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Lothario (Conclusion added)
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This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt.



Valerie wiped the steam from the bathroom mirror and gazed at her reflection.  At 36, she was still a knock out, considering the fact that she had just went through a nasty divorce, and the stress of raising a 16 year old daughter by herself.

Her auburn hair still had its full luster and sheen, and her face was showing no signs of age.  She stepped back from the mirror and let the terry-cloth gown slowly sink to the bathroom floor.  Her body still had the figure 8 curve, and her C-cup breasts still firm.  She whirled around and checked her ass out in the mirror and smiled approvingly at what she considered was still a nice ass by any definition.  MILF, oh she hated that word.  But that was what most would classify her.

She wrapped the robe around her and left the bathroom to go to her bedroom and dress.  Just as she stepped through the bathroom door and into the hallway she shrieked loudly and instinctively covered her chest, even though the robe was on.

Standing before her in hallway grinning was Tommy, the eighteen year old boyfriend of her daughter Stacey.

“Tommy! did you get in here?” Valerie stammered as she clumsily sought the words to say.

“Hello Mrs M. I must say, you look hot dressed in just that towel,” Tommy mused as she crossed his arms and leaned back casually against the wall.

“Tommy you need to leave.  Stacey is not here,” Valerie huffed; clearly agitated that Tommy had gotten in.  Stacey must have given him the passcode to the alarm system and that made her even more upset.

“Oh I know she isn’t. I wanted to come by and speak to you. We need to get some things straight about Stacey and me.”

“You and I have nothing to discuss. Stacey is my daughter and I have made my feelings well known. You are too old for her.  Now, if you will excuse me, I need to get dressed,”  Valerie spoke as she moved to pass him in the hall and head to her bedroom.

Valerie felt Tommy’s hand grab her shoulder and whirl her around.  With one quick move, he ripped the towel from her body leaving her naked in the hallway.

“AWWWWW!” Valerie shrieked at being suddenly stripped naked.  She reacted in sheer anger and humiliation by slapping his face.   As she bent down to get her robe, Tommy grabbed a lock of her hair and began forcefully walking her towards her bedroom.

“Nooooo! let go of me!  Tommy! so help me I will call the police,” Valerie shrieked as her hands flailed wildly in the air trying to break his grip on her and cover her nudity.  

Tommy kicked the bedroom door open and marched Valerie through it, tossing her roughly onto her bed.  He quickly shut and locked the door and dove on top of her just as she was reaching for her phone.

He clutched her throat with his fist and began chocking.  A look of wide-eyed panic, fear, and disbelief, filled her face as he began slapping her face with his free hand.

“Don’t scream, don’t move, and I will take my hand from your throat,” He growled as he paused his attack. “Nod if you understand.”

Valerie slowly nodded her head and took a deep breath as his heavy hand left her throat.

“Now, here is the deal. You are going to let me date Stacey when ever I want.  So far, she has only sucked my cock and given me a few hand jobs. If you don’t want me to fuck every hole she has, and treat her like a first class slut, then you are going to let me fuck you Mrs M.  When ever and how ever I want.  That’s the deal.”

“Mrs M." God, how she hated the way he said that.  Her married name was Mitchell and she cringed every time she heard him say it like that.

“Tommy, have you lost your mind? This is rape young man, and I am not going to let you get away with it!” Valerie barked in defiance.  “Now get of my house this instant. You can expect a restraining order, and you can forget about ever seeing Stacey again!”

“You stupid bitch. You just don’t get it do you?” Tommy hissed. “I either fuck you right now, or I am going to rape that precious little daughter of yours every way but Sunday.   You give me what I want, when I want it, and she remains a virgin.  You even try any shit like you just spoke of and she might come home to you with two black eyes and some busted ribs!”

Valerie teared up as she watched Tommy began undressing. “No…Tommy..please. This is not right.  It’s not normal,” Valerie remarked tearfully.

Her eyes widened when he pulled his pants and underwear down.  For an eighteen year old boy, Tommy was well hung.  She figured it must be 9 or maybe10 inches and thick with heavy hanging balls.  His body was mature as well. Well defined and muscular.   She knew she did not want that monster cock ravaging her daughter, so she lay motionless and quiet, hoping he would calm down.

She watched him climb on top of her and then watched him wrap a hand around his thick cock meat and shove it against her mouth.  “Suck it Mrs M!”

