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The Alternative
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Warning!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt.

Officer's Jane Petrie and Lisa Meadows were on the scene very quickly.   Their perp was a familiar face,  Johnny Squire.  They climbed up in the back of the truck and began rummaging through the stacks of items.  Among the odds and ends were a few cases of hot wireless phones, all stolen.  They looked at each other knowing that Johnny stood every chance of being out on the street the next day if they made the arrest.  His lawyer would plea it down to avoid any jail time, a given due to the overcrowding of the city jails.

"You just can't keep that ass of yours out of trouble can you?" Lisa barked at Johnny.  "These phones are hot, I guess you know that?" she chided and then listened to one of Johnny's patented excuses.

As she left Johnny to confer with Jane, the two yelled for him to get into the back of the truck.  As Johnny climbed up inside, Lisa pulled the sliding door down and locked the hinge.

"What the fuck is this shit?" Johnny blurted out.

"We've had it with your sorry ass.  We are giving you a choice. You can either go downtown and let us book you or you can do as we say and be on your way."

"Just what do you two bitches have in mind?" Johnny replied, not fully trusting them.

Lisa pulled out her billy club and shoved it tightly against his neck as she backed him up to the wall of the truck.  "Word around the station is you have a huge cock. Pull those pants down and whip it out," Lisa growled.

Johnny's eyes grew wide as he pondered her words. "Say what?"  "You want me to whip out my dick here in front of two white cops.  You bitches done lost your fucking minds."

"Do it boy, or we will just all head down town right now," Lisa growled as she pushed the night stick harder against his neck.

Johnny reluctantly let his pants fall to the ground to reveal his 10 inch cock and a huge set of balls.   Seconds later, Jane walked over and began rubbing it, cupping his balls playfully. 

"Here's the deal," Jane spoke. "I'm going to suck that cock to hardness, then you are going to fuck us both.  Cum before we do and it is down to the station. Got it!"

"Oh hell no," Johnny remarked as she watched Jane sink to her knees and take his cock into her mouth and begin sucking it.

She worked on his cock until it was stiff and hard.  "You bitches are crazy," He groaned, still finding it hard to grasp that a female cop was sucking his dick, let alone that he was rock hard over it.

With his cock stiff and ready Jane rose to her feet and unbuckled her pants, pulling them and her panties down and stepping out of them.  Johnny watched her get on her hands and knees in front of him, her ass and pussy gaping and on display.

"Fuck that pussy!" Lisa barked.  "You do know how to fuck don't you?"

Johnny slowly slipped behind Jane and shoved his cock against her moist opening as Lisa looked on in amusement.

"This is crazy," he snorted as he slipped his cock into her pussy and began fucking her.

"Beats going to jail don't it?" Lisa remarked. "Fuck her good. Pound that pussy!"

As Johnny got into a fucking rhythm, Jane began to moan lustfully. Soon, he was pounding her rapid fire.  The sound of him slapping against her backside filled the truck.

"Don't even think about cumming," Lisa barked. "You are fucking me next."

Johnny sawed in and out of Jane's cunt until she groaned and screamed as she came. 

He withdrew his cock, which glistened with her juices.  "Keep it hard!' Lisa barked as she pulled her pants and panties down and pulled him over to her, forcing him to lie on the ground as she straddled his throbbing dick and began riding it.

As Johnny was pumping Lisa, Jane straddled his face and lowered her pussy to his mouth. "Let's hope your tongue is a good as your cock!" she threatened.

As the two worked on him, he could feel his balls getting ready to explode.  Lisa could feel his cock beginning to spasm and warned him not to cum until he got her off. She rode his cock fervently, slamming her big butt up and down on it until she came hard.

The hot juices spraying onto his cock sent him over the edge and he began pumping cum from the head of his swollen dick.

When they were finished, the two cops made him lick their pussies clean.  As he finished, Lisa squeezed his balls tightly.

"You breathe a word of this and we will deny it ever happened.  If we ever catch you fencing stolen property again, your ass will go straight to jail.  Now get the fuck out of here before anyone else comes and you do get arrested."

Lisa and Jane drove back to the station and took a long, hot shower before ending their shift.

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Re: The Alternative
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See this is how to cut the number of cases flooding our courts. Let the arresting police to determine guilt anyway they can!. Great story Darklord and good source of inspiration!

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Re: The Alternative
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It might cut the court cases, but maybe it wouldn't reduce thieving. With those two lady officers, every time I saw their squad car heading my way I'd think "Damn, what can I visibly steal right now so they see me?"
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Re: The Alternative
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It might cut the court cases, but maybe it wouldn't reduce thieving. With those two lady officers, every time I saw their squad car heading my way I'd think "Damn, what can I visibly steal right now so they see me?"

 ::)  This.  I'ma break a window of something. "I slipped.  Uh, you don't wanna take me in, right?"

Great story, as usual, DL.