Footage from an old mainstream film from the 1970s, The Stuntman, was run in convincing rebuttal.  In that film the audience saw extreme damage to soldiers done with machine guns mounted on a small airplane.  Several of them had horrific wounds, and some were dismembered.  As the scene ran the men got up from the sand, removing false shattered limbs and rubber open wounds, startling everyone in the courtroom.

The producers had wisely completely disposed of the remains of the three actresses they had killed for their movie under examination, along with any weapons that might be recognized or carry traces of the victims' blood, which could provide DNA.  All of the actors who had committed the killings onscreen had also mysteriously disappeared.

The producers wanted to leave no trace of what occurred on their set, and there was no way to find any of such evidence or witnesses, since they all lay buried deep under roadbeds in new highway construction.  The trusted crews who worked behind the cameras all had assumed new names for the credits, their screen names drawn from the 50-year-old archives of the obituary section of the Los Angeles Times.  

The jury deliberated a full three weeks before deciding the accused, tried together, could not reasonably be found guilty.  They were convinced that murders had likely been committed, but without bodies, weapons or witnesses, and the compelling arguments made by the defense, there were no grounds upon which they could reasonably convict.  

The proof, entirely visible on screening of the movies, was not sufficiently substantial to support a guilty verdict, according to the instructions from the judge, because of the brilliant counter evidence presented.  The Supreme Court of Mississippi refused to hear appeals on this decision, the masturbating judges swayed by the argument of movie magic.  The case was finished and an enduring precedence set.  

The Supreme Court also had the case of a state politician convicted of the rape of a nine-year-old black girl to be heard, and in their minds the rape case took priority.  The voluptuous child had dressed provocatively, wearing only pink little underpants because of the particularly hot day, and had shamelessly lured the politician to the side of the road with her little lemonade table right beside those big lilac and magnolia bushes, and he had paid the child twenty dollars, in a roll of $1. bills tucked into her cum and blood-slicked little love slot after finishing his forcefully applied mating business with her behind the bushes.

The only evidence in the case was his DNA from the bills soaking in his sperm on the bills retrieved from deep in the pretty young black girl's invaded vagina, and her little panties found in the glove compartment of his car, but his explanation that he had found them lying on the road and had stopped to pick them up rather than leave such trash on the street sounded completely reasonable.  

The prominent politician swore he had not stopped at that particular lemonade stand, and had certainly not gone behind no flower bushes, handy as they were, to rape a dirty little nigress, and if he had, he swore he would have strangled the tempting little pussy and crammed those pretty little pink panties of hers down her throat so she wouldn't be able to tell stories about her wonderful adventure, bein' mounted and ridden by such a magnificent stud.  The fact that she was alive and in the courtroom, he said, provided proof beyond question that he had not been involved in the despicable though very interesting crime.

DNA evidence was never a full 100% positive, his lawyer proclaimed, and certainly not after being contaminated in the cutlet of a black child.  The word of an obviously lying little nigress should never be allowed to take down such a pillar of the community.  The Mississippi Supreme Court had its priorities straight, and the damned liberal judge should have his unfounded decision overturned promptly, and maybe the tree-hugging prick should be hanged for having made it.  After all, had the Confederacy been entirely for nothing?  The rape case really should take priority over a frivolous movie case, the Supreme Court decided, and the groundwork was complete to support the radical new form of Reality Movies.

By the time "reality" became a regular part of the film industry, audiences expected and got real rather than staged enactments of violence, and a whole new chapter was opened in the ongoing development of the motion picture industry.  Throughout the history of motion picture, people had, like in any large industry, died frequently in the making of dangerous scenes, but now the deaths became entirely intentional, and producing them a craft in its own right within the industry.  

Intentional Snuff had officially moved out of the dark underground into the bright lights.  It would not be long before the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences created and presented the first Academy Award for a spectacular killing in a motion picture.  Certainly the victim would be a beautiful young woman or girl, and she would definitely be naked for her death scene.

The evolving levels of reality and brutal, unforgiving outcomes, brought about the need for innovative recruiting techniques, and also the use of special production techniques developed decades before in the documentary era, when retakes were seldom possible.  Additional camera angles on progressing action were achieved by the use of multiple cameras shooting simultaneously, an expensive process, which pushed up production costs.  

To keep budgets under control, the level of risk was always undersold to the participants, the high and enticing fees offered them were seldom paid out in full, and all contracts included in the fine print a non-payment clause for people who did not survive a day of shooting.  Young women proved to be a gullible as ever, even among the well educated young ladies who were the first to apply.  

The underlying feeling of security participants felt came purely from denial, with the belief the horrors on the screen, although they looked real, were probably faked, and even if they were real, as most audiences believed, each eager young recruit believed it could only happen to someone else, never to her.
The big money was always dangled before eligible recruits as an incentive to participate, but real payouts were awarded only to the very few who somehow survived, to give some credibility to the amazingly high cash enticements promised.  For most of the excited young girls who rushed to be recruited, the only payoff was a surprise violent death for the entertainment of audiences of their peers, who demanded the finest shocking action in Reality Movies.  

Because the entertainment business had to constantly exceed the expectations of its customers if it wished to remain in business, they had to offer more shock and more inventive ways of presenting gore in every production in the genre.  Like every innovation, the newness of it all required craftsmen and women to come up with new creative ways to do things.  The mass entertainment business had come full circle, returning to the bloody human carnage in the arena during the heady days of ancient Rome!

The Chain Gang

Carly had been one of the most productive young waitresses Joe had ever had at his diner, appropriately named The Chain Gang, located at a major truck stop on the southern Mississippi interstate.  She worked hard at the tables, wearing her personal chains, serving more customers more efficiently than any two other waitresses.  Joe had the busiest diner among the dozen at that stop, because he knew what the customers wanted, and provided it for them.  

The B&D theme he had adopted brought them in, and the elevated ramp from the elevated kitchen the enchanting young waitresses had to walk in their spike heeled shoes, their ankles hobbled with an eight inch chain between their padded ankle cuffs, gave the customers waiting for their food a great show.  The ladies of the Chain Gang were in demand, and business was good.

The girls worked topless, and wore a heavy four-inch chain between their nipple rings, drawing their full mammaries together in the most provocative manner.  Ranging in age from 13 to 21, these girls were usually pregnant, because in their hourly back-room activities they were ridden bareback, with no protection.  It was good for business.  

Customers could also rent little whips to use on the kneeling girls as they fucked them.  Joe only hired girls with a full rack.  With their string of back-to-back pregnancies, they came fresh regularly in milk production, and with the connecting chain through their ringed nipples joining them, their fat breasts bulged beautifully with the tips drawn closer together.

These young waitresses all wore shiny red leather skirts that were little more than a belt, because although they were worn so low that they revealed two inches of the crease between their buttocks, the tiny garments were so short that they hid nothing of the lower buttock fold nor of their cleanly shaved pubic mounds with the protruding lips.  The spiked weight that swung between their knees, hanging by a pair of chains from rings in their pierced labia, forced the gorgeous ladies to move with their knees spread, making walking in their spike-heeled shoes even more provocative.  

The weights they wore had started out being a lead ball, to tug the pierced inner cuntlips out by stretching them downward.  Joe had watched his girls walking the ramp, with loaded food trays lifted high, and realized the sensuous rubbing of the weight on their legs could be much more productive if it scratched them when their gorgeous legs were too close together.  Spikes on the balls would force much more interesting posture in their spiked heel shoes.  

He had all of the weights altered with the addition of a dozen long sharp spikes, and his customers were delighted with the improvement in the erotic appearance of the young ladies serving them caused by their response to the spikes.  With these attractive and skilled waitresses, The Chain Gang was one of the most popular diners for a meal, a beer and a minor quick back-room fuck, usually of a little girl, in that part of Mississippi.  You would have to go all the way to Memphis to get anything better, and have to pay a lot more to boot.

The girls Joe employed were either the product of brothels, born to prostitutes, or of diners like his, with their mothers working both the tables and the back rooms.  He also hired a few pretty young wetbacks, since none of them had papers, they fucked like mink and often looked like real white folks.  Joe had to know girls were without ties before making a hire, so that he would never be hassled by an old boyfriend or a relative when she was discovered working in such a demeaning role in his business establishment.  His customers were men who worked hard and liked to play hard, using beautiful young fully subjugated nude girls for their fun, so that no rules applied.  Diners like The Chain Gang with a quick fuck an optional extra made that possible.

