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Alena's Visit to Taiwan
« on: August 01, 2017, 07:13:17 PM »
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, currently living, or has ever lived, is purely coincidental and unintentional. The Author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.

Additional Disclaimer: Slavery, rape, and murder, in all their forms are evil and cruel. No human being has the right to treat another human being like property. This is simply a fantasy… my fantasy. The author neither condones nor endorses any practices mentioned herein.

To say Alena was a little excited would be a gross understatement. She’d only met John’s parents once, at the wedding. That was over two years ago. As the fully loaded 747 rocketed over the Pacific Ocean, climbing out of Tacoma Washington, she rested her head against John’s shoulder. Her right hand on the other side of the armrest, entwined in John’s left hand. She felt, as she was the luckiest woman on earth. Her husband of two years was a Taiwanese-American businessman and entrepreneur and went to Asia several times a year, but this was the first time, she’d gone with him. This month he had business in South Korea. She would visit his parent’s in Taiwan for two weeks and he would fly to Taiwan when his business was concluded, for another two weeks. The beautiful, thirty-three year old, Art teacher had never been off the North American continent. The furthest from the small town in Washington State, where she’d grown up, was New York City when she attended University at NYU. That’s where she’d met John. He was in the Business and Marketing program and she was, of course, in the teaching program. They’d honeymooned in British Columbia, Canada, the westernmost province right on top of Washington a five hour drive from home, so she was excited beyond words about going to Asia. Their one-year-old son Noah was staying with her parents.

She wasn’t aware that she’d fallen asleep, much less for several hours, until John poking her, shaking her and calling her name softly awakened her. It was the landing gear deployment that really roused her.
“Wha’?” she questioned sleepily.
“We’re on final approach to Japan,” John said staring out the window. Normally, he’d have flown to Hong Kong, but because she was going to Taiwan, they’d opted for Japan instead. They walked hand-in-hand as far as they could go until they headed to their individual gates. As her plane left a few hours before his, he waited with her at her gate until she boarded. As he kissed her good-bye, he had no way of knowing this was goodbye forever.

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Re: Alena's Visit to Taiwan
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Chapter One

The flight from Osaka, Japan to Taipei, Taiwan was a short trip. Nevertheless, the young Art Teacher from southern Washington managed to grab a short snooze. The change in cabin pressure, causing her ears to pop, roused her. She looked over the sun reflecting off the South China Sea as they entered Taiwanese airspace. Her excitement was tempered by sadness. This would be the longest they’d be separated for almost three years since, they moved in together a year before they’d been married. The longest had been almost seventy-two hours when John had his bachelor party when he’d gone to Las Vegas. Alena had arranged to have her bachelorette party in Seattle on the same weekend. She knew she would miss him terribly. She was comforted that he would miss her a well.

