Author Topic: A gift girl for her husband  (Read 6482 times)

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A gift girl for her husband
« on: August 01, 2017, 03:54:39 AM »
Samantha Stevens was terribly devoted to Tyrone. She knew he liked violating women and girls, in fact the reason they got married was because he liked her so much he abducted and kept her chained to a radiator and he spent every evening after work and the weekends fucking her.

She remembered seeing a report on the TV with people she thought were her parents asking for their daughter to be returned. No questions asked.

She was looking at it when Tyrone saw her watching the program...turned off the TV and started beating her. He kept screaming as the punches landed..."I own you whore!" He used an exacto knife to slice her face and circumcise her.

He learned that it was a custom in the middle east to prevent women from having sex, unless raped by her husband.

She bled and cried from between her legs...Tyrone was violent and raped her...making her his.

At this point, Samantha had been brutalized and brain washed. She only ate when Ty gave her food or semen in her mouth. A large scar on her face marked her as his property.

Jamal had a day job as a basketball coach at the local Catholic high school. The ones he liked were so violently, brutally raped and threatened none of them said anything. Most got pregnant with his rape babies.

One day she found a girl she knew Tyrone had wanted to fuck. She was a pretty blonde. Her curly blonde hair and blonde eyelashes suggested she may be blonde between her legs. The girl recognized Mrs. Tyrone...that was the only name he let her have.

"Mrs. Tyrone? Can you or your husband give me a ride? My car broke down a few blocks from here. This neighborhood is scary."

Oh yes...I'll make sure Ty rides you. Come on I want to show you something.

The submissive rape trained brunette fuck whore drew the pretty blonde into the house.

The 15 year old got a bit frightened. She was being lead into the basement....she saw a blood stained mattress.

"Uhmm when is coach Ty getting back? I want to go home."

In just a little while. The woman gave the girl some orange juice. "Thank you."

What the girl didn't know was that Tyrone's 'wife' had laced it with rohypnol. It made people function less...they felt and heard everything that happened to them...but their bodies couldn't move.

"Mrs. Tyrone...I feel sick..."

Come here..lay down.

The girl was lead to the blood stained mattress. "I don't feel good." The woman laid the girl down and clasped handcuffs across painfully across both hands and both legs. She was spread eagled.

"Wha? What are you doing?"

The girl felt as her shirt was cut off and her shorts and panties were drawn between her knees and ankles.

Tyrone likes his girls like this. Now, look here. The woman inserted a vhs cassette into an old time player.

When the movie played...the girl saw coach Tyrone brutally fucking girls. Some she knew from school.

Are you on the pill? Any kind of birth control sweety? With the last action she could make she shook her head, NO.

She then heard a door slam...Mrs. Tyrone said...Daddy is home...I promised he would ride you.