Whenever he hired a girl in her early teens who applied, Joe first asked some very specific questions about ties, why and when she ran away from home if that was where she came from, and questions to discover whether or not she was traceable.  When he was confident she was not, she had a chance at a job.  The last thing he needed was meddlers with emotional ties to his employees.  

He had little concern for her actual age, as it was appearance that counted.  If a girl said she was 13 and she looked as if that could be true it was good enough for him.  He had added a 10-year-old in his chain who had just started to sprout her little titties when he hired her, and true to form she got herself knocked up within a couple of months.  She was a spic, but his customers didn't seem to mind.

The kids he interviewed were usually not legals so had no papers, either because they were born in brothels or because they were Mexicans or worse, chinks.  It meant nothing to him, and the hispanics were usually the hottest fucks anyway, requiring little training because most of them had been copulating since before they turned 4.  The spanish left a legacy of hot blood, and because of the European blood in their veins, the kids that didn't look like they had just stepped out of the jungle were interesting and had a chance.  Joe was a fair employer, and had no biases.

The girls who worked in establishments like Joe's were what he liked to call full time employees.  They worked 98 hours per week, by putting in 14 straight hours every day of the week and weekend.  They lived on premises, eliminating the loss of time for commuting, and reducing the chance a valuable young girl might bolt.  He provided monitory services for them, maintaining, he told them, a personal bank account for each employee.  He bought them everything he thought they needed, and without access to shopping they had no need to have direct access to their earnings.  Joe's system worked well for everybody.

In fact everything the girls earned went directly into Joe's business account, and he kept a loose tally on the value of each girl's earnings, except when he forgot to write them down.  He provided everything they might need, and kept them happy by running a movie on the bunkhouse DVD player just after each change of shift.  There was a double bed in the dormitory for every 3 employees, which was quite a luxury, since there were always 2 of them working at any given time, because the diner was open 24/7, never closed, and it was always busy.  

Carly, like all the other waitresses, also worked the back room, whichever of the three that was available, and did so more effectively than the other girls, giving customers $50. quickies, their term for a 10 minute fuck after their meal.  Each room was equipped with a single cot, a mattress and a sheet.  There was no need for blankets or pillows, since the standard position for a girl being ridden was on her hands and knees.  The sheet was perpetually stained with semen, menstrual blood and sometimes streaks of offal from girls anally fucked, and they were kept relatively fresh by being changed once a week.

The girls got to keep 20% of the money they earned.  Carly was the most fertile of Joe's girls, bearing children for unknown fathers at the rate of one every 10 months.  All of the girls working the diner were pregnant most of the time, because Joe had no use for infertile girls, and if one went more than two months without some customer's seed taking, he sold her rights to one of the few other diners not interested in bulging bellies on their nude waitresses.  

The girls at The Chain Gang almost always worked customers on their hands and knees, mounted from behind in either their vaginas or rectums.  There was no time to do a butt douche before a quickie, but that didn't matter much, because the guys liked getting their dribbling dicks sucked clean after a colon fuck.  The girls' rectums were usually dirty when they sat on the bed to do the oral clean-up, but they only made small brown smears, and the next customer in usually understood, and avoided that moist spot.  Once it dried it was not an issue.  

Joe’s girls earned a big bonus if they would agree to deliver their infants in a special performance for approved clients.  These shows were a big draw, and brought in substantial additional revenue.  Carly was one of the best at everything she did.  Since joining his staff at 13, the age of consent without parental agreement, she had produced seven children on stage, all of them girls thanks to gender-adjusting hormones she took, a requirement of her contract.

Most of Carly's deliveries had been done with her sitting on the vinyl-topped kitchen table, her legs spread and her wrists tied to an overhead pipe to keep her from interfering with the natural birthing process.  Sometimes one of the half dozen customers who paid big time to witness the show would help, and if the delivery was taking too long to start, the 14-year-old boy Joe had hired as a dishwasher would get one of his rubber gloves up into the girl's womb, poking and wiggling a finger in her cervix to get things started.  It always worked.

Once Carly was required to deliver her baby on her hands and knees before a small group of patrons, and that time the infant's legs came first.  The young dishwasher and a customer had grabbed the protruding legs, and although her cord was tightly wrapped around the infant girl's neck when she was extracted from Carly's womb, they disentangled it in time to save for Joe another valuable asset.  After delivery Joe always gave the new mother a couple of hours off before resuming her shift, enough time to watch a movie.  He always promised to pay them overtime for the rest of the day.

To handle the new-born kids, Joe had established a nursery at the truck stop, which because of its special nature attracted a far wider range of clients than truck drivers.  There were as many Mercedes and Cadillacs as semis on the parking lot at any time of the day or night.  All of the diners at this major stop had adopted Joe's style of business.  

The half-dozen babies born each week were placed in this cooperative, and were raised to the age of seven, at which point they could legally become sexually active and move to the Toy Store, with the signed consent of a parent. Joe would sign for them, calling himself the child's legal guardian.  This worked fine, because nobody ever asked.

These little girls were all single-parent kids, and their mothers, all of them nude waitresses in one of the diners at the stop, readily signed consent forms allowing their to fornicate with strangers, a choice which increased their income, at least on paper, because all revenues were deposited for safe keeping in Joe's business account.  The children did not work in the diners, but instead at a special facility at the end of the huge parking lot known as The Toy Store, and attracted even more clients than The Chain Gang.  

If the child was beautiful at the age of 3, she would move from the nursery to what he called his KindiGarden, where she would be prepared to work in the secret Toy Store when she reached the age of 7, fucking pedophiles, and if she was not attractive at 3 she would eligible for a quiet sale to a private buyer on the underground market.  With no birth certificate her rights could be made available to whoever claimed her, for the right price, with no need for any paperwork.  

There was a big market for little girls without strings attached on the massive underground market, and Joe knew how to work it.  For the right client Joe would make an exception and sell full rights to a truly beautiful little girl, but most of those he kept to work in the secret Toy Store until she was old enough to work in his diner.  

Twice a year a buyer for a numbered company would come around to check on what was available in the secret Toy Store.  He would examine the current stock in the KindiGarden, even check out the nursery, and make a few purchases with an offer too good to refuse.  Joe had known and done business with this buyer for years.  

The company he represented used attractive children as young as 3 in their string of black market sex circuses, setting up in rented warehouses and moving every two weeks to stay ahead of the law.  The girls would be trained to perform sexual acts with well-endowed men as well as with a variety of animals, or to perform obscene dances with a long thick rubber toy for mixed audiences.

The Toy Store was fronted with a real toy store, tended to by a matronly woman, but its inventory was just for show.  The male clients went behind a curtain then down a narrow staircase to where the real action took place.   They could have a secluded sexual encounter with a girl between seven and twelve, depending upon their personal taste, or join in a group session in the photo studio.  

In these sessions the well-trained children, either single or in active pairs, could be photographed in obscene and debasing acts, or simple groin-spread poses, sometimes inserting toys into their little rectums or vaginas.  Cameras were provided which never left the studio, but their photographs could later be downloaded from a secure site by the client.  The photos were also posted to a special pay site in Russia, where such activity was illegal but never prosecuted.  

With each passing year the value of life seemed to be reduced, particularly with the growing popularity of reality television and such government sanctioned programs as televised entertainment executions, popular even with general tax payers, because they diminished the cost or running prisons.  An attractive girl or child with pluck, good erotic movement and a passable figure could be sold to a discrete client in a transaction that might be quite profitable for the seller.  The buyers were almost always recruiters for the motion picture industry.

Because of the success of his business, Joe had a waiting list of applicants hoping to become Chain Gang waitresses, all aged 12 to 13, naïve girls anxious to get in on the action, and all were ready to start on short notice.  He accepted applications from girls as young as 11, knowing it might take some time for them to be accepted.  

Most applicants did not have parental consent, and without it would be unable to accept full duties, including the profitable back room prostitution and subsequent birthing shows, until their 13th birthday.  Joe covered this minor inconvenience by having his lawyer assign him as their legal guardian, which made it legal for him to use them as he wished, pimping pretty little girls as young as seven to his valued and fussy clients.  