There was noise. Voices yelling, children crying, cars honking. It was giving Alena a headache. She scanned the sea of humanity for a taxi driver she could hire. Her father in law had suffered a stroke and was told he shouldn’t drive, as his responses would be impaired and her mother-in law was almost blind in one eye, she couldn’t drive either. A small man with a blue car caught her eye.
“English?” she asked hopefully. To her relief, he nodded.
“Where you want to go?” he asked in a thick accent but she could understand. She fished a crumpled piece of paper out of her pocket.
“Here,” she responded pointing at the address John had written down.
“Ahh, I know get in and we go,” he said. She got in and he shoved her luggage into the trunk.
“Your English is very good,” she said as he got behind the wheel and closed his door behind him.
“Thank you ma’am,” he said. Alena was sure he was blushing, “You in Taiwan long?” He asked.
“About a month. My husband has some work in South Korea for a few weeks and I’m staying with his parents, then he’s coming and we’re spending the next two weeks together,”
“When you get out of Taipei, it gets beautiful,” he said as his eyes roamed up and down her legs in his rearview mirror. Alena was enjoying he scenery, but a knot was forming in the pit of her stomach. She couldn’t place the uneasy feeling that was growing as they traveled. She figured it was that she was missing John and would be two weeks before she saw him again.
“Excuse me sir, are you sure this is the way to where I want to go?” she asked as she stared out at the landscape.
“No ma’am, in fact, I know this is NOT where you want to go,” her driver answered, his accent all but disappearing.
“What’s going on? Let me out!” she tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge. The driver smiled. A few minutes later, they crested a hill and rounded a corner. At the bottom of the hill, there was a small airstrip. To her right, at the end of the airstrip, there was a small plane. The driver approached the plane and turned off the car, before pulling out a cell phone. He jabbered into it in a foreign language for a few moments then turned it off then turned to face her, his right arm resting on the backrest.
“Well bitch, it was nice to make your acquaintance, but as you Americans say: ‘All good things must come to an end’.” Terrified, Alena looked around. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw two well-dressed men approaching the door. The taller man opened the door and stood back. The smaller man leaned his left arm on the roof of the car and bent over slightly to look in. The terrified, American, schoolteacher skittered across the back seat, pressing herself against the door behind the driver’s seat.
“Hi there sweetheart,” he said in Excellent English with only the slightest hint of an accent, “You gonna’ come out to see me?” Alena shook her head. The small man grinned. It wasn’t a friendly grin, rather the type that would make a man eating tiger slink away to hide. “Look sweetheart, there is an easy way and a hard way. You want to go with the hard way?” Alena didn’t move. The small man smiled again and shrugged. He stepped back and the tall man leaned in, grabbing for one of her ankles. Fear and adrenaline coursing through her, she brought her other foot slamming him in his face. He fell back with yelp of surprise and a cry of pain, grasping at his nose, gushing blood. Alena had no time to savor her victory, however, when the door she was leaning against was flung open. She almost fell out but was instead yanked up and tossed down on the end of the runway. The wind was knocked out of her and she scraped her hands and knees but otherwise was none the worse for wear. As she was trying to catch her breath, a knee slammed into the small of her back. Her wrists were wrenched behind her and she felt zip-ties secure her hands, tightly, behind her. Two strong hands under her armpits hoisted her to her feet. She was walked to the plane as the young woman quacked in fear. She was forced up the stairs into the plane. Another woman was sitting in the seat across from her. She was a beautiful redhead. She looked at Alena with deep sorrow in her green eyes. The tall man leered down at Alena.
“You’re pay for that bitch,” he said before sliding a sack over her head. Alena sat in darkness, fearful of what was to become of her. As she heard the engines rev up and the plane start to move down the runway, she broke down into deep sobs.

If you liked it, let me know. If you hate it, let me know that as well.

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Re: Alena's Visit to Taiwan
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Yes I liked it and will be waiting for more to come. A real cliff-hanger.

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Re: Alena's Visit to Taiwan
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Chapter Two

With the bag over her head, Alena had no way to tell how long they’d been flying. It could’ve been hours or just one. Terror clawed at her heart as she imagined what was going to be happening to her. Where were they flying? Why her? Who was responsible? Her terror increased significantly, when the pilot announced they were about to begin their descent into their destination. As the plane touched down she shivered. A loud “CLANG” right in front of her, made her jump. A steel shackle went around her left ankle. After another second, a steel shackle was around her right ankle as well. Her wrists were loosed and pulled in front of her. Her wrists were also shackled. She could tell, by pulling on the chains, that another chain ran up from her ankles to her wrists. Yet another shackle was placed on the naïve young American mother of a toddler. This time around her neck. She heard a clip being locked into the collar.
“Come on now American bitch,” the shorter man said. He pulled on the chain attached to the collar around her slim, pretty neck. She was led down the short hallway of the plane and into the cool night air. Down the steps and across the ground and stuffed into a car. Her knees hit the floor and, because of her hog-tie; she fell over, her face crashing into the floor. Not a car, a limousine. She heard a second body hit the floor next to her. The limousine pulled away and started off. Finally her bag was removed. Next to her was the redhead beauty from the plane. Her wrists were restrained behind her, but had no leg irons. She was also gagged.
“Kathryn, this is Alena, Alena, Kathryn,” the short man said indicating at each. The two gagged women looked at each other. Kathryn quickly dropped her eyes.
“You’ll have to forgive Kathryn’s lack of manners,” the tall man said. The two men laughed at that. The rest of the hour drive was silent.

