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The Hotel
« on: June 28, 2017, 02:44:18 AM »
Been a very long time since I have been on here. I thought I would just share a little story I wrote for my own pleasure. Wishful thinking ??
Hope everyone is doing ok.
Suzi xxx

WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

The Hotel

From the first I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea.
I was so nervous even after having made all the arrangements and gone over them a dozen times in my head.
I was going to be gone for a whole weekend and as far as everyone knew it was to be with my younger cousin who had twisted her ankle.
She and I were very close and she had covered for me in the past. However this was a different kettle of fish. This meant lying to a lot of people at the same time. She had to make sure none of the rest of our family came to ‘help out’ either.
She had assured me she would get along fine and would use the weekend to eat microwaves dinners, ice cream and watch movies, movies which I supplied as a bribe.

So here I stood waiting to be picked up at the railway station nearly a hundred miles from my hometown and from safety, albeit boring safety.

I shifted from one foot to the other and felt how my legs slid silkily against one another. I wore black stockings with a lacy top above my patent leather boots. The skirt didn’t stop the breeze finding its way to my bare shaved pussy. The skirt was long enough to not look out of place on the commuter train but light enough to blow about in the breeze.
My leather jacket kept out the cold, it felt heavy over the thin grey blouse. I had buttoned up the high collar as you asked, reminding me to keep my posture. My nipples could feel the tough leather through it as you had specified no bra either.

I looked at my watch again and walked up and down besides the iron railings flanking the station. It was ten minutes before you were due but I was frightened to miss you so I stayed out in the cold instead of going into the warm waiting room.

The ten minutes seemed to take hours to pass and my heart jumped when finally a car drew up beside me.
It was a Honda, black, low and sparkling clean.
I didn’t want to make a fool of myself despite being told you had a black Honda, so I stood still waiting.
You got out, lean and tall, just as I imagined. You wore a white shirt open at the neck and tight black jeans.
I looked down unwilling to meet your eyes.

‘Get in the car.’
I did what I was told sliding onto the warm beige leather and swivelling my legs, putting my small bag at my feet before you shut the door.
There was quiet music playing and I willed my legs to stop trembling while you pulled away.
You drove fast and sure, it was your town after all, but there was no way I was going to relax.

The hotel you had chosen was a good one and after parking around the back you took a small suitcase from the boot and then opened my door.
‘Get out.’
It was only the second time you had addressed me and I obeyed instantly.
I smiled at the clerk as you checked us in as a married couple. I wore a wedding ring and had the kind of looks that never aroused suspicion so I sailed through knowing I looked the part.

‘I hope you’re naked under those clothes.’ You whispered as we got in the lift. I looked up at you as you studied the digital display. I remembered all the words we had shared, all the things you had ordered me to do. I felt the heat suffuse my pussy, it crept up and into my face. I looked down quickly knowing I was now dripping wet.

My heart was thumping as you toyed with the keyfob, swinging the large photo encased in plastic in front of your thigh. I tried not to think further than getting to the room and clutched my small leather bag to my chest trying to stop my heart from leaving my chest.

The lift pinged and I looked at you. Your eyes bored into mine until I dropped mine with a gasp. You stepped past me and strode to the door, number 15. At that moment I could have run and got back to my cousins before nightfall to eat ice cream and watch 50/50 again.
But I followed, paused for a second and then walked through into the beige and purple interior……

I felt cold even though when I glanced at the thermostat it was set at 21c. I looked round the room and then put my bag on the floor near the long dressing table. There was a T.V on the wall over one side of it and a kettle on the other. The big bed was made immaculately and there was a kind of sofa bed against the wall which was where you placed your case.

The window was shrouded with slatted blinds, not there was much of a view anyway, just a grey carpark and some struggling trees.

The sound of your case being clicked open brought my eyes back to you.

‘Suzi, look at me, I need you to know what you are doing now. When you take off your clothes and I lock them in here you will be my property for the weekend. You have no rights anymore, nothing, not even the right to ask for mercy.’

I relished the sound of your voice. I had heard it only once before on the telephone when you had told me to make myself come for you and speak to you while I did it. It was rich and deep but gentle. Your words should have meant more but all I could think of was how much I wanted to please you.

‘I understand.’ I whispered. Even as I said the words I couldn’t believe what I was doing. The shivers had left me and I was feeling hot now, this was like a fever, a madness!


I looked up into your eyes, you stood only four or five inches taller than me but you felt like a giant to me. Your hands were outstretched waiting for me to place my clothes in your hands.
I first of all unzipped the skirt and with a slither it fell to the floor, I bent my knees picking it up, stupidly modest after all that I had done whilst you were on the other end of the keyboard.
Next came the leather jacket, a soft padded biker jacket I’d had for many years, worn in and a little faded at the elbows. It was hard to let that go as it was something of my past.
Now all that hid my modesty was the prim grey blouse whose tails just covered my mound.
I looked up again and you were frowning, I realised I was being hesitant and started to unbutton it. My nipples hardened further as the whisper thin fabric fell away, last were the buttons on the cuffs which I undid with trembling hands.
You stopped me as I went to take off the stockings, I knew then you liked them and smiled a little myself.
‘Your bag.’
I passed it to you and you took out the spare panties and my phone along with my address book and perfume.