He even had a surgeon on retainer who would re-seal their little hymens, making them virgins again in order that he could rent a single little girl up to a dozen times for the lucrative cherry-popping evenings.  Joe was an astute businessman, and knew how to milk every dollar possible out of the use of the vaginas and rectums of pretty little girls.

The modernization of antiquated laws regarding minors and sex cleaned up a lot of harmful practices where children, commonly hooking up with schoolmates and openly practicing sex at parties, were abused by pimps working outside the law that did not recognize that young people had mature attitudes toward sex that put them in harms way by removing any protection by the law.  

Now that kids could legally fuck for profit, it meant that decent businessmen like himself could protect them in respectable businesses while both he and girls right up to their teenage years in his employ could make good money by doing what came naturally.  By providing accommodation, food, exercise in the fuck-pads and no outside trips, all of the money that went to the young ladies belonged to Joe.  He was their banker, and held their money in trust.  He was profiting handsomely from the newfound freedom of his food and sex enterprise, at the expense of the pretty young cunts who worked for him.

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The Movie Extras

Because of her age, Carly was becoming as much a liability as an asset for Joe, and he was actively considering moving her out of his business to make a place for a fresher girl, a buxom and beautiful 13 year old, one who had years of training for back-room work and who was eager to have the already elongated nipples on her large breasts, and her labia fitted with the rings and chains so that she could get started as a Chain Gang girl.  

It was just at that point that the perfect opportunity presented itself by which Joe could profit handsomely by Carly's removal from his service.  He could effectively sell her in what would be considered a legitimate recruiting activity, and make some extra useful money by also selling a couple of her pretty little daughters to the same recruiter, who was looking for girls and their daughters.  

A talent scout for a motion picture production company who had often used The Chain Gang as a resource was actively recruiting, and needed to obtain several quality young cunts and their daughters.  Although she was slightly above the age range he had mentioned, he had also mentioned he was interested in some girls who were visibly pregnant.  Joe was confident he could swing it, by providing some below the age range who were in full belly, and the younger ones were always a hit.  In addition, Carly was nearly five months along with her 8th pregnancy for him, and starting to show quite well.

Outrageous Productions was recruiting extras for a new reality feature, a period piece that was going to be shot in the area.   The shooting title of the film, a western set in 1896, was Outrage Reservation, and the company was preparing to do a central scene for the film which was to be a bloody massacre of Indian maidens.  Their plan was to disguise white girls as young Indian squaws, mix them with some real Indian girls for the close shots, and shoot them in a real, totally genuine massacre, which was exactly what Reality Movies were all about.

In the script a group of ranchers and their hands were planning to clear land that was an Indian reserve, but was favorable land for grazing their cattle.  They had objected strongly to the Indian Treaty that created the reservation, and determined that by clearing the land of people there would be no further claims on the land, so it would revert to the government and they could homestead it as many had done back before the Civil War.  

According to the script the ranchers would lure the Indian men off the reservation, hiring them to attack, scalp, butcher alive and then kill all of the white women working at the whorehouse in a local town.  Although that scene would be shot after the Indian massacre scene, it would be seen in the move first, providing the rationale for the Indian women being alone and unguarded in their village.  

For the squaws and their daughters' massacre scene the company's recruiters were gathering 200 women and children, tanning them and dying their hair to make them look like squaws, then according to the script, while the men were gone on their own sortie, the ranchers and their men would stampede the young squaws and their little girls, all of them buck naked, out into the open grassland with mounted horsemen, and massacre them, filling them with meat-blasting lead from their trusty Winchester repeating rifles.  

Outrage Reservation was to be an epic Reality Movie because of the number of deaths, and containing something for everybody.  The whore house scene was to satisfy the terror, horror and gore fans, the raid on the village and massacre of the women and children was to provide incredible brutality in epic proportions with 200 extras as targets, and that scene would also introduce pretty little girls as targets for violent death in Reality Movies for the first time.  

To create a legal precedent for displaying terminal brutalization of children for entertainment and profit, Outrageous Productions visited Japan during the summer, and a crew showed up at a large community fountain and wading pool where children three years old and younger commonly play nude in the water.  

They arrived at night in a service van and were dressed as workmen, as if to do regular maintenance on the fountain.  Instead they offloaded a Bobcat fitted with a large hydraulic crane, and installed a concrete log near the top of the sculptured fountain that was consistent with the general design of the central feature of the water park.  

The next day was Sunday, when the public park was always very busy on hot days.  The sun shone brightly, and at noon two middle aged American men, dressed as tourists, showed up in shorts and flip-flops, both of them shirtless, wearing sunglasses, and armed with small point and shoot cameras with 4K capability.  

The park was very busy with naked children romping and splashing in the wading pool, their parents watching them from the shade, and dozens of men with telephoto lenses on their still and video cameras stood against a fence, collecting photos and video of the nude children for their private collections and to share on the internet.

The two men from the American film company joined the men making video of the tiny naked children, giving particular attention to several little girls aged two to six who were frolicking at the base of the fountain.  Not all of them were housebroken, and several times they squatted to pee, and little girls up to 5 years of age would also squat on the fountain's ledge to poop into the shallow water.  

Japan had some very interesting customs as a first world country so recently emerged from the third world.  The vagina of a woman or a man’s penis and testicles could never be shown in their highly developed pornography industry, but nakedness and public deification by nude children was entirely acceptable.

When the two American men among the group of Japanese voyeurs had got more than 20 minutes of video from the distance using their long lenses, they moved into the sunshine and gradually got closer to the children.  The many little girls and few boys were oblivious to the intense interest in their play and the open display of their genitalia.  They were too busy having fun keeping cool in the water with their active frolicking.  
The men entered the pool with its big fountain along one side, wading very slowly in the foot-deep water, and in less than 5 minutes they were within a few feet of the children, when a mother approached them, cautious but wanting to intervene in the overt capturing of her daughter's immodesty.  

This kind of undisguised voyeurism was always present at this and other Japanese fountains where naked children frolicked, but was always done from a discrete distance.  These two men were foreigners, not Japanese, and their growing erections in their tight spandex shorts were now conspicuously firm.

The woman, who was about 21, was wearing a light summer frock with a short skirt and because of the heat, no underwear.  This was evident because of the clinging nature of the revealing dress, low cut in the front and even lower cut in the back, and with a slit up each side to her waist.  The light fabric clung to her skin, and there were no lines of elastic, which is always present with underwear beneath clothing.  Other than the immodest dress, this beautiful young Japanese mother was stark naked.

As she arrived, wading in the water near the children, one of the white men brought out his cel phone, used speed dial to select the device holding the log in place, and when he judged the moment to be right hit the number 7.  As a direct result the single catch holding the concrete log in place opened, and the huge heavy cylinder of concrete rapidly rolled down the sloped edge of the fountain, ready to wreak havoc on the naked children and woman directly below.  

The little girls were directly in line with it, as was the mother who had entered the water.  The men, knowing its trajectory, were safely to one side, and both were fully engaged in documenting what was happening with their video cameras.  With the horrible accident clearly about to happen, nobody noticed that both American men were ejaculating, and their sperm was pumping through the thin porous material of their shorts and splashing into the water.

The immense concrete log took less than three seconds to reach the naked little girls, who were oblivious to what was happening.  The mother was not.  She saw it rolling rapidly down toward her daughters and those of others, and was helpless to do anything but scream in horror at the unbelievable accident that was unfolding before her eyes, opened to nearly round.

The log did the work designed for it.  Within an hour the quickly edited video was up on, and within another hour it had gone completely viral before being jerked off the site.  In that first hour 250,000 watched the children being crushed, literally flattened by the rapidly rolling cement log.  

The viewers could hardly believe what they saw.  They had watched bug-eyed as the log, after crushing the naked little girls, bounced off the granite deck of the fountain and caught the Japanese woman at chest level, knocking her over and pinning her to the bottom of the foot-deep wading pool.  It was just deep enough that the woman, pinned to the bottom, her chest partially crushed, thrashed her arms and legs in desperation as water filled her nose, screaming mouth and throat.  

The American video makers caught excellent shots of her short skirt rise well above her hips, and the gaping slot in her totally trimmed pubic mound.  Within seconds of the video being removed, it appeared again with another name, and because of a couple of carefully selected key words more than half a million viewers caught it in the next hour.