Alena looked around the room. A white sheet covered the walls. Her wrists were shackled behind her, but her collar and leg irons were taken. They were sitting on a small table beside the tripod and camera. The short man, who was standing behind the camera, snapped a couple of times to get her attention and for her to look up at the camera. Her eyes were fixed on the lens. He snapped about a dozen pictures of her in a few different poses. All the while her unease was growing. He looked at his assistant, the tall man who’d had his face kicked, stepped forward, brandishing a knife. Alena paled. Was he going to kill her? He’d promised he’d make her pay for kicking him.
“Should I start with your ears, your nose or your cute titties, sweetie?” he asked with a sadistic smile. Alena started to cry and sank to her knees, fear robbing her of her ability to stand.
“Mr. Li, stop scaring her. We have a job to do,” the short man said. Mr. Li grabbed the hem of her shirt and, using his knife, sliced downward, sawing back and forth, and cutting the fabric apart. Alena was still too afraid to move as her shirt and bra was removed. Mr. Li slipped his hand behind her belt and deftly sliced it then yanked her jeans down to her ankles. The innocent, somewhat naïve woman was humiliated as she stood in front of two strangers and a camera clad only in her light blue panties. Several more pictures of her were snapped. As the short man put away his camera, Mr. Li recuffed Alena’s hands in front of her, the remnants of her shirt falling to the floor. Her ankles and collar where also reattached, using the long chain to attach them all. The leash was taken and she was led to another small room. The heavy door behind her slammed and she heard a heavy ‘Click’, signifying the door had been locked. This room had a bed and closet, but little else, save a single window that was set deep into the wall and was covered with chicken wire, not that she could reach it anyway. She slumped down on the bed and sobbed. She thought of John and Noah. How she longed to be held in John’s arms; she’d always felt safe there. She longed as well to hold little Noah in her arms. After a few minutes, the door was unlocked. Mr. Li stood in the doorway. A rolling tray like the Room Service had in the Hotel they’d stayed in on their honeymoon. Without a word he lifted the lids from the trays. Alena’s mouth started to water. A variety of fruit and melons on one tray, and on another one, Belgian waffles, scrambled eggs on another one. He closed the door behind him.
“I imagine you’re hungry?” he asked. Because of the cuffs, she couldn’t lift her hands to wipe away her eyes, but she swallowed her sobs and nodded. Mr. Li removed a serviette from the tray, wiped her eyes and dabbed her nose. He returned it to the refuse basket on the far side of the food tray.
“Before you eat, there’s something we need to do,” with two strides Mr. Li had closed the distance and with a stinging backhand, slapped Alena. Stunned the young woman fell onto her back on the bed. Instantly, Mr. Li was on top of her. He unlocked the cuffs on her hands and feet, tossing them to the side. They fell off the bed and onto the floor with a loud racket. He yanked her panties down. He fumbled with his own belt; his pants and boxers went down to his knees. Without pretence or foreplay, he rammed into her tight pussy. Alena screamed in pain. She hadn’t had a lot of time for boyfriends or relationships when in University. In fact, John was only the third person she’d ever had sex with. Mr. Li was bigger than any of the other men she’d been with, including her husband. She’d been dry when he’d entered her. She had always imagined that’d hurt but it was far more painful, than she’d thought possible. Mr. Li started a hard pounding rhythm and Alena cried out with every thrust. She felt ashamed as her body began to betray her, the lubrication did the pain was starting to subside with. Her rapist began to draw more unwanted and unwelcome pleasure from her traitorous body. Mr. Li, on the other hand, was enjoying the feel of this American bitch beneath him more than he would though he would. For having a child, she was very tight. He loved the way her pussy clenched around him. He felt an orgasm building, but pulled out, letting it subside. He was very skilled at this game. He waited and plunged back into her starting his brutal pounding rhythm again. Alena moaned neither she, nor her rapist knowing if it was pain or pleasure. Mr. Li smiled as he felt the orgasm appear over the horizon. It promised to be bigger than the first one would’ve been. Alena to was nearing an orgasm. She realized she’d started bucking to meet her rapist’s thrusts. He came hard, filling Alena’s pussy. She was so close, she could feel it. He, unexpectedly pulled out, leaving Alena teetering on the edge. He stood up, re positioned himself and knelt down, this time on her chest.
“Lick me clean American bitch,” he said. He guided himself to her mouth with his left hand and grabbed her wrists with his right. She moaned around his cock, needing release. She licked, and sucked and licked some more. He pulled out of her and shackled her wrists to the headboard and left her crying and frustrated. She watched as he left, taking the food cart with him.

