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Every Saturday afternoon for 2 months, 20 year old Philip would head over to the fenced in basketball court in the large park across the street from his apartment building to watch some of the local men work up a sweat as they played unwittingly fueling Philip’s lust and sexual desires. This Saturday however was different, as he sat on the bench watching the weekly 8 man pick-up game one of the players took notice of Philip when the basketball they were using rolled across the court right up to Philip’s feet, “hey pass the ball” a muscular shirtless guy said walking closer to Philip.
Philip leaned over and picked up the ball and bounce-passed the ball to the shirtless man standing in front of him, “hey man, I see you here all the time… and you never try to play, so what do you come here for” the shirtless man said raising his voice drawing the other men he was playing with in closer gathering around Philip, “what are you some kind of scout?!” one other shirtless man hopefully asked as if it was his one chance to go pro, “c’mon maybe he’s just a fan of the game” a guy with his shirt still on suggested sounding like he just wanted to get back to the game.
Philip stayed quiet just wanting the whole thing to blow over and for the men to start playing again, “nah you know what, I think he likes watching us…” another of the shirtless men said, everyone seemed to quiet as the noticed Philip as he stood there with a guilty look on his face, “ughh! This fag has been watching us all the time and getting off on us” the first shirtless man concluded looking shocked and appalled as he dropped the ball from his hands.
The rest of the ball players were silent as the truth hit them like a ton of bricks, Philip stood and started to walk toward the gate and leave the court, he didn’t turn to see but the next thing he heard was a deep voice “I don’t know about you but I aint letting this gay bitch get away with this shit!” after hearing those words Philip turned around and saw that all 8 men were now leering at him, their eyes ripe with anger and hatred after learning his true motive for watching them week after week.

Philip turned and started walking heading toward the far end of the park planning to double back because he didn’t want to be followed back to his building. Philip couldn’t help but turn to notice that he was being followed by at least 6 of the 8 men that was at the court, Philip cut through some bushes trying to get away from his pursuers, in his panic Philip found himself cornered with thick bushes and tall trees on all sides, unable to move forward Philip’s only option was to turn back the way he came and try and find another way but almost as soon as he turned around and started heading back the 6 men following him caught up to him.
Philip looked like a trapped animal looking around for any opening finding only one and he didn’t hesitate to take it dashing between two of the men “whoa, where you going?” one of the men he was trying to rush past said grabbing him by the arms as the rest of the men moved in surrounding him and pushing him back into the bushes “stay back!” Philip shouted trying not to show just how panicked he was.
“Faggot”, “Gay ass bitch”, was just a few of the names the men called him as they pushed him around, it didn’t take long for name calling and pushes to turn into slaps and punches to the face and gut until Philip fell to his knees in pain. “You know… all these men touching on him, I bet this dick sucker is loving this” one of the men said, “You’re wrong!” Philip protested, “who said you could talk dick sucker…” one of the men said looking down at Philip, “you know what…” the same man said with a wild rage in his eyes as he quickly pulled his dick out of his shorts.

The rest of the men looked genuinely shocked and confused looking around at each other trying to figure out if thing were being taken too far, “suck it, dick sucker” the guy with his dick out demanded. The other men simply stood around frozen in their own uncertainty watching as Philip hesitantly moved his face closer to the exposed dick in front of him, “quite fucking playing!” The man shouted grabbing the back of Philip’s head and ramming his dick into Philip’s mouth, “all that time you spent watching us each week, this is what you wanted isn’t it? Take it then gay boy” the man taunted as Philip was made to suck his dick.

Unable to just walk away the other men watched on as their friend had his way with Philip’s mouth their dicks growing harder and harder with each passing second until another dick was taken out, this one fully erect, the second man moved in closer and started smacking his hard dick against Philip’s face and head, “suck mine too” the second man said, “he told you to suck his dick too!” the first guy snapped pulling his dick out of Philip’s mouth and turning Philip’s head to the second guy’s dick.
The first guy took his freshly wet dick and rubbed it on Philip’s face, 3 more hard dicks popped out and closed in on Philip. “You love this don’t you bitch” the first guy accused stroking himself while he watched his buddies use Philip, the last guy finally joined in waving his dick in Philip’s face along with the rest of the men.

Philip was torn; on the one hand beaten and bruised and on the other hand in a situation he had ever only dreamed about. 6 Hard dicks in his face, the dicks of men not driven by lust or desire but filled with a vengeful rage against Philip for using them as his own personal spank bank, “look at him go” one of the men said as they all watched Philip switch from one dick to the next slobbering all over them.

“Wanna just use ‘ME!’ like some fucking porno flick…” one of the 6 men said with his voice full of anger, Philip began to panic when he heard the all too familiar sound of a belt unbuckling, in one quick instant Philip turned toward the sound of leather and metal and saw that one of the men was undoing his pants and in that moment he took to his feet and tried with all his strength to make a run for it but as soon as he got to his feet and took one step he was stopped by the other men, “no one said you could leave….” One of the men said pushing Philip down onto the ground.
Philip looked back at the man as he got his belt off and pulled out his dick, then around at the other men surrounding him, he couldn’t help but notice their faces looking at their friend with an a appalled look on their faces, “hey “T”… taking it too far don’t you think?” one of the guys asked but Philip couldn’t tell which one it was’ all he knew was that one of the 6 men was against it.