YouTube’s own statistics revealed most of the viewers hit the pause and repeat buttons so often that 350,000 trollers spent from the moment they found the 3.5 minute video until it was once again removed in watching the devastation to the crushed little girls and the woman.  The tough work of a concrete log on human flesh was fascinating.

The heads of the children were now only a couple of inches thick but twice as wide as normal, their little bodies were so severely crushed that their viscera dangled out of splits in their bellies and sides, and the bones in their little limbs were all broken.  The water was a light pink, but the running fountain cleared most of the blood from the scene quickly.  

The men shooting the video slowly panned across the laid open little human frogs, with even their innards fully displayed in the bright sun.  The slaughter was masterfully executed, and the video was replaced so often that Youtube became much slower at removing it when they saw the incredible stats it created for them.  Within 24 hours the number of hits had exceeded 1.2 billion, an all time record for the video sharing service.

By the incredible demand, people around the world who represented the general market for hollywood movies, had proven the world was ready for the carnage to little girls represented in the made-for-youtube video, produced exclusively to prove the point it so eloquently did.  Kiddie porn had grown up, and was ready for the real world.  

People could handle it.  The moral question was irrelevant.  People wanted it, and hollywood was ready and able to provide it in amazingly gross detail.  Most compelling of all was that in no country were lawsuits filed, either against or against the anonymous producers and posters of the outlandish news film.  

Because Outrage Reservation was to be a reality film, and they all knew what that meant, the young ladies being considered for the high risk job of extras were told that the horsemen would be using both blanks and live rounds, which qualified the applicants as being fully informed.  The plan to actually hit only about 40 of the 200 extras, providing an 80% survival rate, give or take, depending upon how the bullets flew. It was not mentioned that nobody would be counting shots or hits during the hectic action.  What the gorgeous young ladies were told was that this kind of survival rate was very good in the Reality Movie business, and Reality Movies were everywhere.  For most participants it would be fairly safe.

Another group of ladies hired to play the white and black whores to be scalped, butchered then slaughtered, would have only about a 2% chance of survival, and therefore would earn no salary but instead a million dollar payout should they survive.  As dangerous as this Indian squaw massacre scene was for the recruited ladies, knowing that a few of them would die, the attraction for them was that they would be in a real movie.

Their base pay was to be $200. for the day of the shoot, $400. danger pay because of the 20% chance of accidentally being shot, full medical coverage should it on the off chance become necessary, and survivor pay of $1,000. for each woman and girl not shot.  That came to a total of $1,600. for a day's work!  Easy money for taking a small risk.

In addition, if their participating progeny survived, a woman would make the same for each child she consented to allow participating in the film.  For these young mothers, ranging in age from 13 to 21, this was very big money.  There was extra money if a girl was conspicuously pregnant, but there would be no additional survivor pay in the case where a woman or girl was carrying a baby in her belly.  Only fully birthed at time of signing children qualified for payment.  There was, on the other hand, a bonus for any girl who gave birth during the filming.

Joe presented the opportunity to four of his girls, starting with his oldest, Carly, and told them he would release them from their contracts with him, and permit them to take with them on the shoot up to 2 of their daughters, if they wanted extra money.  Only one of the girls declined, not because of the danger but because she was always shy around cameras.  

She did, however, sign consent papers for three of her five daughters to participate, even though Joe insisted he would be the one to decide which three.  Carly readily agreed to the deal, and Joe collected a recruiting fee of $6,000. which was $500. for each mother and daughter he sold to the recruiter.

Carly selected her seven-year-old and her three-year-old daughters, both of them strikingly beautiful and agile children.  Joe reluctantly agreed with her choices.  The best-looking kids were always the most valuable to him, but he was willing in this case to give these two up to get Carly off his staff.  The market for girls her age was drying up, so he was willing to take what he could get for her.  

Carly believed that, if they all survived, she would be able to make more money with these two than with any of the others she had produced.  Both girls had been at the top of their class at the nursery, learning to move and posture provocatively, and the older girl to fuck like a mink, extracting the semen from a man's erection quickly and with passion.  Like their mother, both little girls would make ideal subjects for the film sequence.

Conversion to Indians

It was only a week later when Carly was called to Joe's office.  One of his burly talent handlers was present, waiting for instructions from the boss.  Joe spoke, and Carly had the rings removed from her nipples and labia, said good-bye to her friends at the diner, and wearing real outside clothing for the first time since she had become a full-time employee at the eatery 8 years earlier, she and her selected daughters boarded the film company's bus.  They joined other new recruits, along with several from other diners at the site, and left behind the busy truck stop forever.  

Joe promised to look after Carly's savings account and final pay for her work in front and in the back room of his diner until she got herself settled.  He told her the pay for the day of filming would get her started, and when she found a place she should call him.  Carly trusted Joe completely.  He had been the one to hire her 'way back when she had turned seven, and had taken good care of her every since.  

He had taken her into his back room to show her how to fuck men, how to please them while draining their balls of sperm in her little colon, womb or throat, and how to hurt a man who got out of control by hitting his most vulnerable place.  She learned the value of an unexpected violent upward blow between his legs to the testicles in calming a man down.  In just two days she was ready to go to work in the Toy Store, pleasing men who liked to fuck little girls.  

When she turned 13 she had become a waitress at his diner, and very quickly became pregnant by being ridden bareback in the diner's back rooms.  Usually all she had to do was sit on the table with her legs spread and her arms tied to an overhead pipe.  This prevented her from using her hands to help the baby out, but always some of the customers helped.  

Once it was different, and quite sexy, because she had to be on her hands and knees on the table to deliver.  That was quite tough, because the baby's legs came out first, but when some of the men grabbed the kid's legs and pulled it came out alright.  Her cord was wrapped around its neck, but they got it off in time.

Joe had taken care of all her babies by putting them into the nursery, and she had earned extra money when he let her deliver her babies on a table in the special room for just a few high-paying guests.  He told her she had enough socked away in her special account to be nearly rich when she finally struck out on her own.

Carly had no idea what she would do after the dangerous Reality Movie shoot, but the first order of business was to become a survivor.  Odds were good that her children would survive as well.  Things were looking good, at least for the short term.  She felt really lucky to have this exciting new job, and knew it was going to be the start of something really big.  Joe promised her as she left that he would come out to the film shoot site after here scene was done, and bring all her earnings with him so that she would have substantial money as she started her new life.

Hamburgers and Cokes were purchased by the coach's attendant at fast food stops, and there was an on-board toilet for the girls to use on the trip into the desert, which took several hours.  When they reached their destination they moved into one of the big tents the film company had set up in a temporary production village.  The big scene was to be shot a week later, and the girls learned they would be required to tan on a tightly supervised schedule, to give them the skin color of Indians.  Every hour more busses arrived, bringing more recruits, until late that evening all 200 of the required extras had been assembled in four large tents.  

Only those with straight dark brown or black hair avoided the hair-dying program, which started early that evening.  everyone had to have straight hair, and those with any curl had also to undergo hair straightening.  It was necessary that all of them look like real Indian squaws.  About a dozen of them were.  

These native women had been recruited quietly from local reservations to provide real looking facial close-ups.  They were all, despite their aboriginal features, quite beautiful for Indians.  That was a basic norm in the film industry.  The cameras only got to see beautiful women and girls, and that’s what they presented to their audiences.  

Cots with pillows and a blanket were provided, and although they were excited, the girls slept soundly after a meal of beans, cornbread and sodas.  They were allowed to sleep until 8, then after a breakfast of toast, jam and milk they were instructed to remove their shorts or jeans, t shirts and sneakers and go outside completely nude, where the trainers were waiting for them.  

One of the casting crew held Carly's older girl, the seven year old named Jeanie, back.  He said she was going to have some extra work, not explaining he was extracting the beautiful nubile child from the group of film extras for possible future use as a star in her own movie.  

This unexpected development excited Carly, who was not told Jeanie’s movie would be a kiddie snuff film, a money-making sideline Outrageous Productions had developed to take full advantage of online streaming pay-sites, and their ready access to suitable subjects for small lucrative slaughter-for-profit projects.  Nor did she realize that the child could possibly be used for horror gore close-ups in this film.  It was all the same to the casting member, and the outcome would be identical for the pretty innocent child.  She’d spill her guts for the cameras, and the producers would get rich.