She wept softly and shook her head. “No…please Tommy…Don’t make me do this..It’s wrong.”

“Suck that fucking cock if you want to keep your daughter safe!” He barked. “Get it hard so I can ram into that cunt of yours.  I like how you keep it all shaved and smooth,” He replied, causing her to blush in shame and humiliation.  

She wanted to die as she strained to wrap her mouth around the girth of his teen aged cock.  From the moment he showed up she knew he was trouble.  Her motherly instincts told her he was a player and seducer.  A dangerously handsome lothario who would use her daughter until he got what he wanted then leave her hurt and shattered.   Now, he was confirming her worst fears and more, as he was forcing her to give him sex in exchange for keeping Stacie safe.  

His cock hardened rapidly inside her mouth and he was soon forcing her back and forth over his rigid shaft with a grip in her hair.  As his cock rammed the back of her throat she thought about her precious daughter having to satisfy his lustful urges.

Tommy pulled his cock out of her mouth and glared down at her ordering her to spread her legs.

“Please…don’t.. If you leave now, I promise I will ever say anything about this Tommy. Please,” she sobbed.

Tommy, engaged, forced her legs apart with his arms and sunk between them. She gasped as she felt him thrust into her with one forceful movement.  Her mind became tormented at the idea that her daughter’s boyfriend was fucking her, raping her at his will.  She felt his cock sawing in and out of her pussy.  He was fucking her more like a man would than a teenaged boy. How many girls had he fucked? how many had he raped and defiled against their will?

“Please…stop,” Valerie sobbed as Tommy ravaged her vigorously.

“Oh..god,” he moaned in a lustful voice. “For an older woman, you feel hot!”

 “Please don’t cum inside me,” she sobbed softly as she felt his balls slapping against her.

Tommy leaned over and took one of her nipples into his mouth as he pummeled her pussy frantically. She winched as she felt his teeth softly bite it.   He alternated between nipples, teasing and sucking them as the cum in his balls began to boil.

“Ohhh fuck…I’m gonna cum!” he groaned.

“Pull out..please Tommy…pull out…” Valerie pleaded as she pushed against his shoulders in desperation.

Seconds later she felt the hot blast inside of her and wept openly.

As Tommy pulled slowly out, he watched his cum ooze from her gaping hole and grinned sadistically.

“This is the way it’s going to be from now on,” Tommy remarked as he slowly put his clothes back on.  “I will be stopping by at any time the urge hits me.  Next time we will try that ass of yours.”

“You bastard!” Valerie whined as she grabbed some tissues off her dresser and began cleaning her pussy. “I can still get pregnant damn you,” she snorted.

“That’s your problem, not mine,” Tommy huffed.  “I will be back around 8 to pick Stacey up. I know I don’t have to warn you about telling her about our little arrangement do I?”  “I think I’m going to drive Stacey down by the river and make her give me a blow job.  That way you won’t have to wander what we are up to,” Tommy grinned as he left Valerie’s bedroom.

Valerie sprang from the bed and locked the bedroom door where she then collapsed onto the bed face first and began crying.


A sheen of frost covered the widows of the car as it sat under the night sky on the isolated hillside overlooking the river.   Inside the vehicle sixteen year old Stacey, clad only in her white bra and panties, sat on the lap of Tommy grinding her crotch into his lap.  

As Tommy’s hands roamed over Stacey’s shapely ass, his lusty breathing intensified, and the cock in his jeans grew harder.   She wasn’t comfortable stripping to her underwear for him, but the pressure of losing him to another girl grew daily, and she wanted to please him.  She could also feel the wetness forming between her own legs as she kissed him deeply, letting her hands roam over his well defined chest.

“Unzip my pants and pull my cock out!” Tommy whispered.

Stacey leaned back with her arms still around his neck.  Tommy turned her on like nothing she had ever experienced, but she had heard tales of girl’s getting pregnant through their panties during heavy petting sessions.

“Tommy, you know we can’t..”

“I want you to suck it, but tonight, I want you to swallow it for me,” He remarked.

Stacey’s eyes grew wide. She had given him oral sex before but she had never swallowed. Tommy shot a lot of cum and she was honestly afraid of chocking on it.

She released her arms from around his neck and began undoing his belt.  Tommy leaned back as she unzipped his pants and pulled them down enough to get to his underwear.  She ran her hand over the bulge of his briefs.  She loved his cock. It was so huge and meaty.

