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He punishes Dawn
« on: July 22, 2017, 07:09:39 PM »
Dawn Amber looks up as you enter the bedroom and lock the door behind you. You can see the usual mix of guilt, trepidation and nervous excitement in her eyes. She’s sitting in the center of the room on the only chair, naked except for small panties.

You dump your gym bag on the floor. She glances at it nervously.

“So here we are again,” you sigh in mock exasperation.

“Apparently,” she replies. There’s a note of defiance in her voice. It won’t last.

“I see you’ve left your panties on. That’s optimistic.”

Dawn glares at you but doesn’t reply. "Remove them" . She tries not to blush as she wiggled out of them.

“So did you do what they accuse you of?” you ask, walking around Dawn slowly while you cast an admiring eye over her exposed body. She makes no effort to conceal her big breasts. Her nipples are hard from the cold.

“No Master Steve, it wasn’t me,” she replies unconvincingly, looking at the floor.

You stand before her and lift her chin with your forefinger so you can look her in the eye. She meets your gaze briefly before averting her eyes and sticking out her bottom lip petulantly.

“Dawn, Dawn, Dawn…” you remonstrate. “Are we really going to play this game again? We know you’re a nasty bitch. So if you didn’t do it, then who did?”

“I dunno. Your mom?” comes the insolent reply.

You slap her across the face. You don’t do it very hard, and she’s expecting it anyway. She grins back at you.

“Don’t pretend you don’t enjoy this… arrangement,” she sneers.

She needs to be brought properly into line. “Shut up, bitch!” You raise your hand suddenly and Dawn flinches, genuinely scared.

“Sorry Master Steve. I didn’t mean it.”

You permit yourself a smile of satisfaction at this affirmation of your power over her. Then you step back as you consider her punishment.
“Get over there, bitch!” you order, pointing to a large artist easel in the corner of the room.

Dawn grudgingly obeys. “I wondered what that was for. I thought you wanted to paint my picture.”

“No more speaking from you,” you reply sternly. “Stand on it, face forward.”

Dawn steps onto the two small platforms at the base of the legs. The structure is surprisingly sturdy; it does not wobble or shift at all as she lets her weight go against the back. Her butt cheeks are just perched on the cross bar.

You tip out your gym bag on the floor. It’s full of ropes. You step up to her with a length of coiled rope in your hand.

“Now we start.” You smile and she quivers. Your smile usually means that she will be in pain soon.

You make a loop with one end of the rope and pass that behind one leg and then bring the rope back through it, binding one leg to the easel. Dawn does not look down; she stares ahead enjoys the sensation of your attentions. The rope is hemp, dyed black. The surface is rough to her skin as you begin to encircle the first leg, each turn of rope pulling on the one before. Each time you slip the rope through itself, the grasp becomes tighter and tighter, holding her fast and bringing that powerful helplessness to her. The rope begins to scratch at her as she becomes more and more sensitive. Her excitement is making her more vulnerable and increasing the sensations she feels. As you pull the last loop through on that leg and tie it off, the entire construct pulls tight and makes her part of the easel until you release her.

You begin the second leg. Again the rope slithers around her, your hands barely touching her, fingers deftly weaving her into the rope. The rope scathes her skin, rubs and pulls until each wind of rope becomes an intense sensation. You finish the second leg and step back.

The feeling of the lower portion of her tied that tightly makes Dawn feel disoriented and off balance. She feels she might just topple forward even though she knows she will not. You gather up more ropes, taking your time so her feelings of disorientation have time to ripen properly.

You return and begin to tie Dawn’s ass to the bar, taking special care to use the rope to open her pussy. The pressure of the ropes between her legs applies just enough force to spread her open to the cold air. As you pull gently, the ropes cut and bite into her butt crack, pinching her cheeks slightly against the cross bar, pulling her groin down against the wood so that her ass cheeks spread slightly and her pussy opens slightly more. The fluids of her arousal drip from her pussy lips.

As you work, your focus is on nothing but her body and the rope. The rope pulls tighter and tighter, making her body quiver and burn.

Leaving her belly bare, you next begin to tie her breasts. Dawn’s tits are big enough that you can easily get a good three wraps of rope around each tit. Pulling the rope tight you pause to smile and examine the already reddening breasts. You flick her nipples with a finger and nod in approval of her tiny gasp. The rope slithers around her chest and back, pulling her hard against the wooden braces until she is solid against them. As you loop the rope around her shoulders and tug, the rope around her breasts grows painful, the tightness growing agonizing. Her tits are starting to show purple and you once more pause to flick her nipples. The flick does not hurt nearly as much as her slight jerk reaction which causes the ropes to pull even tighter. Dawn focusses on her breathing, remembering to take breaths. Her breaths are very shallow — she’s afraid of the slight movement that breathing causes.

You take her left hand and raise it up. With a simple loop you hold it in place as you bring up her right hand. Then, weaving the rope between her wrists, you bind them tightly together.

