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A letter to Dad
« on: July 30, 2017, 06:10:57 AM »
Hey Mr. Mullen,

I'm the guy who did Jennifer.

I strangled her with her panties – pink with red dots. That's a detail the cops didn't release, so you know this isn't a hoax. So now I got your attention, ya?

And you're wondering why I'm writing to you. I wonder that myself. I've never done it before. But there was something about Jenn, a look in her eyes that really touched me. I realized that she wasn't just another little slut to use up. She seemed a quality person, intelligent and strong. But most of all she was a human being, someone who was loved, someone's daughter.

This has to be awful for you – you send your precious girl off to college and the next time you see her she's in a coffin, hmmm? But I'm betting as painful as it is, you want to know how she spent her last few hours. She went down easy, Joe, a stun gun jolt to her kidney, hands taped behind her and she was mine.

New freshmen on summer session in those apartments are always easy. It's my favorite hunting ground. They're away from home for the first time, little girls in a wide-eyed rush to set up house and become adults. And their fresh, firm, young bodies --- mmmmm, fuck yes, Joe! Don't tell me you don't think about them. Don't tell me you never thought about Jenn – maybe coming out of her room in a tank top and panties, maybe at the pool in a skimpy bikini.

I doubt you ever acted on those urges, Joe, but we both know you had them – just like me. That's one thing you and I have in common, a healthy fascination with Jenn's slender, petite body. Hehehehe.

You would have been proud of her, man. She kept her head about her all through the ordeal. She spoke softly and tried to stay calm. She didn't bother asking the stupid questions so many ask: like why me? She held out hope even as it gradually became apparent that it was hopeless.

I put her down on her bed and stripped her slowly, pulling down her shorts and cutting the straps of her tank top. She wasn't wearing a bra, Joe. I got the impression that you would have frowned on such immodesty when she was under your roof.

She was so cute. She flushed bright red over a total stranger seeing her naked breasts, fondling them, sucking them, biting the little nips. Hehehehehe. But it wasn't until I started caressing her pussy through her panties that she realized how serious her situation was. She tried bargaining: “You can touch me, sir. (Yeah, she called me SIR.) You can touch my body, but please, that's all, OK, then you leave. … I promise I won't tell anyone. I couldn't bear to have anyone know, OK?”

I pulled the panties down to mid-thigh and started massaging her clit and dipping a finger into her sweetness. That's when she started to cry – like one more hope was being dashed. I told her I'd go easy on her if she kissed me. She reluctantly puckered up but she couldn't manage to open her mouth and take my tongue. I let her know how that disappointed me.

She was squirming and whimpering like they all do at this point – but still bargaining. “I have money in my dresser, right over there,” she said. “You can have it if you just leave.” I thanked her for pointing that out but I wasn't about to leave until I was finished. I shoved the fingers that were in her cunt into her mouth, telling her to lubricate them so it wouldn't hurt so much.

You should see how disgusted it made her to taste herself, but it did help get her juices flowing. Her body was responding against her will. Her aroma was rising. Your little girl was gasping and moaning, Joe. And she could tell it was turning me on. I was kissing and licking her while my fingers ripped and and out of her sopping wet cunt. I was raping her manually and it was driving her crazy. You never saw your precious daughter in the throes of passion, did you? You were there for all the big events in her life, but not the afternoon she became a woman.

I got between her legs and forced them apart. I pressed my cock, hot, hard and slimy, to her belly. She screamed, “Nooo! Please, no.” That was a little too loud for me so I punched her hard in the mouth, busting her lips open. “Please don't rape me,” she sobbed. “Pleeeease … I'm still a virgin.”

I just smiled and put my hand over her bloody mouth while I shoved myself deep into her on the first hard stroke. She screamed hard into my hand. But you should have seen the look in those pretty blue eyes then, Joe – the horror, the disgust, shame and sadness. It was a look of ultimate defeat. It was that look that humanized her to me. It's what made me think of you, Joe.

With her maiden blood lubricating her along with a copious volume of cunt juice I spent the next half hour banging my cock into her. Eventually I released her mouth as her pain subsided so I could use both hands to choke her and squeeze her firm little tits and ass. She looked like a delicate baby bird with her mouth wide open gasping for air. I raped her hard, Joe. I showed her no mercy. But God damn, man, I enjoyed every inch of her – inside and out.

Between sobs she begged me not to cum in her, that she wasn't on birth control. She also mentioned at one point that my dick was too big, that it hurt her. Hahahaha, imagine that, Joe, she paid me the highest compliment you can give a rapist. When I finally came, it felt like I dumped a quart of jizz into her. That disgusted her more than anything, but I assured her she'd never get pregnant.

