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SnuffWorld Stories: A Day With Friends (WIP) - Small Update
« on: August 01, 2017, 05:22:15 PM »
The following is a work of fiction, created by myself, the user by the name "FiddyKucker", written with the intent to arouse, entertain and engage an audience. The depicted actions may prove too extreme for some audiences, so please proceed with caution. All events described her are purely fictitious, and I do not in anyway condone them.

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This story is the latest instalment in my series "SnuffWorld Stories". It takes place in a fictitious universe with different rules to ours that you can read more about here:

I am always looking out for story ideas, suggestions and critiques to improve my writing. I am also up for collaboration, if I think we're a good fit. Feel free to PM me regarding any of these things. (I also consider requests, in case there are any certain kinks you would prefer left out of a new story)

Please enjoy.

Mike enjoyed the slurping sound of Sammy's tongue on his balls. She'd been pumping her head up and down on his dick for a short while as they waited for the train to arrive at their stop.

"You know they're opening a second station?" He asked, turning to Jermaine.

"What?" He replied, his hand down the front of the leggings of the little girl on his lap. "In Dixton?"

"Yeah, up by the old trading estate."

Sammy took her lips off Mike's shaft with a smacking noise. "Is there really a need for that?"

Mike only shrugged and looked out of the train window. Sammy returned to her blowjob. The little girl with the broken arm on Jermaine's lap started squirming as she came. Her father, who was in the opposite seat, just across the aisle from their table, leaned over.

"It's usually a tax evasion thing by the local council. Not sure how it works though." He eyed up Jermaine who was now suckling his fingers clean of the child's pussy juices. "Are you done with Amanda?"

Jermaine looked at the man, and then to his daughter. "Sure." he said, pushing her off his lap and onto the ground. She landed on her arm sending sharp pain through it. She squealed in excitement before her Dad scooped her up and began walking down the aisle to the door.

Mike watched Sammy's head bob up and down. Her slender pale neck was clasped tightly by a black choker, and he resisted the urge to choke her himself. Instead he hoisted her head away from his crotch and watched her dribble fall from her red lips, to her chin, to land with a quiet splat on the floor. "Come on, this is our stop."

As if on cue, the train's PA system announced their arrival. "We are now arriving at Dixton Central."

"See?" said Mike, as the three of them rose.

The PA continued "Please take any personal belongings or corpses with you."

Jermaine looked puzzled. "What?"

"They renamed the station in preparation for the new one." Mike clarified. Jermaine only nodded.

"Guys," Sammy began. "I've got to look after my sister Emily for an hour or so. She's at the station. Are you okay if she hangs out with us?"

"Yeah, whatever." Jermaine grunted.

Mike raised an eyebrow. "How old?"

"She's fifteen."

"Nice." Both guys said in unison.

They alighted the train with the father and daughter from earlier. The six year old girl was wearing black leggings and no top. Mike watched her bare back and felt an urge. "Hey guys, check this out." He said before walking ahead of them along the platform. Picking her up and throwing her onto the tracks.

The three of them - and the girls father - waited for her to climb up, but Mike only kicked her in the face so she fell back down. After an announcement from the station PA, the train departed, running smoothly over the child. The three of them chuckled before heading out of the station.

Sat outside was Emily, Sammy's younger sister, with a business man jacking off onto her face. His cum landed on her soft cheek and she didn't even flinch. She wore a short, see through dress, black fishnet tights, medium heels, black panties and a black bra. Her make up was of the bimbo variety and her brown hair was done up in a pony-tail beginning at the very top of her head. It resembled a handle and made her look extra doll-like.

She had curvy hips and a tight waste like her sister, but had only small mounds where her sister had buxom breasts. They shared pale skin, but Emily had clearly visited a tanning salon. When she saw Sammy and her friends she gave a shy wave but didn't stand.