She snaked his underwear down, releasing his cock.  She bent down and took into her hands making a fist and brought it to her lips.

Stacey relaxed her mouth enough to finally get most of his huge member inside and began sucking it as best as she could while Tommy held her head down to his crotch.

“That’s it. Suck that cock good,” He moaned.


At home, Valerie paced nervously back and forth. The images of her precious daughter having her mouth full of Tommy’s cock tormented her.  She had fought the urge to tell Stacy about Tommy raping her, but his threat of physical harm stopped her.

As much as she tried, she could not get the horrible images of Stacy being molested by the brute out of her mind.  All she could do was pace and cry.

Shortly after midnight the door opened and Stacy walked in.  

“Are you alright?” Valerie asked as she ran to the door.

“Yea mom…Why do you ask?” Stacey remarked in a bewildered tone.

“I just had these terrible feelings,” Valerie whispered.

“Oh mom, for crying out loud. This is not going to be another lecture about Tommy and me having sex is it?”  Tommy is my boyfriend. I am crazy about him, and no mom, we are not fucking each other..yet,” Stacey barked as she stormed to her room.

Valerie’s thoughts were interrupted by a text on her phone.  It was from Tommy.

“Your daughter has a great mouth on her Mrs M.  She swallowed my cum like a pro tonight.  I really want to fuck her, so you are going to have to really do something special to please me the next time…or else!”

Valerie grimaced at the text.  How long was he going to play this twisted game?

End part 1
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Re: Lothario
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The original Lothario was a glib and skilled seducer of women. Effective, to be sure, but it sounds like Tommy has found a more efficient method to get his rocks off with two women. Let's see what he comes up with next.
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Re: Lothario
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Ah the holy duo of mother and daughter excellent played out darklord. Can't wait to see the special she comes up with!

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Re: Lothario
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Thanks for the kind words. Always appreciated.

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Re: Lothario
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“Nooo!”  “Tommy I’m not doing this again!”  Valerie wailed as Tommy shoved her onto the bed.  It was Saturday morning and  Stacey was with friends at the mall.

Tommy Straddled Valerie’s chest, holding her down with his knees as he placed his fist around her throat.

“The one thing I don’t want to hear from you is no!” Tommy hissed. “Like or not, you are my new fuck toy.  I really didn’t want to have to do this, but I sensed that you might have second thoughts, so I brought some things with me.”

“Nooo!…No Tommy…don’t,”  Valerie stammered as Tommy placed a heavy metal handcuff on each wrist then fastened them to the metal railing of the headboard.

Valerie pulled tightly against them, causing the chains to clang ominously against the metal bars of the headboard.

She then watched as he reached behind him and pulled a knife from his back pocket.  Valerie was wearing a pair of white shorts and a sleeveless light blue top.  She watched helplessly as Tommy began slicing the shirt up the middle, beginning at the bottom.

“Please Tommy, stop this,” Valerie pleaded, her lips trembling. “You can’t force yourself on me whenever you get the urge.”

Tommy peeled the shirt apart and gazed at her luscious breasts. “No bra. I like that Mrs M.”  Valerie cringed as she felt Tommy began to rub and knead her breasts.  There would never be a time that she welcomed his touch.  She loathed every second he was around her, but felt like a prisoner knowing that Stacey’s safety depended on her cooperation.   She could call the police, but she feared his retaliation on her daughter.   She felt him lick and suck her nipples, and silently cursed as the involuntarily hardened .

Tears filled her eyes as he loosened her shoes and pulled them and her socks off then began unzipping her shorts.  He was going to strip her and there was nothing she could do to prevent it.   She felt the shorts being tugged down her legs, and pulled off of her.  She turned her head to the side in disgust so she wouldn’t have to watch her own violation.

“Well look at that.  No panties either. Why Mrs M. If I didn’t know better I would say that you were expecting me,” Tommy grinned as he began peeling his own clothes off.  Moments later she felt the head of his cock pressing against her and a sickening feeling formed in her stomach as she shoved his cock inside her and began sliding it in and out as he leered down at her.

“Tommy, stop!” Valerie moaned in shame and desperation.”This can’t go on. If you stop right now, I promise I will never tell anyone about this…please stop.”

Tommy reacted by placing his hand over her mouth as he plowed her harder.   After a few moments of hard pounding, Tommy slowed his pace and then stopped.  Pulling out of her, her began loosening the cuffs from the bed, then began rolling Valerie over onto her stomach.

