Author Topic: Brutalised by Black. A wife's night of horror.  (Read 43480 times)

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Brutalised by Black. A wife's night of horror.
« on: June 29, 2017, 09:49:50 PM »
Disclaimer borrowed from the greate Vile8r

WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy. Any similarities to real people, places or situations is purely coincidental and not intended!

So my wife and I had been having troubles. She was so stressed from work and I guess we started to drift apart. We hadn’t had sex for 6 months and I thought it might be a good idea to get away from the stresses of city life and have a vacation.

I rented a log cabin in a beautiful wooded area far away from the city. She loves nature walks and has told me that being in natural environments makes her feel incredibly at peace. I thought it was the perfect place to rekindle our spark and get our sex lives back on track. I was very wrong.

My wife Katie is 23 and I’m 30. She has porcelain pale skin and quite short silky black hair. Big round hazel doe eyes and a cute girlish smile. Her lips seem to form a natural child like pout when her face is resting. Extremely petite at 5 ft 1inch and a really slim waist. However she has an enormous, round, thick butt and thick thighs that she has always been embarrassed about, but they drive me wild. She has gorgeous c cup breasts with bright pink nipples.  

She’s naturally very shy and nervous, and to be honest very vanilla in the bedroom. We were married for 2 years at that point but she wouldn’t let me do anything even slightly kinky. She was a virgin, for religious reasons, when we married and she still sees any kind of kinky sex as unchristian. It’s been hard for me as I have a high sex drive and an experimental nature in the bedroom.

It was the second day of our vacation and she already seemed more at ease than I’d seen her in a very long time. We were strolling through the thick woods. It was a warm day and she was wearing a yellow vest, no bra and skin tight white sport leggings that made her ass look gigantic. I walked behind her most of the way and was getting turned on looking at that huge rump. Normally she would never wear anything that showed the curves of her body but I think the mixture of us being isolated and her newfound relaxation lifted her anxieties.

As we walked into a clearing we saw a very strange sight. There was a tall black man bent over looking at the ground with an expression of fierce concentration. He was walking around slowly, staring intently at the ground. He seemed to see what he was looking for, bent down and picked a small mushroom from the grass. He looked like a typical city youth and was so out of place in an environment like this. “Evening.” I said. He swung round, startled. Seemed to calm down at the sight of me and replied, “Alright”. As we walked on I could see him staring at Katie which I could feel made her uncomfortable. She gave a curt nod and we left the clearing.

That night in the cabin I had just finished my shower. I came out with a towel wrapped round my waist and asked her how she was feeling. She told me she felt fantastic. I told her I loved her and she suddenly started kissing me passionately. “Wait here darling. I’m going to get a shower then I have a surprise for you.” She went into the ensuite bathroom and I waited for her.

When she came out I was in a state of shock. She was wearing black lace panties with stockings and suspenders, shiny black knee high leather boots and elbow length gloves. Her breasts were exposed.  

“I’ve been looking at your internet history darling. I know what you’re into.” She giggled in her girlish manner. But she looked very uncomfortable in her new outfit. It’s hard to describe, it was like a child playing dress up with her mum’s clothes. Her naturally naïve nature didn’t suite the slutty image but there was something about that nervousness, that naivety that turned me on even more. She looked around to the mirror and stopped smiling, her child like pout returned and I could tell she wasn’t happy with how she looked.

She turned around and looked at her ass in the mirror. “My god sweetie it’s getting bigger!” she gasped. It was true, it was. She only seemed to put weight on in her ass. It was nearly at the point where it would look unnatural compared to the size of her waist. I dropped my towel and my 6 inch hard cock was pointing straight up. I walked up to her, held her tightly round the waist and kissed her intensely.

“Your perfect Katie.” I told her as I stared into her huge doe eyes. “No… Your lying, you’re going to leave me for a skinny girl with a tiny cute bum bum who does sexy things.” She covered her face and pouted half in jest. I kissed her neck softly. I knew at that moment that this woman was hands down the sweetest, purest soul I had ever met in my life. She was my sacred, my beloved.

Suddenly there was a huge crack! We heard footsteps leading to the bedroom and then there were four large black men in our room. Katie shrieked in shock.

