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This is a work of fiction. Rape is a crime and the author does not condone it.

Candice was fresh out of college. A doting daughter who never strayed far from her parents.  Her world came crashing down when her father, a money manager, was caught and convicted for embezzling a small fortune from the account of two extremely wealthy sisters he had as clients.

With her father in prison, Candice now spent her days at her mother’s side and ensuring what wealth they still had was intact using a few tricks of the trade her father had taught her.

Candice was tall and slender with short auburn hair.  An attractive girl who dressed well and maintained her appearance immaculately.

“Mom, I will be back in a few,” Candice announced as she prepared to run a couple of errands.  Dressed in a pair of black slacks, beige shirt, and black heels, she strolled to her car.

She was browsing the supermarket lanes when two distinguished looking women came up to her and began to initiate a conversation.

“You are Candice Meadows aren’t you?”

“Yes, who is inquiring?”

One of the women grinned and introduced herself.  Candice immediately froze. She knew the names.   Sara and Jeanie Powers, the two sisters her father was in prison over.

“I really haven’t anything to say to you,” Candice remarked as she attempted to pass the woman and leave the store.

Sara blocked her exit. “Oh, I think you do dearie.  You see we know your mother was in on the scheme too.  The court case focused on your father, but we are prepared to bring charges against her as well.”

“Candice dear,” Jeanie spoke up. “You don’t want your mother to go to prison too do you?”

“Of course not, why would you say such a thing. My father is in prison, isn’t that enough?”

“No, quite frankly it is not,”  Sara remarked. “You look like a smart girl Candice. I think we can come to an agreement among ourselves that will keep your mother out of prison and avoid any more damage to your family’s name.”

“You will need to speak to our attorney,” Candice huffed before making another attempt to leave the two women.

“We are speaking to you, or we file charges,” Sara snapped.

“What do you want me to do?” Candice remarked in a terse voice.

Sara handed Candice a piece of paper with an address written on it.  “Be at that address at 7 P.M. this evening.  If you are late or decide not to show, we will have our attorney file the charges in the morning.”


Sara arrived at the address and slowly exited her vehicle.  It was a nice two story brick home in a rather remote location and surrounded by lots of wooded area.

She knocked on the door and the two women escorted out to the garden area behind the house where the three sat under around a table with an umbrella to shade the sun.

“Care for a glass of wine?” Sara spoke as she offered a glass to Candice, who politely refused.

“Well, let’s get right to it then,” Sara remarked as she took a drink of wine and sat her glass down. “Your father stole a half a million dollars from us.  Now that does not bankrupt us by any means, but a half a mill is still a hell of a lot of money.   It will not be difficult to prove your mother complacent to the scheme.  This is where you come in.  You can pay us back in installments,” Sara beamed.

“Pay you back?” I…I am not employed at the time being, and there is no way I could ever pay you that sum of money without breaking into my trust fund or something,”  Candice fired back.

Jeanie leaned forward and sat her wine glass down before speaking. “Not money my dear.  You can pay us back in flesh. You know, a pound of flesh, that sort of thing.”

“Whatever are you talking about?” Candice snapped.

“We are talking about you working off this debt as our personal slave. That is what we are talking about,” Sara remarked abruptly.

Candice blushed crimson and her eyes showed the anger at the suggestion. “Personal slave? You two have lost your mind. If you will excuse me, I must be going,” Candice snorted as she shoved her seat back to rise and leave.

“Shame,” Sara mused. “Your poor mother languishing in an old prison, but if that is how you prefer it.”

Candice stopped dead in her tracks at Sara’s words.  After a moment of anguished silence she spoke.  “Wh…what would I have to do?”

“Anything we tell you to do. You can not refuse anything regardless of your personal feelings about it.   Once a week you will report to us here for awhile.  As long as you do as you are told you will be allowed to come and go freely, and your mother stays out of prison.”

Candice hung her head. The very thought of such a thing repugnant, but not as horrible as her dear mother being sent to prison.

“Alright. I will do it, but only to keep my mother out of prison. I can assure you I will hate every moment of it,” Candace groaned.

“You made a wise choice, now turn around and get your ass back to this table,” Sara scolded.

The two women watched Candice sheepishly walk towards them before stopping just at the table.

“Remove all of your clothes..Now!” Sara barked.

“Wh..what!” “You can’t be serious.”

“Yes,” Sara quipped. “The garden is quite secluded.  Now strip!”

A sickening feeling was felt in her stomach as Candice pondered the lewd command.

“Please…don’t make me do this,” she pleaded in a soft voice.

“Strip bitch! or we will strip you ourselves,” Sara barked.

The two women watched in victorious delight as Candice began slowly removing her clothes while softly sobbing from embarrassment.

