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The good girls
« on: August 01, 2017, 09:32:10 PM »
*Note: This is a fictional story and I do not condone rape of anyone in any circumstance*

Pt. 1

It was the Thursday before the big homecoming game my senior year of high school. I was out with a small group of friends, TPing houses, throwing eggs at cars, doing a little illegal drinking. It was just your average homecoming shenanigans, at first.
It was a rare night for me. I was hanging out with a rougher crowd than usual. Most of my friends were on the football team and knew they couldn't be caught breaking any rules before Friday's game. I still wanted to participate and to my surprise, I was invited out by the more popular kids.

It was a group of six: Me, Stephen, a normal sized 5'11" 145 lbs., guy; Dustin, a troublemaker that was about my size but a bit stronger; Two bigger, stronger wrestlers, Ryan and Austin, and a couple of the more promiscuous girls at our school; Jessica (5'6, blonde, perfect 18-year old body with a couple of 36C breasts and a bitchy attitude) and Tara (5'5, brunette, nice athletic body with 34Bs and a bad/rebelious attitude).

The night was going fine at first. We caused some trouble and were getting away with all of our misdeeds. It wasn't out of the ordinary in any way...until the good girls showed up.

The good girls, Sarah and Becky, were a couple of conservative prudes that were in our class. They were both nice, attractive girls, but they didn't quite mesh with the kind of people I was with. The "bad" kids at school always scoffed at their goody-two-shoes attitude. They both did well in school and were well liked by most, even more liked than the typical "popular" girls in Jessica and Tara.

Sarah was 5'7" medium length light brown hair. She had your typical "girl next door" face and a great body. Her long torso was complete with a pair of 36DD breasts, which she kept hidden for the most part. Every once in a while in science class, I'd catch her leaning down in one of her v-neck shirts to pick up her books and get a glimpse of her near-perfect cleavage.

Becky was 5'6 with long hair, dirty blonde, a little like Sarah's. She was much more sporty but had a very fit body. She had some nice 34C cups of her own and what most would call a runner's butt. She was a little less flirty than Sarah, who often led guys with her kind attitude. Becky was a little more reserved, but still made friends with plenty of guys who would never dream of getting to sleep with her. Both of the "good girls" had a laundry list of guy's in the friend zone, but neither had any serious relationships growing up.

The two were snooping around gathering photos for the school's newspaper. They had been pressured by their journalism teacher to get a few pictures of students breaking the rules for a big story they were planning on putting out the next week. The newspaper always had student journalists sneaking around with a camera, one of the reasons none of the football players ever went out and partied the day before a game.

Becky had on a white t-shirt and blue shorts and was welding a digital camera she bought for the class. Sarah was wearing a red v-neck and jeans. She had a notebook in her hand, presumably writing down names of students she saw breaking rules or worse, drinking under age (something neither of the good girls would ever do.)

The group was basically done for the night. We were a little out of town, heading towards Austin's house where we all parked. We were just about to empty the last batch of eggs onto a closed golf course nearby when I heard the sound of a camera snapping from an oak tree down the road.

"Did you guys hear that?" I said, a little nervous it might be a cop or a teacher. The other kids didn't really care if they were caught, but I still had a bit of a reputation to uphold.

Without hesitation, Dustin chucked an egg at the tree. It splattered on the ground and we heard the yelp of both girls.

Knowing it was other students, the five of them took off running for the tree. I followed closely.

Sarah and Becky took a couple steps away from the tree and towards their car, but froze. It was their worst nightmare as they saw the troublemakers make eye contact.

"Oh wow, I should have fucking known," mouthed Jessica. "A couple of snitches. Let me guess, you girls were going to rat on that a camera!?"

You could hear the hate in Jessica's voice. Her and Tara despised the two more conservative girls, and had since junior high.

"Hand it over Becky!" She demanded. Becky clutched the camera but it was quickly ripped away by Austin, who immediately started going through the photos.

"Wow, you two were going to turn this in?" He snapped, showing me and the other two guys the pictures Becky had taken that night.

"It's just for the newspaper Austin," Sarah piped up with a crack in her voice. A nervous Becky looked at me with eyes that begged "Get us out of this." Funny enough, before that night, I would have considered myself closer friends with the good girls than the crew I was currently hanging out with.

I tried to speak up but nothing came out. I just sat there, watching the two girls get badgered by the others, especially Jessica who was really going in on them.

"Why the FUCK do you always think you can mess with me, Sarah?" Jessica said, getting right up in her face. "Kick her ass, Jess." Dustin smirked, enjoying the chaotic situation.

The four of us guys were a little buzzed, maybe, but Jessica and Tara had enough alchohol in their system to get a little out of hand. Things were still relatively calm, however, until one little miss-step by Sarah.

