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Shepard Traynor Date Night (fanfic lesbian)
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I figured I would try out something a little different, hope people enjoy. also i am not sure of the rules of fanfiction on this site is it allowed? also as always please leave comments and criticisms below and in pms if you prefer.

I pace my room nervously. No not nerves, its not nerves, why would I be nervous? Okay its nerves, I'm scared, I'll admit it, scared as hell. Why am I scared, its only a chess game? What is so scary about playing her at chess? I might lose, humiliatingly, and people would know the great secret, Commander Jane Shepard cannot play chess. Oh why did I agree to this, why did I say yes to her offer of a chess game? Because she is very pretty. OK well yes she is very pretty, and very smart, and very funny and very sexy. And there you go with the blushing, at least she hasn't arrived yet so she cannot see you. Shut up. No you are the one who is blushing at the thought of this girl, for fricks sake you are Commander Jane Shepard, you destroyed the Collector Base, you killed Saren, you are the hero of Elysium and you can handle one night with a girl alone, and besides its only chess for certain, what do you think is going to happen? I might embarrass myself, or do something inappropriate to a subordinate officer. Is that a fear or a hope? A little of both maybe, probably, definitely. I lean against the cool glass of the fish tank, that helps, resting my forehead helps me think, I breath deeply, once, twice, three times and I am almost calm, then I hear the elevator whirring. Damn that's a loud elevator. Who cares she is nearly here, crap, oh crap, feign illness, hide under the bed, do something smart so you can't let her know how you think. The door knocks, I jump slightly but quietly, creasing my nervously smoothed dress uniform. Did you have to wear that? Its the best thing I own. Who cares, it makes you look all official, its just a chess match, you could be in your hoodie, your nice comfortable hoodie, but no, you want to make an impression, and show off the shiny medals on your breasts. Stop thinking about breasts! I will when you stop thinking about hers. Shut up don't argue. I hope to gods I am not blushing or breathing to much when the door raps again, I hurry over and smile in a hopefully cute way then open the door.

She stands there, so calm, so sublime, so pretty, no stop it, no chance to blush.

“Good evening Sam, do come in,”

I say, somehow I am not shaking and my voice is clear, I invite her inside and let her go ahead of me, allowing a quick stress relieving hand to run through my burgundy hair. She looks around the place, eyes taking in every detail, he eyebrow quirking in curiosity at the model collection, both assembled and those still in progress on the desk, damn it should have cleaned those away! Maybe they will be a talking point, don't be a ship geek about it though, I am not a ship geek! Yes you are a ship geek and you love it really, it makes you tingle all over when you finish the models. Shut up Sam is talking!

“Wow Commander, I knew CO quarters were nice, but I had no idea they were this luxurious,” she said, her dulcet tones and beautiful, sensual educated accent send warm shivers down my spine. Is this what EDI does to Sam I wonder? Shush, answer her don't don't just stand like a lemon!

“Most luxurious quarters in the Alliance,” I say lightly, she smiles and the room lights up, I smile back as she looks around.

“Oh you have your own shower, lucky, the women's bathroom shower faucets are crap,” She said, I nodded with some sympathy, that shower was my guilty pleasure, it was like a thousand warm hugs every second, we all know what you mean. Shut up! Oh come on just accept that you are very lonely and move on. Shut up! “Could I be very cheeky and ask to use your shower?” she said, slightly nervously.

“Of course, feel free,” I say smoothly, her smile becomes a great beam of light in the room and looks just so excited, like it is the best news she has had for a while, she looks so cute when she smiles, like really cute! Control Shepard, keep calm, try not to get your panties all wet over Traynor. Shut up!

“Thank you so much Commander, I'll just go get my stuff,” she says, practically bouncing off of the walls, she turns and leaves the room. I watch her go and lean against the cool glass of the fish tank as I hear the elevator whir again.

That went well so far. Yeah you didn't screw up, you didn't kiss her, or tell her anything that you desperately want to tell her. Yeah, like I could tell the girl of my dreams that I like her and would like to get with her. Jack did with Liara. Well Jack is like that, maybe you should be like Jack. What shave my head and get inked? No, well who knows, maybe Sam fancies tattooed bald women, ask her. No. What's the harm?a harassment lawsuit, or maybe a courts-martial for fraternisation, or maybe she would be more direct and just slap me! Or she might say yes and you both get inked up and shave heads and have lots of hardcore sex and you need to stop blushing at every thought of sex! I am not blushing, my cheeks are just hot! No you are blushing because you have never reached 1st base! I am only two years old! No you are 32 years old and never been kissed, that's kinda embarrassing, if you were on the Extranet more then you would be a wizard by now. Shut up she's back! I stand up from the cool glass, hoping my face is composed as I hear the door knock, I run a hand over my hair again then open the door, there she is, as composed as ever, even with a small bag and what looks like  folded dressing robe in her hands.

