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Sleep Sex (Gay)
« on: June 30, 2017, 09:17:37 PM »
My name is Frankie I’m 25, a bit short in height, average build, black hair, milk chocolate skin, brown eyes. One evening my friend Rick called me up and told me about a fantasy he had been having, Rick was a 28 year old, average height, a little on the chubby side, brown haired, green eyed, pale milky skinned white guy. I like to think that I have a pretty open mind about most kinky things; but what Rick wanted was a little out there even for me. I had been sleeping with Rick on and off for a while and to be honest, I thought I had him all figured out but he sure threw me a curve ball with this one.
Rick wanted me to have my way with him while he was under the effects of some prescription sleeping pills, I was reluctant at first but soon came around to the idea after Rick pretty much begged me to help him “fulfill a fantasy”.

I figured if anything I could at least find out something about myself and see if this kind of thing was something I was into, if this kind of thing was my kind of kinky or not.

A few days later I went over to Rick's apartment at the time we agreed, he greeted me at the door wearing nothing but a pair of red silk boxers smelling like he just got out of the shower, but it didn’t take long for me to notice that he had already taken those sleeping pills; he was moving and talking a little slower than he normally did and swaying a bit as he walked. “Help- yourself- to- anything- in- the- fridge” Rick said before he walked off to his room, I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer from the fridge then walked to Rick’s bedroom, he was already completely naked and laying across the bed flat on his back like he had just fell over, “Rick?” I questioned while sipping on my beer, Rick!?” I shout again but he didn’t answer me back all I got back were snores, he was out.

Part of me wanted to leave right then and there,  just tell him later on that I went through with it and that’s what I was just about to do taking one last sip of beer before I was gonna leave.
That’s when Rick turned over onto his side and I got a nice good look at his  round meaty man booty and came to the conclusion that even passed out the way he was Rick must have been serving his ass to me like a well cooked meal. I sipped on my beer again as I reached down and gripped Rick’s ass cheek in my hand, he didn’t react at all which I found a major turn-on, and yet a bit of a turn-off as well. I quickly realized then that I could whatever the hell I wanted to him but Rick wouldn’t really be around to enjoy it as much as I would which I didn’t really like. I sat down on the bed next to Rick gently caressing his body from head to toe; his milky skin was so soft and warm as I rubbed my hand down his back and then started rubbing on his ass. A nervous anticipation filled my body, my heart fluttered and my breathing slowed, I felt almost like it was my first time having sex all over again.
I didn’t know why I was feeling this way but I decided to let my instincts take over and kept going. I slipped my thumb into his ass slowly to open to get his hole open and ready.

I got up and headed back to the kitchen, tossed the empty can in the trash and grabbed a fresh one from the fridge, that’s when I noticed that I was still fully clothed. I opened the beer and made my way back to Rick’s room finding him just the way I left him, (wait… why do I need to take it slow for?) I asked myself.

I put the beer down and started to undress, tossing my clothes off to the side, I got up on the bed and rolled Rick over flat onto his stomach then moved down putting my face right between his ass cheeks and gave it a few good licks working my tongue into his ass getting him nice and wet.
I stood up and for just a split second in my excitement I forgot what was happening and expected Rick to say something or spread his ass cheeks and invite me inside his hole but, aside from his soft breaths he just laid there motionless and asleep. I stood up went over to grab the beer I had  then wasted no time climbing back up and laying on top of him with my chest pressed flat against Rick’s back.
 I took my dick and guided it up the crack of his ass till I was perfectly lined up with his hole then pushed the tip of my dick into his wet and tight ass as gently as I could but with Rick out of it there was no real need to let his ass adjust to my dick so instead of going in inch by inch I pushed all nine inches of my dick deep inside in a matter of seconds, “nghh…” Rick let out softly and so seductively, I thought I had woken him at first but realized it was just a reaction to my dick being in him.

For a moment I just laid there inside Rick relaxing; using him like a human body pillow with a built in dick-warmer while I drank the rest of the beer then tossed the empty can on the floor then started up bouncing my hips up and down pulling my dick out then plunging it back in his ass.

I was having more fun than I thought I would, moving my hips around while balls deep in Rick so my dick wiggled around inside him… yeah I was having a lot of fun; here was a nice tight man ass for me to use however I wanted and that’s just what I planed to do. I had to be careful though, I wasn’t in any way trying to hurt Rick and with him out like a coma patient it was up to me to gauge if I was being too rough because when I was done and this was all over I wanted Rick to wake up refreshed with his hole satisfied not sore and hurting.

After about half an hour of using rick’s limp useless body as my personal sexual playground; licking his ass, making him suck my dick, sucking his dick,and pumping my dick into his snoring milky white ass I was ready to unload my dick.

My balls began to tingle and my dick started throbbing out of control like it was having a seizure and I thrust as into Rick ass deep as I could unleashing what felt like river of cum right inside him leaving my dick inside him until I got soft. I pulled out and stood up, “that was the best Nutt had in a long time” I admitted to myself breathing heavy and rubbing my head, I spread Rick’s ass cheeks to get a look at my handy work and found that nothing came out of him when I pulled out, every last drop of that cum still deep in him.

I left the room and headed to the kitchen I needed something to quench my thirst, so I filled a big cup full of water and drank the whole thing, I walked back into Rick’s room with the intention to get dressed and leave but as I was picking up my clothes I looked over at Rick laying there on the bed face down lightly snoring with his legs together and knowing that my boys were still swimming around in his sleeping ass got my dick going again, even after I just came it was jumping around from just thinking about getting back inside Rick’s.
I turned Rick over onto his back and discovered a stain in the very spot where his dick was and realized that he had cum while I was fucking him, I felt a great sense accomplishment knowing that I had made Rick stain his sheets, and that got my dick hard all over again.

I moved in spreading Rick’s legs apart getting right between them then lifted his dick and balls up and entered him again sliding right inside him with ease, fucking him while he still had the mess I left in him was such a turn-on for me. I leaned down and started licking and sucking on Rick’s nipples which it occurred to me that he was sleeping and couldn’t really enjoy it the way he could if he was awake and that it was more for me than him. I slid my hands under and lifted Rick’s thighs making it easier to pump my dick in and out of his slippery cum filled hole making his dick hard in the process.
I was caught off guard when suddenly Rick’s dick started pulsing and oozed cum onto his stomach, knowing that I made him cum pushed me over the edge and with just a few more pumps I shot off again flooding his sleeping hole with even more of my sperm.

Over the next four hours I fucked him in a few different positions and loaded Rick up with six more shots of my cum before I gave out and fell asleep next to him exhausted.

“unghhhhh” I woke up hours later to the sound of Rick groaning as he himself woke up, it was dark outside but I couldn’t tell if he was groaning from pleasure, pain, or if he was just groggy from the pills.
 The light came on. I shut my eyes tight then slowly opened them letting my eyes adjust to the light to find Rick standing on the side of the bed with his hand on his stomach looking at me smiling, “how many times did you fuck me?” Rick asked smiling at me and rubbing at his hole with his other hand on his belly, “Seven, wait… eight” I informed, “how do you feel?” I questioned wanting to know what it was like for him, “I feel like you were fucking my ass for hours, like I have a stomach full of cum, and my body is all tingly” Rick said smiling at me, “sounds about right” I commented “it feels so good” Rick said looking at me with hungry eyes, his assessment of himself made him horny, “whoa, I’ma need to eat first…” I said holding my hands up, “I’ll order a pizza” Rick said walking out of the room.

I laid there replaying the whole experience in my head comparing to what I first thought it would be like and quickly made up my mind that it was one of the best experiences I ever had.