"There's the slut." Pointed Sammy, who briskly walked to her sister, wiped off the cum and swallowed it. Emily rose and hugged her big sister. As they embraced, a man walked past and smacked Sammy on the butt. Mike admired it for a short time. It wasn't huge, but wasn't small. It was well shaped and was jiggling after the mans hand moved away from it. Sammy's black leggings complimented it well.

"Come on sluts!" Mike said, shoving his hand between Sammy's buttcheeks and poking at her butthole. "I need a good murderfuck, the younger the better!"

The girls let go of eachother and the four walked away from the station.

It was a sunny day, but there was a slight breeze to cool them down. They strolled through the high street making chit-chat and window shopped.

Sammy had the group stop outside subway so she could get a sandwich, she left the two guys with her sister outside.

"So, Sammy says you're like, fifteen?" Jermaine asked, looking her up and down, raping her with his eyes.

"That's right. How old are you guys? Sammy's age?"

Jermaine laughed. "No, we're older. I'm thirty-two and Mike's twenty-eight."

Sammy was what a lot of people referred to as a "Lolita" - a girl who hangs out with men much older than her. She was only eighteen, but preferred to be raped and abused by much older men.

"Oh, right." Emily responded awkwardly.

Jermaine reached his neck over to check out Emily's ass. It was much bigger than Sammy's. And in her see-through dress he could see that it was almost bursting out of her underwear. "You know, you've got a nice butt."

"Thanks, my dad says the same..."

Mike's dick hardened. "You and your old man close, are you?"

"I guess you could say that..."

Mike ran his fingers along Emily's lips, as Jermaine gave her ass a firm squeeze.

"So," began Mike "why were you in Dixton?"

"Shopping" she mumbled into his finger.

"For?" he removed his hand.

Emily reached into the bag she'd been carrying as Jermaine also let go of her butt. She pulled out a contraption of some sort in a packet. It looked like a belt with some sort of computer device attached to it. On the packaging the brand read "Choke Me Out!" in big pink lettering. There was an image of a little girl with one around her neck, her face was purple, and she was dribbling from her mouth.

"What is it?" Jermaine asked.

"It's a toy."

"What does it do?"

"You can like set how tight you want it to choke you and how long for. My last one broke because I used it so much."

Mike looked at the teenagers neck and saw the marks. "You like being choked, hey?" Emily nodded. "Well, maybe I'll get my hands round your neck in a bit."

"I'd like that." She smiled at him.

Sammy exited the shop with a bruise on her forehead. Apparently someone in there had punched her. She was eating her sub, but managed to mumble the words "Shall we go?" and the four of them headed towards the nearby daycare centre.

On their walk they passed a group of teenage girls, two of which recognised Emily. The two groups stopped to greet eachother. The first girl had long, tanned legs, with bruises and cuts running all along them. Her heels made her look even taller than she was and her blonde hair hung around her body.

"Hey!" she greeted Emily, before they began to make out. When their lips parted, Emily returned the greeting.

"What you up to, Em?" The second girl had clearly had some surgery done. She was no older than Emily, but had huge breasts and an enormous butt. Her lips were truly plumped up and she had the words "Daddy's Fucktoy" engraved into her forehead. Her pink ribbon-like attire barely covered anything but her nipples and pussy. It was one long loop that snaked round her neck, over her breasts, round her waist, back round her hips, between her legs and between her buttcheeks. She had even more make-up on than Emily and her head was shaven.

"I've just been shopping, and now I'm hang-" she was cut off by a hard punch to the jaw. She fell to the ground and her world span.

"Not going to introduce us?" asked Jermaine, rubbing his fist from the punch.

Emily was on the floor but managed to speak. "This is Jess and DF"

"DF?" Mike inquired. The almost naked girl pointed to her forehead. "Ah, I see. And who are your friends?"

DF pointed to one girl, who looked to be about twelve, dressed only in a fishnet body suit and heels. "This is my cousin, Anna, and her friend from school, Amy." Amy had the same top that Sammy wore. A black velvet t-shirt that opened at the midriff to display her pale stomach and little bellybutton. The only difference between her and Sammy was she had less bruises. Sammy's sexy stomach was covered in reds and purples.

