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A Whistleblower's Demise
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This short story is inspired by the movie, "The Whistleblower", staring the lovely Rachel Weisz. It is a movie about human trafficking and the U.N. involvement in Serbia and is based on actual events. It is a pretty good movie and worth a watch. Of course, in this story, things do not go quite as planned for the UN cop. I expect there will only be four of five chapters to this story so it will be fairly short. This first chapter is the setup. Hope you all enjoy.

A Whistleblower’s Demise

Chapter One: The Phone Call

The sun has long set behind the rolling hills that bracket the Serbian city of Belgrade. The day, like most, has been a long one for Katie Kilpatrick. More files of girls who have vanished from the system have crossed her desk. There is more every day.

Katie looks up at the wall opposite her desk in the small office she has on the fourth floor of the U.N. mission in Serbia. It is covered with pictures. Most are pictures of girls. Their eyes are sunken. Bruises appear on far too many faces – the obvious signs of the abuse they suffer on a daily basis. Some of the pictures, those recovered from bars she has raided, depict scenes of that abuse.
Scenes of degradation. Scenes of rape. Katie has managed to rescue some, but for each girl, Katie has pulled from the trap of human trafficking, four girls slide deeper into the muck.

There are also pictures of men on that wall. Far fewer of them and thus far all of them are still out in the wild. Still trafficking these girls. Subjecting them to sexual slavery of the worst kind. Many of the men look like any other you might see on the street corner or the market place never giving them a second glance. Others though, their expressions tell the story of their cruelty. Their eyes are cold and uncaring. In many ways, this later group is not the real danger. The real danger is the ones who look like anyone else struggling to survive in the war-ravaged country.

Katie nearly jumps out of her seat when the old phone rings it's old fashioned metallic ring. A large white button glows showing the call is coming from outside the building. She picks the receiver up holding it to her ear while a thumb smashes down on the glowing button.

“Officer Kilpatrick,” she says in her New York accent.

“Katie,” a familiar voice says, the voice thick with a Serbian accent, “we found her.”

Katie stands abruptly, her chair shooting back into the shelf behind her with a loud clatter.

“Where?” she asks as her eyes lock in on one picture in particular.
The picture is of a blond girl, nineteen years old. Her name is Raya. In this picture, her face has the remnants of a black eye. Two men hold onto her arms twisting them, forcing the girl to bend at the waist. Another man has his fist wrapped in her hair forcing her to look into the camera taking the picture. Behind her, almost lost in the darkness the pervades the photo, a fourth man can be seen holding onto her waist, his naked hips just visible against her own. Her face is streaked with tears, both old and new.

“In a bar called Florida Sun in Jakovo. It’s a small village…” the voice says.

“I know it. It’ll take me about 45 minutes to get there. You’re sure, Miljan?” Katie asks even as she pulls open a drawer in her desk and starts entering the combination into the pistol case within.

“Yes. We arrested a drug runner. He saw the photo I keep on my wall. He wanted a deal to tell me where the girl was. If she isn’t there, he knows things will go very poorly for him. She’s there, I am certain of it” Miljan assures Katie.

“I’m on my way. Don’t do anything until I get there,” Katie says.
“Sure, no problem Katie. We will meet you at Pep’s Café. It’s a couple block away. Just Google map it,” he responds, “I’ll see you when you get here.”

Forty minutes later Katie, in her white SUV with the letters U.N. Painted on the hood and the top in big, black, bold letters, slides to a stop. Gravel flies up from the tires, and a trail of dust marks her passage down the rough dirt road. A pair of local police vans sits nearby, Serbian cops in riot gear leaning casually against it. Katie spots Miljan immediately. His short stature belies the confidence and experience. One born of war and the difficult effort of rebuilding his nation. The dark-haired man meets Katie as she steps out of the U.N. vehicle.

He holds out a flak jacket to the U.N. cop saying, “Put this on. I don’t trust that cheap shit the U.N. gives its people.”

Katie, reluctantly, must agree with the assessment of the quality of gear and support the U.N. has been sending her department’s way. Serbia has fallen off the news cycle which, inevitably, means that it is no longer a United Nations priority. She smiles at her friend and shrugs the bulky vest on then checks her sidearm. That is quality. The same weapon she used while she was a cop in New York.

“You ready?” the Serbian cop asks, and Katie nods in response.
“Let’s go. I’ll ride with you.”

Miljan whistles to the rest of the cops gesturing for them to load up. Soon the vans are filled and speeding down the road. No lights. No sirens. They would hit the Florida Sun with complete surprise.
It takes only a minute for the vans to arrive. The building stands alone. It is a two-story affair and has the same, barely-standing, appearance that is common in this part of the world. Bullet holes put there during the war still linger. No one bothers to fix such things since, the next week, new ones would likely replace them. Music pours out of the ramshackle building, and dim lights can be seen through dirty windows.

The cops pour out of the vehicles forming a pair of lines. One group will go in through the front, the second through the back. The first man in each squad holds a riot shield though Katie is not certain how effective it will really be if bullets start to fly. Katie and Miljan are in the front door group. Two local cops are in the front, then she and Miljan, followed by another pair of local cops in the back.
“Go!” Miljan barks and the two squads move out heading for their respective targets.

The man in front uses the shield to fling the door open barreling into the bar. Music, about five years out of date to Katie’s American ears, hisses with static from crappy speakers. She hears the sound of another door elsewhere in the building being burst open a moment later. Inside all commotion has stopped, and all eyes are on the squad of cops.

Katie looks around, searching for the face of Raja. She sees half-a-dozen girls. The haunted looks in their eyes mark them all as victims of human trafficking. She doesn’t see Raya anywhere.

“I don’t see her,” Katie whispers as a man comes from behind the bar, his hands held high.

“May we help you officer?” he asks in Serbian.

Miljan looks at the man. He is an older man likely nearing his sixth decade of life. In this part of the world that is actually pretty impressive. His eyes are cold and calculating as he studies the cops. When his eyes land on Katie they a spark of anger and hatred crosses his rugged features.

“You are under arrest for suspicion of human trafficking, murder, extortion, rape and anything else I can think of,” Katie snaps out at him in English, “You have a girl here named Raya. Where is she?”
The man studies Katie for a moment. Her dark, almost black, hair hangs between her shoulders. Her body is obviously athletic, but the flak jacket hides most of her from view. Then he smiles and bellows out a huge laugh.

“There is no human trafficking here woman,” he says in nearly perfect English, “Only whores and drunks.”

Miljan says, “I know Raya is here, you old bastard.”

“And how, might I ask, do you know that?” the barkeep asks, a dangerous tone in his voice.

Miljan stares down the barkeep for long moments then, unexpectedly, breaks into a grin and barks out a short laugh, “Because I fucked her last night.”