Jessica pushed Sarah into Tara, who was hasstling her from the other end. Jessica stepped up to push her again but Sarah reacted by swatting Jessica's arm away, something that started the first fight of Sarah's 18-year life.

I stood there frozen as the two girls went at it. The other guys hollared and cheered a bit, but mostly watched on in curiosity. Jessica started out the aggressor, but eventually Sarah had her pinned down, yelling at her to stop.

Out of nowhere, Tara snatched the back of Sarah's hair, pulling her back. Sarah began to swing at her but she was quickly pounced on by Jessica, who began smacking the sides of her face as she tried to fight off both girls.

"STOP IT!" Becky yelled, trying to intervene by pulling Tara away. "You're hurting her!"

As Becky attempted to break up the scrum, Ryan lunged and grabbed onto her arms, pulling her back and cradling her to keep her away. It wasn't till that moment that I had even entertained the thought that things could get REALLY crazy.

Seeing Sarah getting kicked and pummeled on the ground, and Becky getting wrestled to the ground by a much bigger Ryan, I started to realize something. A small part of me was enjoying it...I mean, really enjoying it. Seeing two of the most innocent girls I knew, being powerless as to what is happening. Nobody around to save them. My mind began to race, imagining the possibilities. But I didn't have to imagine for long because things were moving fast.

Jessica, with rage in her eyes, looked up to Austin. "Don't just stand there, hold her down for me!" Jessica ordered. Austin, a little nervous to get involved himself, kneeled down and grabbed Sarah's arms. As Tara backed away, Jessica continued to kick and slap at the helpless girl.

Tara turned around to see Becky squirming to try and get away from Ryan's grip. Ryan was starting to get a little uneasy himself, you could tell, but Tara was all-in. She lunged at Becky, started yanking on her hair and eventually pulled her onto her front, signaling Ryan and I to help her out.

Neither Ryan or myself had time to think. Ryan jumped on top of Becky, straddling her perfect backside to help hold her still. I grabbed both of her kicking legs and Tara continued yanking her hair and slapping her.

Jessica had recruited Dustin to help her out. She barked orders at both Dustin and Austin. "Hold her arms back! Let me get a good shot in!" She yelled as she continued to throw wild punches towards Sarah's face and torso.

Jessica stepped back and looked at her handy-work. Sarah wasn't really beaten badly, as Jessica wasn't near strong enough to break skin, but she was rattled and quite humiliated. It was in that moment that I could see something sinister in Jessica's eyes.

"So what are you guys gonna do to her?" Jessica said, looking at Dustin and Austin, who just looked at each other confused. "Are you just gonna let me have all the fun?"

"I don't....I don't know what you want us to do," Dustin said, as nervous as I've ever seen him.

"Well do something!" Jessica said, not being satisfied with what she had done. "Why don't you...take her shirt off or something."

The group went silent to Jessica's words, besides Sarah who started to beg the boys. "Are you serous? Please just let me go, I didn't do anything wrong!"

"Come on," Jessica spoke a little more orderly now. "Take her shirt off. Don't you guys want to see her boobs?"

Jessica walked over and playfully tugged on the bottom of Sarah's shirt. The three of us holding Becky down just watched on as she pulled it up just far enough to reveal Sarah's belly button. "Take it off!"

Austin's hand shook a bit as he grabbed the bottom of Sarah's red v-neck. "Alright help me out here, pull her arms up," he told Dustin as he started to yank upward. To the satisfaction of Jessica, the two boys pulled Sarah's shirt up and over her head, revealing her long white torso and a good bit of cleavage in a a pink bra. "Alright!" Ryan yelled as the other two spun her around so the group could see before tossing her back onto the ground.

From that point on there was no turning back. Jessica fell to her knees and grabbed onto Sarah's arms with all her might. "Keep going!" She ordered as the two boys each grabbed a leg. Jessica reached over and started to unbutton and unzip Sarah's pants as she squirmed as much as she could on the grass.

Tara, still holding Becky's hair, looked up at Ryan. "Do you want some too?" She said, almost emotionless. "Get her shorts off."

Becky screamed, "No! Stop please you don't know what you're doing! Ryan don't!"

Ryan, like the other guys, was a little hesitant to get his hands dirty, but the peer pressure being put on and a growing buldge in his pants was enough to motivate him. He scooted back and grabbed the top of Becky's shorts, yanking them down to reveal some blue bikini-cut underwear covering her great ass. He pulled Becky's shorts all the way down to her knees, and then ordered me to finish them off. Nervously, I obliged, yanking them past her feet and throwing them aside.

Sarah's pants were being worked off and matching pink panties were revealed as she was spread eagle on the ground, both arms and legs firmly being held in place by her three attackers. In both situations, it was the female lead who called out the orders as the two innocent girls continued to be exposed.
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Re: The good girls
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Ive always loved stories where females strip other females, or watch in glee as other females are stripped.  Very nicely done.