“What the hell!” I shouted but at that moment one of the men punched me hard in the solar plexus and I dropped to the ground. Two of the men pulled me up and tied me to a chair in the corner of the small room. Katie had covered her chest and was shaking. “Told you she was fine boys dint I. And look, she’s dressed for the occasion” The tall man we had seen in the woods said to the others. He was the tallest, at least 6’3 but they were all over 6 ft. One of the men grabbed Katie’s arms and pulled them behind her back then tied them with rope.

She looked at me, still shocked. “Please.” Her voice quivered, “don’t hurt us. We… have money, we can… give you money.” The largest man stood in front of her and slapped her hard across the face. “We aint here fo no money bitch.” He said. “Leave her alone you bastard!” I shouted. One of the men who had tied me up punched me hard in the face. “Listen you fucker, if you want your wife to survive this keep yo cracker ass mouth shut and don’t you dare close those eyes.”

They pushed her to her knees and all started unbuckling their belts. They stripped off showing their well-toned and muscly bodies. I couldn’t believe how well hung they all were. The tallest man must have been 8 inches flaccid! They started stroking their cocks and when fully erect each came close to or over 10 inches, with the tallest man looking nearly 12. All very very thick. They stood over my beautiful wife. My stomach felt like I’d been given another punch, it dawned on me what was happening. I couldn’t believe it, a sickness like no other rushed over my whole body and I started shaking uncontrollably.

“Please, please… please don’t!” My wife sobbed as the men’s giant black dicks where gently hitting her across the face. “Listen bitch you don’t want to know what will happen to yo fella if you don’t.” One of the men knelt down and softly stoked the curvature of my wife’s plump butt. She winced and her body jolted.

“Very nice. Very sweet.” He looked over at me and smiled. He grabbed at her soft doughy ass with his thumb and forefinger and started shaking the pure white flesh. Her ass gently rippled as her face scrunched up in embarrassment and shame. She looked across at me with despair in her eyes. I could see her welling up. The panic and desperation in her face. The man stood up and pushed his cock close to her face.

It was pulsing as he stroked it. Big thick veins covered the extremely thick member. The head glistened and drops of pre-cum were already oozing out. She hesitated and looked at me tied to the chair. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and then suddenly burst into tears, sobbing uncontrollably. She placed her mouth around the head and gently pushed herself forward onto it.

Her mouth was stretched wide. She covered the head of his cock with her mouth. The man gripped the base of his cock and fed more into her innocent girlish lips. Her violent sobbing cut through me. I was watching my one true love being forced to suck the massive throbbing cock of a violent black thug.  Tears were streaming down her face and her sobs were muffled by his huge dick. Her head bobbed gently up and down on his black cock as he lifted his head to the ceiling and moaned in pleasure.

He put his hands on the sides of her head and started moving her deeper onto his huge cock. “Aww fuck that’s good.” He moaned. I looked on in abject horror. The man was taking pleasure from my wife’s innocent mouth. Her lips went further down the shaft of his cock. I could see her bottom jaw trembling. His well-toned ass was clenching as he gently pumped her sweet mouth. His black cock was glistening, coated in her saliva. She caught a glance of me in the chair, her eyes quickly darted away in shame and her sobs intensified. The man pushed her down even further but she began to gag on his big dick. “Please… It’s too big… I … I can’t,” she pleaded through her desperate sobs.

The man on his left pulled her off his cock suddenly. “What da fuck!” said the first man who was having his cock sucked. The second guy roughly grabbed the top of her hair, wrenched her head back, she opened her mouth just in time and he pushed his big black cock down to the back of her throat. She made a violent gagging sound and he put his hands on the back of her head and face fucked her hard. Her whole mouth was stretched wide. She was wildly gagging and spluttering over his giant cock. “Yea taste that black cock bitch.”

The look on his face was pure pleasure and amusement, he was grinning wildly as he thrust. He started laughing and that’s all I could hear, his laughing and the choking, retching sound of my beloved wife gagging on 10 inches of pure black cock. Her arms were thrashing, trying to break free of the rope. All I could see was the back of her head being knocked back at lightning speed by the furious assault on her mouth.

“Let her breathe! You’re going to kill her!” I let out in desperation. I got a swift kick to the face for that outburst by one of the men. The man face fucking my wife stared at me intensely and began to double his pace. The sound of retching filled the room. His breath quickened into short bursts. He pulled her head off his immense cock for one second. A wild inhuman gasp came from my pure wife as she sucked the air for breath. He rammed it back down her throat. Saliva dripped down her chin. He went faster still. His breath was in sharp short bursts. Her arms flailed and thrashed in their rope. His breath quicker still. His thrusts harder. His face manic. Faster. Faster. His face started to transfix into space. A scream began to build. Louder and louder. Faster and faster.  The spluttering, the retching continued. The scream built to a maniacs war cry as he pounded her throat. A deafening howl of anger that shifted into an exhalation of ecstasy as he released.  