Time seems to stop for Katie. It takes her a moment to register what Miljan has just said. Her eyes dart to him as he is turning around, a huge grin on his face. Slowly, oh so slowly, she starts to bring her gun around to point at Miljan. She had trusted this man. He has helped her out so many times. An explosion of pain slams into the back of her head, her vision goes blurry, and the U.N. cop falls forward. Darkness claims her as she hits the dirty wooden floor hard enough to nearly knock the air out of her lungs.

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Re: A Whistleblower's Demise
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nice setup. Looking forward to the other chapters.

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Re: A Whistleblower's Demise
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Nice start :)

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Re: A Whistleblower's Demise
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Thanks for the comments. Here is the second chapter.

Chapter 2 - Let the Party Begin

The crowd in the Florida Sun bar is not the typical crowd that populated it every evening. Certainly, those who frequented it did so because of the types of entertainment available. It certainly is not because of the drinks and food which, even in the village of Jakovo, is nothing to write home about. Tonight’s crowd, however, has been specially invited. It consists of people who were endangered by a particular U.N. official named Katie Kilpatrick and her quest to disrupt the human trafficking markets of this part of the world. Those markets make a lot of people a lot of money. No one disrupts that.

Drinks tonight are flowing. It is an open bar, and high-quality fair has been brought in for this evening’s celebration. A commemoration of the end of an especially troubling U.N. investigation and the officer behind the inquiry. The party is expected to last well into the morning, perhaps even longer. It is the weekend, and most of those attending have a bit of open time on their schedule.

Katie groans as she starts to wake up. Her head feels as though it has been run over by a truck. Miljan has been watching and waiting for her to recover from the blow his man had delivered to the back of her head. For a time, he’d been worried the strike had killed her given the way she had hit the ground so hard without even an instinctual effort of stopping her fall with outstretched arms. Her death would not have bothered him as much as missing out on the fun he intends to have with her tonight.

“Our special guest is waking up,” he announces to the room in general.

The general volume of noise settles down a bit. One of the girls in the bar closes her eyes as the man’s lap she sits up grabs her breast hard as though trying to hang on. Up until now, she has only been molested tonight. Soon, she knows, that will change as the men here have been waiting for this U.N. officer to awaken. They want her to see what happens in this dingy version of hell. And tonight, the girl is confident, will be worse than usual.

Katie slowly opens her eyes, her mind starting to take in her surroundings and filling in the blanks that exist. The first things she notices is that she is sitting upright in an uncomfortable chair. Then it registers her inability to move her arms or legs. Each leg is tied to a leg of the chair. Her arms are pulled back behind the chair and tied both at the wrists and elbows locking them firmly in place. It also has the side effect of putting undue strain on her shoulders.

Miljan squats down in front of the U.N. cop slapping her lightly across the face.

“Hey, Katie. Wake up. It’s time to party, and you’re the guest of honor,” he says.

Her eyes finally fully open and start darting around the room. Her cotton-filled mind clears as her situation registers properly and the events up to her blackout finally return to the forefront of her memory. She sees at least two dozen men sitting around the bar. All of them are watching her. Several of girls sitting on their laps, the hands pawing at the docile females. Another girl, one wearing nothing more than a bikini top and shorts, is pouring drinks behind a bar. Two others are standing amidst the tables holding trays of empty glasses.

“Miljan, what the hell is going on?” she asks though in her mind she knows exactly what has happened – betrayal.

“I am afraid, Katie my dear, that your investigations have begun to become truly bothersome. For a time, I could keep you searching the wrong dark corners, but you are, well, just too good at your job and too damn persistent for your own good,” Miljan tells the now struggling officer.

“But, but you have been helpful. You have helped me make arrests. We’ve managed to pull more than two dozen girls out of this hell. You were on my side!” she almost cries as her mind comes to grip with the betrayal.

“This is true and, I will admit, that for a time, I was totally with you. Unfortunately, this is Serbia – not America. In America, justice and law mean something. Here is Serbia the only thing that matters is money. Those with money have security and power. Those without are not much more than chattel. I was given a taste of that money. After that, I fed your desire for justice enough to keep you satisfied. At least I had hoped so,” Miljan said in a tone that almost sounded like regret.

“As you say, Miljan, she is too damn persistent,” a new voice says.
It is a voice she instantly recognizes. Katie twists her head around seeking out the familiar face she knows is there now. The thick beard and wire rim glasses bracket the otherwise non-distinct face of her boss.

“Callaghan!” she almost shouts, “You too?”

“Of course,” he says in his southern drawl, “there is way too much money on the table, and we have bigger problems than the fate of a few unlucky girls. Your investigations were pissing off the wrong people, and that was creating problems for the mission’s other responsibilities. Responsibilities that benefit a lot more than a few hundred girls. You have been so focused on your crusade you have never stopped to look at the big picture.”

Callaghan grabs an empty chair nearby and looks into Katie’s hateful glare. He can see the feelings of betrayal in those eyes as well.

“I struggled for a long time to find a solution for you. I wanted to just transfer you away, but you resisted those attempts. Then we started feeding you the successes we thought would keep you satisfied. Unfortunately, every success simply drove you to work even harder. I also know you’ve been accumulating files beyond those you have submitted and I need to gather those up and destroy them. I would ask you where they are now, but somehow I know you won’t tell me.”

“Fucking traitor!” Katie spits out, “If I disappear or if something happens to me, those files will be sent to the media. You're fucked no matter what now.”

“Look around you, Katie. Look at the faces in the crowd,” Callaghan says.

Katie does look around and starts to notice some other faces she knows. All people she has worked with. Out of uniform she had not seen them immediately.

“Your investigation was just getting to close to uncovering things we don’t want to be discovered. No, I promise you that before the night is done, you will tell us what we want to know. We’ll recover the files, and you will be hailed a hero who died trying to save hapless, unlucky girls from a life of sexual abuse and slavery.”

“How can you do this?” Katie asks in a weaker voice.

“It is all about the greater good. It is as simple as that. Well, that and the money I have to admit,” the senior U.N. official admits with a grin.

Miljan turns towards a man standing near the back, “Bring her out!”
Katie’s gasps in horror as Raya, a girl she has been desperate to find, is dragged out by two burly men. Both were men she knew of, whose pictures adorned the wall of her office.

“I know you have been especially interested in finding Raya here,” Miljan says as the crying, struggle girl is dragged out in front of Katie, “You always felt horrible for rescuing her sister but failing to save Raya. Her sister never forgave you since you had promised to get them both out. I was always impressed with your desire to right that wrong.”

Callaghan speaks again, “Now, I’m going to give you a chance to save Raya here. Your life is forfeit, but I can pull Raya out of this hell. You tell me where those files are and I promise you that she’ll be safely home in 48 hours. If you don’t tell me…”

Miljan pulls a knife from his pocket and approaches Raya. The girl starts struggling even harder but the two men holding her maintain firm control.