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Re: Alena's Visit to Taiwan
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Chapter Three

Alena needed an orgasm badly. Mr. Li had brought her to the edge but had not allowed her to experience one, then had made it impossible for her to use her hands. Eventually, the need had subsided. She lay on her bed, wrists shackled to the headboard and shaking as the orgasm she didn’t get, dissipated.
“God, I need release,” she muttered to the empty room. She realized, horrified, what she’d said moments after she’d said it. Did she want an orgasm so badly she’d get one from a rape? The thought of it, turned her stomach, while she had to acknowledge she’d nearly had one while being raped. As she lay there struggling with herself, the door opened. Two large men entered. They silently undid her cuffs from the headboard, and cuffed her wrists behind her. Each grabbed her under her arm and dragged her to a large room. In the centre of the room, was a bed and several other implements that made the naïve schoolteacher shudder and/or blush. The room was also quite full with almost twenty men and three women. A cheer went up from among them as she was dragged in. Naïve a she was, she knew what was about to happen. She was thrown onto the bed. One of the women knelt behind her, placing her hand under Alena’s chin she forced Alena’s head to look straight up. Her face loomed over Alena’s and slowly descended to kiss Alena gently, tenderly, on the lips. She continued to kiss while she undid Alena’s cuffs. She, abruptly, dismounted the bed. There was a confused silence. A tall muscular man sauntered over to Alena. He stood above her, smiling down on her. The innocent American schoolteacher, cowered under the glare of the naked Asian man. He grabbed a handful of her hair and with a harsh yank, she fell off the bed, landing on her knees. There was a cheer as her knees hit the floor. The man, his fist still entwined in her hair, delivered a hard slap across her face. She whimpered at the blow.
"Open your mouth little skank," he said. She was too scared to move. This earned her another hard slap across her face. She opened her mouth and he yanked her head forward, her mouth encasing his cock. Another cheer went up. The man pinched her nose.
"You better get me off as quickly as you can. If not, you'll choke to death, whore." he began bucking into her face and Alena tried to lick and suck as fast as she could. She could feel her oxygen start to disappear. Suddenly, just as blackness began to fall over her eyes, the man came and Alena fell back, choking and gasping for air. Some of the man's baby-batter began to run down her chin and onto her chest and her breasts. Another man stepped up taking his place. Alena leaned forward to allow him entry into her mouth. The man laughed and delivered her another slap across the face making her whimper and recoil a little at the blow.
"Mr. Chung left a mess in your pretty mouth didn't he?" he mocked, "Let's clean it out," he said. Alena was a little confused. She realized what he meant, mere seconds before his urine flow started. It filled her mouth faster than she could swallow it. When he was done using her mouth as a toilet, he did force himself into her mouth and roughly fucked her face. He took longer than Mr. Chung had, but fortunately for Alena, he didn't plug her nose. He was replaced by another, then another, then another.