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Re: The good girls
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Thanks!  Pt. 2 coming soon. This us also my first story ever so if any other writtipsout there have writing tips, let me know in PMs!

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Re: The good girls
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Thanks!  Pt. 2 coming soon. This us also my first story ever so if any other writtipsout there have writing tips, let me know in PMs!
You're doing damn good already! Love how this is progressing. It's a story right up my alley. Love a good gangrape scenario.
I could rape your pussy, but I'd be in and out in a few minutes. So I choose to rape your mind, and I'll be inside you forever!

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Re: The good girls
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Great Pussy whipped boys going to whip some pussies into shape. Nice scenario!

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Re: The good girls
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Pt. 2

Becky's legs were kicking hard but I was hanging on. It felt wrong. I was holding her, knowing she was going to be exposed and maybe worse. But the feeling of her sexy legs against my hands and the site of the bottom of her butt cheeks peeking out of her panties kept me going. Well, that and the constant pressure being put on by Tara and Jessica to keep going.

Tara and Ryan had already started on Becky's shirt. "Let's make it a tie!" Tara cackled, looking over towards Sarah who was being held still in just her bra and panties. Becky put up a valiant fight as her shirt was ripped up over her bra strap and past her head, but in the end her fate was sealed. She had a lighter blue bra on, covering her nice perky C-cups.

Becky's cleavage rubbed against the grass as Ryan and I continued to hold her as still as we could. I looked up to see Tara mockingly swinging Becky's shirt above her head, swaying her hips before tossing it towards the tree. Both Tara and Jessica were now starting to get a little less angry, but a little more vindictive, showing more enjoyment than us guys, who were all hesitant but willing to continue on.

As Tara went back to her knees and got ready to hold Becky's hair again,  she began to pull off a light jacket she had on, which until then had been covering an all white tank top. At that point I realized something. The girls, or at least Tara, wasn't in it for revenge anymore. Tara was getting hot over the situation. She was enjoying it in a sexual way. She made eye contact with me as she tossed her jacket aside and gently ran her hand across her chest over her shirt, teasing me. "Having fun, Stephen?" She said in a sexy and sinister way, as if she knew she had to give me an extra push to stay motivated.

Sarah continued to plead as she lay pinned down on her back. "Guys please, this is enough. I'm sorry we were here, just let us go!"

"What's the matter Sarah, are you embarrassed? I think she's embarrassed guys," mocked Jessica. She took her hand and began to playfully tug on Sarah's bra, moving it all around to reveal little bits of cleavage at a time. "I bet you're scared these guys are going to get to see your tits, aren't you sweetie?"

My dick jumped at Jessica's words. It was one thing to see these girls in just their bras and panties, but the thought of innocent Sarah's bare chest being revealed was so hot, as wrong as it felt.

Sarah looked towards Austin and Dustin, who continued to hold her down without touching her body. "You guys aren't like this, just let me go. It's wrong!" She pleaded. "Don't do it."

Jessica, knowing how sweet and nice Sarah had been to the guys before, knew her begging was pulling at the heartstrings of the two guys holding her down. But she knew she could win the mind game as long as she continued to appeal to one thing; the increasingly hard dicks in both boys' pants.

Jessica leaned forward and started to run a finger down Sarah's body, touching the middle of her cleavage just momentarily and then rubbing down to her belly button. As she circled Sarah's belly button with her fingers, Jessica's cleavage started to pour out of her black tank top, adding to the temptation. She sat back and ran her finger back across Sarah's torso, stopping at her bra to give it a quick snap. "Austin," she purred, staring him in the eyes. "Take off Sarah's bra so we can see what she's been hiding."

"Don't! Don't Austin!" Sarah begged and pleaded. "Don't touch me, just leave me alone and let go of my leg!"

Austin's sexual libido outweighed his concious. With hands shaking, he reached towards Sarah's bra as he straddled her leg to keep her still. "NOOOO!" Sarah yelled as she squirmed, tears starting to run down her face for the first time. Austin grabbed the sides of her bra and began to yank upwardly, flipping the cups and revealing her white, milky DD breasts to everyone watching. Sarah squealed as the cold air hit her bare chest, and Austin and Jessica teamed up to get the bra up and over her head, tossing it out of the way when they were all done.

Dustin was really getting swung now. He began to straddle both of Sarah's legs and ran his hands up her sides, slowly leading up to her chest. Jessica looked delighted as he ignored her pleas. "Yeah Dustin!" Jessica cheered. "Touch her! Grab those tits, they are yours!"

I scooted up a bit to help get a better grip on the back of Becky's legs as my eyes were focused on Sarah's delima. I could hear my heart racing as I watched Dustin start to take control of her once pure body.

As Dustin's fingers hit the bottom of Sarah's cleavage, he let out a bit of a moan. "Yeeeah," he said to himself as he watched his hands slide up her breasts until both palms felt her nipples, which started to stiffen in the fall breeze.