“Leave her alone bastard!” Katie yells.

Callaghan holds up a hand, and Miljan pauses a mere foot away from the struggle Raya.”

“The files’ location?” he asks.

Katie stares at the wide-eyed girl, her stomach tying itself into a knot. She can’t reveal where those files are. They are her last hope of showing the world what is happening here in Serbia. She just can’t give those up for a single girl. She keeps her eyes on Raya, knowing she has to look the girl in the eyes so they can share in their despair, and shakes her head no.

“I tried,” Callaghan says with a resigned sigh and nods his head at Miljan before asking, “I’ll ask you again in a bit.”

Miljan grabs the front of the dirty t-shirt the blond girl is wearing and cuts it open. The thin, worn material parts quickly. Two more quick cuts along the arms and Raya’s is half naked. Katie gasps as the bruised state of her breasts. Evidence of the abuse she has been suffering day in and day out. As though the emphasize the point Miljan grabs one of the breasts squeezing it hard enough for Raya to let out an anguished cry.

"I fear these bruises will have much company before the night is done, Katie. Unless, of course, you cooperate and tell us what we need to know,” he says enjoying the feel of the girl’s breast under his mauling hand.

After a moment, he moves behind Raya reaching around to grasp at the shorts the girl wears. With a naughty smile on his face, Miljan yanks the zipper open and pulls them down around her knees. The girls shaved pussy is red and swollen, another sign of the regular abuse she must endure.

“Don’t do this. Raya is innocent Miljan,” Katie cries, her voice cracking as she fights back an intense desire to scream, “She is a victim.”

“Yes, she is. Now she is going to suffer even more because you are not doing what is in her best interest,” the Serbian cop replies then nods at the two men holding her.

With practiced ease, the duo pulls Raya’s arms out to either side then twist them savagely. The teen bends forward, forced to do so to prevent her shoulders from being dislocated. The blond knows what is coming. This is hardly the first time she has been raped, and she stares into Katie’s eyes pleading for the U.N. officer to help. To tell these men what they wanted to know.

Callaghan stands up and grabs Raya’s blond hair forcing her to keep looking at Katie and says, “I seem to recall there is a picture of Raya on your wall in this exact position. While I always felt sorry for the girl in that photo I have to admit it turned me on a bit.”

“Go fuck yourself,” Katie snaps at her boss, but he only laughs.
“Why would I do that when I have Raya, these other girls and, if you continue to be uncooperative, yourself, to fuck?”

“Please help me,” Raya says suddenly as she feels hands on her hips, “Please don’t let them do this again.”

“I’m sorry Raya,” Katie cries, “people need to know what happens here. Those files are my last hope of that happening.”

Raya screams. It is not a cry of hatred and anger at Katie’s answer. It is the sound of an animal in anguish and pain as Miljan slams his cock into the sex slave. He has been waiting for a final answer from Katie. Now he had it and wastes no time violating Katie’s own Holy Grail. The girl’s pussy is already raw from frequent and hard use. Every night she is forced to service at least a dozen men. Every night for more than six months. Tonight, it would likely be a lot more than that.

Katie can only watch as the man who she thought as an ally and friend rapes Raya. His hips slam into hers with the sound of flesh smacking flesh. His hands are wrapped around her small waist pulling her back as he thrust forward. The girl’s breast swing as her body of buffeted by the hard thrusts. Katie, unable to continue watching the horrific scene in front of her turns her head away as shame fills her soul.

“No, Katie, you don’t get to look away,” Callaghan admonishes.

A pair of large hands grabs Katie’s head twisting it back front forcing the U.N. officer to watch as Raya’s rape continues. Tears born of betrayal, shame and pain pour down the girl’s face. Around her, others watch. The men make lewd comments and chuckle at the scene unfolding in front of them. The girls have tears of their own forming in their eyes as they watch a sister victim of human trafficking get brutally raped. Every one of them has been forced to sexual service countless men but, somehow, looking on as another girl violated so callously in front of an audience feels even worse. The girls all feel shame at being so helpless to stop it.

A cry from elsewhere in the bar diverts some of the onlooker’s attentions. One of the girls who had been on the lap of a man now finds herself bent over the table. The spectacle of Raya’s public rape has raised to lust in virtually all of the other men. This girl, Natasha, had short, black hair and a spate of freckles that make her look younger than her actual twenty years. At least they would if not for the haunted look in her eyes.

One man presses down on her neck pinning the young woman to the table. A second man rips her shorts down to her knees and quickly inserts himself not caring even a little about the pain his unwanted violation causes his victim. For this man, this girl is not a victim, just a commodity. She now exists to get fucked, and that is what he will do. Fuck her. The glasses on the table rattle, one actually tipping over, as Natasha cries out with each violent, hard thrust into her body. Her eyes look across the room, still watching Raya’s own rape, unable to look away even as a very personal pain tears through her own body.

As Natasha's abuse continues other girls find themselves being grabbed by men. It seems the party has truly begun.

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Re: A Whistleblower's Demise
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Stellar work as always.  Love your stories.

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Re: A Whistleblower's Demise
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Thanks for the comments Darklord.

Here is the next chapter of this story.

A Whistleblower's Demise

Chapter 3 - An Orgy in Florida

The floodgates open. Katie is helpless as she watches every girl get grabbed but one of more of the men. There are far too few girls to go around, but those left without content themselves with watching the debasement of the others.

Directly in front of the U.N. cop, Miljan continues his relentless pounding of Raya’s pussy. Callaghan continues to force the crying young woman to look directly at Katie, her eyes filled with a desperation that Katie is helpless to prevent. The young girl’s breasts swing until one of the men too slow to grab an available girl strides over and grabs one of the nipples. Raya’s cries heighten as the man twists and pull on the nipple adding, even more, misery to the girl’s already horrible plight.

Callaghan raises his voice over the sounds of men laughing and the whimpers and cries of pain from the girls to say, “This can stop Katie. You just need to tell me what I need to know. The longer you keep your mouth shut, the longer the train of men will be that rape her tonight. Her suffering is in your hands.”

The man behind the bound cop yanks on her hair then reaches down inside her shirt grabbing one of her moderately sized tits. He squeezes it hard through the bra causing Katie to cry out from the painful molestation.

“Of course, if you don’t cooperate, Katie, you will be too busy dealing with being violated yourself to tell us anything. If it comes to that, not only will be discovered dead on Monday, the brutal violations you endured before the end will be readily apparent. We’ll make sure the media is fully briefed on the horrific and intimate things done to you before your final breath. I suspect some pictures of the event will even be leaked out.”