I invite her in and show her to the shower room, she smiles and steps in the room, the door closes and I go to the sofa and sit down, I hear muffled fumbling. god that door is really not soundproofed at all, worth remembering on curry Thursday. Shut up! Then I hear the water start to run, and a very nice moaning as Sam stepped in, “Oh this is heaven, Commander, I can just feel the stress washing away from me,” I hear her call out, maybe that's not all you will hear. Shut up perv! What you were hoping as well. Shut up! If you stop blushing I will! I run another hand through my hair and feel the intense heat in my cheeks, I take a hurried drink of water, maybe too hurried and I feel my eyes water as I choke down far more than a mouthful, I miss hearing Sam speak as I choke and splutter.

“Sorry Sam what was that?” I ask as I get my breath back, I rub my hair and hope my choking won't stain or mark my uniform too much, should have worn the hoodie, got plenty of stains on that. No I don't its clean. For now maybe.

“I was just thanking you Commander, there's someone I really want to impress, and with the normal showers I wasn't going to impress her,” she called over the running water. Her? That's very interesting, ears open Shep, you might be in luck.

“Oh? Special is she?” I ask, daring to hope. Hope what, this was meant to be a chess game? And if anything happens then that's a courts-martial. Stop being boring!

“Very special, I just don't know if she has noticed me or not, what do you think?” she called, I'm confused, is she flirting with me? Should I go up there? Yes, go and tell her, now is the time when she is naked and wet, and possibly wet. Shut up and no, she can't mean you, why would she like you? A 32 year old once dead virgin with low self esteem, why would anyone be interested in you?

“What if she has noticed and is scared to say so?” I ask. Please clarify, please clarify.

“How would I know that though?” she asks. I hear the water start to slow down and then trickle to nothing. Two minutes later Sam emerges through a cloud of steam, she is in the dressing gown tightly done up, though with just a hint of enticing cleavage, her sleek wet hair is loose over her shoulders, her cheeks are slightly pink, I don't know if that is the heat. Something more maybe? She pouted slightly then walked over to the chair opposite me, she gracefully sat down, “How would I know if she is interested but just scared?” she asks. There is something in her voice that makes me wonder. Is that sadness or a desperate attempt at an appeal?

I frown as I consider my answer, “Maybe,” I say thinking carefully, “Maybe you should make the first move, tell this girl that you like her,” I say. Way to follow your own advice Shep! Shut up!
Samantha Traynor leans back as she considers this, then she nods slowly before she seems to remember something, “Oh we were meant to be playing chess,” she says as she rushes up and grabs the chess set from the pocket of her hanging overalls, “Its just a travel set but I take it everywhere I go,” She says as she returns, she sets it on the table between us, then settles more comfortably into her chair, “Rock paper scissors Commander?” she asks.

“Please Sam call me Jane, or just Shepard, we are both off duty,” I say, and she smiles and nods in reply.

I lose the rock paper scissors so she sets herself up as white and moves her pawn, “Forgive me for asking Jane,” she blushes as she uses my first name for the first time, “What's with the models? The hamster is adorable and I understand having the little guy around, though I will need to stay away from him due to allergies, but I just cannot work out the reason for the model ships.” she meets my eyes and quickly looks back to her board.

“You are allergic to hamsters?” I ask, bidding for time to answer her question, I move a pawn at random.

“I'm a colony kid Jane, we didn't have the budget to have prenatal gene therapy for anything other than life threatening illnesses, so allergies are sort of common on Horizon.” she says as she moves her horse. Knight, it's called a knight.

“Oh,” I say softly as I move another random pawn, “The ship models though,” I begin but Sam shifts uncomfortably.

“Oh no if its personal then I don't want to intrude or anything,” she blushes as she moves her bishop. She is so cute when she blushes, say something or you will lose her!

I try to gather my thoughts, “No its okay Sam its a fair question, I make the models because, well because I like to, it's relaxing and quite fun, I like ships, how they work, how they move, I dunno how to explain it,” I say, trying to keep her at ease, I move a castle and she frowns in thought as she looks at the board. Oh there's that look. What look? The sexy look she makes as she is working a problem out. The frown? No the pouty frown, the nice one, the one that makes you wonder when else she makes that look. Oh that look. Yes! Yeah I like that look.

Her bishop takes my castle, I use my pawn to threaten her bishop and she quickly uses her knight to protect her bishop, “Oh I didn't know there was more to you, that came out wrong I meant that your deep, I mean, oh I'm doing this wrong,” she blushes and stops talking quickly.