I kept my cock inside her while I went soft, holding her head with both hands, giving her little kisses, staring into her sad eyes. Again, I thought about you, Joe, about all the people who loved Jennifer, about her hopes, her dreams, the immense potential of her bright future. I had just spoiled all of that. I defiled her for nothing more than my own selfish desire.

Did you ever fire an automatic rifle, Joe? Ever feel that awesome destructive power at your fingertips? It does something to your head – makes you feel invincible. I ask because that's the closest comparison I've found to what I do. When I have a woman bound and helpless like that. When I know I'm going to kill her. When I know she's nothing more than a living fuck doll and I can do whatever I want to her. It's an amazing feeling, Joe, the most powerful ever.

I was feeling it then with Jennifer, looking into her eyes with my hand at her throat, knowing she was completely mine. I wanted to savor it. I knew I had her for the whole afternoon before her roommate would return, so I put a piece of tape over her mouth and went into the kitchen. Jenn lay there curled up in the fetal position quietly sobbing while I made a sandwich and opened a beer. Yeah, your underage daughter had beer in her fridge.

I studied her beautiful nude body while I ate. Her arms taped behind her made those perky tits jut out so nicely. Down below, though, she was a mess. Her crimson virgin blood stained her inner thighs and there was a puddle of our love juice spreading beneath her ass. I washed down another Viagra with my second beer and rummaged through her dresser, tossing her bras and panties around the room. Sure enough, there was nearly $400 right where she said it would be. Seeing me stuff the cash in my pocket was one more ugly defeat for the poor girl.

I yanked her up by the hair and forced her to her knees next to the bed. I tore the tape off her mouth and pulled out my stiff cock. “You got what you wanted, you bastard, now GO! Leave me alone,” she said. I slapped her hard with an open hand and explained how she was in no position to protest. She started crying again. “I never did anything to you. I never did anything to deserve this.”

I told her it was time for a “mouth bath.” I promised that if she sucked her scum off my cock, that would be it. I'd leave and never see her again. Once again, she let herself hope. Poor kid. And Joe, I gotta tell ya, she may have been a virgin in the cunt, but she certainly knew her way around a hard cock with her mouth.

With one hand behind her head and the other beneath her chin, I fucked her pretty face until she nearly passed out. My semen was oozing from the corners of her mouth when I shoved her down on the floor and kicked her belly and back until she curled up again. I think she knew what was next when I tossed her back on the bed and picked up her panties. She didn't even bother to mention the promise I had just made. She simply started begging for her life.

At first I straddled her chest to control her. After a minute or so, her face was bright red and her squirming began to subside. That's when a woman is prettiest, Joe, nearing the second minute without oxygen. You should see the terror in their eyes as they begin to believe this is really happening, that their life is about to end. Jennifer had that look, just like the others.

I know it's cruel, but I often let them have a breath when they start getting quiet. I let them revive for just a few seconds. It prolongs it – their death, I mean and my pleasure. There is nothing more intimate than strangling a woman while your cock is inside her and your face is inches from hers. Jenn coughed a couple times and I slid down to force her legs open. She begged me again in the most pathetic, weak voice not to kill her. I suppose it's good that you'll never hear that voice, Joe. It would break you.

I shoved my cock back inside her and resumed strangling her. I think she knew at this point. She seemed resigned to her fate. She began saying the “Our Father” in a raspy voice. But by the second verse all she could do was mouth the words. Her eyes were stained red from the blood vessels bursting and her lips were turning blue. Nothing but tiny, wounded-bird chirps escaped her gaping mouth as her eyes rolled back in her head. Your beautiful daughter was even more beautiful in the throes of death, Joe. Well, to me, at least. You probably wouldn't have thought so.

After about four minutes she was quiet and still and I couldn't find a pulse. I finished fucking her until I came again in her corpse. I thought about cutting her throat, just to be sure, you know, cause I heard once about a strangled bitch left for dead but she really wasn't all the way dead. But I couldn't cut her. It seemed, I don't know, like overkill.

So I posed her on the bed with her legs open to anyone who entered the room.

Soo … that's the story, Joe. Little Jenn left your house a girl, but she left this world a woman. She died like a pathetic whore with a stranger's slimy dick inside her. She was a very satisfying rape, I gotta say. In fact, I don't think I'll need to look for anything new for several months.

I know you won't forget her, either. She really was special.

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Re: A letter to Dad
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2017, 11:18:27 AM »
Wow talk about taunting the victim's family! Cruel but i loved it. great job writing this Dire Wolf!

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Re: A letter to Dad
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Thanks, g, I guess I was just in a really cruel mood and wanted to try something fresh. :D

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Re: A letter to Dad
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I love cruel moods in provides such a nice new energy and good stories.

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Re: A letter to Dad
« Reply #4 on: August 07, 2017, 05:56:03 PM »
That was incredibly hot.  Humiliation extraordinaire

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Re: A letter to Dad
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Poor father.