Callaghan pauses pulling a phone from his pocket holding it up for Katie to see, “Everyone today has one of these you know. Even here in Serbia. Every man here has a camera in their pocket. Imagine the devastation your family will feel when they not only hear the intimate details of your end but start seeing them appear on the Internet. Evidence of the abuse and violations you had to endure at then will be posted for all to witness.”

Callaghan’s expression takes on an almost sympathetic look as he says, “I do think it would be far better for your family if you were solely murdered in the line of duty. If you are instead gang raped, sexually tortured and sodomized it will be far worse for them.”

“You wouldn’t,” Katie says but even as the words come out of her mouth the mauling hand on her breast tells her otherwise.

“I won’t. But I won’t stop anyone else,” Katie's boss answers confirming what she already knew.

Raya, her vision blurred from tears, sighs in relief as the raping cock vanishes from her pussy. The fingers pulling the twisting on her nipple disappears at almost the same moment. Callaghan, knowing what Miljan has in mind, yanks Raya’s hair pulling her face to one side where the Serbian cop masturbates for a bare couple of moments before a stream of white, translucent cum splashes across the miserable woman’s face. Three smaller streams quickly follow then Callaghan forces Raya to look at Katie again whose own face has gone ashen.

The diligent U.N. cop has never dreamt of being in the midst of such degradation. Of course, Raya is hardly alone in the orgy of debasement of degradation happening in the bar. Even as a second man slams his cock into the blond girl’s pussy, other female cries remind her and Katie that an orgy of abuse and cruelty is just getting under way.

At the bar, Mia, formerly a waitress from Croatia, nervously poured another set of beers. She avoided looking towards the table where Natasha was now servicing both a cock in her pussy and another in her mouth. She and Natasha have been in this hell together for nearly a year now, and she did not want to see her friend victimized in such a way. She knew it happened, happened to both of them almost every night, but somehow tonight feels different. It feels more dangerous.

“Mia,” a deep baritone voice says from behind causing the woman to jump in surprise almost spilling the beer she is pouring, “You look lonely over here.”

“I…I am not alone. I must keep the drinks flowing, or I will get in trouble,” she says glancing back, her heart falling at who she sees.

Jean Phillips is one of the United Nations officials. One of those people who is supposed to protect victims such as herself. Jean, however, did not protect but rather exploited. He helped smuggle some of the girls around the country and even across borders. Nobody searches a United Nations vehicle. They are a perfect cover.

She freezes mid pour as she feels the string to her bikini top get pulled free. The pressure over her ample breasts slackens, and she is not surprised as a hand slips around her side pushing the thin material aside, latching onto one of her breasts.

“Oh, I think we can manage to get our own drinks you little slut,” Phillip says as he squeezes the handful of breast in his grasp, “I believe that you’ll be busy with…other duties for the rest of the night,” he finishes as the hand squeezes harder.

“Please, Phillip, not so hard,” Mia says in as polite a tone as she can, “you know I’ll be good to you. You don’t need to be so rough.”

The hand squeezes even hard and a second one grabs her other breast. She can feel Jean’s groin pressing against her backside, the erection in his pants pressing into her flesh.

“Look around you Mia,” Jean almost coos as he continues enjoying the molestation Mia’s breasts, “Does it look like tonight is going to be anything like regular night here at the Florida Sun?”

Mia’s eyes flit from girl to girl. Each of them is, in some way, servicing one or more of the men and the action is far roughly and violent than normal. Mia knows this will not be an average night. The only question in her mind is how bad will it get.

After a moment of silence, Jean shoves one of his hands into Mia’s tight shorts, fingers seeking out and penetrating her pussy, as he whispers, “Just be glad you are not in Raya’s shoes. That girl may not survive. It all depends on what our little Katie does.”

Mia sits the beer down still half poured gripping the edge of the bar as fingers plow roughly deep inside her. She sees at one table one of the girls is now standing on it, completely stripped and trying to dance erotically even as tears stream down her face. She is one of the newer girls, and Mia does not even recall her name. The Croatian can only wince when a belt whips out to kiss the girl’s ass with a loud snap. The new addition to the Florida Sun's harem of whores cries out but does not stop her dancing.

“Take your shorts off Mia,” Jean whispers in her ear.

Choking back a sob Mia pushes her shorts down letting them drop around her ankles. The fingers continue their unwanted intrusion but Mia knows better than to object even in the slightest to the unpleasant violation.

“Good girl,” the man says then runs a tongue along one of her ears, “Now hand me that beer you were pouring.”

With a shaking hand, she passes the half-empty bottle back. With relief, the fingers in her pussy vanish, the hand taking the proffered bottle. Then she freezes as she feels the cold glass against her spine. It slowly traces a line down the center of her back.

As the bottle reaches the bottom of her spine, Mia whimpers, “Please don’t Jean. Please.”

Jean only chuckles tracing the bottle along the crack of the young woman’s ass then bringing it rest between her legs. It sits there, pressing against her pussy for a moment and more tears, those born of humiliation, spill out of Mia’s green eyes. What happens next is not surprising, but she still cries out as the bottle forcefully slips into her body.  In a single thrust, the entire neck of the bottle is inside her, and she can feel the wider body of the bottle again her flesh.

“Squeeze that with your legs, Mia, and don’t let it slip out. only you do things will go very poorly for you,” Jean says.

Mia follows the command closing her leg around the quickly warming glass, making certain it will not slip out of her. The hand on her breast vanishes leaving the phantom pain of his molestation behind. The girl hears the sound of pants being pushed down.

“Please Jean, not in the ass. Please let me suck you off instead. You know I give great head,” she pleas.

“When I’m done in your ass I’ll put your mouth to work. Just don’t let that bottle fall out or it’ll replace my cock in your ass when I’m done,” Jean coos, amusement in his voice.

Despite herself, Mia cries out from pain as Jean reminds her that in this place, she is just a thing for men to use.
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Re: A Whistleblower's Demise
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Loved it all again...but really loved this.."“Please Jean, not in the ass. Please let me suck you off instead. You know I give great head,” she pleas.

“When I’m done in your ass I’ll put your mouth to work. Just don’t let that bottle fall out or I’ll it’ll replace my cock with it when I’m done,” Jean coos, amusement in his voice."

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Re: A Whistleblower's Demise
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I expect there will be one final chapter after this. Here is the fifth chapter.

Whistle Blower's Demise

Chapter 6 - Surrender

“Katie, Katie, Katie…” Callaghan says with remorse shaking his head sadly, “I thought you cared about what happens to Raya and the others. Your cooperation seems to indicate otherwise.”

“I think she’s getting off on what she is witnessing,” the man still molesting her breast says, “Her nipples are hard.”

