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Marco's Gang Rape
« on: June 21, 2017, 05:06:36 PM »
I would see him around the neighborhood and didn’t give him a second thought but from the moment I found out that Marco was gay I was the voice in his ear; complimenting his looks, telling him how interesting I thought he was, generally talking him up; getting him to cozy up to me never letting on that I knew he was gay. He was just type of guy I was looking for, within just a few days of me talking to him he admitted to that he was in fact gay, I pretended to be shocked but then I told him that I was also gay then invited him to (The Clubhouse), I didn’t tell him much just where it was and that coming would be something he never forgot.
Now yes I neglected to tell him what I had in mind for him and yes I did imply that once he entered there was no turning back but that was mostly just for show.
It took a couple of weeks for Marco’s curiosity to get the better of him but he finally approached me and said he wanted in, I was so pleased to hear him say that, I mean just thinking about what was going to go down was exciting to me but first I had to inform the others first and make sure that everyone would be there when I brought Marco around, I spent a whole week completely pre-occupied; with thoughts of Marco, how much I wanted a guy like that naked, down on his knees sucking my dick was driving me crazy.
Finally I invited him out to the Clubhouse when I knew everyone would be there, from the outside it was nothing impressive it just looked like an old rundown one story house and that’s just how we liked it, when I lead Marco inside his eyes widened and he was simply speechless as his eyes darted around and he took in how lavish the inside really was.

There weren’t a lot of us; seventeen “career minded” men in desperate need of some in-house entertainment and it he had just arrived. I sat down one of four couches around the living room and pulled Marco down next too me, it didn’t take long to get tired of his chitchat and shut him up the fastest way I could reaching over, grabbing his hand and putting on my dick, then rubbed his hand around on my dick, Marco pulled his hand away when I started to grow and he realized that we were in clear view of everyone and anyone that was in the house.
Only a few of my friends saw and the all started to laugh at his innocent reaction and the embarrassed look on his face, as the guys all started to converge I could see panic and red flashing lights in his eyes so before I he had a chance to change his mind about being here I leaned over and kissed his lips deeply, passionately, trying to get his head all fuzzy.

My effort paid off when I pulled away from Marco and his was spinning, I could see it in his eyes, he looked dazed. I gestured for someone to get in his mouth, and one of the guys stood up on the couch and stuffed his dick in Marco’s mouth before he hade time to speak, I mean it’s not rape if he CANT say “No” right.
With a dick firmly in his mouth I pulled out my dick, grabbed Marco’s hand and used it to rub myself, his soft hands felt so good on me, I kept rubbing his hands on my dick getting harder while one of my friends fucked Marco’s mouth. More guys started to gather around as the moans got louder until all sixteen of us were on Marco, we were all rubbing over Marco’s body while stripping his clothes off piece by piece.
I couldn’t say for sure: Marco might have tried to push us off of him but there was just too many of us, within minutes there were dozens of hard Black and Latino dicks, in Marco’s face, rubbing them all over his naked flesh. There was always someone keeping Marco’s mouth full, but it wasn’t all about our pleasure, all sixteen of us took turns rubbing, kissing, sucking, and licking all over Marco’s body giving as much pleasure as we received.

I was the first one to enter Marco it wasn’t a rule or anything like that, it was just the way things worked out, Marco was flat on his back down on the floor, his ass was tight but he didn’t feel like as tight as a virgin as I pushed my way inside his warm pleasure hole.

The guys jockeyed for position around Marco, using his hands to masturbate themselves, sucking his toes, and generally rubbing their dicks on him; it was a mad sexual frenzy, like something off a nature show Elbows, back of the knees, even between his toes if the guys could get an angle on it was open season. I was in no way trying to hog Marco’s ass to myself but I sure did take my time with him pacing myself just trying last as long as I could but I was finding that difficult, the thick odor of sweat and balls, that coupled with the sight of all my friends with their dicks out was such a turn-on for me.
Unable to hold out any longer I let loose and flooded Marco’s hole with my warm cum, soon after my released I was shoved off to the side making way for one of my friends who wasted no time pushing his dick into Marco using only the mess I made as lube.

I stood up and took it all in, Marco was still on his back when one of the guys shot his load onto Marco’s chest, that’s when I realized that I was watching something primal; raw savagery, men pushing and shoving all trying to get to the source of pleasure laid out for them. I felt as if I was watching a train wreck, not that I was feeling bad for Marco, or feeling bad about what we were doing but I really needed to pee but I couldn’t turn my head away from all the action.

One of the guys got up and crawled right over to Marco’s face and let his load loose getting it all over Marco’s forehead and some on his cheeks, I wanted stay I had a feeling that if I left I would miss the best part but I had to get to the bathroom.
I got back to the living room to find that I was worried for nothing; all the activity had got the room hot and stuffy but it turns out I hadn't missed anything aside from a few more cumshots, Marco’s face, chest, and I’m sure the inside of his mouth was coated white with semen leaving him looking like a hot glazed doughnut. One after another the fellas were shooting off cum all over and inside Marco; there wasn’t a dry spot on his luscious brown body from the top of his head to the tips of his toes he was covered in cum and there was plenty more to come, every guy here had more than one bullet in their clip and we were all going to keep shooting until we were all empty.
It was going on three hours we turned and flipped Marco into every sexual we could think of; his hole leaked, it oozed from his mouth, his ears were filled, and his body was covered in our cum but none of the guys seemed too bothered about getting cum on themselves, but there was no other way to fuck Marco now without getting some on you, I myself had cum four times now twice inside, one on his face, and the most recent was sprayed on Marco’s chest.

Things started dying down, a few of the guys had completely satisfied their sexual needs and were off getting themselves clean but the living room was still very active, Marco had stopped moving, he wasn’t dead or passed out, he simply drained and laid there like a wet noodle which turned most of the guys off and they called it quits, I was done as well and was sitting one of the couches watching the few remaining guys that didn’t mind the way he was.

Another hour later when it was all over there was a pool of excess cum running off of him and onto the floor around Marco and I cant say seeing him like that didn’t turn me on, he laid there breathing hard and looking straight up at the ceiling, I helped him up off the floor, got him to the shower, and cleaned him up then brought him back to the couch and laid him down put a blanket over him then whispered in his ear “you were a nice little toy for me and the boys to play with… and didn’t I tell you that it would be something you never forget” then left him alone to get some rest………………..