"Ugggh!" Sarah groaned as she felt Dustin's hands grab onto her breasts. "St...stop it!" She pleaded helplessly. Not long afterwards, he began to bring his mouth towards her chest, licking and sucking on her left breast. After getting a playful shove from Jessica, Austin cracked as well and grabbed onto Sarah's right breast.

Ryan was the next guy to take it upon himself to keep the action going. He grabbed the back of Becky's bra and unclipped it, letting it start to fall. Tara happily finished the bra off, pulling it out from underneath Becky as her bare breasts hit the cold ground.

Ryan ran his hands along Becky's back and on the sides of her bare breasts, but still wasn't being overly aggressive with the contact. Becky's quiet pleas were doing just enough to keep her body safe from being fully taken advantage of. Tara knew it was time to step up again.

"Are you gonna fuck her?" Tara asked, looking up towards Ryan who looked back with an unsure look. "You could take her like this, Stephen and I can hold her down."

Ryan looked down at Becky, unsure if he could go through with it. "I don't know," he struggled. "Do you think we've done enough or no? I don't know if I could actually..." his sentence trailed off.

"Sure you can." Tara insisted, letting go of Becky's hair and scooting towards him. Tara kept a steady eye contact with Ryan as she reached over and yanked up his shirt before unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. I could tell she let her fingers make contact with the front of his boxers as she began to pull his pants down, undoubtedly feeling his bulging dick with only a thin piece of fabric separating her hands from it. "She's right here, just take her."

Ryan looked towards the night sky as he started to pull down his pants. He hesitated a bit, but yanked his boxers down next, allowing his dick to spring open.

Tara quickly glanced down at Ryan's throbbing cock before taunting Becky once more. "Oh yeah, I'd say he's ready for you!" She said, yanking on Becky's hair one last time. My heart jumped as Tara then turned to me with a facial expression that showed she was being serious. "Stephen, take her panties off for us, would you?"

I was shaking harder than I ever had. I gave a shy nod to Tara, intimidated by her aggression in the situation. Before doing anything, I looked over to Sarah, who was still pinned on her back, topless, with two guys grabbing and licking her breasts against her will. Jessica momentarily turned her attention towards me. "Yeah Stephen! Yank those panties off baby!"

I reached my shaky hands up to the top of Becky's underwear, trying to justify my move in my own mind. "At this point, they are coming off no matter what." I thought to myself. "It's gone too far to turn back now."

A part of me wanted to impress Tara and Jessica. I don't know if I thought I'd get rewarded in some way, or I just didn't want to get on their bad side, but I had a weird desire to please them. I glanced back at Jessica, and then Tara, before quickly yanking Becky's panties down with all the might I could stir up. I pulled the underwear down past her knees and off her feet as she tried to kick.

The swiftness of my move definitely got the attention of the girls. They wooed as I tore them off and Tara even raised a fist up in a victorious motion. Quickly, I reached up and grabbed one of Becky's butt cheeks with each hand, squeezing, attempting to get more cheers from the girls. "Get it Stephen!" Jessica yelled. "Yeah, there we go!" Tara complimented.

Ryan began to slide down, pushing his dick up against Becky's back as he went further south. His big body started to cover hers, allowing me to let go of her legs. I watched on with the best view of anyone as his balls rubbed their way town her perfect ass and his hard dick soon followed.

Ryan hesitated a bit when he felt his shaft rub against her ass, knowing he was almost there. Tara continued to talk him through it, "Do her Ryan!" She coed. "Give it to her!"

I was getting almost dizzy trying to take in everything going on around me. As Ryan hesitated, I stole a quick look back at Sarah, who still had her panties on. Jessica and Austin held her tight as Dustin leaned up and began to hover over her chest and torso, quickly undoing his jeans and pulling them down. Much like Becky, Sarah was about to feel the touch of a boy's hard dick, possibly for the first time ever.
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Re: The good girls
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Nice building of suspense, making us wonder just how will go first a guy or one of the girls!

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Re: The good girls
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Nice follow up.  Enjoyable read

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Re: The good girls
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"Mmm, what are you gonna do to her!?" Jessica said with sadistic smile, holding onto Sarah's arms tightly as Dustin undressed himself. I continued to hold Becky as Ryan wrestled with his conscious, but I kept an eye on Sarah, who was still pleading for us to let her go.

Dustin dropped his pants and then threw off his shirt before yanking down his boxers and letting his dick fly out. Jessica stared at Dustin's dick as he shoved away his clothes and lifted one leg up and over Sarah's body to straddle her face and chest.

Dustin dropped to his knees so his balls were hovering over Sarah's big breasts. He grabbed the shaft of his hard dick and began to lean it towards her lips, causing her to frantically turn her face away.