Katie’s eyes are hard with a mix of fury and remorse. Fury at her boss and others she worked with for not merely condoning the human trafficking and exploitation that is a constant problem, but for actively participate in it for ‘the greater good.’ Remorse at the horrors she is witnessing and unable to do anything about it.
“You’re a bastard, Callaghan,” Katie spits out.

Callaghan signs and looks down at Raya. A fourth man is currently pounding her pussy like a nail against a hammer. Each successive man seems determined to one-up the last in the level of intensity and violence they inflicted upon the hapless woman. Even with his hands firmly on the woman’s hips, Anatoly, her current rapist, knocks Raya forward as far as able given the other men holding her in place. The sound of flesh smacking flesh is easily heard even with the other female sounds of humiliation and pain that have replaced the music of earlier.

Raya’s face is now half covered with men’s thick, translucent cum as it slowly drips down her face. Below her eyes, it has mixed with the tears that stream out one of her eyes. Callaghan assumes tears are also coming out of her other eye, but it is covered over itself by cum as a result of a well-placed shot by her previous rapist.

“Raya,” Callaghan says making sure he has her attention with a sharp yank on her hair, “You keep your head up, keep looking directly at Katie. If you drop your head or look away, we’ll see how popular a girl-horse show could be.”

Raya does not answer though the shudder that runs through her body as she processes the threat is all the answer Callaghan needs. He lets go of her hair, pausing for a moment to make certain the trafficked girl continues staring into Katie’s own reddened eyes.
The U.N. inspector kneels down near Katie and glances up at the man molesting her. He withdraws his hand understanding what that glance meant.

“Katie, it is looking more and more like your family is going to have to live with hundred and pictures of videos living on the Internet showing the brutal and degrading violation of your body. Everyone in the world will get to see it,” Callaghan says in a resigned voice then reaches up and grabs the button-down shirt by the collar, “We might as well put these lovely tits on display so everyone in this place can start thinking of what they’ll do to you.”

Callaghan yanks on the shirt pulling hard. The buttons resist for only a moment before the threads give way and they fall aside. The shirt flies open, and Callaghan makes short work of the white bra now revealed. He smiles at his first glimpse of Katie’s breasts. They are almost as good as the U.N. inspector had imagined they might be. Then he glances up, and the man behind Katie returns to casually molesting the fleshy mounds.

“They feel even nicer without the bra on the way,” the man comments.

Callaghan stands and looks around at the sexual carnage being inflicted throughout the bar. Then he spots the girl dancing on the table even as hands grope and molest her.

Pointing at the dancing girl, Callaghan shouts, “Bring the bitch over here. I think Katie needs more motivation. Someone grab some and bring it here as well.”

In a moment, the small girl is standing in front of Callaghan. The fear in her eyes almost makes Callaghan sorry for her, but that sentiment lasts only a moment. She is a casualty in the challenging task of keeping peace in this shithole. He raises her face up to meet his.
“What is your name?” he asks.

After sniffling for a moment, she says in a dulcet tone, “My name is Ileana. Why do you let them do this to us?”

“You, my dear, are a necessary sacrifice,” Callaghan answers then glances towards Katie, “Katie, Ileana here has only been here a week or so I believe. She is still unused to the brutality of her new life. If you want to avoid her enduring a significant increase in that brutality, you will tell me what I need to know.”

Katie only stares daggers at her boss and after several long seconds tick by he just shrugs his shoulders and says, “String her up next to Raya here.”

“Please,” Illeana cries as a rope is wound around her wrists, “What are you going to do?”

“Katie here has information I need. I am sorry this must happen to you but it is this soulless woman’s fault,” Callaghan answers without actually answering the question itself.

Within two minutes Illeana is standing on her toes, her arms tied above her head. Her shoulders start aching from the strain of holding the entirety of her weight.

“Please,” Illeana says through tears while looking at Katie, “Don’t let them do this. Don’t let them hurt me even more.”

“You’re a bastard, Callaghan,” Katie yells out.

“And you are a heartless bitch for not putting a stop to this. Tell me what I need to know and all of this stop. I’ll even let both Illena and Raya return to her previous life. You’ll get two for the price of one. If not…”

Katie looks between the two girls. Raya is only whimpering now as the man behind continues the violent rape of the girl. Her face is a mess with one eye completely obscured by the slimy cum slowly crawling down her face. Illena is just staring at Katie, desperate pleading in her eyes. Elsewhere, the other girls are servicing, one way or another, the men at this depraved party.

“Will you release the rest of the women?” Katie asks wincing as the man squeezes both her tits hard.

“Well…No, I can’t go that far. These men have a living to make and obligations to meet. Some of these girls will be shipped out to new locations soon,” Callaghan says, “but you can save two. Two is far better than none.”

Two or none. Save two but let Callaghan keep his little secret. She is dead either way but if she does what Callaghan is asking her death will result in nothing. If she does not some light might be shined into these very dark shadows. Finally, she shakes her head sadly. Callaghan looks disappointed and turns to look at the others.

“From here on Raya here gets sodomized. As for Illena here, whip her with your belts. I want one of you beating her back, the other her front. Don’t kill her, just make her suffer,” he says, “When your arm gets tired let someone take over.”

“No! Please!” Illena cries out as she hears what her fate is to be, “Bitch!” she screams at Katie, “Bitch. You don’t care. You lie about caring. You just sit there and watch while they do these things to us.”

Any other words are lost as a belt suddenly lashes out leaving a line of molten pain across her back. An animal scream escapes her lips as her body jerks forward.

“Stop!” Katie cries.

Callaghan shakes his head, “I’ll ask you if you are ready to cooperate again after you watch what your stubbornness costs these bitches.”

Illena screams out again as a second man brings his belt into the action. His first strike leaves both her breasts with red streaks that start bruising rapidly. Even as she jerks back the man behind her reminds her that there is no place for her to go.

Raya screams out suddenly as Anatoly pulls his cock out of her pussy and slams it into her ass. She had not even heard Callaghan’s pronouncement focused almost entirely on keeping her tired head upright and enduring the constant rape, but the thick cock that suddenly rips into her rectum brings her quickly back to reality.

The blond's hot ass is enough to put Anatoly over the edge after a mere two thrusts, and he quickly pulls out moving to where he can add his sprays of cum onto the young woman’s already befouled face. Before Anatoly has finished adding his seed to the rest dripping down her face, Raya feels a fifth cock drill into her body opening her ass painfully once again. Her scream is that of a trapped animal.

Of course, Illeana and Raya are hardly alone in their suffering. Mia has been forced up onto the bar where she is currently spit-roasted with a cock slamming into her from behind while another man fills her babbling mouth with a second cock. Natasha is now on her back on the nearby table, her legs spread up in the air, while one of the U.N. cops enjoys what he considers a perk of the job.