“Nice firm tits you have there Candice,” Jeanie spoke as Candice removed her bra and laid it on the table.  When Candice had removed her slacks and peeled the white panties down her legs and stepped out of them, the two women motioned her to turn around with her back to them.

“Oh look at that cute little butt Jeanie,” Sara teased.  “We are going to have so much fun with that.”

“Now Candice, let’s try a simple command and see how you react to it. I want you to spread your legs and rub that cunt of yours until you cum!” Sara barked. “Be a slut for us.”

Candice blush crimson again. “I…I can’t do that.  Please…no.”

“Failed on the first command,” Sara remarked in disgust to Jeanie. “You might as well dress and be on your way. We will call the lawyer first thing in the morning. Good luck to you,” Sara spoke as her and Jeanie pulled their chairs back to rise.

“Nooo!” Please don’t.  I….I’ll do it,” Candace remarked as she stood ashamed of her own words, her head bowed towards the ground at the thought of masturbating naked in the back yard of these two horrible women.

“Well, get to it then,” Sara snorted. “Only now you will turn around and face us so we can watch you do it!”

Tears filled her eyes as Candice guided her shaking hand to her crotch. She spread her legs and ran her hand along the smooth lips of her shaved pussy.  A decadent sensation filled her at the very thought of performing such at thing.  It was totally out of character for her.  She rarely masturbated at home, now she was doing it in public, in front of two total strangers. She wanted to throw up.

“Run a finger or two up that pussy,” Jeanie demanded as she sipped her wine while leaning back in her chair watching in amusement.

Candice could feel the building arousal as she slipped first one digit, then two, into her cunt and began fingering herself for their amusement.  The once sophisticated girl, always in control, was slipping over the edge of decency as her legs began to tremble and her breathing became heavy and labored.

Soon her head tilted back, her eyes closed, and a small but audible moan left her lips as the orgasm rolled over her like a freight train.

Candice stood blinking as her body slowly regained composure. Her thoughts were interrupted by Sara’s voice.

“Put your fingers into your mouth. I want to hear you tell us what your pussy tastes like.”

“Please..I don’t feel well. Can’t I just dress and leave now please,” Candice pleaded tearfully.

“You can dress and leave only when we give you permission to do so. Now get those fingers in your mouth!”

Candice cringed as she slowly inserted her juice-covered fingers.  The taste of her own sex filled her mouth as she sucked her fingers to their amusement.   For a brief moment Candice actually thought of letting fate take its course and if her mother went to prison so be it, but then she snapped back to life without her and knowing it would be her fault.

After the humiliating display of tasting her own sex, the two women rose and came to where Candice was standing.  She cringed as she felt their hands roaming over her naked body. They groped her tits, teased her nipples, ran their hands over her ass and even teased her butthole with their fingers before they stopped and turned her around.

Walking Candice over to a nearby tree, Sara began wrapping a strand of thick rope around her wrists.

“Wh…what are you doing?”  “I thought you said I could go now,” Candice stammered nervously.

“Said no such thing,” Sara replied. “When we tell you to leave then you can go.”

Candice watched as the two women tied the rope to a sturdy limb above and drew her hands upwards.

“Tie her ankles together,”  Sara remarked to Jeanie as she tossed her a coil of rope.

“What are you going to do to me?” Candice moaned, her lips trembling.

“You are about to find out,” Sara quipped.

“SMAAACKK!” a searing, hot pain was felt on her ass as Sara landed the switch across it.

“Nooooo!  Candice wailed as her body recoiled from the fiery sensation.

 She barely had time to recover before she felt another switch from Jeanie striking her bare back.

“Please stop!”  Candice wailed as the two women began striking her at the same time.  They struck her back, shoulder blades, legs, and ass repeatedly until  her backside was criss-crossed in red whelps.

“Now, if you want your freedom, let us hear you say that you are a nasty cunt.”

Candice sobbed and sniffed as the pain racked her body.

“I’m…a…nasty…cu..nt,” she whispered through the pain.

“No, no. Louder! If we had neighbors I would want them to hear it. Now say it again real loud.”

“Please, just let me go,” Candice wept.

“You will be freed when we hear what we want to hear,” Sara growled.

“I’m a nasty cunt!” Candice yelled loudly, her voice echoing in the garden as the two women sneered and giggled.

“Yes you are,” Sara remarked as she and Jeanie unraveled the ropes binding Candice. “Now dress and leave.  You are to be back here at 10 A.M. next Saturday. Be prepared to remain here for most of the day,” Sara barked as she tossed Candice her clothes.

The drive back home was painful both physically and emotionally.  She already dreaded the next encounter.  Until then she had a backside enflamed to remind her constantly of the two women’s torments and the hellish arrangement that she had entered into with them.

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Normally Lesbian fiction isn't my cup of tea but this was positively evil. Really looking forwards to next weekend! (We're not going to have to wait until then are we?)

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What he said. This is working out nice.
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