Jermaine looked between the two sluts with the same top. "Let's even this out a bit." He said before shoving Amy to the ground.

"What do you mean?" asked Sammy.

"Oh, you'll see" Mike replied.

Jermaine had taken off his pants and underwear, and was sat on the girls face. She was licking his rectum rapidly, and he'd moved her hand to clasp his thick black cock. She stroked all nine inches of his shaft as he began to pummel her stomach. She convulsed in pain and pleasure with every punch. Watching the fun, Mike came over and began stamping on the twelve-year old's stomach. Emily continued to talk to her friends.

"So, I'm just hanging out with these guys before my Dad finishes work. He's going to pick me up afterwards." At this point, Mike let Jermaine carry on abusing Amy, and turned his attention to Anna in the fishnets. He wrapped his hands round her throat from behind and began nibbling on her ear.

"What were you shopping for?" asked Jess. Emily pulled out her choking device and the girls' faces lit up. "Woah! Is that the new one?" Emily simply nodded, proud.

Amy began picking up the pace on both Jermaine's asshole and cock. Anna was drifting in and out of consciousness, but Mike needed her to stay around to feel the pain he is going to put her through, so he bit hard into her ear and she let out a yelp. A mix of pain and pleasure. He then forced his cock into her underage butthole and began pounding.



Does anyone have any wishes on where this story is heading? Any deaths/abuses/sexual acts you want to see?
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Re: SnuffWorld Stories: A Day With Friends (WIP) - Small Update
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..fuck yes! awesomme work! i hope emily is going to be murdered..stabbed to death would suit her..

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Re: SnuffWorld Stories: A Day With Friends (WIP) - Small Update
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2017, 11:54:00 PM »

   More more!!! :-D

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Re: SnuffWorld Stories: A Day With Friends (WIP) - Small Update
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Indeed  ... more please  8)
It's what they're FOR! 
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Re: SnuffWorld Stories: A Day With Friends (WIP) - Small Update
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    So, you asked for advice, I would love some more as I said, but here is some. I hope they don't make it to the daycare center. You have so many girls here, but I THINK continuing to the daycare would be a huge missed opprotunity. You have a bevy of jr. highschool girls here and I can't wait to see what happens to them, but also.... we don't know where they were on their way to yet...  >:D  We are going to loose Sammy's sister when their dad comes to pick her(and mabye sammy)  up... but then we have this group of 4(probably 3) jr. high school girls.... I bet they know where to find more... imagin the, "pranks," they could play on their freneimies at the mall or playground lol.  >:D

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Re: SnuffWorld Stories: A Day With Friends (WIP) - Small Update
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Nice fun story so far...but I wish the consensual part be slowly replaced with non consensual...etc...

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Re: SnuffWorld Stories: A Day With Friends (WIP) - Small Update
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    OH YES so do I!

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Re: SnuffWorld Stories: A Day With Friends (WIP) - Small Update
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Soooo... Where is the next part??? :-D

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Re: SnuffWorld Stories: A Day With Friends (WIP) - Small Update
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damn, I know that this story is probobally dead now but it's one of my favroutes of yours and I hope you will eventually continue it. I love just how casual everything feels and personally I would like to see more of the group abousing or snuffing random cunts passing by, maybe Jess or DF getting brutally abused/kidnapped/snuffed themselves.

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Re: SnuffWorld Stories: A Day With Friends (WIP) - Small Update
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Yes... I know this is obviouse by now but I also hope you will take up this story again. It is by far my favorite in the seiries and think it would make a very nice tent pole story for the bunch. :-)

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Re: SnuffWorld Stories: A Day With Friends (WIP) - Small Update
« Reply #10 on: July 23, 2018, 03:46:41 AM »
I know I have said this before. But I really and truly hope you will continue. To be honest, this is the best thing on this sight. It is the reason I joined and hopes that you or Grendel has posted something new is pretty much why I keep coming back to check the sight.