Near the back of the bar a lovely, if sorely abused, redhead is pulled into the men’s restroom. She has only one man fuck her so far. He did so hard enough that bruises are already forming between her thighs. The man pulling her in behind him is another of the U.N. officials, a man named Frank Spuds from the deep south of America. He has a huge grin on his face as he kicks one of the stalls open.

“I’ve always wanted to do try this,” he says in a thick, southern drawl, “but there is no way any decent girl back home would agree to it.”

He pushes the girl into the stall and says, “Get on those knees girly and open your mouth.”

The redhead, an American named Beth who vanished from a hotel room several months ago, looks at the U.N. name recognizing him as a fellow American, pleads, “You’ve got to help me. I’m American too. Please get me out of here.”

Frank just laughs at her then slaps the woman across the face.
“You ain’t American anymore girl. You are just a statistic and a whore now,” then he raises his hand as though to strike her again and warns, “Now on those knees unless you want another one across the face.”

Beth winces and drops to her knees staring up as Frank drops his pants pulling his cock out and pointing it at her.

“Open up,” he says right before a stream of piss lands on her forehead.

Beth cries out in disgust as the hot piss plays across her face. Like a heat-seeking missile, the flow shifts from her forehead to her now open mouth and the acrid taste of urine fills it. The red-head retches, her stomach heaving at the disgusting taste but, as none of the girls have eaten in hours, it is a dry heave. Frank does not care when the piss dribbles out of her mouth cascading down across her body. He only laughs at the girl’s utter humiliation.

As the stream of piss slackens and finally vanishes, Beth is a wreck of a woman. She is crying so hard her entire body shakes. She tries to crawl away, crawl past Frank’s legs, but a hand in her hair stops her.

“Where do you think you are going?” he asks as he steps over her turning around then spinning her around to face him, “I’m not done with you yet.”

With one hand still in her hair, Frank pushes his pants down around his ankle. He frowns when he realizes they are getting wet with his own piss but then shrugs. He always keeps a second pair in his truck. Taking a seat on the toilet, he pulls Beth between his spread legs.

“You’re going to suck me while I take a shit. You make me cum before I’m done I won’t make you lick my ass clean,” he says laughing at the utter look of dread on her face, “Now get to work.”

As Beth learns the true definition of degradation at Frank's uncaring hands,  Katie screams out at Callaghan. She is unable to watch the scene unfolding in front of her. A sixth man is now using Raya, and another half dozen are lined up behind him. Raya's cries and whimpers as she is ruthlessly sodomized tear at the very humanity within Katie.

Illena is still screaming as the belts continue to kiss her flesh. Welts and bruises cover her breasts, belly, back, and legs now as the second set of men continue her beating. Two others are watching the girl’s abuse, their belts held in one hand.

“I’ll tell you,” Katie screams out, “I’ll tell you! Just stop this.”
Callaghan holds up a hand. The belts pause and the man inside Raya slams himself into the sobbing, whimpering woman and waits for what comes next.

“It is locked in my secure file in my office. The key is in my front pocket of my jeans. Just please stop this.”

The man groping Katie shoves a hand into first one, then the second, pants pocket, and comes out with a silver key. He hands it to Callaghan.

“You have it. Now stop this!” Katie yells at the man.

“It stops when I get back with the files. If they are not there the party will shift its focus to you,” he warns then glances at the men with the belts, “Stop beating Illena. Just fuck her where she hangs until I get back.”

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Re: A Whistleblower's Demise
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Don't stop. This is just too good!!!

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Re: A Whistleblower's Demise
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Re: A Whistleblower's Demise
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Thanks all for the complements. They make the time we authors spend writing this stuff worth it.

Here is the final chapter to this story. I hope it has a suitably epic conclusion.

On a side note, I'll be out of town next week so won't be posting any new stuff. Once I get back I plan on getting the next chapter to Sins of the Mother in the lesbian section. With that said...

A Whistleblower's Demise

Chapter 7 - A Final Defilement

With keys in hand Callaghan leaves the bar to retrieve the files that have the potential of doing significant damage to both himself and others. Behind him, he leaves Katie, Raja, Illena and the rest in the not-so-gentle hands of the local bosses of Serbia’s seedy organized crime.

As the sound gravel being thrown from beneath tires fades out Anatoly nods at another of the trafficking bosses. The old Russian, a scarred man named Sasha, returns the gesture and suddenly tables and chairs are being pulled towards the outer edges of the room.

Anatoly pulls a chair up to where Katie is sitting only glancing briefly at Raya and Illena as they each deal with the man callously raping each of them. Raya’s still holds her cum covered face up where Katie can look at it whimpering as A seventh man is taking his turn, the third inside her ass. Illena is sobbing as another U.N. worker fucks her from behind as she hangs by her wrists, one of his hands firmly grabbing a small breast.

“You caused us a lot of problems,” Anatoly says to Katie.

“You run a sick organization. You should be in jail bastard. You and everyone else in this bar,” Katie snaps back knowing she is dead no matter what she says.

Anatoly only smiles and says, “These bitches are too stupid to be anything but a whore. We’re doing them a favor by forcing them to recognizes that truth.”

Anatoly glances up at the man standing behind her and nods. He immediately starts loosening the rope tying the U.N. cop to the chair.

“What are you doing?” Katie asks a tremor of fear in her voice.

“Did you really think we were not going to make a real example of you? You cost us money, so we’re going to show these whores what happens when we get pissed off. All those pictures and videos Callaghan threatened could appear on the Internet will definitely be getting posted.”

As Katie is pulled from the chair she screams out, “Callaghan won’t let you get away with this. We had a deal!”

“Your deal was with Callaghan, not us. Besides, Callaghan knew there was no way you were going to just get a bullet in the head,” Anatoly responds.

As another man starts tearing the pants off Katie despite her desperate attempts to fight it, the other women are ordered to stand around the outside of the now clutter-free space. Even Raya and Illena are given a place to stand, no longer dealing with rapists of their own. Raya’s expression is blank, the gooey cum still slowly dripping down her face. Illena is in better shape but shakes as adrenalin from the beating slowly fades from her system.

“You whores will watch this,” Anatoly shouts at them, “You will watch and learn what happens when you get in the way of our money. This U.N. bitch is a dead woman, but before she dies she is going to be made an example to you all! You bitches are property until we decide you have paid your debt.”

Two of the local thugs hold onto Katie as she struggles. Being forced to watch other get raped and abused had been on horror. Facing that very same prospect, the U.N. cop is discovering, is quite another.
Knowing she is going to be killed has been bad enough but, as a cop, she has lived with that possibility for ten years. On the other hand, being raped and who knew what else to serve as an example to the very women and girls she has been trying to help is another.

