Author Topic: Scarlet the cocktease  (Read 3256 times)

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Scarlet the cocktease
« on: June 21, 2017, 05:32:03 AM »
Scarlet didn't know how she got into this mess, she was only doing her job, she enjoyed being a dancer, getting attention of her audience when she was up on the pole made her feel confident and sexy. She had had a great night at work, made several hundred, mostly from the same group of 5 men that had be faining over her all night. She had danced nude for all five several times, sometimes taking two at a time, she flirted, touched the men as much as she could without being noticed by the club security, she wasn't daft she knew the more she touched them the bigger the tip. What she didn't know was that the five men had decided they had paid for more than she was giving them at work.
The working night came to an end, customers shuffled out of the club in differing degrees of drunkenness while Scarlet and the rest of the dances settled money and got changed. Scarlet freed her 34 DD breasts from her bra and removed her thong from her sharply ass and slipped on a baggy tshirt and loosely fitting shorts. She walked from the club to the bicycle store but didn't make it to her bike, she was grabbed from behind, one hand to her mouth, another to her neck, a second pair of hands grabbed her wrists. She was dragged to the back of a van and shoved in landing on her front. Two men climbed into the front, the two holding her and a third man got in with her, the doors were slammed shut and the engine started. The man holding her wrists was on top of her cable tying her wrists, her head was jerked back by her hair and a ball gag was forced into her mouth. She had barely seen her attackers but she suspected they were the five men she had danced for all night, they flipped her on her back and her suspicion was correct. The three in the back with her told her how much of a slut cocktease whore she is, they told her they were going to get their money's worth. Terrified and tied up there was nothing scarlet could do but she didn't want to show weakness so wouldn't let herself cry, even as her shorts were pulled down, her shirt pulled up over her face, she could feel hands all over her, squeezing her nipples, groping her breasts. There were finger touching her pussy, spreading her lips, forcing their way in. The worst part was that she could feel her body betraying her, she could feel moistness growing between her legs as the three sets of hands on her caressed her body. She panicked when she heard the noise of a zipper undoing, saddening there was the feeling of a hard cock between her legs trying to force its way in, she was wet but she wasn't that wet, but still the man was forcing his engorged cock into her cunt, he was thrusting and thrusting until she felt his balls slap up against her "that's it whore, you enjoy all eight inches, and remember of the five of us I'm the smallest". That's when she started crying.
"Get off her we're nearly there, you can finish later"

To be continued
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Re: Scarlet the cocktease
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Don't stop great start!!!! More more

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Re: Scarlet the cocktease
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Gave you a merit for encouragement to continue this story and more in the future. Great set up, a stripper who rides a bike to the club instead of a flashy car!

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Re: Scarlet the cocktease
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Nice start can't wait for more.

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Re: Scarlet the cocktease
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I see you figured out story posting without my help. Cool, but don't forget that 'to be continued' part. What happens?
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Re: Scarlet the cocktease
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Agreed, very good setup.  Be watching for the rest.