His whole body twitched as he pumped seemingly endless cum into my once pure wife’s mouth. His breath gradually slowed but he still stared into space. I’d never seen anyone cum that hard in my life. I didn’t know what was happening. I looked down and saw that I was hard again. Harder than I’ve ever been. Could I really be getting turned on by seeing my wife being brutalised?

The man pushed Katie backwards and her body fell to the floor with a thud. She was as still as a stone. Her head was tilted back and her fearful eyes looked up at me, her mouth was open. Her chin was covered in his semen where it had spilled out of her mouth and even then there was a giant pool of cum at the back of her throat. The largest man stood over her, lifted his foot over her head and said, “swallow it.” She had never swallowed cum in her life. She looked up at him, closed her eyes. Slowly, agonisingly slowly, she closed her mouth and gulped the insane amount of cum into her sweet body.

The largest man picked her up and threw her on the bed with such ease. He bent her over, spread her legs and ripped off her delicate black silk panties. Her magnificently huge ass was sticking out, with her shaved pink pussy and tiny asshole for all to see. Her huge thighs quivered in their stockings. The large man climbed onto the bed and grabbed her ass in a slapping motion. Her whole body jolted from the slap as her soft white flesh rippled across her body. His enormous black cock seemed to pulse in delight of this.

“God in heaven please save me. Oh lord above please save me.” Katie sobbed as she broke out again into gut wrenching tears. At this point my mind was going insane. There was no way that a cock that big would fit in my darling wife’s pussy. Yet there was a sudden rush of excitement at the thought of it. I had no idea what was happening to me. I felt sick.

“Please let someone else go first at least. You’re too big for her vagina. Please. For the love of God,” I let out weakly. He just looked back and laughed. “A woman this fine is not for fucking in the pussy my brother. Hey G-boy throw me that lube.” One of the other guys threw him a small bottle of lubricant. It took a while for the meaning of those words to sink in. But when they did they hit me like a speeding train.

Unlike my wife I had been with other people before marriage. I had slept with many women of all different shapes and sizes. Some are built for anal, others not. But I have never seen a woman’s asshole tighter than my wife’s. At times I tried to stick my lubed little finger up there when we were doing doggy style and was met with a sharp yelp from my beloved. I have always dreamt of being able to do that with her but never wanted to cause her pain.

Now the thought of his monster cock ripping through her tiny asshole filled me with such extreme dread and excitement that I was beside myself. I tried to wriggle out of the ropes but they had tied me good. This monster black cock was unlike anything I had seen. A huge glistening black head, a slight curvature to the left that looked more pronounced due to its immense size, heavily veined, and as thick as a man’s arm. As he was opening the lube this massive cock was gently swaying with the slight movement of his body. Pulsing at the pleasure it will soon feel. The pleasure of destroying my wife’s body.

He squeezed the tiniest drop of lube onto his finger and placed it in the centre of her asshole. She was looking into my eyes, her pleading eyes were saying, ”Help me! Do something!” But I couldn’t or maybe because I wouldn’t. He shifted his knees into position. He held her waist just above the dramatic curvature of her beautiful ass cheeks.  He lowered her asshole to just the right height. Grabbed his cock below the head and moved it into position. He breathed out slowly.

My wife was beside herself crying at this point. She was hysterical. She wailed and pleaded for him to reconsider, begged him to do anything else. She told him she would fuck them all, told them she would swallow each of their loads. Screaming now. “PLEASE!!PLEASE!!NOOO!!PLEASE!! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!” Tears were soaking the bed sheets. She was desperately jerking at the rope with her bound wrists. Tried to change position but he held her firm. He was taking his time and enjoying every second. He raised his hand high and slapped her ass as hard as he could 5 times. Her soft cheeks violently wobbled and she cried out in pain. “This is happening ho! Deal with it! You’ll thank me later I promise!” He scowled. An instant red mark flushed her huge swollen ass cheek. She stopped resisting and just sobbed in despair.

