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Trouble In Fallujah
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Warning!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt.

Dani Merat was counting the days that would see her out of this hell hole.  She was a free lance reporter working in the city of Fallujah documenting the retaking of the city by Iraqi forces.  She tossed her gear into the back of the jeep and sped down the dusty street towards the hotel she and her camera man were staying at.

Suddenly her jeep was surrounded by militant rebels.  Dani was dragged from the jeep and tossed into the back of a truck with a canvas covering. A bag was placed over her head and her hands tied behind her back.  She lay in the floor of the truck, her body rolling from side to side as the truck sped along navigating turns.   All she could hear was the excited voices, mostly in Arabic, of the men that surrounded her and she understood very little.

When the truck stopped, she was dragged out and taken into a small building.  The ropes were removed from her hands and she was forced into a wooden chair, the hood still covering her head.  Once again, her hands were pulled behind her and tied to the back of the chair.  Her legs were bound to it as well.   She heard them all leaving, then everything went deadly silent.

She struggled against her bonds, screaming for someone to help her, but no one ever came.  Minutes turned to hours and the daylight outside turned to darkness.  She suffered the indignity of pissing herself while restrained to the chair.

 Finally,  she heard a noise.  She could hear footsteps coming her way, and heard their voices as they spoke to one another.  They were female.  Dani felt the hood suddenly jerked from her head and her eyes strained to focus.

When her vision cleared, she was in a dimly lit room.  Two females, maybe in there mid twenties, and each wearing camo pants and black t-shirts, stood glaring at her with angry eyes.  One held her camera and an assortment of glossy photos in her hand.

Dani watched fearfully as they approached her chair, then felt a stinging slap across the face from one of the women.

“You are an enemy of the people.  A spy and a traitor with your pictures.  When the men tell us that they have taken a foreign woman captive, we volunteered for the pleasure of torturing you.
On your feet slut!” the woman growled as they both worked to remove the ropes and then pulled her to her feet by her hair as she screamed in pain.

“No, please,” Dani sobbed. “I’m just a reporter. I will leave, I promise. I will leave and you will never see me again.  Just let me go, please.”

“Your words are like a poisonous serpent.  We know exactly what to do with you, you traitorous bitch!,”  One yelled as she spat on the floor in a gesture of disgust.

Dani tried to struggle but their grip on her was too much.  She watched helplessly as the women began to rip and cut her clothes off and toss the shredded pieces aside.

“Noooo! please stop!” Dani yelled as the two women violently stripped her.  When one pulled down her panties, still wet with pee, she forced her to step out of them, then shoved them into Dani’s mouth.  Her face turned ashen as the acrid taste of her own urine lay on her tongue.

“How does your piss taste, American whore?” the woman barked as she Jerked Dani’s head back roughly, nearly causing her to choke.

Dani pleaded through her panties to be let go, but her muffled voice only amused the two rebel bitches as they released their grip on her hair and stepped back a few paces.
“Put your hands behind your head and spread your feet!” One screamed at her.  

“Do it now bitch!” the other screamed when Dani did not move quick enough.

Dani was an attractive female with raven black hair, and a curvy build.  Her C-cup breasts were firm with pointy nipples and a circle of light brown areola.

Both women approached Dani with sadistic grins on their faces and began flogging her tits. Dani winced, sobbed, and moaned against the panties in her mouth as the flesh of her breasts turned a violent shade of red and the fiery pain spread through her body.  She wanted desperately to cover her naked breasts and protect them, but she held her arms behind her head against her will.

Occasionally the women would stop the hellish assault only to walk forward and stretch her tits out by the nipples, purposely causing her more pain, then resuming the flogging.

When the merciless assault of her tits were finished, they felt like they were on fire. Both we a dark red in color and tears of pain streamed down Dani’s face.

Moments later, one of the women walked behind her and pulled her hands together behind her back, cuffing the wrists one again with metal cuffs.  The other stood in front of her and pulled roughly on her hairless pubes, stretching the fleshly lips painfully.  She screamed through the panties, which were now soaked from her saliva.

With one hand stretching the pussy lips, the woman began smacking it with her free hand. The pain was unbearable as Dani shook her head back and forth, pleading and begging for them to stop.

Dani then watched helplessly as three pairs of scissor clamps were attached to each nipple, and one onto her pussy.  The weight of the dangling clamps, combined with the sharp ends biting into her tender flesh caused a new misery to be felt in her body.

