Author Topic: Making Jorden Mine  (Read 4025 times)

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Making Jorden Mine
« on: June 21, 2017, 12:18:39 AM »
I had been following him for weeks, ever since he passed me on the street I just couldn’t get him out of my head a young black man named Jorden, I had missed work, neglected friends and family just waiting for my chance, and here it was. It was early in the afternoon I sat in my car across the street while he was at an ATM, There was nobody else around and I couldn’t wait any longer, I got out of the car and poured a chloroform onto a rag, I walked over just as he finished, waited until he got of view of the ATM Camera walked up behind him as quickly and as quietly as I could, by the time Jorden realized someone was behind him it was too late for him. I put the rag over his mouth and nose and as he struggled; he breathed in more and more of the fumes making him fall asleep.
There were a lot of windows around and odds are that someone had seen what I had done but I moved fast to drag his limp passed-out body back to my car and put him in the trunk. Jorden was still out cold when I got him back to my house, I pulled up around the side of my house so that none of my neighbors would see me unloading a seemingly lifeless body from my trunk to my house and down into the basement. I wasted no time striping him naked then tying his slim body up before he woke, using some rope I tied his ankles together, tied his smooth thighs together, bound his hands behind his back, Taped his mouth shut and blindfolded him then laid Jorden down on an old mattress I had on the floor.

I couldn’t stop myself from getting down and squeezing his ass as he laid there face down and motionless, I leaned down further putting my nose between his ass cheeks, it smelled like he just got out of the shower, it tasted that way as well when I gave it a lick. I rolled him over onto his back, the first thing I did was start sucking and licking on his chocolate nipples which with him being sleep did more for me than it did for him, I took his dick in my mouth and started sucking, it wasn’t long before he was hard as a rock in my mouth.

Jorden finally woke up while was in my mouth, “ungn” he moaned in pleasure but soon his moans turned to muffled screams when he realized what was going on. Jorden couldn’t see, couldn’t talk, couldn’t, move, all he could feel was my mouth on his dick, he moved violently trying to get free but it was no use, “I’ve been following you for a while” I admitted sitting up, “you are mine now” I declared, Jorden struggled again but it was useless there was no way he could free himself, “I’m not a killer, so you don’t have to worry about that” I said trying to calm him as I sat on his chest, “you’re here for this” I said pulling my now hard dick out of my pants and slapping it against his tape covered mouth and both his cheeks which made him scream more, “there’s no escape, and no one will hear you scream” I said letting Jorden know what the situation was.
I slowly removed the tape from his mouth and almost instantly he started so scream and shout, “Help! Help! Help Me!” I got up off him and went upstairs to have a drink, I decided to let him scream it out but I doubted anyone would ever hear him through the 6 feet of concrete that made up my basement walls. A few minutes after Jorden’s screaming stopped I went back down into the basement naked, “oh my god” I said disguising my voice with a bad Aussie accent, “are you alright?” I asked looking down at him as I walked closer, “help me, please…” he said his voice now dry and scratchy from his screams, “yeah, sure thing” I said  leaning down with rum on my breath, “just let me…” I said rolling him back over onto his belly, “thank god, that guy’s out of his mind” Jorden said sounding relived, unable to keep up this hoax any longer I started laughing, “why am I crazy?” I asked in my normal voice still laughing, “what!?” Jorden said surprised at the sudden change in my voice, “you’re attractive, and I want you… how does that make me crazy?” I asked rubbing my hand all over his soft ass getting hard myself, “You can’t just take people off the streets, people will be looking for me” Jorden claimed but I wasn’t worried about that much seeing as how I had what I wanted.

I leaned down and started licking Jorden’s asshole again, he yelled and cursed in defiance, again Jorden struggled with all he had while I soaked his ass with spit until he tired himself out. I slid my naked along his back till my hard dick was poking at his hole, “no wait, wait, no, no, no don’t” Jorden pleaded, “look just let me go now and I wont tell anyone about any of this” Jorden said trying to bargain his way out of this, that only made me smile as I pushed inside him, “you haven’t seen my face, you don’t know where you are, and you cant free yourself” I explained pushing further inside Jorden “why would I accept your offer?” I asked while I continued to enjoy his body.
I loved the sounds that escaped out of Jorden’s mouth as I got deeper and deeper inside him like, he moaned and squealed while I laid on his back humping away at his ass, “better than I imagined” I whispered into his ear, “like heaven” I whispered again but I doubt he cared at all about my compliments. I took my time on Jorden, not for his sake but for my own pleasure I slowly worked his ass over sliding in deep and slowly gliding out of him then back in again.
It was hard trying to contain myself while I fucked Jorden’s ass, for so long he was the object of my every desire and now I had him all to myself… there’s a strange feeling you get when you get exactly what you want and having Jorden here blindfolded and all tied up was driving me wild.

My dick was ready to explode, tingles ran throughout my body as I stopped humping grabbed my dick and pulled out of Jorden, with my free hand I rolled him back over and fired my white load in and around his mouth, “Yes!” I shouted standing up off the mattress, “you finished, now let me go” Jorden demanded while he spit out my cream, “let you go…” I said with a laugh “like I said earlier, YOU… ARE… MINE… NOW…” I repeated “what’s the matter don’t like it?” I said watching Jorden still spit  “well you better get used to it, cause that’s all you’ll have to eat for a while” I declared leaving him there in the basement while I went back upstairs.

Over the next few weeks there were a couple of things on the news about the disappearance of Jorden but no one ever came around here asking me any questions about him, and as the weeks became months people seemed to forget all together about him never knowing he was tied up right down in my basement the whole time being used for my personal sexual pleasure.