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A Woman Scourned
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Warning!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt.

Part one

“Ron?” Amanda spoke as she peered into the storage building at the marina.  She had received a text to meet him there.

“Ron, are you here? What's up baby?” Amanda again spoke as she slowly bent her body under the sliding metal door and made her way into the darkness.  She could see the outline of his boat.  There was the smell of grease and oil that permeated the room.  A rustling from the darkness caught her attention.  A hand cupped her mouth and fingers pressed her nose preventing her breathing.   She gasped, struggled, and scratched her shoes awkwardly over the concrete floor before everything faded to black.


Brenda paced the floor, stopping every so often to look at the naked woman bound spread eagle on the bare mattress.  She had suspected Amanda was fucking her husband, Ron, but she could never prove it. Never, that it is, until she installed the hidden camera in their bedroom.  It was like watching a porn movie as Ron fucked Amanda rigorously.

Her well-to-do life was suddenly interrupted.  The prospect of divorce loomed on the horizon, and as far as Brenda was concerned, the fault lay largely with Amanda.  She would deal with Ron financially, but this husband stealing cunt had to be taught a lesson and Brenda was going to give her a good one.

Brenda pulled up a chair and lit a cigarette.  It was really quite easy. Easier than she had expected. She made Ron give her the pass code to his phone, sent Amanda a text and waited.  The soaked rag had her out in no time. She rolled down the door, locked it, laid Amanda on the floor and stripped  her naked.

She had to roll the bitch over to the mattress, and that had her body blotted with some dark oil and grease stains, but she didn't give a fuck.  The only thing she needed working on Amanda's body was her slutty holes.

As Brenda visually critiqued her rival's naked body, a flush of jealousy was felt. Amanda had gorgeous, firm tits, that Brenda would bet Ron had paid for.  They stuck out proud like a high school girl with light brown areola, and small, pointy nipples.  Her abdomen and belly were flat and toned, and she had a beautiful shaved pussy with succulent, meaty lips.  Her dark brown asshole peeked through the folds of her ass teasingly, courtesy of Brenda's rope skills.

Brenda hailed from Jersey, where some family members worked with the mob. She often heard them talking about ways they tortured their victims, and had learned from some of her cousins how to use ropes to bind people.

Brenda had wrapped Amanda's wrists in coils of heavy rope then tied them behind her head to a hook on the wall.  Her ankles were bound with heavy ropes as well.  Brenda had stretched Amanda's legs wide and tied off each one to some heavy fixtures nearby, ensuring there was no way of escape.

Another drag on the cigarette and she checked the watch on her wrist.  Amanda should be coming to at any minute.  The sooner the better.  Brenda had a long night of fucking lined up for the cheating bitch.

Brenda was not the only household effected by the affair.  Amanda was married to the town mayor, Bill, and she was damn well determined to use that as blackmail to keep Amanda's mouth shut over the multiple rapes she would soon be enduring.

A faint groan was heard and Brenda crushed the cigarette onto the table.  Amanda batted her eyes and looked around,  As her eyes focused, she stared at her own naked body and gasped.  Confused mutterings escaped her lips as she tried to make sense of what was happening.

She heard the footsteps and looked up to see Brenda glaring down at her with a wicked sort of grin on her face.

“Brenda!?”...what's going on? Help me, please,  a dazed Amanda sputtered as she pulled on the ropes that bound her arms and legs.

“Help you?” Brenda laughed.  “No, no. I'm not going to help you, I'm going to torment you, or rather oversee your torment.  Watch the TV monitor cunt,” Brenda hissed as she turned on the TV that was on a shelf and inserted the flash drive into the USB port.

Amanda's eyes widened in horror as she watched the image of her and run fucking begin to play.  Her face turned red and her lips began to qiuver.

“Brenda...please..I'm really sorry...”

