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The Assignment
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Warning!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt.

The Assignment


Karen double checked the address and entered the security code she had been given.  She entered the house, locked the door back and slowly started up the winding stair case.  The instructions stated the second room on the left.  She turned the knob and gently opened the door.   A naked female bound spread eagle and face down was on the bed just as the man said she would be.

She stared at the woman's gorgeous body.  Her long and athletic legs, her luscious bare ass, and the contour of her back and spine.

"Hello Amy.  My name is Karen and I will be conducting this session.  Your boyfriend has given me very specific instructions on what to do, and we don't want to disappoint him now do we?"

She smiled as Amy moaned through the ball gag in her mouth.

Karen unzipped the bag she had brought with her and retrieved the leather flogger.  "Your boyfriend tells me that you one of your favorite fantasies is to be punished by another woman. Is this true?"  Karen inquired as she tapped the flogger against her open palms.

A sort of sobbing moan was all that Karen heard.  "Oh don't feel bad or ashamed. It is very common. Us girls have our little secrets don't we?" Karen remarked as she took the handle of the flogger and gently slipped it between Amy's legs and rubbed it along the slit of her pussy.

"Totally shaved.  You naughty girl. I bet we can get that pussy of yours all wet in no time," Karen quipped as she sent the flogger over the ivory cheeks of Amy's ass. The sound of the leather striking the skin was met with a loud groan from Amy's lips.

"Such a cute ass. I bet your boyfriend loves fucking you from behind don't he?" Karen teased as she struck Amy's ass again and again, admiring the red stripes against the milky skin.

As Amy groaned through her gag, Karen flogged her back and legs until Amy was clearly sobbing.   As she sat the flogger down, Karen ran her fingers between Amy's legs and over her cunt.

"Oh yes. Nice and wet already.  You little slut," Karen teased as she used her thumb to tease the clitoral hood.

"No towel underneath. You are going to have to do some laundry girl, because I am going to make you squirt your cum over and over and over," Karen remarked.

After a few moments of tormenting Amy's pussy, Karen retreated back to the bag and pulled out an anal bullet vibrator.  Dabbing a small amount of vaseline on the tip she pressed it against Amy's asshole and began gently shoving it in while listening to Amy's groans and watching her shake her head no.

"Oh relax Amy.  This little toy will have you cumming like crazy before we even touch that pussy of yours," Karen quipped.  Karen clicked it on and the gentle humming sound mixed with Amy's unintelligible moans.

After a few minutes of the vibrator working inside Amy's ass, Karen again began rubbing her pussy, which was now soaking wet. "You dirty girl. So fucking wet. I bet you are going to cum for me very soon," Karen teased as she methodically rubbed the sensitive labia and teased the clit again.

Amy's moans were now lustful and more heavy as she began grinding her crotch against the bed.

"That's it bitch. Cum for me!" Karen growled as she rubbed Amy's pussy harder and harder.

Karen watched Amy's body tense as the orgasm washed over her body like a tidal wave.  A long, lustful moan was heard against the ball gag in her mouth.

"Oh my, look how wet that bed is beneath you.  I hope you don't mind it, because it's going to get even wetter," she teased.

With Amy still recovering from her first orgasm, Karen slipped back to the bag and began buckling the strap-on around her waist.  She wrapped her hand around the black cock and stroked it as if it was a real one as she gazed at Amy's pussy.

Karen took a pillow and forced it under Amy's stomach to raise her slightly off the bed.  She then rubbed the head of the cock along the wet opening. Amy was shaking her head no, but Karen ignored her pleas.  Amy's boyfriend had paid her $200 for two hours and she was going to make sure she made Amy cum as many times as she could.

She leaned forward using her body weight to force the cock inside Amy and began slowly fucking her while the vibrator buzzed away inside her asshole.   Amy's body moved back and forth as Karen plowed her steady, sinking the cock into her as far as she could get it.

Amy's excited groans filled the air as Karen fucked her harder and harder.  "Cum on my cock bitch. Cum like a fucking whore," Karen shouted.

Karen felt Amy's body tremble and listened to her helpless groans as another orgasm racked her body.  "Oh yes!  You are a fucking slut aren't you?" Karen growled as she continued sinking the cock into Amy's gushing pussy.

Amy groaned helplessly as she slowly recovered from the powerful orgasm. She felt Karen pull the vibrator from her ass and then felt her withdrawal the thick cock from her pussy.

She listened as Karen rustled around in the bag that she brought, then heard her speak.

"I bet you thought I was finished didn't you?" Karen teased as she slipped the head of  an Hitachi wand against Amy's drenched cunt and turned it on.   Karen then pulled a chair by the bed and sat down at Amy's side.

"Now you don't mind me dear.  You go ahead and cum as many times as you need to," Karen grinned as she watched Amy intently.

Amy was shaking her head back and forth and pleading through her gag for Karen to stop, but Karen ignored it as she kept track of the time by the clock on the wall.

Karen soon heard Amy's wimping moans and watched her body shake and tremble as yet another orgasm washed over her.  This time, Amy squirted, soaking the bedspread beneath her.

"Oh look at that," Karen grinned triumphantly. "We have a squirter."  "If it was up to me, I would roll you over onto your back and fuck that slutty pussy of yours again, but your boyfriend was very specific about me leaving you in this position."

Amy felt like she was losing her mind as the wand tormented her pussy.  She screamed into the ball gag as another heart pounding orgasm overtook her.

Karen looked at the clock and rose from the chair.  Turning off the wand, she removed it from Amy's drenched pussy, wiped it off, and placed it back into the bag.  Just then the bedroom door opened and Amy's boyfriend strolled through.   

Karen watched him undress and straddle Amy's body before sinking his cock into her pussy.  She smiled, picked up her bag and left the room to find the cab waiting.  She leaned back against the seat and wandered how many times he would fuck Amy before he turned her loose, then looked out the window as the cab headed to her place.

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Re: The Assignment
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I'm not sure that's rape, but it's fucking hot.
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Re: The Assignment
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Amazing!!! I was telling my bf how awesome your stories are so I read this one out loud to him while he licked me out.

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Re: The Assignment
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Amazing!!! I was telling my bf how awesome your stories are so I read this one out loud to him while he licked me out.

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Re: The Assignment
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Amazing!!! I was telling my bf how awesome your stories are so I read this one out loud to him while he licked me out.

Now that is a vision to behold now :)