He placed his left hand on her back and held his massive black cock in the other. The head pushed against the tiny hole, barely bigger than the man’s japs eye. He pushed hard against her asshole. “This is gonna hurt bitch! So be prepared.” The glistening head was being forced against her hole, the hard bell of his huge dick pressing up against her tiny pink anus. She was in pain but it hadn’t even gone in yet. At this point he knew he had the right position. He knew that all it would take was force.

He slapped his huge hands on the sides of her swollen porcelain ass cheeks and with one swift yank he pulled her back with as much strength as he thrust forward. In one forceful thrust he had sunk balls deep into her innocent virgin asshole. Her enormous ass cheeks rippled with the vicious thrust. Her mouth was agape. Her eyes widened. She was frozen in time for a brief moment, and then the most deafening, heart piercing scream came from my beloved. Her screams filled the room. Deafening and desperate. Even the other black guys winced. My heart sank. I couldn’t believe he did it.

He held it still for a second, squeezing her big juicy ass. Then he pulled out nearly to the head and rammed it back in mercilessly. Then again. And again. Brutally powerful deep thrusts that made her whole body savagely convulse each time. She was screaming at the top of her lungs now. I’d never heard such a terrible sound, such a desperate heart wrenching cry. Her body shook in spasms of shock and pain. Her face was flushed bright purple, tears streaming down her cheeks. She was sweating profusely.

He got off his knees and onto his feet, still deep inside her. Clenched her waist tightly and began power fucking her hard and fast. Her soft fleshy ass cheeks began rippling violently and rhythmically with his powerful thrusts. Her whole ass looked like waves of soft flesh hitting against the shore of her waist. Her thick thighs wobbled as he mercilessly assaulted her hole. He was spitting and clenching his teeth like a madman.

That insanely massive black cock ferociously violated my sweet wife’s virgin ass. He kept fucking faster and harder. The speed that he could pound her delicate hole was astonishing. His piston like body, perfectly toned was like a demon possessed. The pure brutality of the penetration, the sheer cruelty of his thrusts made me feel violently sick.

I looked at my sacred wife with such horror and pity. She was helpless to endure this giant black cock stretching her sweet hole. Her body was never built for this kind of punishment. I’ve never seen such torment in a person’s face. I’ve never heard such guttural howls of pain.

I couldn't hold it anymore. I turned my head and vomited on the floor. The room spun, my vision blurred. As I regained composure my vision refocused on the man, a sick grin stretched across his face as he joyously laughed.

He slowed down a little and clicked his fingers at his friends. They instantly jumped on the bed and found a position. One slid under her and the largest man lowered his prey down onto his friend’s impressive cock. The big black veiny cock pushed through her tight pussy as she was helplessly penetrated. Her body convulsed and her face scrunched up, wincing as he violated her.

She looked back at me. Her face defeated, her eyes wild. I stared at my perfect wife, her frail body brutally filled with massive black cock.
“Please help me!” She begged finally before her mouth was stuffed with the thick black cock of the first man she had sucked.

They pushed her down and resumed their supernaturally fast power fucking. The man who had violated my wife’s mouth with his giant load had recovered by now and two of them shared her mouth.

I could clearly see my wife’s ass hole and pussy stretched and filled by these beasts. They seemed to synchronise their rhythms and were viciously pounding her body with unnatural speed.

My poor beautiful wife, her holes have never had anything like these freaks inside her. Her poor pussy and ass started expelling air from the intensity of their pumping. The prolonged wet squelching sounds made the animals laugh and fuck her even harder to make it happen more. The horror of shame on her face when it happened was indescribable.

The two men assaulting her sweet girlish mouth seemed to be in competition to see who could fuck her mouth faster and who could sink their cock deepest down her throat. They forced their massive black dicks so deep that you could see her throat bulge as they fucked her.

Their cocks were dripping wet and glistened with her saliva.  Thick sticky streams of juices from her throat spewed out onto her chin. Her face was a splattered mess of spit, cum and juice from the ruthless face fucking. The retching spluttering sound was only broken by the sound of violent gasping when they let her breathe. Her once beautiful big doe eyes bulged horrendously from the merciless pounding of her sweet mouth.

It was a sea of flesh. Black on white waves crashing together in violent pleasure. There monster cocks brutalised my wife for the best part of 2 hours. Her whole body was in spasm. Excruciating jolts of pain ran through her. Her head was shaking side to side like a manic when not being violently thrust in. She was screaming the whole time she could, her arms flailing madly, desperately trying to break free from being viciously violated.