“Spare me the guilt trips, or begging for my forgiveness and understanding,” Brenda shot back.”That skanky pussy of yours has probably cost me a marriage, so consider this pay back,” Brenda shot back angrily.

“Since you want to act like a whore, I am going to pimp you out like one.  I have arranged for men to fuck you all night, and the best part is they are going to pay me.  I am going to sit right here and watch the show.  Oh, and don't even think of going to the police afterwards.  I have backups and copies of the tapes with you and Ron in places you have no idea. You know if I send these to bill the scandal will force him out of office. The two of you will probably divorce, and you will lose your ass bitch.  So, this is how it is going to be. You are going to lay there and get fucked all night and when you leave tomorrow, if you can walk, you will know there is a price to pay for fucking another woman's husband

Tears filled Amanda's eyes as she listened to the unthinkable prospect.

“You can't do this. I understand you are upset, but this is kidnapping,” Amanda whined as she struggled with the ropes. “Bill will come looking for me, and the police will be called.  You will be the one in jail bitch!” Amanda growled.

Brenda shook her head as she stood with arms crossed gazing angrily at Amanda. “How stupid do you think I am cunt?” Bill is out of town for the weekend. Ron is...well, let's just say he is tied up as well. No one is going to come looking for your sorry ass except the guys I have invited to fuck you, so just lay there and relax,” Brenda remarked as she looked at her watch.  “The first one should be arriving shortly.”

“This is rape! you evil bitch. Untie me now!” Amanda barked as she fought against her bonds.

“It's only rape if you report it, which, we both know, you won't,” Brenda quipped, pointing to the TV monitor, as she strolled back to await the first man's arrival.

Brenda broke down sobbing. “Please Amanda. Please let me go. If it's money you want, I...”

“Oh I will get money. No, it's revenge I want. The satisfaction of watching your every hole violated by men you don't even know. Strange cocks ravaging your pussy, ass, and mouth while I sat over her collecting money. I will leave here satisfied and rich, you will leave here dripping cum, and nursing your swollen holes,” Brenda fired back.

“Noooo! I can get pregnant, or catch some disease. Think about what you are doing. I beg you, let me go,” Amanda pleaded tearfully.

“Oh the boys have been checked out. I wouldn't worry about catching any disease.  As for getting pregnant. I could give a fuck. That is your problem,”Brenda remarked in a cruel tone. “I will ask them to pull out and cum on you, but you know how men are when they get turned on while fucking. I can't guarantee they will.”

Brenda sat in the chair listening to Amanda sob at the prospects.  She knew that in a few moments the first man would arrive and she was thoroughly going to enjoy Amanda's debasement.

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Re: A Woman Scourned
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Revenge Rape scenario. Love it! Now she's going to understand , first hand about a woman scorned! You should have him brought in and raped while she's being done!

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Re: A Woman Scourned
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Hmmmm. I actually kind of like that idea :)

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Re: A Woman Scourned
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Part two

“Please, Brenda.  Don't do this to me. Just let me go,” Amanda tearfully pleaded as she once again strained at her bonds.

Brenda looked up with an annoyed glance.“Too late, Oh, I almost forgot, “she quipped as she reached into her handbag and pulled out a ball gag.

“Nooo. No, please don't,” Amanda begged as Brenda strolled towards her.  Brenda forced the red ball into Amanda's mouth and fastened it tightly around the back of her neck.

“Oh much better,”Brenda cooed as she stepped back to admire the gag. “Can't have you blabbing away while the men are trying to fuck you now can we?”

The conversation was interrupted by a knock on the metal door.  Brenda beamed at Amanda. “Your first customer is here,” and strolled towards the door.

Amanda watched Brenda roll up the overhead door enough to reveal a male figure standing there. She gasped when she saw a middle aged man wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and ball cap begin talking to Brenda.  The man entered and Becky lowered the door and locked it.

Amanda watched as the two approached her.  She blushed as the man stared down at her naked body.

“Hundred bucks you say?” he remarked to Becky.