The two women delighted in tapping the scissors and watching Dani bend and wince in pain.

As Dani concentrated on the biting pain to the front of her body, the two women walked around behind her and began taking turns caning her bare ass.  Dani had the perfect pear shaped butt with sensual round mounds; the perfect target for the two sadistic rebel bitches.

Soon, the creamy white mounds were a shade of dark red with streaks of darker red marks where the cane had made numerous imprints. As the tears flowed down her face, she felt a new humiliation.  The two bitches were prying her butt cheeks apart and teasing her asshole.

At the same time Dani felt one of the women force two of her fingers into her pussy and begin fingering her, not in a gentle manner.  The shame and humiliation of having her sex violated was almost as bad as the pain they had inflicted upon her.

As the woman cruelly finger fucked her, she used her thumb to rub her asshole.  Dani felt nauseated as her body began to become aroused and her juices began to flow.

“Please stop!” she pleaded through the drenched panties.

The woman skillfully took her to the edge of orgasm then abruptly withdrew her fingers. Walking to the front, she pulled the drenched panties from Dani’s mouth then forced her fingers inside. “Lick them! Lick every bit of your own juices from my hand whore,” the woman growled.

When she was finished toying with Dani, they dragged her into a corner and fastened her arms above her head to metal clamps in the brick wall.   They then encircled the rope around her stomach and ran a strand between her ass cheeks and forward, ensuring that it went tightly between the pussy lips.  

Stretching the rope until it was wedged tightly between the lips of her sex , they tied it to an overhead fixture and left Dani groaning in pain unable to move.

“Please….don’t leave he here like this.. It hurts!” she sobbed.

“We want it hurt.  We will return for more treatment soon spy slut,” one remarked as they both laughed and left Dani struggling with the rope biting into her cunt and ass.

As time dragged by, Dani’s pussy and ass were being rubbed raw by the course rope and she was certain she could not take anymore.   When the two women did return, they taunted Dani by forcing her to drink water and down some tasteless food.  She was relieved when the removed the ropes, but soon found herself lying flat on the floor on her back.

One of the women knelt by her head and put a strangle hold around her neck. “Don’t move of fight bitch, or I will choke the very life out of you!” she threatened.

The other stooped down and spread Dani’s legs wide then produced a long stick with something on the end that had been fashioned into a phallic shape and covered with a nylon glove.  She pressed it against Dani’s pussy and forced it inside sans lube then began crudely raping her with it as Dani screamed and begged her to stop.

The woman gripped the end of the pole and drove it harshly in and out of her cunt, grinning as watched the tip pummel her victim.   The harsh rape continued until Dani lost consciousness and passed out.

A cold blast of water shocked her back to reality.  She opened her eyes to find both women completely naked.  One grabbed her by the hair of the head and forced her onto her hands and knees where she was made to crawl towards the other who had sunk to her hand and knees with her legs spread wide.

Dani’s face was shoved in between her legs until her nose was was practically rubbing the woman’s asshole.  “Lick her slut!” the woman screamed as she slapped Dani on one side of her face. “Don’t stop till we say so!”

It was the most revolting thing Dani had ever done as she flicked her tongue over the pink folds of the woman’s cunt.  The overpowering scent of the other woman’s sex was intoxicating as she tried to concentrate.  All the while she was aware of the heavy hand of the woman on her hair, holding her in this position.

When the woman came, she coated Dani’s face in a sheen of ejaculate, then the two switched positions and Dani was forced to orally service the other female as well.  For the next hour or so the women forced her to lick their pussies and asses to several orgasms before they shoved her across the floor.

“No more playing with you,” One said as she hung a rope noose over a heavy pipe on the ceiling. “You are to be hanged as an enemy to the people,” The woman sneered.  

Dani shook her head and begged them to spare her.  Just as they had dragged her to her feet, a loud explosion shook the place.  A hail of artillery fire followed as Iraqi forces shelled the building.  

Dani curled up in a ball in the corner shivering as the battle raged.  When everything went silent and the place was filled with smoke and the smell of gun fire, the rescuing force grabbed her, put a shirt over her body and carried her to a vehicle which transported her to a hospital where she was treated and held overnight for observation.

While she was thankful that the ordeal was over, she knew there would be nightmares and flashbacks for a long time to come.
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Oh, yes, bravo. Two thumbs up on this one.
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Re: Trouble In Fallujah
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Thank you kindly :)