Notes were made on which cunt might require extra attention to her hair, either because of color or stubborn curls.  These would receive additional attention between tanning sessions throughout the day.  They were also assessed for which group they should join for the beginning of the killing sequence for which they had been recruited.  They would start with specific assignments before the total chaos of the merciless cunt slaughter took over.

Many of the young recruits had worked for years in the nude, and their comfort level with being naked in public settled down those who had not developed such insensitivity, and they were all soon participating in activities designed to keep them busy and active so that they would tan evenly in the bright sunlight.  

Carly was surprised that quite a number of the exceptionally beautiful young girls were in their third trimester of pregnancy, but realized that everyone should have equal opportunity at earning the big payday.  She was surprised to see that all of them, like her, had perfectly clean hairless cunts.  Too bad those babes growing inside their bellies didn't qualify for any extra cash, unless they were produced during the filming.

She also realized that she too was pregnant with her 8th baby.  She was almost through her first trimester, but except for a sexy roll to her tummy, she was hardly showing.  At least when she sucked it in, which she could still do, she could look normal.  Hers was an instant erection-producing tummy, demanding "fuck me!" to any fertile male who saw it.  Her labia dangled freely, stretched dramatically outward from wearing the waitress cunt-weight for years, and appeared to be constantly ready for action.  

All of the girls old enough to produce any pubic hair had it removed while attending the hair dying sessions, and none of them were allowed to keep even a suggestion of growth.  The same was true for those with under-arm hair.  Keeping their groins completely clean of hair accentuated their youth, and made them much more attractive to the cameras, and subsequently to the audiences watching them in action.

Two hours after they finished breakfast the sun was high in the sky, and the girls were moved back into the tents.  Pails of tanning lotion were provided, and they were required to coat their entire bodies with it.  It was designed to control the radiation they were taking, increasing the browning while preventing burning, and for the next six hours they were outside only 15 minutes for every half hour.  

Each time they came into the tent the girls applied more lotion.  They were all encouraged to drink lots of water, and were given games to play to keep them amused while they waited inside for their next time in the sun.  These were supervised tit and cunt slapping games to see who could make her opponent scream first.  The silly young bitches loved it.

These contests had the effect of providing extra blood to their female assets to cause them to bulge.  There were no rest room facilities - they simply walked several yards from the group, and dug a small pit with their hands into which they defecated their solid waste.  The smaller children did the same, but neglected to dig little pits for containment.  No pit was required for urine, it simply splashed into the sand and within minutes dried and completely disappeared.  

At noon while inside they had a lunch of ham and cheese sandwiches with sodas, then they were once more out in the heat of the day, absorbing tanning rays from the incessant sun.  This continued until six PM, when they had dinner followed by another hair-dying and straightening session and then enjoying the luxury of watching a real Hollywood movie before getting back onto their cots for lights-out.

This pattern was repeated for the rest of the week, and when they awoke on the final morning they all had brown skins, dark straight hair and were ready for their final haircut and make-up.  Their breasts and vulvas were firm and outstanding from the constant slapping, and would make great visuals during the shooting.  They had been on location only a week, driven by excitement, anticipation and raw fear of being accidently shot.  

Their courage had been quietly bolstered by the production manager with the addition of a small amount of opium and steroids in their food, which would make them more aggressive while reducing loss of blood should they be shot, increasing also their ability to buck and heave as they went down, and enhancing the quality of action on the big screen.  Potent uppers would be administered just prior to the action, to magnify their fear and physical reaction to whatever happened.  Just a week of preparation, and already it was filming day!  

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The Rehearsal

While make-up was being applied by the stylish make-up artists, creating with color and shading the appearance of high cheek bones, rounded cheeks, the suggestion of Asian slope to their eyes and rounded jaw lines, the performers were told that there would be cameras positioned throughout the action area, hidden by fake rocks and bushes disguising the pits in which the equipment and operators were located.  

The gorgeous brown-skinned young girls were told that whenever they saw a camera pointing in their direction, they must never look at it.  There were few places to hide in the desert, and none for the girls.  A Teepee village had been erected at the shooting site, with smoking fires and roasting meat over them, and some rustic crafts that some of the young women had to pretend to work with at the beginning of the sequence.  

Then the horsemen would come thundering down from a hillside, and they were instructed to act as if panicked, to scream but to use no words, because that would not be authentic.  In a panic situation Indian squaws would not use English, even if they knew it.  They were to scramble about and then run out toward the designated area in the desert not far from the village, where several of the cameras and sound recording technicians were hidden.  They were told their instincts would take over and the rest of what they did would come naturally, based on how they reacted to the action.

The children were directed to pretend to stay with their mothers, and if their mother was not available, to try to stay with any grownup woman next to them, even if she already had children tagging along. A squaw could have several kids, even if she was very young.  These little girls would think of any girl big enough to grow breasts to be a grownup.  If they somehow were hurt, like shot with a gun, they had to try to run to their mommies.  The director was hoping for shots with a girl being gunned down with bleeding little children clinging to her legs.

The door had been opened for the use of little girls in Reality Movies 40 years earlier by the much tamer reality television, when families were taken to deserted islands to compete with one another in several arranged competitions.  Because some risk was involved, although not fatal, parents were required to sign wavers protecting the production companies from liability.  In some events the children of each family were pitted against each other, scantily clad, in fights in which the parents could watch but not intervene.  

True to nature, each family encouraged its kids to become more and more aggressive, until in the third such episode one of the little girls ambushed another and hit her on the head with a stone, giving her a severe concussion.  The offended family had no chance to sue because of the releases they had signed, and the video material clearly showed both families egging on their children to beat their young opponent.  This kind of demonstrated permission presented the legal basis for the use of children in programmed events in which the danger element existed, proving parental consent.  

How much danger was permissible had never been defined, and was had never been tested.  Although children younger than seven could not be used in active sexual activity of any kind, there was nothing sexual about subjecting a naked three-year-old to being shot in the course of an action movie, intentionally or unintentionally, so long as at least one of the parents or a guardian provided written consent.

Inferred permission required that the child in question was indeed participating in the event with a parent or assigned parent when shot.  This was the first time this gaping loophole had ever been tested, because in all the years since nobody had ever thought to do so.  In still another way Outrage Reservation would be breaking new ground in the sexual exploitation of either children or their mothers.

The director called for a rehearsal, and it was to unfold as directed, except that the horsemen would fire into the air only, using only blanks.  There was no use in wasting perfectly good ammunition when nobody was to be shot.  The children were excluded from the rehearsal, since the director wanted them to be motivated by real surprise, fear and total panic.  He said it made for better and more authentic action on the screen.  

He also wanted to avoid a panicked child running under a galloping horse during rehearsal.  That kind of accident would be a wonderful bonus should it happen during shooting, because it would save them the additional cost of staging such an occurrence during the additional shooting of choreographed sequences, but it would be a terrible and wasteful use of a youngster’s life if it should it take place when the cameras were not rolling.

The little girls were fed both opium and steroids, as were their mothers.  Although they would produce good natural blood for the cameras at wound sites, not the artificial movie blood, they would not lose energy and activity level from excessive loss of blood.  The opium would also make pain more bearable, and artificially enhance their endurance and bravado.  

Only a bullet through the heart or the brain would stop them from performing erotic movement even when downed.  With sufficiently large bullets, even a dead body will buck and kick upon impact of the rounds, but when the target is still alive the reactions can be much more spectacular, with the reaction and recoil of muscle spasms triggered by the violent trauma.  This was the stuff of which great movie sequences were made.

The use of stuntmen and physical damage make-up was unnecessary, since in Reality Movies everything was real.  The naked extras would do their own stunts when hit by bullets, and produce their own blood wherever they were struck, giving a totally real look to the film, the kind of look unattainable using fakery.  

Juries knew nothing of the difference, convinced always by whatever they saw on screen, so were just as easily persuaded that the magic of the stuntman and the makeup artist could artificially create what it was they saw on screen.  They were certain it was all Hollywood magic.  The camera and the film audiences loved the real look, because it photographed so beautifully, and people happily paid a surcharge at the ticket wicket to be able to see what they came to believe was the real thing on film.  