Alena moaned encouraging the men standing around her. She was on her knees, a cock was buried in her mouth while another guy was kneeling behind her with his cock embedded in her ass, his left index finger pistoning into her wet pussy. She had gotten the orgasm she'd missed yesterday or was it this morning or...Her arms were outstretched and each was massaging a ball sack. She'd lost track of how many times she been sprayed with, swallowed or otherwise had jism inserted into and all over her. it was in her hair, splattered all over her face, dripping onto her lower body; her inner thighs were sticky and the taste in her mouth was awful. He stomach hurt after doubtless gallons poured down her throat. Finally the four men using her finishedone by one and she was left laying in a puddle of cum and urine. A gentle hand, a woman's hand helped her to her feet. The woman who had kissed her on the bed when she was brought in. She helped Alena to her feet and gently, tenderly led her into the small room with a shower stall, toilet and sink. She led Alena to the shower stall.
"Thank you," Alena said simply. The young woman laid her hand gently on Alena's face, almost a caress.
"Don't thank me," she said softly, opening the stall door with her other hand. Alena pulled away from the only gentleness she'd known since her ordeal began and stepped into the shower. As she stood under the hot water, she wondered what the Asian girl had meant by not thanking her.

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Re: Alena's Visit to Taiwan
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Chapter Four

Alena spent a long time in the shower after she had washed up. Te hot water felt good on her aching muscles. She caught water in her mouth, swishing around and spitting it out to get rid of the taste of piss and cum from in her mouth. Finally, she turned off the shower and stepped out. Two fluffy, soft towels were laid out neatly on the counter. She wrapped one around her hair and one around her body covering her breasts. She wiped steam from the mirror and stared at herself. Having been told by her father and husband she was beautiful, she had a positive self image, so when she saw herself staring back at her, she was able to admire herself. She felt as if what she'd endured had happened to someone else. As if she'd awakened from a nightmare in the shower. She knew better. Outside the bathroom door was a world of pain and degradation. She'd likely be abused and tortured again. Her thoughts drifted to John and Noah. She would never feel safety in John's embrace and she missed holding Noah so much it hurt. She couldn't stop the tears from freely flowing. After she'd composed herself, she continued drying off fearing what she'd face when she opened the door. She kept the towel on and with a deep breath, opened the door. The woman who escorted her here, was still there. Wordlessly, she walked Alena to another larger room. The room was filled with men, and a few women. There was a small raised area in the middle of the room and two stacked mattresses in the corner.
"Ladies and gentlemen, the guest of honour has arrived," the woman announced, pulling the towels away and pushing Alena towards the raised portion. Alena saw that it was more of a two tierd stage. Alena was forced up onto stage.
"Okay so you all have your numbers. There's a few rules. First, no serious injury or death, second, no body modification. and thirdly, have fun," she said turning and standing at the far siade of the room. A big, bald Mexican stepped up. He had so many piercings, Alena thought he'd set off airport metal detectors by driving past the airport. He smiled down at Alena.
"Hello my pretty little American bitch," he said. Alena nearly gagged at his breath. With a violent shove, Alena tripped, landing on her hands and knees, skinning her hands.
"That's perfect," he said. He took one step forward, grasped Alena's hips with his left hand, and his cock with his right and, with one thrust, Alena's world shrunk to just her and her rapist and the pain. He rode Alena's fine ass for what seemed like hours before, one final thrust, he unloaded a massive load of his baby batter into her colon. He pulled out and walked around her until he was in front of her, his cock bumping her bottom lip. As soon as he pulled out though, another had taken his place in her ass. Alena opened her mouth and was rewarded by a nasty cock shoved into her mouth. She gagged on it,
"That's my seed and your shitty shitter," he said, laughing, as he slapped her head. And so it went on for hours. Eventually, she passed out.

Alena woke up slowly. She was on the floor covered in puke, cum, urine and spit, laying in a puddle of the same. She was given another shower. then taken to another room. Here, there was a bed...more of a cot...and a bag sitting on the bed.
"Get dressed bitch," the woman said.