"Come on baby," Dustin let out as he reached over and grabbed her hair with the other hand. "Just let it happen."

Jessica's eyes grew wider and wider in anticipation as Dustin's dick head moved closer to Sarah's lips. "Don't do anything stupid, Sarah, or this is going to get a lot worse," Jessica said, warding off any thoughts Sarah had of biting him.

Instead she just groaned and pressed her lips tightly down as he shoved his dick into her lips. He momentarily got his head and a bit of his shaft in before Sarah was able to successfuly move it away with her tongue, something Dustin didn't mind at all.

Moving fast, Dustin slid his dick down Sarah's chin and slid down to place it right in the middle of her two breasts. She jerked and heaved but it was no use as he pushed them right in between them and, with his hands, squeezed both of her luscious breasts around his dick.

Sarah's head shot up, trying to free herself but her strength was waning. Dustin slowly but surely moved his dick up and down between her boobs, smirking at Jessica as he did. "Do you like that Jessica?"

Jessica began to speak less like a high school senior and more like an experienced porn star. "Oh yeah, give it to her baby!" She moaned, moving up to pin Sarah's arms down with her legs. "Can I help?" She sexually pleaded, moving her hands towards the outside of Sarah's breasts and moving Dustin's hands out of the way.

Jessica had been titty-fucked before, so she knew what she was doing. She gleefully squeezed Sarah's boobs around Dustin's dick as he thrusted harder and harder. "Mmm yeah I bet that feels good, doesn't it?" She purred as she moved both breasts around to give him maximum pleasure.

Becky was in an even worse situation. Ryan worked up the guts to slide all the way down her body, pinning her completely as he rubbed the head of his dick all over her vagina, trying to find the right spot.

"So you're just gonna rape me!?" Becky said, growing angry now, still trying everything to move her body. Tara, enjoying Becky's pain and humiliation, started to twist the knife. "Don't listen to her," she snapped back. "She wants it!"

I grabbed onto one of Becky's legs, trying to help out a bit as at this point I was just staring. Holding one leg still was all Ryan needed as he successfully slipped the head of his dick in, letting out a little moan while he did so.

"AAAUGHHHH!" Becky yelled as she felt him slip in, capturing the attention of everyone present, especially Tara who was leaning over to get a good view of Ryan's dick going in.

"There it is," Ryan said, looking over to Tara as he felt himself go deeper in.

"Mmm yeah baby." Tara moaned. "How does she feel??"

Ryan began thrusting a little quicker, reaching around to Becky's belly button to lift her up a bit before moving his hands up to grab ahold of both breasts. I was mesmerized as I saw conservative Becky get forced to take thrust after thrust, watching her ass smack against Ryan's midsection as he worked her over.

Becky was groaning and yelling so loud at this point that it started to concern Jessica, despite being quite a ways out of town. "Austin!" Jessica snapped, loud enough for all of us to hear. "We're alright over here, why don't you go shut Becky up." Jessica circled her fingers and poked her cheek out with her tongue, pulling her hand back and forth to mime oral sex.

Austin let go of Sarah's legs and turned around towards Becky. I could tell his hands were shaking even more than mine, despite the fact he had gotten more action up to that point. He silently pulled his shirt off and knelt in front of Becky's face, unbuttoning his pants right in front of her eyes.

I was so focused on Becky's incoming gangbang that I didn't notice Tara scooting towards me and grabbing my hand. I looked over to her as she made eye contact. "Come over here," she said as she got to her feet and started leading me towards Sarah.

My stomache started to turn a bit when we approached her. Sarah looked up to me with her sweet helpless eyes. Her feet had stopped kicking despite being recently freed and she was just sobbing and pleading as Dustin continued to use her tits to pleasure himself.

I started to stare back, but the girls didn't give me enough time to feel bad. Jessica cheered me on, "Are you coming to get some of her too, Stephen?" And Tara quickly jumped in front of me, facing me and aggressively grabbing the button on my pants, as she had done for Ryan.

Tara playfully loosened my pants, staring me in the eyes the entire time. I could smell her perfume and her white tank top was nearly touching my shirt as she let my pants drop to the ground.

Tara let her fingers run along the sides of my boxers, up to my shirt. She slowly pulled it off before taking her hands and rubbing them against my crotch. "You need me to take these off too or do you got it?" She flirted.

I hadn't talked much all night, even before the action started. "I ummm...I guess so," I struggled, not moving.

Tara playfully rolled her eyes and reached up to the top of my boxers, slowly pulling them down and allowing my dick to pop out fast enough that it made contact with the bottom of her tank top. She just smiled and walked around me, pushing me forward towards Sarah and even grabbing my buttcheeks as I stepped out of my clothes. "On your knees, boy," She ordered.

As I obliged, I got a glimpse of Becky, who now had Austin's hard dick shoved into her mouth. The two wrestlers were each silently thrusting into her, completely dominating her body as she had no control or energy left.