At times she grunted like a wild animal. I thought this was the most sadistic it could get. The sickness, fury and exhilaration were so intense. I stared intently at her pussy and ass. These huge black cocks ripped through her body with such speed and ferocity.

Her pussy lips and asshole stretched outward on the outstroke of each thrust. Huge black cocks in all three holes monstrously pounding her sweet body, violating her delicate frame. They built up to waves of incredible speed and intensity.

She started crying and sobbing more intensely as she knew what was about to happen, she knew she couldn’t hold it back. She looked back at me and I knew. I had seen how her face changes, how she becomes one with the rhythm when it’s happening. She looked back at me, as she felt the intensity of her orgasm building, as the disgust on her face was replaced by a wildness I had never seen. She grinded on their cocks and screamed. Wailing loudly from pain, pleasure and shame. Her body began to convulse in violent climactic waves. Suddenly her sweet liquid started gushing out of her pussy. The man below her pulled his cock out while her violently thrashing body was in full spasm. Liquid streamed from her pussy coating the three men in front of her. Her ass was still being brutally pounded while her pussy squirted her beautiful pure liquid over the men. They opened their mouths in delight as her pussy gushed over their muscled bodies and her piercing scream filled the room.

The four men had never seen a woman do that. It gave them a new ferocity to their fucking and as her orgasm subsided and her holes tightened, her pain became magnified. But their pleasure was building to a crescendo.

Her pussy was quickly refilled. Faster and faster. Her tight holes being brutally pulverised. Making sure she felt the pain and the power of their superior black cocks. Her throat was aching bad, her pussy was on fire with pain and she’d never felt anything as agonising as what was happening in her ass.

 They viciously pounded harder and harder, faster and faster. All breathing in short sharp bursts. All building up to simultaneously shower the insides of her body in their semen. To fill her holes with their hot black cum. “Please! Please! No more! I’ll go insane!!” She begged in a last ditch effort. They hammered away. Still breathing fast.

The first were the two in her mouth. One gripped the back of her head so tightly, so fiercely. He was pounding her throat like a mad man. She heard him scream in pure violent pleasure, felt the cock pulsate. Felt the hot salty cum flood her mouth. Choking and spluttering on his huge load as it lightly dribbled out of her mouth.

The other man quickly crammed his meat back into her mouth. She slobbered the hot cum over his cock as he forced her to deepthroat. More sickening retching sounds came from my beautiful wife. As he rammed her throat, spit, semen and streams of thick sticky juice spluttered everywhere. The thick discharge had matted her hair and hung from her chin. I looked intensely at my wife but I could not see her anymore. All I could see was a pitiless creature being ravaged beyond despair. Her throat rapidly bulged in and out as he impaled her. He brutally pounded. He stared intently into her eyes and mentally forced her to lock onto his gaze. Her fearful eyes obeyed. His face scrunched into a sadistic scowl. Teeth clenched and baring. Grunting like a wild beast. His cock was fully engorged in the depths of her throat. He started screaming fiercely into her face with pure horrendous rage as his orgasm reached its extremity.  Her terrified doe eyes tried to retreat, tried to look for a place to mentally hide like a beaten dog but he wouldn’t let her as his thunderous cock cascaded hot thick semen directly into her stomach. He pulled out mid explosion to shower her face and tits in his thick black cum. As he slid his big dick out, he slammed her mouth shut with his large hand, held her nose and squeezed her jaw. She reluctantly swallowed all that remained.  

The black cocks were still pounding her ass and pussy, thrusting together. Making sure she felt the pain of big black dick. Making sure she was destroyed completely before they left. They built up together. Her body now limp as she weakly moaned for help that wouldn’t come. The intense hard hammering of her tight holes. They panted in short rhythmic bursts together. Going as fast as humanly possible. They started screaming together. Building up an inhuman war cry. Their faces clenched. Her enormous ass rippled intensely. Deep waves of soft white doughy flesh pulsated across her plump cheeks and down her huge thighs.  All three writhed together, dripping in sweat. Their whole bodies glistened. The wet slapping sound of black flesh on white. As the thrusting became truly manic, their balls tightened. The largest man was frothing at the mouth, in a trance of pure brute insanity. His toned ass cheeks clenched. His 12 inch pure black cock sadistically pounding her ass with inhuman intensity. Together their black bodies twitched and their muscles tightened. Their prolonged savage scream shook the room. She screamed with them, a disturbing, guttural shriek of horror at the ferocity of their imminent orgasms, at the pure primal pain of the sadistic sexual ordeal. Their ferociously maniacal climax erupted as their huge thrusting black cocks pumped into her. Their thundering screams pierced the soul. Hot black cum gushed into the depths of her body, streaming out in explosive waves. Slow violent thrusts. Their wild panting began to slow, tightly grasping my wife’s soft wet flesh as they pumped semen into her pitiful body. Their faces slowly unclenched, staring into nothing as they found themselves lost in a world of vicious pleasure, of pure wondrous ecstasy. Their last violent pulsations and a final grunt of exhalation as they all collapsed into an entangled mass of heaving spent flesh.