I watched as you folded the blouse on top of my jacket and possessions placing them in the case. You took out a brown cloth bag, before closing the case and locking each small chrome lock with a tiny key.
You put the key in a stout brown envelope with some writing on and stuck it down.
Then you smiled and walked towards the door.
‘Did you eat today?’ you asked.
‘Only breakfast, I was too nervous to eat since then.’

You didn’t answer but left taking your wallet and jacket.

Alone in the room I felt the nerves again and shivered. I took a long look at the case but didn’t touch it. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the sides of the soft duvet around me. I thought you may have been mad at me if I actually got into the bed so I covered myself in such a way that when you came back I could drop the duvet quickly.

You were gone for at least half an hour, I had no watch, I’d always used my phone as one so I couldn’t be sure. I thought about turning on the TV but then I wouldn’t hear your approach.

Suddenly the door lock scraped and you came in, giving me hardly any time to throw back the covers. You carried a white plastic bag which you put on the long table and then looked at me.
‘Get on your knees.’
I did so quickly and felt the warmth of the carpet even through the stockings.
‘Take off my jeans and from now on you will call me Sir like you should have already. I will punish you for forgetting that.’
My hands shaking I couldn’t believe I was really with you in the flesh and was going to see you for the first time. You had always made sure I showed myself to you but I only ever had one photo of your face to know who I was talking to.

I lifted your shirt first pulling it clear of the waistband then I looked and saw the jeans had buttons instead of a zip. I began with the thick black leather belt and thought how I would love to feel it against my backside as I undid the dull metal buckle and let the belt dangle.
There was a bulge that was warm against my hands as I popped the buttons open one after the other. You were wearing white briefs which surprised me, I expected silk boxers in black or something sinister like that as I drew your jeans down.
I could smell your arousal along with the clean washing powder aroma and it made me squirm as I sat on my heels.
I reached down to remove your shoes pushing them to the side and slightly under the bed. Your jeans followed and folding them I laid them on the bed.
I looked up to see you watching me like a hawk, which was how I always thought of you, like a bird of prey. I put my fingers under the waistband of your briefs and began to pull them down when you struck me across my face with your open palm. Tears sprang to my eyes and I dropped my hands.
‘You don’t listen well do you?’
‘I’m sorry.’
‘You’re sorry what?!’
‘I’m sorry Sir.’ I whimpered.
‘What are you sorry for?’
I was silent because I didn’t know.
‘You are a stupid whore, you don’t even know how to listen to orders. I told you to take off my jeans.’
You gripped my face in your hands, it stung from the blow.
‘I didn’t tell you to get my cock out, you cock hungry whore.’
Now I knew I would have to be very careful with what I heard as well as what I did.

‘Use the bathroom and clean yourself. Do you think you can manage that?’ you said sharply.
‘Yes… Sir.’

In the bathroom I used the loo and then washed as thoroughly as I could, I had no idea what was going to happen but I didn’t want to be guilty of not doing what you asked.

There was quiet music again when I came back into the room, it was cooler than the bathroom but that didn’t explain my hard nipples, they had been that way since I got in your car.

‘Come here.’
I obeyed instantly and stood by the bed.
‘Lie down on your stomach.’
I did so and felt another surge of wetness between my legs.
You slapped me hard on my backside and told me to open my legs.
My face burned with embarrassment when you got behind me and hooking a hand under each of my hip bones you lifted me until I was spread and open right in front of you.
‘How does it feel to be displayed slut?’
‘I don’t know Sir.’
‘Wrong. You know how you feel. You disobey me when you don’t answer properly.’

I felt your weight leave the bed and I scrambled around in my brain for something that would please you.
‘Please Sir! I only want to please you.’
‘Then tell me the truth.’
You followed up your words with a swift pain which made me cry out loud.
You laughed quietly.
‘You had better keep your noise down unless you want a scene your husband will read about in the tabloids.’
Another lash followed on my other cheek and I bit my lips to try and keep my cry from escaping.
I stole a glance sideways and saw you had a light cane with a black handle, all the more vicious for its slenderness.
‘Are you going to tell me now?’
I hesitated and before I could form some words and I was struck again, once on each side so quickly I could only gasp.

I tried not to cry, the pain was awful, coming in waves.
‘Yes Sir!’ I said loudly.
You waited and I sniffed back tears before speaking.
‘I feel embarrassed. I feel dirty but it excites me too.’
‘Ok slut. Good enough for now.’
You ran your fingers across the welts and then to the inside of my thighs beside my pussy. You brushed them over my lips and dragged the moisture down my leg.
‘You’re such a wet slut. You want some more pain?’
‘No Sir…I mean yes.’ I tried not to lose it as I answered.

The moisture made my face burn with shame and I thought about all the times I had hidden alone to give myself pain for you. Now you could do it yourself and I could feel what it was to receive real pain.
‘Turn over.’

I did and straightaway saw you were naked now. The thin white shirt was on the chair and I looked at your perfectly proportioned body with wide shoulders and strong arms, narrow hips and long legs.
You were proud standing there as you looked down at me. Your expression was cruel, your eyes shining, large and darker than I remembered.
Suddenly I felt a cold slide in my stomach.
I hadn’t told my cousin the right town where I was going just in case she told on me. What if you had been stringing me along all the months we had communicated? You could beat me more than I could stand and leave me here. Or worse still kill me, I could see you would have the strength.

‘Well Suzi, do you want to taste?’
I smiled nervously.
‘Yes Sir.’
I leaned forward and you took my hair in a hard grip.
I reached out my tongue to touch the tip of your cockhead. The pre-cum was sweet, not unpleasant. I lapped at you, taking my time.
You made a noise somewhere between a moan and a sigh as I slid my mouth down further. It felt wonderful to feel you filling my mouth. I totally forgot my fear for a few moments as the ridges and veins in your hot and swollen cock caressed my lips as I drew you in and out. I murmured happily.

I was dragged off you and you held my hair tightly causing me to gasp.
You pushed me roughly down and away from you; I wondered what I had done wrong. I could see you were thick and ready to take me but you didn’t.
You reached down to your bag and you took out a gag.
‘Open your mouth.’
‘Please no. I won’t make any noise.’
A backhander that made my ear ring was your answer….

I sat back on my haunches as you fitted the ring gag. I had seen what kind of gag it was which had made me panic. I’d never had one in my mouth and I was terrified of it. My mouth ached from normal blow jobs, this would be so much worse. Even though the tough metal was covered with a layer of silicone I was scared it would hurt me. You made me open my mouth as wide as I could and then slipped the smooth ring under my teeth. As soon as it was in I felt it with my tongue and began to salivate. I felt so exposed, more so than being naked. You fixed the buckle behind my head tightly and I wanted to tell you that a tiny piece of my hair was caught but all I could do was made an unintelligible groan. I wanted to reach up and stop it hurting but I knew if I interfered I would get worse than the cane.

You stood back to admire me and I tried to suck in the dribble but it was useless. I closed my eyes in disgust of myself.
I snapped them open when I heard a shutter go off.
‘Gnurrrg’ I shouted, covering my breasts instinctively. I shook my head and went to undo the buckle of the gag.
I’d never agreed to photos and I was angry.

‘Oh no Suzanne, you have a gag on because you have no say in what is happening now, not gags, not pain, not photographs. You will not remove it.’
Your grip on my bicep frightened me again, your power over me. Power I had given you not an hour ago and now regretted.

I fought then with all the strength I had, I had changed my mind and wanted out. I had no safe words and couldn’t speak them anyway with my mouth made useless for speaking.
We struggled on the bed but it was no contest as I soon ended on my stomach with you using rope to tie my hands. I cried in frustration as you flipped me over on the soft bed and sat on my legs. I could feel the prickling of your hair against my calves. I looked up at you and took in the sight. You had a slight flush but were not breathing that hard, not like me, my chest heaved with effort. I had a faint sheen of sweat from the struggle and my face was wet from tears and my saliva. I was a mess, some hair in my face and my nose was wet.

You sat on me while I calmed down, I had no choice now but to allow whatever you wanted.

You moved upwards sitting gently on my chest, rubbing you erect cock between my breasts and then as I looked into your eyes I knew what you were going to do next. You lifted yourself up and pushed the first inch of your veined cock into my mouth. As you brought it out again there was a wet sound and you smiled.
I was mortified by the noise, your hard thrusting was nothing like the almost loving way I had treated you before. This was oral rape.
I heard rather than saw when your breath came faster and your movements even rougher. I wriggled under you but could only move a couple of inches and not enough to get out of your way. You began to leave less and less time for me to breathe until finally you went rigid and, moaning, you held my head and the sudden explosion of your hot cum filled my throat.
I had to swallow or choke…..

The tastiest fruit is always bruised.

Tony V.
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Re: The Hotel
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I have missed you so, Sweet SuziC!! Welcome back to "The U!!"

An excellent start, will there be more??

I do hope so....

Tony V.                  :police:

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Re: The Hotel
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Damn suziC that was not something to read at 8 in the morning, now i'm have to take a cold shower before going to bed. Should put another warning -Not to be read if alone and about to go to bed! Please continue this!

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Re: The Hotel
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I was wondering if I could do a follow up.
Close 'behind' this one...Hint   ;)
The tastiest fruit is always bruised.

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Re: The Hotel
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Nice read Suzi. Good work.

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Re: The Hotel
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I am so surprised and pleased by the replies. :]
I will really try and make time to write more.
Thank you all
Suzi xxx
The tastiest fruit is always bruised.