Another pair of men appears from the back. They hold between them a heavy looking wooden horse similar in nature, though subtly different, from one that might be seen in a carpenter’s shop or construction site. This one was taller than the others and looked far sturdier. Katie also noticed that the top was broader, almost like a thin table, but a bit shorter than she was used to seeing it. The feet of the wooden horse were, themselves mounted to a wooden frame that locked them together.

The men place the horse in the center of the cleared space. Once they had it positioned, one of the men used a drill to drive several big screws through the base and into the floor locking the wooden horse into position. As they were finished Anatoly nodded to the men holding Katie. Despite any fighting on her part, and fight she does, the cop was soon bent over the horse lengthwise. Her ankles and knees were secured with thick belts to one set of legs while her arms and wrists were bound to the other. To ensure that Katie is completely immobilized a pair of rapes are wound around her torso, one around the small of her back and the other just below her shoulders.

When finished, Katie could not move even a little bit. With her legs running down the angled legs of the horse her pussy and as are utterly exposed and vulnerable. To add to her helplessness one of the men winds a length of thin rope through Katie’s hair then throws the other end across a ceiling beam pulling the slack tight. This forces her to keep her head looking out ahead of her much as Raya had been compelled to look into Katie’s own eyes as she had repeatedly been raped. The reason for this becomes evident when a camera was set up a few feet from her, its lens seeming to stare directly into the woman’s own eyes.

Anatoly paces around the now fully naked and completely immobilized United Nations cop. The very cop that has cost he and many of his business associates a lot of money. After the world sees what they do to people who get in the way of their money no one will think to try and rebuild her investigations. The whores in this room would also understand their place and spread the word of just how much worse things can be for them.

“You bitches have a rough, shitty life right now. We run as many cocks through your cunts as we possibly can. You shit and piss into buckets, eat slop, and work long, grueling hours. You get moved from place to place, are given very few comforts and no options. It fucking sucks,” Anatoly says as he paces around Katie looking each girl in the eyes for a moment.

Everyone shows signs of just how rough things have gotten tonight, but he didn’t really care. There are hundreds more where these women and girls came from. The sex slaves themselves stand mutely, their bodies shaking and their eyes locked on Anatoly or Katie. Everything he just said they agree with. Their life is shit, and none of them really believe they will ever escape it. None of them even know for certain if they will finally taste freedom or if they will be killed when these men consider them used up.

“You are about to learn that things can be far worse for you. Katie, this stupid U.N. cop, is going to serve as an example to you all,” Anatoly looks around for the U.N. people that are still here and says, “and for our friends at the U.N., you might want to consider leaving now. I don’t think you really want to see what your colleague is about to be put through. It is up to you though.”

Katie, tears streaming down her face, watches as about half of the U.N. contingent present, file out. None of them look back at her.

“You fucking bastards!” she screams as the door is closing, “I hope you burn in hell for this!”

When it is obvious the rest of the U.N. people are staying for the show Anatoly shrugs and looks at Katie as he comments, “Looks like some of your comrades really hate you bitch. They don’t seem to appreciate your meddling any more than we do.”

One of the men appears from the kitchen carrying a large can or lard. Without comment, he scoops a handful of and starts rubbing it around Katie’s groan. The former New York cop screams as she feels his hand but is completely helpless to do a thing about it. She can’t even try to move her hips out of the way. The fingers uncaringly probe into her pussy spreading even more of the lard inside her.
Anatoly pauses and squats next to Katie’s head grabbing her chin and making her look into the camera saying, “Smile into the camera cunt. The entire world is going to get to see your defilement. We’re going to post this shit in every corner of the Internet. It will never go away.”

Two more cameras have also been set up. One is on a small tripod directly beneath the U.N. cop’s legs looking directly at her exposed and well-greased pussy. The second captures a full side view of the bound copy. The three cameras will ensure the human traffickers will get every angle of the upcoming action they will need.

Unseen by Katie, another of the men whose picture is on her wall, approaches her from behind. His hand and upper arm glisten from the lard he has spread over his skin. The smile on his face threatens to split it. Katie’s first indication that the action is about to start is the feeling of four fingers forcefully penetrating her pussy. The cop’s eyes go wide as her pussy is forced to spread.

“Stop! What are you doing?” Katie whimpers as the fingers push themselves deeper into her body. It is not painful but already highly uncomfortable.

“Oh, Marko, and probably a couple others who want in on the fun, is going to stretch your pussy a bit. Don’t worry though, these fistings are only a precursor to what is actually coming.”

Around her, the whimpers of the young women being forced to witness Katie’s violation, grow in volume even as the discomfort start to transition into pain. Behind her, Marko’s fingers, twisting and pressing relentlessly, disappear more and more into his victim’s well-greased pussy.

“Stop!” Katie cries as her pussy starts stretching painfully.

“No,” is the simple response from Marko as he presses harder.

Katie cries out from the pain as Marko’s fingers disappear inside her body. One of the women with a good view of what is happening gasps in shock as the entire hand quickly follows. For Katie, the pain is increasing with each passing moment, and she cries out desperately.

“No more please!” she begs as tears start cascading down her face.
“A lot more,” is Marko’s answer.

Inside the U.N. cop, she can feel the fingers move as Marko turns his hand into a very blunt and giant fist stretching her vaginal walls to what feels to be the breaking point. Then, with no warning, he shoves his fist deeper into the woman, a huge smile still plastered across his face.

Katie’s body stiffens as a bolt of pain shoots up her spine. She screams into the camera as the fist forces its way deeper into her body. It is the start of a long, very painful fisting for the woman. The first, but not last, she experiences.

Marko laughs has his arm begins to pump in and out of the woman. The tendons in her legs stand out as her muscles stiffen in vain attempts to break free of the bindings that keep them firmly secured to the sturdy wooden horse. Her screams and the sympathetic cries of the other women fill the room alongside the laughter of the watching men. One of the men turned on by the spectacle, starts to force one of the women over a nearby table, but stops at a voice.

“No. There will time enough for more fun later,” Anatoly says, “These bitches must watch everything that happens.”

Marko continues his punishing fisting of the cop for almost twenty minutes. His fist pumps in and out like a jack hammer buffeting Katie’s body. Most expect that if the wooden horse had not been bolted to the ground, his efforts would have moved it across the floor. When the fist finally disappears, Katie is a sobbing wreck of a woman. She has never felt more violated and degraded in her life. It is not the end for her though as another man with an even larger fist takes Marko’s place. Her scream as she feels a new hand enter her body is that of a wounded animal caught in a trap.

The door to the bar swings open a little more than a later and Callaghan strides in. He takes in the view, anger clouding his face, as he witnesses a man behind the bound, naked and sobbing Katie. The U.N. inspector has no idea that this is the fourth men to defile her in this brutal, crude, manner.

“Anatoly,” he shouts, “I told you to leave her alone. Her dead body would have been enough!”