The guy with his dick out walked over to Philip and pushed him down in the grass, the leafs, and the dirt onto his stomach, Philip laid there on the cold ground with a look of panic and dread on his face. Philip knew the truth of his situation; things had escalated where escape was impossible and talk was useless, like a forest fire that’s burned out of control all Philip could do now was just take whatever the men were going to do to him, all Philip could do was hope that sex was as far as this was going to go.
The man with his dick out leaned down and started violently yanking Philip’s pants until Philip’s ass was exposed to the 6 men around him, only 3 of the 5 men standing around watching stayed hard as they all watched in horror while their friend mounted Philip and let an seemingly endless stream of drool fall from his mouth onto his stiff dick.

Philip opened his mouth wide and was about to scream out in pain from the nearly dry penetration, but before he could one of the other men kneeled down and rammed his dick into Philip’s mouth muffling his screams. It didn’t take long for the man inside Philip to start pumping his dick deeper and deeper into Philip’s ass being rough he didn’t want Philip to enjoy what he was doing but it was also as if he himself didn’t want to enjoy it either.
Muffled moans and groans escaped from Philip as the man inside him begun to speed up his relentless assault bouncing his pelvis up and down on Philip’s ass cheeks “take this you fucking faggot” the one invading him said before letting out deep bellow before he stopped bouncing on Philip’s ass and stood up leaving Philip on the ground.
“Who’s next?” the man asked as he fixed his pants and put his still cum leaking dick back into his pants, but only of a couple of the other guys seemed to be willing to join in the rest of them seemed frozen at this point not wanting to go any further but also unwilling or unable to walk away.
The one making Philip suck his dick looked around at the others waiting for one of them to take the lead but that didn’t happen, “shit if his gay ass didn’t want something like this to happen then he wouldn’t have been watching us” the man that just finished said trying to agitate the men back to the excited state they were in when the chased Philip down in the first place.
“Man… T’s he’s right” the man who had Philip sucking his dick agreed as he pulled himself out of Philip’s mouth then moved around and he too mounted Philip plunging his wet dick right into Philip’s cum drenched ass.

The other men were just standing around not getting closer, without a dick in his mouth Philip decided to take the only chance that the men presented taking advantage of their apprehension Philip took a deep breath and shouted, “Help, Help!” two of the idle men quickly reacted rushing over, one kicking Philip in his side the other jamming his dick into Philip’s mouth to shut him up. The truth of the matter was that they were in a rarely walked area of the park and were in no real danger of being caught, and his calls for help only seemed to amp the men up again.
“Listen to his gay ass moan like a woman from having my dick in him” the man inside Philip mocked either trying to make Philip feel bad about being gay or just gloating as he continued thrusting away inside Philip. Unable to control themselves the other two men finally joined in; the four of them taking turns with Philip’s mouth while the fifth was still pumping away inside his ass while the sixth man kept a lookout.
“Shit!” the man inside Philip let out as he stopped humping, Philip could feel his hard dick pulsing again and again as yet another man sprayed a load inside him.

One after another the 6 men took turns using Philip for their own pleasure; filling Philip’s ass with their sperm and making him suck on their dicks, there wasn’t any reason to try to impress each other or to take their time with Philip’s ass so they would quickly pump away until they exploded deep inside Philip, some even going back at him for seconds and thirds until cum gushed out from his ass each time one of their dick’s pushed inside his slippery well used hole.

After the 6 men were done with him they simply walked away leaving Philip there on the ground, a bruised cum filled piece of trash.

Once he was sure they were gone Philip rolled over onto his back with a huge smile on his face and so turned-on that he couldn’t help but to start to rub and finger his cummy hole. Philip wanted something like that to happen; it took 2 months of subtle manipulation to get what he wanted out of those men at the Basketball court, 2 months of watching them with hungry eyes unable to touch them as they ran up and down the court getting all sweaty.
Philip replayed the whole event in his head and praised himself for every move he made once he was sure they were after him getting more excited as he did, it was all a game to him though he wasn’t 100% sure of the end result; having a gang of men chasing after him like some animal mating ritual on the nature channel, leading the men into a secluded area, playing the part of the helpless gay man when they finally caught up to him, even the manly display of savage aggression as they hit him then used his body like a toy got Philip going.

Philip’s dick got harder and harder as he replayed each moment in his head stroking himself as he did, the men might have thought they were in charge, though he managed not to make it too obvious he loved sucking all their dicks and having them work his hole out.
 Philip felt like the victor having successfully tricked 6 seemingly straight men into giving him the time of his young life, he laid there on the ground jerking his ever hardening dick as he recalled every pleasure filled moan, grunt, and groan the men made as he tended to all their dicks.
Philip stroked his dick faster building to orgasm remembering the feel of each dick as it throbbed as the men coated his insides with their creamy white cum. He couldn’t hold it in any more Philip’s dick erupted shooting his first shot of cum a foot into the air the rest spraying out and landing on the ground all around him.

Philip laid there on the ground for a moment reveling in his orgasm before he got up and headed back home.