The rehearsal went flawlessly.  One of the horsemen got too close to the screaming women running into the desert, and it was pointed out to him that he was in the range of fire.  That was all it took to straighten him out.  The last thing the Outrageous Productions needed was the accidental injury or death of a gunman during shooting.  This was all about killing naked unarmed females.  Their insurance costs would go through the roof if an employee was inadvertently injured.  

A turkey shoot scene like this was a great way to produce the kind of action the audience craved, but only if, with so many extras, costs could be kept in line.  That was the reason the men were given several belts of ammunition.  They were expected to use every bullet.  Every cunt was to be slaughtered, and to take multiple hits, for the good of the sequence.

Unlike the expectations of the lovely lady extras, there were no blanks to be fired once the cameras were rolling.  Blanks were only used during the rehearsal, and all of them were expended.  Now it was time for 100% live rounds, and a "take no prisoners" approach to the slaughter.  The only difference between bullets was that some carried a much heavier load, and of those many had a grove carved in the nose of the lead bullet to cause it to spread inside the victim, ripping apart her meat and creating an impressive, devastating exit wound, with much more than the bullet exiting her body.  

Two hundred women and children were the live targets, and the film's budget had no room in it for payouts to any of these extras.  There was $320 grand promised, minus the discount of $1,600. for each of the dead.  The gunmen's assignment was to produce $320 grand in discounts.  There were to be no survivors.  The shooting and filming would continue until all of the female extras were dead.  Downed cunts, even those lying still, required a deal-closing shot to the head.

Neither the women nor their children legally existed, since most of them were the product of illegitimate births, and had never been registered as human beings.  Many others were undocumented immigrants.  Only the runaways had a birth certificate; the majority had no record of having ever existed.  They were all completely expendable, according to law, since if they did not exist in law they could not cease to exist in law.  

A death certificate need not be created if a birth certificate had never been created for them.  This was the rationale of the producer, the director and of Outrageous Productions for what the film company was doing.  In fact they were much more cautious than that, and had created a very simple and effective process for negating the young women who would serve to make them very wealthy with a blockbuster Reality Movie.  They would die for the film without any negative ramifications, no lawsuits, no trace of victims, and very low cost.

The fact that most of the women and their children had no registration made things much cleaner.  The agreements they had all signed were locked in a vault, and the moment their deaths could be verified, the paperwork would be shredded and the bags of paper shreds burned.  These young women had no relatives or friends to track them, and the only remaining issue was their total disposal.  The desert provided a very friendly environment for "disappearing" people permanently.  

Outrageous Productions had rented a small bulldozer and had it delivered to the desert filming location to prepare the ground for a movie set.  There were erosion features in the banks of a dry riverbed, and some of the larger ones had spread to become ravines.  The director decided he wanted the movie set to be built beside the dry riverbed, which would require the filling in of three of these ravines.  He told the equipment rental company they had a competent licensed bulldozer operator, produced the appropriate papers, and told him the machine would be available for pickup three days later.  

When the slaughter scene was finished, the carcasses of the young ladies and their daughters would be dumped into the ravines, covered with generous doses of lye, then buried by filling in the naturally occurring trenches.  The land would be leveled for a large area, and there would be no signs that the ravines had ever existed, let alone the two hundred females buried in them.  

It would be hundreds and perhaps thousands of years before erosion once again created those ravines, exposing the female bones, which was quite acceptable.  If it were long enough, they would be fossilized, leaving no DNA.  There would be no clue as to who the females were, let alone the unbelievable activity they had participated in, except for bullet fractures of bones.  Those could not be traced in history, and a hundred or more years later it would not matter to anyone but historians should the story somehow be reconstructed.

Outrageous Productions was in production of its 11th feature film of the Reality Movie genre, and had a track record of pleasing their investors.  Each film had grossed more than 200 million, and had come in under 10 million each, on average.  Part of the reason for their success was that they had resisted the temptation of casting big name/big cost stars.  Their box-office was based on the first word of each title, "Outrage".  

When it became clear the extras, almost always nude or semi-nude females, were in fact dying in front of the cameras, their reputation spread like wildfire.  At first people wanted to see for themselves whether the spectacular deaths were real, and once they were convinced they were, they all wanted to see more, and paid handsomely to do so, in increasingly large numbers.

The Film Shoot

Carly sat on a stone while she tied a leather thong around her waist.  Several of the girls had been given them, provided by the costume department.  They were totally immodest, because half a dozen slender strands of leather dangled from her hip less than half way to her knee, but they obstructed nothing, including a wonderful view of her magnificent cunt.  

Another shorter strap was tied tightly around her right arm above the elbow, and a feather was stuck into the back of a tight brown headband she was given.  About a quarter of the mothers were given similar bits of costume, and the rest of them remained as naked as their daughters.  All of these remainder women and children had only the headband and the feather.

At least 50 of the 200 teenage girls were visibly pregnant, half of those with full swollen bellies.  Their need for money was so desperate that they were willing to risk not only their lives and those of their female children, but also the lives of their unborn infants in order to have a chance to collect the big check at the end of the day.  

None of the participating girls had ever been hit by a bullet before, and most thought that either it would be like a big bee sting or, if the shot was fatal, they wouldn't even feel it.  Chances were very good, they had been told by someone in authority, that there was little chance they would even be hit.  They took comfort in their ignorance.

The gorgeous naked extras were excited and nervous that the big risky scene they had willingly committed to was at last about to start.  Assistant directors assembled them and gave them a pair of pills and a coke each to wash the pills down.  These were uppers to ensure a high level of frantic activity once the cameras started to roll.  

The 1st Assistant Director provided feedback on what was great and what should be improved from the rehearsal.  The crew was generally pleased, but it was suggested they lift their knees higher when they ran to get more speed and visible expression of fear.  There had been no risk to the naked ladies during the rehearsal, but the girls well knew that when the horsemen with rifles appeared, fear would drive them like crazy.

The young women's feeling of horror would follow naturally when the shooting went far beyond what they expected, and a few of them realized they were all likely to be shot, with nothing they could do to escape the brutal violence of their fate.  There was no need to mention that to the others at this point; they would discover the hopelessness of their situation soon enough.  They would feel totally violated when they realized had been deceived into believing they had some chance of collecting what to them was big money.

Carly was put together with the her youngest daughter she had selected for this exciting and risky adventure, and was provided a motherless child to substitute for her 7-year-old.  She had no idea where her older girl was, but that was the least of her concerns as the scene was about to start.  Even the 3-year-old had seen real killing on reality TV, and the 7-year-old she was given had also been to Reality Movies.  Both were aware that this was risky business, and knew that this was where people often died.  They had been prepared to see it as an exciting event, and the young women who worked with them made them feel lucky they were allowed to take part.

Although both had lived from birth with surrogate mothers, who simply acted as milkers in the nursery, their real mothers were given an hour off shift three times a week to spend with their children, to produce some minimal kind of bonding.  All of the mothers in the group were with their daughters, and were having a chance to strengthen their bond before embarking on their daring and dangerous exploit.  Carly wished her older girl was here, but accepted the waif she had been given.

Carly was excited at the prospect of being in the majority to survive the shooting sequence, along with her beautiful young daughter.  The children wore brown headbands like hers, each with a feather in it to proclaim themselves as Indians.  They had no other costume.  

Their tans were deep, and with their facial make-up their transition of nationality was convincing.  Only the color of their eyes would give them away, but only in tight close-shots of their faces, which would be avoided by the skilled camera crews lying waiting in their disguised trenches in the desert.

A few of the girls who had volunteered were now having second thoughts, and several of those became quite vocal about it.  This was anticipated, and the female assistant directors moved among them, exchanging red headbands for their brown, and did the same for their children, assuring them the riflemen had clear instructions to avoid shooting at anyone who was wearing a red headband.

They were told they would receive their day pay rate only, not the danger pay or the survivor pay, and the nervous young women readily agreed, relieved they would be spared what they suddenly dreaded, now that the time to perform had arrived.  Now that the filming was about to start, the reality of the possibility of taking a bullet hit home with them, and they were pissing themselves with renewed anxiety.