“Yep, one hundred and the bitch is all yours. She loves bondage, so she must remained tied the entire time.”

The man handed Brenda a hundred dollar bill and began to undress. “A couple of rules and I will step out of the way,”  Brenda interjected as the man was stripping. “No punching, no choking, no roughing her up. Just straight fucking, You have an hour and can fuck her as many times as you want ,but when you cum, please pull out and cum on her. She loves a good cum bath don't you slut?” Brenda teased as she shot Amanda a wicked grin.

“I'll try and remember that,” the man replied as he lowered his underwear and stepped out of them.

Brenda took a quick glance at his naked body.  He was athletic and in good shape, an impressive size cock and thick balls. She grinned and returned to her seat, slipping the hundred bucks into her purse.

Amanda gazed at him, her eyes wide open in fear as he knelt between her legs stroking his cock to hardness.  She was really going to be raped, and there was nothing she could do to prevent it.  What hurt her more was when she glanced over his shoulder to see Brenda sitting in the chair with a wicked grin of approval on her face.

She groaned through the gag as she felt the man's cock penetrate her. He shoved it in deep with one thrust and then began fucking her in slow, steady rhythm.  Amanda could hear his guttural moans as he pressed his body against hers.  His cock felt as if it was filling her insides completely as he began pounding her.

From her vantage point, Brenda watched in twisted amusement as the man's cock pummeled Amanda's stretched pussy.  She grinned approvingly as his balls slapped against her.  He was really giving her a good pounding, flexing his ass as he drove deeper into Amanda's cunt.  With every thrust, Brenda could hear Amanda's groans, and it was music to her ears.

The man finally gave a deep groan, pulled out and shot a massive load of cum over Amanda's body, striking her tits and stomach.  Once he dressed and left, Brenda strolled over to Amanda and gazed down at her cum stained flesh.

“Did you cum bitch?” she asked sarcastically. “It's alright if you do, in fact, I want you to. I want you to cum on every cock that invades you. It will show what a whore you really are,” She hissed before turning to return to her seat. 

Brenda leaned back in her chair, and folded her hands behind her head. “Rest up, the next one will be here shortly,” she mused as Amanda sobbed in the distant.

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Re: A Woman Scourned
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And her 'attitude adjustment' begins! Like it!

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Re: A Woman Scourned
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Something so hot about a woman hating another woman so much and having complete control! Enjoying Amanda's torment!

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Re: A Woman Scourned
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Part 3

As the man left, Brenda lowered the door and locked it from the inside before strolling over to Amanda.  Bending over she stretched the ball gag outward and wiped some spittle from Amanda's chin with a tissue.

“You fucking bitch!” Amanda snorted. “You sit there while a strange man raped me. That makes you an accessory, and trust me,  I will go to the police.”

“No you won't.  You see I know your and Bill's family secrets now. Not only do I have your cheating ass on film fucking my husband. I have a personal  friend who is quite a good photographer as well as a private detective.  Do you now Bill likes to attend the S&M club?”  Brenda laughed as she walked back to her purse and returned with some Polaroids.  Amanda's eyes widened as she stared at the pics of her husband Bill buck naked  being whipped by a dominatrix. The pics had been taken through a hole in the adjoining room that was empty.

“Seems little Billy likes a dominant woman to punish him. I guess you just could not satisfy his needs,”Brenda laughed.  “So, what do you think will happen when the combination of your cheating ass, and his sexual deviancy goes public?”  “If I was you, I would just take my medicine and keep my fucking mouth shut,” Brenda scolded as she put the gag back in Amanda's mouth and returned to her seat.

A short time later the metal door rattled and Brenda rose from her chair and opened it.  A buff looking black man strolled in with Brenda.  She walked him back to Amanda and he sized up her naked body.

“You say a hundred. What if I want to do the bitch up the ass?” he inquired.