I suppress a giggle, so she gets flustered, so cute, like an Asari, all graceful and sexy, then they squeal like a schoolgirl. Maybe Sam would dress like a schoolgirl. Stop it! A girl can dream can't she? Not like that she can't! This is why you never get laid! Shut up and answer! “Its okay Sam, most people know me from the ANN and from the whole Elysium and SPECTRE thing,” I say, hoping, praying that I am not blushing at the image of Sam in pigtails and a dress. There we go, lighten up Shep, maybe you might have a good time. Keep that mental image! No! But. No! Aww you are really boring sometimes! Shut up and listen. I move my knight, she swiftly takes it so I take her bishop.

“I am sure there is more to you than the media shows, I should like to know you better,” Sam says, she blushes fiercely, as she moves a piece. She's interested. No she isn't, that just came out wrong, look at the blush she just made a mistake.

The game continues for a blur of slightly embarrassed conversations and chess moves until eventually I settle back and tip my king over. “That would have worked in real life, you use a defensive infantry position to break a calvary charge,” I say, slightly peeved, for a minute at least I had been making Sam struggle. Sam has a content smile on her face as she listens to my excuses, she sips some of her water. Should have used wine, much more fun.

“That's the thing about games, they don't always work the way of real life, I am quite glad about that, I would be rubbish in a real fight, sort of opposites there aren't we both.” she says

I raise an eyebrow, “Opposites?” I ask.

“Well you are amazing, sometimes during missions, if the coms are being handled by EDI, I just watch through the suit cams, first time I saw you Biotic Charge I nearly threw up, its truly amazing,” she said excitedly, then she seemed nervous again, “Terrible that it is needed but still its, interesting to see.” she says.

I blush, see she noticed you, say something cool or kiss her, her hand is right there, stroke it, tell her. No! She said she was interested in the charge, keep talking about that! “So did I, first time I successfully charged I threw up, still makes me queasy sometimes,” I say with a slight smile at the memory. Great talk about puking, that will get you in her panties. Stop thinking of her panties! Yeah mention that time you ate a Turian cheese by mistake, that will get everyone in the mood. Stop being sarcastic!

Sam smiles at me and we stay in a comfortable silence for a moment then she yawns, it is getting very late. “I should probably go off to bed Jane, I have an early shift tomorrow, it would be bad if I got in trouble, its been a good time though, we should do this again sometime,” she says with another smile.

I stay sitting as she moves back into the shower room to change, then I decide to say something, to say how I feel, I stand and walk over, she emerges as I get close, fully dressed with her gown folded    over one arm, she smiles at me, somehow, I feel my cheeks heat slightly, but forced it down. I would do this. Good girl, get that booty! Be polite about it at least!

“Er Sam, er I was, er I was wondering um, I was wondering if you,” I star to say, she quirkes her brow again, and my nerve disappears, “Would you like a cup of tea Sam?” I ask instead as I walk with her to the door. Chicken! Says you!

She smiles, “I might, if there is decaf,” she says, we walk towards the door and then she stops, she turns to face the fish tank, watching an eel swim past, she seems embarrassed and almost upset, I almost reach out to comfort her, “Going back to what we were saying earlier, you really think I should make the first move?” she asks.

I swallow nervously, then nod, “Yes, I think now more then ever is the time to be bold.” I say, hypocrite! Bitch!

Sam nodded then smiled, “I think I will then, she needs to know how much I like her,” she says, she seems relieved.

I smile encouragingly “That's the spirit Sam,” I say. She smiles at me and starts to move towards the door. She gets level with me then turns and leans in. I feel her hand, gently firm on my shoulder, the other caressed the back of my neck as her lips press against mine.


I open my eyes and realise she has stopped kissing me, she is just holding me, it feels so right, so warm, so nice, her face is full of concern and her cheeks are slightly pink, “I'm sorry, I shouldn't have, I crossed a line, I'm-” she is cut off as I stroke her cheek with a shaking hand, she closes her eyes as I caress her.

“Sam,” I say quietly, I feel her hand slip down my arm to grip my free hand.

“Jane,” she says in a whisper.

“It was me?” I ask, she nods.

“Ever since I met you Jane, you are just so sweet and so funny, and so smart and so beautiful, and I never thought I could be with a girl like you,” she says.

I take a shaking breath, feeling a tingling in my lips where she had been but a moment before, there was a magnet feeling, like I wanted to kiss her again, to stay in that moment forever, her lips against mine, for all eternity. “But you could do so much better than me, I'm just an unloved soldier, your the smart, beautiful dream, I've never even been kissed before” I say quietly, I feel tears start to fall down my face as I confess my most shameful secret.