In its production meetings, the production staff had made a firm rule to get close to none of the extras, and to never engage in conversation with an individual.  It was critical that all of them see these gorgeous young strangers as something separate from themselves, and perhaps less than human, knowing that most of these young ladies and their children had lived only a sub-human existence.

The shooters were given to understand that what they were doing with their films was in very small measure addressing the problem of the unofficial and illegal population, the unregistered and uncertified, children of illegal immigrants or born to prostitutes, and never registered as new population.  These people without citizenship were the only targets, girls with no prospects, along with the pretty middle-class girls who were determined to face the risks and be seen doing so on the big screen, by their friends and by millions of others.  

The half dozen assistant directors, all but one of them capable young females, assembled the nude extras at their starting points, holding back twenty of the women and children, including four ripely pregnant girls, six of the most strikingly beautiful girls who were not pregnant, the genuine native girls and Carly, for special close-up work to be done immediately following the massive master slaughter scene.  

Carly's daughters, except for the 7-year-old, would run with the rest of them, assigned to pretend their mother was a pretty young socialite college girl who was in it for the thrill, and to be seen by her friends as being very daring.  She was a true bimbo, her blonde hair died and straightened.  Her big blue eyes guaranteed she would have no close-ups, but like the other registered people doing this on a dare, she wore a special feather with a white tip for her friends to see her.  Her radical makeup and hair change guaranteed they would never be able to spot her.  

Radio communications carried the message to roll cameras and sound, to the multiple remote locations.  Confirmation from each station was received from each before the director called over his electronic megaphone to the nervously waiting naked extras "And Action!" and the immense slaughter scene of panicked screaming naked females was under way.  

"Run!!" was called out by all of the ADs, and there was instant chaos.  A dozen riflemen appeared over a ridge behind the fake teepee village, the nude girls and their daughters scrambled in all directions in a panic until the armed horsemen charged down the hill, and their human female prey stampeded out into the desert toward the awaiting hidden cameras.  The massacre scene was on!

Rifles barked, girls stumbled and fell, and in minutes they were surrounded in the invisibly designated area.  Those wearing red headbands, who had been promised they were immune from the gunfire, were targeted first, adding a viable measure of disbelief and denial to the horror of what was happening to them.  They each took several shots before falling, thanks to the skill of the riflemen hired to do this scene.  

The gunmen on horseback were mostly renegade soldiers who had been dishonorably discharged and had found their way into criminal life.  They had been recruited from military prison, with the promise that by completing this movie project they would earn their freedom.  All of the well-trained rifle marksmen given the offer had readily accepted.  They didn't know any of these nude women or their kids, and saw them only as naked targets to be taken down.  It was no more than killing chickens, and they'd all had to do that with their bare hands at the military prison.

Bullets brutally bit into tender female flesh, specially tanned for this spectacle, cutting groves across buttocks, piercing calves and breasts, or blasting through the back of heads, exploding the victims' pretty screaming faces.  Four of the riflemen charged their horses right into the melee of screaming ladies and kiddies, and trampled several of them in the process.  

Even those ladies downed by bullets were not immune, being ripped by the hooves along with those mowed over by the charging steeds.  Blood and guts were soon strewn over the hard-pack desert soil, adding rich real color to the proceedings as the slaughter escalated.  

Several of the girls had, in their panic rather than by planning, come together at one side of the terrified herd of Indian squaws.  One of them bolted to a gap between riflemen, and the rest of them, trailed by their children, followed, all of them screaming at the top of their lungs.  Before they got out of range of cameras four horsemen rode into the group to scatter them and then herd them back to the killing field.  

A seven-year-old girl fell, and the last near-by camera caught an incredible shot of a horse rearing up and then, with the little nude desperately attempting to roll away, dropping its front hooves directly into her little belly.  The flesh parted as if it wasn't there under the weight of the beast, splitting her torso wide open in front.  The horse reared again, this time pulling purplish ropes of her entrails caught on the flailing hooves.  She was toast, but her little body twisted and heaved as if to escape the horror she was experiencing for the good of the production.

The rifleman swung the beast to the right when he saw a pretty 5-year-old attempting to run past, and knocking her down with his mount’s raising front leg, the horse brought the hoof down directly onto her groin, crushing her pelvic bone.  As it moved forward its left hind hoof came down on her neck with such force it severed her head from her little torso.  Two cameras caught that whole brief episode.

Giving little notice to the carnage beneath him, the man swung his rifle and fired at some girls trying desperately to hide behind fallen women, and picked off three with remarkable marksmanship, creating serious wounds that immobilized them without killing any of them.  This was far better than his exploits with his battalion killing young civilian children in Afghanistan, because these girls and kiddies were buck naked!  

The unfolding carnage in the kill zone was amazing.  None of the girls or children was spared the horror of the slaughter.  The insane action of the outrageous massacre lasted nearly 25 minutes, until at last the final little girl, an athletic 6-year-old, took half a dozen hits before falling.  Her tight little body now looked like a blood-smeared rag doll.  

She urinated a arch of golden girl-pee that sparkled in the sunlight before splashing onto the sand between her spread legs.  Her little rectum opened and a brown stick of her offal emerged only half way.  The child expired before she could complete her final bowel movement.

While many of the fallen were still alive, actively bucking and twisting in agony, with a mixture of screams, wailing and moans filling the air, the crews quickly brought forward those girls who had been set aside during the master scene, and began shooting close-ups of everything from running, to shots of them taking hits from guns just out of camera range.  

They started with the tight face shots of the real Indian cunts and their kids being shot, and when they were all on the ground, most of them still alive, they moved on to the white tanned girls in Indian make-up, all of these withheld because of their convincing brown eyes.

These shots featured mostly breast, belly and buttock hits, with particular attention to belly shots to the pregnant girls.  Two of the fully ripe girls, a 13-year-old and another girl who was 15 actually amazed the director and cameramen by going into labor, spreading their legs and promptly giving birth because of the incredible trauma to their bellies.  This was reactive movie making at its best!  It was important that none of these live, so that there would be no need for payout.

Carly was singled out because of her beauty, her age as the oldest "Indian squaw" of the 200, and because of her early but clearly visible pregnancy.  The director did a number of shots of her taking bullets, most of them carefully aimed graze hits that carved bright red groves across her flesh.  Her screams were outstanding, and the director spent more time with her than with any of the others.  Shots through her legs shattered bones so that she could no longer stand, and a horseman dismounted, drew a special glove from his saddle bag, and spread her legs.  

A close shot revealed sharp claws on each finger of the terrible glove.  He slowly worked his gloved hand into her womb, and when his entire fist was buried inside her gripping cunt he began twisting, using the claws to carve the meat around her cervix.  The tortured girl twisted and writhed in incredible agony as blood emerged around the invasive glove, and at last he began to pull.  The camera focused on her womb missed nothing as the huge clenched fist was gradually retrieved, the fingers wrapped securely around and pulling out her immature infant-stuffed uterus!  

The hysterically screaming young woman was experiencing a radical abortion by the extremely painful removal of her gonads!  The extracted uterus was slashed open, and the camera zoomed in to provide a revealing close-up of the fully-formed but tiny illegitimate fetus she was growing.  Its development was early enough that it still had a stout tail.  

This sequence within a sequence brought an all-time high or, according to the viewer's perspective, low to the total Reality Movie scene, surpassing the True-to-Life Shock gore films of a decade earlier, all of them considered classics, and all still in full theatrical distribution.  This film would likely eclipse those in its longevity in release.

The close-up crews retreated and the horsemen, drawing their pistols, rode through the fallen nudes, dispatching those that showed any sign of life with three shots to the head.  These were 45 caliber revolvers, causing massive wounds with each hit.  If the girl had fallen on her face and her buttocks were raised, horsemen would lean down, thrust the barrel of their rifle into her rectum or vagina, and fire a round deep into her guts, swelling her torso as the bullet ripped through her.  

Others used a more creative way of dispatching the wounded bitches.  They fixed a bayonet onto the muzzle of their rifle, and used it to rip open the belly of girls lying tits up.  They opened them wide, exposing their viscera and vital organs, and then they disemboweled the young ladies to attract carrion.  

Real gore was always a hit in movies, and increased the length of line-ups to get in.  That was the nature of modern audiences.  As soon as the horsemen departed the scene, the vultures, crows and raven descended to feast on the wildly strewn and ripped naked carcasses of the deeply tanned girls and children.  Their burial would wait an extra day until the carrion had feasted on their flesh.