You tighten that final rope, pulling up until her hands are stretched as high as they can go. Dawn lets out a staggered moaning breath as the movement causes the ropes on her breasts and pussy to dig in hard. She begins to shake; the pain is exquisite, sharp, pervasive and constant. She cannot escape it for even a split second, it defines her, and it encompasses her whole being.
You go back to your bag and retrieve a flogger. Dawn’s eyes widen in fear and you can see her muscles flex as she tries to move, but she is bound so tightly to the easel that she can only move her head. You gently brush her hair back and she calms.

You stroke the flogger across her bound breasts. The leather falls of this flogger are elk leather, so butter soft they are like tiny kisses on her. The touch strokes away her fears and she is safe again. She feels the touch of leather falls against her nipples, then down to her stomach, and she purrs at their familiar touch. You step back and the leather slides away. She makes her breath slow and regular and is ready to begin.

The flogger falls softly at first. A steady slow rhythm on her sides and belly, and then upward swats on her big breasts. It feels like a massage right now, the sting minimal compared to the pleasure. Your pace is steady and the strength of the blows begins to increase slowly.

You start striking in irregular patterns across her stomach and tits. Faster and harder, slowly working up in power and intensity. Dawn feels each lick of the leather, every second of the sting and thud. You go faster and start a figure eight swing that whips her shoulders and ribs in a lighting repetition of blows that causes her whole soul to stiffen under the onslaught.

You pause briefly and stroke her neck. “You okay, bitch?”

Biting her lip she gives you a hesitant nod. You laugh and the strikes speed up again and come harder and harder on her. Every flinch causes the ropes to dig deeper into her.

Soon Dawn loses track of anything but the flogger striking her. The power of the blows and the timing keeps her wondering where they will fall next and finally she loses herself to the sensation and forgets everything else. All she knows is that one blow follows the next.

You finish with a brutal succession of blows across her tenderized breasts and nipples, then flick the cruel leather between her bound thighs, swatting her exposed, swollen pussy. She feels a cutting sting that seems to lay her soul open to the world. Pain and pleasure became one. Strike after strike on her cunt and her reality is only the pain, the pain that sets her free.

She barely notices as you free her from the easel and “Get on your knees, bitch!” you command, and she obediently kneels before you. You stroke her hair, then offer her the back of your hand.

Dawn knows what to do. She takes your hand and begins to kiss it — at first like a beggar, and then with greater sensuality. She begins to suck on one of your fingers, looking up, her eyes telling you she knows just what you are thinking.

She smiles up at you, seeing your cock is rock hard in your pants. You watch as she raises a tentative hand up and slowly traces the outline of your cock through the fabric.

You snatch her hand and you slap it hard. “You’ll touch when you are told to touch.”

She nods.

You look into her eyes. There is no fear there. Hunger, desire, excitement — but no fear. You squat down in front of her. Grabbing her nipples between your fingers you squeeze hard until she yelps and tries to pull away.

“Remember your place, bitch,” you growl menacingly, twisting and tugging at her nipples with painful force. She bites her lip to keep from crying.

You look back into her eyes. Grabbing her hair you pull her face to yours and peer into her. There is fear there now. Good.

“Don’t move,” you growl.

You’ve trained her well. Dawn does not turn or move a muscle. She kneels with her knees and ankles spread slightly, toes pointed back straight. Her shoulders are square to the floor and chin held up in a proud stance. Her hands lay one atop the other, facing up and held just below her full breasts. She is posed for inspection and is well trained. Her bare bottom barely touches her heels as she sits at full attention.
You undo your fly, reached in and take out your semi-hard cock, the head wet with pre-cum. You stroke it and watch Dawn lick her lips greedily.

Almost fully hard, you take your cock and rub it against the side of her face. She turns her head against it and your knob kisses her ear, strands of her hair ticking the shaft. You wipe the swollen head across her cheek, leaving a silvery trail of pre-cum all the way to her mouth which is open to receive you. But you don’t give it to her. Instead you drag your dick across her lower lip, then rest your shaft against her other cheek.

Whack! You smack her face with your dick, startling her and making her gasp. She pulls away, so you grab a handful of her hair and smack her face again.

“You want this, bitch? What makes you think you deserve it?”

Grabbing Dawn by the back of her head, you pull her face onto your cock and she opens her mouth to accept it.

She sucks and licks and her teeth grate across your shaft until you slow down, whispering for her to relax, not to try so hard. She starts again and makes great effort to cover her teeth with her lips and suck you right. You close your eyes and enjoy it. Grabbing more hair, you begin to slowly pump her face as she sucks, holding her head in place.

Pulling your cock back out you stroke it, using her saliva as lubricant. She sits there, the cock inches from her face and she watches you with a look of glee. You smile and push your cock back into her mouth and then pull it back out again. She is smiling as she watches you pump your big hard cock in her face.