“Tommy no! for crying out loud stop this!  Stacey is going to be home any minute.  Do you want to have to try and explain this to her?” Valerie yelled as he reconnected the cuffs to the head board.  She tried to resist as he forced her to her knees.

“Now, I’m going to take a shot at that ass of yours Mrs M.”  You lay still and behave and maybe I wont fuck you anymore,” He whispered as he slipped to his knees and pressed his cock against her asshole.

“No, no, no. Tommy please not there, I beg you,” Valerie pleaded.

Tommy forced his way into her anus as Valerie wept and moaned.  Soon he was plowing her steady,  the rocking motion causing her to occasionally bump her head on the headboard as she sobbed and moaned.

“Damn you got a tight ass for an older bitch,” Tommy moaned as he drove his throbbing dick back and forth.  For her part, Valerie was only praying he would cum soon and get off her.  After an agonizing few moments, Valerie soon felt the hot jets of his cum as he pumped his balls dry into her.

As Tommy slowly pulled his cock from her burning shitter, he grinned at the sight of his cum oozing out of it.

“Not bad Mrs M,” Tommy remarked as she slapped her playfully on her bare ass.  “I guess I got what I wanted from you,” Tommy remarked as he climbed off the bed, pulled the cell phone from his pocket and took a degrading picture of Valerie sprawled naked on the bed, her gaping asshole oozing the last of his cum from it.

Valerie felt sick at her stomach as Tommy held the phone in front of her and forced her to look at the picture.  “You try to interfere with me and Stacey again, and this goes viral,” He threatened as he slowly dressed and unlocked the hand cuffs before leaving.

She lay there weeping and sobbing from shame before slowly rising from the bed to take a shower.  She had to get Stacey away from his somehow.  He was dangerous and unstable.

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Re: Lothario
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I'm proud and appalled at the same time. Tommy knows what he wants and how to get it correctly, as the adage goes 'When all else fail Blackmail usually prevails!" Great continuation Darklord

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Re: Lothario
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I've been lurking upon your stories for quite some time, Darklord, and I am an absolute fan. The way Tommy takes control of the situation and bends Valerie to get what he wants is extremely arousing. Great story, Darklord and I hope I get to see more of Tommy/Stacey and Tommy/Valerie.
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Re: Lothario
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I've been lurking upon your stories for quite some time, Darklord, and I am an absolute fan. The way Tommy takes control of the situation and bends Valerie to get what he wants is extremely arousing. Great story, Darklord and I hope I get to see more of Tommy/Stacey and Tommy/Valerie.

Well, I am honored that you took the time to read any of them.   Much appreciated.  I noticed you were from WVA. That is where I work :)

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Re: Lothario
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Part three

Having felt he had Valerie under his thumb and gotten a few good fucks from her, Tommy now turned his attention to Stacey.   

It was Saturday evening and they were riding around when Tommy suggested that he showed her the hangout for him and his buddies.  They took a rural road on the outskirts of town and came to an old abandoned farm.  Tommy parked the car and walked with Stacey to a metal storage building.

Producing a key, he unlocked the padlock on the door and the two stepped inside.  Stacey blushed at once at the array of pictures hanging on the walls.

“Why do you have all these naked women hanging around?” She asked shyly.

“Because we’re guys. We like women,” Tommy replied with a grin.

Tommy pulled her to him and planted a long, steamy kiss on her lips.  Midway through the kiss his hands slipped down to her jeans and began unzipping them.

“Mmmm. Nooooo Tommy!” Stacey remarked as she broke the kiss.

Stacey was stunned as Tommy, in one quick move, shoved her backwards onto a large mattress  covered with a single sheet.

“I’ve had it with your denying me your body. I am your fucking boy friend and my girls put out for me,” Tommy snorted as she straddled her body and forcibly began peeling up the slip over shirt she was wearing

“What you are doing!  Tommy let me go,” Stacey squealed as she tried to wrestle him.

“Scream all you want. No one is going to hear you,” He growled as the shirt rose above her white bra and he peeled it over her head, tossing it into the corner.

“Nooooo! you can’t do this. Take me home right now!” Stacey screamed in near hysterics as Tommy slapped her hands away and began tugging at the back of her bra to undo it.  The clasp came free and Stacey’s 34-B tits were naked and exposed as Tommy tossed the bra into the corner.