She makes a hushing noise, “Jane,” she says, she brushes my tears away, “Jane,” she says again then kisses me once more. I feel her lips, warm and moist against mine, feel her hot breath against my cheek, feel her hand running sensually through my hair, a slight pressure against me then my back is against the bulkhead. One of her arms goes around me, my arm does the same to her as I stroke her hair. I feel her lips motion mine open, her tongue, slowly, tenderly, nervously slides past my lips into my mouth. We stay like that, locked in embrace, kissing, and stroking for several long, blissful moments, then we break apart, we stay quiet for a minute, breathing heavily, chests heaving, I knew my cheeks were burning, my mouth in a stupid, happy smile, she was the same. She closes her hands around mine, “I really have to go, I really do have an early start Jane,” she says, I stroke her palm with my thumb.

“Okay,” I say quietly, not wanting her to go, “Okay,” I say again, not moving.

She releases my hands and strokes my cheek, “Goodnight Jane,” she says and presses her lips against my cheek, then turns and walks, swaying her hips, towards the elevator. I watch after her, she pauses and gives me a last smile as she leaves, then the doors close.

I sigh and lean against the warm bulkhead, That went well. Yeah. Very well indeed. Yeah. We felt her boobs. Stop it! We did though! Yeah. I sigh again then hear the door knock, I jump then compose myself, I open the door, there she is, still flushed, still smiling, “Sorry Jane, I left my chess set behind, may I?” she asks nervously, I nod, not trusting myself to speak. She quickly grabs it from the table, then as she passes back to the elevator, “I mean it this time, I really do have an early morning,” she says, I just smile and press a kiss into her cheek, she makes a happy noise then sways back into the elevator. I hear it go down to the crew deck and I lean against the bulkhead once more. I close my eyes and sigh, feeling my lips tingle where she had kissed me. That went very well. Yeah.

I sleep fitfully, I keep dreaming of Sam, reliving the kisses, the talks, the kisses, the cuddles, the kisses. I wake tingling all over, again and again, I wonder if she is feeling the same, I wonder if she is tossing and turning all over her bed. Then smiling I manage to sleep some more. I wake early, dress in casual clothing, wearing my comfortable hoodie, knowing not many would be awake, other than the eternally vigilant EDI, Joker would be awake, Adams and a few others as well, but not many on the CIC. I go down the elevator and emerge behind the galaxy map. I look around for her and frown, she isn't there. She said she had the early shift? Did she miss her alarm? You should go wake her up. No! Then from the War Room she emerges, looking slightly tired, maybe she didn't sleep well? Nice! Offer her tea. Yes she would like that.

Sam sees me and smiles slightly. “Good morning Ja-Commander,” she says nervously, she blushes as she nearly reveals the intimacy of the night before. I smile back, hiding the butterflies in my stomach. She smooths her hair down in a show of nerves and briskly takes up position by her terminal at the galaxy map, “You have new messages and Asari high command has a high priority message at the QEC,” she says in full professional mode. I leave to talk to the Asari and when I return deep in thought about Ardat-Yakshi I check my messages, though not paying particular attention until I see one from only a few minutes ago, I smile as I see the name of the sender, I look over and she is utterly focused on her terminal, though with just a hint of a blush. I open the message “Another chess match?” it says, I look over to her, at first glance she looks engrossed in her work but there is a certain tension around her, I smile slightly and move over to the galaxy map, as I pass her I lightly touch her hand, she stiffens momentarily, “Another match would be nice,” I whisper, she smiles at me and nods.

Joker sits in his chair, going through the morning checklist, the EDI bot sits next to him, serene and unconcerned as she runs through the Normandy's systems for the checks, “Jeff I have a question about human interaction,” she says. He sighs, this again, as much as he cared about her, she was very inquisitive.

“Okay EDI, lay it on me,” he says, leaning back into the comfortable leather seat, once more glad that the alliance hadn't replaced those.

“Does human chess usually involve a confession of feelings?” EDI asks.

“Never played so I have no idea, why do you ask EDI?” Jeff replies, he frowns, is this about that video? Asari students and the games they play, hell of a movie.

“A chess game I observed recently involved a confession of romantic feelings and then an act of physical intimacy, I have never observed chess before and I wondered if it was normal, an extranet search on chess intimacy resulted in several hits from your search history but little else.” EDI says, Jeff shuffled in his seat at the reference to his porn.

“Like I say, never played it myself, you should ask Traynor, she's the chess nerd,” Jeff says, then frowns at the destination sent to his display, he punches the coordinates into the navigation computer and waits a few seconds while EDI computes a course, he watches as her graceful form stands and walks back towards the CIC, “Where are you going?” he asks her, trying to be subtle as he stares at her ass.

“To ask Specialist Traynor about chess and physical intimacy among humans,” EDI says.