She makes wet sloppy sucking sounds as she sucks you, knowing you love hearing them. Without missing a beat, she extricates herself from her panties, tossing them to the side.She finger fucks herself, the juices dripping down the crack of her ass.

You grab her hair and push her down on your cock until her breath is cut off. You hold her there for a long minute and then release her so she can bob up and breathe again. She is ravenous, sucking you like she is starving. She needs your cum so badly, to please you that greatly.

She spreads her legs wider and adds a third finger into her cunt. As she pulls the hand out each thrust she is left gaping open for a split second. She fucks herself deep and hard for you. Her body shakes with climax after climax but not an orgasm yet, she has not earned it.

Grabbing both hands in her hair you fuck Dawn’s face and begin to spew gobs of hot cum in her mouth. With each thrust she is blasted full and then some, the gooey mess squishing from her mouth as you fuck her face. She swallows and sucks and tries to drink all of the mess that you feed her.

You reach down and start slapping her cunt with your hand. She screams all around your cock in her mouth and begins to cum. You smack her pussy in time with the last of your cum emptying into her mouth.

When you are spent you push her away, your cock popping out of her mouth with an audible noise. She falls back on her butt with her legs spread and keeps fucking herself for you to watch.

Dawn sticks a finger into her pussy and pulls it out, rubbing her sweet cunt juice on her belly so it glistens. Then she sticks another finger in, and then two. You watch her fingers jamming in and out of her cunt for you.

She leans back and braces herself up with one hand and sticks a third finger into her pussy and slams them all in and out so hard and fast she makes a slapping sound, her sloppy wet pussy dripping with her juices. Her eyelids flutter and she groans loudly as she cums again.

You regard her with a half smile, feeling distinctly unsatisfied. She’s had multiple orgasms and the pleasure of sucking your dick. It doesn’t seem like much of a punishment.

“Stay there bitch,” you command, and you walk over to your gym bag.
You pull out a thermos flask from your bag and unscrew the lid. Not sure whether you should really do what you are planning, you give the contents a tentative sniff. It smells… strong.

“What’s that, Master Steve?” asks Dawn unsuspectingly.

“Quiet!” you say. You grab her by the hair and hold the flask over her head. Then you hesitate.

“No really, what is that?” she asks again, a nervous tremor in her voice.

“I was just thinking, since you’re such a dirty bitch and you like the taste of cum so much…” You start to tip the flask and a dribble of thick white fluid hits the side of her face.

Dawn recoils but you hold her still with your fist full of her hair as the trickle becomes a torrent, running down her neck and over her big breasts. You force your thumb into her mouth and pull it open, then pour several cups-worth between her lips and over her face. She chokes and gulps on what is obviously a huge quantity of semen.

“So much…” she splutters. “Where…”

You pour the rest of the thermos contents into her hair and rub it in like shampoo. Thick rivulets run down her neck and back. Soon her whole body is dripping with pungent sperm.

“Imagine it Dawn. A hundred men, wanking over your photograph. A hundred guys shooting their loads just for you. This cum is all for you, Dawn. Enjoy…”

“Oh my God!” she wipes a glob of cum from her breast and rubs it through her fingers tentatively. “All those guys, just for me…” She starts running her hands over her body, delighting in the feel of cum against her skin. She rubs it into her tits, then scoops a handful and presses it between her legs, squishing it into her pussy. Her gooey fingers start working in and out of her cunt.

Soon she is cumming, her sperm-soaked body writhing around on the floor, fingers a blur as they work her pussy and clit. Her cunt makes wet slurping sounds around her fingers, lubed by the sperm and her own juices.

You smile to yourself, watching Dawn debase herself at your feet. You decide not to tell her the real source of the semen. At least she’s at no risk of getting pregnant from it…if she did, that'd be another story... dawn and the filly

The End

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Re: He punishes Dawn
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Wouldn't that be more of a punishment for him not taking you're gorgeous ass dawn? just imagining you tied like that any yest only your mouth sees action was punishment for me!  Not story, even the use of horse semen!

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Re: He punishes Dawn
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Wouldn't that be more of a punishment for him not taking you're gorgeous ass dawn? just imagining you tied like that any yest only your mouth sees action was punishment for me!  Not story, even the use of horse semen!

awww you're too sweet :sign_badgirl:

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Re: He punishes Dawn
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Nice Dawn, do you suppose next time you will learn the source of the cum by being required to receive it directly from the source?

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Re: He punishes Dawn
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Nice Dawn, do you suppose next time you will learn the source of the cum by being required to receive it directly from the source?

ummm maybe  :emot_posteroops.gif: :sign_badgirl:

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Re: He punishes Dawn
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Very sweet and romantic. I already long for more of Dawn's adventures.

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Re: He punishes Dawn
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Very sweet and romantic. I already long for more of Dawn's adventures.

Thank You!!!  emot_bghug.gif

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Re: He punishes Dawn
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Very nice ... was also pleased that I knew where the cum had come from before you gave the hint  ... great minds ... slut
It's what they're FOR! 
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