The Summary

The cameras had recorded everything.  Nothing was missed.  The brutal killing was completed, down to the last little girl.  The groundbreaking slaughter movie Outrage Reservation was more than half way through its shooting schedule, with the major massacre scene completed on time and under budget.  It had all the makings of a runaway hit, a genuine blockbuster, and four more mass slaughter films were already in pre-production.  The gut-wrenching sexual violence movement was in full swing and appeared now to be unstoppable.  

Shooting titles for the spate of new projects were "Outrage University" for fans of the debauched destruction of pretty adult girls, "Outrage High School" with girls 14 to 17 being mercilessly stripped, raped and then slaughtered, "Outraged Teachers" for Junior High girlie-gore with pubescent subjects aged 11 to 14, just sprouting new titties, and to satisfy a newly identified and developing market, there was also a killer kiddie flick, "Outrage Elementary" for those who got their kicks watching two young female teachers and their stud boyfriends grossly and terminally abusing naked little girls aged 5 to 10.  Previews of Outrage Elementary were already in theaters, and with release less than a month away, screenings for the first six weeks were already sold out.  

It would be another few years before the public was ready in sufficient numbers to justify the making of "Outrage Kindergarten", but the market for sexual violence to girls 4 and 5 was growing steadily, and if interested, audiences could find such material on late night television or better, go downstairs in a growing number of saloons to find live shows.

In these live shows the little girls were gang-raped on stage by the males in the audience to start the show, and then the homeless young mothers and their freshly raped children aged from one to seven were strung up naked, head down, by their wide-spread ankles side by side.  They were introduced to the fury of a bullwhip, and were whipped into a frenzy of screams that did not subside until, after at least 90 minutes of non-stop punishment, one-by-one they succumbed to their deep bleeding welts that covered their bodies and genitals, and died.  

Casting was never a problem in the motion picture industry, and with the introduction of outstanding danger pay, grossly inflated because there would never have to be a payout, there was a backlog of girls of all ages begging to take part, as were the parents of little girls who could make them lots of quick money, and maybe, just maybe, start a movie career with the right breaks or, in the alternative, relieve them of all responsibility for their whiny little cutlets.  All or nothing was a win-win prospect for young mothers without much income.  Unfortunately, nothing was all any of them ever saw for payment, but they were always given a free ticket to see the scene in which their little girl was butchered alive.

At long last snuff films were taking their rightful place in the motion picture mainstream, thanks to the progress of True-to-Life Shock gore films and the progressive Reality Motion Pictures.  With Outrage Reservation, Outrageous Productions had another outstanding bloody gore-ridden hit on its hands.

The End, for Now

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This is not for the timid, as single mom families experience staged massacre to make it totally real on the screen!  One of Regis' best!
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by Regis

At precisely 3:39 the big Mercedes turned into the circular driveway, and Harvey watched with satisfaction as the gorgeous blonde in the 5" heels and sheath dress slid out of the driver's side, while out of the back door popped a pair of nubile young girls wearing a one-piece suit of tights, from just above their white sneakers to just above their breast-free chests. 

Tights described them perfectly, as they tightly hugged the smooth lithe bodies, running deep into the crevice between their firm buttocks, and showing a perfect slit cameltoe as they pressed into the puffy cunnies.  Each girl carried a canvas bag containing their ballet costumes for the class that would follow this gym class.

The 8 and 9-year-old daughters of the 32-year-old woman were excited to be at their favorite gym class, one they attended at 3:45 3 times a week, preparing for a competition only 10 days away, which from their perspective was a very long time.  They waved goodbye as they ran into the building.  The mother waved and drove off, planning to be back in 90 minutes to pick up the girls, to transport them to their 5:30 ballet class.

Harvey sat back in the 2nd floor office's storage room, where he had set up all of the controls for his 4K cameras, hidden throughout the gym ready to record several angles of the action about to unfold.  He drew upon his time as an assistant director for Outrageous Productions, ready to record the action footage for his first ever authentic kiddie-killing movie.   

His audience would get to enjoy from the comfort of a movie theater the stripping, rape and slaughter of these adorable little girls, the spoiled daughters of wealthy young parents, and their two young instructors.  Waiting in two small storage rooms for their cue were half a dozen course young gentlemen, merciless hired killers who had starred in the slaughter scenes of Outrageous Productions violent kill scenes. 

A definite advantage from his work as assistant director at the pioneering film reality company was access to many of their craftsmen and women, several of whom had expressed interest in earning extra income while their principal employer was not shooting.  Their latest shoots were all in post-production, with others still in the early planning stage.

Harvey pulled out his rising erection as he watched the lovely young gymnasts arriving, getting settled, and beginning their warm-up exercises.  He slowly stroked his penis, enjoying the controlled pleasure he was bringing himself watching the little ladies who were going to provide him some outstanding kiddie slaughter footage.

He grinned at the not-so-innocent daughters, knowing the pleasure the young girls were bringing themselves with their tight tights tugging and sliding over their hairless vaginas, bringing welcome stimulation to their emerging clits.  This was the attraction for the sport, and was what made the hard work so much fun.

When the action warmed up, so would the level of delight the rubbing would bring to their developing pleasure centers.  These girls had learned through experience how to secretly masturbate, pleasuring their clits to the point they easily reached orgasm just by the movement of the minimal garment rubbing their maturing nub. 

The gymnastics students were receiving sexual pleasure invisibly, and and the gym manager, who had just poked her head in to see that everything was in order, was startled to see the immature girls glowing with carnal pleasure just from doing their warm up exercises.  It was a natural outcome of warm-ups, and the girls were always eager to get started.

The regular stimulation from frequent wearing of the one-piece gym wear that resembled a bathing suit, but which wicked away moisture and was too narrow to allow for panties, accelerated the maturing of the young athletes’ vaginas. 

The 8-year-old young athletes received sexual stimulation from the slightly abrasive and repetitive movement of the thin strap of their uniforms through their groins.  This regular action was awakening their clits in a manner usually not experienced by girls until the age of 12. 

In doing their warm-ups, these immature little ladies were freely masturbating, unknowingly.  By doing these exercises three times a week, they were becoming increasingly interested in attending and participating in their gymnastics classes. 

Many of these same youngsters were getting the same stimulation, unaware it was sexual pleasure they were enjoying, at their ballet classes, and developing a sexual maturity unusual for girls their age.  This was a natural outcome of the classes.

The teacher had all been young athletes themselves, and this was a phenomenon of which their instructors in all their classes were fully aware.  As a precaution, they warned the youngsters to inform them immediately if unnatural yearnings and desires arose, even if just in their dreams. 

Just for the fun of it, they had given the girls a strip liner to insert in the crotch of their costume that enhanced clitoral stimulation, producing quite early maturity, and for most of them, orgasm.  This new unexpected form of enjoyment arising from stimulation of their genitals, automated masturbation, created confusion for the children, and amusement for their teenage instructors.

Harvey had worked for years on various kinds of child porn films, and was fully aware of the tricks for bringing a blush to the cheeks of little girls, and an impudent pout to their pretty little cunnies.  He was pleased that their hidden cuntlets were being properly prepared for presentation by their imminent exposure to his hidden cameras.

He knew that about half of these stimulating and stimulated little girls were no longer virgins.  Statistically upper middle class girls had by this age experienced penetration with male organs and objects, and those girls would have full knowledge of being injected with semen by a pumping penis kissing their cervix, which was not nearly ready to receive a powerful sperm seeding. 

If it brought pleasure to the child’s rapist, it was not a waste of a tender young cuntlet.  Some of these girls had also learned to receive a deep seeding of their colons, and although a few of these children had been engaged in sexual coupling as recently as the evening before, that was not apparent in watching them complete their warm-up and begin their physical activity with the gymnastics class.

Anticipating the extreme violence that was about to take over the calm of the class, Harvey permitted his penis to spit out a small burst of urethra-preparing pre-ejaculation fluid.  His big dick was ready for the brutal action he had engineered.

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I do like where you seem to be heading with this addition Regis. I hope you have time to continue. The setting has great potential. Thanks.

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Thanks, Archer.  I think you'll like what's coming for the lovely little daughters of the rich bitch.