Brenda looked at Amanda who was shaking her head no violently. “Well, that would involve us having to roll her over and retie her. I think another hundred would cover anal,”Brenda replied.

“Two hundred to fuck a white bitch? No way. I'll go another twenty and that is it,” the man answered.

“Well, I am feeling generous. You help me roll her over and you can fuck that little ass of hers till your heart's content,” Brenda replied smiling.

As the two loosened Amanda's ropes and rolled her over onto her stomach, she screamed and protested through her gag.  They retied her hands behind her back and forced her to her knees. 

The man handed Brenda the cash and quickly undressed.  Brenda gasped at the thick black cock that dangled between his legs.  His lean, muscular body was completely hairless and seemed to glisten in the light of the room.

She walked back to the chair and put the money in her purse.  She could not help but look as he got on his knees behind Amanda.  Cupping his meaty cock in his hand he stroked it to hardness then pressed it against Amanda's anus.  It was like watching a porn movie, only it was live.

Brenda could hear Amanda's groans as his huge member pressed against her dark hole for entrance.  Finally, he was in and pumping her in a steady pace even though he could only get his cock in a little ways.

Amanda's puckered hole was stretched to its maximum as she struggled to accommodate his size.

“Damn this bitch is tight,” Brenda heard the man groan as he reamed her vigorously. 

Brenda watched intently as Amanda's tits swayed back and forth from the pounding she was receiving.  A sheen of sweat encased the man's body before he groaned, pulled his throbbing cock from her swollen ass, and pumped jet after jet of thick, white cum onto her back and ass.

With Amanda's ass still in the air, the man slipped two fingers into her drenched pussy and began fingering her rapidly. “Cum for me whore,” he growled as his thumb tormented her clit.

It was the last thing Amanda wanted to do, especially with her ass burning from his reaming, but she could feel the orgasm erupting from deep within her and gripped the mattress in preparation.

Her body shook and convulsed as wave after wave of orgasm rolled over her.  The man took his cum covered fingers and wiped them up and down Amanda's back before he helped Brenda roll her onto her back and tie her spread eagle again, then slowly dressed and left.

Brenda again stretched the ball gag from her mouth and forced Amanda to drink some water.

“ more..I can't take it,”Amanda begged tearfully.

“You thought nothing about going into my house, on my bed, and fucking my husband behind my back, and you want me to show you mercy?” Brenda replied. “I don't think so,” Brenda remarked as she shoved the gag back into Amanda's mouth and returned to her seat by the door to await the next man.

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Re: A Woman Scourned
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Nice but I never understood why anal should cost more than vaginal, all holes should cost the same to me!

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Re: A Woman Scourned
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Nice but I never understood why anal should cost more than vaginal, all holes should cost the same to me!

Supply and demand :)

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Re: A Woman Scourned
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Another man had come and gone as Brenda hovered over Amanda, her pussy still dripping the last of his cum.  Her body was spotted, and her hair matted with dry cum from the previous ones.

Amanda peered up at Brenda through tear stained eyes, pleading with her to let her go, but Brenda would have none of it.  She had saved the worst humiliation till last; an all out gang bang.

Brenda checked the watch on her wrist.  Thirty minutes until midnight, when the rest would show up.

“Almost done little slut. I have quite a surprise lined up next.  You are going to get every hole stuffed at the same time.  A full fledged gang bang. I'm sure you will enjoy it, I know I will,” Brenda quipped as she started to walk away.

“Oh, if you need to pee, do it now, so it can dry before the men get here,” Brenda remarked with a sinister laugh as she returned to her seat.

She watched in amusement as Amanda wriggled and squirmed to try and free herself, but her trussing skills were just too good.   Soon there was the familiar rattling on the metal overhead door and Brenda rose to open it.

Three men, college aged males, clean groomed walked in and Brenda lowered the door, locked it and walked them back to take a look.  They three drank in the sight of Amanda, naked, bound, and covered in cum.