Sarah watched on in horror as she was about to experience her own two-on-one, with a little assistance from the bad girls.

Not one to be shy, Jessica was already trying to pry Sarah's lips apart as I knelt down in front of her. Tara pinched her nose and I took the opening, sliding my hard dick into Sarah's sweet mouth.

The feeling was incredible. Not only were Sarah's lips around my dick, but Tara and Jessica were each grasping my shaft with their fingers and successfully pulling more and more into Sarah's unwanting mouth.

Sarah's sweet tongue frantically moved around, trying to either push my dick out or find a spot where it wasn't touching it. All she was doing, however, was making me feel better and better as I it rubbed against my head and shaft in her warm mouth.

Tara grasped Sarah's hair and pulled her face up, allowing me to almost choke the sweet, sexy 18-year old with my dick. Jessica continued to play with Sarah's lips with one hand, and with the other, she rubbed my bare chest, petting me almost as if to tell me I was doing a good job.

As fun as Sarah's DDs were to play with, Dustin decided he wanted more of  her young body. Without warning, he began to slide down, running his dick down to her belly button and eventually pressing it against the front of her panties.

Feeling the sensation of his dick against her crotch, Sarah once again attempted to buck, squirm, and do anything to get him away. The girls helped hold her still, however, and continued to do a good job of forcing her to blow me.

"Oh yeeah Sarah!" Tara taunted, noticing her sudden panick attack. "He's gonna fuck you, girl! Get her out of those panties babe!"

Sarah attemped to beg, which just vibrated her mouth around my cock, making it feel better and better as time went on. Jessica continued to bask in her humiliation, especially when Dustin grabbed and violently yanked her panties off, flicking them towards Jessica when he freed them.

Dustin may not have been as strong as the two wrestlers in the group, but he had plenty of strength left to pull Sarah's legs apart, much to the delight of Jessica. "Mmm, I am loving this!" Jessica bragged as she rubbed Sarah's panties against my chest, down my torso and eventually into Sarah's eyes before flicking them at the tree. "I bet you're a virgin too, aren't you Sarah?"

Sarah clenched her eyes and groaned at Jessica's words, unable to say anything with my dick still shoved fully in her mouth. "You are, aren't you!" Jessica yelled as Dustin got in position. "Take her virginity from her Dustin! Make her your little fuck-toy!"

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Re: The good girls
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once more a logical continuation to the story. Adoring that you're building to the actual penetration

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Re: The good girls
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Awesome detail of the girls getting stripped and the boys building up to the eventual rape!  :emot_mrhappydick.gif: :emot_mrhappydick.gif: :emot_mrhappydick.gif:
I could rape your pussy, but I'd be in and out in a few minutes. So I choose to rape your mind, and I'll be inside you forever!

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Re: The good girls
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Another great addition.

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Re: The good girls
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Jessica held onto both of Sarah's arms as Dustin got into position to deflower her in front of everybody. Tara scooted down and helped pull one of Sarah's legs apart, which was just enough to allow Dustin to slip in.

"AAAAUGH!" Sarah screamed, jerking enough for my dick to pop out of her mouth and onto her face. "STTTTOP ITT!!!" Jessica quickly put her hands over Sarah's mouth, muffling her screams.

"Just take it you stupid bitch, there is nothing you can do about it now," Jessica said matter-of-factly as Dustin started to thrust. "How tight is she?" Jessica asked.

"Mmm she feels so good," Dustin said in ecstacy as I moved his hips faster and faster, now grabbing onto her legs and wrapping them around him. He laid his head on Sarah's big breasts and got into a steady flow. Each thrust was matched with a groan coming from Sarah's muffled mouth.

Becky, at this point, was nothing more than a toy herself. Ryan was slamming into her from behind, smacking her ass with his midsection each time he pushed in. He also had a tight grip on her hair and was keeping her steady as she continued to suck Austin's dick.

Tara went back to kneel down beside Becky, gently grabbing ahold of her swinging tits as her torture continued. "Not so tough anymore, are you honey?" She spoke as the worst night of Becky's life ensued. "Give it to her extra hard for me boys. I want her to be sore for days after this. Maybe she'll think twice about fucking with our night next time."

Tara continued to rub it in, speaking into Becky's ear now. "Mmmm yeah how does her mouth feel Austin?" Tara said, getting no reply from the silent wrestler, who was still battling his concious a bit. Tara grabbed her own piece of Becky's long hair and ordered her to look up. "You look at Austin when you're sucking his cock, bitch!"

Ryan was relentlessly pounding Becky doggy-style, but he and Tara continued to manipulate her hair to give Austin some great head. Tara reached around and started to grab Austin's ass now, complimenting his groove. "Great job, baby, give it to her! That mouth belongs to you," she began to almost moan before talking back at Becky. "Don't you fucking look away bitch, look him in the eyes. Little prude bitch, you're nothing. How does it feel to get used like this, huh? You try and tell anyone and I'll have these two riding you every night until graduation!"

