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Hunting in the Van
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Hunting in the Van
Joseph Spunk

Warning!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt.

We picked him up on an isolated part of the road as he walked home. Eighteen, nineteen maybe, with hair that was a little unkempt and a small beard he was struggling to grow. He walked up the street with his face turned down to his phone and a bouquet of flowers in the other hand.

No one else was about. Chris parked the van a little ahead and as he passed, Phil opened the side door and pulled him inside. He fell into the vans back and opened his mouth to scream. I punched him hard on the side of his face and stunned him. We shut the door quick and Chris drove us towards the woods out of town. I smashed his phone against the floor and tugged his jeans down to his ankles. Phil tore at his shirt and pulled it off him. His torso was covered in a light coat of hair. He'd started working on his body recently and I could see the undefined muscles of his belly. I ran my hand over it and reveled in the whimpering that came from him. I slapped him on the face and Phil laughed.

The boy lunged forward towards the door but his jeans still held his ankles together. Phil put a boot on the small of his back and sent him crashing into the closed door face first. I pulled  him up and tore his underwear from him. His fat, flaccid cock bounced against his balls as I pushed him back to my friend. He fell onto him and Phil winked at me as he reached down and parted the boys fuzzy ass cheeks so I could see the hot tight hole between them. I could smell the freshly washed shower gel mingling with the growing stink of lust and I bent down and started to sloppily eat his ass. I pushed my tongue against his asshole but it was too tight to get in. He cried softly into Phil's crotch.

I had no patience for foreplay. I took off my jeans and let my cock out, ten inches long and thick as a beer can. They guys liked to let me go first. They liked to watch the biggest cock of the group tear into the pussy-loving boys and men we picked up. There was no training up for them, no finger in the ass graduating slowly to something huge. They'd be torn up by my monster dick and brutalized by my friends before they could recover from the trauma.

I pushed my dry cock up against his wet asshole and pushed hard. Phil smiled as the rape begun and Chris was driving with one hand. He beat himself off with the other while he watched us through the rear-view. The wet noise of his wanking got me fired up. I gripped his asscheeks hard with my hands. My fingernails sank into the soft flesh and I kneaded the mercilessly. Thin shreds of skin scraped off his ass and I could feel his hole begin to give to my cock just a little. When I felt  the weakening of his sphincter against my leaking prick, I drove in harder.

He screamed into Phil's hoodie as the first dry inch rasped into him. My ridged cock was hard to take for a lubed-up and stretched-out hole at the best of times. It must have felt like having a thick roll of sandpaper pushed into him. I thrust hard every time my dick was stopped by his body and after an agonizing (for him) few moments I was fully embedded in him.

He was shaking uncontrollably and crying into Phil's jeans. He lifted his head by the hair and unbuttoned his jeans. His fat prick stuck out and was coated from the precum oozing from the head. He whispered something down to the boy. I heard the words "boot" and "teeth" and he stared down until he got a nod.

"Now suck" he said down at him.

When nothing happened he grabbed the back of the young man's head and forced him down. He gurgled against the cock being forced into his mouth and immediately began to gag on the hot meat. He tried to bring his head back but Phil held him down, pushing hard and ignoring the flailing arms and the wet gagging noises. He pushed his jeans down and I saw a thick trail of slobber gush from the kid's mouth and run down Phil's sack. He pushed down on both hands and the van was filled with the gurgling, retching sounds of him choking on dick and struggling to breathe.

I picked up speed and gripped his hips tightly to keep from losing my pace. I was digging as deep as I could with every thrust. My balls were aching from slapping against his. I slapped his asscheek hard and reached underneath him to squeeze his soft cock and balls. I felt the wetness and realize he'd pissed himself. I wet my hand in it and wiped it on his face. He tried to cry out in disgust but the prick down his throat distorted his screams. Phil's eyes were closed and his face was tilted to the ceiling. The signs of orgasm showed in how the corner of his mouth twitched. He came with a roar and slapped at the side of our victim's head as his cum poured down the unwilling throat.

"Eat it all you dumb cunt faggot", Phil said and kept slapping with his open hand. I caught the flailing arms and bent them back. I held them in a tight grip and as I fucked him I pushed him deeper onto the cock that was suffocating him. I was ready for my own load to shoot too. I wrapped an arm around his neck and pulled him up to me. Phil's cock left his mouth with a pop and a mess of cum and spit fell onto his chest and ran down his torso. I pulled him to me and licked up his face , keeping my eyes on his face that was all scrunched up. My fingers pinched his nipple hard and twisted it as I fucked him for a few more moments. When the cum shot from me and into him I pulled his hips close. I flooded him and let myself recover for a few seconds before roughly yanking out of him and eliciting a fresh scream. He was pushed to the ground and I joined Phil at the side of the van, cross-legged and recording with the camera I'd taken from Chris.

He crawled between the front seats, already naked. Chris took three fingers and slipped them into the ruined gaping asshole, lubed with my cum. He pulled out and replaced it with his cock, which slid in to the hilt in one push. The boy gasped and started to yell. Chris lay his body flat on top of him and wrapped an arm round his neck. He applied pressure and covered the mouth with his other hand. We watched the young man's face grow red as Chris fucked his hole. I went back over and made him clean my dick and watched Chris fuck him deep but slow like a lover. He pretended every young man we fucked was his son.

He grunted as he fucked, and after a few more minutes he pulled himself out and lined his dick up to his mouth. He looked sad but opened it without protest. Chris slid in a few times before moaning loud and pulling out.

"Put out your tongue, Craig."

I pretended not to notice hearing his son's name. He jerked his cock and held his dick an inch from the open mouth. It shot out a thick rope of cum that caught the boy on his upper lip and hung down as shot after thick shot was ejaculated into him.

"Swallow, baby."

He swallowed.

"Good lad", he said and ruffled the disheveled hair. He squeezed the last few drops of cum onto the boy's tongue and pushed his prick back in to have the cum sucked off.

We pushed a few of the stems of the flowers from his bouquet into his ass and left him at the side of the road on the way into town, naked and shivering. Chris drove us away and drove us home to our families after scheduling the next hunt.  

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