“She's quite insatiable as you can see,” Brenda remarked to the three boys..  “That is why I have asked you all to come at the same time. I want you to gang bang her.  Every hole.”  Brenda remarked as she bent down and whispered in  Amanda's ears to stay quiet when she removed the ropes and gag, or the videos would be sent to the media.

After removing the ropes and gag, Brenda went through the usual list of rules, collected their money and returned to her seat, watching the three quickly strip themselves naked.  They all head lean, athletic bodies with impressive cocks and thick balls. She was thoroughly going to enjoy Amanda's debasement.

Amanda had barely taken a fresh breath of air before a sandy haired guy shoved his 9 inch cock against her mouth, grabbed a lock of her hair and told her to start sucking.  She felt hands groping her pussy, roaming over her ass and squeezing her tits, then everything changed. 

She was pulled by her hair to her feet. She gasped and flailed her arms about wildly, as the three naked males grappled for position.  One guy laid down on his back, his huge cock already hard.  Amanda was forced to straddle him as he reached between her legs and guided his cock into her pussy and began pumping her.

She had no time to recover from the cock invading her cunt, before she felt the second male press his huge member against her asshole.  She opened her mouth to scream, only to have the third cock, hard and throbbing, shoved into her mouth forcibly.

She felt like she was literally being ripped apart.  She could actually feel the two cocks moving inside her as if her entire body was being impaled by them.  Her mouth made a gulping sound as she began bobbing her head back and forth on the huge shaft.

Brenda looked on with twisted delight at the decadent fuck fest, letting her hand slip down the front of her jogging pants and rubbing her dampened panties.  The studs were ramming Amanda feverishly, their thick rods pistoning in and out of her stretched and gaping holes, their balls slapping against her backside.

She also noticed the lavish ink on one of the guy's arms. It looked so primal as he pumped her mouth steadily, her black hair held tightly in his fist.

Amanda was delirious as she felt her warm juices oozing down the insides of her legs.  She tried to concentrate on the cock in her mouth, but the two reaming her insides kept her mind on them as well. Her arms were weak, and her legs were beginning to tremble and shake as the pounding continued unabated.

The guy at her mouth came first. He tilted his head back, groaned and pulled his cock out just in time to shower Amanda's face and hair with thick jets of cum.  It even ran into her eyes, burning as she blinked frantically to clear them.

She felt the cock in her ass spasm, and heard the guy's lustful moan.  His cock pulled from her ass with a plopping sound and she felt the hot shower of cum on her back and ass cheeks.  The cock in her pussy was still going strong, pumping her rapidly as he clutched her sides moving her up and down on his shaft.

He never pulled out, instead he blasted her cunt with thick blasts of hot cum that seem to last forever.  As he slowly deflated, Amanda rolled off his body and slumped lifeless to the mattress, his cum oozing from her gaping pussy.

It was finally over.  The three men dressed and left.  Brenda rose Amanda to her feet by the arms and marched her towards the door, shoving her outside naked, and tossing her clothes onto the ground.

“If I ever see you near my husband again, or you breathe a word of this to anyone, I will send these videos faster than you can blink an eye.”

Amanda frantically grasped for her clothes, dressed, got in her car and sped away.

Brenda dragged the soiled mattress out the rear door, locked everything up and got in her car.  That was over, now she had to take care of her cheating ass husband.   

But that's another story.

The End.

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Re: A Woman Scourned
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Nicely written Darklord, in my opinion she got off(Pardon the pun) lightly  now we need to read about her hubby punishment! Maybe he and Amanda will turn the tables and have Brenda ganged up on!

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Re: A Woman Scourned
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Oh that would be delicious lol.  Feel free to write it if you want.

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Re: A Woman Scourned
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Now whoever said corrective rape doesn't work? Amanda will either behave herself well from now on, or she'll go running out to find Ron and make sure Brenda knows about it.
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