Alena sadly stared at herself in the mirror. She wore knee high black boots. A ring sat on each boot at the inside ankle, facing each other. She was now being laced into the corset. It was extremely tight. She knew corsets were supposed to be tight, but she'd not figured that they were all as tight as these people made them. The woman helping her get dressed, slipped a leather collar around her neck. Finally, she was placed in a chastity belt. The young mother and wife had never even seen a chastity belt now, she was locked in one. A long dildo was attached to the inside and fit, snugly up her pussy.
"Hmm, let's see what we'cn do about that pretty little mouth of yours," she said. After a bit of rummaging in a small cabinet, she removed a large penis gag. She was taken to a larger room several other women from all over the world, dressed in similar manner to her. There were more white woman than any other race, though all were fairly well represented. The line was approaching a door, Every so often, the door would open and the next woman in line would go into the room. Slowly, over a three hour wait, Alena inched closer and closer to the door. Finally, it was her turn. She was taken into the room. She looked around. It was a lot bigger than it looked room with a door on opposite sides. On the wall of the room, 9 screens were lit up, 3 others were dark. On each screen was a face. She saw a few faces. One, looked like a Arabic businessman or politician. Another was a large heavyset black woman seven other's stared at her. Most of the men shifted positions. Alena didn't have to use her imagination to figure out why.
"Alena here is very new acquisition. She's 33 years old, American schoolteacher, Art I believe my source said. She does have a child but I've been assured she's still quite tight. What are my bids for this delectable little American whore?" Alena felt like she was going to have a heart attack. Bids? They were selling her? She was near hysterics.

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Re: Alena's Visit to Taiwan
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Chapter Five

Alena sat in her room, hugging her knees weeping. She was to be sold as a slave. Taken from those whom she loved and loved her sent to a stranger who would cause her to suffer for their amusement. She'd been told about each of the nine who were bidding on her. One by one they dropped out until only three remained.

First was 91 year old Sheik Abdul bin Al Muhammed. He said he'd always wanted an American sex slave to use and abuse. If he hurt her, all the better.

Second was Francesca Fraser. She represented a film maker who made snuff videos. She'd bought several slaves, The gorgeous redhead mother of three sold directly before Alena had been bought by Francesca. Rumor was she would be raped all night, then taken to a guillotine in the morning.

Third was Tony Shaw. He owned an exclusive business. His clients paid to use and abuse his slaves. For a million, they could kill the slave outright.

None of these three seemed very favorable, of course. How could a human be so cruel to another human? Her comfortable American life was dashed, crushed and replaced with this life of pain and cruelty.