Seemingly out of nowhere, a loud moan came from Austin's mouth. "Ooh shhhittt," he groaned as he clinched onto Becky's head and quickly shoved his dick in a little deeper.

Becky's groans said it all. To the absolute delight of Tara, Austin had just exploded. "No way!" Tara exclaimed. "Did you just cum in her mouth!?!?!?"

Austin closed his eyes tightly as he let out everything he had into Becky's mouth before slowly pulling out, which made a good amount of cum spill out of her lips and she looked to the ground, almost nauseous. Ryan didn't let up from behind her but there was still a good amount of silence, asside from her crying and spitting out cum, and Sarah's groans underneath Dustin.

Tara looked over at the rest of us with her mouth agape with a genuinely surprised and extremely pleased face. "Is she that good at giving blowjobs?" She teased Austin, taunting Becky as she did. "Wow you really are a slut. Who just lets a guy cum in her mouth like that without warning, you've never even been on one date with him!"

Austin, thinking even more clearly now stumbled over to his clothes and sat down, staring off into space a bit thinking about what just happened. Sure, I felt a little bad seeing it happen, but it was hard to focus on how bad I felt with Sarah still getting fucked silly in front of me.

The site of Sarah getting taken by Dustin was extremely erotic. Her arms were pinned straight above her head by Jessica, and he had started to lean up a bit, allowing her big tits to bounce. Up and down, up and down, up and down they went. I just watched in awe, thinking of how I had been satisfied to see just a little of her cleavage before and now I was watching her bare body get ravaged...and I could step in at anytime and do whatever I wanted.

Every once in a while, I'd get a handful of Sarah's boob as I slowly stroked to the site of her first sexual experience. I was patiently waiting turn, but my trance was interrupted by Tara and Ryan walking a naked Becky over towards us.

I looked up and admired her body as they forced her to walk over before dropping her to her knees. "Stephen, come take Becky for a bit!" Tara offered. Ryan, apparently wanting a piece of both girls, walked up and knelt down in front of Sarah's face, almost like he was entitled to her mouth, which in a way he almost was since nobody was stopping him.

As I stood up and walked around Sarah's body, Tara unceremoniously pushed Becky over Sarah so their belly's touched. Dustin had no problem continuing and even welcomed the site of another naked female within grabbing distance.

My heart started going faster again as I knelt behind Becky. It was almost unreal. She was exausted and it took nothing for me to push into her. It was the first time I had felt the inside of a vagina for months, so I didn't want to take it too fast.

Becky let out a groan as the second dick of the night pushed into her from behind. "She's still got plenty left," taunted Tara once more. "Don't take it easy on her," she flirted.

I cherished the feeling, and the site of Becky's body. Ryan was already forcing Sarah to suck him and for the first time all night, the bad girls could just hang out and watch as the two victims took their fuckings.

I took every liberty I could with Becky's firm ass as I took her from behind. I smacked it, I grabbed it, I stared at it for a while. She had worked so hard, running very morning so her body could be well fit for the upcoming basketball and soccer season, and now that figure was mine, to do with what I wanted.

Austin, now dressed and still in a daze came over and sat next to Jessica and Tara as the three watched on. It was a pretty quiet show for a while, until it was time for the next guy to release.

This one had a little more warning. Ryan called over to the girls, speaking for the first time in quite a while. "Hey girls hold her steady, I'm gonna cum."

Ryan slipped his dick out of Sarah's mouth, which caused her eyes to grow wide, watching and wondering what his plans could be. As the girls held her hair down, he knelt over her breasts, rubbing and slapping his dick on them.

"Mmm good choice!" Jessica shouted as he began frantically jerking his dick against her chest, rubbing both tits against his head and shaft as he did so. "Yeah Ryan!" Jessica cheered. "Get it baby!"

Tara chimed in with some words of her own as he leaned over a little more and even started thrusting his hips as he stroked against her chest. "Those big boobies are gonna be covered!" Tara shouted in an almost childish way. "Get ready boobies here it comes!"

Ryan's eyes rolled back in his head as he began to cum all over Sarah's DDs. Dustin and I both temporarily slowed oru thrustng to watch and Sarah's eyes filled up with tears as she watched felt the sensation of warm cum for the first time.

Drops of semen ran all over her great clevage down to her erect nipples. Sarah freed her hands in time to rub most of it off of herself as Ryan stood up victoriously, but the site of her wiping off her breasts was a welcome one for me.

"Hey man," Dustin looked over and said to me in the chaos. "Wanna trade?"

As fun as it was to take Becky, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to fuck two girls in one night, and I was getting close to cumming myself. It didn't take much work as Dustin dragged Becky back off of Sarah and I took his position.