Their dank quivering bodies panted together for some time. Finally the men climbed off my wife. The largest man’s cock pulsed slightly as he slowly slipped out of her anus. There was a faint slurping sound as the monstrous shaft gradually emerged. My eyes widened in absolute utter disbelief as I saw what was left of my beloved’s asshole. In place of that tiny pink inlet was a gigantic gaping hole, a colossal pink and red chasm opening deep into her body. The walls sprayed with his semen, a deep well of cum in the centre of the abyss. I nervously waited for her sphincter to clench, for that vast orifice to close. Her inflamed ringlet weakly pulled into a large slackened lumpy mass, a considerable black void in the centre that refused to recede.

Her limp and lifeless body was thrown on the bed. She collapsed on her side, as still as a stone. Cum spurted out of her ass and pussy as the last air escaped her ravaged fuck holes. Her large cheeks were pressed together as it spewed noisily from her crack, spraying the bed sheets. Semen streamed out of her mangled holes in huge cascades. Her mouth was soaked with cum. Thick droplets hung from her lips. Thick juice hung from her chin. Her tits and neck were drenched in glossy layers. Her short black hair wildly matted and splattered with sticky white discharge. Her whole body was randomly convulsing as she stared into space. Her dead eyes open but cold and comatose.  Fixated on nothingness. Entranced by the magnitude of her own oblivion.

Then the nightmare was over. They untied us, dressed themselves and left without a word. They had sodomised and brutalised my wife to the point of insanity and she laid there for the next 2 days crying while I held her. This is now the only thing that I ever masturbate to. The only thought I have when I fuck her. It was the most horrible, yet exciting experience of my life and my wife will never be the same. Now she asks me every night to rape her in horrible ways to relive that night. Every night the extremity increases, the sickness magnifying. Like me she is obsessed with the sheer sexual brutality of the event that changed our lives. Our sex lives have become a cathartic mixture of pain and pleasure. We will never forget that night. [/color]
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Re: Brutalised by Black. A wife's night of horror.
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2017, 10:26:35 AM »
Fantastic first story, good plot and a logical progression of events.

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Re: Brutalised by Black. A wife's night of horror.
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That one sure painted a vivid picture. I'm not so much into cuckoldry myself, but there's no denying that was an intense and well-done rape scenario.
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Re: Brutalised by Black. A wife's night of horror.
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Thanks for the comments guys. It was a lot of fun to write. I'm thinking about my next story think it's gonna be an incest based one next time. Got some basic ideas.

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Re: Brutalised by Black. A wife's night of horror.
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I liked the story its exciting throughout.  Excellent >:D

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Re: Brutalised by Black. A wife's night of horror.
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Re: Brutalised by Black. A wife's night of horror.
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I love black on white stories!
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Re: Brutalised by Black. A wife's night of horror.
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Liked it a lot. Wouldn't mind a second season of adventures from this lucky pair.

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Re: Brutalised by Black. A wife's night of horror.
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Love black/white and cuck stories!!!!!! ermm I mean decent story emot_bghug.gif :sign_badgirl:

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Re: Brutalised by Black. A wife's night of horror.
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Wow, very hot story.  Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Brutalised by Black. A wife's night of horror.
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Wow, what a SUPERB story. My favourite situation! I have so often fantasised about being in this sort of situation (as the husband), or some variant of it...watching my wife helpless and fucked/ raped to degradation and beyond. Not to everybody's taste, I accept, but for me this really hit every button. Well, perhaps having her fear being impregnated by the rape would be the only possible improvement...but I repeat, what a magnificent story, well done and I hope we get many more!