Tommy quickly reversed position and popped the clasp on her jeans.  Leaning over he began tugging them down her legs and was soon rewarded with the sight of her white panties along with the scent of her sex.

“Please…noooo!” Stacey sobbed as he beat on Tommy’s back with hands.
Tommy angrily peeled her sneakers and ankle socks off then shoved the jeans off her legs, tossing them aside.   Grabbing the elastic bands of her panties, he pulled them down as Stacey sobbed and wept.

As the panties slipped down her legs, the sight of her hairless pussy came into view. Tommy’s cock hardened in his jeans in anticipation of what was coming.

Tossing the panties into the corner Tommy rose from the bed and grinning down at the sobbing Stacey, he quickly undressed.  She thought about trying to make a run for it, but she knew he would just catch her.

She saw his cock, fully erect as she slipped his hands between her legs and spread them wide.  She felt his mouth on her pussy, then felt his warm tongue roaming around the labia and teasing the clitoral hood.

“Please Tommy, stop!” Stacey begged tearfully.

She soon felt the head of his cock pressing against her opening.

“Tommy, please..I’m a virgin, we cant’ do this,” Stacey wept.

“Not for long babe. I am going to give you a fucking that is long overdue.  When you leave here tonight, you will be a woman and you can thank me for it!” he hissed.

As he pinned her arms behind her head, her face was red with struggle.  She felt him begin to try and force his cock through the hymen.

“Noooooo! she wept, unable to fight or kick.

Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain tear through her as the tiny fibre gave way and his cock inched its way inside her.

“Oh god. Stop it! it hurts!” Stacey squealed as he slipped further into her.

“It will only last a bit. Stop screaming bitch!” Tommy growled as he began fucking her in a steady pace.

As his shaft sawed in and out of her cunt, Tommy noticed the red blood stains on his shaft and grinned wickedly.

Stacey grimaced as tears streamed down her face.  How could he do this to her?  While the pain had subsided, she was still pleading with him to stop, but instead he picked up the pace, pile driving his cock in and out of her tight pussy.

He fucked her missionary style for a few moments before forcing her onto her hands and knees, then he slapped her ass roughly as he clutched his throbbing shaft in his hand and guided it to her pussy and re-entered her for some doggy style sex as she moaned softly.

Tommy clutched her hair in one hand as he steadied himself on the bed with the other and began ramming his cock in and out of her at a rapid pace.

“Awwww. Ohhhhh. Too rough….please stop!” Stacey sobbed as her body rocked back and forth from his savage pounding.

As she felt his cock begin to spasm, she could tell he was going to cum.  “Don’t do it inside me, please Tommy!” she cried out.

Tommy ignored her pleas, filling her cunt with blasts of hot, sticky cum before slowly pulling out.  When he did, Stacey collapsed onto the bed burying her head in a pillow and weeping as she curled up into a fetal position.


Valerie knew something was wrong the minute Stacey came in the house. She went straight to her room without speaking.  She walked outside just before Tommy pulled away.

“What did you do to her? she asked angrily.

Tommy beamed a smile as he combed his hair in the mirror.  “I made a woman out of your daughter tonight Mrs. M.  I fucked her good if you really want to know.”

“You fucking little prick!  Raping me is one thing, but abusing my daughter is another. I should have never let things go this far. I’m getting a restraining order on you tomorrow.

“Try it,” Tommy remarked as he shot her an angry glare. “Really bad things could happen if you would do that Mrs. M. I’ll see Stacey tomorrow, and the day after, and any other damn day I want and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.  Be very careful Mrs M,” he growled as she started the car and sped away.

As Stacey cried in her room, Valerie sat on her porch wth tears in her eyes.  How could she ever get Stacey and herself out of this situation?

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Re: Lothario
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Go ahead have Valerie get the order, I want to see what evil Tommy can come up with

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Re: Lothario
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Me too :)

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Re: Lothario
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So is Tommy connected, or is he just the type to say fuck it to a restraining order? Enquiring minds want to know.
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Re: Lothario
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Great job Darklord!
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Re: Lothario
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So is Tommy connected, or is he just the type to say fuck it to a restraining order? Enquiring minds want to know.

I envision him as more of the latter. A don't give a shit kind of guy who like to intimidate and talk big.

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Re: Lothario
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Oh My Goodness. I missed You. And stories like this!!!!! :sign_badgirl: