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Naughty Fran's Neato Plan (F/f, rape, nc)
« on: June 27, 2017, 01:11:57 AM »
WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person. That’s the legal part. Here’s the important part to me. This is fantasy, by the author, to be shared with readers who share in such fantasies. That is the story’s sole purpose for being here. In the real world, this sort of behavior is simply not acceptable, period, by any of the laws or morals of any humane people. That means you too. If you actually hurt someone without their informed consent, just stop. Take a deep breath and stop right now. That’s not your right. A surprising number of subs exist out there, so take the time to meet one and make your corner of the world a better place. Don’t trash two lives letting your frustrations get the better of you.

Naughty Fran’s Neato Plan

It was getting dark, and Fran had been scanning the parking lot of the rest stop for a couple of hours. She spotted potential mark after potential mark, but there were always too many witnesses around, or something else was off. Finally, she spotted the kind of woman she wanted. Tall, taller than Fran was by two or three inches, shapely, blonde, about twenty to twenty-five years old. Tight jeans. Bright blouse. Cowboy boots were an added bonus, and Fran licked her lips. The woman got out of her Jeep and headed into the ladie’s room.

Fran did a quick scan of the parking lot. There was one big rig parked in back, but he was hundreds of yards away, probably sleeping. She sent a quick text and then hopped out of her car, hurrying over to join the woman. She spotted the familiar grey Explorer a half mile off, getting on the freeway but staying in the exit lane for the rest stop. Then she went in.

“Boy, it’s getting late,” Fran said loudly to the woman, already sitting in a stall. “I’m sure glad someone else is in here. It can be dangerous you know.”

“Uh huh,” Blondie said quietly. Fran washed her hands and checked her makeup in the mirror. She added a touch of eye-liner. Meanwhile, Blondie exited the stall and walked over to wash up.

“Long trip?” Fran asked.

“No, just couldn’t wait to get home,” Blondie replied with a big lie. She had out of state plates.

“Yeah, too much coffee at the office will do that,” Fran said. She had a chance to get a really good look at Blondie, and her pussy tingled just thinking about the tall stately blonde’s body pressed against her own. Just then the outside door opened up. Blondie didn’t even think to look that direction until one of them spoke.

“Hello, ladies!” the big curly-haired cowboy said loudly. Blondie spun around in alarm, and Fran followed her lead.

“Hey, you can’t be in here,” Blondie said, loudly but lacking all conviction. She was already in panic mode.

“Yeah, what gives?” Fran asked.

In response, one of them opened his jacket to reveal a large gun. Not just a handgun but a sawed-off shotgun, which he pulled out and aimed their way.

“You’ll give! You’ll give us your purses!” he said with a grin as he used the same joke for the twentieth time.

“Okay, okay. Here it is!” Blondie said, handing hers over. Fran handed them her token purse. One of them took out her wallet.

“Loraine Beekman. Hi Loraine!” he said with a mocking grin.

“And Candice Lattimer,” one of the others said to Fran. “Can we call you Candy?”

“Please just go,” Loraine begged.

“Please just get undressed! Both of you! Clothes off! Now!”

“Oh god!” Loraine sobbed as Fran tried to look worried while undressing. She didn’t mind men looking at her. It was kind of a thrill actually. Men were such easy creatures.

“Faster, whore!” the one with the shotgun yelled. Poor Ronnie, he was always so impatient. But Fran and then Loraine were soon both stark naked, standing in the rest stop bathroom. Loraine looked crushed.

Ted began to unzip. “So, who wants to suck my dick, ladies?” he asked. “You, big tits? Wanna suck me off?”

“Oh, please!” Loraine sobbed.

“Hey, hold on,” Ronnie said. “I’ve got an idea!” He quickly conferred with the other two quietly, probably talking about what kind of pizza to order later on. They turned back to the two women.

“Alright,” Henry announced. “We won’t fuck you, if you two whores fuck each other! And we want it intense! I mean there had better be biting and blood!”

“Are you joking?” Fran asked.

“We don’t joke, whore.”

“You, you want… We have to… Her?” Loraine wept, looking back and forth between Fran and the three men.

“I’ll do it,” Fran said. She turned to Loraine. “Okay? Please? Don’t make me let them rape me!”

“She’s the hotter one!” Ronnie burst out, looking at Loraine. “I could fuck her ‘til morning ‘til her uterus pops on out!”

“Okay, okay. Oh god!” Loraine cried, turning to Fran. “I don’t know what I’m doing!”