She hadn't realized that she'd cried herself to sleep, until she was awakened by the door to her small room, her cell, as she called it, being opened.
"Baby, you look like shit," the short Korean woman said. She was given another shower, but the water was tepid. Alena stepped out of this shower, miserable. She was seated on a hard bench and the Korean woman ran a comb through Alena's hair and pulling into a loose ponytail, after dabbing some perfume, she dressed Alena. Alena's wrists were tied behind her back and she was dressed again in a tight black leather corset, fishnet stalkings and studded black leather collar. A black ball gag was again forced between her teeth. Finally, she was given one inch black heels to walk in. Alena never liked heels and wondered how women could walk in them so far without breaking their necks. She only wore heels at a special event, like a wedding or graduation, and even then, not high heels. As she was walked through the palatial home she was in, Joo, for that was her name, explained.
"Congratulations my dear, you've been sold. You are now the property of Sheik Abdul bin Al Muhammed, a most generous donor of this establishment. The last girl that he bought from us disappointed him. He threatened to cut our funding in half if it happened again." Alena wondered what had happened to that girl. As if reading her mind, Joo said: "That girl, what was her name? Miriam, I think, was killed, beheaded. Of course she was a slave, property so no police investigation was done. Also, she was Jewish." Alena was terrified. She was quite naive but didn't want to be killed for being so. She realized that she was standing beside a door, she'd never seen before. As Joo opened the door, a hood was tossed over her head. She could feel, and hear, concrete under her heels. She could smell fresh air, flowers, grass, and diesel. She was led into, what Alena sensed to be, a truck trailer. She was sat on a bench. Her ankles were shackled to shackles in the floor and wrists shackled to cuffs that were attached to her leg irons. She imagined that it was a truck like she'd see in the movies of transporting prisoners. The doors behind her slammed with a clang as the engine started. With a lurch, the truck left and Alena was on the way to a life of suffering and hardship. She would never see her husband or son again. The truck traveled for over an hour. It pulled over and the engine idled. The back door opened and someone else got in and she heard Joo get out. The door was closed and the truck resumed driving Alena away from her family toward sexual servitude. Abruptly, hood was pulled from her head. She stared, shocked at who'd gotten in the truck.
"Hello Alena," she said. Alena was too stunned to say anything, but tears formed at the edges of her eyes as John's mother smiled across the truck from her. The woman sprang at her with and angry, predatory snarl and delivered a severe slap across her pretty face, followed by a backhand. She seemed to compose herself and sat down again, resuming her terrifying smile.
"What?" she asked mocking Alena's confusion. "You think my idiot son made all that money that you spend so freely? He came from money. He had a life of privilege paid by the Yakuza. He turned his back on us, his family, his heritage. Did you think you were grabbed at random? To anyone looking it would look as if a beautiful American woman was kidnapped and disappeared. Maybe they'll even suspect the Yakuza, but just like your Mafia, we have judges and local police on our payroll. To put your mind at ease, my moron son had no part in this," she said with a smile. Alena's head was spinning at what her mother-in-law was telling her. Everything from her and John separating at the airport, was scripted and planned out. As soon as she'd gotten in the taxi, her fate was sealed. As they turned onto the road to the small airstrip, the hood was again replaced, she was unshackled and her wrists were roped behind her her feet were unfettered and the hood remained. She was helped out of the back of the truck. Her fishnet stockings did nothing to help keep the cool night air off her legs. The corset, likewise did little to protect her chest and arms from the coolness. She felt a collar go around her neck and Joo and her own mother-in-law took hold of an upper arm, and walked her across the ground. Alena could hear the engine. It was a small private plane and she knew where she was going. The stairs were narrow but Joo went up first, virtually dragging Alena behind her.
"Well sweetie, this is where we part company. We already told John the news. He was so upset when we told him that you came by, said you were leaving him and for him not to try to contact you ever again. He felt a little better that you also gave up any parental rights to Noah giving him sole custody," her mother-in-law said. Alena cried as she was taken into the plane. She couldn't see the dog cage that sat on the floor. Joo had little trouble forcing her inside. She was on her knees, bent forward her head locked in place just outside the bars. It locked in place, to small for her to pull her pretty head inside the bars but wide enough for her to have some room to move her head and neck around in. The hood was taken off her head, and the gag was removed.
"You've probably noticed by now, how head it is to close your mouth, after the muscles required to keep that pretty mouth of yours open have locked. It will take time to be able to close your mouth," Joo said appearing before her, a pair of pliers in her hand. She poked the back of Alena's mouth. Reflexively, Alena's tongue stuck out as her gag reflex kicked in. Joo grabbed her tongue, with the pliers.
"You won't have a gag reflex for long," Joo said. She opened a small box laying on the seat behind her. Alena paled when she saw what it was; a small, cruel, barbed hook with a small weighted ball on three links of chain. She screamed as the hook pierced her tongue. Joo, with a cruel smile, let the small weight drop. The pain in Alena's tongue was unlike anything she'd ever felt. Somewhere, she registered, that giving birth ro Noah, hurt more.
"The sheik is an old man. He wants your tongue stretched so you can reach up his old wrinkled ass-hole. Now. it's a long trip, so I suggest you try and get some sleep.

Alena did manage to fall asleep she woke up several times, but managed to sleep for a long, restless, sleep. Her whole body ached from the cruel position they'd kept her in. She hadn't eaten in almost two days and her tongue was being stretched by the weight. Worse still, she was flying away from her family to begin a life of pain and humiliating, degradation. She cried herself to sleep several times. The plane flew all night, stopping to refuel twice. She awoke to Joo slapping her across her face, the weight swinging caused a new agony to erupt. She wondered where they were. She new the Middle East but where?
"Welcome to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, bitch," Joo said. She unlocked the cage and pulled Alena out. Joo took her to a small lavatory in the back of the plane.
"Here put this on over your corset. They're very religious here Joo said, handing her something. She knew what it was. Minutes later, Alena stepped out of the lavatory, with Joo behind her. The only thing that could be seen of Alena were her eyes through a small slit in her head piece. Despite Joo's explanation of Saudi Arabia's deep religious beliefs, Joo was wearing a knee length plaid skirt and a white long sleeve white shirt. The 23 year old looked like a Catholic school girl. Her prisoner, ten years her senior, was dressed as an extremely conservative Muslim woman. A young woman stepped out of the highly chaotic scene.
"You must be Joo," the young Arabic woman said.
"And this is Alena, sex slave to the sheik," Joo said. The woman was wearing the same thing as Alena, except no face covering. She was handed over and without another word, Joo turned and left and the woman took Alena to the waiting limo. A big, burly, black man sat in the back of the limo. He said nothing but smiled a cruel smile at her. The drive wasn't too long. Alena was stunned sat the size of the home. A palace was a better word for it. The limo pulled in front of the house and the big, black man hurried Alena inside. They went up in an elevator and through numerous door and down various corridors and finally came to a large, opulent bedroom. It was larger than her house. the King sized bed that dominated the room, was where Alena was led. The black man smiled. He left the room five minutes later, Alena was on the bed. her wrists and ankles were tied to cords that were attached to the four corners of the bed. She was mostly naked. Her ball gag was back in, she wore a small, faux pearl necklace a pair of red high heels. She could only wait. She didn't have to wait long. The door opened and Alena got her first look at her Master. He was stooped over and walked with a shuffle. His English was broken but he said little. He climbed onto the bed and made his was between Alena's splayed legs and, while maintaining eye contact with her, rammed his cock into her slit. Alena was surprised it didn't hurt, Age and time had shrunk him, though he was still virulent. He grabbed her breasts, mauling and biting them as he rode her. Finally, he shot his load into her. He got off the bed and and grabbed a towel. He disappeared for several minutes. He came back, composed.
"We're going to make changes to you," he said, then, left the room.

One year later...

Alena stood overlooking the courtyard. The last year had been an adjustment. Kidnapped raped by a brutal Yakuza gang, sold to an old sheik, older than her grandfather. Fortunately, her grandfather was suffering from dementia and didn't know the difference between his granddaughter missing or not. At least the old sheik was old, he wasn't as large as he otherwise could be and she was his exclusively. Alena had undergone some surgeries. Her nipples were pierced and ringed, she'd been branded like a cow, and, as Joo had predicted, her gag reflex was suppressed. The pain of those three had subsided. The pain that she would live with, the rest of her life was her circumcision. Not only would the pain constantly remind her o her new place in life, but she would also struggle her whole life to orgasm, but never be able to. She turned away from the widow and headed toward the bowl on the table near the middle of the room. She searched through the bowl of wet, ice packed fruit that was delivered daily to her room. She picked up a large peach. She knew peaches weren't native to this part of the world, but she loved peaches. After more searching, she found another one. She ate one quickly, and looked at the other one, trying to decide whether or not to eat it as well.
"Might as well," she muttered to herself patting her stomach, "after all, I'm eating for three."

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Re: Alena's Visit to Taiwan
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Very nice ... like the family twist
It's what they're FOR! 
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Re: Alena's Visit to Taiwan
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Thanks Grendel.  I'm thrilled you liked it. 

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Re: Alena's Visit to Taiwan
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Very hot story, hope you write more like it.

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Re: Alena's Visit to Taiwan
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I'm thrilled you liked it.  Stay tuned for more.