Sarah had just finished wiping her hands in the grass to dry them off when I kneeled down, placing my dick against her entry-way. "Wait, pleeease!" She continued to beg as she leaned up to try and push me away.

Once again, her sweet eyes made contact with mine as she struggled, before inevitably getting grabbed again by Tara and Jessica, who slammed her back down on her back. I didn't have much trouble slipping myself inside and away I went, fucking the helpless girl as her arms were once again pinned.

There was somthing intimate about it this time, as I took Sarah by myself now, with only the girls helping me hold her down. I had free range. Grabbing her tits, cupping her ass, whatever I wanted to do as I pushed into her.

Dustin didn't last long with Becky's tight body. Already edging himself, he decided not to slow up at all as he entered her from behind, the third guy to take her in that position on the night.

Her face layed just inches away from Sarah's torso as she stared to the side, taking Dustin's every thrust.

Dustin may have been kind of a bonehead in the classroom, but he was smart enough not to cum in her. Once he got close, he quietly pulled out and Becky laid silently as she felt the boy stroke his dick against her ass cheeks.

Dustin took one last up at Sarah, who he had deflowered earlier, before letting himself release. It was the quiest orgasm of the night. He moaned a little and she groaned a little, but everyone else just watched as he came all over her round white ass.

Becky's athletic body laid still as he got up, watching his cum roll off her ass cheeks, but at this point she knew it was better to just lay there and wait for us to leave them.

After a good four or five minutes of fucking Sarah as everyone else just gathered around watching, I was ready to finish up. I thought it would only be appropriate to let our female accomplices decide on which part of Sarah's body would get the last of what us guys had  left to offer. "Where do you want it, girls?"

Jessica leaned over Sarah's body, teasing me once more as she poured out of her tank top. She ran her finger all over Sarah's body, even playfully pinching both nipples as she decided. A smile came over her as she leaned back and pulled Sarah's hair out of her face. "I think she needs it right here."

Tara motioned for the boys to hold Sarah, and they did so as I crawled up her body, letting my dick wander all over before straddling her tits and beginning to stroke. Sarah stared at me silently and humiliatingly as tears began to fall down her face again.

The mix of her ultimate humiliation and the pleasure Jessica got from watching in anticipation made my heart bump. I leaned down and began to rub my edging cock on Sarah's face, focusing on the outside of her lips, which were pursed. As if I needed any extra motivation to let loose, Jessica leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss as she held Sarah's face still. "Don't get any of it on me," she teased. "She deserves it all."

Tara began to rub my chest and ran her fingers down to past my belly button as I stroked. "I can take it from here, Stephen." She purred. "Just enjoy it."

Tara grasped my dick and stroked fast and hard, keeping it locked on Sarah's face as she smacked the it over and over and her cheeks and lips. I used my placed my free hands on Sarah's shoulders as I prepared to release.

"Here it comes." I moaned, signaling for Jessica to keep a tight grip on Sarah's head so she can't jerk it away. Tara kicked it up a notch with the hand job and I felt my orgasm hit.

Like an artist, Tara painted Sarah's face with my cum, keeping a steady stroke as she did so. It was the most pleasurable orgasm I ever had as I fully released onto Sarah's beautiful, innocent face.

"Mmm, happy homecoming Sarah!" Jessica mocked as I slowly got up, regret starting to seep in. Both victims laid quietly on the ground as the rest of us got up and got our things.

Before leaving, Tara walked up and grabbed Becky's hair yet again, yanking it up so she could make eye contact. "Remember what I said. Tell anyone and you're both getting it ten times worse."

All the guys in the group were silent as we made our way back to our cars. The girls didn't let up, talking about the attack and doing impressions of the two victims.

"So you're just gonna raaape mee?" Tara laughed, giving Ryan a playful punch. "Stop it, you're huuurting her!" Jessica cackled.

To this day I can't explain the evil I saw in Tara and Jessica that night. I never went out with their group again, but always wondered if they had claimed other victims without me.

Sarah and Becky never said a word, at least not to anyone with authority, although I still check over my shoulder and panic when I hear someone at the door. They never confronted me either, making any classes with either of them awkward.

Months later, in senior seminar class, Becky and I were randomly paired up for a partner project. We silently worked together throughout the class period, keeping all chatter to a minimum. As she stared down at her paper, I spotted Jessica walking past us to go to the bathroom. She gave me an evil smile mimed a sexual moaning "oh" face as she walked past, obviously alluding to the two of us working together. I scooted a little further away from Becky and put my notebook in my lap to save her the embarrassment of noticing my growing erection.

*NOTE: Once again, this is a completely fictional story and I do not condone sexual violence of any kind. If you liked the story, let me know your favorite part, favorite characters, or something you would have like to see happen. I might do another story soon!*
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