“Neither do I,” Fran said. “Let’s just try this.” She leaned in, angled her mouth up, and gave a big kiss to the taller, shapely blonde. She pressed hard, digging her fingernails into Loraine’s nude back, opening her mouth and pushing her tongue at the other woman’s closed mouth. “Please, you need to respond or they’ll rape us both!” Now Loraine opened up, letting Fran French kiss her at will. She ran her hands down to Loraine’s smooth, bouncy butt. What a great butt it was, too.

“More! Harder! Show some feeling!” Henry ordered. Fran reached around front, cupping and then squeezing Loraine’s ample bosom, rubbing the woman’s nipples and turning them hard in an instant. Loraine tried to keep up, groping Fran’s ass as well. Fran nearly melted as the hot blonde groped her there. The other woman even worked her fingers down a little into Fran’s butt crack, making her almost yelp with glee.

“Down on that floor, both of you!” Ronnie said. “Roll around in the filth!”

Actually, the floor was pretty clean, all things considered. But it was still a rest-stop, and if Fran didn’t have a germ fetish she would never try such a thing. Loraine cried some more but both women knelt and then laid down on the floor, continuing to embrace and make out. Fran’s juices were flowing hard. She really was ready to go. She slid herself down and began licking and biting on Loraine’s tits, without waiting for Henry to tell her too. “Yeah, keep that up,” he said instead. Fran zealously went at those big, broad, milky white titties and their big, stiff nipples.

“Oh. Oh. Ow! Oh god, not so hard!” Loraine sobbed, trying to push Fran away.

“No, keep that up! That’s good,” Ted said. “Bite those nips! Bite them harder!”

“I have to,” Fran whispered before starting to chew on the woman’s titties. Loraine cried out in pain, begging the men for mercy as Fran gnawed on her mammaries. Soon she was screaming as Fran bit down hard enough to draw blood.

“Hurry up, here,” Ronnie said.

“Alright, alright. You, Loraine, eat her out!” Henry ordered. “You, Candy, up against the wall!” Fran scooched up to the wall and sat with her legs spread wide. Loraine crawled up to her crotch and laid down on her belly, Ronnie’s foot on her back, her mouth pressed to Fran’s juicy pussy.

“Oh, ew!” she sobbed. “Please, I can’t do this!”

“Stick your tongue up her coochie or I’ll stick ol’ double barrel Pete here up your coochie, you fucking slut!” Ronnie shouted. Never mind that the Mossberg 500 Tactical was not a double-barreled weapon, the effect on Loraine was rapid and perfect. Fran groaned as Loraine stuffed her tongue deep into Fran’s cunt.

“Oh yes, oh wow, yes!” she cried. She even grabbed Loraine’s hair and pushed her face into her crotch even harder. “Oh god, that feels so good!”

“We got ourselves a closet dyke!” Ted smirked.

“Fuck you, mister!” Fran shouted. “You’ve got the gun! I can’t help myself!” She stopped as Loraine’s tongue worked its magic.

“On her clit!” Henry said. Loraine shifted, finding Fran’s clit easily. Her lapping and suckling was enough to send Fran over the edge, crying out and cumming loudly.

“Alright, alright. We can’t stay here all night!” Ronnie said. “Which of you sluts is coming home with us to entertain us?”

“Eenie meenie minie moe,” Ted began. “Catch a hooker by her toe. If she hollers, she’s a ho. Eenie meenie minie moe,” he finished, pointing at Fran. Ronnie took Loraine’s car keys from her purse and tossed them to her.

“You, get out of here!” he said. “Drive away and nothing more happens to you. We’ll just hold onto your phone and wallet and clothes.”

Trembling, glancing at Fran still sitting against the wall, and then looking at her car keys in her hand, she turned and fled naked from the building. Fran got up and started dressing while Ted watched out the door. “And there she goes!” he said. They could hear the squeal of tires. Quint walked in from outside.

“Man, I hate pulling watch duty,” he said, seeing Fran covering her body back up.

“It’s a fair rotation,” Ronnie said. He turned to Fran. “Okay, Frannie, pay up.”

“You guys should really consider the show payment enough,” she said, getting her wallet from her purse and forking over a twenty to each of them.

“I ain’t never touched you yet, Frannie,” Ted said. “I need more than just a show.”

“Yeah, he needs to buy hand lotion,” Quint joked.

“What pizza did you guys decide on?” Fran asked as they walked out.

“Spicy Italian.”

“Cool. Meet you there,” she said, heading back to her car. It was another fine Friday night to get laid.
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Re: Naughty Fran's Neato Plan (F/f, rape, nc)
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Hot story! loved it.  That is the best $20 bucks she ever spent.