As Katie’s moves her head to see Callaghan a look of hope enters her eyes even as Anatoly replies.

“You know this bitch was not going to get off with a mere bullet to the head. These bitches need to see what happens when you cross us. We’re going to send them across the network where they can tell the other cunts what they saw and what happens when you get in the way of our money.”

Callaghan watches the cruel spectacle for a moment then says, “Whatever. I have her files. We’re safe, and I’m leaving. You know what to do from here.”

“No!” Katie screams as Callaghan turns, “You can’t leave me here like this.”

Callaghan pauses for only a moment and glances back, “It’s out of my hands,” he answers then leaves the bar for a final time.

Anatoly turns back to the group with a big smile and says, “It’s time for the finale!”

Katie sobs, broken, as the throbbing in her pussy from the repeated and painful fistings continues to plague her. She is barely aware of her surroundings and does not really register the fact that a new item has appeared in the room. It looks like nothing more than an odd-looking table with an adjustable height and really thick construction. It is heavy enough that four men work together to shift the odd piece of furniture so that the ‘table’ is above Katie’s immobilize torso. It, too, is secured to the floor with large screws once Anatoly is satisfied with its positioning.

It is not until Katie hears the odd sound of ‘clop, clop’ on the floor behind her that her senses begin to come back to her. That, and the collective gasps of the whores being forced to witness the utter debasement of the U.N. cop. The sound is somehow familiar, and Katie strains her neck twisting her head around. What she sees terrorizes her.

“No! Jesus no you can’t do this. It's…it’s inhuman,” Katie screams out as her limbs desperately strain at the very effective bonds that keep her utterly immobilized.

“You will find that we can,” Anatoly says in a calm and amused voice before addressing the other women in the room.

“There are worst fates for you whores that being forced to spread your legs for a dozen men a night. There are worse fates than being forced to partake in gang bangs in which your pussy, mouth, and ass are repeatedly filled with smelly, dirty cocks. I know that many of you have assumed that the uncooperative bitches that disappear are simply killed and buried someplace. You would be wrong.”

A loud whinny of the white and black mottled pony tears through the bar as the animal clomps around. A pair of men guides the animal to stand behind the utterly terrorized Katie who is still desperately fighting to break free.

“You whores are going to see what sort of ‘shows’ those disappeared girls are forced to put on every day until they simply cannot take it any longer. For these cunts, there is no chance of freedom after their debt is paid. Each of you will eventually be allowed to go home if you work hard and follow orders. Piss me off like this whore of a  cop has done and you will be fucking horses, donkeys, and ponies for what remains of your life.”

One of the men sprays something onto Katie’s groin.  The pony gets a whiff of the stuff and immediately starts stamping on the floor hard, its whinnies growing loud. It lunges towards Katie, its nose pressing into her pussy, taking in the smell.

“Get it away!” Katie screams in panic, “Get it away!”

“Be glad,” Anatoly says in a still amused and calm voice, “that we are only mating you with a pony. Trust me when I tell you that a full horse is far, far worse.”

The women witnessing this inhuman event are whimpering now, tears trailing down their faces, as they discover that there are fates far worse than their own. They see the long, thick, red penis that even now has escaped its sheath. At a gesture from Anatoly, the men holding the pony back releases it.

The animal stomps forwards fast rising up on its legs. The fore legs crash down on the heavy, padded table that stands protectively between Katie’s delicate torso and the mighty hooves that could easily break ribs or crush her skull. It clomps forward until the tip of its engorged penis brushes against her leg.

“No, oh God please no. How can you do this?” Katie cries, but Anatoly and the others ignore her now far to fascinated by the crude spectacle playing out in front of them.

The pony’s cock pokes at her several times as the animal tries to find the far too small hole the bucking, thrashing and screaming woman. Its target point, however, is immobile and with the gentle assistance of a man’s gloved hand experienced in this sort of show, the pony finally finds its mark.

For the pony, the violation of the human pussy is sheer pleasure. Its eyes roll back into its head as the too-thick cock plunges into the warm, tight hole. If not for the multiple, brutal fistings the former New York cop had been forced to endure only a few minutes earlier, her entire pussy might have split. Instead, Katie’s own eyes only rolled into the back of her head as her pussy experience a level of pain as it stretched to its seeming limits. Her scream is a howl as the pony’s rear quarters begins thrusting in a desperate bid to breed with this odd female.

The laughter of men and the sobs of women mix with the desperate screams and pleas that erupt from Katie in a non-stop torrent. They are pleas that no one who matters listens to. No one in this room gives a shit about the hell the woman is enduring. They just want to make sure no one ever threatens the status quo of the seedy side of Serbia.

As the pony’s thrusts grow faster and faster, Anatoly pulls out a pistol pointing it at Katie’s head, waiting for the animal to satisfy itself. The women see the gun and are only too well aware of what happens when this horrible show finishes.


The flashes of too many cameras blind United Nations Inspector Callaghan. He gives his eyes a few moments to adjust to the strobing flashes of light as he pretends to study the blank note cards in his hand. Finally, he looks out over the sea of reporters and begins his report.

“As many of you know, the body of a United Nations official was discovered in the middle of a farmer’s field two days ago. Many rumors are surrounding the discovery, and it has been decided, given some of what has turned up on the Internet, that these rumors be addressed.”

Callaghan pauses has his mind plays over the events in the bar that night. He had known Anatoly, and his cohorts wanted Katie to be an example to all, but he had never dreamt of what they had planned for the poor, now dead, cop.

“United Nations officer Katie Kilpatrick, a decorated veteran of the New York police department, has been killed. She was murdered by a single shot to the head. However, as many of you know, there is far more to this story.”

“Do you have any suspects?” a faceless reporter calls out from the crowd.

“Given the nature of the images of videos that have appeared on the Internet, we believe it is one of the cartels that specialize in the trafficking of humans through this region of the world. The investigation into her death is just beginning. Serbian police officials are cooperating with the inquiry.”

He pauses again then goes further, “Katie has been spearheading our efforts to put a stop to the disgusting and reprehensible practice of human trafficking. She has managed to rescue more than two dozen young women from that nightmare as well as identify potential traffickers. We believe this murder, and the…events that must have proceeded it, are a message to both us, the United Nations, and any others who might seek to stop this practice. I can only hope we discover who is behind this horrific crime and bring him to justice.”

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Re: A Whistleblower's Demise
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Really love it so much... a pity that it is over.
Hope something great is coming soon

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Re: A Whistleblower's Demise
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Thanks for the complements. There will be more stuff coming, both extensions of some of my longer form stories and some new short-form stories like this one. There are always more (fictional) hapless victims waiting to be exploited.

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Re: A Whistleblower's Demise
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Should be in Extreme, due to the snuff content. Pity it had to end that way. Liked everything else.